September 2nd, 2006


Yahoo mail question

I'm having a lot fo trouble with my Yahoo mail account.

My password isn't working, so I hit get a new password.
I enter all my information and enter the little word thing to make sure I'm not a robot, and I keep getting an error message saying my info isnt correct and the words arent correct.

Help me!
How do I get my email?
How do I get a new password?
How do I do all this.



how do i change the email account on my lj?
how do i change the email account on everything else, like myspace and such?

i need to get my email notification, and cant get on to my yahoo.
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A Moral Dilemma

Two scenarios: do not just look at these logically. Try and picture yourself in them, as the human factor is what's important. If these were to actually happen, what do you honestly think you would do? (Please try and minimize the concept of shock, given the situation. Many people have found themselves capable of amazing reaction times in such situations, anyway.)

Scenario #1
     A car is speeding down the road. You see that it cannot stop in time to avoid hitting a group of five unaware people just up the road. You are unable to make them aware of the situation; they are effectively helpless. However, there is a large man standing beside you. You know that, if you push him in front of the car, it will hit him and skid off of the road, and the five people will live.

Scenario #2
     A train is coming to a Y intersection. On the track it is currently on (Track A), five people are tied to the tracks. On the other track (Track B), one man is tied to the tracks. You are standing beside the track switching lever.

Poll #812347 Moral Choices
This poll is closed.

Scenario #1

I push the man into the path of the car, killing him but saving the five up the road.
I do not act, and the five people up the road die.

Scenario #2

I pull the lever, and the train switches to track B. The single man is killed, but the other five survive.
I do not act, and the train kills the five people on track A.

Please also discuss your answers below.
EDIT: Note the difference if you will pull the lever, but not push the man, or vice-versa.

(This is taken from a study regarding moral decisions discussed here, which is well worth reading. Scenario A was altered in details for clarity, but the essence remains the same.)

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dirtest: (dirty lyrics)
sweetest: (songs that make you go "awwww")
stupidest: (songs that make you hate the human race)

whats the earliest song you can remember?

whats your favourite "chilling" song?

Power supply and BFFz

My computer is dead. It won't power on fully. The power light flickers and I can hear a humming sound coming from inside the computer but my monitor stays off. I checked the cord and everything is connected properly. I e-mailed customer service for my computer and they said it sounded like a problem with the power supply. I'm computer hardware illiterate and don't know what the power supply is... or how I can fix it, since I can't afford to have someone fix it I'd have to do it myself. Can anyone help a sistah out?

Also, what would you do if your best friend and you were drifting apart and they started leaving you out of stuff and even forgetting about plans you guys had but instead went to hang out with new friends that they recently made and choosing the new friends over you?

(no subject)

Do you wear flat shoes or shoes with a heel? If you wear heels all day, say on an average day wehn you're not working too much do your feet hurt by the end of the day?

See, I always wear my boots which have no heel and I have nice heeled shoes that I never wear. Because I never wear them, when I do, it hurts like hell after a while. I was wondering if the pain eases as I get used to them or if there is always gonna be some level of pain.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

How long is the extension to file taxes for service members who were on deployment during the deadline? And where/ how did you find out??

And when filing, do you have to do anything differently? Attach another form saying that you were deployed and that's why it's not on time?
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(no subject)

how do you find your resting heart rate?

I need to find it for my workout class, but I'm exactly sure how to take it.
Do you just press two fingers on your wrist,neck and then count slowly upwards or something else?

Question Mark

(no subject)

Hi folks,

Is anyone aware of a very simple page that shows film release dates for major films, in the USA and/or UK? IMDB's page is a start, but just overloaded with minor films, festivals and re-releases.

A similar page for DVD releases as well would be great.


Edit: Just to clarify, it must list films in release date order, as opposed to just a list of films "in theatres". I'm also after something that goes back a few months as well, again similar to the IMDB page.
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In general...

Which would you choose? (not the flavor of the pictures I posted, just the item in general, if you had the option)




(feel free to elaborate on types/etc in comments if you're in the mood)
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(no subject)

I was clawed in the mouth by baby hands about a week ago and a small chunk of my skin inside my lip was ripped. At first it was a little tender, nothing worse than accidentally biting your lip. But after a few days it kept getting worse and worse and now it's this disgusting infected green-pus-filled gaping hole that hurts like the dickens.

