August 29th, 2006

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mini digital camera

Has anyone ever used a mini digital camera, like this one? I read the reviews for it on Overstock and they're 50/50 on how good it is. I would not use this camera for serious or important pictures. I just want a small camera that can take pictures a little better than my cell phone's camera, a little camera to throw in my bag & take silly pictures that aren't worth taking on my regular 35mm camera.

Is it worth getting? It looks like a fun little camera.

EDIT: If I do buy it, should I bother with a 2-year warranty for an extra $7? I'm leaning toward no.
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(no subject)

1. To those who have facebook (and mostly public entries, I guess):
Are you going to "import" your LJ?

Originally I wanted to, but now I'm leaning towards no.

2. What careers require you to have a knowledge of [one or more] foreign languages, outside of interpretating and translating?
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(no subject)

Are you religious or do you otherwise believe in a God?

If yes, have you always believed in a God.

If you did not always believe, what made you decide that yes, there is a God?

Were your parents religious/Were you brought up to belive in God?
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XBox 360 question

My hubby has borrowed an XBOX 360 from a neighbor, he has been using it for at least a week, he always shuts it down when he's finished playing with it, basically treating it like gold...tonight however, he went to turn it back on and the power button area kept flashing red.....what's wrong with it? We really don't need it to turn into a 400 dollar paper weight, especially when it isn't ours.....he thinks that it maybe one of the cord connectors that have gone bad, what do you think?
Are you drunk?


I just finished watching the documentary, Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family. In it, Samantha (a woman) is "married" to Sam and Steven. Technically she's only married to Sam but considers both steven and sam as her spouses. They have 2 children as a family.

What are your feelings on polyamory/polygamy?

Do you think a relationship like this could work long term?

Have any of you ever been in a polygamous/polyamorous relationship?
If so, would you be willing to share about your experience/s?
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(no subject)

random questions:

1. last 2 or 3 places you went to for vacation?
2. favourite place to visit?
2a. who'd you go with?
2b. worst place you went?
2c. worst person you went with?
3. favourite type/brand of chewing gum?
4. what kind of lotion/cream do you use?
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Quick computer question

When I copy text from, say, a Word document into my LJ client (Semagic), it copies all the formatting code, too. Is there any way I can turn that off (so it just copies the text)? If so, how? I'm using a PC.
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(no subject)

1a. To the boys: What are the visual indicators, if any, that a boy is gay?
b. If you have ever given a boy's sexuality any consideration upon first meeting him, do you guess his orientation correctly?

2a. To the girls: What do you think are the visual indicators that a boy is NOT a virgin?
b. Do you guess correctly? I usually do, perhaps it is a gift, albeit a useless one...

Gift Ideas

A good friend of mine has just come out of a long term relationship,and I want to send her a little package of things to cheer her up.
I need ideas of things that are reasonably cheap(because i'm quite poor) and postable because i have to send them from UK to USA.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking skin/hair treatments, maybe a pretty scarf, some crystals. What kind of thing would you send?
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Second Jobs

Anyone working two jobs right now? Meaning a full-time job and a part-time, or two part-time jobs that equal more than 40 hours a week, I guess. I work 9-5 M-F and am thinking about getting a part-time job at night during the week.

Or, have you worked two jobs at the same time before? How was it? I just wonder if I'm going to drive myself nuts trying to do this. I plan on keeping at least Sunday totally free, but hopefully Saturday as well. Anyway, feel free to share any experiences!

(no subject)

Safe - secure online transaction
To protect your identity, you must confirm your account before sending your first Economy Service transfer. For California residents, money transfer is only available within the US.

This is on

Question: I see Cali being an exception at a hell of a lot of places. What gives? Isn't it pretty shitty?
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Two completely unrelated questions!

1. Coffee beans are naturally oily right? I want to take some pictures of a doll I have with some coffee beans but I'm worried that the oil might stain his resin. Would washing the coffee beans fix this without them falling apart?

