August 25th, 2006

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How do you unofficially change your first name?

I really prefer my nickname to my real name and I would love to be called by it all the time. Beyond just introducing myself to new people as Vera, how can I get people to use it? And how far can I go with it before I have to make it official? I mean, can I use it on a resume? With a professor?

eta Also, should I really be waiting till I finish college to make this change so I won't be with people who have known me by my real name for the past few years?
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(no subject)

1) I'm going to an outdoor concert next week. Having never been to a concert before, what should I wear? (Keeping in mind that it's a bit of a date...)

2) Also, about that date: The guy I'm going with is a friend of mine from the last term of college. I didn't consider it a date when I asked him, but it came out that he assumed I had asked him on a date. He's a few years older than me and is constantly spending time over in my dorm (though he's friends with my roommate, too). He came over today to use my stove and we talked for an hour and a half and ended up talking a lot about our families (he asked a lot about mine). He talks a lot about relationships around me and always jokes that for such and such a reason "it's meant to be," "we're soulmates." Anyway, we're pretty close friends and I'm not nervous at all about talking to him if I should--should I tell him that I really am interested in him?
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mona lisa smile

i am miserably failing at finding a photo and/or screencap and/or any sort of still of this:
a shot of ginnifer goodwin (as "connie baker") and ebon moss-bachrach (as "charlie/charles stewart") in the movie mona lisa smile, together, being awesome

an odd request, admittably, yet one of random pressing urgency on this night
can you help me?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

If I send someone an e-mail to a yahoo address from an AOL address...will the email get sent back to me if it was a wrong address?

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(no subject)

I need to find a website that will enlarge a picture and send it to you in pieces, so it will be a poster made up of like 12 individual photos with space in between each. Does that make sense? Either way I'm totally freaking out because I KNOW i've been to the website and i Cannot remember it for the life of me.
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(no subject)

So with my new job and classes starting, I'm sort of running out of time to eat. But I'll be out of the house from 7:00-6:30, so eating is really something I need to do. I figure I'll eat breakfast at home, take a granola bar to eat between my first work shift and my first class, then take a lunch to eat between my last class and my next work shift, and then eat dinner when I get home.

But what are some good, easy transported lunch items? Preferably that I wouldn't need to refridgerate/heat up, but if I have to it's not a big deal. This is going to be my first job in three years that I don't have the luxury of eating whenever I feel like it, and I'm afraid of starving.
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Love songs, whee.

I posed this question in ask_me_anything last night, but figured I'd ask you guys too.

Scenario as follows:

You have met the love of your life, and you are engaged to be married. You want to sing a song to this person to express how you feel. What song do you choose?

Edit: Please no "I would write one myself" answers. I'm looking for a pre-existing song here.

(no subject)

Question: my (right) ear is really, really "plugged" or "stuffed", if you please. So badly that I cannot hear out of it, and now have to rely on my left ear, which I just so happened to have lost a lot of hearing ability from because of some sort of ear infection. Is there a way to (SAFELY) "unplug" my right ear within the next 4 hours? I've tried to (gently!) use a cotton swab, and it didn't work. Help?
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(no subject)

will washing with cold water get your clothes as clean if you washed with warm or hot water?

I need to wash some shorts in cold but everything else requires warm water.


(no subject)

Hey everyone...

I'm in desperate need of some new books to read. I'm not terribly picky when it comes to books but just to give you a general idea; my two favorite books are Perks and Looking For Alaska. I also really love Palahniuk books but I've read them all so far...

Fire away anything you think I might like or even something you just like.

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(no subject)

If you have/have had a nose ring, did the backing in your nose bother you at all?
Are most backings flat like those you would find with a labret piercing, or are they the rounded ones that are on most regular ear studs?

I keep thinking about that scene in Clueless, "Dee, when your allergies act up, take out your nose ring."
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Rap music!

I’m a teacher and I’m doing a lesson comparing rap music to poetry.

