August 31st, 2006

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Okay, this is bugging the shit out of me.

Which of these photos is better? Obviously, neither are amazing. I don't know which to keep. So you tell me. And why?

P.S. Yes, I use PSP7. I'm oldschool. Don't hate.

P.P.S. P.S.S.? P.P.S. Post PostScriptum. Right. Did any of you notice that the second photo is straighter? (The line of the corner in the wall is more parallel to the frame of the photo.) That's what gets me most.


Okay, so I rotated, cropped, and set a layer to burn on low opacity so the first could more resemble the second for its good traits.
Does this take the win or is one of the first two still better?


I've decided on the third photo, opinions are still welcome though. I just think the third is like a merged version of the first and second and that makes me feel good. You have no idea how long I spend contemplating those pictures. Ugh. Ok, so, thanks.

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I hate having to call my significant other my significant other coz it sounds so dsajflkjsd, but the alternatives suck so far as I know.

Boyfriend sounds like we're both 12 year-olds with crushes. Fiance doesn't work coz I don't believe in marriage, although it comes closer to conveying the implications than boyfriend. Lover sounds dirty and French. Domestic partner and long-term partner... no. Just no.

Is there a respectable word for SO that also doesn't suck? If not, can someone make one, kthnx?
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I need to get off the computer

What brand and type of bread do you buy/eat? (Type being white, whole grain, wheat, wtfever...)

Peanut butter? (Brand! Type being creamy, crunchy, etc.)

Jelly? (Brand! Type being flavor.)

Do you say to-mah-to or to-may-to?
I know there's that saying and all, but I've never actually heard somebody say "to-mah-to" in regular speech. I was taking a take-out order over the phone at work once and this lady said "to-mah-to" and it made my mind do a double-take.
MISC - moustache

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I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but meh. Where in the NYC metro area would be cheapest for two or three recent-ish high school graduates? In or near Manhattan would be preferable, but anywhere within maybe 30 miles would work.
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A hopefully heart burn question

How do you if you have heartburn? And if you do, how the heck do you get rid of it? Here's my scenrio, for the past two mornings I have woken up coffing, and when I swallow, the back of my throat feels scratchy kind of, and I have to stay awake until the feeling passes, because every time I swallow, I cough and when I cough too much it makes me feel like throwing up, and I really really hate doing that, I try to avoid it at all cost.  I haven't done anything different, I always eat something when I come home from work and for the past two nights, it's been something different from the other.  Could it possibly be pregnancy related? My husband and I have been trying for a baby and that would be wonderful if it was pregnancy related (I know, the hating to throw up part is going to be wonderful during the morning sickness period of pregnancy).  Sorry about the ramble, I'm tired and I want to go to bed, and it's difficult for me to just end a post when I am tired.

EDIT: Thanks to the first commentor, my question is answered in the since that it isn't heartburn, and the air being dry would make sense, because there are some other mornings when I wake up so parched that if I don't get something to drink I feel like I might just die, seriously.  what do I do to remedy this situation? as cost effective as possibly with the solutions if possible, thank you.
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"many of us, including me, want to express a boyish side to our nature by physically looking boyish, I think just as much as all that, we want to be able to be recognised as queer."

i have my own opinions about this comment.

what do you think?

when people don't dress according to the straight status quo, what are their motives? how do you dress, and what influences it? do you dress how you like, or to get a certain reaction from people?
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Afraid its a mobile phone question.

I have a number that has been in use for some time but when I tried to text it the other day it wouldn't send. Of course I resent it and still had the same problem. Tried typing another message and it still wouldn't send.

I've never had this happen before unless the signal wasn't strong enough, which was not this case here,

Does this just mean that their phone has given up the ghost? Sim card and all?

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If a transgendered person commits a crime and has to go to prison, does where they go [male or female] depend on operation status [ie- if they are post-op or pre-op] or how they are living or... some other strange thing?

I'm just curious.
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What mashup would you love to put together?

Here are examples.
Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears / Bent by Matchbox Twenty
California Love by 2Pac / Family Affair by Mary J Blige
You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC / I Can't Dance by Genesis

Do you like mashups? Any particular ones you like?

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You're trapped in an elevator for 2 hours. There's somebody else with you in the elevator. What's the last thing you want to hear them say?

