August 30th, 2006

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do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? know anyone who belives to have had an experience with either?

have you ever been to an allergist? did they do the needle test on your arm?
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should I return my tap shoes for a smaller size?

I went to a dance shop to get some tap shoes for my tap class and I had to wear a thin pantyhose sock instead of my regular sock b/c the fibers would stick to the inside of the shoe.
so when I came home, I tried on the shoe and now it's too tight b/c the sock is too thick.
should I just get a thin pair of socks with good padding or return my shoes?
It's a long way back to the shop from where I live.

for those with contacts:

1. have you ripped/cracked a contact lense?
2. how did it happen?
3. how easily does it happen?

the reason i'm asking is that i just got contacts not too long ago, and i went in for the final check-up/approval that i'm not a moron who sticks them up their nose...and the doc seemed impressed that i hadn't ripped one yet.
they seem pretty resilient to me, but after seeing his reaction, i'm starting to wonder.
is it that easy, or is he just a loon?
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Did you marry young? Did you have a good job? What did you do for housing? Was the marriage something planned for a long time [ex: you were together for a few years, engaged for a 1-2 years then got married] or was it kind of "whirlwind"[dated for a year or 2, quick engagement, then marriage]. Are there any regrets?

Who has waited until marriage for sex? Was it religious or personal reasons?
Have you ever had sex, then decided to stop and wait until marriage?

I made a post here sometime in August asking about popular 90's rock songs. I can't find the post and scrolling through the like 1,000 entries from August just is not appealing. Someone made a comment about one song in particular that I want but can't remember. So more recommendations please?
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One of my colleagues from work is taking a year off from college to teach health education to poor villages in India. It sort of like Peace Corps but I remember that it had Student in it's name. Does anyone know of this organization or anything similar to it?

Were you ever in the Peace Corps? Did you enjoy? Was it a fulfilling experience?
Are you drunk?

Hollywood Video :(

I just checked my bank statement. Hollywood Video charged me $162 for 3 videos including late fees... Videos I turned in a MONTH ago. I handed them to an associate. HANDED them to a person who worked there. Looked around and left because I didn't find anything else I wanted to rent. That means said person did SOMETHING with them.

They're supposed to scan them back into the computer, right?

Have any of you had a problem like this before?

Did you fight it?

What was the outcome?

I'm not asking for advice on what I should do. I just saw my statement this evening. I KNOW what course of action I'm going to take. I DO plan on speaking to the store and explaining my situation.
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Would you go to grad school (or to do some other relatively temporary job, etc.) if it meant leaving your spouse behind, several states away? Would other factors (like having children) impact your decision?
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I'm selling a camera on eBay...but there are 2 people that are bidding on it right now while 5 others are watching. But I'm kinda getting bad vibes from the bidders cause they have no feedback at all and they seem like the same people to me. How do I find out if they're scammers or not?
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Hi Everyone,

I recently downloaded a "media-codec" update for what I thought was windows media player, turned out to be tons and tons of trojans all bundeled up.  Nothing too bad seemed to happen, besides slower response times, and TONS of pop ups.  After trying every program I could think of to get rid of the trojans (my McAfee didn't even pick them up... wow good thing I got the extended service protection! mad face here), a friend recomended avast.

I just ran the program and it found 39 trojan files, deleted them all.  I've been back on the computer for about an hour with no pop ups so far!

Sooo my questions are:

1. Media-Codec 4.0 is still installed on my computer, when I try to remove it, it gives the message "you must reboot your computer" - Should I continue with the reboot prompt?  I want that program OFF my computer!  How do I go about doing that if no?

2. Does anyone have any experience with the avast! program?  It seems to be a lot like ad-aware but it runs before your computer boots up fully.  It blocked my internet (but not AIM) at first, is there anything else it might be messing with that I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance!

- Katie
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kate and I.

let's see here.

1.) How many of you are vegan?

Any good stories as to how you made your decision?


I was vegetarian for about.. mmm 5 years. Then college happened. Vegan food galore! It was easy to make the transition so I went for it at full throttle. Best decision I've ever made, hands down.

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1.You have $50,000 to use only for a vacation. You have unlimited time but you can only take one vacation and don't get any of the money you don't spend. Where do you go and what do you do?
2. you have two weeks, where do you go that you can drive to for a vacation? What do you do there?
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What are some nice quiet (and relatively cheap) activities/games that will keep a 3 year old amused?

