September 7th, 2006

kate and I.

Footage has leaked...

So. Steve Irwin death footage has leaked (apparently, it's the paparazzi footage and it's very grainy and blurry, but still remains nonetheless) and is the one hosting it. Well, last night their servers crashed and tonight they did the same thing. They say it's gonna be hosted on YouTube but so far there is no evidence of that.

Has anyone seen it?
If so, did anyone flurl it or host it on another site?

I'm trying to prove someone wrong here and it's a bit hard since this mystery has yet to be solved.
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Who here fishes? What kind of fish do you like to catch the most? What if a fish that you haven't caught, but desperately want to catch? What's your favorite lure?

Me: I catch mainly bass save for a few sunnies or rockbass here and there.
I deperately want to catch a HUGE muskie!
I like rapala shadraps or kinamis.
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factory reconditioned cameras

I'm looking into (finally) buying a digital camera. I'm thinking about getting a "factory reconditioned" camera because of the low price. However, I worry that it might not work as well. Here's a little info on factory reconditioned goods:

What makes a "Factory-Reconditioned" item such an excellent purchase?

Factory-reconditioned products maintain high quality standards.
Each item is checked at least twice for proper working condition and quality. In fact, reconditioned goods have a very low (2-percent) rate of return.
The price you pay for a reconditioned item is much lower than at retail.'s guarantee covers every reconditioned item you purchase. For more information, please review our Platinum Protection Product Plan information.

Have you ever purchased a factory reconditioned digital camera? Is it worth a shot?

Also, there's a 2-year warranty for an additional $7. It would be wise to get that, too, right?
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There's a container of Pringles on my counter and for the first time I noticed they call them Potato Crisps instead of chips. Underneath it it says "Papitas Crujientes" though and I was wondering if that actually translates into Potato Crisps?


I heard on the radio today the next season of survivor is going to be divided into blacks, whites, asians and hispanics. they were horribly offended and mentioned that the white supremacist groups are having a field day claiming this will help their cause because a) whites will win and everyone will see them as superior, or b) they'll lose and the whites will hate the group(s) they've lost to.

that being said, my question is, do you think this kind of division on the show is in poor taste? why or why not?
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(no subject)

If more than 10, just check that box

How many perscription drugs are you on?

Mean: 1.05 Median: 1 Std. Dev 1.62

What is the largest number you've ever been on at once?

Mean: 2.93 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.15

What is the smallest number you've ever been on?

Mean: 0.17 Median: 0 Std. Dev 0.44
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Self-made rivet leather belts

I absolutely loved my rivet leather belt, but it's broken. So I've been searching for a replacement for two years now, but have had no success whatsoever. I want the rivets to be decorations, but i don't want to many of them, and not the type with holes in the middle.
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Is it possible to take an ordinary black leather belt and rivet it myself? Has anyone done it? How does it work, what does one need for it and how much does it cost?

Thanks for any help :)

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Any ladies out there with curly hair?

I recently started using a curl enhancer on my wavy hair, and I'm very happy with the results! ... for a day.

Since I don't wash my hair every day, I sleep on the curls half the time. Is there any way I can keep my hair from going from pretty ringlets to scraggly curls in the course of a night's sleep?

Pulling My Hair In Frustration

(no subject)

So last night my roommate and I died my hair a "light black" (which is really just black) compliments of Loreal...

Then I woke up this morning and realized that I don't think I like my hair this dark-

is there any way I can get my hair back to a brown?

If i bought another thing of Loreal dye, would it work in covering up the black or am I out of luck?


What are you craving right now?

I crave s'mores. Maybe I'll roast marshmallows over my gas stove when I get home. :/

What's your favorite day of the week?

Friday, by far, because I'm done at 1050, and tomorrow I'm going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. *does the yummy beer dance*

What's your favorite beer?

Mine is probably Allegash. I love belgian white.

(no subject)

By tomorrow, I have to come up with a project idea. Just a short paragraph. I honestly have no ideas. It's a EFB352 course ( entomology), so I need to come up with an experiment/research project that involves actually collecting and working with insects.

