August 26th, 2006

Cute Bow-tie Michael

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What is the population of the town you live in? Would you rather live in a big, happenin' city or a tiny, laid-back town?

The town I'm closest to has approximately 1000 people, and I prefer it to a city.
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What's the strangest thing someone has recently said to you that really did reflect a part of you?

One of my coworkers said "You remind me of my ex-girlfriend. She was a little crazy but you only got that if you talked to her for a bit."

I'm still giggling over that because I've heard stories of his ex :)
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I am making a trip next month to Grays Harbor, Washington.

I'm flying into Seattle (SEATAC) airport, but have no way to get from Seattle to the Harbor. I will not be renting a car, nor can I get anyone to pick me up. I don't have the funds for a shuttle or taxi (it's about a two hour ride), so I'm figuring I can get there by public bus.

However, I'm at a loss for what lines to take, et cetera, to get me to Grays Harbor.

Any help will be appreciated.
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background music for a party

I need to put together a couple of CDs as background music for a party with no dance space. Could anyone recommend to me music (preferably specific songs) with the following criteria?

Must not be depressing.
Must not be attention-grabbing.
Must not make you get drowsy.
Instrumentals are a bonus.

So far my best bet is some trance with a mellow beat, but I only have a few such songs -- I prefer harder electronic music. What are your favourite such artists/songs?
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I've been considering a laptop for the last year but I haven't gotten one yet because I had to wait till I was sure that I was accepted to my art school. Anyway, I just found out I was accepted a few days ago (yay!) and anyway, there are requirements that certain students for certain majors are supposed to have. They don't get published on the site till April, though, and I'd preferably like a laptop before this December.

The problem for that is because I am taking a CAD class for theatre at the moment (I'm currently a uni student - almost graduating) and life would be a lot more simpler if I had a laptop to bring to class. I'm using the lab comp at the moment. It's been one day and I feel the inconvenience already.

When do laptops usually go on sale and prices start going down? People say "in a few months" but really what months are those?

And what brands are best? Price isn't the first factor for me, I'm willing to spend a little more to get something good. I've ruled out Compaq, HP (just through pure rumor), and Dell (have a desktop - HATE it) for PCs. Sony Vaios are debatable. I am not getting a Mac because the director of my major for art school doesn't recommend it even though I really want one. Never mind. I'm thinking of focusing on Toshibas and IBMs (or is it Lenovo?).

Any advice on that? THANKS!

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1. What brand of soda has the most caffeine?
2. Do you say "soda" or "pop"? Or something else?
3. I need to be awake for a road trip at 6:30am. Is currently 2:30am. I'm not at all sleepy right now. Should I bother going to bed?
4. What should you be doing right now that you're avoiding by being online?

EDIT: And I'm off to bed. Still not tired, bleh.
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Why are you awake?

me: I'm taking summer classes =/ so I have two finals this morning... 8am-11am, and 11:30am-230pm.   I'm supposed to be cramming but I'm procrastinating on LJ instead.
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I recently started a new minimum-wage-part-time-high-school-chick's-job. The uniform type thingy is t-shirts. Whether or not this makes me a skank, I really don't have that many t-shirts. As you, TQC-ers, are the largest body I can ask at once and have the replies sent to my email inbox....

Where are good places online or in the Boston area to get good T-shirts for relatively cheap?

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i have to leave in an hour to help freshmen move into the dorms. i'm kind of icky and sweaty right now.

i showered last night but i didn't shave my legs because i forgot my razor in the car. i have it now. i don't own shorts, but i'm considering cutting off a pair of pants i never wear at the knee so i can wear them today. it won't be too hot out, and the building has AC, but it's really humid, so it feels like i'm wearing pants that just came out of the dryer and aren't quite dry yet. i need to shave my legs if i want to cut off those old jeans, and i need to do that in the shower. and it's not like i didn't shave the other day and it's just some stubble, i probably haven't shaved in two or three weeks and it looks fucking dirty.

i wouldn't mind a shower i guess, i feel kind of sticky so it'd be nice, but my hair will never dry in this weather and i'm just going to be sweating for three hours anyway, and i'll have to shower when i get home. i usually shower every other day because i have sensitive skin so twice in one day (three in the span of 24 hours) might have some annoying consequences.

soooo if you were me would you shower now or just wear jeans and wait until later?

edit: well i'm not going to but feel free to answer with what you would do if you were me
Chester (naughty_tangled)

Experiment Time here's my situation...