My daughter is sick and needs to be kept at home for the next 2 or 3 weeks and I want to do something fun with her that will keep her mind off being sick.
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Let's say your SO likes your hair a certain way (in my case, super short), would you take this into account when getting a haircut/choosing a style?

Do you find John Mayer attractive?

Would you ever participate in something like this? (worksafe)

Do those chartered busses have any electrical outlets? I'm going to NYC this Saturday, and I just know my iPod is going to die about 4 hours into the trip.

Do you find the man in my icon sexy?
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Mother in laws...

My mother in law to be (my fiance and I are getting married in October) was diagnosed with bronchitis on Monday (her co-workers actually called an ambulance because she couldn't breathe--having an asthma attack plus being sick).

We had set up a dinner with them (the in-laws) on Thursday. My MIL is VERY affectionate with our son (9 months). I spoke with my mother (a nurse) about her being sick and being around our son. My mom said that as long as she doesn't kiss or share food/drink with our son, he should be okay.

But my MIL takes things VERY personally. So how do I handle this? Do I say, "You can hold him but no kissing"--I'm sure she'd take that the wrong way. Do we postpone the dinner until the weekend and the antibiotics have more time to work?

What say you, TQC?
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starting a new job

I'm starting a new job tomorrow. There are a couple of areas I'd like some help with before the job begins.
1. When do we negotiate salary? It was discussed at the interview, but only a range was given. Because of this, I assume it's discussed after they see how proficient I am with their job duties?
2. Does anyone know of any free online tutorials for Mail Merge and Quickbooks? I don't have experience in those areas, which the employer knows, but I have said [and it is true] that I learn very quickly. I'd like to have a baisc knowledge of how to work these things, what menus look like, etc, instead of walking in knowing nothing about those two. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
um.. me
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I'm really hoping someone has been through something like this before. If so, what did you do to try and make things better? Did things improve? (Any other information would be helpful, too).

EDIT - I just wanted to add, thanks everyone a lot for your advice and experiences so far. It's really helping me gain a lot of insight!


What kind of tipper are you?

1. You eat at a restaurant and bill comes to $25. The waitress was attentive and the food was good. What would you (not someone in your position, but you) leave as a tip?
2. Let's say you won a $100 million. You have enormous assets. You eat at a restaurant and the bill cames to $25. The waitress was attentive and the food was good. What would you leave as a tip?

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i need caffeine to get my brain to work properly but coffee (which i love) and caffeine pills (which i'm not fond of) make me nauseous, give me gas, and eventually give me the shits. aside from taking caffeine pills and chasing them down with a big ol' swig of pepto bismol, how can i prevent this effect? sometimes food helps and sometimes it doesn't. i've tried to map out what i eat when i don't get the shits but it doesn't seem to be consistent.

right now i am trying to get down this DELICIOUS AND TASTY pumpkin spice latte but i'm nauseated. it tastes wonderful, and my brain is all over the place, so i want to finish it.

i'm googling this right now but i'd like some responses from people i e-recognize. so what helps you?

edit: i'm going to check out tea but if anyone has coffee advice i'd still really love to hear that.

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Anyone shop at K-Mart regularly and want a $15 off coupon on a purchase of $100? Someone shoved one in my hand at school today, and I feel bad throwing it out, but I never shop there.
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dog question!

A week ago I was going upstairs to go to bed and a giant spider ran from my deck door over to the couch that my dog was sitting near. My dog jumped up and ran to hide behind me. I grabbed the bug vacuum my aunt bought me for situations like this, but he was too big to fit through the hole. I squished him with a flip flop on the side of my couch, and he left quite the stain. Anyway when I went to bed my dog followed me upstairs and jumped right in the middle of my bed. I tried to sleep like that but it just didn't work so I went downstairs and slept on the couch and he slept on his dog bed.

Every night since then he has followed me upstairs and has insisted on sleeping directly in the middle of my bed. I have a small bed so this just doesn't work. I give up and come downstairs with him, because sleeping alone on the couch is much better than sleeping around him on my bed. Is there anyway I can get him to sleep downstairs again or even on his bed in my room, without being mean and pushing him off the bed?
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Too many entries?

1) How often would a blogger have to update to be considered a post whore? If someone had a few days off and posted several times/day would you consider them post whoring?

2) Have you ever been through a hurricane? An earthquake? Was it exciting? Scary?

3) Was your mom a stay at home mom? Do you hope to be one/have a spouse who is one / wish you were/etc. if you have kids?


So I have some blank canvases and some oil paints. What should I paint?

Note: I'll put these up in my dorm. And I'm obviously no Picasso.

