September 6th, 2006

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This might sound kind of weird/impossible but is there any sleep therapy that deals with nightmares? I have repetative nightmares dealing mainly with murder and killing that really bother me and I don't know why I have them multiple times a night, almost everynight. I don't watch horror movies/scary things so I don't know why I have them...
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1. How does one go about organizing a fundraiser? (A bake sale, for example.) Would someone need permission from a specific person?

2. I'm in two walkathons and I'm trying to find a simple way to raise money. (I suck at fundraising.) Aside from emails, LJ posts, and snail mail, how and whom should I approach for donations?
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random questions that I wonder about ...

1. Whats the difference between straw and hay?
2. why do my cats farts smell a million times worse than my husbands?
3. why do steel-toed boots hurt liek hell every time I wear them? (I bought a size up to avoid the pain)
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For those who have ever worked in hiring for a college/university/technical school, I have a question for you.

If I were applying for a clerk position at your school and I mention in my cover letter that I am both an alumnus and intending to continue part-time studies there, how would that influence the way you consider my application -- if at all?
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Is it too soon for corny Steve Irwin icons about how he is the wind beneath your wings? Have you seen any others besides this one?

I saw one with the shark being hugged by the manatee and someone wants to edit it so that it's a stingray hugging Steve Irwin. Do you find that offensive?

What is a tough-sounding middle name for a kid? (My friend just gave her son the middle name of "Danger" and I think it's hilariously awesome that he can say "Danger is my middle name.")

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because 3995 minds are better than one.

i work for a small company that sells medical and retail products targeted towards older people nation wide. any ideas for some kind of customer rewards program? it may or may not tie in with our 60th anniversary this year. also what are some neat anniversary promotions you've heard lately?
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If you have a cat, what brand of dry food do you feed them? I want to know the best brands for their health and coats and can keep their urinary tract healthy, as well as keep hairballs away.

Do you regularly clean your car out? Do you regularly go through a car wash?

Do you like meats combines with fruits? (IE: raisins or grapes in chicken salad, fresh peach slices with pork lion or roast...)


Right now we're feeding them Meow Mix and we want to get something for the cats that covers all the bases, price isn't *too* much of an option, so I need suggestions.

I keep the interior pretty clean, but I have only been through the car wash once in about a year. :(

HELLS no. I can't stand any fruit even touching my meats. I can't fathom that it actually tastes good.
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Liver mold

I find myself in need of a gelatin mold in the shape of a liver. I'm not having a lot of luck on Google, but I'll keep trying.

Anyone have any idea where I could find such a thing?

advice - ipod issues

onoes! another ipod question...

so, my ipod is about 3 years old and i've been struggling with it lately. i found out just this morning that my scroll wheel isn't working. is it worth taking it to the apple store and having their techs look at it and see if it's fixable? would it just be better getting a new one? i mean, this little guy has like little battery life and the fast-forward button stopped working (my fault - coffee accident).

any suggestions?
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Gut-check for your inhibitions

If it would net you $100,000, would you agree to be one of those people who have a 24-hr webcam in their home (like Jennycam) for only 3 months? The terms in this contract would be one camera in the bedroom, and one in the living room (where the tv and stuff is), and you have to keep your routine, and sleep in the bedroom and do whatever in the living room. If you start sleeping in the kitchen or staying over at your SO every night, the contract is void

For $500,000, they put a third camera in the bathroom. Y/N? Again, contract is same as above. Keep your routine. If you do all your personal business at your neighbor's place, contract is voided.

For detail's sake, the cameras are well hidden and even you won't know where they are.
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I want to shoot Organic Chemistry and then push it off a cliff. Anyone else?

1) Did you/are you take/taking orgo chem in college?
1a) Did you hate it too?

2) I missed House last night. Is it going to rerun anytime or can I get it online somewhere, but not bit torrent?

Back to School. To prove to Dad that I'm no Fool.

If you are going to some sort of learning institution this fall (or this coming season for you non-Northern Hemisphereans), what classes are you taking?

Are you on quarters or semesters?

Which classes do you expect will be good or which ones will suck ass?

