September 9th, 2006

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I'm out of ideas for this one.

My cousin is getting married in October. I need something to wear to her wedding. I would like to wear a dress, rather than a top and skirt combo. Obviously, I cannot wear white and I would also prefer not to wear black. Brown will be considered as a last choice. It also has to be at least fairly appropriate for church, as this is a traditional Catholic wedding. (Halter/sleeveless is ok, as long as I can throw a sweater/shrug/wrap over it)

thequestionclub, where can I find such a dress?

Places I have already looked: JCrew website (can't ship the dress I want until November), Macy's (two different ones, both had absolutely fugly dresses), Express, The Limited, Charlotte Russe, JC Penny's.

Help me out here, y'all, because I don't know where else to look.
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What's a good slacker job?  I'm writing a novel/going to school and I need a job that let me study/write on the clock.  I was thinking something like a night security guard, but I am a petite woman and I'm not sure I could get hired for something like that.  Any suggestions?
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I'm going to pretend that someone that reads TQC will have the proper combined experience to give me a good suggestion. :)

Do any of you do much work with digital effects on voice recording (preferably realtime effects) using a computer and have any idea what software I should try for death metal vocals?
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Legally speaking can I say someone is traspassing on a house that's not mine? Say its a relatives house. Or can I only say they are traspassing if its a house that I physically live in?

Also, would could you be charged with if you changed the locks on a house that isn't yours (i.e. relatives house like stated above) to get someone that doesn't need to be in there out? They don't own the house. They just live there.

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1. Do you like Snoopy?
2. Favourite cocktail?
3. Pokemon Red, Blue or Yellow?
4. Peanut or milk chocolate M&Ms?
5. Favourite way to cook potatoes?
6. Do you know the words to any of the songs from Grease?
7. For Evanovich fans: Ranger or Morelli?
8. Made any plans for the New Year yet?

import dvd

So they have things like Freeloader that are disks you put in your game system to let them play import games without having to do any chip modding. Do they have them for DVD players? I can find ones that you put in your computer and it'll convert the actual dvd, but that's really not what I'm looking for. I'd like to not have to buy a region free player if possible.

Edit: Ok, I'm bad with words. I would like to sell these in an import store instead of the region free dvd players if they do, indeed, exist.

PS: on an unrelated note, thanks to everyone for naming my sister's movie! I'm going to get it for her soon! ^_^


Is anyone else unable to access Flash Flash Revolution, or is it just some issue with my computer? I've never seen that particular away message before (assuming you're all getting it; if not, let me know and I'll tell ya about it) and I don't know. If you're a regular and the site is in fact fux0red, how long has it been as such?

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What's the worst injury you've gotten in awhile? Extra points for stupidity. ;)

A burmese python tried to eat my hand today, and I have 52 puncture wounds. :D (totally my fault though).
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How long should I expect this heinously awkward and emotionally trying adjustment period to last while I get used to living with a host family?

Any tips in general for getting myself psychologically settled in to Madrid and my living situation?

I think I'm just lonely and looking for people to tell stories about similar situations.

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Can you name three odd things about yourself that you'd like to confess here?

My answers:

- I love the smell of marijuana. Not just when it's burning, but the raw smell of it when you're breaking it up. If I could get my whole house to smell like that, I'd be so happy.

- Since I didn't do the kinds of childish things I was supposed to when I was a kid, I do a lot of those things now as an adult. I watch cartoons almost every day, play with legos and try to recapture some of the fun I never got to have.

- I blow snot rockets. You know, like you clog one side of your nose and blow snot out the other. Yeah, it's kinda gross.. but I do it once in a while.

Chemical Reaction Revisited

Awhile ago, I had asked how to get a clear to pink reaction and was directed to this site:

So, I want to get phenolphthalein and calcium hydroxide.

I looked on this site:

But there are several different phenolphthalein indicators and I don't know which one to get or how much to get. Would I put these in water before mixing them or as is? Suggestions?
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The Mint

Nineteen minus five =
4+3x2 =
6 - 5 =

all together

*edit* it's not as easy as it looks, it's on this british quiz program and noones had the right answer for 3 weeks

Also what do you do at work to amuse yourself? I like to mispronounce peoples names in a way that makes them sound really rude
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Do you know any sites like Purevolume or the music section of MySpace? Where one can just view bands' profiles and most importantly, listen to their music without m=being made to download or "get a tiny little plugin", to quote one site?

Coping and Letting Go

What do you do to cope with stress at work? To cope with loss of any kind? To get over the wrong guy? With frustration & anger? What books/resources/links do you recommend concerning these topics?

Do you believe in magic? How do you spell it?

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How would I find a list of what other countries use instead of ".com" after websites?

[My cousin in Portugal tried to give me her e-mail address, but I can't for the life of my figure out what she was trying to say.]
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Given the option..

Which would you go see?

The Raconteurs
-inside arena, general admission ticket.
-45 minutes away, far from the city.
-terrible on the VMAs

Paramore, Cute is What We Aim For, Hit The Lights, This Providence
-trashy small venue, all standing.
-30 minutes away, downtown.
-hate Paramore, CIWWAF was terrible last time I saw them live.
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Scam artist

Here's the scenario:

I bought something from someone on livejournal through another community. So have other people. None of us have gotten our stuff. We know this person's name, PO Box, etc. I think I know where she works. However, she lives in Oregon (or Washington) and I live in BC, and the other people are in like, NY and Florida. We all want to report her, so what should we do? I'm not sure who to tell.

