August 27th, 2006

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I know that in the winter, businesses have to heat their building to a certain temperature (in the winter). But what about during the summer? At my work it is so cold that I am cold even wearing long pants and a sweater.

Where can I find this information (I'm in Chicago)? And what is an accurate way to measure the temperature?
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Under the cut is an ad I saw at (meaning: it's worksafe).

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Do you think this is an effective ad?

Obviously, it does a great job of getting your attention, so it succeeds in that respect. But do you immediately close the tab/window because it freaks you the hell out or do you read what it's for?
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I am poor and stressed out, and would like to acquire a bottle of liquor that is sippable, but reasonably priced. (Jager and Glenlivet are expensive.) Given these parameters, what would you buy?

(fwiw, I don't want to have to add any mixes to it, so Aristocrat is out. It must have a proof higher than that of blue curacao or Buttershots.)

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What would you make of the following sights in a public place, photo, or otherwise?

Say all people are white Americans, of the same age group.

1. A woman and man with arms around each other, walking.

2. Two men holding hands

3. Two women, one with her head on the other's shoulder

Why would you assume what you assume?

If you have children, do you enforce society endorsed gender roles? Why?

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Anyone here used this stuff before? I'm assuming it's quite like that bare mineral American stuff? I've read a lot of reviews of the US version saying it brought them out in spots, hives and all sorts, so I'm scared to try this UK version, in case it's the same as my skin is quite sensitive.

If you have tried it, was it any good? I'd especially like to hear from anyone with oily skin, and if this stuff helped or kept the skin matte for any length of time.

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Holy crap! Has anyone here used The Keeper? If so, what do you think of it?

I'm taking a vegetable gardening class this semester. What should I grow? I live in north Florida, and our soil is not the best, so nothing crazy, please.

Whithout checking the comments or Google, where did the "an eye for an eye" concept come from?

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whats the best and worst anti cavity mouthwash you've ever used?

best: equate non alcoholic mint anticavity
worst: (as of today, sun aug 27th)react restore mouthwash..tastes like turpentine, bleh.
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Have you ever found information on Wikipedia to be wrong?

(Has this question been asked here before?)
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So I went to see Step Up last week.

and I swear that there was a trailer for a new Wes Anderson film before it, or maybe it just said from the creators of the Royal Tenenbaums. 
I went to look on IMDB, and I found no sign of it.
1.  Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about? 
2.  Is there a website that lists the trailers shown before movies?

I checked the archives, and I practiced my best google-fu to no avail. 
It's driving me nuts, Please Help.
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Some people hate the sound of nails against a blackboard. The sound that irks me is sandpaper on wood. Unfortunately, I have to sand down 2 wooden dressers in the next hour.

What sound drives you nuts? (I also hate cardboard rubbing against either itself or styrofoam).
What do you do to make it more tolerable, if you have to put up with this sound?

How can I make my wood-sanding experience tolerable?
EDIT: I'm a moron! I hadn't even thought of listening to music! Thanks :)
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Fair, wise, good, and gay.

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

What day were YOU born on and is this poem accurate in your case?

(You can find out what day of the week you were born on by clicking right here).

I was born on a Sunday and I'd like to think the poem is correct for me. :)

Values Poll

We all have things that we possess that we regard highly. Maybe it's something abstract, like our sense of humor or ability to draw. Maybe it's something more effort based, like our education or career. Maybe it's family. Maybe it's our beauty or physique. Maybe it's some item we possess. There's a lot we prize greatly in life. Now the trick of this poll is: narrow it down to 3. Your top 3 most valued 'things'. There's 2 lists, but that's just because it's impossible to fit everything on one. Of those 2 lists, you can only pick 3 combined values, NOT 3 from each list

I know it may be difficult, but that's the whole point. Making you assess your life. I'm intrigued by the aspects, goods or people we as a community (the TQC) hold dearest to us, and which options we skipped over entirely, marking them frivolous by their omission. Ready?