"Are you just as turned on by this as I am? Wanna see how turned on I am?"
"um...damn...I apogolize for what's going to happen next, but I have to use the bathroom really bad. Stupid fiber"
"Have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your lord and savior? Let me take this time to inform you about him"
"Knnnives are cool. Do you like Knnnives? This here is my lucky knnnnife"
"I'm...claustrophobic, And diabetic and I don't have my insulin. If I start freaking out and lashing out at random, don't take it personally"
"Does that sound like a....cable breaking?"
"Alla Ackbar. Allah Ackbar. Allah is good. I'm coming soon, Allah"
Nothing, but you realize that the other person is in a furry suit and staring at you intently, silently
"I'm fourcorners. How do you do?"

Best way to wake up in the morning?

Snuggling next to your significant other
In a big pile of cash
Next to a gorgeous model type, with not a stitch of clothes anywhere near the bed
With a severed horse head under the blanket (I hate horses)
To the tune of your favorite band playing your favorite song....cause they're in the room serenading you
Next to Osama bin Laden (I found you, sucka! Reward money's all mine)
With the superpower of heat vision
With a bigger rack

Follow-up cat question

Well...the trying to give the cat the pills last night didn't go very well.  We tried the syrenge thingy, and of course it didn't work.  Then I tried the finger, and the cat starting thrashing so bad we thought he was going to break something.  (My boyfriend didn't hold him flat down, which I think is why he thrashed all over...obviously....)  We ended up giving up because he was freaking out so much, and I just crushed the pills up and mixed it in with some wet food.  Will they be less effective because of this?  (They were deworming pills...being a new patient at this vet, its just their standard practice.)

Also, a fun cat question....  Has anyone watched their cat dream?  (Like dogs, they get all twitchy...its very cute...)  :)


EDIT:  Thanks for all the future advice.  I have 3 more sets of pills to give him that any really tiny, so I might use some of the below suggestions....  

No one else sees their cat dreaming???  :)

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Who's your favorite character on Friends? (C'mon, you know you have one!) Why?

OR if this is easier:

Who is your favorite male character? Why?
Favorite female character? Why?

And, who do you most relate with? How?

OR if this is easier:

What male character do you most relate with? How?
Female character? How?


Who's your favorite couple on Friends?

Coronel Tapiocca

I shamefully don't speak Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Can someone who does please tell me if it's possible to buy something on Coronel Tapiocca's website and ship in to the US? It'd probably be ridiculously expensive but I have a bag from there that I love and have used every day for almost two years and it's starting to show some definite signs of wear...


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So. How soon can I get a credit card?
Lets say that I need to pay up about $2000 worth of tuition before..... tuesday. So I can register for fall classes (a little late, I know. I didn't intend to go back this semester until this week). I will have the tuition money in a few weeks, but I need to pay this NOW. I'm okay with credit card interest.
I'm 19 and I have not-bad credit so far. I just need to pay this stupid debt.
Someone help me?
PS. I'm not really interested in other options. I just need to know about credit cards.

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I am so terribly indecisive about what I eat (not because I'm picky but because I am...indecisive) and I have been staring at the word lunch for so long that it transformed into the word lynch and then morphed into a small jumble of nothingness so it no longer referred to a meal but rather...nothing. Clearly lack of food is the culprit for all of this crazy talk so someone

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For those of you that have fainted before, what did you experience before waking up?

I've fainted twice, and the first time I lost vision, but could still hear somewhat clearly. The second time I lost my hearing completely but could see. I'm interested in this because I'm in a Sensations/Perceptions Psychology class and we were discussion brain functions today.

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I think I broke my bum on the weekend. If I cracked my tailbone (which I might have done because it be REALLY hurtin' 5 days later) what would my dr. do for me? He can't put my ass in a sling (although my ass is assuredly IN a sling with the S/A, over how I damaged it) so other than serving me pain meds (which he won't, the bastard) I am probably just wasting my time to go see him, right?


What song(s) instantly put you in a good mood? Just dance around, sing out loud, have fun songs?

Also, Modern Art or Moving To L.A.?
And also, which is your favorite Belle & Sebastian song?

Continuing today's theme...

I watch a lot of Friends. Way more than any normal human. Yesterday I was watching my Season 5 DVDs, and I noticed that Matthew Perry is missing the tip of his middle finger on his right hand. I can't believe I never noticed that before.

(What I also can't believe is that in the season 5 Thanksgiving episode, they do an arc about how Chandler lost his pinky toe - it just seems weird to me that they'd make a big joke out of that and not even mention the fact that he's missing part of a finger, too. But I digress.)

So...what is something that you can't believe took you so long to notice?
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Does highlighting in a college textbook depreciate its value? If you're buying a used textbook, does the highlighting or lack thereof sway your decision in any manner?
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I'm losing weight (woohoo!) and my question for you lovely people is.....

