September 1st, 2006



(Mainly for USA-ians but feel free to join in anyway).

What is on your free to air stations, & how many of them are there?

We have three main comercial channels which screen popular tv & movies (predominantly USA stuff) & reality TV. These get the highest ratings.

One government suppported channel (ABC) which is currently comercial free and shows many documentries, foreign films, art house films and a very good music show as well as stuff like government questiion time (I think similar to PBS?). One of the least cappitalist-biased channels (which is amusiing because its government suppported, but as such they have a lot of regulations) , if you want more facts than hype you turn here or SBS.

SBS: has commercials but is similar to ABC in content. Not government supported.

OH! & we now have TVS... yeah... kinda community funded things... not quite quality programming...

let's get organized!

Are you a member of any organizations? Which ones?

Also, are you involved in any events affiliated with those organizations?

Semi-related: Have you ever participated in a walkathon? (If yes, which ones & how much money did you raise?)
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(no subject)

What's your favorite recipe? It can be of anything...I just moved into a new dorm that has a full kitchen and I am  so overwhelmed by all the recipes I find online, so give me your best!

Photoshop ignorance?

I believe so.

How would one go about selecting one section of a picture to remain in color while turning the rest black and white? I'm running photoshop CS. I'd like to keep the lips and eyes their colors, as it's "intense", with the contrast of the black-and-white everything else.
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(no subject)

001. have you ever smoked marijuana? when was your first time
002. do you smoke marijuana? if yes, how old are you? if no, is there a reason?
003. what do you feel about people who smoke marijuana?
004. what, in your opinion, is a "pot-head"?
005. do you think marijuana laws are too strict?
006. do you support the use of medical marijuana?

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(no subject)

1. There's this song by these lil boys from around 1992, called "Ayeesha", but I can't figure out how to spell it or what group they were. Does anyone know?

Part b: Now that I know it's Eisha by Another Bad Creation, where can I find it since it's not on itunes?

2. Can people tell what websites you've been on if you're using their network? Like if I'm @ a coffeeshop can they just look at my lj and all that?

(no subject)

Does Sally Hanson's Ridge Filler come off with non-acetone nailpolish remover? Does it stay solid like the acrylic nails? Can someone pain their regular nails with this stuff to make them thicker? What's your experience with this (or similar) product?
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(no subject)

Hypothetical question time! You wake up one morning and you're the proud owner of a winkie! Good for you! There are two doors in front of you. Behind one, Paris Hilton. Behind the other, mouse traps. You're told you can make $100 in either room.

Would you rather go bareback with Paris Hilton, or stick your peen in a dozen mouse traps?
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New Computer!

I have to get a new computer. Happily my last one was under warranty, and has now Died. I'm thinking about getting a desktop to help me kick my internet addiction and help with my carpal tunnel. Also, we could make it a cool set up with good sound and graphics for gaming for the cost of a new laptop. 

I have $1600 to play with. I can't get a Dell -- limited to Best Buy computers.

1) What is a good desktop to get? What accessories should I get with it to make it awesome? I have a total of $1600.

2) If I do get a laptop, what are some of the better ones I can get for $1600? Any in particular that have good speaker sound?

That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French

How often do you experience deja vu?  Or, have you never experienced it?

What is your weirdest deja vu experience?

What do you think causes deja vu?

I notice I experience deja vu when I am very, very tired.  The more tired I am (and I mean extended tired, not one night of not sleeping well), the more frequently the deja vu occurs and the episodes of deja vu are longer.  Yesterday, it was like a 15-minute experience of deja vu at work.  I couldn't get over how surreal it felt.


WTF iTunes

Why is it that an Apple account on iTunes is only valid for purchases from your home country's store? I just went looking to see what the free downloads were in some other countries, United Kindgom & Australia, but when I tried to get one I got a msg that my acct was only valid for purchases from the US store. Why is this? I know that some countries have different release dates and so things are released oddly, however I also know that some things are ONLY released in certain countries and thus not available through my home store. I can go and buy a CD online from any country in the world but I try to actually get a legal download and it denies me....what is up with that?

I have another car loan question

I am going in today to sign papers for a loan for a car.  The lady (who I have been banking with for years) suggested that I get insurance on the loan.  It protects me if I loose my job or get sick and can't make the payments.  Do you think this is a good thing to get?  It would raise my payments $30 a month, which I am not to keen on.  Your thoughts oh great ones?


