September 13th, 2006

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puppy sleeping arrangements

My puppy hates being alone at night. As soon as the lights go out and we leave his presence, so begins his crying. He's staying in the bathroom until he's potty-trained. The floor of the bathroom is lined with newspaper, he's got two toys in there, his blanket, and a wind-up ticking clock. There's also a nightlight right across from the bathroom. Is there anything else I can do to make the nights easier for him? His little cries break my heart.
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(no subject)

1. Is there a way to keep LJ from collapsing comments when they go over 50? It annoys me.

2. Do you have a favorite brand of toothpaste or is it all the same to you? I like Colgate Total.

3. How would you describe the Buttsecks Owl's facial expression? I say it's half intrigued, half leery. God, I could look/laugh at that thing all day.

4. Why is it so difficult for most older people to learn technology? Today I overheard my mother telling someone that I met my SO "on the e-mail." Well. If 'e-mail' means 'LiveJournal' then yes.

(no subject)

so this morning i'm driving w/my b/f to work (we carpooled) and i heard this song on the radio called "DRAGGING THE LINE" (it's an oldie) and there's a line that goes
"....Loving the free and feelin' spirit
Of huggin' a tree when you get near it..."

and i thought - this is one of the WEIRDEST lines in song that i have heard...
so, i was wondering -

what's the weirdest/most unusual line in a song that you've heard?
what's the weirdest/most unusual song you've heard?
what's the weirdest/most unusual singer/band you know?
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The Receptionist Classic

Away, ye feline demons!

What are some natural/non-chemical things I can use to keep cats from coming into our house? Are there certain scents that cats just hate?

The house has two doors and we open them to let air circulate through the trailer. Unfortunately, management has not gotten around to getting screens for these doors. This hasn't been a problem until about two weeks ago. These two young cats (bigger than kitten, not quite full sized) have decided to make it their mission to join our happy household. They're cute and all, but I am seriously allergic to cats and my throat starts to close up (who needs to breathe anyways)...

We've been picking up the cats and putting them outside, shooing them away, but they think it's a game or something and keep coming back. Well, last night was the last straw. One decided to pay us a visit while we were... *ahem* Mood killer. But it is still too hot to keep the doors closed all day.

That is my problem, TQC. Help me fend off the cats before I have to go to the ER.
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

What is your favorite comfort food when you are sick?

What medicines do find ACTUALLY WORK when you have a cold or flu?

What is the sickest you have ever been?

I just saw some news story about videos circulating YouTube of "LonelyGirl15". Can someone give me a synopsis or something as to what this is all about?

(no subject)

Where's a good place to buy funky tights on the internet?

I'm 6' tall, so I need a place that sells them in more than just standard sizes. I used to buy a lot from, but they've messed up my last three orders, and they're a little expensive anyway. Anyone have any experience with other places?
"We are the Mooninites"

Sex clubs

This is a pretty random question but has anyone here been to a sex club? What was the experience like? Would you recommend it to anyone? Did you participate or mainly watch?

There is a sex positive establishment in my city called The Wet Spot and I've been dying to go but I would like to read of others experiences.

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(no subject)

Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone you know (doesn't matter how well) is making a effort to treat you better (even if they didn't treat you that poorly before) and there's no real reason for them to (nothing's happened of note, that you know of, at least)?

My co-worker of five months seems to be doing this; she just got back from her vacation. It's kind of weird.

Do multiple counts of extra information within brackets in a sentence really bug you?

Did he really bring sexy back?

So, Justin Timberlake's new CD  has officially been in store for 24 hours.

Did you go out and buy it?? Do like it? Do you not really give a shit about Justin?

I got it, and I haven't gone out and bought a CD in over a year (yeah yeah, I'm a music pirate ARR!).

I think it is an excellent cd and it should be a hit record. It also doesn't hurt that he is gorgeous. I'm quite fond of Mr. Timberlake.
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PEO Sisterhood?

Do any of you know anything about this group? I googled it because a friend of mine in class mentioned that she had gone to her first meeting of it the night before. Her mom is in it, apparently.

It sounds interesting, something that I might like to be involved with. Anything you all know about it?
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rider tied

Go you big red fire engine!

- Do you know where the phrase "Go you big red fire engine" comes from?

- If you do, do you ever actually say it? I say it whenever I see a fire engine. It's also a greeting between my boyfriend and I.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here know the best way to crunch numbers and spit out charts in an automated way through Office?