Poll #808076 Values

Which things or traits do you feel are the most valuable to you? Select 3 overall

My spouse/significant other
My children
My parents, or other family members
My best friend
My social life, or my network of friends
My car
My house
My Ipod
My intellect (this is different from education. This has to do with overall smarts)
My faith
My looks
My talent (be it writing, singing, slam dunking, whatever)
My education
My career/job
My morals

List two. Remember, 3 values total, so if you chose 2 from the first list, you can only choose 1 here

My sense of humor
My body
My wisdom (different from intellect. This has more to do with common sense, the ability to discern solutions through complicated situations)
Nature and my ability to appreciate it
My bank account
My band, team, unit, or some other grouping that I am a part of (say what it is)
My computer (it's a good one)
My altruism, or tendency to give to or help others and try to do the right thing
Other (if I missed anything)
I don't really like my life, and I don't particularly value anything in it
Self cleaning

Spiritual and Political Labels

If you had to label your religious/spiritual beliefs, which category would you fall into?

Spiritual, but not necessarily religious

If you had to label your political leaning, which would you choose?

Extremely Liberal
Extremely Conservative

I tried to simplify the spirituality question by going with the broad religious categories. Feel free to clarify which Christian religion, Pagan path or spiritual path you follow, if you would like.

For a funeral parade next week.

What are some good, cheap ways to turn oneself into a zombie? Since the closest theatrical makeup shop is a long drive away, I'm particularly in need of a good way to get the dead complexion going without the use of stage makeup.

If you were a zombie, what sort of zombie would you be?

Anything creative I should do or bring as a zombie? I'm thinking about carrying a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide, but aside from that I'm somewhat stumped.

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Do you burn candles and incense? Any particular kind? Is there a kind of candle that's best for lighting situations (emergency or otherwise)?

AND for math people who understand the horror that is algebra, can you please explain to me the steps involved in a problem like this? - I keep getting the wrong answer on my practice book and I can't figure out why since I don't have the step-by-step answers. Super frustrated :[

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Hopefully, someone who has a cat can help me out here....

We took the cat to the vet yesterday, and amongst all the things the poor thing went through yesterday, he needs to take some pills in the next few days.  The vet gave us one of those pill pusher syrenge type things, but I need to know which side of his throat it needs to be on.  If I put it on the wrong side, wouldn't it go down his lungs???  I'm so use to giving dogs pills, (which they will take easily if peanut butter is envolved,) so I'm not quite sure what to do. 


Bucky's Little Birdy (Darby Conley)


I don't drive. Period. I got in a pretty bad accident a few years ago. I cracked 4 ribs, dislocated my knee, and sprained my wrist. Ever since that accident, I do NOT drive. I don't have a driver's liscence. I've never tried to get one because I'm terrified of driving. My job is a 3 minute walk from my house. My mother in law or my father in law gives me a ride to class 2 days a week, and the third day my husband takes me because he's off work.

To make a long story short, my brother in law's girlfriend is not going to be able to drive her mother's car to class anymore because of some stupid drama that I'm not really going to get in to. Her first class is at 9. My first class is at 8:15. I leave my house at 7:45 every morning. She doesn't want to leave that early because she's lazy. I'm paranoid that she's going to constantly make me late for my first class.

So..what would you do, if you were in my situation? Would you try to suck it up and get over it? My husband and I have a second vehicle. He already said he would fork over the car and drive our crappy truck if I decided to start driving. I've tried in the past, but I don't think this is something I'm going to get over yet. I hate the fact that they are trying to force this on me.

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I have to give my students some ideas for a semester-long, intro-to-scientific-method projects. I'm having them stick to bean plants because they're cheap and easily contained.. but can you think of any ideas on variables to experiement with besides the ones I already have?

I'm going to suggest as independent variable: amount of water, salinity of water, amount of light, full-spectrum vs. specific wavelengths of light, sandy vs. loamy soil, fertilizer vs. no fertilizer, depth of planting, spacing of planting, and uh.. that's all I've got.

Thanks ahead of time.

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1. Do you enjoy the genre of horror sometimes referred to as weird fiction, or the kind of horror published in pulp mags maaany years ago? What about early gothic fiction (including, but not limited to, horror)?

2. August Derleth wrote a story called The Churchyard Yew (first published in 1947 in Weird Tales), and pretended the story was by J S Le Fanu. Apparently putting Le Fanu's name on it was just as a joke, and no one noticed it at first. Do you know anything further about this?