2. Say a criminal were to kill someone and leave none of their blood, hair, fingerprints, etc. but for some reason they just HAD to use the bathroom before leaving and left behind their poo. Could that poo be traced back to them? If so, why isn't there a CSI episode about that?! (Okay that one can't be answered...)
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Technical RAID boot question

Here's an interesting technical question for those of you who are into this stuff.

System Specs:
FIC Mainboard K8-800T
Running newest bios (from 10/12/2004)

I have two RAID controllers in my system.

One is the onboard RAID0 controlling two RAPTOR74GB SATA drives. This is my boot set and it boots just fine on it's own.
The second is a SIL3114 add-on card supporting RAID5, which I have set up on four 250GB SATA drives for data storage.

When the SIL3114 card was set to RAID0 , the machine would load the SIL card first, account for all the drives in RAID0, then load the onboard RAID chip and account for all of the drives, boot from that system and all was well.

Today, I decided to change the SIL's setup from RAID0 to RAID5, as I wanted redundancy.

The card now reads RAID5 in the setup from the SIL card but doesn't load the board-based RAID0. Upon rebooting, it loads the SIL RAID, then goes to boot from it and fails. There is one jumper one the SIL card (I was hoping this would be to disable boot-from-RAID) that I can't find identification for and when jumped, doesn't look like it makes a bit of difference. It never does load the onboard RAID now.

Intererestly enough, if I remove the SIL Raid drives from the SIL Bios and leave them as non-RAID stand alone drives, it auto-boots the board-RAID just fine. On the same token, if I take the Sil-RAID card out of the machine, it also boots the Board-RAID just fine. Strangely, if I make the Sil drives RAID0 (the way they worked before), the machine WILL NOT load the onboard controller anymore.

So, here's my question...

How do I get my system to boot from the board raid first? Or, alternatively, how do I tell the Sil RAID card not to allow booting and to simply be a SATA RAID5 data drive?

Any help you guys might have would be useful.
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Game geekiness

Okay I know I just asked two questions but here's one more and that's it from me today I promise! This is something my boyfriend and I were discussing in the car.

Cloud from FFVII vs Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill movie (not SH2, that one was cool but c'mon when did he really do anything?)

Who would win? And let's not make this a Final Fantasy vs Silent Hill thing because yes yes, FF would win in that case.

In the end I think we decided that Cloud would win if he could get behind Pyramid Head but Pyramid Head would win if Cloud made the mistake of getting within arm's reach. And yes this is entirely based on their huge weapons. *L*
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Why does it seem as though the general public is dumb?  Old people pulling out in front of you with grocery carts in the store, people blazing through stop signs, people bitching about stuff that they haven't even looked up on their own to find the validity of...are you one of these people?
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(no subject)

how do you get permanent marker stains off metal?  specifically stainless steel or aluminum.  without buggering up the existing paint. 

a friend of mine is doing artwork on the gas tank of a royal enfield motorcycle (they're nearly vintage motorbikes) and needs to get permanent marker stains off without ruining the original paint. 

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(no subject)

1.) If a male coworker came up to you and said, "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have a cup of my sperm in a container in the fridge, cause I have to take it to the doctor's office later" but it was sealed up and in a bag, would you be uncomfortable with your lunch being in that same refrigerator at the same time. (No contact in betwixt the two, of course)?

2.) Compare driving down the road at 65 mph normally vs. driving down the road at 65 mph on cruise control...does one burn more gas than the other?
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(no subject)

Which country do you think is the happiest in the world? What do you base that on (either/both your standards for happiness and your experience with the country you pick)

Webcomics, Cool Air, Homeschool, Yummy, Ideal Small Town

Do you read webcomics?
What webcomics do you love?
What webcomics do you hate?

What is the most efficient way of running a window air conditioner? It's in a hallway on the upper level of an old house.

How do you feel about homeschooling? Were you homeschooled? What have been your experiances with people that have been homeschooled?

