September 3rd, 2006

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how do you upload an album onto sendspace or send an album through e-mail?

I don't have a zip program so if it's easier to send individually through e-mail, then i'll do that.
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Have you ever witnessed a crime? What was it?

Once, in Rite Aid, I saw this dude trying to rob them. One of those big metal candy racks fell on him and he lay there twitching until the cops got there. It was pretty weird.

I witnessed a kidnapping, too.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!


At what age did you have (what you consider) your first real boy/girlfriend?  How old are you now?
How many significant others have you had? 
To how many did you say, "I love you?"  Did you always mean it?
Did each one say it back?  Was there anyone you didn't say it back to?
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Time Travel

There's a time machine that will allow you to travel into the past, either your own or before your time, for only 5 minutes. 300 seconds. That's not a lot of time, so you'd have to be specific. You could go back and alter some part in your past, or tell your younger self a message. You could travel to some distant age, maybe to see Jesus on the cross or to see if you can get a hold of a rifle and a clean shot at Hitler. You could travel into the distant past and seen a dinosaur. You could travel into the past 5 minutes ago and changed a dreadful incident that just happened. Whatever. 5 minutes.

Where do you go in time and what do you do?

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Ok, so I posted a little bit ago (I think yesterday) about ringtones and setting itunes to ringtones for a sidekick.

Forget about that.

What are good sentimantal ringtones I can get off the sidekick 3?
Since I need to choose one of theirs, I'm looking for a new ringtone for my closest friends.

Any suggestions welcome.
Even if you dont know what a Sidekick has, I'll search if you tell me something cute.


chicken legs
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Hay guyz, can you tell me more about your pubic hair? Do you

  • dye it?
  • shape it into your favorite Sanrio characters?
  • donate it to dubious charitable organizations to help the self-esteems of people with cancer?
  • wait until there's grass in the field, or play in the mud?
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    Where's the best place to get permanent hair dye in bright, unusual colors (orange, green, blue, firetruck red, etc.) and after you bleach your hair, how long do you have to wait before you can safely put the dye in?

    And does anyone know of/have any versions of "Bizarre Love Triangle" besides the following:

    Depeche Mode & New Order (Bizarre Love Triangle/Strangelove mashup)
    New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle '94
    New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Mix)
    Judson Leach
    Stabbing Westward
    Commercial Breakup

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    I don't know why I wonder about these things o.O

    Poll #813039 Don't worry, I don't have some kind of crazy shaving fetish

    Do you shave/wax/pluck?


    If yes, how often? (Check which is closest)

    Once a month
    Once a week
    Every other day
    Every day

    What parts of your body do you shave/wax/pluck?

    Bikini line
    Those little bits of hair some people get on their toes/knuckles

    What areas do you prefer your partner to have shaved/waxed/plucked?

    Don't care
    Bikini line
    Those little bits of hair some people get on their toes/knuckles

    Are you:

    Someone who prefers not to specify

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    1. (I hope I'm allowed to ask this here, if not, I'll delete this part.), but does anyone feel like making me an icon? Nothing special, just some text. Black background, white font, all lower case, no bold and centered. Like this..


    any font (papyrus, tahoma, algerian, anything cursive and pretty)

    2. When you went to Speedway the last time, what did you purchase?
    I got 2 packs of cigarettes (not for me), and a newspaper.

    3. Have you ever thought you knew what something was, and it turned out to be something else?
    Last night, I thought someone made a vanilla cake with no icing, but it turned out to be cornbread. Opps? Hah

    4. Do you tend to like lighter or darker colored jeans?
    I like anything except really dark blue.

    5. If you had a little extra money, say $15.00, what would you buy with it?

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    Am I a terrible person if I dislike spending time with my extended family (meaning aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)? I mean, REALLY dislike it?

    Do you dislike spending time with your extended family?

    I edited this to say 'dislike' instead of 'hate'. I don't hate my family, and hate is such a strong word...
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    does anyone know any good methods of making dreadlocks?

    and how do you undo them? some i know you HAVE to cut off because of the way you make them, but what types can you undo when you're sick of them?

    oh, and i'm caucasian. some people say that particular dread methods only work on african-style hair. any methods for a caucasian?

    Curvy jeans

    I'm a curvy girl. I have large hips and a big ass, alright? I need pants and jeans. Generally I have to resort to Banana Republic because they're the only place that has attractive jeans for me. Most of the time if I find some pants I like and can get them over my hips/rear/thighs I have about 5 inches left over in the waist. SO! Where can I find suitable jeans and pants? I hate the mall, but I am willing to go there. Just unwilling to waste 5 hours there trying on pants to come home with nothing. So help me out!