I'm currently taking General Psychology. My professor is pretty cool. She encourages discussion, generating ideas, and all that hooplah. week, Wednesday to be exact, we are starting a project. We are supposed to design a psychology experiment. We can test any theory we'd like. The experiment doesn't have to be feesable (sp?). It doesn't have to work. We don't even have to follow through on it, we just have to design it.

I'm so at a loss. I have no clue what I want to do. I'm going to talk to my sister's psych major girlfriend and see if she can help me, but I'm trying to get ideas from anywhere.

So..TQC...can you help me?
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Two questions...

1. Does the Planned Parenthood give free birthcontrol, or do you pay? And anything else you'd know about this that could help me out would be great, I'm kind of nervous about going, and I'm 19, but my parents would shoot me if I did it through our insurance. (Or is there a way I can use our insurance that my parents wont find out??)

2. If a cab is a special "students" fare, and is a $3 cab ride after 9pm...should you tip the cab driver? And if so, how much?
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Hi folks,

It's a long shot, but here goes...

I'm trying to find agencies or companies that employ people working from home via the Internet. My particular situation is I'm a British citizen living in Brazil, and finding work here as a foreigner is next to impossible. So I'm trying to see if there are companies who'll contract people working from home, and even abroad. I'm skilled in IT, Engineering and have done various other careers including journalism and editing, for what it's worth.

The alternative is online poker, and I can't play poker. And no "camboy" suggestions, OK? ;-)

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lead me

anybody want a melon?

I have a cantaloupe plant. It is gigantic -- we're talking 8-10 feet in diameter. There are flowers all over it and soon we're going to have 20 or 30 melons.

I have a friend in college a few hours away who comes home every month or so and I've asked him to find some of his friends who'd like cantaloupes so I can send some back with him. Who else would you give a cantaloupe to?

I'm also thinking about asking the BCM (baptist collegiate ministries) at school if they'd like some. I'm seriously drawing a blank.

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Poll #807484 Celebrity Body Switch 2

Yesterday, I gave you the option of being a famous person for one day for good reasons. But I'm sure there are celebrities and political figures we don't like, so now I'm giving you the chance to be a famous person for bad reasons: to mess up their lives! You have one day to do it in. Who do you pick?

President Bush
Tom Cruise
Britney Spears
Michael Jackson
Mary Kate Olsen
Paris Hilton
Ashley Simpson
Mel Gibson
Ann Coulter
Dick Cheney
Lindsay Lohan
Kevin Federline
Simon Cowell
Someone else (mention who)
I don't want to bring unhappiness to anyone's life

What activities would this famous person 'find themselves doing' one day? Remember, PR is everything and the Enquirer would eat up embarrassing stunts they were to pull

Making a sizable donation (half their assets) to an embarrassing charity (NAMBLA, Klu Klux Klan)
Making a sizable donation (half their assets) to a charity of your choice
Having sex with Fred Durst somewhere where the paparazzi get their morning coffee
Get a crew cut haircut, dyed bright pink
Get drunk, go out for a drive past some cop cars, weaving and hollering, then shouting anti-semitic slurs at the cops when they pull them over
Relieve themselves on the floor at an expensive poshy restaurant
Attempt to board a plane with a suitcase that contains nothing but dildos, astroglide and a gun, then scream "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM" when security starts asking questions
Consume 25,000 calories that day
Get a horribly botched silicon lip injection that makes them look like they were hit in the mouth
Wear the shortest skirt they can find, no underwear and then go to the mall to try on shoes
Get a tattoo of 'MY NAME IS _____', misspelled, across their forearm
Go to a regular beach but mistake it for a topless beach
Arrange to hair the interior of their house painted hot orange
Convert to Islam in a public ceremony
Get married in Vegas to a waitress or cabana boy, stinking drunk, regardless if they're already married
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Amusingly inappropriate funeral songlist

I recently asked my friends list, "Please help me write my appropriately inappropriate songs to be played at my funeral list (not because my funeral is necessarily happening any time soon, but because it cheers me up to think about it)."

I now extend the same question to you lot.

My personal number one choice is Tori Amos, Happy Phantom.

