September 5th, 2006

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what would be a reasonable price to charge a cousin (10 years+ older cousin) for a website, also how much to charge per hour on the subsequent updating to the website (being a webmaster)?

also unrelated but how much does it cost to change a cell phone number? I'm using cingular.
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answer any, all, or none.

1. Are there any supertitions about an itchy nose? (like how they say an itchy palm means you'll come into money.. or whatever)

2. What goes good with avocado as a snack? I just recently discovered that I love avacado but it seems like it needs something. I've just been spooning it out of the rind...

3. What's your favorite snack veggie?

4. Your favorite snack fruit?

5. What's a good way to end off the summer?

6. How often do you take a shower?

7. How often do you take a bath?

8. How many days do you think you *could* you go between showers without looking like you need a shower?

9. Whuch month is your favorite! YAY I LOVE SEPTEMBER!

10. When do you think thequestionclub started sucking balls, hmmmm?

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Does anyone know how to clean the Heat Exchanger on a Servis Condenser Dryer? Unfortunately, my manager threw out the manual(!) and I have looked at their site and found nothing. My kitchen slaves porters need dry cloths!


For those who have worked in restaurants - did you get free food and/or drinks?
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Okay, I paln to be studying abroad in Japan very soon and thus will be in need of some yen. I don't want to get off the plane totally pennyless, or yenless rather, so sooner is better than later. Where is a good place I can exchange dollars for yen here? I tried my local bank, but I'd have to go to their main office way the hell away in a different city that is a mystery to me and pay $20 and probably wait for them to ship the money in... There's got to be a simpler way (hopefully) anybody know it?
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The autumn season is on the way...

Who loves candles?
Me, of course!

How often do you light your candles?
Anytime when I feel like it, or I keep the room warm (unless the heater isn't on) or smell good for myself and company.

What's your favorite scent of Yankee Candle? (More than one would be acceptable!)
I just got 2 of Y.C. 22oz "Ocean Water" housewarmer® jars. Also I like Sheer Gardenia™ which reminds me of some Gardenia plants in front of old houses I lived in, good memories.

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Cocktail (the Tom Cruise movie) was playing in the background this weekend while I was blogging.  I wasn't paying attention & missed why Jordan (or whatever the rich girl's name was) had to waitress in a diner when she was "The Original Rich Girl".  Did she have a Tough Love father or did she want to prove she could make it on her own or ???

Did anyone like this movie??  It was really slow for me even though I wasn't really watching.

Say what

HEY TQC...remember the crazy MIL??

Do you recall, last week, when I asked about the MIL (well, FUTURE Mother in law) who was sick (bronchitis)?

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Anyway, I've got a bridal shower coming up on Saturday. My maid of honor is throwing it but the mother in law is invited. I'm a stubborn person. I'm waiting for (and probably will never get) an apology. It is rude to go to someone's home, yell at them in front of their child (which I explained to her that we never fight in front of him and we'd appreciate it if she never did that again) when they are only trying to protect the health of their child with a simple "please don't kiss" request.

So what do I do? Drop it? Ignore her? Take her aside and ask for an apology?

Tell me TQC, what would you do?
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The Receptionist Classic

Far too many, I know

1. Would you be ticked off, too, if your co-worker was constantly late (by an hour or more) and then just goofed off on MySpace all day? Said co-worker is supposed to be here to be backup when things get crazy - like the day after a Monday holiday. [I'm peeved. Seriously, it's 10 AM and he was supposed to be here at 8. I see him online on MySpace right now, so he ain't dead.] Nevermind. He just waltzed in...

2. I'm going to Tahoe this weekend. I'm thrilled, as I haven't been there in... 11 years. I'm taking a $20 bill and my silver coins with me (so about $40) to play with in the casinos. Are you good at controlling your cash when you go gambling? Once the set-aside money is gone, do you stop or do you go take out more money?

2b. Anyone know of anything fun (and cheeeeeap) to do up there? (I'm searching websites this week, just wondering if you had any ideas.)

