September 8th, 2006

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Have any of you (if you have worked in an office setting) ever had a crush on one of your co-workers? And/or flirted all the time with them? What type of situation was it? Did anything come of it?

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so I have two completely unrelated questions.

1. Where would I buy a bleach neutralizer chemical?

2. What FireFox extensions do you have (assuming you have FireFox)?
I have Google Toolbar, foxy tunes, stumbleupon, gmail notifier, adblock plus, ie tab, bookmark backup, colorful tabs, reveal, target alert, greasemonkey, and forcastfox advanced


Okay, so I was requested to make Chicken Divan for a family dinner tonight.
I've never made it before, and am a little nervous, but that's besides the point.
My question to all the cooks or taste-testers in The Question Club is what should I make for dessert???

For you who don't know, Chicken Divan is a layered chicken, broccoli, cheese sauce casserole served over rice.

Poll #816438 Dessert Options

What dessert best accompanies Chicken Divan?

Pecan Pie
Fruit Crisp
Waldorf Salad
Chocolate Cake
Other (post in comments)

Waldorf Salad shouldn't really be on there, but I can't edit the poll (or can't figure out how).
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Cross posted to candysweets community ;)

1. Who else can eat a (or many) sour Warhead without wincing whatsoever?
2. Anyone else feels so sick and grossed out after eating one of those buckets of sickly sweet gummy lollies that you can buy from such places as K-mart or Walmart that you swear off them for life? (And sometimes actually stick to your promise?)
3. Are Caramello Koalas very popular in America?
And finally...
4. Anyone ever accused you of having a real cigarette when it was only a chocolate one?

inspired by an 8am firedrill

1. Are firedrills required at apartment complexes?

2. Which is actually cleaner - sleeping in the same pajamas every night for a week until laundry day, or sleeping in the clothes you wore that day? I'm a clothes you wore that day person and was getting dirty looks from girls in pink pajamas that had stains on them from last Sunday.

3. Have you ever been in a fire? If yes, elborate!

4. Have a funny firedrill story to tell? Nothing very exciting at ours. A few kids who'd been in the showers were rushed outside in bathrobes. Poor kids. 

5. What the hell is thirsty Thursday?

6. What's your hair look like in the moring? Feel free to take pictures. Mine is like my everyday hair, except a bit flatter and stringier. 
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What do you think about dating someone much younger/older than you? Have you done it? If so, were you both up for it from the start, or were one of you reluctant? Were both of you reluctant? Did you tell other people about the relationship, or did you keep it quiet? I mean 4/5 year difference in age. Do you think it depends on the age though? That it's okay if theyre say, 20 and 25, but it's wrong if they are 15 and 20?
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Lotus Notes

How do you change the default font in Lotus Notes? The mail I send is going out in 9 point, and I want it larger. I've checked everywhere, but can't find where to fix it!!
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What are some hearty perennial flowers or flowering plants that are difficult to kill?

If you know of some, are they able to survive a harsh winter in northern California?

Or... Can you direct me to a good website for researching hard to kill plants?

Ok, since apparently the thought of winter in northern California is funny... I'll edit to say I like on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Winters are pretty harsh here, what with all the snow and ice and stuff freezing temperatures and all of that.

So, ok, what plants would live through being covered by four feet of snow for seven months?

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What's something my boyfriend and I can do for our two-year anniversary that doesn't involve eating out? I think that's boring. And I can't cook, so that's out of the question.

I live in Columbia, SC, which, even though it's the capital, has absolutely nothing to offer by way of anything.
He lives in Statesboro, GA, which is a small college town with nothing to do but drink or get high.

I'm at a complete loss! What are some things you have done with your sig. others that weren't the "norm" of eating somewhere, or do you know of anything in the South Carolina or Georgia area that we can do (and that also doesn't cost a fortune)? Our anniversary is October 23, BTW.

American Idol hypothetical

One of your good friends wants to be on American Idol. He or she wants to audition, and is very excited about the chance. This IS their dream come true. However, when they perform before you, you realize that not only are they bad, but they're downright awful. Picture William Hung, only even more tone deaf. This is definitely the kind of performance that gets on the AI 'wow these guys really suck' episodes, the ones who get mocked and laughed at. You feel your friend will wind up on the blooper reel, and he or she will be devasted and publically humilated. However, your friend thinks that he or she is pretty good and has a chance.