Collapse )
Erin Go Bragh
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Drama games

Have you ever taken a drama class or belonged to a drama troupe? Did you do warm up exercises or games? What were/was your favourite(s)? Would you mind describing it/them briefly?
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What are some super great things my mom get me at the drugstore to get rid of my sore throat because I have school in 5 days and my sore throats always seem to last a week! Also, what is the name of that drink (not tea, it's like a medicine I guess in a tea-like form?) you can buy to sooth sore throats? Does it work? Is it gross?
garth marenghi

(no subject)

1. what makes you squeamish on your body?

for me its belly buttons or one nail going under another (even thinking about it) and I know people who cant have their necks touched or cant use metal cutlery because their toungue might rub on the spoon

2. what do you believe is nose - blowing etiquette?

for example i'd rather piss in public front of someone else than blow my nose in front of them, and i hate it/ feel sick when someone else does it infront of me but some people will even do it at the table and i don't know if this is considered rude or if other people notice it.

american question...
3. what is a snack pack?

english question...
4. i am a student in England and i work a part time job which i did for a year through an agency but now work straight for the company. apparently that means that now the agency will be counted as my first job and this as my second. is there any way not to be taxed for this job considering i rarely work for the agency, but don't want to be taken off the books and i'll still be earning less than £5000 a year

A hypothetical:

You are dead. As of this moment, sitting in front of your computer, you have suffered a pulminary embolism, and your life is over.

You see the cliche "light at the end of the tunnel" and pass through. There on the other side are the now recognizable souls of every person you have ever cared about. You realize that this has happened countless times before, and that you have lived thousands, perhaps millions of times before, but you remember nothing about your previous lives, except the last (which is this one, which just ended.) Wordlessly, as there are no longer mouths to make words, they all ask you the following two questions.

"How was it?" They ask.

You say, "......................."

They all nod in understanding. The following offer is then placed before you.


1. I would like a new life. Send me back. (You will have no memory of your previous lives. You may be sent back as any living being.)

2. I wish to remain here and remember everything. (knowing nothing of the rules, society, or your place in it, or whether you will ever have the chance to live again)

3. I would like to relive my last life. (Exactly the same way as before.)

4. I would like to go back and re-live my happiest life. (Also with no changes, but knowing nothing about it.)

Your answer:......................

Please fill in the dots.

Bonus Question: How can you know whether or not this has happened before?
Quinn Twin

Baby Pics

What did you look like as a kid? Did you look more like your mom or your dad?? Do you think you are easily recognisable from old pics (like, if someone came across your younger pictures, do you think they'd instantly know it was you)? Post pics, including recent ones if you have'em!

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For those of you that play instruments...

1. What do you play?
2. How often do you practice and for how long?
3. Do you take private lessons?
4. Do you think that private lessons (or some sort of instruction) are needed to learn an instrument?

I have a friend who, for some reason, is very against private music lessons...I think maybe she thinks they're degrading or something. I asked her how she thought people should learn to play instruments and she said "books." Does that make sense to you?
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Hi folks,

The Google-fu is failing me...

I'm trying to find the murder rate in Brazil for 2003 - 2005, as part of some research. I've managed to find a CDC reference up to 2002, but I would like to find more recent data. It has to be a reasonable site that won't show bias, and ideally some form of government site.

Can anyone find anything?

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Error message

Can anyone help me?

Everytime I go to 'blogthings' on this computer, I get an error message - 'Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem & needs to close.

Is there anything I can do, or is the computer just being clever & steering me away from cr*p? ;-)




Do you or your family believe in any superstitions? Or have you known of any to "come true"? What are they?

I wouldn't say that my family is superstitious all around, but there are several things that always stick out in my mind:
My grandmother has a large bay window in her kitchen. I can remember being at her house several times when a bird would fly into the window and die. She would sit in her rocking chair and say "ohhh no. oh goodness. someone's going to die, Honey." She would worry about it for days.
My other grandmother lives in a 200 year old house that has been lived in only by my family. All of the porch ceilings are painted blue. She says that they have always been like that and its because it keeps the evil spirits from entering the house.
My mom told me that the day before her father died of a sudden heart attack, she was at a friend's house. All of the dogs in the neighborhood were howling and the friend jokingly told her that it meant someone was going to die soon.

(no subject)

1. What's a good homemade white face paint/makeup? I'm doing my little cousins' makeup (we do "theme dress up" when they come visit), and they want to look like geishas.

2. Did Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid play their own instruments in Josie And The Pussycats?
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(no subject)

does anyone know of a good script or tutorial for doing a fake lomo effect in paint shop pro?
the one (and only!) i did find made my images far too dark, and the rest of the results seem to be for photoshop.
  • breelee


Someone told me that people in the USA can no longer buy items from out of the country on eBay. It sounds bogus to me. Does anyone know if it’s true? Thanks! :D


Car question.

I'm looking into buying a new car. Instead of getting a loan and a fairly new car, I'm thinking of getting a fairly old (used) one. I have an offer of a 91 or 92 (owner can't remember which) Chevy Beretta. Information I've been given:

It's an automatic (a must-have for me).
Has rust, but nothing "major".
Has a "slight' radiator leak, but has been running all summer okay (including a 3000 mile trip to my town three weeks ago).
Has good air and heat.
7-10,000 miles left on the tires.
25-27 miles to the gallon.
It has only had 2 previous owners, including the one that has it now.