At my previous job, we ran a fairly complicated macro over the data in Excel and it would spit out a variety of charts. But XML is not available to me in this place, by decree of the grand IT gods, so...

What are some other alternatives to it? The data I wanting to crunch is call stats for several offices. I want to break it down in a variety of ways: by type, by hour of day, by department, etc. I want to create charts supporting hiring a second person on to my shitty drone job.

I'm willing to count it up by hand and enter it in, if nothing else, but I'd like to cut the time down where ever else I can.

(As for the person who'll end up joinging me here. Feel for them. SRSLY.)

(no subject)

Note: These questions are asked out of simple curiosity, I'm not trying to be preachy or condone any lifestyle choices.

1. Do you use organic or cruelty-free beauty products? Why or why not?

2. Do you eat meat? For what reasons?

3. Do you try to eat healthy? Do you try to eat organic foods? Do you eat a lot of processed foods?

ETA: 4. Do you think organic foods are any better for you?

1. I do. I feel better when I do, and I'm a bit hesitent to use anything that's not natural because of cancer and all that. I also hate artificial smells in beauty products, and it's hard to find fragrance-free stuff (even the organic stuff I buy is generally fragrance-free if I can help it). I'm also very "AH THE ENVIRONMENT IS IMPORTANT!!!" so I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't. I tend to like the way they feel better, too, but I'm only comparing them to the (cheaper) stuff I used to get at Walgreens.

2. I'm just a vegetarian. For the reasons above, basically. I feel better about myself and I see health benefits.

3. Try is the key word here. I end up eating a lot of crap. Mostly because nobody in my family cooks and if I want to get "healthy" food, I have to go out on my own to get them and that's a pain. We basically eat out a lot. I try to pick healthy options, but as far as whether or not it's organic or really good for me or cooked in meat products, I don't really know... I plan to get better at this once I move out.

Graduate Programs in English/Writing

I am looking for a good graduate program, with the following preferred attributes:

*Location: Connecticut, or very close by.
*Degree: MFA (Master of Fine Arts), other Master, or PhD
*Major: English, Creative Writing, or something similar. Writing workshop preferred over Literature studies. Fiction especially.
*Time: Spring 2007, Fall 2007, or later.
*Price: Desirably less, but could be more. Price is not as important.

I am searching already on I already have an application in to Wesleyan University, for Biology, although Creative Writing is my preference. (Wesleyan University has no grad program for English.) I also am considering Central Connecticut State University.

Please help.

(no subject)

i hate being called by terms of endearment by people i can't stand (especially an ex and they were nicknames for each other), or people i am not familiar with...

"babe" "honey" "hun" "sugar" "sweetheart" "baby"

and especially "sweetie" - this one makes me think of pedophiles...

what're your thoughts/opinions/comments on this subject matter?
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red goatee!!


If you knew (not suspected, KNEW) the apocalypse was coming, what would you do? Load your gun and go outside to meet it, standing up, and with your eyes open? Hide under the bed? Make tea and wait it out?

Would it be beautiful, to you, in its own horrifying way? Would it scare you shitless? I love fires. I think it would be beautiful to me, somehow. And I think that somehow, once a person came to deal with it, that one could accept it and take it at what it was.

(you have... eight hours before it gets here. It's eight AM, the day of the end of the world.) And come up with something more creative than "I'd boink two people at the same time" or "we'd fk like bunnies." what would you do after that?

I'd go stand in the biggest field i could find and face the sun. I'm going to meet it with my eyes as open as they can be. Damned if i'd want to go in my sleep, for the apocalypse.
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Ghost Whisperings

Your residence is haunted! Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have one. What kind of ghost would you prefer to have?

Attractive male model type
Attractive female model type
Innocuous, friendly old lady
Little girl who likes to play with ghost dollies and jump rope
Little boy who likes to play hide and seek and dress like a cowboy
Walt Disney
Some rock star who OD'd, someone who's so cool that the only reason they'd be at your place would be is if they couldn't leave
Really shy ghost, tends to stay really far away and not confront you
Really lazy ghost. Tends to just sit around watching tv with you, or sleeping on the couch
Scary ghost. I have my reasons
Ghost kitty
OCD ghost

What would you hope the interaction with said ghost would be like?