Do you tell them the truth to protect them from probable extreme embarrassment, crushing your friend's dreams under your own foot?


Do you let them keep on believing they have talent and go on to the audition, and come what may, it's not your fault?

period question..

ever have a period start off brown??
im about 4-5 days late, and i was convinced i was pregnant because i had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago. for the past 3 months ive been really regular with my cycle and now i'm back at my dad's where there are 2 other females around. could the change in environment cause my period to become irregular again??

im accepting any input..

thanks in advance.

Is this possible?

From my miles, I have a one-way ticket from San Francisco to Houston that I won't be using. Is it still possible to sell the ticket?

Pre 9/11, you could do that. Haven't traveled by plane since so I didn't know if it was still possible.

Cross-posted to ljtravel

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1. Is Gmail being a twat for anyone else right now? (Now hotmail's started too...)

2. Seen any bizzare punctuation lately? Not just bad punctuation, but just ridiculous.

One of the computer suites on campus has a sign outside saying "This computer suite is "only" for the use of Arts faculty postgraduates."

I still have no idea where they came up with that.

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In New Zealand, in about what percentage of the prime-time commercials on TV do people speak in New Zealand accents?
What percentage are Australian accents? American/other?

If as well as New Zealand TV you've watched Australian TV, what percentage of ads on prime-time Australian TV would you say are in a non-Australian accents?
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What does a court/trial/jury consultant do? are they all the same job or different? do they get good pay? what other career path is good for someone with a major in communications and minor in psychology?  thanks

salad ideas

I really like to eat salads for lunch. I'm getting bored though. Right now though, I'm just eating organic mixed baby greens, and Kraft's Red Pepper and Parmesan dressing (it's fairly vinegary). I want to add things that are cheap and healthy. Are seeds and nuts particularly bad for you? I'm thinking of adding these since I can just buy in bulk and I don't have to do any preparation. What seeds or nuts would go well in salad? Any other ideas?
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undefined interests.

My undefined interests include always and forever amen, ben the revolutionary hottie, god bless your mother, and liz's sense of humor. Do you have any undefined interests? What are they? Care to explain them?
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I just got a retainer. I can barely talk. I just lisp and it feels incredibly awkward. Anybody know how long it takes to get used to these things? I had to take them out to talk in my history debate today. Nevermind French class, I can't pronounce half those words on a good day without the retainer, forget about with it.

2. So my high school's first major football game is tonight. There were silver and red ribbons in girls' hair and little decorated F's (the emblem of our school) on their cheeks and I'm just like, "Am I missing something?" With the boys in football jerseys as well. I finally realize, at the last period, there's a game. (And here I am, walking around with a track jacket on the day of the 'big' game. Wrong sport.) Yeah, I'm very slow sometimes. I'm not going. I don't have any friends to go with and it's awkward to go by yourself when you hate football. So I'm skipping and going to knitting class. (And it's against our biggest rival too.) How many of you go/went to the football games at your high school? Did you actually pay attention to the game or just hung out with friends?

EDIT: Okay, so this just explains how stupid I am when it comes to school games--they're going up against another team (I guess the 'big rival' or whatever is the Thanksgiving game). Oh. And we're being killed. 20-2. We're good.

vague movie

I'm looking for a movie for my sister. I don't know anything about it except that there's an old lady who goes on a train, and then she's captured and everyone pretends that she never got on. It turns out to all a big Nazi conspiracy. Also, there's a clue about it in a song. I think it was in made around the 40s. Any idea what it is?
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I asked this earlier in my city's LJ comm, but you guys tend to have a broader perspective. If you recycle, how do you go about it? Does your city pick up recycled items? Do you take them to a plant? I'm interested in starting to recycle paper and plastics, but don't know what to do.

[I live in Houston, if that makes a difference.]
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Plugging a surge protector into a surge protector is probably not a good idea. But is there any danger in plugging two surge protectors in an outlet that has two plugs?