What foods do you crave most often?

If you could live in a town with only five shops/resteraunts/places to go, what would you want there? Assume that post offices, police stations wtc are there already.

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(no subject)

Have you ever had any bizarre experiences while delivering something?

A friend of mine was delivering a pizza last night and was propositioned by his customer. The guy made up some huge story about being a plastic surgeon in town for a convention and asked my friend to fly back with him to NJ to "meet" some rich women clients of his. They guy did give him and $20 tip and asked him to come back later so he could see if my friend "measured up."

Have you ever had a similar experience?
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increasing hand coordination?

Ideas to increase hand coordination?

My right (dominant) hand is fine; I use it for most tasks requiring any sort of manual dexterity, usually. But my left (non-dominant) hand is seriously uncoordinated.

I'd like to remedy that, if anyone has things that have worked for them. I'm thinking things like writing, using chopsticks, stuff like that would help... just looking for ideas.

(this is honestly not intended to be a dirty-minded question.)
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1. Let's say you don't have anything to do until spring, you've applied for a million jobs with no luck. You recently applied at Macy's again. You worked there for a month while you were in school and you hated it so much you left one morning without telling them. They emailed you this morning wanting to schedule an interview. Would you go for an interview? The one that emailed you about the interview isn't the same one you used to work at, it's closer to your house.
Edit: I confirmed the interview for 3:00 tomorrow and they emailed me and said that it was a group interview and to be there on time. I doubt it's really a group interview but if it is I don't want to go.

2. I received these necklaces in the mail yesterday. I bought them from ebay and they smell strongly of old lady perfume and maybe a teeny tiny bit like cigarette smoke. How can I get the smell out?
One of them is wood so I don't want to soak them in anything and I'd rather not spray them with cleaner or Fabreeze, because I hate the way they smell. Someone suggested putting them in rice, but I don't have any plain rice and I don't feel like going to get any if it won't work. Right now I have them in a ziploc bag with baking soda, but I've checked on them a few times and the smell seems to be exactly the same.

(no subject)

Has anything you love ever been ruined permanently for you because you associate it too much with an ex?

Anyone feel like sex itself has been ruined because you associate it with an ex?

Honestly, I don't expect many/any people to answer yes to the latter - which begs a whole new set of questions. Anyway.

More on religion and crazy coworkers

I have a 16-month-old daughter (see icon). About two months after she was born, a coworker (different from the one in my last post) asked me when I was going to have her baptized. I told her that atheists don't baptize their children. She told me that I should, because babies believe in god even if their parents don't. She told me to just wait, my little miracle would make me a believer. More smiling and nodding, and then going my own way.

So here's the question:
1. Are babies born with beliefs?No.
2. Are your coworkers as crazy as mine?I hope not.

To people with nice feet

How do you do it? Being a Floridian and a pseudo-hippie, I am always barefoot or in flip-flops and my feet look really bad. I get pedicures and then I ruin them. PLEASE HELP. If I swear to wear shoes and socks, will that help, or do I need to do more?!
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My first time...

Everyone's exerpeinced this at some point. That one song which you absolutely loathe, but which always seems to get stuck in your head.
Tell me, what's yours?

Personally, mine's Don'tcha, by the Pussycat Dolls. I'm not sure how you spell it...

aw, crap. i r noob.

Halo thar, TQC. Plz halp.

I'm new to this whole ebay selling noise (I've bought things there plenty), and forgot to specify that buyers should use PayPal to transfer me the money, cause I don't want to upgrade to the PayPal thingy where you can accept credit card payments. I had someone do this to me many moons ago and she explained to me how to transfer the money to her, but as it has been forever, I cannot remember how I did this.

My question, then, is AUGH WAHT TEH HELLS. No, wait. My question is is it possible for him to use PayPal to transfer the money to his account and then transfer it to mine? Or something?

i r lost, giez.