Just talking is painful because it rubs on my tooth, and don't even get me started on eating. AGH.

Is there anything I can put INSIDE MY MOUTH to help it heal? I thought mouth injurues were supposed to heal the fastest =\

Secondly, is there anywhere I can take my baby to have her declawed?
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Internet protection

For reasons I won't go into, I need to be able to guarantee my teenage son can't get on the internet. I'm not willing to give up my DSL. He's not allowed on the computer, but he's a teenager and I'm not entirely stupid. Since he's not going to be surfing the web anyway, I don't really need something that blocks sites so much as I need something that blocks the ability to get on the internet at all from the time the computer starts up to the time it shuts down, unless the user has a password. (My firewall will block internet traffic if I set it to, but it doesn't have a password and I can't make blocking the internet a default setting at start-up. If my son were to turn on the computer when I was asleep or something, he could get on the internet easily.)

Are there any programs (preferably low-cost or free) that either force a password for internet access or force a password to log on to the computer? (The Windows user password thing is a joke, since you can just "cancel" through it.)

(no subject)

I have a lot that I need to do today but I seem to be spending more time just sitting here thinking about doing it than actually getting on with it.

What kind of things do you do/use to motivate yourself to do the boring, tedious, but neccesary day to day tasks?
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(no subject)

So I'm looking at cars today. There's a Nissan Altima '95 5speed. The clutch and brakes were just replaced. Everything internally seems okay. Kind of knocks like an old car, but the outside isn't that great. Scratches everywhere, a dent on the side, the gas cap is missing, and someone knocked off the sideview mirrors - they're held up with electrical tape. Well, it's cheapish, 1,500 USD. Though, the last car I had was that much and in much better shape. I don't know what to do. Should I get it?
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hair dye expiration date?

I was cleaning my bathroom and I found a box of highlights that I hadn't used, for some reason. I think I've had it for over a it still good to use? Do these things have an expiration date?
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(no subject)

My dad has a cricket somewhere in his office, and it is all we can hear. It just chirps, chirps, chirps and chirps but we can't find it. Is there anything we can do or any nifty trick to finding it?

I'm In Luv With A Stripper

This is a video clip.

1a. Ladies can't possibly find this kind of clothing at all attractive, can they?
1b. If ladies don't find it attractive, why do those guys wear it? To look like their idols, obviously, but why do the stars wear it in the first place?

2. Why is only being able to get luv from a stripper something to advertise? Do they think it makes them attractive, or are they establishing some kind of dominance over each other?

3. Am I being serious or comedic? I really can't tell.
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Your Pearly Whites

01. How often do you brush your teeth?
At least four times a day.

02. a. Do you use / have you used whitening toothpaste / whitening strips / anything like?

02. b. Do / did they work?

03. a. Are your teeth crooked / spaced / otherwise mutated?
My teeth are all a bit spacey, and there are two that don't exist at all.

03. b. If yes, have you used braces / a retainer / another Device of Toothly Torture to try and correct them? If no, did you use braces / a retainer / another Device of Toothly Torture to achieve your Perfect Smile?

04. What is / was your rate of exchange with the Tooth Fairy?
$1 Canadian / tooth, $2 / molar.

05. How many cavities have you had?
I think the total is up to ten now.

06. What colour are your dentist's eyes?
A very pretty hazel.
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Preferred Car Colors..

In recent discussions, I noticed people associate car colors with different things.. Here's how I see it:

Gold & White: Elderly/Old
Flat Black or Flat Red: Sporty
Dark Gray & VERY Pale Green or VERY Pale Blue - Classy, Expensive
Silver: Flashy, but cheap
Blue & Green: Didn't buy it new.. (haha, i can't help it, i don't like those colors on cars unles they are extremely pale)
Yellow: Extreme sports/racing/Outdoorsy

Anyone else associate car colors with people, ideas, etc? I really love the color of a charcoal/dark grey on a car, but I'd love to know how other people percieve it! Am I an old lady to someone else? Haha.
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(no subject)

1. I need a cheesy slogan to put up on my board at work. I will be putting my students' good work up there, but don't just want to have 'Good Job!' on it. Any ideas?