At least mine only cost $27 but that's not the point. The other people spent much more. Sure, buyer beware, but still. It's fraud and it should be dealt with.
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Where is a good place to get an 11x17 inch frame for a poster? It seems like it isn't an entirely uncommon size for a poster, but I can't seem to find the right size frame! And this isn't anything fancy that needs to be matted, so I really just need the frame to fit the poster.
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A while back, I asked about any programs/Mozilla things to make all my LJ entries private (not friends-only, PRIVATE) in one fell swoop. I was told to use Semagic, but I can't figure out how to make them all private with it. Help?

What is your dream? (Inspired by that lame Lincoln car commercial)

Little Richard: amusing or annoying?

Should I take a shower tonight even though I'd just be getting my clean self into sheets that should probably be washed soon? I took one this morning, but I'm exhausted and feel dirty.
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Poll #817582 great googly moogly

How do you feel about the phrase "google-fu"?

It's funny and clever. I use it all the time.
It's stupid and doesn't really make sense.
google-whaaa? huh?
I'm indifferent.

What internet slang just drives you up the wall?

For me, it's when people repeat a letter 10 or 12 times for emphasis. (Byyyyyyyyye!! girrrrrrrrl, ohhhhhhhhhhh)
or leet-speak. 1337. whatever.
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foot problems

I walked 40 minutes on the treadmill at the gym yesterday and I pushed myself a little too far. I felt my right foot start to hurt around my heel and arch, but I kept going because it didn't feel too awfully bad. I'm paying dearly for that assumption now.

When I walk now (in shoes or barefoot, but wearing flip flops has aggravated it), the outside part of my foot hurts. The arch itself doesn't hurt, and the top doesn't, but just the bottom outside part. If I walk for an extended period of time, I feel this pain go up the outside of my leg through my ankle, and it feels like it would either feel better or hurt like hell if something popped. It's not swollen at all. Has anybody had this happen to them? What on earth did I do?

Come to find out, my mom has the same problem with her feet -- she walks on concrete a lot at work and it's really started to bother her. She said getting arch supports for her shoes has really helped, so I got some of those today and it's dulled the pain some -- it's bearable, but still very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, my health insurance just changed to a plan with a $3000 deductible and going to the doctor isn't an option as much as I really know I should. So my question is... what can I do to treat this at home or minimize the damage? Should I be off my feet, wearing shoes all the time/not wearing shoes at all...? Any and all suggestions are most welcome, and I hope you never, ever have to go through this in your life.

Grrr. Hiss.

I'm sick of seeing the LAN icon in my system tray that tells me it can't find the network cable (I connect through a wireless eternet adapter, which is a separate icon). I don't need it there, and I guess I'm just OCD about clutter. *snicker*

So, does anyone know how I can stop that icon from displaying? Seems like it's the only one I can't get rid of.

EDIT: Answered! Thanks, guys!
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1) How often do you buy new clothes for yourself?
2) Where do you usually buy your clothes? How much do you usually spend (per month or per season or per year ... whatever)
3) Do you have a dress-code at work? What is it?
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TQC...I bring this to you...

I have searched the internets far and wide and have not found what I am looking for. I need a picture of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at the Emmys this year, when The Daily Show won. The shot of the audience had Stephen kissing Jon on the cheek and I need a screencap of that. Help please? Here's an icon of it.

edited for grammar things and such.

Manage Friends Issue

Whenever I try to click on "Manage friends" my page freezes up. Pressing "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" does nothing execept give me a dialogue box that tells me the program is not responding. HOw can I fix this? I've wanted to add new friends to my page and I've started a new community, but every time I click onto this page it freezes up and I have to respond to a dilogue box asking me to send an error report and end up having to log back in again.

dumb question...

what is up with all the shared music stuff on itunes? do people know when you listen to their music?.. and since i have access to theirs does that mean that people have access to mine?.. and if people have access to mine, is there a setting that can fix that so they don't have access to mine? if you have no idea what i'm talking about, that's ok.
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Hot Drinks

Other than tea or coffee, what kind of non-alcoholic hot beverages do you like?

I'm trying to get off of coffee, and I'm looking for substitutes that are not tea. Whenever I ask this, somebody always says "you should try x kind of tea", but that's not my question! :)
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sleeping on the couch

1. How can I make sleeping on the couch comfier?
My closet is being painted, and new shelves and a new floor are being put in, so everything that was in my closet I put on my bed and I can't move it until it can go back in the closet. I have been sleeping on the couch for a week because of this and I just can't get comfy.

2. Why are Old Navy pajama pants so ungodly large?
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Why are the Secret commercial secrets so BAD? "I paid your date $200 to date you." That's awful. What a horrible mother.

Where is the "How do you feel about deleting entries?" post?

Can anyone else not reach drive up ATMs? I always have to get out of my car to reach them.

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1. Are there any words you like just coz of how they sound? I like: shelleleigh, pateserrie, influenza, Raoul, scissors, Lichtenstein, indubitably, and copacetic.

2. Can you explain the plot of Justin Timberlake's new video, SexyBack? Coz from what I can tell, he breaks into some sort of lesbian hotel, meets his evil twin, gets laid, and blows shit up. And is that The Architect at the end? That can't be right.

3. Do you ever kind of feel like starting a flame war, you smelly furry?
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I hope I don't make this more confusing than it really is, but there is this ring, I think it's originally an Irish thing. Well anyway, it's the one where you wear it facing you when you're not single, and wear it facing away when you are...?? Does that make sense?

What is this ring called and where could I buy one?

EDIT: Thank youuuu!! The claddagh is what I was looking for. You all are great.