ETA - If you give me a suggestion and I use it, I'll dedicate it to you and show you a picture when I'm done. Isn't that really enticing?


Where are yours at?

Recently there was post in a community that deals with 'Freebies'.

They posted that are a certain website, you could go in, and because of the way they work the website, (ask for donations) you could order up to 100$ worth of items and get them for free. Shipping and all -- free.

However, the Website really wants/needs the donations. You don't agree with the organization, so you are all for putting the screws to them.

So, where are your ethics at?

Do you go there and order, not paying the suggested donations? You are all for free stuff.

Do you think this is stealing or defrauding the website?

Something else?

I personally see it as the latter. Stealing and defrauding the website, much akin to walking into a store and walking out with merchandise. Cyber shoplifting if you will.

So, anyone got an answer for me?

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Does anyone else really really dislike ants? You know how some people have this huge fear/hatred for spiders? I have that with ants. To the point where I will tear a room apart to purge it of ants. Please, someone reassure me that I'm not alone in this.
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You're driving home in the rain in the wee hours of the morning through a lonely stretch of road. No cars anywhere in sight, as you're making your way home. You've had one beer earlier, but sober enough to drive. Suddenly, someone walks in front of your car and you hit him! Overcoming the shock of the event, you look him over. He looks like he's homeless,and he's not moving. What do you do?

Peel out of there and pretend nothing happened. No witnesses puts me in the clear
Same as above, but I check him over for any money first before leaving
I drive away but call the cops once I'm far enough away and report the injured man
I stay and call 911 and will tell the truth. It's not my fault
DAMMIT! My car's damaged! I go over and kick him a few times in anger before leaving
Carry him to my car and drive him to the ER and stick around in the hopes he makes it
Carry him to my car and leave him outside the hospital
Roll him off the road where no one will find him. Drive away
Honestly, I probably wouldn't stop. It's awful, but nothing good can come of this. Hit and run and I'll feel bad later
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How many centipedes would you wait to see in your dorm before you call the campus exterminator?

I've seen two in my bedroom so far (2.5 weeks). I killed one and the one today escaped by running under my dresser. I've also seen one in the laundry room (four floors away).
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my computer keeps restarting itself

and on start up it says xmlhelper cocreateinstance [clsid_domdocument40] failed, if this persists uninstall and reinstall the program

i've tried looking quickly on google but i cant find anything and as it keeps restarting it's making it hard to look elsewhere so help please! are these two things linked and if so what should i do?
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When someone is being noisy in a movie or letting their kids be noisy, do you do or say anything? Do you talk to the noisy person? Talk to a manager? Leave the movie and ask for a refund? Something else?
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How many people here live or have lived in a culture where burping is not rude?

And for the rest of us: Why is burping rude? How did this idea get started? Personally, I like burps. I think they sound pretty.

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On the topic of tipping... I'm having a big leather couch delivered to my apartment on Friday. They're going to bring it up the stairs, to the 6th floor. Do I tip them? How much, approx? I'm in Canada, if that makes a difference...

Why should I tip the pizza delivery guy? All he's doing is bringing a pizza to a door. How is that hard?


Hi guys!

I'll be leaving high school this year, and I am looking into modelling to get some money on the side of my normal job, as I need to fund for university and a car.

I have modelled before. I am looking a for a modelling agency, but I don't know how to go about things.

1) What should I be aware of?

2) How can I spot a good agency?

3) How much money would I be able to make? Im in Australia.

4). Any experience people would like to share with me?

I know it is not all glamorous, and hard work. I have been through the whole one minute to change and be on the catwalk and change again routine. It is very hard work. Thanks guys!

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Why can't I copy and paste from webpages anymore? For the last few days I've not been able to do it. I can't even copy bits of LJ comments I've received in order to paste into a reply, if that makes sense. Instead of copying a single line or whatever I'm after, it highlights the whole page. I just now wanted to paste two lines of a news story at NME to a friend, but it just highlights the whole page as soon as I left click. Is there a way to stop this? It was fine a few days ago. Could I have maybe clicked something, or acidentally turned something off/on maybe? I'm so ignorant to techy things.
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A Little Help!

Um, I tried looking this up myself, but couldn't really find what I needed. =/

I've just installed the ability to use HighMAT with Windows XP CD Writing Wizard, but how do I actually go about using it when I burn my CDs?
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what is the average temperature in America?

like one for winter, one for summer, and maybe a highest and lowest it gets.

to clarify, would you be able to state where you're from, including the state, given my poor knowledge of American geography, and the winter and summer temp, and high and low temp.