2. What order do you brush, floss, and mouthwash? I always mouthwash last, but was told that you're supposed to do it first.

3. What order do you do your hair, makeup, and get dressed? (If you do all three)

4. Have you ever had a high school class with students from all four grades in it? We're switching the order of our math classes and one of mine has mostly sophomores and juniors, with a few seniors and freshmen thrown in. Should I try to keep them seperate? Any words of advice?
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(no subject)

What made-up/slang terms annoy you the most?

Me- I CANNOT stand the words females use to refer to their VAGINA (and vulva). Words like vajayjay (GAG), lady business, lady bits, etc, but ESPECIALLY vajayjay... What's wrong with good 'ole vagina (or vulva)? I'm even OK with the word pussy...but the other words just grate on my nerves. *shiver* I'm sure there are other slang terms that bug me, but the aforementioned words for vagina are the ones that bother me the most.
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Story and a question.

Story time!

There is a girl, Angela and David. An alligator infested river separates the two of them and the only way they can visit each other is because of the bridge. The two fall in love and David decides he wants to marry Angela, but first he asks her a question. “Angela, my love, I have to know. This is the most important thing in the world to me. Are you still a virgin.” “Of course,” she replies. So David asked her to marry him and of course she says yes.
One day there is a horrible rainstorm. The bridge is washed out and a tree falls on poor David. Angela can see this from across the river and runs to a boatman, Charles. She tells Charles that her fiancé is trapped and asks for a boat ride to him. He says no.
So Angela runs to another boatman, Sinbad. She tells Sinbad that her fiancé is trapped and asks for a boat ride to him. Sinbad says he’ll help her, but only if she has sex with him.
Angela says yes, has sex with him, and the next day they cross the river to save David. They manage to get the tree off of David and then Angela confesses to David. She tells him that she slept with Sinbad to save David’s life. David gets angry and tells Angela that he can’t be with her anymore, breaks off the engagement, and sends her on her way.
Angela runs off into the woods, sits on a stump, and starts to cry. A brave knight by the name of Sir Edward sees the lovely Angela in distress. He asks her what is wrong and Angela tells her entire story to him. Sir Edward falls madly in love with Angela as she tells her story and asks her to marry him. Angela says yes.
The two take many months to plan their wedding. The night before the wedding Sir Edward goes and beats up David as Angela watches and claps.
The End.


If somebody asked you to list the five characters in the story, Angela, David, Charles, Sinbad, and Sir Edward, 1 through 5 (1 being the best, 5 being the worst) how would you arrange them? Why did you list these characters in this way?
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(no subject) much underwear do you own? Would you say it's a 'normal' amount or an awful lot? much underwear does your partner have?

I'm just curious, i have an awful lot. Like seriously.


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The Device: Ogo @ eBay

That is the device I had. I liked it cause it allowed unlimited text messeging, aim, and email for only $20 a month. Plus the full keyboard was much easier on my wrists for when I did text msg and didn't make my tedinitis act up like when I've tried texting on a cell phone.

What I need to know is of any similar devices that have any of these features so I can know what to look into.

Again this is what features the ogo had and I'd like to know of any similar devices.
- Full keyboard
- Unlimited texting / large amount of text messages
- Small price preferbly
- AIM / email was nice but not mandantory

Thanks in advance for any help.
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(no subject)

In the movie I'm watching, there is a character who is fiercely independent. She refuses to let men hold doors open for her, etc. I've known people like this and I think they come off as rude and on the bitchy side. What do you think of people (not just women) who refuse to let someone hold a door open for them or do anything for them because they think it's a sign of weakness? Does your opinion change depending on if it is a woman or a man?

(no subject)

I have a cold. Well, I'm getting one. I've a sore throat and I keep sneezing and blowing my nose. Mom says that there's nothing to do for a cold. I want to at least shorten my suffering so does anybody have any ideas on how to get over it quickly, deal with it, whatever? I hate the coughing stage, especially when I half die during class coughing. Help?
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oh football, i'll miss you

1. what's the best game of football you've ever seen or heard?

2. what's your favorite sports show to watch that discusses football?

3. favorite football player(s)?- past & present

4. favorite team(s)?

5. least favorite player(s)?

6. least favorite team(s)?