    Note: I'm a size 8-12 depending on the brand, if that makes any difference. Generally a 10, though.

    Cash Allowance

    Looking at Chevy's yesterday evening. The dealers are all closed till tomorrow around here. It said on the sign "$5,000 Cash Allowance" on TrailBlazer. What the hell does that mean? Anyone? Is that like a rebate? I know someone has to work at a dealership around here or have bought a chevy recently. :)
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    I want to start studying for the GRE, and I'd like to begin with vocabulary.

    What is the best way that I can increase/expand my vocab? Any good websites for this?

    Did anyone else ever get the vocab card advertisements in the mail that had vocab cards with pictures on them? Any idea where I can get those? I think they were for SAT prep, but I'm sure they'd work for GRE prep too, and I think they would really help me remember the words better.
    Mara Jade
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    There was a game I used to play, at least 5 years ago, about working in a fast food restaurant. It's not that one where they show you what the life of a fast food worker is, and you basically make the same hamburger every single day. This was a bit like that "Waitress" game. You had customers, and they would order burgers, shakes and fries, stuff like that. You had to make shakes and tray up the food properly. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, or something similar? Do you know of any other good games like this? I just found CakeMania today, and I adore the Waitress.

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    Do you ever find that when you're cleaning, it's hard to stop?
    I just cleaned my bedroom like I had planned to do today, but when I went downstairs to get the Windex, I saw that the kitchen was messy, so I cleaned that too. Now I'm on my way to clean the bathroom D:

    more pledge shit

    if you are an american who says or has said the pledge of allegiance do you break it up or do you say it fluidly?

    that is, "i pledge THE flag...........of the uNITed states of aMERica...and TO the republic.......for WHICH it stands........ONE nation........unDER god......inDIvisible.........................with LIBERTY????????????? and JUSTice for all," or the way it's supposed to be said, as one thought?

    i find that people teach kindergarteners how to say it piece-by-piece and they just say it in that awful, broken way their entire lives.



    Anyway, a question, inspired by one yesterday:

    Why (I'm thinking of the US, but equally anywhere else that does it) do you pledge to the flag.

    (I'm not having a dig, it's just that even after living over there, I still don't get it.)
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    computer issues

    I have a mac Powerbook G4 17 inch laptop. It's almost 4 years old. About 2 years ago I replaced the battery. About a year ago a friend of mine took it and cleaned it out and installed new stuff and made it all pretty again.

    About 3 weeks ago I gave the laptop to my brother because he wanted to buy it off me. He called me a couple days ago to say that it will no longer turn on. So his fiance brought it back to me yesterday and I just now tried looking at it. It looks to me like it won't even charge. The light that should come on when you plug in the charger won't come on. It flickered twice when I tried plugging it in but now stays off.

    Could it be the charger that is dead? Or the battery?

    Also, I've read on the apple website that the chargers are shit. Should I even bother getting a new one if that is indeed the problem?

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    Mostly everyone has that one movie that they watched over and over and over as a kid. What was yours?

    My answer: tie between One Hundred and One Dalmatians and Mary Poppins.

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    sorry to ask two questions really close together but they're not related and i didn't want to add this as an edit to the first one.

    the girl who was supposed to be my roommate ended up not moving into my room, so i've had a vacancy for the last week. this morning my hall director came up with a girl who wants to move into the space.

    she's from korea and has been living with a korean roommate, but now she wants to live with an american girl. i don't really know yet if she's studying abroad here for a semester or year, or if she just decided to go to school in the states and if so how long she's been going here, etc. i'll ask her later.

    i don't know anything about living with a foreign roommate. i don't want to make her feel unwelcome but on the other hand i don't want to overdo it.

    do you have any advice for me?

    edit: i know that people are people but "be yourself" is the same thing as telling me, "completely ignore her and go about business as usual without making noise or being an asshole" because that's how i usually do the roommate thing (it's worked out well in the past). the thing is she's probably kind of lonely and she moved in with me for a reason and i don't think she'll feel very welcome that way.

    Living with a Loved One

    I'm feeling very lucky to be moving in with my loved one, but as I've never lived with someone romantically before, I'd love your advice on co-habitating. Small tips, big ideas, I'll take anything.