3. What's the component of green tea that supposedly causes hallucinations if drunk in copious amounts?
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so i want to dye my hair tonight. i want to keep my color red that i've been dying it because i really like it, but i want to incorporate black. i was thinking a black underlayer, but i'm not sure how good that would look.

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inspired by a previous post

How old were you when you got your driver's license?
Are there any of you (age 16 and older) who don't have a driver's license? Any reason why?

I don't (I'm 21). During high school, my parents wouldn't take me driving and they wouldn't let other people (relatives) take me driving. Illinois law requires that someone 21+ needs to be in the car with you, so I couldn't ask friends in high school to take me. None of my good friends in college have cars. This April I graduated college and more-or-less gave up/stopped caring when my parents started caring about it. Go figure.
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Okay, this was asked, like, 9 months ago, and I'm guessing that there's a lot more members/different members since then.

Mary Kay LeTourneau?

Sick fuck?
Lonely woman?

I'm interested in your opinions, and also if you think her marriage will work.
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What junk food/snacks would you buy in for a diabetic coeliac vegetarian?  My friend has been diabetic and a vegetarian for years, but she has recently been told that she needs to avoid gluten as well.  She's only coming over for the afternoon, but I'd like to get some things in for her.

I was thinking dried fruit and nuts?  Not very original but would this be okay?  Does anybody have any more exciting ideas?

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All of the driving questions got me thinking.

1. Can you drive a stickshift?

2a. If so, how did you learn and how long did it take you to get comfortable?
2b. If you haven't why not?

3. For those who can, do you drive a stickshift as a daily driver?

4. For those who can, do you prefer a stickshift or an auto? Why?

5. For those you can't, has not being able to drive a stickshift been a problem for you?

If you have curly hair...

1. Do you wear it straight or curly?

2. If you wear your hair curly, do you use any curling shampoos, gels, creams, anything to help define the curls? Which have you tried? Which works best? Worst?

Naturally my hair is very curly but I have been using chemical straighteners since I was in 1st or 2nd grade. I've been letting it grow out now but it is getting harder and harder to deal with. The hair that has been relaxed is still kind of curly, like the relaxer didn't work that well, and then the virgin hair close to my scalp is very curly, like little ringlets. It basically just fro's out and it is looking worse and worse.

3. Any TQC members that have tips/ know of some products that will make growing my hair out easier?

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1. What are some times when you have felt like a pretty annoying customer? Tonight I was in Wal-Mart, and first I asked the woman if we could make it two transactions, okay fine. Then I decided I did not want one of my items so I put it aside and she snapped at me, okay, my fault. After the second transaction was complete, I realized that an item was left in my cart, so we had to make a third transaction. The people behind me kept shaking their heads.

2. Do you believe that bad things happen in series of threes? For instance, there was a plane crash in Russia and now one in Kentucky, think another one will closely follow?
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I'm going to be really busy this semester as I'm juggling two jobs, a few classes, and a few volunteer positions, plus teaching myself two languages.   I think I might lose my mind if I don't write everything down.

These are aimed more toward the college students, but I'm interested in everyone's answers!

a.  How do you organize your books and papers for school?  (color code, folders, etc.)

b.  What do you use to keep track of your schedule, assignments/organize your life? (filofax, random bits of paper)
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File downloader

Does anyone know of a file downloader that actually /works/? Like ones for sendspace and the like where you can only download one file at time- you put in the URLs in the program and it automatically downloads them all one by one instead of you having to manually start them when the former one finishes?

I know these exist, I just can't seem to find one that will work for me. :(

Thanks in advance!
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kate and I.

crap nap

Why do I feel awful everytime I wake up from a nap? I always end up feeling more lethargic and gross than before. I get a weird taste in my mouth/throat, my stomach feels fluttery, my body temp is weird and I feel crampy and nauseous. Does this happen to anyone else?
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So my section of campus for this year, Central Campus for UD, its focus is service projects. Each complex has a specific focus for their service projects. My complex is concerned about SUSTAINABILITY: ECONOMIC, NATURAL, and SOCIAL.

Does that mean anything? During the complex meeting, our CC threw out a lot of PR/service project gobbleydook at us that went right over my head.

