September 4th, 2006

she blinded me with science!

Car stuff

My brother's car idles rough and sometimes stalls when it's in drive, but if you shift to neutral the idle is perfectly smooth and quiet. It's an automatic. What would cause this?
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(no subject)

So confused. I have a mattress, sheets, and then a memory foam topper. Do I:

a) put the memory foam over the mattress, and then the sheets over both of those?
b) put the sheets over the mattress, and then leave the memory foam out?
c) buy a protector for the memory foam, and a mattress pad for the mattress, then stick them on top of each other?
d) do something else?

Tired of being broke one day after pay day.

I'm paid fortnightly. During the fortnight my bills stack up. On pay day I pay all those bills. 5 minutes after being paid, I'm broke again. Because I have no money, the bills begin to stack up again, and I can't pay anything until next pay day, when I end up broke again. I'm stuck in this cycle.

Do you get paid fortnightly?
How can I get out of this cycle?
How do you make your money last two whole weeks!?
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(no subject)

Poll #813752 Design Star

Who do you think will win the Design Star?


2. If you watched Design Star, who you do think should have been in the top 2 that didn't make it?

3. If I want to get rid of dark circles under my eyes, what can help? Besides more sleep, because I really do get enough. What has worked for you?
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Cleaning Songs

I'm a teacher.

I know about the educational value of music, and about how music is good for the brain. I do a lot of project-based learning in my classroom, and hence, at any given time, kids are spread out all over the classroom, often with supplies and stuff. I want to choose a song to play at the end of the class to signify to my kids "Okay! It's time to clean up!"

They're junior high kids (ages 12 - 14). I want to choose a song that is really upbeat and that kids will like, but that also has a theme of cleaning up. So far, the only one I can think of is Rolls Royce's "Car Wash." I also thought of "So Fresh, So Clean" by OutKast, but it has the N word in it.

Can you think of any clean cleaning songs?
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(no subject)

Where can I get episodes of Fear Factor season 2? It's not out on DVD and I don't know if they ever will release it.

PS: if you have it on tape please let me know :P
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effing mother effer

ok, quick recap:
i was selling old textbooks on they got a bit rained on during the night, before i could take them down, someone bought one. i have emailed this girl twice to tell her what happened, she has not yet responded. i am leaving the country tomorrow.
so, the book is actually still in pretty good shape. on the last 50 pages (mostly index, for the record), the bottom 1/2 inch of the page is a little wrinkly. they don't stick together or anything. i offered her $2 off the price, since i'd already listed it for cheap, because i was trying to get rid of it. i'm pretty irritated with this girl as it is, she's one of those one-feedback types who probably has no idea what she's doing, but she could at least check her email.
here's the question, should i cancel the order or just send it to her full-price?

ok, problem resolved
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Dinner Idea

I have some ingredients in my house that I want to put together to make a dinner: chicken, rice, and cream of mushroom soup. Putting all these together in a crock pot I think that they will come out nicely, however I don't know at what point I should add the rice to the crock pot or if I should just put it in with the chicken and soup at the beginning. Any suggestions?

the illusionist

In the movie, 'The Illusionist':

at the end only one of his tricks is explained-but how did he make himself dissapear??and what about that little ghost boy who walks through the theater??
also, how did he make the sword stand  and  make it so that no one could pic it up?

i need answers people!
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Do you know of any website where I could find old TV commercials and watch them? I've searched youtube, Google vids, and metacafe, and done a few google searches... but have come up with nada.

I'm looking for the old, old Carl's Jr. commercials where people eat the burger and the ketchup drips everywhere.

I want to know if they still simultaneously gross me out and make me want to eat hamburgers... mmm. Beef.


Do you/have you ever used Proactive?

How did you like it?

What combination did you use?

Did you order it directly from the Proactive people or is there a cheaper 3rd party to get it from?

How long did one order last you (could I stretch it to 2 months?)

Any other alternatives for a 20 something who never had bad skin until recently?
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(no subject)

two quick questions:
1) The internal wireless card on my laptop ( a Dell Inspiron 700m) seems to be broken. I figured that it would be easier and cheaper to buy an external wireless card. Would this external wireless card still work, even though the internal wireless is damaged?

2) If the external card  should work, which kind/brand should I get? There are all sorts of different brands and there are G cards and B cards and it's all very confusing, and I don't want to get ripped off at the store. It seems I should expect to pay ~$40, but I've seen cards that are upwards of $100....

thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Does the recent influx of 'get a green card for life' advertisements on Yahoo, annoy any other people? I hope it's not me... But god, they really rub me the wrong way. >:(
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rearview mirra

How do I change this on my phone?

Okay, this one's for Verizon customers...

