September 12th, 2006

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is there any kind of deodorant that isn't a spray on, a roll on or one of thosechalky speed-stick thingoes?

i dont like spray ons or roll ons cos they're cold in the winter, and the speed stick things always seem to leave a white powdery residue, which can go onto your clothes when you pull on a shirt.

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Erm how come every time I cook a frozen pizza, my smoke alarm goes off? It happened EVERY TIME when I lived with my parents, and I just now realized that it happens with this oven, too. Wtf? How can I stop this from happening?
And its just pizza, too. Never anything else.
*Edit* Yes, I take the plastic and cardboard off. And yes, I cook it on a sheet. This is why it is so perplexing! Sigh. At least my pizza is cooked now.


How many feedbacks do you have on eBay? Do you mostly buy or sell? What is the most interesting thing you have bought or sold?

My answers: 40 feedbacks. Mostly buy stuff but sell occassionally. I sold a Xbox 360 day after it was released for $850.
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Free games

What are some good freeware / shareware games to play offline? Or good sites to download those games?

(I need something to occupy myself with on my laptop when I don't have internet access.)
Thanks for any help :)

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Do you get uncomfortable when someone says "And what am I going to pay that with? My good looks??" (or something to that effect... hopefully at least a few of you have heard this saying?) and it's plainly obvious that they... well, are not good looking?

I've got random splotches of light black acrylic paint on my shirt. It cannot be saved. What should I paint on it to cover it up?

Do you get weirded out when your brother/sister/parents/etc. add you to livejournal/myspace/etc.? Do you "filter" the content they're able to read?

Aren't you glad they're not all country girls? (sorry, horrible country song reference, couldn't help it.)
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1. For those who have worked in food service, is there a limit on free refills?  Surely one couldn't just sit in a place for hours drinking cup after cup of coffee or soda, right? Edit: I mean when drinks are being served, not self-service-type places.
2. Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, Little Caesar's, or something else (local places don't count, choose from nationwide pizza delivery places)?
3. I have long and very thick hair.  I want to dye it.  Should I buy 3 or 4 boxes of the at-home stuff and let my grandmother attempt to do it, or fork over 3-4 times the average price and have it done professionally?  I'm a tightwad, but if it sounds like a salon is the only way to get it done right, I'll go for it. (I'm going for a dark auburn from medium brown natural color, no highlights or any tricky stuff.)
4. Do you have an LCD or CRT monitor?
5. Do you have speakers hooked up to your computer (desktops only for this question), or do you just use headphones?
6. What's the most out-of-place, random object in the room you're currently in?

If any have been asked in a while, blame ljseek and ignore them.
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aim convos

How can you find logs of AIM convos in your computer? Can you only do this for certain versions of AIM? (I think I might have AIM95, if that's even a version. I don't seen any other clues beside the file names in the AIM folder).

(The person I'm very into just asked me out over AIM, and I meant to save the convo but forgot. I'd really like to retieve it if at all possible).

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1) what kind of cologne/perfume/scent do you wear?
2) favourite type you like?
2a) type you totally dislike?
3) most expensive stuff you've ever bought?
4) your favourite stuff for the opposite sex?

for me:

1) i wear the freesia/plumaria
2) kiwi/melon/cucumber/melon, anything halston, calvin klein, hugo boss
2a) anything vanilla - makes me want to slam someone's head into a brick wall
3) paloma - if i could ever find it again, i would sell my children for it
4) anything halston, calvin klein, hugo boss, aramis, drakkar
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Dental confusion

I have to get a large chunk of dental stuff done and originally for this portion I was quoted $1,100 for the whole thing. It's going over what my insurance covers so the last bit of it would be completely out of pocket.

Yesterday I went in to get the first part done and three fillings cost me less than my boyfriend's one, and we have the same insurance. I paid $89 for my portion yesterday and then the woman quoted me the rest (my next visit) at $138. That's a big difference from the first quote.

I had originally planned on calling today to ask them to clear this up for me but now I'm wondering if I should. If they're giving me a discount and I ask them to clear it up might they not give me the discount? I don't want to show up next time thinking I'm only going to pay $138 though and end up owing $900.

So should I call?
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When Japanese is phonetically written in English it's called romaji. Are there analogous words for similar phonetic representations of other languages? Last night I dreamed that I was reading a Russian text written in English characters, so now I wonder if there's a word for it.
default kanji


Anyone else having trouble accessing their hotmail account? I've tried going there directly, and I've tried logging into & following their link - both take me to one of those crappy autosearch redirect pages...