Can you name what movie my subect line came from?  CAN YOU?  CAN YOU????
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If you want to be friends with your ex, how long should you stay away (how long have you stayed away) before it was possible again? My breakup was mutual but it still really hurts not to be his special one anymore.

Printer error

My computer at work can't print. It just gave out at some point between jobs, citing that possibly the printer driver needs to be updated or reinstalled.

I'm not very techy and I wasn't the one to setup my computer so I can't say I really know about the components. My home computer, yeah, I have much more familiarity, but not this one. I'd like to resolve this without having to schedule our computer techie to come in just to fiddle with my computer.

Is there a way I can deal with the drivers myself?
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Is there a program that will let you have a queue of video files to be converted for iPod? I have Videora, and it would appear that you can do that,but I can't figure out how. I've got some seasons of shows I want to convert, but doing it one at a time is tedious...

I know there's a ton of programs out there, and I'm looking through the page at VersionTracker, but I just wanted to see if anyone here knew anything...
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Give Peace A Chance

Long Time No See, TQC!

So, becgueule and I got married this past Sunday! (pics here if you're interested)

I go back to work tomorrow, he had to go back yesterday, and is working late for at least 2 weeks to make up for some time off they gave him. We're taking a first-anniversary honeymoon. I've had some pretty rotten insomnia, waking up for about 2 hours every night, for the past several weeks. I got an amazing massage today. The house isn't put away as much as I'd like it to be, the thank-yous aren't written yet.

So, to the question:

Should I:

A) Go to my first-ever yoga class? Love to after the massage, I've worked some with tapes/DVDs for almost 2 years now, I've wanted to for ages, but I can go next Wednesday too. It would be the final "icing on the cake" of my wedding/vacation, which has been great but stressful too.

B) Stay home and get my house into working order so that I'm not all tripping over clutter and worrying about things I need to do? I MUCH prefer a tidy house, and it's pretty much a wreck right now.

I really can't decide! And I need to leave in about 90 minutes if I'm going to the class, during which time I'll be working on the house.


Yoga wins! Thanks for the input! I got quite a bit done on the house - now here's hoping I don't fall on my ass...
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how many of you have VCR's?

i was just wondering because a lot is on DVD now, and a lot of people seem to be throwing out their VCR's.

also, do you have DVD players?
what about DVD recorders?

anyone have those... fancy... things that are supposed to be better than DVD's?

EDIT: i recently bought a VCR and thought that people must think i'm weird. Now people would usually be getting rid of theirs. hmmm.
i hadn't had a VCR for ages, which meant i couldnt' watch my VHS movies. then i finally got one this year. watched one movie then tried to eject it... nope. it was stuck. had to pull it all apart and there was no saving it. so i finally bought a new one this week.
now i can record my shows... like good ol' Oprah and Dr. Phil when i'm at Uni
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I have an iPod nano. My aunt has a regular iPod. She said she'll trade me if I help her put her music onto it (the nano, I s'pose).

My question - can I do that? How many iPods can I have registered to my iTunes? I've had trouble in the past with it saying my iPod's 'corrupt' and 'unreadable' (although I don't anymore)...will this plan work?

Thanks. :)
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Okay I have a question that is probably stupid, but when it comes to anything financial, I'm clueless...

I got a loan refund check from my student loan place for $2052.25. Before I came back to school on Monday, I gave the check to my parents to deposit into my checking account and then wrote my dad a check for $1500 because he didn't want me to keep all of the money (probably a good idea).

So I checked my Chase account online just now and it shows the $2052.25 was deposited, then two itunes transactions, and then it says "MEMO DEBIT" for $1952.25 and my current balance is only $228.82.

My question is...
What the hell does that mean!?

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5th anniversary coming up

So what do you all think of Loose Change? If you haven't seen it:

Loose Change

Personally, I think it's a crock of shit and people always want to bitch about SOMETHING. They are turning a huge tragedy into a way to protest against our government (which I am more than happy to say is far from perfect, but come on. This is taking it ridiculously far).

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My hair is pretty long. Down almost to the bottom of my back. Mostly I just leave it hang loose but I start a new job on Friday (woohoo!) and I'd like to be able to keep it up, the same way it is under the cut.