Have any of you had problems with Netflix? I just signed up for their 2 week free trial, and my debit card was just charged for two separate bills of $19.97! $40 when it's supposed to be free is completely ridiculous. I e-mailed them, but I dunno if they'll do anything to help. So, does anyone know if they'll actually refund my money? I'm tempted to cancel my membership after this BS.
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(no subject)

Do you think that doppelgangers exist?

Have you ever seen yours, or thought you did?

If you met yours, what would you do/how would you react?

Did you watch the VMAs last night?

Besides Paris Hilton, who do you think is the most untalented celebrity today?

Women who sleep with men: If you met a guy whose penis you would like to have relations with, would it matter to you if he was circumsized?

Men: Would you make fun of a guy in the locker room who had an uncircumsized Johnson? Do guys REALLY look at that stuff??

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(no subject)

Someone misread my Paris vs. Mouse Trap question in a humourous way.

You wake up one morning and find out you're the proud owner of a wookie! Good for you! Well, I mean, you don't own the wookie, but the wookie won't go away.

1) what do you name the wookie?
2) what do you do with the wookie?
3) what do you suppose wookies eat?
4) how the hell does Han Solo talk to these things? I can't understand a god damn thing this wookie is saying.
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Dining out ?'s

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If you don't feel like reading the story, basically some guy gave a bartender a $10,000 tip on a $26 bar tab.

1. Would you ever leave a $10,000 tip?
2. What's the largest tip you've ever left (either $ amount or %)?
3. Do you automatically tip a 15-20% even if the service is bad?

Dreaded computer question.

So, what say you ever-so-knowledgeable-yet-likely-slightly-annoyed-at-the-question-TQCers?

Is this a good deal?

It's new in box... and all I really need it for is general computer-ness (surfing, media storage/burning, office software, etc.). Not a fancy gamer or anything. :)

Thanks in advance.
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Double Standards...

I was listening to the radio this morning, and Carrie Underwood's new song came on. It's about her having a boyfriend that is cheating on her, so she basically trashes his car. I've heard some people talking about it and saying how it's about a women being empowered, and that got me thinking... If that song was done by a guy who trashed his girlfriend's car, it probably would have a ton of people really upset. The same seems to be true in general. If a women "gets even" with a man for cheating or something like that, she's generally praised. However, if a man does it, he's a horrible person.

Why the double standards?
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(no subject)

I'm writing a speech on a classmate. And I have interviewed her, and am trying to decide what to put and where.

I asked my partner, Heather, if there were any major experiances that she feels effect who she is, and she told me a story.
Her brother went to Iraq, and was on a truck with his Sgt. and best friend. A bomb went off on the back of the truck. His best friend died, and her brother lost his leg. This has effected thier family greatly. The whole town (in North Dakota) pretty much stopped living and revolved around it for a time. It's her second oldest brother, and she's very close to him.

My question is this: Is this something I should talk about in my speech, or something that I should leave out? She seemed very comfortable talking about it, so I'm unsure. And I forgot to ask her, and she went home for the weekend.
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(no subject)

Does it bother you if you post pictures and someone says "I couldn't resist!" and then posts one of the pictures you posted, just edited? It's never happened to me, but I see it all the time, especially in wedding communities. "Oh, I just couldn't resist making an icon of this!" or something else and it drives me nuts. Especially when what they've done is really ugly.

How long does it take you to adjust to writing a new month? How about a new year? I'll probably still write August for the next 3 days, but a new year takes me a while longer.

Why do some people insist on dressing their identical twins alike at all times?
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becoming a teacher

How is it done these days? Is it true you can become a full-fledged teacher with just an undergrad degree if you take some kind of test?

Specifically, I'm curious about how one becomes a high school English teacher. Thanks for any insight!


1. Are you happy it's Friday?
2. How early before you have to be at work do you get out of bed?
3. About polyamory, if someone's in a polyamorous relationship and one of their partners is jealous/angry about another partner does that mean it's not really polyamory? Are they doing it wrong?
4. My elbow hurts/goes numb when i lean on it - i get numb all the way up through my pinkie and it feels that way for a while even after i stop putting pressure on my elbow. Am I pinching a nerve or what?

And a poll...
Poll #811823 Questions!

Which type of questions do you like?

Personal habits (including toileting).
Tech support.

(no subject)

So, I'm going on this camping trip this weekend with some fellow friends. The place we are going camping is about a 5hour drive. The guy who is organizing it has situated himself in my car with most likely just the two of us. The problem being that he is the worst person in the world to talk to. As in he doesn't talk much and kinda makes it this huge awkward silence. So, i'm dreading a 5hour drive with him. I'm trying to figure out a way to manuever one of the other 3 people into my car. Any tips or ways to go about it other than outright declaring, "hey, you! come in my car too!" I plan to play music loudly for the trip so we can kinda sit in silence in that sense...but I've driven alone in cars with him before and it sucks regarless of music. So how can I get out of it being just me and him?