3. What do you like to put on your tacos? I'm making tacos tonight and I have that feeling that I've forgotten something very important... [I already have: meat w/seasonings, beans, rice, sour cream, salsa, cheese, olives, and shells.]

4. Do you have a certain dish that you make that people are always begging you to make? What is it? [Pulled pork is mine.]
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Ragnarok + Tablet = ???

I've been playing Ragnarok Online and it's totally awesome, but... I usually use a tablet and I simply can't get RO to accept it. The cursor flails all over the screen if I so much as move the pen a fraction of an inch.

I've been using a mouse, and it's ok, but does anyone know a way to get my tablet and RO coexisting?

(Googling for help does nothing since there's an item called 'tablet' in RO.)

Scumlord from hell

So Ive lived in my present apt (by myself) since January.. Ive had a problem with the scumlord since day 1. Thats another story though. Anyways, I gave notice Aug 30 that I was going to be out in October. He placed a FOR RENT ad in the local newspaper, with the address of my place. yesterday, I have a strange vehicle pull into my driveway. This creepy looking balding guy gets out. Theres a knock on my door. No way am I answering it. He walks away from the door, looks around outside and gets back in his car and leaves. Not 2 minutes later my cell rings and its the scumlord. Not answering it. He leaves a message that he's gotten several calls and would like to show my apt.

Now, I've paid Sept. rent so its not like he's doing me any favors, do i HAVE to let him show it while im still inhabiting this joint? Is it right for people to just "be in the area" and him request that I show them? Im getting a little pissed here having strange people pull in my driveway. He's suggested that I dont HAVE to be there when he 'shows it' screw that. I have 2 cats I dont want let loose and I dont trust the landlord much less these scumbags showing up unannounced.

1- Do I have to let him show it?
2- Do you feel weird having random people looking thru your house? especially when things are a mess and youre trying to pack?

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1. My *maybe* future boss called me last night. I wasn't able to get the phone at the time so I didn't get to talk to him, but I'm going to go see him in about 15 minutes. I told him to call me if he wanted me to come and work for him. SO, who thinks I have the job?

2. What is your least favorite day of the week and why?
I hate Thursdays. To me they always seem to go by slow and there is never anything to do.

3. Did anyone else hear about in Thailand they are trying to make it legal for people to have sex with children AND to have sex with animals?
My boyfriend said he heard it on the radio...
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What makes you annoying? Main thing or however many you can think of. I think it's my sortof-kleptomania. Every time I touch a pen or a pencil I find it later in my pocket unless someone asks for it back or it's chained down. The other main thing is I enjoy a nice loud rant occasionally.
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Salary negotiation

What are ways to negotiate a salary? How far should you go with salary negotiation when first hired at a new job? Should you be content with an offer they give but which is completely unsatisfactory to you? And would it be wrong to not accept the job if the negotiation did not go the way you had hoped?

In Laws

Do you have any crazy stories about your In Laws?

Mine: My MIL used to watch my daughter a couple of days a week while I worked. When she was 6 months old, my MIL came to my house to pick her up to go somewhere and she made me put Lydia in the carseat. I couldn't figure out how the thing worked so I asked her and she told me that she didn't know. I knew she'd taken Lydia places before so I asked her how she'd been getting her buckled in. She told me that the straps on the seat were so tight that she didn't buckle them. She just left them loose. Wait - it gets better! The straps were lose on Lydia so I figured out how to tighten them. When I did, I showed her and she was flabbergasted to find out that you didn't have to put the baby's legs through the straps too. Poor kid. She'd been riding around in the car with her knees up in her armpits because my stupid MIL didn't know how to work the carseat. I can't imagine what would have happened if she'd wrecked.
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LTRs... ooh

Would you break up with someone because you felt your relationship had lost its "spark," or do you consider that a normal part of time passing in a relationship?

How would you define a relationship without spark?