    On top of that, I'm specifically interested in suggestions for living in a small space (apartment with a small bedroom, living room, and kitchen only) and staying passionate-- I have trouble imagining this as a problem from here, but I'm not naive enough to believe that it won't affect us in some manifestation eventually. Also, suggestions for finances...


    EDIT: Thank you all so much for your great comments. Sounds like some of you are in really strong, healthy relationships. I applaud you and appreciate your advice.
    giraffe tongue

    removing ink tags

    I have a sweater that I got as a gift quite a few months ago. I had put it away in my closet and now that I'm cleaning, I have found it. I also realized that there is also an ink security tag still attached to it that some salesperson didn't take off (and obviously must not have sent off the store sensors). Obviously I don't have any receipt to take it in and have them remove it. Is there any place that can fix this, such as a tailor store, or is it un-saveable? I also don't want someone to think I stole it (since it still has the ink thing attached).


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    1.) Have you ever dated someone you work with? Cons/Pros?

    2.) Do you think sometimes the only option for a couple is divorce? Or is it just the easy way out? Obv. besides cases of abuse/he came out of the closet ect.

    (no subject)

    Okay, now that there have been more than 10 posts...

    Have you had an affair?
    How long did it last?
    Why did it stop?
    Would you do it again?
    What did you learn from it?
    Why'd you do it in the first place?
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    I'm listening to the live 103.1 broadcast and Rachael Yamagata just played and one thought cross my mind:
    is it me or does almost everyone zach braff chooses as a great undiscoved musician, end up being a musician sounding like everyone else?

    Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy and if he and I ever met and he offered me a role in something he would direct or on Scrubs, I would praise him as a god for a whole year, but..sigh because I want to love the musicians he chooses too.

    edit: imogean heap and cary brothers seem to be the exception.
    I've come to the conclusion that I've just been really annoyed with my cd collection as of late, and expected too much from the broadcast this afternoon.
    Rachael is fantastic.

    the end.
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    Are these online Lottery sites like FreeLotto and LuckySurf for real, or are they just there to put spyware on your computer? My dad goes to all those sites every day and his computer is bogging down like you wouldn't believe. Just wondering if they actually do pay out to winners or if it's a scam. They open up 234523534 popup ads every time you go there.

    Lunch at boyfriend's parents house - Suggestions on what to bring?

    My boyfriend's parents invited us to have lunch at their house with friends and family for the Labor Day holiday tomorrow. In the past I've usually brought a chocolate cake with strawberries or a nice bottle of wine, but I'd like to prepare an appetizer or side dish to share with everyone instead of dessert or wine. I'm not sure what they are serving tomorrow, but most of the family are gourmet Italian restaurant chefs (so probably not something plain like potato salad - haha).

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice addition to their family meal? Or perhaps recommend an interesting recipe web site I can look into? Hmmm....considering lunch is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., maybe I should just stick with dessert?
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    1) Can somebody tell me how to add a new frame to an animation in Photoshop?

    I've already worked out I need to be in ImageReady and have the window Animation open. I can duplicate the same frame but I can't work out how to get a brand new frame. I swear I used to know this.
    The Dude Abides

    Shallow ?'s

    Would you rather be with (physically) a person with a beautiful face and a below average body or someone with a great physique and a below average face.

    And by be with physically, I mean have sex with...

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    are there any websites where i can buy cellphones only? besides ebay & amazon... google isnt helping me much

    and if i want to change my phone plan (i have tmobile) do i have to go through the whole contract thing again??

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    Do you generally assume most/all gay/bi/transexual/transgendered folks are pro-choice?

    Have you ever encountered a conservative GBTs/Tg?

    Do you mix any weird condiments with your food that some other people occasionally find freaky?

    Hot sauce and mac n' cheese is the shiz.
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    This might be a long-shot but I'm going to go crazy if I don't ask.

    I'm looking for a copy of the actual V for Vendetta script - NOT the one on IMDB - or at least just a transcript of the scene in which he broadcasts his message over the television. Can anyone help me with this?

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    1. Do you collect DVDs?

    2. If so, how many do you have?

    3. Do you mostly buy them new (retail) or used (say, from a video store's overstock, or ebay)?

    4. Will you be switching to Blu-Ray, HD-DVD or any of the other new video standards in the next couple years?

    5. If so, will you replace your current collection, or just buy new movies as they come out that way?
    • pi3r4t

    To burn or to hide in the closet from view.

    Hey thequestionclub, what should I do with the box of things I had collected from the exboyfriend over the year and a half we were together?