Because it obviosley holds better and stays up when its needing washed, this is the best time to do my hair like this. But, I really need to wash my hair! Can anyone tell me, how I can do my hair this way when its clean? But preferably not using too much product? I don't like puttng too much gel/hairspray/wax etc on it when its just clean. Don't mind doing that when its like it is just now.

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 And finally, as i said, I start a new job on friday working in a store. I'm gonna be on my feetn from 9am til 5pm. So, I'm going tomorrow for new shoes as I don't have anything flat and black. Can anyone tell me anything I can do thats going to ease the pain that my feet are going to be in? I know they are going to hurt like hell for standing up so much after having not done it in about a year. Anything I can do (other than try and buy the comfiest shoes I can find!)

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Hot stuff!

What size bottle of Tabasco do you buy, and how long does it last you?

We buy it by the two ounce bottle, and it lasts us about a year.

I also remember my parents having a two ounce bottle, and it was around for many years.

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Is it possible to buy monthly rail passes in the UK (as opposed to getting a return ticket every day)? I've Googled this and nothing has come up.

Are Railcards worth it? If I go to the station to apply for one do I need to take any info with me?

Edit, also:

Would you rather:

A) Have to catch a bus at 7:10AM for £6 but arrive within plenty of time. Please note that I have to change buses and that takes a ten minute walk and that the buses are wayyyy confusing.

B) Have to catch a bus at 7:35AM for £6.40 but arrive with five minutes to spare.
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Speech topic

I have to give a demonstrative speech lasting no more than 5 minutes. I have to show how to do something, but it can't be food or anything involving food. What's a good topic to do that won't bore my classmates?
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Ever had to take a course you really didn't want to? (Like in college.) What was it? How did it turn out in the end?

I have to take Medival Ireland 5th-9th Century this year, because I'm required to take a Medival course, and the others all clash with stuff I really want to take. I have no interest whatsoever in early medival Ireland.
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Do you think society is becoming too politically correct?

I feel that "pulling out the race card" has been become more livejournal posts, in real life, when I'm dealing with customers.
How do you feel about that?
What about the people who use their gender, sex, body type, occupation, income?
Like in..."You think you can kick me around because I'm a plumber/garbage man/accountant!"

1) I'm not sure. That's why I asked for your opinions!
Though I do feel like everyone has to fight with every little the Pledge of Allegiance(US) has the word God in it. Big deal! We have other issues we need to worry about. Don't say it, if it bothers you. It's your choice.

2) Like I get really SICK of people saying to me "You're ignoring me because I'm *Black/White/Polkadotted/Fat/Ugly*!".
I try my damnest not to discriminate, and I feel like the "race card" has become an acceptable means of getting what you want these days.

Apparently everyone is too sensitive, and too immature to simply answer my question.
I asked a question regarding dealing with a customer, at my job.
This post was not an excuse for you to jump on my case, because I'm a "priviledged white girl".
You don't know a person by the color of their skin, or where they come from.
I think we can all attest to that.
I'm closing this post because I have homework, and I can't be e-fighting with every sensitive person out there, who wants to blame me for society's problems.

**please don't start this into a debate. i tried to word this as best as i could.

Truth or Lore?

I heard a story today about a woman who made an herbal poultice for her husband who suffered from liver problems.

She said that she placed the poultice on the outside of his body - over his liver - and it drew out so many toxins that it bruised the skin.

I ask you: Is this truth or lore?

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Have you ever been to South Beach (FL)? If so, did you have fun, was it everything people talk about?

I live in Florida and have never been (i guess i just never saw the point to it), and a friend of mine wants to take me. Prob. to the clubs, not the beach as when he can he surfs (and personally, the beach gets boring after awhile xD)...He can't believe I've never been I'm curious. Also trying to get the guts to go with him.
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Concerning life after death...

Which version of what occurs after death that you've heard sounds more comforting?
Not what you personally believe, but which would you think would be pretty neat?

Please note that you can't have Heaven without Hell, and I ask you to limit your responses to coherent theories (Oh, I think what happens on Charmed is pretty great! When you die, you become a ghost, or an angel if you've been good, but they still have reincarnation, and Hell and all that stuff, and if you happen to be Chinese a scary dude on a horse comes along to steal your soul).