ALSO, is this a convincing representation of russophile's raccoon doppelganger?
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What are some of the essential items in your purse that you absolutely cannot leave the house without? Yes, I know about prescription medication, makeup, checkbook/wallet, keys and cell phones... But, anything else you absolutely cannot leave out of your purse?

Me- gotta have the following essentials in my purse, other than the above:

- rewetting eyedrops
- Excedrin Extra Strength for headaches
- gum
- travel-size comb
- travel-size perfumes
- Swiss army knife
- notebook large enough to fit in my purse
- a book
- nail file and buffing board
- nail clippers
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I have to read a criminal biography for my Intro to Criminal Justice class. My professor mentioned three, but the only one I managed to jot down was Helter Skelter.
Now. I love to read. I have never read a criminal biography, but now that it has been mentioned to me I think it sounds really interesting. Could someone could recommend a really good one for me? I'd really appreciate it.

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What are the policies for visiting patients in critical condition in a hospital?
I just got a phone call from a friend that a friend of ours was in a bad car accident and not expected to make it much longer. We want to see him, but he's in critical condition, and we're not sure if we can.

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Lets pretend someone you know just turned 16, their parents handed them
a car pronto. 3 months later they wreck it into a fence, they get a new car.

How do you feel about parents that do that?

I always had to work for what i wanted, it was never just handed to me.
That always kind've bothered me that parents would just hand things over.

Soap making

Okay, so I am making home-made bath products for Christmas presents this year. 

Have you ever made bar soap, lotion or anything of the sort?  How difficult was it, on a scale from 1-10?

I found an awesome website with recipes for these products, but I don't know anyone who has personally used it, so I'm not sure how accurate the difficulty ratings are.  

Do you think a basket full of home-made chocolate-inspired bath products would be an awesome gift?  Or would it suck?

photographers out there...

I need to get my senior portraits taken. My school has a contract with Mark Lawrence photography to take any school related pictures (prom, class pictures, sports, etc.) and for senior portraits, Mark Lawrence offers a discount to students at my high school. Unfortunately I am very poor right now after just having bought a car so I can't really afford Mark Lawrence's price of $200 for a basic package. A friend of a friend is a photographer and I have emailed him asking if he would take my portrait. He said it would run me $20 dollars plus twice the cost of the actual prints.

....So how much are actual prints?

EDIT: Does anyone know how much it would cost to literally make these prints. Like the paper, developing, etc.?
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There's a commercial on Discovery Channel for the new show "Inside The Twin Towers", and a familiar song is playing in the background. Is it by Snow Patrol? If so, what's it called?
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Cause for high electric bill

Our electric bill is about double what it should be ($300 for 1100 sq ft apt), and we're trying to figure out the cause. (It has been this way for hte past year or so.) We've narrowed it down to a few things, but here's a list of potentials. Which do you think would contribute the most?

+ bad seal on refrigerater(?) (how do you tell?)
+ dryer takes four hours to dry clothes
+ 55 gallon freshwater tank with 1 filter and two fluerescent lights
+ 20 mins of shower/day; occasional hot baths
+ dishwasher used 2-3x/week
+ two medium size air filters
+ reptile cage with 4 lights that are on 12 hrs/day

The air conditioner is new as of last year, and highly efficient, so I don't think it's that, but for reference during the day it's set at 75' and at night 70'.

We rent, so we're gonna talk to our landlord about the dryer. Anything else you can think of?

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This summer I worked for a guy who runs his own business. He just asked me to send him an invoice so he would know how much to pay me. Does that mean he wants me to write down how long it took me to do each assignment? Or can I just give him the total number of hours? I don't see why he would need all that extra information, but his use of the word "invoice" makes me think he wants more than just one number.
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1. What's the cost of a local Sunday paper where you live?

2. Do you prefer to read the actual paper, or read it on line?

3. Do you have any specific Sunday morning rituals?

It's $2.50 here for the Reveiw-Journal.

I don't care either way, as long as I get to read it at some point.

Mr. Po3 and I usually get mexican food for breakfast on Sundays. Or, well, in all actuality, it's more like brunch because I sleep so late on Sundays. Heh. He'll come back, eat his lunch and read the paper from first page to last, leaving it in a pile on the floor by the couch. Makes me nuts, but what can you do, right? :)
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