Is it time to buy a smaller sized pair of jeans when the pair you currently wear are so loose that you don't need to unbutton/unzip them to take them off? This is what is happening with my current jeans. I am planning on going into a few shops and trying on a smaller size but I'm impatient and want to see what you guys think first. What do you reckon my chances are of fitting into one size smaller?

And secondly...Say you have something on your mind. Something/somone. You don't work or anything and so, with all the spare time, this thing is ALL you ever think about. What can you do to stop yourself from thinking about it? (Aside from looking for a job, I'm doing that already) I need something/anything to stop me thinking of this thing so much!!!

Thank you all you wonderful people *big grin*
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i like money

My car insurance is up for renewal at the end of this month, and this is the first time I WON'T be able to pay it off all at once. So, I'm going to be needing an extra $81 dollars a month, on top of all my other bills. Not to mention the money I owe my parents for car repairs from a couple weeks ago. And the money I owe my boyfriend.

See where I'm going?

I seriously need to stick to a budget. I am not good at making one, and even worse at sticking to one. Do you have any tips for making and using a budget? Also, are there any free programs out there to help you create a budget?


What system does your country officially use?


Whic system do you prefer?


By 'prefer' I mean if you had a reasonable chance to understand it, which would you rather have in use?
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I am looking for a diet supplement. Something to help me lose a few inches and gain muscle. I have used MetRx in the past, and I am considering EAS (because John Elway and Shannon Sharpe used it!). I am not looking for something like slim fast, nor do I want to be a muscle head weight lifter.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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paypal question

because im dumb and did not read thoroughly, i upgraded my personal account on paypal to a premier account and now i want to change it back to a personal account...can i do that? anyone know how?

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What's something good to put on the nice patch of roadburn on my shoulder from a bicycle accident? It feels dry and hurts and I want to moisturize it but I don't want to put typical moisturizer on it because its probably full of chemicals. Would aloe vera be better? Any other ideas?

Also it possible to break a BIG blood vessel if you hit it hard enough? I have this weird painful bump right on top of a big vein and it looks kinda like I may have somehow popped it during my accident... not sure if that's even possible. Anything I can do for that?

robot love

(no subject)

Am I correct in assuming that 'passed' is a verb meaning something that has gone by, and 'past' is a noun meaning before this time?

Why do I see 'past' being used as a verb constantly? Even in books? Are they interchangeable?

(does this post make any sense at all?)

(no subject)

So I decided on doing, "Do left handed people see optical illusions differently than right handed people do?" as my science fair project.
Does anyone know a good website that talks about how left handed people supposedly use the other side of their brain. Also any websites that talk about how optical illusions challenge the brain or something. Thank you.

healing properties and energy exchange

I make jewelry with healing stones and crystals but have leant my cross-referencing book to a friend. Can anyone tell me if the energies in hematite and lead crystal are compatible? I know one cleanses another and it might be vice versa but not 100% sure if I remember correctly. I want to avoid any conflicting charging/discharging of energy. Any help would be appreciated!!


I have a Sidekick 3, btw.
So I have a song on my itunes and i really want to make it my ringtone. I know it's possible, but I dont know how.
I also need to convert the song to mp3.
Can anyone help me?

Recommend a software to reformat the song, tell me how to set an itunes song as my ringtone, anything.



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A few odd years ago there was a music video that involved a man being hit repeatedly by cars only to get back to his feet and get hit again. And again. It was banned from MTV. But not...

The Internet. :D

So....artist/song title?

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I am very close to one of my Aunts. She has been divorced for about 25 years from a man that was physically and emotionally abusive to her and her child (my cousin). She has dated a little over the years, but she doesn't and won't make the effort to go out and meet people. I know that she would love to meet someone, but I think she's afraid of getting hurt again, or afraid that she is too old (shes 60) for anything to happen for her. She is a really fun, interesting person that deserves and wants to be happy. I don't know how to get her to meet someone, since she doesn't go out and I don't know many men her age.
Anyway, my cousin (her daughter) and I were talking about what would happen if we made her one of those (or other dating website) profiles. My cousin is willing to pay for it. The problem is, I don't know how to go about "finding" her someone on there, or setting it up so that the man isn't weirded out by what we are doing. How unethical would it be to set up dates for her with people and then tell her that we "know" someone who would like to meet her? What do you think? How can I find my 60-year old Aunt a man?