When someone calls your phone, do they hear a recording of "Please wait while your party is being reached" and then hear recorded classical music (instead of hearing the phone ringing)? Do you hear this when you call anyone else? More importantly, how do I change this feature??? I'm at a loss. My friends all say it drives them crazy, to hear this whenever they call my cell phone. I don't know how to switch to regular ringing, though. Anyone know how to change this??

(no subject)

1. What songs or artists would you put on a mix CD for a 20 year old guy from Peru who is totally in love with his girlfriend (but not overly showing and obnoxious about it, and they live far away from each other)? He's one of those grumpy on the outside, sweetheart on the inside type of people. His favorite artist is Mark Lanegan, so nothing by him since he has it all, but if you can think of any artists like that, that'd be swell.

2. What's one of your favorite drunk encounters? It can be about you or someone else - I just like hearing funny stories involving drunks.

3. If you miss a class in college early in the semester (like, the first week), would you say it's better to e-mail the professor or go to their office before the next class or just wait a few days until the next class? Only one professor said anything about that and pretty much said not to bug him until the third week of school since we haven't really started anything yet and people are still starting/dropping courses, but I'm not sure if other professors feel the same way.
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(no subject)

Do certain things like death or age automatically confer some need for respect for the person they apply to? Put another way, should we automatically show respect to people after death or because they are older than we are?

Good ol' Susie B. Anthony, i.e. "oh noezers sensitive opinion poll!"

Hay you guys! and gals. and genderfucks.

What's your personal definition of "feminism?" What ideas would you attach to it?

As for people who identify as feminists, would you expect any particular personality traits, behaviors, etc. from them? What would you consider a "stereotypical" feminist; and what of a everyday, "Hi, I'm just a feminist" feminist?

EDIT: and if you optionally want to throw in a little demographic data, how do you identify gender-wise?
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(no subject)

Poll #813867 Homemade Gifts

Do you like to receive homemade gifts?

Yes, they are special and meaningful
No, not really.

What homemade gift would you most like to receive?

Homemade soap
Homemade candles
Handmade journal

If you received a handmade journal would you prefer

a lined journal, so you can write?
a blank-page journal, so you can write, tape pictures, and draw?

Which scent do you prefer in soaps and candles?

cucumber melon
lavender vanilla
eucalyptus mint

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Wedding Vows and other assorted questions

For those of you that are married:

Did you write your own wedding vows?
Why or why not?

Would you mind sharing them with me? (I would like to use them for a class project, and I don't want ones that can be found freely on the internet. Nothing bad will be done with them, I promise!)

What are some good foods to snack on that don't cost a lot and are low fat/calories?

Have you ever had any good experiences after having problems with an airline? Care to share? (ie the plane was late, so they gave you a really nice hotel and food or something like that)

Computer OS

Hey, I'm currently using Windows ME as my operating system and I want to buy/install Windows XP. The problem is that I looked at and it says that I need 1.5GB of space but I don't know where to look on my computer to see if I have that much space before I order it. Can anyone tell me where to go to find this info out?


Microsoft word help...

I've tried all I can find in the options, and can't remember how to get rid of the formatting marks on a document.  

How does one get rid of the marks?  By those, I mean the marks that show when the enter key was used, and the dots between words to denote spacing.

I'm sure this is an easy one, but I just can't turn them off!  Thanks!
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(no subject)

Is it possible to learn how to be empathetic? A social worker told me, that either you are, or you're not - that it's NOT something that you can learn.

To me, that sounds silly. People learn new stuff every day. Of course not ALL people are able to learn, but "normal" people. But this woman is supposed to know more about life than me, so... maybe she's right?

Pain Questions

Guys: how long does it take for the pain to subside after getting kicked in the nuts? Just how bad does it hurt you?

Girls (or guys, not judging): If you wax, how long does it take that pain to go away? What's the most painful part of your body to wax? And how bad would you say this pain is?
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(no subject)

Okay, so last time I asked why when I save images on IE...I can only save it as a bitmap. I always clear my files and delete my cookies and such. But recently...IE will only let me save images as a bitmap so I use Firefox...but this one website won't let me save images on Firefox. WTF is wrong with my IE?
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Steve Irwin

Dear crazy nutbag Americans with sad posts about Steve Irwin,

Did you Steve Irwin?

He's kinda the scourge of Australia for the whole "crikey" thing. As well as the rest of his occa language (do you know what occa/ocker is?).

I did like him becuase he was a prominant environmentalist but... *shakes head* the disgrace...

(no subject)

So, a few questions inspired by my weekend.

1. Did you go to any music festivals this summer? Which ones?

2. Ever do something as a joke and have it taken way to seriously by (crazy) people?

3. If you're female, ever peed standing up (through a funnel or otherwise)? Why? Easy?

4. What was your reaction last time you saw a celebrity you're a fan of?

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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

If you were in these parents' situation, would you have let the child die?