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Given the choice, would you rather die

A)a death that's mostly painless but highly embarrassing embarrassing (such as dying instantly of a heart attack while taking a #2 in a public restroom, your dead body spied by hundreds of curious lookieloos while it's on the can)


B)a death that's extremely painful but incredibly heroic and noble (such as getting shot in the stomach while taking a bullet shot at a loved one, but for some reason the ambulance can't get there in time and you die slowly 3 hours later)
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(no subject)

On a forum I'm on, a poster commented that the US "does things differently" and proceeded to talk about how K-12 students pledge allegience to the flag every day.

Do other countries not do this? When do they pledge allegiance to their flag (if they regularly do)?
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(no subject)

I'm collecting all the covers of the song "Tainted Love." So far I have the original by Gloria Jones and the covers by Soft Cell, Marilyn Manson, and Skinny Puppy (love that one). Are there any others? I don't care what genre the band/artist is. :)
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(no subject)

Do you think it's over-protective for a girl's father to drive all the way to school to escort her home from a class ending at 8:50 at night?

1. The said girl is 23 about to hit 24.
2. It's a college class and the campus is a 20 minute drive from her house.

I want to toss in personal history now for a twist.
At 12, I would go across the street to play with a friend (female if it matters, we're both girls). But her older siblings seemed rowdy. They would blare loud music, smoke cigs, dress in baggy jeans (it was the 90s and grunge was in). Yet my mom saw them as a wild bunch. Then one day some boys our age came over. My mother telephoned my friend's house and demanded that I came home. After that, she made some bullshit rule about me calling or going home to check-in every hour to make sure I wasn't smoking or doing anything bad over at the house.

Does that sound overly anal to you?
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(no subject)

I don't have my own internet connection- my laptop picked up someone's wireless network. There are both houses and office buildings on my block, so I have no idea if I'm living in an intended hot spot or just lucky. Am I breaking any laws?

I download lots of stuff on Lime Wire over this connection, and I'm curious: if the government dudes noticed and cared, would they be able to figure out that it's me doing the downloading, or would their search end at the source of the internet?

ps: Do any of you [not American] people have a public voice post I can listen to? I love accents.

Random questions

1. What was the best class you took in college? Why?

2. Out German, Spanish, Italian, or American Sign language to take in college which would you say is the easiest? Is ASL easy to pick up?

3. Do you find yourself drawn to certain types of people? Are they similar to you or not?

4. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

5. What will you just NOT eat (that's considered edible)?

6. What board games are you good at? Bad at?

7. Who do you consider the best male vocalist of all time? Best female vocalist?

8. What's your favorite coffee shop/chain?

9. What is your favorite coffee drink, and how do you like it?

10. Have you ever lived in the 'ghetto' or a really urban area? Was it bad, or not as horrible as it's reputed to be?
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(no subject)

Where can I buy posters cheaply online? Other than ebay, because they charge you like 10 bucks to ship them, and they aren't uaually that cheap in the first place.

(no subject)

What is your favourite opera widget?
I like the Sim Aquarium. I have a bootlenose bottlenose dolphin. :D

Do you own any stripey socks?
Yup, quite a few pairs. They were all the rage a couple of years ago.

My friend has just got a waitressing job at a really snotty fancy restaurant but she's never waited on before and is increbibly nervous (she's very shy and kinda clumsy...). Do you have any tips/words of advice/helpful suggestions for her?
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(no subject)

What's that black phone called that's also an MP3 player? It's flat and looks like the buttons on a RAZR...and I think it's a slider phone.

Also, the commercial for it...what's the name of the song and who sings it?

EDIT: THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ANSWERS. I found out the name of the phone, thanks! And even though I didn't find out the song yet...I still have cool music from Goldfrapp and Lady Sovereign. SO THANK YOU..and I really think it's Lady Sovereign that I heard...cause she sounds like M.I.A.
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(no subject)

Any Johnny Depp fans in the house? Top 5 favourite Johnny Depp films?

Mine (these are my personal favourites, not my list of top 5 films which showcase his talent the most):
1. Donnie Brasco
2. Secret Window
3. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. Pirates of the Caribbean

(I'd love to sandwich Cry-Baby into the top five as well, simply because it's so ridiculously magnificent. Wait! Also Chocolat. And Benny and Joon. And! And... I fail. *hangs head*)