Car Stuff

So I saw a '65 Mustang (dream car...) at a used car place and went in to look at it. The dude told me it was a '65 with 54,000 miles on it, at $6,500 +tax, and the buyer must pay with cash only. It's one of those sketchy places where they say "no-tink ees wrong wit it" but I don't believe him. Does all that sound reasonable? I know nothing about cars or buying a car so I'm asking you guys.

Also, should I bring my dad (who knows a lot about cars) to look at it? Do they even let you look at the engine and all that when you're just browsing around? Thanks :]
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I was wondering what you thought of this:

My SO doesn't go to uni on thursdays, & i don't go on fridays. On thursdays I don't wake her up, but yesterday (thurs) she happened to get up of her own free will, & since she was up she helped get my stuff ready as i was running a little late.
This morning (fri) & also for the last two weeks she has been waking me up at 7:30 when she gets up & then keeping me awake. She gets pissed off if i can't stay awake. I've discussed it with her & she won't aknowledge this as a legitimate grievance. Friday is the only day I have a chance to sleep in.

Do you think I have a legitimate gripe?

EDIT: There are things to be done, housework, reading etc. But it's not urgent.
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There was a song, on a movie about an Irish journalist who was killed, and it was about a field.... Anyone know what song I'm talking about. I thought it was something about 'the fields of Atten Ray', but I have no idea.
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This is the stupidest question ever, but I'm actually kind of lost.

Situation: I've known a fellow TA for about a year now, when we had a class together last fall. I had a crush on him, but we were both with someone else exclusively. That's changed for both of us, and I found myself working with him this semester (yay!). I want to ask him out or whatever - how do you do that when you have no idea how the other person feels?

Let me rephrase.. everyone I've EVER been involved with and I had an obvious sexual banter thing going on before we bothered, and mostly, stuff just HAPPENED.. no asking out or anything. But I'm not used to people like this guy.. very mature, shy, quiet, practical, etc. If he did feel anything back, I wouldn't know about it..

But anyway.. uh, what do I say exactly? I've never been unsure of a prospective s.o. It's always been obvious. Knowing me and my complete lack of tact, I'm going to just blurt out that I have sexual fantasies about him or something and make things really awkward, lol. I feel like I'm a high schooler asking this, but I really never had to do this uncertain asking thing.....


I started a new job 2 months to be a 911 operator, and its VERY stressful (more stressful than most people think). Well besides the stress of learning all this new stuff, my schedule changes like every 2 weeks (i'm on nights now, in 2 weeks i go to days, then 2 weeks on evenings, then back to nights). I feel like im at a breaking point already. I've never worked nights before so my sleep schedule is all messed up, i am under so much stress that i cry about anything and everything, and my eating habits er...well that consists of all junk food.
So my question to ya'll is do you have any advice?! Some tips for stress relieving, getting used to this insane schedule, some healthy foods that are cheap and easy, some tips to stay awake, or even some words of encouragement!!!!
Thank you all so much
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Can I put a game on my ipod? specifically Black and White 2. I have an 60gb ipod and im only using like 20gb. If so, how?

If not, can I run the game with the disk in the computer but all the files on an external harddrive?
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Misadventuring mail?

Has anyone ever had a piece of mail "Missent" by the USPS? If so, how long did it take to arrive from the time you found out it was sent to the wrong place?

Me, I'm pissed off. That damn package was sent Priority on the 28th of August, and just today do they realise they've screwed up. I want that bottle of perfume, damn it!
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Do you ever stop by other people's houses unannounced?

Do you mind when other people stop by your house unannounced?

Do you judge people based on how clean their house/room is?

Do you keep your house/room clean most of the time?
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If you have several scarves (or hats, or ties...things like that that don't really go in drawers) how do you store them?

I have LOTS of scarves and the used to all hang on my curtain rod in my room, but that broke. So now they're just in a little laundry basket. That may be their permanent home.
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dear tqc,

sex question time:

if you were in a committed relationship when you first lost your virginity, how many weeks/months/whatever did you wait until you had sex?

or, if this was a recent discussion (i feel like it might have been), can someone point me the way?

i'm just curious, i guess. im in a fairly new relationship and we both want to, but i dont feel right just sort of letting these instincts take over when we've barely been going out a month. so. yeah.

