September 10th, 2006


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To those in the United States (especially, but not limited to, Indiana):

Have you ever run for or served on a town council?
What requirements must a candidate have to be elected (education, age, past political experience/involvement, etc)?
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Getting your drivers license in Virginia: I've had my 90 day provisional license for over 90 days and haven't heard anything from the court as to when my court date is supposed to be so I can go here the judge tell me not to drink and drive, etc.
What do I do? Should I call someone, should I wait?

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I was walking around Manhattan all day in shoes that were previously comfortable last time I wore them for extended periods, but apparently my already blistered heels did not find them too sweet- because I now have massive oozing blister sores on my ankles.

Any at home remedies? It's late and I don't want to run to Wal-Mart.

Also, ladies how do you manage your eyebrows? Do you wax, tweeze, thread, etc.?
I have little eyebrow razors that I just love

Tetris and some music

1. You know how you play Tetris and leave one lane open for the stick pieces to get a tetris? Do you put that on the laft side or the right side of the playing field.

2. Can anybody recognise the piano & violin music in this movie trailer here?
It plays from 0:52 to 1:22. It's a little chopped up I think. I've heard it somewhere before but can't remember where, and it's very beautiful. Name? Artist? Where it came from? Anything?

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If you have numbers in your user name, do they mean anything, or did you just pick them at random?

The 47 in mine is a referrence to my favourite show, Alias. :)
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I like the tapered jean leg look, but I'm short (5 feet) and chubby (size 6-8) so it's hard for me to wear those kinds of jeans that don't make me look even chubbier hehe nor are like five inches too long for me. What sort of jeans or jean brands would you recommend?

Recycling a bathrobe

I have an old blue cotton bathrobe. It is a larger object than I would normally just throw away, but too stained and ratty to give to Goodwill.

How can I recycle this (aside from cutting it up and using it for cleaning rags)? I'm in the Boston, MA area.

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This may be a silly question..

I'm putting together and Italian charm bracelet for my sister for her birthday. I'm getting charms of every play and musical she's been in to make this bracelet. Thing is, I'm finding charms on different sites that I need.

Does every Italian charm connect to every Italian charm made out there? I'm just afraid of buying a few from different sites, and them not connecting...


I find a lot when I'm writing LJ entries, a song about something similar to what I'm talking about with pop into my head. Or something will have a title that makes sense for my post, and I'll think of it at that moment.

When you update, do you use what you're actually listening to, or do you substitute with situations above?
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I have a situation where the boy I was seeing and I will be at the same event. The last few times we have seen each other, he hasn't been able to eat at the same table as me, speak with me, dance if I'm dancing, or stay in the same room as me. This is awkward and frustrating because we both have many mutual friends, and I don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing them because he can't come to terms with the fact that I don't love him. [I thought I was being KIND when I broke off the relationship. Didn't want to play with his heart and all].

How should I deal with this? I've tried talking to him, but he has nothing to say. Should I ignore the situation and just have a good time? Should I try once again to take him aside? Should I not go? What would you all do?

And unrelated, I dreamed about the TQC. Someone was chasing me so I ran to the question club for safety and shippo was there and so was fallibledragon. they took care of and protected me.
wow, i'm creepy :]

EDIT: What do you think of this book?
I thought, wow, brainwashing at a young age! Brilliant! But then again, I'm not a democrat so I might be biased against it.
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What are some things that are related to death but not so obvious? There are things like, morgues, headstones, etc but I have to draw something related to death that is part of my series and I can't think of something less obvious.
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Is anyone here well-versed in the plot of Wicked, the musical? I've never seen the musical. I'm writing a paper, and want to make an allusion to it, but I want to make sure I have all the fact about it right.
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Study questions

1. Does studying make you tired?

2. How do you wake yourself up (other than caffeine)?

3. How do you get into the 'flow' of studying each day?

Whenever I try to study I always get sooo tired, no matter how much I slept the night before. I can only get into the flow if I'm alone and all is quiet -- something that's hard to achieve at home (with two parrots and a cat).