You flip through your medical file one day because the doctor left it around, and you find out that you were born a hermaphrodite, with both male and female genitalia. At the time of birth, your parents made a choice and greenlighted an operation to make you the gender you are now.

1. How would you feel about that?
2. Would you hold anything against your parents?
3. Weird question: would it explain anything?

All you tech savvies out there...

So, I'm on a Sony Vaio with XP home.

I need to do a system restore.. except all the restore points I have available to me are after the whole issue began.  I need to restore to the day I started on the computer.. or near there.

Any ideas?


Edit... I found the squirrely little wizard that does the dirty work.  Thank you!
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Bed/Sleep ?s

1. How many sets of bed sheets do you have?
2. How often do you wash your sheets?
3. How do you sleep? (On your back, stomach, side, etc)
4. How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
5. What size bed do you have?
6. What side of the bed do you usually sleep on?
7. What time do you usually wake up on days you don't work or have any plans?

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a coworker of mine is getting married at the end of the month. i'm not close friends with him but have gone out for drinks with the couple a few times. they're in their late 20s and have lived together for five years, own a house and pretty much have everything they need already.

1. they do have a registry. however there's not much on there compared to how many people are coming to the wedding.
2. i don't want to spend more than twenty bucks or so seeing as i just broke my ankle and i'm rolling in medical bills.

any ideas?
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Since my boyfriend and I have had the joy of spending a great lump of cash on the cat, I'm curious how much is too much for you?  Have you ever had to make the choice of putting your pet to sleep because its care would be too expensive?  When does it become a matter of money before health?

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EDIT:  Sorry...I didn't mean to imply we put the cat, he's fine....just spent a lot of money on his care, is all.  :)  (And yes, he's worth every penny, btw.)
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A couple different questions...

1)I have this phone: A motorola e815. How do I get the pictures I've taken onto my computer? I do have photobucket and webshots accounts if that helps.

2) I have a really bad headache right now, and no way of getting any type of tylenol/aspirin/advil etc. How can get rid of it?

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Okay.. I know this is a long shot but I'm rather confused.

Does anyone live in the Bristol area of the UK or have knowledge of it?

I just got a late acceptance to Filton College in Bristol but I've never even been there before and I have to enrol there tomorrow. So if someone could tell me how to get there from the town center or something that would be useful.

Not really expecting to find anybody though :P

Is there such a thing as a stupid question?


What types of medication have you been on for depression? And if you feel comfortable, can you please tell me generally what you had problems with and were like before you took it, and how it made you feel after? And what was the process for getting that specific medication for your condition - therapy, just seeing a doctor, blood work, ect?

Thank you.
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Is there a shortcut key-combination for Excel's Merge and Center function?

It would make my life so much easier.
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Who here has given, or would giive their chiild a common name? Why???

I couldn't imagine the horror, because I hold a bit of identity in my first name, & i think it would suck for everyone else to share it.

Also, how could you think for nine months & then go 'wow, you know what, John is the best name I can be buggered to think of'. "John!" 17 people in the room shout "Yeah". I just don't understand the logic. I'm sure in a few cases maybe John really is a cool name & you really love it. That's fair enough, but... everyone?

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1.Do you think it is obnoxious when Americans say bloody. Like, "bloody hell" or use it as a swear word? For whatever reason I can't get it out of my head and it keeps slipping out.

What other countries say bloody? I've read a journal of a girl from Canada who would write it. Is it common for Canadians? Australians?

2. If you were really sick with some undiagnosed condition what clinic would you want to go to?


I work for a small company with less than 100 employees, we seem to have heaps of double ups of names:
2 Daves
2 Donalds
2 Kevins
2 Jeffs
2 Malcoms
2 Des'
2 Jeremys
2 Mikes
3 Johns
2 Colins
2 Robs

Is this strange?
i don't want to be friends

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For those who still use CDs:

-Do you keep the cases or do you use a big folder to hold them all?
-Why do you keep all those CDs?
-Do you burn them onto your computer?