ETA: Stupid spyware... removed it & had to go in & manually edit the entries it added to my hosts file.
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I need a pop culture example of people talking about how many people they've slept with, and exactly what that means (such as arguing if "such and such" a behavior should count in their "number.") It can be anything from a comic, book, movie, TV, etc. Help?
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1. Did you watch the President's speech thingy last night? How was it? (I didn't watch it.)

2. How much does gas cost where you are? ($2.49 a gallon for regular here.)

3. Are there any baptism-like ceremonies that AREN'T religious? Just curious, not pregnant or a mother.
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Random question:

This is just for females; do you shave your legs regularly in the winter? I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t, I am just wondering how many other people don’t.

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Do you ever get really sore for no reason?
What might cause this?

I was fine when I woke up, but as the day goes on, my legs keep getting more and more sore, and I didn't do anything to make them that way.

For once in my life, I got enough sleep last night, too, so fatigue doesn't seem right. Ideas?
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What are songs you've listened to over and over in the same sitting on repeat that never seem to get old?
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Flavor of Love

For those who will admit to watching...

- Are you totally excited about New York being back in the mother fucking house?? (I am)
- Do you think she's gonna win? (I do)
- Who else do you like? (Krazy!)

Other people...

- What shows do you watch that you're kind of embarrassed about? (FOL is amazing, I shouldn't be embarrassed!!)
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Font Question!

I was browsing for Windows fonts and I came across this font. It is called RIGGLE.TTF -- I downloaded it and I really liked it because it's a simple font with friendly rounded edges, and it's easy on my poor eyes. Unfortunately RIGGLE.TTF has serious glitches with italics and boldface. I'd really, really like to have a font that looks like this, and it's such a simple design I'm sure there has to be a few of them somewhere, but I can't find one. Can any Font experts tell me the name of a font similar to this one (ie: Sans-Serif with all the points rounded off)


Phone help!

I have a Motorola V3x and it's not working properly.
It's telling me I have 8 new messages, but I cant access the inbox/outbox - when I try go to into it, it bounces back to the main menu.
How do I fix this? Or can someone direct me to a community that would be able to answer this sort of question?

(Someone on a forum said to fix this you can "Flash with the latest nobrand OEM by yourself". If that is what I have to do, how do I do it?)

advise me on scarves?

Ok people up north...

I am knitting scarves for Christmas/Hannukah presents. It occurs to me that people probably have preferences for size and width.

How wide do you like your scarves to be?
How long? you want to tie it? drape one end over? wrap it twice?
Is there a current STYLE for wearing scarves this fall & winter?
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1. Do you wash new clothes/bedsheets/jackets/etc you buy before you wear/use them?

2. What's the cheapest regular unleaded gas you've seen this week? How much does it usually cost you to fill up on average?

3. What's the latest you've ever been to work or school (whichever is applicable to you)?

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Celebrity Jeopardy: Blonde Panel. Who do you think would win?

Anna Nicole Smith
Britney Spears
Jessica Simpson
None will even qualify for Double Jeopardy

Celebrity Jeopardy: Whoa! Panel. Who wins?

Keanu Reeves
David Arquette
Flava Flav

Celebrity Jeopardy: Let's get serious Panel. Who wins?

Sharon Stone (IQ 150)
Lisa Kudrow (degree in sociobiology)
Levar Burton/Geordi from Star Trek (highly read, high IQ)

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I'm going to be on a plane for 8-12 hours...twice in the next week. The thing is, I'm terrified. Not just of the take offs and landings, but the whole time I'm in the air, I hate it. Is there anything I can take (medication otc) to drug me up enough to be happy/calm, but not so much that I flail my arms about saying I have bombs in my shoes? Any breathing exercises? Any help?

Tenancy agreement - UK

Does your lease say this:

"The Tenant agrees as follows: to repaint all wooden surfaces with two coats of good quality paint and to repaper all those surfaces presently papered, in such a manner required to keep the same in good condition."


(question for fellow UK residents mostly)
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What is your favorite scent/brand of incense and where do you buy it? The stuff I got at target smells like someone smoked a pack of ciggarettes then tried to cover it up with too much cheap perfume. Blech.