In the future, do I avoid this hassle by specifying in my auction that I only accept PayPal transfers or payments? Or should I just upgrade my account, and is it worth it?

edit: Problem solved.

Racism, CDs and uni!

1a. Okay, I'm arguing with a girl on a message board (yes, special olympics, internet, retarded, image). She referred to blacks as "n*ggers". I told her she was racist. She pulled the "BUT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE. JUST THIS ONE" card. I told her she was wrong.
My question: is "Niggers.

Not black people, because I have friends who are black. I hate the fucking ignorant, thieving ones. Those are the niggers. One of them stole my fucking Nintendo DS. :mad: " racist? Or should I let her go on her merry way because it's her opinion? She's stating that she was raised that way and it's okay, etc. I'm telling her she's an ignorant idiot.

1b. Would it be totally inappropriate of me to ask her to go stand in the middle of a predominantly black area and say what she's saying?

2. What CD(s) did you last buy?
I bought Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave, Hanson - Middle of Nowhere, Funeral For A Friend - Seven Ways To Scream Your Name, Avalon Drive - City of Burnt Out Lights, Atreyu - Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty, Deadstar - Somewhere Over The Radio, Billie Holiday - Love Me or Leave Me, Hanson - Three Car Garage and B*Witched - B*Witched. All for under $60! (Oh, and I know my music taste sucks. But you don't have to listen to it, so it's okay;) )

3. For Vicorians: What uni do you go to and what's it like? I'm putting my prefs in now and I'm so undecided. I'm leaning towards Victoria Uni

(no subject)

1. The Post Office has lost two letters in a row. They were from my father, who has been writing me a letter once a week for years. I could see losing one, but two? In a row? Is that suspicious? (I filed a lost mail complaint, but they didn't seem too hopeful about finding anything.)

2. Inspired by a previous thread and my super-slutty Technical Virgin step-sister, at what point is someone no longer a virgin? Does anal sex count? Oral sex? Handjobs?

3. What was/is your college major? How's that working out for you? Would you do anything different?

4. Are you seriously allergic to anything? I'm not talking about seasonal allergies or 'Cats always makes me sneeze,' but the type of reaction that will send you into Anaphylactic shock. (I'm allergic to peanuts.)

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing someone said or did that really, really annoyed you?

2. Do you work at EB Games, GameStop, or something similar? How knowledgeable about consoles/games/products in general were you expected to be, if at all, going into work?

3. To the Christians: Do you believe taking part in the sacraments (baptism, communion, etc) are necessary? Why or why not?

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(no subject)

I was just dared to eat a speck of a very hot pepper.

My lips are burning. They hurt. A lot. What the hell do I do??!!!

My tongue doesn't hurt anymore, only my lips hurt.

Please hurry. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks everyone! Milk made the burning sensation die down quickly. :)

(no subject)

1. Do you think asexuality is a natural occuring trait in humans?

2. If you met someone who claimed to be asexual, would you think, "gee, lucky, they don't have to worry about sex and relationships and all that messy nonsense" or would you think "hoo boy, they must have a horrible life" or something else?

3. What would probably be the most effective way of getting someone to not be afraid of sex or intimate contact?

4. How old were you when you finally got out of that "lol ew cooties" stage and started to talk about boys/girls at sleepovers?

5. Do you know any people who claim to be asexual? If so, what're they like? Do you think it's legitimate or are they following a new kind of trend, like cutting or whatnot?
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There is this cute little plastic dog I see on Veronica Mars all the time. I've also seen it elsewhere, but can't remember where it's from. It looks like this:

Where's it from? (As in "where can I get it?")
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(no subject)

What do you consider to be high mileage on a car?
Over 120k? Over 150k? Over 160k?

I'm asking because I'm looking at 2 cars.

One is a '97 Nissan Maxima, 168k, and the other is a '96 Honda Accord with 166k.
I don't have a lot of money, and I've been having a hard time finding a car with less mileage.

I can't drive the Maxima myself, I have to learn standard first, but I drove the Accord a little.
I really can't tell when a car will shit out on me yet though.


