August 28th, 2006

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What things do you forget to bring back to school with you?

Usually I forget my pillow. One time I forgot laundry detergent and my pillow. I'm not done packing yet, but I'm trying to figure out what I will forget this time.

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My ear really hurts but I don't think it's an ear infection because sometimes my left ear hurts and sometime the right. My wisdom teeth are coming in though. It is possible that my wisdom teeth are causing my ears to hurt?
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has anyone flown out of BWI since the latest batch of airplane no-nos cropped up? how long did you wait in security? think noon fifteen will give me enough time to get through for a 1:30 flight on a monday afternoon?
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What do you do?

Does this ever happen to you? --

You have a friend, you kind of like this friend, you start getting to know them better and hang out a little more, and then realize, they kind of suck. In fact, maybe this whole friendship thing isn't going to work out. Because, somehow, some way, in the almost year you've known them, you've only hung out a handful of times, and now that you're actually getting to know them, you find them horribly, horribly irritating.

Do you -

a) tell them your annoyances in hopes they'll change or in hopes of just finding some common ground?

b) cut ties?

And if it's b) - how?

You can answer what you think you would do, but I'd prefer to hear first hand stories of what you actually did in a similar situation and how it worked out for you.

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What do you think about skinny Jeans?

Do you think the trend is here to stay?

Do you think that flares are going out of style?

Can you wear skinny jeans and "pull it off"?

Who do you think can wear skinny jeans?

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Does anyone have Corel Paint Shop Pro? Do you like it? What can you tell me about it? I've downloaded the trial version and I really like it, but I'm not sure how to use some of the features and I just don't know if it's worth the $79.

Also, I have 3 computers. I assume I'll be able to install it on all 3 with ONE purchase?? Thanks!

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So I work at a place where I'm literally on my feet for eight hours straight. I have New Balances but they aren't doing the job... I come home from work and my feet ache.

Anyone know really good shoes for being on your feet all day?

Under new ownership

I see how I can change a file's ownership in Windows XP Pro, but the Advanced Security option doesn't appear in Windows XP Home.

Anyone know an easy way to change file ownership in XP Home?


Never mind. I found the answer myself. You can boot into safe mode. Or you can Google for "xp home" "change ownership" and find a utility.

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I need to carefully word this question, because I'm not trying to start a debate or riot or flame or anything like that. I just have a question that has sparked my curiosity...

I have known 3 openly gay men in my life (in the past). All of them spoke with a lisp. I'm aware of the fact that not ALL gay men speak with a lisp, nobody needs to clarify that with me. But often times, a gay man will be portrayed as speaking that way (whether it be on TV or in a play, or whatever) my question is...what does sexual preference have to do with a speech impetiment (if that's even the right word?)?

I'm not saying it's strange or unusual...I'm just curious and I don't know the answer.

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After almost 4 years, I'm going to have to get a job. I've been a stay at home mom. So what would be the best thing to say on a resume? My only real skill is typing. I can do around 90 words per minute. Problem is, I've never really had a job that would use typing skills. My speed is only because how much time I spend on the internet.

Also, what kinds of jobs would use typing like that? Something other than Data entry preferably. Thanks everyone!
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Ive been looking around the world....

The song "I've Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates (You've Got a Brand New Key)...I heard from someone that this song is really about having sex.  But I am missing the allegory!  How is this song about sex?

It is an older song, but you may have heard it on the Boogie Nights soundtrack.  Also, I believe Rasputina covered it, but I haven't confirmed that.
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Baby Showers?

What is a great gift I can get for an awesome coworker's baby shower?

She is having twins - a boy & girl and this is her first pregnancy.

I'd like to keep it under $30.

Came up at work

Not for me mind you, nowhere near this point. Though since I'm in a new relationship, the topic came up at work.

How long do you think two people should be together before marriage should be considered?

How long did it take for you to fall in love with your current s/o or with a previous one?

EDIT: I know that it really various from situation to situation but I'm intersted to know your personal opinions.
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Would you rather have:

a) totally bitchin' super powers, like invulnerability or flying mach speeds, or super-strength, but look like Blaster from Mad Mad: Beyond Thunderdome (we're talking butt-fuck ugly here, not even a mask can hide this level of ugly), OR

b) totally lame super powers, like limited flight (2 feet off the ground, top speed 20 mph and for 20 minutes), the strength of 2, maybe 2.5 average men, or the ability to talk to gold fish, but look pretty hot? (you're also not the brighest bulb in the box)

Also, you have to use these superpowers. You've got an arch-villian and everything. And he hates you (and he could kick #2's ass, except I think he's got a "thing" for you 'cos you so pretty).