Not much. I'd find the place straightened up, the blanket pulled up over me sometimes
To be waken up violently often, usually running screaming down the hallway
Watching me when I shower, some light petting while I was in bed, cause the spirit has the hots for me
Some light utterances as I'm changing channels on the tv
They'd ask me to play with them now and then
Occassional viewing of them from across the house, never close by
Bathroom meticulously cleaned, being waken up during the night to sounds of cleaning
Ghost curls up beside you in bed
You see them reading a book for hours or playing solitaire, oblivious to you
When you come home, the ghost wants to party, and urges you to drink with them or score them some drugs
Persistant anecdotes about how they thought of a certain cartoon mouse, and periodic questions about when they're thawing out his body from cryogenics

Nicest thing your ghost could leave you

Baked cookies
An immaculate bathroom. You can see your reflection in the tiles, which doesn't even seem possible
A dead mouse
Sexually exhausted
Free tickets to Disneyland
Paper doll dressed up to look like you
Voodoo doll dressed to look like you, hanging ominously from a noose above your bed
A positive message written with shaving cream on your bathroom mirror

Worse habit your ghost has

Late night revelling when you need to sleep
Refuses to understand 'I have a headache'
Supernatural hairballs
Making the walls bleed. Do you know how farkin' hard it is to clean up afterwards?
Wanting to play in the wee hours
Doing your crosswords in the morning, and using all your stationary to write really bad, dull stories
Leaving ghostly body odor on your couch. You suspect it's from them sleeping on it at night
Waking you up late at night by vacuuming the floor for the umpteenth time
Turning on the dvd whenever you're watching tv and putting in a Disney movie
Throwing out your porn, liquor and pot, replacing them with a bible, milk and chewing gum

How long you could live with this ghost before calling in the ghostbusters?

One day
A year
I'd call ghostbusters right away
Until I get a better romantic offer in real life
One week

Name you'd more likely give your ghost roommate

Lord Balfur, Duke of the 5th Circle of Hell
Mrs. Belvedere
Mr. Smith (kinda boring, eh?)
Ghosty McGhosterson
Le Spook
UNI Panthers

it's kind of homework, but not really.

I'm supposed to break a social or gender norm. It can't be illegal or anything that could get me in trouble. I'm kinda stumped. One of the examples was standing the wrong direction in an elevator. I'm just unsure of a good one. Any thoughts?

PS--yes, I'm a girl.
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I'm a Quitter

(no subject)

While in class today I saw a girl who had microsoft word open on her laptop and in it she had different tabs for different documents like how firefox is set up. How do I get that on mine?

Work History & Resume crap

If you have worked for the same place, but in different positions, what is the best way to show this in your resume and on applications, especially when applications only give 3-4 "Previous Employment" boxes?

My situation: I work for a city and have been there a year and a half. In that year and a half I've received two promotions. I did my first job (clerical assistant) for about a year, the next position (customer service clerk/utility billing/public works support/permitting) for 3 months or so, and the position I'm currently in (Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer) since June. What is the most professional way to show "Hey, I have good history and have been here awhile, just in different positions!" while highlighting my duties at each position?

I hate even having to do this, but my beloved boss just gave her notice and I'm not staying at this place without her. Small town city councils = asshats. Keep that in mind if you go into municipal government work, kiddos!
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(no subject)

I've had a weird sensation in the last joint on my right index finger for a while. I figured it was related to the joint popping (mostly related to playing guitar, but I don't do it that much), but it started spreading over the last two days. It has been "tingly" and occasionally a pulsing sensation that is not entirely painful, but definitely annoying, and that seemed to match my heartrate. The first day it spread it was from just above the joint (toward the tip of the finger) all the way back to just behind the next joint, and touching the finger at all would make the same tingly and cold feeling, but not always when using the finger for manipulating or gripping objects. Today the pulsing sensation goes back to the bone in the hand itself, and sometimes all the way up to the elbow along the back of the arm (in a mostly straight line from the finger.) Does this sound like carpal tunnel or other ligament damage?

In a half-related question, does anyone know good search terms using Google for describing how nerves feel when it's something "original"?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

So I'm reading this article, and this line goes "So I had a couple drinks. You know, hair of the dog."

What the heck does "hair of the dog" mean?


Question About the CDC

Has anyone here ever worked at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta? I'm writing a fic, and part of it revolves around a few high-ranking characters in the CDC, one of which is head of the infectious disease branch. I wanted to know a bit about the atmosphere, informal or formal, the day-to-day events, whether it's more of a laboratory or an administrative organization, and so forth. Google just gives me dry historical facts and data.
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Help me decide!

So I'm going to a spa next Saturday for a day to celebrate my sisters birthday/see her off because she's going to Uni the next day. I have never been to a spa before.