    He broke up with me with "the relationship got old but lets still be friends," then I found out he started hanging out with his exgirlfriend a week after breaking up with me. Which is what he did to her with me. Basically, I hate him and will never speak to him again, but I know I'll eventually get over it. He was my first serious, brought home to meet the family, "I love you," relationship, and I don't want to do anything I'll regret. Will I be happy I saved this stuff when I'm 72, or will it be so much more satisfying to burn it or mail it to him along with some bees?

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    1. I realize it's two months away, but what you planning on doing for Halloween? What did you do last year?

    2. What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie? (and by that, I mean a really sucky movie that you can just watch over and over like "Overnight delivery")

    3. Who do you think is the most physically attractive actor in Hollywood? Actress?

    4. In an alarming circumstance, do you usually resort to the fight response or the flight response?

    5. If you could see any movie remade, which movie would it be? Who would you cast as the leads? Who would direct it?

    6. Honestly, who DID frame Roger Rabbit? The suspense is killing me.

    7. Do you print coupons off the internet?

    8. What's a good conversation starter to talk to someone you don't know? How do you start conversations with a stranger?

    Stripping, love birds and Sunday dads

    Strip poker! You're playing strip poker with some members of TQC. How far do you go?

    Fully clothed. I won't engage in such a crude, cheesy pasttime
    Shoes, socks and jacket only
    No shirt
    Just my underwear/bra and panties
    No bra, just panties
    One birthday suit coming up

    That was interesting! Let's say at this strip poker game, Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie is there. You're about 2 articles of clothing removed ahead of them, and once you're naked, you have to leave the room. How far would you strip to see some hot naked celeb booty?

    Fully clothed. I won't engage in such a crude, cheesy pasttime
    Shoes, socks and jacket only
    No shirt
    Just my underwear/bra and panties
    No bra, just panties
    One birthday suit coming up

    How many birds suddenly appear every time you are near?


    What types of birds are they?


    What do the birds want?

    To gloriously celebrate this beautiful thing called love
    To share in the rapturous feeling of life that you are living
    To feed
    Nothing. They spookily just watch your every movement

    Ladies, if you had to settle down with a Sunday night cartoon character, who would you sooner choose?

    Homer Simpson
    Peter Griffin
    Stan Smith

    (no subject)

    What do you get your very good friend/new boyfriend as a birthday gift when he is, the man that has everything already?

    I'm really stuck here!

    what gift(s) did you get your boyfriend/girlfriend last time?

    Thank you!! ♥

    travel writers

    does anyone know of any writers (poets preferably) who write about traveling, going to new places, leaving places, and anything of that sort? i know there's Kerouac, but who else? and if you can, could you recommend a specific piece?

    thanks so much,

    (no subject)

    Inspired by the book I purchased today:

    Is your cat crazy?

    Yes. What else would a cat that runs into walls accidentally, attacks invisible enemies, bites the ankles of random beings, and gets startled at the slightest movement be?
    kate and I.

    ramble ramble

    2 years ago (i think) when Burger King kept having those commercials that took place between office employees on lunch break, there was one in particular that was pretty funny... and I don't remember how the dialogue went. I think it had something to do with a guy making a ridiculous noise though. And something about mayonnaise? Maybe?

    Man. I suck at remembering things. But I randomly thought about that commercial today and it's going to bother me now that I don't remember what happens in it. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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    can i have 'girls only' answers please? else, if you're a guy, please mention so

    who doesn't shave (or remove hair in any way) their legs?

    their underarms?

    their eyebrows?

    pubic region?

    and... feel free to mention other areas
    lactose intolerant

    dvd burning

    fudxfud google

    i have 2 seasons of the office i need to send overseas by tomorrow
    so how do i burn those downloaded files (to be playable in dvd players) on to dvdroms?

    thank you.
    red goatee!!

    dating age

    So. (blah blah hypothetical question, all that)
    If a guy who was 25 was thinking about dating a girl who was 18... thoughts?

    Poll #813593 age difference?

    Age difference to date? 18 yr old girl, 25 yr old guy

    Sure. Why not?
    It'd depend. It could work. Give it a shot, see what happens.
    Not a good call. Maybe, but doubtful.
    Why would someone do that?
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    (no subject)

    what was your tooth fairy ritual?

    eg, mine: i had to fill a small glass (the 'tooth glass') with water, set it on the kitchen window sill of a night with my tooth in it then go to bed.
    when i'd wake up, the tooth would no longer be n the water, but money would be.

    did everyone have the 'under your pillow' thing?
    i've heard of some people having a special little pouch next to their bed.