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Hey guys,

So I went out and bought a new down feather pillow yesterday with my friend Jared. Both of us were trying out the different soft/firm varieties, and I strongly preferred the firmer, fatter one, while Jared was in love with the softer, thinner one.

The saleslady mentioned that usually women prefer firmer, thick pillows, and the guys always want the softer, more thinly stuffed ones.

So I gotta ask:

How do you like your pillows, and which gender are you?


1. Do you poop in a public restroom when other people are in there or do you wait until they leave? Does it make a difference whether they are coworkers/classmates (people you might see again) versus complete strangers at a restaurant/store?

2. Do you put deodorant on from reaching up the bottom of your shirt or down from the top of your shirt?

3. Do you usually wear your pants skin tight, a little baggy, or very baggy?
3b. What about your shirt?

4. What items of makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

5. How would you describe your style in 3 adjectives?

6. How would you describe your sex life in 3 adjectives?

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So. I was thinking of picking up a little extra cash by becoming a mystery shopper. Who's got info for me? Upsides, downsides? Is this really worth the effort? Please, no links to any websites for the actual companies hiring. I need real feedback.

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What was the last nice, thoughtful thing that someone did for you?

What are some jobs that pay 50K+ (besides sales) that don't require anything beyond a BA?

For anyone who watched any of the pre-Emmy interviews: Did you think Jeremy Piven was a little bit of an asshat, or did that reporter guy deserve it?

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1)Is it considered "ok" for married women to be bridesmaids?

2)I have a new computer, and I am having lots of trouble with my I downloaded a new application, and remember my username and password. I suspect it is Not just a case of: sometimes it takes a long time for the songs to be recorded on one's page. Is it likely that I need to start a whole new account?

EDIT: Re: 1), I agree with most of you that it's fine, I was just wondering if in general people were funny about it. Also, I'm not getting married yet. :)
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Surrendering a Vehicle.

Hey all,

I'm expecting my first child this Feb. Sometime this winter, I'm planning on buying a reliable, modest car with some savings, and surrendering my current vehicle which I have a loan for so that I can save on the $400/month expense (I'll be working from home, so I don't really have a need for the flashy wheels I have for my hour commute now).

Has anyone done this before? How does it work? Will it affect my credit?

Thanks in advance.
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This is probably a really dumb question, but I've never been to a wedding shower before. What kind of card do you give a woman at her wedding shower? She has been engaged for a year so I know it's not a "congratulations on your engagement" and surely it can't be a "blah blah you're married congratulations!!" card because it's not for another two months.

Is there some kind of card that is somewhere in the middle that you give to someone at their wedding shower?

Also-- even though I won't be able to make it to her shower, I was invited (by word of mouth, not by proper invitation. I guess it was a last minute thing to include me). Is it still proper etiqutte to include a gift/money along with her card?


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1. Is there something that you wish more people did/realized/knew?
                   I wish that more people realized that the left lane on the highway is for PASSING PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT LANE. I seem to always get stuck behind someone barely going the speed limit in the left lane, with no plans on going back into the right lane, and i swear they do it just to annoy me.
2. Is there anything special that I could get my vegan friend for her birthday that has to do with the vegan lifestyle? I don't know too much about it, just the basics, so I don't know what would be helpful/nice to receive.
3. Do vegans eat honey?
4. What are your thoughts on the recent popularity of LonelyGirl15 on Do you think it's all fake? If so, who do you think is producing them?

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1. When you see people running, and they are obviously not a jogger, do you wonder why they are running? I usually think they've just stolen something.

2. Do you have any tips/recipes for making really good spaghetti sauce? Whether it's home-made, or just adding things to a generic brand of sauce?

3. What was the last thing you ate?

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About a week ago I asked for feedback regarding my shabby website and its browser compatability problems.

I've since then switched to the Mozilla Firefox browser, adjusted some code, and I think I now have the bugs worked out.

Anyone care to take a second look? Feedback regarding this is very helpful.

Here's the website. Thanks, everyone. I'll never ask again. Promise.

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If you have this phone, the Motorola E815 (Verizon Wireless), do you know how to get the text you enter in as a "banner" to appear on the front screen? Where does it even appear to begin with?

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the boyfriend and i are going down to washington dc for a couple of days in september with two of our best friends. ive figured that since my boyfriend has never seen the ocean (!!!!) and we won't be *too* far, maybe we'll go out of our way a bit so we can hang out at the beach for a while. can anyone recommend a town on the ocean with public beaches that isn't too far? I'm not sure if this will be of any relevence, but this is the hotel we're staying at. i'm kind of excited, i've never stayed at a hotel with a built in kitchen in our room :-D
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Any Jewish members about? Specifically Orthodox?
For my History of Funeral Directing class, I have to interview an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi about funeral customs. I already have the sheet of questions to ask, but I was hoping to get any advice about the interview. I grew up Catholic and don't know much about Jewish customs and culture. I want to respect the religion and certainly don't want to insult anyone, so are there any specific "dos and don'ts" I need to know about?
How do I address him? Rabbi? Rabbi (last name)?