I study for hours each day, but I feel like I spend most of that time thinking about how much I wish I wasn't studying, how tired I am, how much I hate school... Oh, and caffeine doesn't work on me.

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1. Why are my hands so weak when I first get up? What causes that? Is it just because I haven't used my hands all night?

2. What are some good PSP games? I like the Sims. I like LocoRoco. What other games might I like?

3. Where is the cheapest place to get PSP games and movies?

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What would be the optimum laptop for a college-bound student, interested in visual communication/graphic design and digital photography, that'll last for a good couple of years?

Backpacking ^.^

Have you ever gone backpacking though Europe?
If yes--
1) What year was it?
2) How much American dollars did you bring? (If you aren't in America, and don't feel like figuring it out, just tell me the amount of your currancy and I could excange it I guess.)
3) Did you pay for the bus passes and other necissary items? (I don't need to worry about putting those costs into my total because they're presents for my graduation.)
4) How long did you stay there for?
5) What cities/countries did you hit, and how long did you stay in each one?

Thanks :)
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1.) Is there a certain name for the kind of photography where the customer would dress up in the costumes, say western or old 20's clothing, then get a picture taken?

2.) Does anyone know of any places that specialize in this? It would be great if it was in the Illinois or Missouri region.

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Is it harmful in any way to nick a mole while shaving? It didn't hurt at all and barely bled, but my family has made me paranoid all my life, warning to never do anything to a mole, for fear of cancer.

Note, this is a mole, as in the skin growth. I have not been shaving the local wildlife.

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Where do you draw the line for verbally abusing a certain type of people?

Furries and Goths seem to be ok targets. What about religious groups? Different sexualities? Different races?

What do you think the difference is?
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Okay. See my icon?
I love that image (from Garden State, if you weren't sure), and I would really love a print of it somehow to hang up in my sorely lacking apartment. But I can't find it anywhere. And yes, I've tried
I don't care if I have to pay for it or just print it off... but I really want it. Does anyone know where I can find this?

Edit: Yay I had no idea that rasterbator could rasterbate in color. Thanks!

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My school's homecoming is this week and everyday we have something fun we can dress up for. 

Monday- Hero Day 
Tuesday- Twin Day 
Wednesday-Opposite Day 
Thursday- Back from the Past 
Friday-Spirit Day 

Do you have any fun ideas I can use for each day?
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Video codec problems

So I'm trying to get this video file to work. It's an .mkv file and it loads up just fine in media player, but then nothing happens. Even though I press play, it just stays where it is and doesn't actually play. When I skip it ahead a few minutes, I get this:

Collapse )

I'm pretty sure it's my codecs but I've got no clue about codecs and I have no idea which ones I need. My other .mkv files are working just fine with no problems whatsoever, it's just this one that's bugging me.

So how can I fix it? I want my Read or Die, dammit!
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1.) Would you want to:

a.) Be amazingly talented in the skill of your choice (instrumental prodigy, chess master, mathematical genius) and become wildly famous and well known throughout the world? You would fall in love with your all-consuming talent and be famous after your death, but your talent would severely impair your ability to have relationships with other people. You wouldn't have any close friends, and you probably would never marry.

b.) Or, would you rather be a normal person, enjoy a normal life with friendships and most likely marriage, but have absolutely no outstanding characteristics, and fall into obscurity after dying?

2.) Do you have to ability to be civil to people you can't stand? What are the limits of this civility? If you knew you would have to endure a person you can't stand in close proximites on a near daily basis, how would you handle it?

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Tomorrow is 9/11 the 5 year anniversary for the WTC...

SO my question is, where were you when the attack happened?

I was working in the Capital building in Albany NY when we were told to go to the fall out shelters. And then about 2 hours later we were notified of what had happened

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Don't you hate it when people delete your comments?