My answers:
-I still keep most of the cases, but they're taking up a huge amount of room. I want to keep them though in case I want to resell them.
-I keep CDs because it's easier to trade my friends a disc than it is to send a really huge file. Also, because my parents don't use the computer often and they don't have iPods.
-Most of them are on my computer, but I missed some of them.
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Something weird happened in class today and it made me wonder!

We were watching a scene from an old film noir, so it was in black and white. Whenever my gaze shifted, though, I caught color in the corner of my eye. So I'd see a streak of green, purple, and blue.

What was that all about? It didn't happen when the movie was off, so I know I'm not going blind or anything.

Anyone got an explanation?

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Do any of you have problems with your mailman ignoring mail you're sending out? Our mailman is Really bad about it. I've had things stolen because he didn't take it. I actually saw him ignore my neighbor's mail. Well I just got a Netflix account and am mildly paranoid about the DVDs being stolen because of the idiot mailman. Oh, and the mailbox isn't one I can put the mail in, and put the flag up on. It's the type that has hooks on the bottom for outgoing mail, so the mail is all clearly visible.

This all comes because the DVDs I put in the box at noon are still here at 5. We didn't have any mail today, but that's still no excuse to completely ignore what I have to be sent. I tried calling and complaining before, but nothing ever came of it, and things haven't improved one little bit. So, what else can I do? Thanks, everyone.
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I'm going to Las Vegas for the first time in a few weeks. I have a budget of $300 for a 3-night, 2-day trip (not including the flight). I plan on not having any of it when I leave (obviously). How would you spend the money (not shows)? Where would you stay (if you were splitting the hotel 50/50 with another person)? Any can't-miss places, definitely-miss places? I'm not too concerned with having an extreme Vegas vacation, I just want to have worry-free fun for a few days.
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Does anyone know why some black (or African American, whichever is more acceptable these days) people have a sort of brown splotchiness in the whites of their eyes?

It looks similar to when a person has red eyes, but it's not red, it's...brown.

*** added to include:

I really don't know if this is something exclusive to this group of people, but I've only ever seen it in black people. I hope this question doesn't offend anybody, I'm really just curious.
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How do you eat your burritos? Chomp on the end, start in the middle, nibble delicately, or what?

[I'm asking because I get a lot of harassment for peeling them open, eating the guts with a fork and using the tortilla like an edible bowl. how normal is this? Normal right? because burritos are messy little devils]

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So I move to England in 2 weeks for school, whee. Nevertheless, I'm a bit disconcerted over missing certain television premieres and programs that will take place when I'm gone. I will not have a television, and it seems a bit foolish to buy one for a year, but I will have my laptop...

Is there a program, or a wire, or something that you can hook up to your television and then it transmits things over to the laptop? I thought I heard about that, does anybody know the name?

suri suri suri.

Have you seen the newly-released photos of Suri Cruise?

she is a little cutie.
i think she looks like her parents, and I feel like a lowly conspiracy theorist for suggesting that she was purchased for publicity.

I still hate tom cruise.
baby is cute.

Does anyone remember this book?-

When i was a little girl about 15 years ago my mom got me a book about a little girl and her stuffed bear. Now bear with me i hardly remember anyting about the book, but it was one of my favorites. It was not a popular book i have never seen it other then in my posession. It was about a little girl with brown hair and a stuffed bear, she took it every where with her and made it a bed next to her bed, she took into the garden and there was a lot of blue in the pictures and thats about all i remember. I know thats not much information im jsut hoping maybe someone remembers.
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whats the most comfortable dc skate shoe?

I've heard they make a great shoe and judging by their site

that shoe sounds like walking on a cloud.
expensive as hell though.

I need something with good arch and foot support.
I bought some canvas from target, but I cannot walk in them too much or my whole leg up to my knee will hurt and I can't walk for awhile.

under $60 would be nice.


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1. Are you afraid of death?

Yes, have been since early childhood.

2. If you found out the world was coming to an end in a week...what would you do?

I'd cry and panic.

3. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

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So, for those who have been/currently are away at college...

What did you forget to bring when you left home?

I'm an eejit, and forgot my pillow and duvet. I remembered sheets and pillow/duvet cases, but not the actual duvet and pillow. I had to go buy them at the place across the road. I also forgot my towel.

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I'm in the market for a new car. I live in a small place and I'm trying to go with a dealership that isn't too far away (200 km max) for service issues. Right now, my 2 picks are the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic. Any experiences with either? What would you buy?

Totally Random question to make this post more interesting:

Shower or bath? Why?

(no subject)

1. I might be getting a night job that would have me walking a fair distance between building and parking garage at 1 in the morning. Suggestions for warding off muggers/axe murderers/etc.?

2. Scenario: Person A, slightly on the poor side, has a pricy prescription medication that he/she really needs, but no sort of financial aid to help pay for it. Person B, an acquaintance, has a prescription for the exact same dosage of the medicine, but no longer feels the need to personally take it. Person B, with insurance and assistance up the wazoo, offers to renew the prescription and give the medication to Person A. Thoughts? Illegal? Immoral? A nice and kindly gesture?

3. I recently acquired my dad's SUV, as the transmission in my car died. In cleaning out Dad's car, throwing out old junk mail flyers and febreezing the cigar smoke, I stumbled over a good-sized stash of flavored condoms tucked away in the console. Flavors that I know my mother generally likes. Erg. What unsettling thing have you discovered recently?
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Aliens are taking over the planet.  They base who the let live and who they annihilate on the answer to one question. 
1. What is the question? 
2. What answer leads to survival?
3. What answer leads to death?

[The question can be whatever you want: something you would ask, something you think would be logical for them to ask, etc.  Assume they are able to communicate, kthx, in case someone tries to get snarky.]

You are abducted by said aliens. Do you:
1. Go along with whatever they tell you to do, although they haven't said you'd be released if you cooperate;
2. Go along with them, but try to escape when you can, even though you're in the air and there's nowhere to really escape to (maybe you can take the bitch down?);
3. Fight them the whole way?
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This has been bugging me all night...

What truly historical evidence do we have that Jesus was real?

Edit: Do we have historical evidence of Mary Mag?

I'm frustrated because as much as the Romans loved to write and be all uppity historians, you would think they would write about a guy they cared enough about to crucify. Ya know?

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*breath check*

Eww.  Well i ate something with lots of garlic for dinner and now I'm suffering garlic breath.  What will help get rid of it?

I've tried gum, chewing on tea leaves to no avail.

Your favorite garlic breath exterminating remedies?

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So what is love? I'm talking about romantic love.
How do you know that you love someone without any basis for comparison?
For example: I thought I loved my first boyfriend. Although I can tell you now that I didn't really love him, at the time I honestly truly knew in my heart that I loved him. But I was young. And he was a loser.
Anyway, my point is, if one knows that they can be wrong about love, how do they know when they're right about love?
(Obviously this is directed towards the more romantic people. Its very easy to say that love is what you make it and that it may not even exist. But I don't care about that part.)
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(no subject)

A little early, but what are you planning on being for Halloween?

I'm thinking about being Tia Dalma from PotC II. :)

(Please only answer if you're going to be something; don't diss Halloween! It's fun, y'all. Free candy.)
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Hair dyes

I recently helped my bonus-sister to dye her hair, I read all parts of the instructions and it had the usual warning that you shouldn't use it straight away but rather put some on your skin and leave it there for 48 hours to make sure you werent allergic to it and that you should do before each use. Does anybody really do that? Every time? We are both allergics but we are also all about instant gratification and have never bothered with it.
I think it's quite possible for somebody to tolerate it just fine for the amount of time it takes to dye the hair, but not having it on the skin for 48 hours.

I also remember that it used to advise you to first dye just some strands of your hair to see how it turned out, I never bothered with that, have you followed that advice when dyeing your hair at home?
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