I'm from NY so I'm hoping that I can work with something easy enough to find. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks.
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(no subject)

do Americans have an 'oxford dictionary' for americans? as in, is it an oxford dictionary that spells things the american way? like 'color' instead of 'colour'?

and do they have pronunciation guides?
do they only have the american pronunciations/spellings? or do they have alternative ones?

i just thought about it the other day and thought...
"WOAH! do americans have a pronunciation guide in their dictionaries that tell them to say tomayto instead of tomahto?"

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do you ever play the question game with your friends?

did you know i played this last night?

will you play it with me?

edit: hasn't anybody ever told you that it's the game where you can only ask questions?

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I *know* there's at least one program to put 'post it notes' on your computer screen... how about free? is it free? where?

Am I the only person who gets angry about newspaper comics that aren't funny? I feel like I'm being screwed somehow, that the time I spent reading could have been used elsewhere, OR that the space in the paper could be used for GOOD comics.... Not like "hulk smash" angry, just "why do they give us this tripe?" angry.

World of Warcraft players:
What's the worst excuse you've heard for leaving a party?
What excuse do you hate most?
What's the most bizarre one you've heard?
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Just curious.

As much as some of us try to ignore the celebrity gossip, it's on TV and in magazines everywhere. And a lot of it is made up and has no truth to it, whatsoever.

Do you always believe things you hear about celebs? If a mag says that Brad and Angelina are on the outs (for example), must it simply be true, or do you think that people make things up just to have a story to print?
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(no subject)

Why in the world would one specific website not load for me on any computer in my house, yet allegedly work for people elsewhere?
Why does it have to be the one site I need info from?
Is this some kind of messed up joke?
How do I fix it?

The site is so you know. A friend of mine not in my house told me it works fine for him. This is just cruel. I've tried on mozilla and IE, and still nothing, on two different computers.

update! I unplugged my router and then plugged it in again and now it works!
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Pubs/Restaurants in Culver City

Hi TQers... are there any of you out there in the Los Angeles area? I live in Washington State and I need to organize a meeting that needs to be located roughly between Burbank and Torrance. Anybody know of a good restaurant/pub/brewery type of place that has a banquet room large enough to hold 15-20 people?

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(no subject)

In my design class, I have to do an assemblage (basically a 3d collage or diorama that encapsulates a particular message, phrase, feeling, or whatever). I've had the assignment for two weeks but haven't done it yet because I've gotten stuck. I can really only come up with one phrase that I want to do: "it's the end of the world as we know it."

the problem here is that the assignment is to be presented this coming Monday (September 11).

Would you be offended if on that day I showed pictures from Sept. 11 and other massive destruction? Is it totally tasteless of me?

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So I have become extremely annoyed with the little loops that are attached to shirts that hold them up on the clothes hanger. I love that they hold the clothes up with wide necks, but I hate that they are always popping out when I wear the shirt. What do you guys do to hide them while you're wearing the shirt, besides cutting them off?


1. Have you ever had shingles? (think virus, not roofing)
2. What did it feel like?
3. Can you kind of describe the progression of your symptoms?

I've googled it and found a lot of information but I kind of wanted to hear some personal experiences.
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No Talk Radio!

Who controls the radio/stereo: the driver or the passengers?

One driver, two passengers. A 4 hour drive each way (total 8 hours). Yes, there is an iPod (loaded with the driver's tunage).
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(no subject)

What TV shows can you think of that use current popular music on them? Or that music is an important part of?
Also what TV shows have soundtracks which include a lot of pop music?

I'm thinking like Grey's Anatomy which uses song titles for episode titles and uses a lot of pop music in the episodes. Also, American Idol during certain weeks.

The shows can be current or past ones if you think of a really good example.

Thanks. :-D

For the musically gifted...

I have a tryout for this gospel choir at my school and I have decided on a piece to sing (Mary, did you know?). I went to to get the sheet music and it is showing me 7 different keys that I can buy the music in. The original key is B minor, but it is offering the music in G minor (2 flats), F # minor (3 sharps), C minor (3 flats), D minor (1 flat),  A minor and E minor. I feel most comfortable as a soprano 2, but  my range is from low alto to soprano 1. What key would be most appropriate for me to sing in???? 

Please help, I have no clue which one to pick.