(Yes, I've tried, and

(no subject)

i'm currently taking a class called "intro to computer programming" and we're learning about C++.
my assignment is to make a program much like the one that Kernighan and Ritchie used to introduce the "C" Programming Language to the world. (It simply said "Hello World"). We did the "Hello World" program in class and our homework assignment is to do another, but to have it say our name instead of "Hello World". I know how to do this, but i cannot for the LIFE OF ME remember what program we used in class to do this task. Please help ASAP!
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(no subject)

I am currently taking a class called "Politics of Terrorism." One of the requirements is a research paper - but I am having trouble finding information. I want to do something on children growing in terrorist families, camps, etc. I've tried several combinations of words on google and local library websites and came up with very little.

Can someone help me, please? Even if you don't have a specific book or website for me, what are some phrases I could search for?
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Scented Advent Calendar

When I was little my parents had a scented advent calendar. It had a bunch of houses, and when I would open the windows and doors, each one had a different scent behind it. (Peppermint, gingerbread, etc.)

I have been looking for one for several years now, but can't find one. Anyone know where I could get one? (I'm not even sure it was an advent calendar -- but it had a bunch of flip-up paper windows/doors kind of like an advent calendar.)

ETA: What's a good website that shows how to *make* hand-made books? Has anyone here ever done that? Have you made your own paper for it too? Was it hard? Did you enjoy it? What did you use your book for?

cheating- moral relativism?

I have had 2 meaningful relationships before my current one. One short term (6 months), one long term (2 years).
I cheated on both of these people. They never found out or suspected, until i told the first guy after we broke up. Second guy still has no idea.
My current boyfriend knows all of this.

Given this history- should my current boyfriend trust me?
Would you?
(Be honest, i can take it)

Do circumstances matter?
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(no subject)

Aphids are taking over my cherry hot pepper plant!

What can I use to kill the buggers that won't kill my plant and allow me to safely eat the peppers?

I know ladybugs help, but I don't have any.
Wasps are coming by and snacking on them, but there are just too many aphids for them to keep up.

I heard garlic might work? Is that true? Do I have to sit and rub garlic all over my plant?
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(no subject)

The other night on the National Geographic Channel, I was watching a program about various coming of age ceremonies and rituals around the world. One in particular caught my eye; it was in Japan, and involved a boy making a fairly large traditional pair of fireworks with his father, and setting them off. There was something about the final boom at the end after all the sparks and flames shooting out symbolizing the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything about it. I'm pretty sure that Coming of Age Day is not what I'm looking for, and the only other thing I could find was the Sendai River Fireworks Festival (which I don't think is it, either).

Does anyone know what the crap I'm talking about? Or could you at least point me towards a group that might know and be able to give me or point me in the direction of more information?
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One for all those out there with OCD...

If you suffer from OCD, how severe is it? Can you control it? What exactly do you do (do you wash your hands a lot, type "e" for every third letter, french kiss frat guys etc.)?
If you don't suffer from OCD, please make fun of those who do. Just remember that while we may be able to band together against you, most of us will be too afraid to actually touch you. You can, however, expect a lot of harsh words.
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inspired by this here post

if you have a significant other, do you know his/her email, etc passwords? why or why not?

i was with my ex for over 3 years and i never knew nor wanted to know his passwords. i think that's sort of control freakish and awkward. i mean, i guess if it was like "i need you to check my email, it's an emergency" i'd tell, but then i'd change them. not because of untrustworthiness, but just because of privacy.
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Looking for Midi files....

Any one know where I can find the following songs in Midi format?

chasing cars by snow patrol
emergency by paramore

My brother just got a new cell phone that uses polyphonic ringtones and these are the songs he wants so I'm trying to help him out.

Also anyone know of any good midifile sites or free midi/polyphonic ringtone sites that I can check out? I knew some a long time ago but I haven't had a use for them as of late so I don't have the URLs anymore.