Online stores would be cool too. I've looked around some but I don't want to buy something unless you guys can tell me it really smells good :]

What's on your bulletin board?
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roommates and boyfriends and sneaky weirdness

I have a feeling my roommate's boyfriend lives here, but there's no way of actually finding out if he has his own place or not. They both stay here every night, she never goes to his place and claims to never have even seen it. (why you would date someone who wouldn't show you where they live for over a year is beyond me, which is why I'm thinking this has got to be a huge stupid lie.)

My other roommate and I want to say something to her about this because, well it's totally shady and completely unfair. We're all girls, and it sucks to have a guy, who isn't a close friend around in my apartment all the time. He completely changes the comfort level.

How do we get her to tell the truth about this? I'm nearly positive that he lives here, but she's lying to us already, and I don't think that if he was she'd tell us. Should we just say, "Hey whether or not he has his own place, he lives here and should be paying some kind of rent" or what? Has anyone been in this situation before? What did you do? We can't really prove that he doesn't have his own place somewhere, but does that even matter?

2nd Question

I have a theory regarding people who are psychic or have somewhat adept psychic tendencies.  My theory is that these people use both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.  Thus because of this dual hemisphere usage, no matter how minute, they have trouble distinguishing between their left and their right.

Agree/Disagree and explain Why?

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What song lyric describes where you are in your life right now?

Post the lyrics in "QUOTES", the band/artist in BOLD and the song name in ITALICS.

My Answer:

"I'd trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday." - Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee

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I'm in my rez with all sorts of baking supplies... brown sugar, vanilla, flour, butter, etc. except being the complete idiot I am, we forgot to buy sugar. So... anyone know if I can substitute? Or anyone with cookie recipes with brown sugar or honey instead o sugar?
Any help, thanks.
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Is anyone awesome at formatting résumés (why do I feel like a pompous jerk for having the acute accents?)?

My résumé looks like 4 different people attacked it, putting their own formatting style on it (which is a good description of what happened) and I can't think of any format that will save most of the information that's already on there but keep it to one page.

My mom says it's good to have a little diversity on the page that way the person who reads it won't be bored. To me, it looks like I'm scatterbrained and I don't want to portray myself as such when applying for a job.

I'd load the word document up to some site, but I'm at work and the majority of those type of sites are blocked. So is anyone willing to do that for me? (I highly doubt this) If not, I'll just have to email it to everyone who is kind enough to take up the challenge.

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I hope this is ok, but if not, just remove it.

Have you ever used community_promo to promote a community? Did you find that you gained members through that?

Have you ever used community_promo to find communities? Did you find anything good there? Do you keep it on your friends list? If not, how often do you go and check it for new and interesting communities?

I ask because the few times I have promoted my communities there, I have had very, very few new people join. And when I talk to my friends about community_promo they all say that they don't keep it on their friends list because it overpowers their lists, and they don't check it anymore becasue there are so many communities it is hard to find anything good. I'm just trying to see if I am wasting my time using them to promote my communities.

Have you found any ways of promoting your communities that actually work?

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Okay, I know not normal, but is there any sort of not-being-a-freak to being more or less not able to use the phone?

The example I use is that I will walk to order pizza(4 flights of stairs and 1-4 blocks, depending where I want), but I won't call. I can handle people calling me, but I almost never call out. and when I do, I have to write down who I'm calling, and why, and my own phone number to give to them, or else I will totally blank the instant they pick up.

so... anyone else like this?

Do they make "The phone will not eat you" motivational tapes?

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I recently took a Greek Mythology and Biblical terms test and recieved a 32 out of 85. My teacher let us look at our tests again so we saw what we got wrong, but not write anything down. There was a lot to memorize, but I'I spent all day thinking about it and figured a few out. The test was allusions, so there were quotes from Shakespeare and other literary sources. So long story kind of short, do you know any mythological or biblical beings regarding-- A story of two friends- one who sacrificed himself for the other, Brothers (probably) being chained down, or A man who seemed to be dead but returned alive ( I wrote Jesus and got it wrong)?

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1. What song do you associate, or feel describes your relationship, with your signifigant other?

2. What song do you associate, or feel describes your relationship, with your closest friend (the one you're not sleeping with, if that's the case)?