And anyone have any tips for good camping food? I'm not big into hotdogs or hamburgers and have been trying to think of good alternatives. I'm afraid chicked would take too long to cook. I've been thinking maybe pasta salad? Any other good foods? I will have a cooler.


(no subject)

Earlier this week, I brought up the topic of tipping. Everybody assumed I just meant the food serving industry, but I meant all tipping in general. Who do you, and I mean you as the person bearing your journalname, do you tip if service is adequate?

Taxi driver
Barber/hair stylist
Auto mechanic
AAA guy or the fellow who tows my car
Coffee barrista
Car washer/detailist
Subway sandwich worker who just made your sandwich
I see no reason to tip

Things that I would take into consideration for each tipping situation that would make me tip more. Sure, every person who serves us in some capacity should have all of these traits, but what do you in particular look for?

Patience as I explained things
Respect, or using 'sir' or 'ma'am' a lot
Personality. They're entertaining or personable
They look poor
Ethnicity (they're the same race as me)
Sexy body
I don't tip
They get the requisite 15% or whatever, regardless of any other considerations

You have a choice. Serve 5 years in prison, starting next year, or serve 10 years in prison, starting at the age of 60. Which do you choose?

5 years starting next year
10 years starting at 60

Speaking of old age. I've asked before if you'd be willing to lose the use of your leg for considerable wealth, or the ability to properly achieve orgasm for considerable wealth, and both times, the vast majority of you said no. Here's the latest offer. Would you be willing to cut your life expectancy short by 5 years (off the back end of your life) in exchange for considerable wealth now?


double lives?

Would you say you live a double life and what makes you say that?

Its been something I've been thinking about for a few days, and I'd have to admit I most definetly do.
During the day I work in the justice department of a security firm, where perhaps I'm seen as a little eccentric but thats all. Out of work, I'm in a completely different world. In fact, half the people I associate with would probably kick my ass if they knew who I worked for. And if my work found out how i spend my social life, I would be out the door before I knew it...
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(no subject)

I'm getting a new computer.. yay! But of course the thought of transferring everything over from old to new is a little scary, as I've never done this before. Someone is going to help me using a usb connection thing going from 1 computer to the other.. but..
a question for those of you who might know:

I mainly use Firefox as my browser.. it has lots of bookmarks in it that I'd hate to lose. When it gets transferred over will all the bookmarks stay? Or do I need to do something ahead of time?

Thanks in advance :)
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(no subject)

speaking of violent reactions...

what do you think of this?

(edit: it's the guy in CT who killed the neighbor that had allegedly molested his 2 year old daughter)
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Okay, so I know it's wayyyy later than I should be filling this out, but my parents withheld my mail from me until now, and my pin was in there.

Now, my question is this:

If I did the fafsa last year, and recieved my aid and I need to start a whole new fafsa this year? Or do I just renew it? How does this work?

(no subject)

I've been looking for a cartoon I once saw. The concept was an "indie trap", with some guy saying "Oh, look, a Decemberists album", to an album suspended above a hole in the floor or something. I have a cartoon by the same artist Collapse )
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(no subject)

Can you think of a more insensitive way of firing employees than RadioShack?

I was thinking of drugging them, and when they wake up they'll be in a tub of ice with a note that reads
Your kidneys have been removed. Please contact emergency services immediately.
PS You're fire!
Whether or not the kidneys are removed will be determined by HR & Legal departments.
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(no subject)

Which of these would bother you more as either a manager of or coworker of in a workplace?

A person who is almost always late, but works harder and faster and gets more done than anyone else in the workplace.

A person who is always early, but the only effort they seem to put into the job is figuring out how to avoid doing what they're being paid for.


what song that became a big hit over this summer do you think is the most overplayed?

as for me, if i hear promiscuous come out of my co-workers radio one more time i am going to break something, most likely her radio.

transferring files to my iPod

I think I have a dilemma. I'm new to being an iPod owner and just got the 60Gb video iPod. I've owned other mp3 players that didn't require software to transfer from my laptop to my player. Now I'm learning how to use iTunes.

I have 40Gb of music saved on an external hard drive. I know that my files have to be in my iTunes (iTunes is on my laptop) in order to transfer it to my iPod. I do not have 40Gb of space on my laptop.