Thanks in advance :)
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(no subject)

I currently have my tongue pierced, but I might be getting rid of it soon. Is there a good way to do this so that it heals properly? I'm thinking of taking it out before I go to bed, and swishing with mouthwash. I've tried Google, but everything I'm getting is information on how to get a new piercing to heal, and how the hole will close quickly if you take out the jewelry. Anyone know what's best? Thanks!
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Shrinking to the toolbar

Does anyone know if there's a program out there that can shrink another program to the Windows toolbar? I have a program without a 'Shrink to Toolbar' function that I like to keep open for long periods of time but I don't want it to be just minimized because then I keep opening it to look at it.
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{bit of an odd question, but that's why we're all here, right?}

So, thequestionclub, I come with another question.

Say I've got a spare walk-in closet (8'x12' for those curious) that I don't use. Really, I've got more closet space then I need at all right now, but that's not the point. Anyway, this closet, it's just sitting there, alone, unused and feeling rather unloved. So, I've had the brilliant idea to make it a ball pit, like at the fair, or Chuck E. Cheese's, y'know? The price is worth it for the entertainment factor alone, although someone else might think I'm insane.

Well, what do you think? Should I? Because I really kind of want to. *g*
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1.why are public restrooms always wet?

2.why do some not have locks on the doors?
did someone break them off in anger?

3.and why do people write on bathroom doors or walls,
or carve even?
My family

(no subject)

Have any of you ever been in a serious relationship with somebody who travelled pretty regularly with a band? If so, how did you handle it? My boyfriend is in a band that's being looked at by two different record labels right now. One of them is talking about sending the band on a tour of college bars around the country. This is a whole new situation for me, and I'm at a total loss on dealing with it. Lets just say it's not going well so far, but I love my boyfriend so much and am willing to do anything for our relationship. Thank you for any advice.

Oh, and I dunno if it matters, but we've been together a little over 3 years.
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(no subject)

Okay, so I came home today to find that one of the maintenence men of my apartment complex came in to do some repairs to some water damange done from the person above me flooding my apartment a month ago. I have -never- said they could come into my apartment and I -always- make sure to tell them that I wish to be home when anyone enters my apartment. I feel completely violated. In the two years I've lived here, the guy above me has flooded his apartment twice (the damage they fixed was actually from a year and a half ago! - which was a hole in my bathroom celing), my air conditioner was broken for three weeks, some of which in 110 degree weather. They kept saying that they didn't have a shipment in although they could have went to Wal*Mart to get me one. My refridgerator leaks because of the self defrost in the freezer drains into the fridge. And when my gas stove would only light half the burners they shugged it off. I am beyond irate with this complex. I live in Michigan and I understand there are privacy laws that prevent anyone from entering my apartment without my permission unless water/fire emergency. Other than going to the office tomorrow and doing my best to politely discuss this situation with my landlord, what can I do? Can I legally sue them? Should I? What would you do?

Family Feud?

Does anyone else desperately want to be on Family Feud? Except maybe in the Richard Dawson days?

I love the Feud so much. I want to be one of those people who shouts "good answer" really loud and obnoxiously and hollers and claps and is generally overly excited about the Feud (although who wouldn't be?) The theme song is also my ring tone.

ETA: Does anyone else think the Match Game is horribly unfair?

A completely hypothetical situation, here.

There are two guys/girls (depending on sexual preference, place yourself) in a room with you. They will do anything you want them to. What do you have them do? Be honest.

Two guys for me (I'm female) and I would have them learn to ballroom dance.

Why were you last checked into the hospital?

Hives in 2nd grade.

Did you see Silent Hill? Did you like it? Did you play the games?

Yes/yeah, I guess/a bit.

Who besides me seriously mistook Justin Timberlake for a girl in his "Sexy Back" song?


What song is the 'most played' on your iTunes/MP3 player of choice?
Kingston Town || 89ers

When did you last break the law?
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