Any other advice?
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What movies are these quotes from? (Paraphrased)

1. "Your gun is crooked."

2. "I don't know what that was; but it wasn't driving."

3. "I'm gonna cut your tits off."

4. "Should I stick'em or should I shoot'em? Should i stick'em or should I shoot'em? Aw hell, I'll do both."

International calls

I apologize in advance if this is confusing. I have already googled it, but I must be doing something wrong!

I live in the United States. My friend lives in Australia (Victoria). We've kept in touch by phone using international phone cards. Here's the problem. He has been calling my land line phone which is no big deal because it is all charged to the phone card... but I have to get rid of my land line soon, and will only have my mobile/cell phone. If he calls that with his phone card will I be charged for an international call? Or just regular talking minutes? If it makes any difference, I have t-mobile, and I cannot call him. He has to call me. Is there any way around this if I would be charged internationally?

Clarifying questions welcome! Sorry for any confusion. Thanks!
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If you had a remote control that could rewind, fast forward, or pause any part of your life up until the present, how would you use it?

My answer: I'd probably rewind back to when I was in middle school. Not that I particularly liked those awkward years, but I wish that I could have tried to enjoy them more.

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In the book Fast Food Nation, they talk about a restaurant that caused an outbreak of some illness. I know that that it isn't Jack in the Box, which seems like the obvious answer. Do you know which restaurant it was?

I'm not asking you to do my homework for me. I took a test on the book today and I want to know if I got that question right.

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1. If you had the chance to ask one of your favorite musicians anything at all, what would you ask?

2. What was the most interesting class you were ever in (either because of the material, teacher, or other students)?

3. Do you enjoy random conversations with strangers? 

4. What is your local music 'scene' like?

5. What's your favorite piece of art or poster that's on the walls in your house/room?
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Car Loan

I am looking at buying a used car.  I know how to go about getting loans if I go to a dealer.  And I have done some googling on getting loans in general for auto purchases incase I get one from an individual.  Have any of you gotten loans online from places such as Lending Tree, eLoans, etc.?  Do you have any suggestions or rants/raves about any particular site?  Would going to my bank be best?  If it matters for your response, I have what is considered a Fair credit score, but still on the very low side.

What do you eat?

What foods do you eat?

I eat red meat
I eat white meat
I eat fish
I'm a vegetarian
I'm a vegan

(forgive me for leaving out the lacto-ovo specifications)

It's assumed that if you eat red meat, that you also eat white meat etc. So go with the highest one that you eat

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I heard the song "I would do anything for love but I won't do that" by Meatloaf today on the radio and it triggered a question. What is it, exactly, that he won't do for love?

I don't necessarily want a real answer as much as all of your interesting guesses as to what a man like Meatloaf wouldn't do for love, exactly.

more clueless TA questions~

Me again!

Uh, okay.. so you know how professors do that thing sometimes on the first day of class where they go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves by saying their name and other shit (like maybe grade, reason they're taking the course, etc.)? Do you hate that, love that, are you indifferent to that?

I've always loved it (mostly because I like talking about myself ;), but I can see how others (shy people) would hate it. Mostly, I want to do it because I have no idea how to pronounce half of these names and I'd like to hear them first from the students, but I also do want to associate names to faces, etc. But if people generally hate that shit, I won't do it.

Opinions? Thanks.

Emmys Fallout

1. What do you like better: Best Dressed or Worst Dress lists?
2. Why does Mary Hart do that with her face all the time?
3. Are TV tabloids more or less trashy than magazine tabloids?
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I'm going to an interview tomorrow for a fashion stylist intern position and I'm a nervous wreck right now. What kind of questions do you think they would ask? Other than why I'm interested in fashion...or where I see myself in 5 or 10 years...and why they should hire me?!!
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Say you invite a friend over you haven't hung out with in awhile. They say they'll be there at 8:30 like planned. It's almost 9:30 when they haven't called, showed up, sent smoke signals, etc to let me know that, hey, they're not coming over. When's a good time to go ahead and make other plans for the night?
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attn: servers

For a story I'm working on... when you're serving food in an upscale restaurant, if you have a table of two women and two men, do you serve the food to the women or the men first? Or does it matter?

EDIT: Thanks guys. That's all I needed. =)

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Ok, sorry about that. The problem is that there's something wrong with my computer and everytime I tried to type in english, it comes out in a mess of japanese and hard to read english characters. (I'm using notepad to type this out) Anyone knows why this is happening? It's affected only firefox and IE. When I type in other places, it's fine. I'm using Windows 98, and there wasn't any problem before this.