I really hate it. I can totally tell the type of person who'd do it, too. I've got comment-delete-radar. I think people who don't delete comments are just able to suppress those types of actions..
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Ad Block / LJ ads

I've been using Firefox Adblock ever since Livejournal started using ads. Until a few days ago, everything worked fine, and although I was still angry at LJ, it didn't annoy me on a day-to-day basis.

But now the Livejournal layout is totally screwed up, on any site where the blue LJ titlebar should be visible, the layout is a mess instead. When I disable Adblock, it all turns back to normal but I get the ads.

Has anybody else been having the same problem?
Do you think LJ changed their script in order to stop people from using Adblock so that they can force them to see their ads better?

I'm so angry right now. As if it wasn't enough that LJ asks me whether I want to 'upgrade' numerous times every day.
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logic problem.

you're in a room with two doors. one door leads to immortality. the other leads to instant death. you don't know which is which. you want to find the door that leads to immortality. there are also two computers in the room. one computer is programmed to always tell the truth. one is programmed to always tell a lie. again, you don't know which is which. you are allowed to ask ONE computer ONE question to help you get out the door that leads to immortality. what is that one question?

4 da laydeez

i know that most women wear the incorrect bra size, but that's not so much what i'm asking.

is the bra size you wear the same size you get when you measure this way? if not, does the measurement sound at least kind of reasonable?

you know, just wondering. half of me tells me that that is what everybody does to measure bra size, so it's right, period, but the other half of me tells me i don't look like a 38AA. so i was wondering its accuracy for other women.

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Recommend good rock songs featuring chants! That's what I feel like listening to and all I can think of is the new AFI song and the The Omen theme.
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Who loves zits?

Assume you wake up in the morning with a HUGE ugly painful zit on your face. What would you do in the next 24hr period to try to reduce the ugly appearance (to make sure the interviewers that will be seated in front of you the next day won't be staring at it the whole time). Toothpaste has been suggested and applied. What else?

Collapse )

I went out today with some concealer on it but in an hour or so, the concealer disappeared and left mucho ugly dried up scabby looking things on the zit.
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How would you determine how much a DVD player would have cost in 1912?
Yes, I know there were no DVD players in existence in 1912.)

I've tried Googling it, but have come up with nothing.

Any takers?
EDIT Answered. Thanks so much!
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Would you rather be the main focus in a Tall Tale, an Old Wives' Tale, or an Urban Legend?

What would it be about?
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Olympus Fashion Week

Does anyone have any information on Olympus Fashion Week?

Someone last year said they were able to watch the shows outside the tent on a screen. Anyone know anything about that?
Can I get tickets this last minute? I want to watch the Project Runway show, and I'm planning on going into the city early Friday morning to catch it.

Anyone with any info is greatly appreciated.



EDIT: I'm planning on going into the city to pick up a friend from Penn Station, so it won't be a complete waste if it turns out they lied and there are no screens. But I will be cranky, cause my friend gets in around 2:30pm, and the shows start at 9am.

Calling all psych students

If any of you are psych majors, do you have another major as well? If so, what? I want to major in both music and psychology but my parents say it will just split my focus. Also, I'm not interested in getting an MD, just an MA. Will I be able to do research with this? I'm interested in doing some research in the field of neuro-semantics. Maybe counseling on the side, if I'm allowed to do that with just an MA. Could y'all just give me an idea of what degree you're going for and what profession you're planning to go into? Thanks.

Also...just a general college question. Is it harder to graduate in four years if you double major in something? What would you consider the most useful major?

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What was the last truly ridiculous thing you bought?

Mine is an 18" talking Jack Sparrow figure. It was on sale! And it talks!

I also barely restrained myself from buying a pair of plaid, wool knickers, which are ridiculous because wool shorts don't fit any weather and I have ugly legs.
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SO, I just got a new computer about 2 months ago. Today, I was on LJ and suddenly the screen went blank. On closer inspection, I realized that I could barely make out some white things, but not enough to do anything.

What's going on?
Do I need a new monitor or can this be fixed?