September 11th, 2006

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Do you have a favorite flavor of toaster strudel?

Are there some artists that you like acoustically or live than studio recordings?

Lets say one of your parents has cancer. Youre an adult with two half siblings who belong to the parent with cancer. You all live in the same city, and the siblings never do anything to help out at all. Would you be really mad?
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x-posted from my LJ

My boyfriend's normal days off are Monday and Tuesday. Seeing as how most holiday weekends in the US fall with the Monday off, he tends to get shafted. I asked if he was getting paid for Labour Day even though he wasn't working it. He said that since it fell on his normal days off, no, he was not being paid. Here in Canada, as long as you work either the day before or the day after and have worked 15 out of the last 30 days, you get paid for it (or double time if you work it)

If someone could help, this'd be great. I get pissed thinking that his boss is deliberately stiffing him.
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lost in translation

A ship wreck, a castaway, from coast to coast, the high seas echo, "it's not you, it's me!"

Are astringent and toner the same thing?

PS: I ordered a Bare Minerals starter kit today. Do any of you ladies [or gents] use it? Is it as awesome as everyone claims? Also, I'm much more interested in the Glee all over face color than the Warmth the set comes with. Is there any way at all to change it?
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I'm trying to purchase replacement parts for a vehical I just bought. I know the make and model, but I don't know the...extention. Whether it's XE/GXE/GLX or whatnot. I've looked on the car and throughout the manual, but nothing. What do you suggest I do to find out what it is?

Is there a decent way to do this?

Let's say that someone you've been hanging out with lately suddenly and without warning defriends you on myspace, is there some way to ask them why without sounding totally stupid?

At the least you figured you guys were friends and at the best hope it could have grown to something more.
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This is specifically for those of you that lost someone on 9/11.

1. How do you feel about the whole situation? Do you want Americans to never forget it, and are you upset at the people that trivialize it?

2. How do you feel about Loose Change?

3. Are you able to watch footage from that day?

4. Anything else you'd like to say?

I didn't personally lose anyone, but the event had a huge impact on me. I hope people in this country NEVER forget what happened. And I hate the Loose Change video.

Every time I see footage from that day, I'm left speechless. So many people died in such a short amount of time, and all they did was go to work.

I hope those of you that lost people that day are doing ok now, and just know that my thoughts are with you every second on this 5th anniversary. I am so sorry.
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Hey kids.

I know you're not here to do my homework for me, but this english assignment is killing me.

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EDIT: Hey, almost as soon as I posted this I thought of something! I didn't know if I should delete the post or not, but I thought I'd let you guys know!
kiv dancin.
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settle a friendly debate for me, question club.

can a car with a manual transmission (you know, a stick) also have cruise control as a feature?

EDIT: THANK YOU. i have had manuals before but none with cruise control, and my friend was trying to tell me that's because you Can't... and i know that's insane, but she didn't believe me.

i win!
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1. when was the last time you locked yourself out of your house?
2. how did you get back in?
3. did you lose your keys or leave them somewhere else?
4. was it ironically amusing (like going for a bikeride and everyone forgot their key), or just a mistake(grabbed your purse/whatever and thought they were in the bag)?
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Inspired by the spirituality question

1. What religion (if any) did your parents raise you to believe?

2. How has this affected you today, if it has?
What do you believe today?

1. Very Conservative/Fundamentalist Christian.

2. My parents were very controlling, so it kind of pushed me away from them, particularly my mother
I'm more of a Liberal Christian today
lack of
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I made the display on my macbook grayscale and I can't seem to figure out how to change it back. I've looked through the System Preferences but I guess my eyes are skipping over the icon I need to hit.

Help? =[

edit: i finally found it under Universal Access. boo @ grayscale

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My sister bought my 9yo niece an iPod and asked me to fill it with songs before she gives it to her. What are the kids listening to these days? I'm into all things electronica so I wouldn't have a clue what's even in the pop charts atm.
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For those of you who now work/live in a different place (city, state, country) from where you grew up/went to school (college counts)...

Where do you live now?
Where DID you live before? (grew up, or went to college at)
Did you know anyone from where you live now before you came here?
How did you get a job in where you live now? [did you just apply to a company here online, did you find the job through networking/people you know, did you just get a job offer, etc?]

Do you like living where you live now?
Do you like it better or worse then where you grew up/went to school? Why?
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1. What color is your toothbrush?
2. Is is weird that I prefer my toothbrush/shampoo/bath products in general to match the decor of my bathroom?
3. If you could major in anything and be guaranteed a job in that field upon graduation, what would your major be?
4. What are some good web-based cartoonscomics?
5. What are you looking forward to right now?
The Dude Abides

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1. Do you have the day off today?