Personally, I like the idea of Nirvana. Speaking of which, any Buddhists in the house?
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Have you ever had any interesting encounters with a homeless person?
Do you know any homeless people personally?
Are there any homeless people in your area that everyone knows about?
Have you ever been homeless? What was it like?

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Commercial music?

What's the title of the song in the newer Budweiser commercials, with the lyrics something like "The world, don't hold back!" and "cos theres a party over here..." or something like that?

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3 in one.

Ok, so this is a three in one... you can choose just one topic if you dont want to answer about all three.

1. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
2. What's so good about them?
3. What TV shows are not on the air anymore that you really miss?
4. What is currently on the air that you think should be cancelled?

1. Favorite Musicians?
2. What are your favorite genres?
3. Do you listen to much foreign music?
4. What about instrumental music?
5. What type of music can't you stand?

1. Do you read the newspaper? (Actual paper ones)
2. Do you subscribe to magazines?
3. What's your preffered type of reading material?

and just one totally unrelated question...

if you were getting a bunch of warnings about trojan viruses and what not, would you just click on "heal" or would you reformat your computer? Nothing else is happening, that I can tell, other than the constant virus warnings.
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Hello very yes.

1. The internets have failed me so I turn to you, TQC. Anyone know the title of the song in the INC International Concepts runway commercial? The lyrics sound something like, "How do I get you/How do I get to you...". I usually only see the commercial during Project Runway episodes.

2. What book are you currently reading?
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

3. Do you suffer from any common health problems? Examples: dry skin, athlete's foot, etc
allergies, mild asthma, a flake or two of dandruff if I don't keep an eye on it

4. Where would be a good place to travel within the US in late September/early October that's not getting cold at that time and kinda touristy (but not overpriced touristy)?

5. For those of you that like anime (no flaming plz :D), what are you currently watching?
Honey and Clover

6. Have you shaved your pubic hair today? What shape should I shave mine into?
Just kidding.

ETA: I really was just kidding about number 6 considering all the pube questions over the last couple days, but the answers are making me lol. :)
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DS secondhand

I bought a secondhand Nintendo DS Lite from a friend. I got all the accessories sans the instruction booklet. I know the AC adaptor recharges the battery, but is it true that you can play with the DS while its hooked up to the AC adaptor? Will this also work as the main powersource once the battery's dead for good (no longer chargable?)
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Disclaimer: I have not and do not plan to do this. Eek. But anyway,

I read craigslist a lot and I am amused by all the "no strings attached" personals hookup ad things. It makes me wonder what is the etiquette after you do agree to meet someone for sex or whatever, and you do your thing, enjoy it, no terribly bad things happen, and then you go your separate ways, as your advertisements probably advertised. Well, what is the proper, accepted thing to do if you run into that person later on, out somewhere, accidentally?

Smile and say hi? Pretend you didn't see each other? Go up to them and scream "Why didn't you call, you manwhore? I had a good time and I wanted to do it again sometime?" Hahaha. Surely this has to have happened to someone or someone wrote a manners guide about it.

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inspired by the question about homeless people:

Are you more likely to give money to a person performing on the street than a visibly needy person? In other words, do you think that if they are trying to work for money, they deserve it more? What about people selling little useless knick-knacks?

I'd rather give money to performers because I am getting for free what I might have to pay for otherwise in a concert or comedy club, so I feel they have earned it. I'd be more inclined to give food or something like that to a needy person. As for knick-knacks, I don't really know what to think of those, it just pisses me off a little bit that the guy selling Magic Mice makes more money in 20 minutes than I made in an hour at my job. But then I still feel bad for him.

Funnerals and family

My cousin is set to die in the next 6 months from kidney failure. She is on my mothers side which I don't talk to at all except for my step grandmother and that is in cards at birthdays and mother's day. I have never been close to her or her family and I don't know if I could pick her out of a crowd. Problem is: I don't know if I should go to the funneral or not. I don't think I have exchanged more than a sentance or two with her, well, ever and I don't like her parents or most of my mother's side of the family. She also lives 6 hours away which means she willbe buried 6 hours away which isn't a lot but enough so we would have to drive and spend the night.
What would you do in my position? Do you think I am being selfish by not wanting to go? Do you think I should because she is technically part of my family