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Why do you think double-standards exist when it comes to racism?

I.e. It's accepted (or more widely accepted anyway) by the populus as a whole for one race to use racial terms against another while the other can not use racial terms back? The classic, of course, is the "N word" when used by white people compared to "Cracker Ass Cracker" (or whatever similar knock against white people) used by african americans.

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Anyone know a cheap place to get a mattress?

I can't afford a really nicve mattress right now so I'm looking for something temporary, and hopefully, a little nicer than a blow-up bed. Any suggestions would be great :)

Buying a violin online

Has anyone purchased a violin online? Did it work out well? I'm thinking about ordering one for my eldest daughter since it seems I can get them cheaper on the internet, but I'm worried about getting taken and her having a crappy violin.

If you've gotten one online, where from and would you reccomend that site?

She doesn't need TOO fancy of one, as it's just for joining orchestra at her school (she's in 4th grade) and I'm not entirely sure she'll like it.

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Is anyone here good at Calculus and willing to explain my homework to me? I have a test tomarrow but I can't go in early because I have to finish a History project.
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If you can't help with the actual problems, do you know of any good websites?

If you can help, even a little, I will be so incredibly grateful. I'm so frustrated right now. :[

Thank you!
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(no subject) with the roommate questions again.

Did any of you have roommates who broke stuff or stole stuff? Is it possible to lock dorm closets or no? Where did you guys keep your cash, credit cards, or other valuable items?

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I was reading something the other day, a fictional story, and the author wrote as if the main character's conscience was an actual person.

1) Does your conscience talk to you?

2) Does it sound like you if it does, or is it a completely different person?

3) If it does sound like a different person, is it someone you know?

Oprah's hypotheticals

Watching Oprah today, it made me think of these questions:

You are 100 lbs overweight.  Would you get gastric bypass?

What if you were 300 lbs overweight?

What considerations would be important to you if you were to get the surgery? Such as surgery complications, having children post-surgery, breastfeeding, etc...
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Are there pills that prevent my skin from breaking out? I don't know how some people don't even get zits. I wash my face like everyday and use astrigent. But I'll get a zit once in awhile.

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I'm flying to Oregon this Friday.

What CAN I bring and what can I NOT bring with me on the plane (as a carry-on)? I've tried looking on the Internet, but different sites gave me different answers. I'm only concerned with whether I'm able to bring my laptop, iPod and cell phone with me or not.

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Trashy talk shows

Has anyone been an audience member for Springer, Jenny, Montel, or any of those other lovely shows?

Bonus points if you've actually been on one of 'em.

Also, tell me something funny that happened while you were there (:

New York Times

I'm in a journalism class in my college, and our professor wants us to get the New York Times as one of our "textbooks."  It's a Tuesday - Thursday class, so I need to go out on Monday and Wednesday to get the paper.

I live in Alabama. 

I found a copy of the New York Times at a Starbucks near campus, but it was the last one in the box.  I need a backup plan in case that fails.  Does anyone know of maybe some sort of search engine that can tell me where newspaper boxes for the New York Times are?  Thank you!!

EDIT:  Delivery is not an option - I live in a dorm.  I also need a tangible copy of the paper, so I cannot get the paper online, either.

EDIT .2:  I only need to get two newspapers a week (Monday's and Wednesday's), so I don't think a subscription is totally necessary, especially on my meager budget!!  I can look at it online on the other five days a week, but the other two days are when I need the actual paper.  XD

Hunanity's last days

Inspired by the 20/20 special that was on tonight:

Poll #810773 Extinction time!

What will most likely be the cause of our extinction?

Global Warming
A Pandemic Illness
Nuclear War
An asteroid colliding with the earth
Super smart computers deciding to do away with us
A supervolcano eruption
A gamma ray burst
A wandering black hole
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I've been having problems with the sound on my computer for awhile now. But it's getting really frustrating...and I really need to fix it somehow.

Whenever I try to play something, this pops up:
Free Image Hosting at

I already knew it was a problem with my soundcard...but I'm not sure how to fix it. And I don't want to unscrew anything in my computer and mess with my soundcard. I really don't trust myself to do that. So...can anyone give me suggestions on what to do?

Thanks in advance.
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Tomorrow night Avalon is hosting a party after the VMAs and I'm going! Whoo hoo right? Right...except it says "dress to impress" and I dunno wtf to wear!

So my question is...what exactly does "dress to impress" mean? (What to wear ideas are a plus)
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