I'm allowed to pick two treatments from a list. I've chosen one, but I don't know what else to pick. The list is:

Cellulite treatment
Chocolate body mask
Aromatherapy massage
Swedish massage

I'm allergic to chemically scented products. This sometimes doesn't make sense to people, but everything that goes directly onto my skin has to have a natural scent or I come out in a huge rash - so strawberry "flavoured" body washes and stuff won't sit well with me. If I want to use anything scented, it has to be 100% natural.
Because of this, I've chosen the aromatherapy massage first. I went over there and asked them if the aromatherapy oils they use are pure and they are. They also gave me a little sample to put on me to see if I had a reaction and nothing happened, so I'm safe with that.
But I'm unsure as to what I should choose for the second one. Two massages in one day is a little much (and I don't know what kind of products they use for the Swedish massage), I don't care much about my finger/toenails or cellulite and I'm not sure what they use for the facial. I suppose I could ask them if they could use something non-scented..
So what would you reccomend?

Also, this spa day (yes, we rented out the entire spa for the day) includes free use of the steam room jacuzzi, sauna, beauty spa and vibrosauna. What are involved in these things? They all seem to be just the same to me, but there are probably subtle differences that I just don't know about. What are the differences?

Any of you guys ever been to a spa? How was it? I'm looking forward to it, but I've never been to one before, so I'm not sure what to expect, really.

Thanks guys!
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harry potter

(no subject)

dearest tqc,

a couple of months ago i had to skip about ten days worth of taking my birth control meds. (i couldnt afford it at the time, yay for being poor!) once i got back on i remembered to take it according to what week i should have been on - eg., i was starting the second week, so i took those pills instead of the week one pills.

now, i dont feel any differently, except that i think my cycle is a little thrown off; it happens toward the end of the month and it used to be in the middle.

my question is, did skipping the pill for all of that time mean i should try and, you know "reset" myself? can you just go on and off the pill at any point in time with no issues?

(no subject)

Have you ever smelled something funny and realized later it was you that smelled?

What were the circumstances?

Why didn't you know before that it was you?

What was making you smell funny?

Did you immediately fix it once you realized?

This post brought to you by the recently washed and deodoranted denisbaldwin.
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(no subject)

I'm reading A Midsummers Nights Dream for my Shakespeare class, and I swear that I saw a tv/movie version of the play with people either in umbrellas or riding around on bikes. Does this sound familiar to anyone? or did I just dream it? :)
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(no subject)

When you take leather pants to get hemmed, how does the tailor do them? I have ones that are too long for me, but I'm not interested in actually having the ends turned up because I always tuck them into boots. Should I just cut the raw ends myself?
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(no subject)

Some from my boyfriend:

1.) Are you happy with your current savings? How much of your income do you try to save each month?
2.) Do you keep your long term savings in a 401(k) or IRA? If so, what funds/bonds do you have and how are their returns?
3.) How much are your short term savings earning? (CDs, money market, etc.)
4.) Do you worry about having enough for retirement?
5.) What are some ways that you try to save on money?
6.) What is the ratio of your savings to debt?
7.) (Just for fun) what is your favorite song about money?

And some from me!

8.) Why is it appropriate to wear clothing associated with the sports team you are going to see but it is not appropriate to wear a shirt associated with the band you are going to see?
9.) Why are handicapped parking spots the closest ones to the building, but handicapped restrooms are the furthest ones from the door?
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(no subject)

There is this thing on the bottom of firefox and I have no idea what it is or how to get rid of it. It makes it not worth using, I can't get to anything on the right side of the screen, and some things flash. I uninstalled and reinstalled firefox but it didn't go away. This is worded really awkwardly because I'm completely inept.

Here is a picture of it. What is it and how do I get rid of it?

(no subject)

Is there anyone fluent in Spanish who would translate a letter from English into Spanish for me out of the kindness of their heart? Its kinda personal, so preferably through e-mail. I don't want to use BabelFish or anything like that because of the poor quality of the translation. Thank you to anyone who responds.

(no subject)

So, my gmail "hey you have new mail" notification came up. I click it, Firefox pops up, I read my mail, I go to close firefox.
I get that little popup. I am about to close 5 tabs, am I sure I want to continue?
But, I just opened this window, I say. but I look, and sure enough, there are multiple tabs open. Looking at them, I remember opening those tabs in rapid succession while I was looking something up... at least 2 weeks ago.
Now, I leave my computer on pretty much all the time, but the only programs taht get left on are 2 messengers. Not Firefox. Firefox, i get done with it, i close it.