Edited to add: Owner said it has "a lot" of miles, and has all paperwork for the services that's been done to it.

So, I ask you TQC... is $600 a reasonable amount?

I do have a mechanically-inclined father who will help me check things out/give advice, but I would like opinons. Have any of you had this make/model of car? If so, did you like it? Was it a piece of crap?

Unsticking Photos?

I realize this question is really bizarre...but does anyone know how to unstick two photographs?

They were in a frame (one behind the other) for a long period of time, and now the picture side of the second one is stuck to the back of the first. I really love the second photo and I'd like to get it off intact if at all possible. Help!
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(no subject)

How come in those Worst Case Scenario games they never put any useful information like "what to do if you find yourself suddenly shot in the lungs" or "what to do if your car suddenly won't turn as you're going into a turn"? Everyone already knows how to get out of their car if they're underwater and to poke a shark in the eyes if they're being attacked.
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military wives

(no subject)

1) What's the best thing to do for an infection/inflammation in an ear piercing?

Right now I've got white gold sleepers in, and I've been using rubbing alcohol and antibacterial stuff on it. It's been a problem since I first got it pierced though, and I don't want to get any more until this one is fixed.

2) Anybody got any good music recommendations?

Right now I've got "Fire Department" by Be Your Own Pet, "Modern Swinger" and "Lovers Into Ghosts" by Pink Spider, "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger, and "Invincible" by Ok Go on my playlist. I always like to check out new music though, and I don't really care what genre it is.

(no subject)

Have you ever had Faygo? If so, what's your favorite flavor? And where do you live? I've tried Orange, Redpop, and Black Raspberry but I'm not sure which one I like best. I live in Arizona and Faygo is really hard to find here and it's a bit pricey compared to other brands.
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(no subject)

whats wrong with my computer?

whenver I start it, a message comes up saying the locally stored profile is damaged and a temporary profile will load in its place for the time being.

and then when it loads everything i have -the files i downloaded in the last few days and the last program i installed is missing and the desktop looks new except for 4 compressed albums i downloaded in the documents folder.
all the "my documents" compressed albums are gone.

any ideas why this is happpening and how to fix it?
figo/zizou action!

boredom is mah king

1.) What's the most expensive you've ever been given? Most expensive present you've ever given to someone else?

2.) Would you rather have armpit hair, long enough to form a sizable ponytail, that grows back instantly after you cut it, or would you rather have a many-nippled udder? (if you are a girl, this udder would be in lieu of breasts, not in addition to.)


3.) In your opinion, which Chex Mix piece is the shittiest?
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(no subject)

Something amazing has happened. One of your dreams has come true, finally! You've never really thought it could happen despite your positive attitude all throughout and it's just quite unbelievable. What's your biggest dream? This has come true.

You call various friends and scream into their ears. You run around the house and jump on the sofa, the bed, whatever. Upon telling one parent who is at work, the parent responds with, "Is that it? Okay. Bye."
How do you react to this? Do you let it bother you?

Over the next few days, as you run into friends you haven't told your AWESOME news to yet, even though the happy has died down a bit, you still share the exciting news with them. One, who comes up to you with a deathly glowering look on her face (not at or for you, though). You ignore it and tell her anyway but all she does is give two terse claps of her hands and goes, "I'd be happier for you but I'm in a bad mood. It's no fun when a teacher yells at you," and then walks away. What is your immediate and delayed reactions to this?

Both of these situations happened to me, verbatim. I just love those two../end sarcasm. So here are all the questions again:

What is your biggest dream?
How would you react to a parent responding so listlessly?
How would you have responded (or not) to the friend? What do you think of this?

And lastly, most importantly, do you feel that a fake congratulations is better than nothing? In my mind, I think it's better than none at all. I think ANYONE, despite any mood they are in, can at least muster up the 5 syllables 'congratulations' or 'congrats'. Heck, I'd settle for a one syllable 'yay'. Your opinion? 'Cause either I'm super sensitive or those two people were just being hurtful, despite the fact it was unintentional.
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Beth a roni Present

To buy or not to buy

Say your credit blows, and the only way that you can get a laptop computer would be if you save 700 dollars which would honestly take you about 6 or 7 months at least to save, or if you did the financemypc website deal, where you only pay like 75 dollars a month, but you pay it for like 36 months....which is a crazy price, but the laptop is top of the line and you do have a 3 year warranty with it....In your opinion, what would you do?