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(no subject)

what is the fascination with cat girls/boys/adrogynous things? (like not CatGirl, the spin off of CatWoman) but... the anime things.

and its not like its ONE character, EVERYTHING has some freaky cat girl.

as an aside (and I think this may be a repeat of the first question I ever asked here)

what is the obscession with angsty goth chicks putting on cat ears and acting like a cat?

do they sincerely think its attractive?
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Weird thing about me

When I'm working on something technical with the computer, or installing hardware or something like that, I cannot tolerate noise that isn't my music. I have to be on my own, with nobody bothering me and nobody asking questions or coming in every 10 minutes to ask if I'm done yet.
My father says I'm weird and that most other people who do tech support and such don't mind having other people around. I think it's a pretty universal thing to not want to be bothered when you're working on something that needs a lot of your attention.
So, what do you prefer when doing things? Total silence? Music only? Or do you not mind having people around?
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I have googled, and I'll probably be going to the doctor tomorrow, but I'm curious.

If you have had pneumonia, what was the first symptom you had? How long did you wait to go to the doctor?

What kind of treatment did you have? How long did it take you to get rid of it?
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Dual question

1. If you went to college for a while but didn't get a degree, can you still put that on a resume? Will it make you look better to an employer than someone who never went to college at all, if not as qualified as someone with a degree?

2. Why do some animals eat their young? I know there is a special name for this practice, but I can't remember what it is. Would anyone know?

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Yes, it's an ipod question.

I have a 4gb ipod mini that won't recognise any music. I load my playlist on my ipod, but when I go to play, nothing shows up and it's like the ipod is empty.
I don't use iTunes, I use ephPod, which I've used for months and has always worked up until now. ephPod says I have 3.7gb of music loaded.
I've restored the ipod to factory settings but it didn't help.

Has anybody else had this problem, what can I do to fix it?

(no subject)

Do you know any movies or songs that excuse or glorify cheating or leaving someone great to be with someone you just love more? I can think of Tristan and Isolde and Imagine Me and You for movies and Lips of an Angel by Hinder.. anything else?

Edit: excluding the plethora of rap songs..

Various questions about job-related topics...

I'll try to be brief... .

1.  At what age do you think a kid can stay home alone?  During the day? At night? For 1 or 2 hours?  More than that?

2.  What can happen to you if you quit a job without giving them 2 weeks'  notice? Just a bad reference, or can they do anything legally?  Would you quit a job without giving notice, and what circumstances would lead you to do so?

3.  (I'll try not to let this one get confusing)  Let's say that, in the past, you had a BAD boss.  Slimy, dumb, just all around not so cool.  You did your job competently and were always civil and polite to him.  Then, 3 years later, you get a new job, only to discover that your horrid ex-boss works there.   Would you take the position, knowing that this guy would be there every day?  (If you need more info on the back story for this one, just ask - but be warned, it could get long!)
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(no subject)

What should my Russian name be?

Алина (Alina)
Валентина (Valentina)
Дарыя (Daria)
Зоя (Zoya)
Кира (Kira)
Маия (Maya)
Серафима (Serafima)
Софыа (Sofia)
Татыяна (Tatiana)
Other, that you leave in the comments

(no subject)

Soo, yes, this is homework related. No, I'm not making you guys do my homework, if I don't wanna do it, why the hell should you?

Anyway. I'm taking a class called Holocaust and Human Behavior (High school level). For my final project we have some choices on the topic.

They are:

Human Behavior during the Holocaust. (Why people did what they did.)

Nation of Israel. (Why was it formed, Conflicts because of it.)

Holocaust denial. (Main claims of this denial, motivation behind them.)

Memory of the Holocaust. (How were other countries affected.)


I can think of my own topic. It has to be something that I can find materials easily.

Sooo, I'm curious, and also in a decision rut.
What would you pick?
Any topic ideas?

We have 45 days to do the final project, and I'm so excited because the material is so interesting! Thanks all!
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(no subject)

What three words do you use most while you're at work?
Would I get an accurate impression of your job by reading only those words?

"Allocation spreadsheet" and "requisition" are mine. They make my job sound way more boring than it is.
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(no subject)

My mom said I can go into a store and purchase an item and ask them to send me it in the mail. Is that even possible? I have never even heard of that! Does this qualify for most stores? What about DIESEL?

EDIT: Just called DIESEL...they allow it! thanks guys
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(no subject)

How do you deal with someone who's recently had someone close to them die?

I'm asking because my boyfriend's grandfather is dying, and I'm trying to comfort him, but I have no idea what to say.