I really don't know what's the problem.
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Ready set...go!

So, I need to hit 110 lbs by 2:45 tomorrow afternoon. I will have to come up to a desk, and then they'll ask to remove any jackets if I'm wearing any, and then step on a scale (shoes and all).

My questions are as follows:

1. What's a fast way to gain 1-2 lbs by tomorrow? I'm exactly 109 lbs right now.

2. Do you have any ideas to bump up my weight a bit (ex. put my cell phone in my pocket, wear a certain type of shoe that may be heavier??)

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A situation and related questions.

You live with your significant other, and have for almost a year. He or she is out of town for work for a month, and gives you permission to use their computer while they are gone. One night, when searching for a file you downloaded, you stumble across old photos of your significant other with their ex. The photos are old, they were not taken while you were dating.

Are you angry?
Are you angry/angrier if they contain sexual photos?

If you are angry, why?

Would it be different if you'd found a shoebox full of actual photos rather than on the computer?

I ask because this happened to my friend, and she's incredibly pissed. I don't know how to respond to her, because I save every photo ever taken. I've never cut someone out of a photo or thrown photos away because I dislike them now. They are memories and part of my past, so I keep them. Is this wrong? Should I be getting rid of things to prevent future problems with future boyfriends?
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Best friend fight question

Say you and your best friend have a really bad fight, like in the 10+ years you have been friends you've never really fought, but this is like the worst fight you've ever had with anyone, and it's not even that good of a fight, because it's really stupid. Say then 6 months have passed, and while you know that you can't go back to being best friends again, you do want to try to start the friendship over, how would you go about doing that?

Drop everything and answer this question!

Do you know of a really good spider-identification website?

My daughter was bit by a spider today.  It is moderately large, bigger than a daddy long legs and smaller than a wolf spider.  I am an extreme arachnaphobe and I am freaking out because I have convinced myself that it is a brown recluse (which is poisenous).  I have googled "Ohio spiders" and "striped legs" and "pictures", but it isn't working.  And the spider has taken up residence in a large web he built in just one day!  Is this the Spider of Satan?  What kind of freakish Hell-Spidey builds a web in JUST. ONE. DAY????????????!!???????????????

I know the webs can be used to determine some characteristics of a spider, but what specifically about the web is the determining factor?

Also, I DO understand that spiders are an important part of our ecological chain.  But my fear is irrational and no matter how much you tell me that they are friendly, I will continue to hyperventilate when I see them.

EDIT:  Mystery solved!  It was a wolf spider (I think).  Just a smaller and less hairy version than the man-eating beasts I had seen before.  Now...anyone know of an awesome way to exorcise spiders from one's house without actually TOUCHING or ATTEMPTING TO KILL THEM (y'know, in case you fail and they stage a coup)

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i'm leaving this comment on a friends' myspace refrigerator to make her feel better, but which sounds better?:

"babraham lincoln we salute you"


"babraham lincoln, I salute you"


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Mostly for girls, I guess...

When you wash your face, do you use warm water or cold water? (I use warm water, then facewash, then cold water.) Also, what facewash do you use and do you have an acne problem? (I have a bit of an acne problem, and I use Cetaphil at night and Proactiv in the morning. The Proactiv doesn't really help though so I bought Basis today just to give it a try.)

Stupid questions

1. Someone just told me that my album collection, here, made me look emo. Is this true? Do you think someone's music collection can say anything about their personality?

2. Would you ever try to break a couple up just because you wanted to be with one of them?

3. Have you watched the World Trade Center movie? Are you going to? What do you think of it?

4. How often do you ask and reply to questions here? Do you think about thequestionclub throughout the day? (i.e. Quite often something will happen during the day and I'll think, "I have to ask about this on TQC)
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1. How often do you weigh yourself?
Twice a day. But I'm going to start cutting back and only doing it weekly.

2. What do you usually wear when you weigh yourself?
Underwear or nothing.

maybe this is a bit far, but i'll give it a shot...

I already have a Chinese name (I was named by my uncle instead of my parents at birth) but I don't know how I'd get it onto the computer. I already have my surname, Leng (梁) because I looked it up on Wikipedia, and I know the last character of my name is an article (文) and they really do look like that when I write it down in real life so I know those are the right characters. However, there's a character between 梁 and 文 that makes up my name. I can't find this character anywhere, it's the word stuck with another character so it's something along the lines of, "artistic fire princess" (according to my mom). Would anyone happen to have this character as a word that I can copy and paste and combine with my surname and say "THIS IS MY CHINESE NAME"?

Collapse )

EDIT: Never mind, got it. It's 梁燁文.