I can tranfer chunks of files to laptop, then to iTunes, maybe 8Gb at a time, but is there another way? A better way????

My friend was wondering if I can install iTunes into my external hard drive. But when I transfer it, it will be going from external, through the laptop, to the iPod -- both connected by USB cables. It feels like there's a good risk of transfer error.

(no subject)

1. What would your dream wedding be like? Be as detailed or as general as you like :)

2. Hypothetical situation:

Two people of your preferred gender are desperately in love with you and have both proposed.

One is a famous musician who is incredibly rich and can afford to give you everything you would ever want. However, they are a bitch to live with and you don't really love them. They would also make you sign a pre-nup so you couldn't run off with their cash. If you marry them you will have the ability to not just help yourself, but to help you friends and to buy your family great gifts. You have the opportunity to make people happy.

The other is a fantastic person who you love very much, but is also a drug addict and an ex-convict. They has no possessions of their own and has no job. Your family and friends don't approve of them but you know if you married them you would have a great relationship.

Who would you choose?
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What should I name my guitar?

I've decided this guitar is masculine. He's a deep cherry red with a little bit of blackening around the edges of the body. He's by Art & Lutherie.


***EDIT: Vote!***

Which name be the bonniest?
Theodore (Ted)
Basil (pronounced Bazzle)
Sullivan (Sully)
Other (post in comments)

default kanji


If you were going to go to an adult DVD site ( springs to mind), and purchase a pornographic DVD, what kind of pr0n would it be? Bonus points for titles...
MST3K nicolenose sup_internets
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(no subject)

So, I'm thinking of buying a new game for my nintendo DS. What should I get?

Torn between:
That attorney one that I've forgotten the name to because my brain farted the info out. The one that was really hard to find for a while because it was recalled or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Phoenix Wright.
Final Fantasy IV (technically for the GBA, but same thing)

Games I already have:
Aminal Crossing: WW
Mario Kart DS
Kirby Cursed Canvas
Mario 64 DS
Under the Knife
Warioware: Touched

(no subject)

I have very thick,wavy,and puffy hair that is unmanagable and a pain in my ass like you wouldnt believe. I cant do anything with it. Usually just put it up in a bun or something if I dont blow dry it straight. However, I dont like that look and wanna try curling it but I don't know how to use a curling iron. I have one but when I try to use it the clamp ends up heating my hair and doesnt curl. Does anyone have tips on how to curl my hair???? Or how to manage it?? I'd like to wear it down at some point in my life if thats possible..shit.

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

Anybody out there lactose intolerant?

If I take a lactaid pill that expired in, oh lets pick a totally random date, Feburary 2006, will I die? Or suffer? Or will it just not work?
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(no subject)

ooook. So. The icon of the cute lil blob that licks the screen and leaves a mark? Who in this community has that? Did you create it? Where did it come from? Because I just saw it in another community and it didn't seem to be you.

And now, for a question that is not so odd:
Do you have a comfort movie? One that you can watch over and over and still totally love?

Mine are Donnie Darko, Dirty Dancing and 10 Things I Hate About You. All for different reasons.
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(no subject)

1. How many numbers belonging to each of these do you have in your cell phone?
a. Males
b. Females
c. Businesses
d. Computers (like a recording of the weather or an LJ phone post #)

2. How many times do you usually sneeze at a time?

3. Do you like my hat?

4. Have you ever flushed a fish down a toilet?

So lame

What should I do tonight?

1) Go to a fetish party at a club - a lot of my friends will be there but it will possibly be boring ($15. + transportation);

2) Go see a movie I really want to see (Bon Cop, Bad Cop) possibly by myself ($10. + transportation);

3) Stay home and watch tv, play guitar or just sleep (free)

Keep in mind, I'm already tired and kinda low on funds. I also need consensus by 9:15pm EST.
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(no subject)

Are there any Mozilla extensions or whatever for LJ that will allow me to make all my entries private in one fell swoop?

How much do you pay for haircuts?

For those who dye their hair: salon or at home? How much do you pay for it?

I just got my brows waxed for the first time today. How often should I get them redone, or is plucking in between sufficient?(she took a LOT off, but I love how they look)

Are there any programs with which you can make ringtones out of mp3s that are currently on your computer?
Me--State Fair

it's not that I'm lazy, but...

Is there any sort of program or something that goes through your journal and tells you how many times you've used your specific icons?

And do birds tend to poop more on red cars? Ever since I got my red car this summer, I've had to wash it every week because the birds poop ALL OVER it. MAJORLY.