2. Is there anyway to ensure/know that nobody goes in your mail? I have one of those community type mailboxes where more than just your mailbox is at the curb. Collapse )

3. If you wake up an hour before your alarm goes off do you go back to sleep? What about if it's just 30 minutes?

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Hello Kitty

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Does anyone know a site where you can get episodes of American Choppers and Boston Legal for download?
like, yousendit & megaupload links etc.

I'm in a community for grey's anatomy episodes and my husband's jealous so I decided to try and find some for him as well.

Radio Shack

So I have an interview at radio shack on Friday.

Does it totally suck to work there? Like, absolutely unbearable? I know it's commission-based, so.. does that mean I'm working for minimum wage? That's not a big deal. I'm only looking to make spending money so I'm only asking for like, 10 hours a week if that. Probably weekends.
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Oh, the boredom

What is the WORST book-on-CD/reader combination you can think of?

For example:

Mel Gibson reading "The Diary of Anne Frank"
Mary-Kate and Ashley reading "The Sound and the Fury"
Marlon Brando reading "The Vagina Monologues"

*Not that these are REAL, just thinking them up for fun*
What Would MacGyver Do?
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Does anyone know why you would get an earache- a pressure kind of earache? I know earwax buildup can be one of the causes, but what else would cause this type of earache?
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What is a "real goth"? This was asked multiple times throughout the comments to a question yesterday, but never actually answered. So, people who know "REAL GOTHS", what is a REAL GOTH? Supposedly they are very different from the mall goths and whatnot. I'm curious.

Have you ever been banned from an LJ community? If so, why? EDIT: SORRY, I'm a douche. Someone just asked this like 3 days ago (I just got to the entry where someone ELSE asked it. I'll read those answers! I haven't read the comments to THIS entry yet, but I bet a few of you point that out).

Why does it seem like so many people choose 7 as a "lucky number"? Or when someone says, "pick a number between one and ten," it seems like people always choose SEVEN.

Who's your favorite character on Degrassi? I barely started watching this summer, but I like Emma best.

9/11 Miniseries Poll

Background for anyone not in the know. ABC is showing a miniseries under the subject matter of 9/11. Tons of controversy surrounding it. I am not looking to spark any sort of debate, I am just curious if anyone here in TQC is watching it.

Poll #818664 ABC Miniseries

Are you watching the 9/11 miniseries on ABC?

I watched last night and plan on it tonight
I watched last night, but won't tonight
Not at all
Just on in the background
Just show me the results


Specifically Especially for those in dorms:

Do you own posters? How many? What of? Do you have them up?

I have a Yellow Submarine poster (actually it's just a giant Blue Meanie), a Smiths poster, a Jarvis Cocker poster, a Franz Ferdinand poster, a Clash poster and a sign that says "PARKING FOR BOB ONLY" although that's not really a poster. I am so cool. I also have a framed Moulin Rouge poster that's for my room at home and not my dorm. All of the others are in tubes right now, but I intend to put all of them up except maybe my Franz one once I move into my dorm.
Drink Me


How do you feel about the 5th aniversary of 9/11

it's ok, I guess
we need to remember
over commercialized
I'm sick to death of it
ok in limited amounts
don't really care
if I hear about it once more I'm going to scream
let us never forget
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I'm thinking about getting a bunny. My sister has one and it hangs out in a cage all day. My friend has one and it runs around like a dog or cat when they're home. Can you train them to a litter box? Cause I'd hate to have him in a cage all day. Are they social? Will it be my friend?
I have a bird and it hates me. I've done everything I can for it; everything the petstore and the internet and books have suggested, all to no avail. I love my pets, and I'd be heartbroken if I got a bunny and it hated me.
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WOW I stumbled across an ad for 16 New York or Ribeye Steaks for $28 -- $1.75 per steak!

Which would you get, New York or Ribeye?

I don't think you can mix and match.
My eyes burn
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Good Evening Godless Sodomites

In what probable situation does this make sense: Someone is at someone else's apartment, but they do not know anyone who lives there. Not only that, but the people living there or anyone else in that apartment don't know the person, but everyone magically is okay with this?

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the REJECTED icon

Yahoo! email

Why does Yahoo! email filter certain things?

I wrote a post about my new online friends on ICQ and 9/11. The responses to that post show that "friends on ICQ" has been replaced (in the email notification) by "onfiltered."