3. What song do you associate, or feel describes your relationship, with your family? (feel free to be specific, with songs about mom or ones about dad or siblings or whatever)

4. How much do you know about your favorite band?

5. Do you know anyone who works in the music industry in some way or another? What do they do?

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anyone ever had a bikini/brazilian wax done before?
level of pain involved?
worth the $40+ price?
(apologies if this is a repeat. i've been away for a while, any by away i dont mean prison.)

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Is there any reason not to buy and drive a street-legal dune buggy as my primary mode of transportation?

Notes influencing my decision:

- I've owned convertables before and want to get another one. The open air makes me happy.
- I live in Florida, where it's warm all the time. If and when I move from here, it'll be west (to Houston or Pheonix, most likely)
- The dune buggy in question has a bikini top, incase it rains.
- I've owned Jeeps much of my life and am used to the noise, wind, elements of an open air vehicle.
- The price is right, and I am knowledgeable about the drivetrain of this particular model if something goes wrong.
- My father used to build pro-street buggies and I've had a lot of experience with them as a result of this.
- I'm unusual, and this seems like an unusual but fun vehicle that fits my personality.
- This buggy has a lockbox for the few valuables I have and travel with.
- I drive less than 10 miles a day when I do drive.. and often Igo several days without driving at all. This is yet another perk of working at home.
- The buggy has two seats, which doesn't put me at any disadvantage over my two chosen alternatives (a Mazda Miata or a BMW Z3)

So, saying all of that, I want reasons why or why not that I haven't considered.

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My very first question:

1. Are you overweight (how badly) ?
2. If so, are you on a diet  (Why not) ?
3. Which one and why did you choose it ?
4. Does it work? Have you lost weight ?
5. Where are the problems ?
6. Do you also do some sports and if so what kind ?

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Kittens and boyfriends

1. If I were to get a kitten how long would it be able to stay home by itself? I had a cat previously but she was full-grown when I got her. I'm in school so I am home almost all day a couple days a week but there are also days when I'm out of the house from 7am to 10pm. I would consider getting another full-grown cat but would really like a kitten. I just don't know if it would work. Edit: My lease specifically states that I am only allowed to have one cat.

2. At what point in the conversation when you've met someone new do you tell them you're in a relationship? Have you ever purposely withheld that information? Why?

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ok i need help guys!!!

im going to see def leppard and journey tomorrow in Pittsburgh..and i wanted to make a kick ass cd to listen to on the way up there...but my computer crashed..and i have like zero music..ugh!!!..anyway..i need some awesome really good,happy,fun songs!! can anyone help me out? thanks alot everyone! ♥

Questions about therapy

Has anyone here done therapy? What have your experiences been like? What would you tell a friend to look for in therapist? How did you know that you'd found the right one? Did it take many sessions for you to be sure? How many therapists did you meet with before you made a solid connection?
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Non-slip shoe help!

I have a party on Thursday night, and I have the perfect shoes to go with the perfect vintage necklace.  Problem is: the venue the event is at has a slippery floor and these shoes have virtually no tread.  I've thought about putting a strip of duct tape on the sole to improve tread, but any tried and tested suggestions before I put something sticky on my shoes?

Thanks internets!


What's a song you were surprised to discover was a cover and not original material?

I heard the original "I Think We're Alone Now" on the radio yesterday. All these years, I thought that song was a Tiffany original.
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What is the most peculiar thing that you've seen or that has happend to you today?

For me, seeing the Zombie Nusience Squad on the drive to my voice lesson. There was a phone number, too!
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Soo, for my class on Holocaust and Human behaviours, tomorrow we're going to the jewish community center, to visit.

We're supposed to ask the Rabbi questions, but I have absolutely NO idea, what to ask him.

Any thoughts?

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I usually do some light yoga at night because I have a really bad lower back, and it really stretches and relaxes my back so I can sleep better. However, I hadn't been able to do it for a few weeks because of crazy furniture placement in my apartment. Two nights ago, I was finally able to go for it again.
Then, yesterday, I had the MOST intense back pain, ever. Normally I just have constant acheing and such, but these were acute, distinct pains. And every time I moved, I felt like my spine was crunching. It was totally weird and uncomfortable.
I don't want to think that this was related to the yoga. I'm very gentle and I don't think I do anything too strenuous. They're not really poses or anything that I think I can do incorrectly, thus hurting myself, either.
Especially because its not like there was a HUGE gap since I last did it, and I did it for a long time without ever experiencing anything but comfort.
Is anyone here a yoga expert? Can you help me?
Thank you :-)
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