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I have a laptop (a Compaq Presario, if that helps any), and sometimes when I'm in the middle of typing something, it'll somehow switch to caps lock. I don't accidentally press the caps lock key, and the light that shows that it is on doesn't light up. The number keys won't work correctly: if I press the number 8, all I get is the * symbol. If I press the period key, I get the > symbol. When I click on a link, it automatically opens into another window, even if it shouldn't. Sometimes everything will go back to normal by itself, but I usually have to restart the computer to get things to where they should be.

What's going on? Am I unknowingly pushing a button that I shouldn't be pushing? Help please!

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I am a fucktard and forgot the water while making Mac N Cheese. So there some nice blackened pasta in my microwave. How the hell do I clean this up? I do have both doors open to get the smoke out of my apartment, but in terms of cleaning my microwave, the bowl, and the pasta... how do I clean/dispose of my mess? :(

EDIT: The bowl just shattered into a million pieces... so really any advice on the microwave cleaning and pasta disposal would be appreciate it. Give me a few minutes and I'll post pictures :)


R.I.P. Bowl, you were awesome!

Music question.

There's an Emery CD at work that I always listen to, and I don't know what the case looks like, but does anyone know the name of the CD? It's got blue on the actual cd. And the last song is something like "Yesterday's gone, can't turn back now...I still love you." If you know that'd be SWEET!

Thanks in advance, TQC. :]


I just had to redownload Trillian on a clean system. I like the "Dark Bevel" skin, but I'm repulsed by the sounds. The default Trillian skin "Whistler" doesn't come with normal sound files, either.

So, where can I find "AOL IMer" classic sounds (sending and reciving IMs, contact list folks singing on and off)?

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Say you had to make your own version of the WWJD? bracelet/tshirt/whatever...

Who would you replace the 'J' with? Why? What would they do?

This came up last week with some friends. One went with 'H' for Hume, and said Hume would hide from the problem for a few weeks, and one choose 'D' for Donne, and said Donne would probably try and sex you up.
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Relationship-y ?s

1. When do you tell your significant other about your weird fetishes or fantasies? (1st date, a month etc.)

2. Have you ever been cheated on or cheated on someone?

3. Have you ever been a secret admirer and actually sent gifts or what-have you to your interest?

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1. Do you mix anything in with your macaroni and cheese?
Yes, broccoli! I used to put ketchup in it.

2. What's your favorite appetizer from a chain restaurant?
I love the Bloomin' Onion at the Outback.

3. Are there any foods you will only eat in one area?
I will only eat pizza in the New Jersey, and New York area. I don't think I have ever had good pizza elsewhere. A lot of places I've been to seem to consider Domino's and Pizza Hut to be good regular pizza. Generally I've had the same experience with bagels.

4. Do you eat and drink at the same time?
Yes, but my Aunt doesn't unless she's eating pizza. I've been wondering how common this is.
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Have any of you gaged your own ears?

I have two thick needles I want to use. One is equivalent to a size 16, the other possibly a 14. I want to get down to a size 10 or 8. I have this plastic bracelet from a Jem doll I want to use as an earring ^_^

Question for Mac users

I recently had a file in my trash that refused to delete because it said that it was in use. I force deleted it by opening the Terminal and typing "rm -r .Trash/"

That worked and removed the file, but now if I drag anything to the trash it instantly deletes it instead of letting me keep it in the trash until I delete it. How do I fix this? Is there any way to reset the Terminal? I'm using an iBook running 10.4.6.

Any help would be great. I'd call up the lovely Mac people, but my warrenty expired. :-(

Edit: FIXED. Thanks so much everyone!
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I replaced my dvd-burner a few months ago with a Sony DWQ120AB2 OEM model. It didn't come with any drivers, but Windows recognized it, and it's worked fine until a couple nights ago. Now, Windows only recognizes it as a CD-ROM, and I can't burn discs at all. I've tried to run diagnostics, but Windows says it's working properly, which it so is not.

Does anyone have drivers for this model? Or perhaps any suggestions as to what I can do to make this thing work, and keep this from happening again? Please?

Oh, it's XP Pro, if that makes a difference.
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