Is it something specific to Yahoo? Do I need to switch?
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(no subject)

1. When is the exact release date for The Science of Sleep?

2. Can anyone recommend me any self-taught foreign language books that they've had experience with? I've decided to try to learn Russian.
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I made a huge mistake. On my eBay account, I said I'd ship to US and Worldwide. But I only accept money orders. I can't accept Paypal cause I've had problems with them in the past and they won't let me add my checking account. It's reall confusing and I really don't like to get into it. Anyways, this woman won an item from me and she's from France. She said she can't send me checks cause of euros and what not. What's like the easiest way she can send me money? Western Union? You think they can change the euros into US dollars?

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Teacher Quinn
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My grade 8 students asked me this question today and I wasn't sure how to answer it. I told them I'd get back to them. So I figured I'd ask here.

One of my students said something about someone/something being Jewish, and another one called him racist. He said he wasn't racist, because "Jewish" isn't a race, it's a religion. He said he was being prejudiced.

But I've read things about Jewish people sort of being a race, and having common facial traits. For example, in novels and on movies, one Jewish person is often able to tell another person is Jewish just by looking at him/her.

So, is Jewish a race? There's a bunch of things that are confusing me: Jewish, Judaism, Hebrew, Israel, European Jews... Please explain!

How can I explain this to my students tomorrow?
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What's scheduled to record on your TiVo/DVR?


1. Conan O'Brien
2. Daily Show
3. Colbert Report
4. Roseanne (No, I don't know why I like this show.)
5. Antiques Roadshow (guilty pleasure)
6. Jeopardy
7. Married... With Children
8. Futurama
9. Family Guy
10. Simpsons
11. Cosby Show
12. House
13. Grey's Anatomy

Armpit grooming

Should one groom ones armpit hair?

This is not a question of if you should grow it or not, but if you do grow your armpit hair is it logical that you should groom it? I mean, if you groom your head hair, then why not armpits if they are on show?

If so, what grooming should be applied? gel? dye? a trim? straightning/curling? rejuvination treatment?

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I’m hoping someone here can help me:

I’m flying to Sydney next week and I’d like to take a steel-boned corset with me. Can anyone here tell me if there is going to be an issue with having it in my suitcase? On an x-ray (I suppose) it would show up as about 10 pieces of flat steel with rounded ends, and 8 of what look like metal springs crushed flat. It also has metal eyelets down the back.

Does anyone here work ‘back-stage’ at an airport? What should I do? Should I stick a note or something to the corset explaining what it is, just in case they check? Or has anyone flown with a corset before? Did you have any problems with it?

ARG! a professional cleaning name and trade...came to shampoo the carpets at my house. My father in law and one of the workers went to move my 52 inch TV and they didn't bother to check to make sure the cable was unhooked from the back of the television......

To make a long story short they moved the tv with such force, they ripped the cable and the jack off the back of my tv. I mean, completely off. I'm stuck with a $1500 tv that I can't use right now. I'm so completely pissed it isn't even funny. My father in law didn't say anything at the time, which how could he? He was partly at fault. My cousin's husband owns the company so I thought about calling to see if there was anything he could do. But that's when the thought occured to me that its partly my FIL's fault, so there goes all liability. If it would have been 2 of the cleaners that did it, then booyah, new tv.

So TQC, here's my question...does anyone know how I would go about getting this fixed, without paying an arm and a leg? Is it possible to even fix? Or should I say to hell with it and make my father in law buy me a new tv?

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What do I want my next header image(in my layout) to be of?

EDIT: I'm not looking for actual headers. I just need a topic so that I can make one. I can do all the artsy stuff myself.

looking for the right vet

I asked around and got the names of a few vet clinics that came with high recommendations and tomorrow I'm calling them to set up an appointment for my puppy. What should I look for in a vet? What questions should I ask over the phone? This is my first dog and I've never had a pet that required a vet before. Any suggestions would be helpful.

My puppy is a three & a half month old pug, if you're wondering.
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how long does caffeine stay in the body? i want to drink a diet coke (it's 10PM), but i don't want to have trouble sleeping, which i will attempt to do so around 12:30 or 1AM.
girl reading by ourescape

needing i relationships

It seems like in romantic relationships people either want the other person need them, or they think the idea of one person needing another is just too much.

So which are you? Do you want your partner to need you, or would that just seem possesive to you?

Instant Messaging

Okay, I just restarted my computer because it was running slowly, and now that I've restarted it won't let me open AOL instant messenger , Google Talk or Yahoo! instant messenger, it will only let me use Windows Live Messenger, can anyone tell me whats up with that and how to fix it?