Soooo... why did it open tabs from a window of firefox that had been closed long ago?

(no subject)

1. What do you do when you have pillow lines all over your face and need to go somewhere?

2. I've heard that putting baking soda in shoes will get rid of the smell- is this true? and do I just sprinkle it in there and then dump it out later?

(no subject)

If I'm running Safari on an iBook, and for some reason, the network in my accomodation won't let me sign on to MSN Messenger.

Seeing as Webmessenger isn't Mac-compatible, and neither is Trillian appearantly, is there any other way I can access Messenger?

(no subject)

would anyone want to proofread my poem?

we have to punctuate as if we were writing in complete sentences, and that confuses me. (grammar is not my strong suit.)

i apologize for my nerdiness and overwhelming love for Han Solo.

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(no subject)

1. Is there any way to find out a landline phone number based on an address? I mean, I have someone's address and I need their number. Is there any way I can find it?

2. Is fingerprinting still possible (and successful) if the person peels the top layer of skin off their fingertips?


Lj survey making

What are some good questions to put in a lj survey thingy for friends.

Like questions in all those annoying forwards that people send you & you then reply with 20 copies of that email to them...


why are people so weirded out or scared or apprehensive when a stranger smiles at them or says hi???

and then if i'm listening to my ipod on the way to class without really smiling at anyone/anything, i feel as though i'm coming off ass a people hating bitch...

do some people just have mean faces (when they're not smiling)?

enlighten me

(no subject)

I have an interview tomorrow evening. I'm wearing a pair of black cotton dress pants. I keep using the sticky side of tape to get all the lint off, but the pants just keep attracting more and more fuzz and whatnot. I have no time tomorrow to stop and get a lintroller. Any suggestions??
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Family Values Tour

Can anyone who went to the Family Values Tour this year tell me who those crazy drummers were? They were walking around and stopping every once in awhile and putting on little shows. One guy had a drum attatched to him with piercings and two other guys were connected to each other by chains attatched to piercings on their necks.
miss argentina

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a tutor?

2. For what?

3. How much did/would you pay a tutor an hour? I understand that Science/Math tutors generally recive more than a language tutor. How much would be appropriate to ask an hour if I am to be an English and German tutor (high school level)?

I watch too much TV!

but at  least I think when I watch, not just stare vacantly.... this has led me to a few burning questions:

1.  How the hell does Dateline manage to bust so many online pedophiles?  I mean, nearly every one of the guys they bust KNOWS that Dateline does these sting operations fairly regularly, and many of them show some sign of doubting the "child" they are going to meet, so why do they even bother?   (I know this is simplistic and niave, but it just boggles my mind every time I see a show and they end up catching so many pedophiles.)

2. (This may have been asked before, but what the hell, let's try it again) Does the premise of the new Survivor series offend you? (They are separating the teams by race)  Will you watch it? If so, or if not, does the "race" issue have anything to do with your decision?   

In my case, I'm not going to watch it, but I haven't watched Survivor since season 1.  I don't see what the big deal is about splitting them into race.... if they were rigging the contests so that a certain team would win, or portraying one race as "better" than another (which they may do, I suppose), then it would be a problem.  But, IIRC, there was a season where they were divided into teams by gender - am I forgetting a massive cry of "sexism", or was that not a big deal?

3.  Who won Rockstar: Supernove?  I didn't really watch that either, as I usually watched other shows when it was on, but I caught bits of it.  I DID know enough to have an opinion of all 4 of the finalists, and I liked them all.  Did the guy from TOronto really win?  I heard on the radio that the winner was actually decided weeks ago, and that it would be him.  Have you heard this rumor?  Do you believe it?  Do you agree with the decision?
robot love

it's peanut buttah jelly time, peanut buttah jelly time!

1) what, besides pb&j, would be a good sandwich to pack in a lunch for a three year old that can be unrefrigerated from about 7am until 12pm?

2) what is something i can pack for lunch in place of a sandwich? keep in mind it's for a three year old.

3) if you have kids that take lunch to school, what is a normal lunch that you pack for them?
My son usually gets pb&j, fruit of some kind (usually grapes or apple slices because they're the easiest), goldfish crackers, a granola bar and apple juice.

4) what was your favorite thing to take for lunch as a kid?
pb&j, pringles, cookies, and either mondo or squeezits. (yeah, i was a fatty.)
starbucks & glamour


anyone else's myspace acting up? whenever someone posts a comment, it shows up on my profile with my picture beside it .. so it looks like im posting comments to myself. hah.