Are you ready for some football????

ETA to add: When is the next round of cuts for the NFL? Meaning, when do they have to cut rosters by?
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(no subject)

Is there anything interesting you know about septum piercings?

And I don't want to hear the 'someone told me once that this smelly guy at the train station said that his friend got a piercing & his face turned green & fell off & an alien came out of it' stories.

I'm thinking interesting jewlery, different piercing styles, etc.

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(no subject)


So last Thursday I put in a change of address online that's not supposed to go through until mid September when I move. Come this past Monday, my current apartment tag that has my last name says "Vacant" and I've no mail. So I call the 1-800 number for USPS and tell them what's going on and they say they'll put in the issue to my local post office. So Wednesday I'm still not getting any mail, so I go to my post office Thursday and they say they're fixing it Friday (today). So I check and I do have mail, but only two things, and I normally have a lot of mail each day.

The issue is this: I get an email notification from Apple when my bill is being mailed to me. I got that last week, and my bill usually shows up within a day or two of receiving that email. But the bill wasn't in with the mail today.

So where is my mail? Did it get forwarded to my new apartment? The building totally vacant right now since they're still doing some renovations. Should I go by and check the mail? Or did it get sent back? What should I do? I need to pay this bill. I'm also afraid that my insurance bill might've come in the past few days too since it's usually delivered around the same time my Apple bill is.
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Short and sweet.

Have you ever known somebody who's had their arm broken by a swan?* Edit: Or a goose.
Nope. Despite hearing a million warnings to "be careful because...!" from my mother and various other relatives to their kids.

*Is the "be careful of that swan! they can break a full grown man's arm!!" warning some sort of British (English?) phenomenon?
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(no subject)

Ok, my question is this:

Is this Sun Health for real? Has anyone tried them? They're saying I can get my prescriptions (more than likely) discounted with this card. The only fee is I have to pay them $20/year.

On that note, does anyone know of any reasonably priced private insurance I can look into getting? It'd be pretty nice to actually have health insurance again.

Oh, and I live in North Carolina, if that helps.

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(no subject)

Thanks to a commercial for a CD of kids singing country songs, I can't get Achey Breaky Heart out of my head, and it's driving my nuts! So...

1. What song do you currently have stuck in your head?
2. Are there any songs that make you want to scream when they get stuck in your head?
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(no subject)

So I'm trying to install The Sims 2 and it says to enter a code found in the white box on the lower left of the DVD case but there is no white box or no freaking code.

What the hell am I missing?
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Stupid Question Alert!

1. If you had night blindness, would you know?
I'm not sure how to explain what I mean. I'm going to the eye doctor soon because I'm worried I have night blindness because I can't see that well at night, but no one can see that well in the dark anyway, right? My dad has told me a million times that if I had it I would know, I wouldn't be so in between about it.

2. Someone text messaged me last night at 8:30, I didn't find my phone until tonight at 9:00-ish. I don't recognize the number but it's obviously someone who knows me as they said "joan where r you whats going on." I hate hate hate text messaging people, it always makes me feel creepy and stupid. Would it be weird if I called them tonight considering this was yesterday? Or should I call them tomorrow, or just give in and text message them even though I hate it?
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(no subject)

does anyone think, either because it is so, or they're imaginging it, that your... for a lack of a better way to put it, period goo smells like something?

i think mine smells like pineapple

(no subject)

1. Do you get claustophobic in large crowds? (I do. It hit hard tonight. Ack.)
2. Do/did you enjoy frat parties? (My first were last night... I'm still deciding, but leaning toward "no, not at all.")
3. What's the simplest thing you do to comfort yourself? (Tea in bed.)
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(no subject)

1. Do you know any good riddles?
If you post one, come back and give me the answer in a few minutes or something, because I don't want to know it right away but if I can't figure it out it will drive me crazy and I won't be able to sleep tonight.

2. Do you have a favorite number? Why does this particular number stand out to you? What about a favorite color?
I've never been able to decide on a favorite anything really. I like even numbers better though, and I don't like the color yellow.

3. How do you pronounce either? iither or eether?
I switch it up, I say "me eether," but "iither way," and "iither one."


I had to unplug my speakers to my computer. When I plugged them back in, they didn't work anymore.. the light still goes on to show they have power, but they don't play sound. When I go to the control panel to try to adjust speaker settings, it says there are no speakers - but there clearly are, and I didn't change anything except that I unplugged them and plugged them back in. Gah. Anyone know how I can get my computer to realize I have speakers again? Thanks..