(no subject)

So, I just downloaded a bunch of music and now I'm having all sorts of trouble with it. WMP (yes, I use that!) refuses to play them. I've downloaded practically every codec under the sun, and now I'm caving to VLC. I had it for a VERY short while a few weeks ago, but I hated it.

Is there any way to get VLC to show the big list of all my songs like Windows Media Player does? I'd hate to have one player for some of my music, and another player for the rest...I'd really rather just stick with the one that works the best.
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Hypothetical Work Situations

1. Pretend you're the owner/manager/whateverpersonincharge of a company where the majority of your workers do not have to interact with the public at all, and are not reliant on anything time-sensitive to do their work - that is, things don't have to be sent out by X time, or whatever. Each employee has their own private desk, there is no shift work, so no one has to share.

The only caveat is that a certain amount of hours should be put in by each employee per week - let's say 40 hours, a regular North American work week.

Your employees are all trustworthy, reliable, honest people that have keys to the office, and you know they can be trusted. In case you doubt their integrity for any reason, you also have swipe cards/logins/whatever that register when your employees show up, how much work they do, how long their breaks are, and when they leave, so you will know if they are goofing off or cheating the system (which they wouldn't be, since they are trustworthy and honest).

If you were the person in charge here, would you set specific hours for your employees to come in, or would you let your employees work whenever they wanted, so long as they put in 40 hours a week? They would be the paid the same salary, regardless of what days/times they worked, so that isn't a factor.

I've wondered about this, because it would be something I'd like to see in a workplace, but I haven't seen any workplaces so flexible.

2. Have you ever worked in a workplace that has flexible hours like this? Did you like it?

3. What hours would you work, if you had the options to choose? Your only restriction is that you work 40 hours a week (these 40 hours would include five hours' worth of breaks, working out roughly to seven and a half minutes each hour, so figure that in however you will).
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(no subject)

1. What's a good way for someone who is completely out of shape to start exercising? My friend (5'5'' and 220 lbs) asked me to help her get in shape. I run 2.5 miles a day and don't know where to start with her. I thought it would be cool to have her walk 1/2 mile a day and work up from there, but she got out of breath, dizzy, and her fingers become swollen at just 1/8 mile. Should we start with even smaller increments or... what? How do I tell the difference between normal exercise and over-exertion? Have you had any experiences like this? (Her doctor okayed her to do all this, btw, so no worries about that.)

2. If you were suddenly the supreme leader of your own nation what laws would you create? My answer: Mandatory birth control for all sexually active people who do not have breeding permits, mandatory higher education, free medical care and education, and no religion allowed. (Maybe not your cup of tea. Get your own country.)

3. Should guys who want to have anal sex, in turn, let their significant others insert something of comparable dimensions into their (the guy's) anus? (Either to make things 'even' or or to have a better understanding of the mechanics of it all.) It seems fair and logical, to me.
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(no subject)

Poll #816270 razors - for women only

ladies, what kind of razor do you use?


dpending on whether it's a mens or womens razor, what brand/kind is it?

my answer: I used to use a womens razor (schick quatro) and now I use a mens (gillette fusion)
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(no subject)

I usually have trouble falling asleep because I lay in bed and can't stop thinking about different things that are going on in my life, so I roll around from side to side for about an hour or two before I'm finally able to doze off.

What thoughts lately have kept you awake at night?
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Wearing religious symbols

Just a random thought I had.

How do you feel about people who wear symbols of a religion they are not a part of? For example, I'm Wiccan, but I wear a lot of crucifixes, because I just like how they look. I'm also getting a tattoo that has heavy Christian connotations behind it. I think this is perfectly okay, because I'm not doing it as an indication of my faith, more because I just like the look, but others have said I shouldn't be wearing these crucifixes, or getting this tattoo if I'm not Christian because it's disrespectful to both their faith and mine.

What do you guys think?
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(no subject)

Homecoming theme:
Candyland = lame or pretty sweet?

{Edit: I should mention that it's my school's Homecoming theme and I don't know what to wear[Heck, I don't even have a date yet and it's two weeks away and I'm trying to convince everyone to vote for me for queen hah]. I was going to ask you what type of dress I should get[that i would look good in], but I decided I should just ask your opinion on the theme first.}