A quick question

I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question.. but I don't know how to get songs ONTO my iPod!?

I have a mini, if this helps. I've had it for 10 months but almost never use it but now I want to and can't remember what to do.

Thanks all.

Got it! Thanks

(no subject)

I have no frebreeze left, or fabric softener (to make home-made 'febreeze'), I'm also cheap. I have vanilla extract, and I loveee the way vanilla smells. Could I dilute the extract with water, and throw it in a spray bottle? Or is that completely rediculous?

(no subject)

1. How do you make flat hair less flat?

2. If you were a celebrity and someone who was clearly a 'big fan' came up to you and shyly said "hey", how would you reply?

3. How old were you when you had your first orgasm?

4. If you and the cast + crew of Jackass were the only people on the earth left alive after an alien attack, who would you reproduce with? If you can't reproduce, then feel free to tell me who you would kill for food, who you'd hang out with, whatever.

petit prince


1. do you ever say "shall" in earnest?

2. is there an equivalent of target in the UK?

Collapse )

4. for those of you who live in the UK, who's your mobile carrier, do you like it, and (if you don't mind) how much do you pay per month?

5. without checking or thinking too hard, do you know what day of the week it is?

bonus! do you judge people based on their icons? if yes, to what extent?
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7th Heaven

I just watched 7th Heaven for the frist time in about 4 years. It was the episode where Mary told her mom and dad she married Carlos. Well my question has to do with Simon, towards the end of the show they were talking about an acident that Simon got into, and he felt very guilty. I was jsut wondering what happened. He said something about telling Justin he is sorry. I dont know who Justin is.

i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

This is so lame, but I need any help I can get. I'm running for class office of my freshmen class (Lehigh) and I have to write a 100 word platform, and I have no clue where to start. I don't want to be cliche and write all my past activities and crap, sooo do you guys know any quotes or something/advice to give me?

Paris Hilton once said, “Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything.” Now, most of us aren’t as privileged as Ms. Hilton since we are just college students, but as Treasurer, I vow to


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can someone tell me...does work with firefox?

i listen to it at work all day every day in IE, but tried at home just now with good ol firefox and the "listen online" wont work. (im listening at home in IE now, so i know it still works in general)
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Hey dudes,

So, I've ordered a few shirts from in the past. Both times, I've ordered a size Medium and they fit perfectly.

As you can see by the size chart on this page (, this I assume means my chest is between 33-35 inches and I'm a size 4-8. I don't have a tape measure to check specifically, but it must be close as CG's medium fit snugly.

So I want to order this shirt from

When I click on "American Apparel Size Chart" it brings me here:

Unless I'm reading this wrong, this means that the size Medium on is 33-35 inches, and the size Medium on is 20 inches (and their chart doesn't even go up to the 30s!! It looks like I'd need to order the 3XL!!)

Does's "Chest(inches)" and BT's "Chest Width" mean different things? If not, than's sizes must be freakishly small if their 3XL (28") is smaller than CG's size small (31-33")!!

If anyone can make sense of this, it'd be much appreciated. I have no idea what size to order.


Answered! Thanks sunday_silence!
maroon 5 - matt

(no subject)

I know that this has been asked, and I looked at the previous posts and used them but my question is a bit different:

Where is the best/cheapest place to find international plane tickets? (specifically flights from Chicago to London)

Thank you all!
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I think I'm getting a cold.  My main annoyance when I get colds is my sore throat.. what medicine/remedy do you guys think is best for sore throats?

Also just in case it becomes a problem, what do you think is best for runny (not congested) nose?


(no subject)

I have a friend who left a couple of weeks ago on a peace corps assignment in Kazahkstan (I don't know if that is spelled correctly). I'm going to send her a little package next week with some cookies and a note in it. What else do you think she might need/appreciate/can't get over there that she might miss from here? Thanks!
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(no subject)

1) What is the point you just have to say "no" to family and quit helping and/or lending money? 
2) Would it make a difference if it was your Mom versus your brother/sister? 
3a) What about if it's in-laws?
3b) If you need to say "no" how do you tell your SO it needs to be done?

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What do you do when online and not talking to people or updating lj? Any cool websites you could share?
I read,, and read a couple online webcomics.
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

I'm going to Miami this weekend and I want to try to get in one of the swanky clubs. What can I wear that will get me into one of the clubs? I'm going with my boyfriend. What does he need to wear? Should I dress skanky or classy? Should he wear clubbing type clothes? a suit? something else?

Please post pictures if you can. Thanks.