If the parents had not called an ambulance right away, would you consider it murder or something similar?

This child:, was born with no face. She needs a feeding tube in her stomach and a breathing tube in her trachea. She is unable to eat or breathe without this help. What would you do if she were your child?

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Spam, spam, spam, spam

Every so often, I'll get an e-mail saying that a message could not be delivered and if I check the message, it's usually Viagra spam. Unless I'm sleep-spamming, spammers have been using my e-mail address to send stuff. Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Has that happened to anybody else?
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(no subject)

I have two questions.

1. I’m having difficulty with my computer/internet connection. Every time I’m online, at some point a window pops up that says, “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close.” The box says it’s encouraged that I report the problem, so I do. Then I press the close button at the bottom right of the box when I’m finished and another box pops up that says if I click the “More information” link at the bottom, I will be lead to a Microsoft website that has a download to solve whatever the problem is. So, I click the “More Information” link and download what it tells me to. One of two things happens at this point: 1) I complete the downloading process, but nothing is fixed because I continue to get the Generic Host Process errors or 2) The internet connection dies before I can finish downloading.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be fixed? It only happens when I’m online and there seems that the longer my computer is shut down, the longer I can be online with out the Generic Host Process error popping up when I turn the computer back on.

2. Where can I find dramatic monologues for females? I want to audition for my high school’s production of Radium Girls, but I really don’t know where to find a good, legit monologue.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Ever since I was little I get this weird pain in my legs/feet. It only happens late at night, and only in my knees, lower legs, and feet. Its really hard to describe, but it feels like my bones are cold. Its achey and not even in the muscle or skin. Its the weirdest thing.
Its usually not terrible, but it prevents me from sleeping sometimes. When I was little it would happen when I stayed up later than usual.
Does anyone else have this? I find it very strange. I'm not really worried or anything, but I've always wanted to know what it is.

(no subject)

So who's eaten on a Continental flight?

We're flying from Cleveland --> Houston and then Houston --> Honolulu and the one to Honolulu has lunch. Just wondering what we have to look forward to.
lead me

i hate pressure.

aimed at teachers/those in teacher ed:
what's the average wait time to get a test date at a ProMetric test center for the computerized PRAXIS I/PPST? i've been putting this off and i'm calling tomorrow with at least five possible dates in mind, but i'm scared I've waited too long to get a date. :(

for all the college kids:
is there anybody out here who's a slow reader? is there anything you do to help you get through a reading assignment faster, but still with comprehension?

does anybody else out here suck at functional math? as in, real world problem math?
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(no subject)

Aside from BMEzine, where can I find some good quality drawings that I can look through for ideas for my next tattoo? Any other good tattoo/body modification sites out there? It would be preferable if they're specifically on the internet for the purpose of people using them for tattoo designs, I don't want to be stealing people's art.
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(no subject)

I was watching TV while my mom was lifting the TV and the cable on top of the TV onto some drawer thingy. After that, the sound on the TV won't work. I'm afraid to unplug the cable or the TV...but I don't see why I would have to cause it was working fine before. What should I do?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to think of the name/artist of a song and I'm drawing a complete blank. It's a rock song, and in the video, the lead singer is a white guy with dreads and they show a bunch of human rights abuse survivors and the Amnesty International symbol down in the corner. Can you help me out?

ETA: This is a new video as far as I can tell, and not by a band that's overly well-known (ie. Counting Crows, Rage, etc.).
ETA 2: It's Wasteland by 10 Years.

Inspired by Pee Wee's Big Adventure

1. Have you ever been unable to pay a restaurant tab? What did you do?

2. What's the most embarssing thing you thought or believed until it was too late (like Pee Wee not knowing the Alamo didn't have a basement and asking when he could see it, only to be laughed at)?

3. If an angry biker gang was about to kill you, what would your last request be?

4. Have you ever lost something that was really important to you? What was it? Did you find it?

5. I know you are but what am I?

"You Know What Time It Is"

1. Those who share my love for the "The Flava Of Love" what do you think of Buck Wild?? and her accent??

2. What do you think of white people or people in general who have a different accent than what they were used to growing up?? Is this acceptable to you? or just fake?

3. Which girl should win "The Flava Of Love"?

4. Would YOU do Flava Flav???
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(no subject)

Why doesn't MySpace show me when others are online most of the time? There have been a few times when it does but mostly...not. This isn't a "well your friends are probably all offline" thing, because it also applies when I'm randomly browsing users and I'm sure someone, somewhere has to be online when I do this.

Or is everybody in the world using the "hide online now" feature?

I use FireFox, if that makes a difference.

ETA I can see I'm going to get a whole lot of "blah blah blah myspace sucks yack yack"...ya, I know.

Occasionally, when I've browsed LJ and have nothing better to do I'll waste my life away on MySpace. Admit it, you do it too.