I am wondering: what are your favourite CLEAN rap songs, and/or positive rap songs? I am willing to include songs of which there are clean versions (i.e. words are blanked out). You should know that I teach junior high language arts, and the kids doing this lesson will be aged 12 - 14.
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Coffee time!

I can have coffee again (I had refrained from drinking it while I was pregnant).

So, what do you reccommend as far as coffee shop type drinks concerned? (Starbucks and other, I like to get my java from a variety of sources). Espescially reccommend sweet stuff. I've totally forgotten what I like!
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Were you spanked as a child? Do you think it was a positive or a negative thing?

If you have children, do you spank them? Did your opinion of spanking change after you had children?

If you plan on having children, do you plan on spanking them?
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(no subject)

I'm in the market for a laptop. Mostly I use it for internetting, watching tv shows/movies, and downloading miscellaneous files. I use Photoshop CS infrequently.

A local is selling this laptop. Is this a good price for someone who is not a gamer or are the features unnecessary for my computer activities?

Additionally, would you say this is priced high or low and by how much?
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(no subject)

1. have you ever read ayn rand's novels or her books / essays? was it for school? and if so what program?
2. what do you think about ayn rand as a person?
3. what do you think about her novels?
4. what do you think about her philosophy?
5. would you call yourself an objectivist?
6. if you said yes to 5 or you call yourself a fan/follower of her, how old are you and what is your sex?

this isn't for an assignment but for my own personal interest.
i hear a lot of fangirling about her and a lot of "i hate her", but i'm curious as to what people think about her in general and if people take her seriously or not. the stereotype going around is that most people who read her books are impressionable college girls who take women studies or women literature courses.

i used to be a big fan, but after researching more about her philosophy, her personal life, and memoirs by people who she was closely associated with, i started to see there was a distinction between her philosophy and her books. she stated early on that she created her philosophy for her writing, but then it seems she got all caught up about it being the explanation for everything in her life. that bothered me, along with a lot of the contradictions and certain extremes portrayed in both her novels and in her essays in now i enjoy her novels only because they're a good read, but i don't take them seriously anymore.
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(no subject)

Perhaps a stupid question, but I'm not familiar with ebay practices and want to make sure:

Let's say you bid $20 on a $15 item and no one else bids. Do you have to pay the seller $20 or $15 when you win?
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(no subject)

From a friend who hasn't got LJ but wants this question answered: "On my new phone, in order to put songs on it they have to be in a certian format. Most of the songs I want to put on there are in MPEG-4 format and they have to be in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format. Do you know how to change it? Is it even possible?"

also, who's the last person you actively stalked (or were obsessed with)? mine was a sweet guy from Fear Factor...I found his wedding pictures and stuff...
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(no subject)

Have you ever won a national chance-based contest with a major prize? (like finding the winning game piece in a box of cereal, or getting all the Monopoly pieces at McDonalds)

If so, what was the prize?
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"Ever heard of a musical with a sad ending?"

A friend and I were discussing that phrase last night though we couldn't remember the origin. My question is what musicals can you think of with not so happy endings?

So far all we have is Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof and Crime and Punishment.

(no subject)

Poll #806839 Morning, sunshine

Worst scenario to wake up in?

In your bed, wearing a slightly soiled furry costume
In a puddle of your own sick
In a puddle of sick that isn't yours
In a strange bed, in a strange room, next to a naked stranger
On a medical exam table in a metal room, surrounded by space aliens. One carrying something called the PROBER 2600
In county lockup
In a hospital bed with no recollection of how you got there
In a tub of ice, with an incision in your lower back (left side) with a Post-It on the mirror. You can't read it from here but it looks important
Alone in the kitchen with what looks like 2 empty pizza boxes and a bad case of indigestion. That's thousands of calories and you know no one came over last night
On a motherfucking plane with motherfucking snakes!
In class for the a final exam, and you're only wearing your underwear (just like the dream except you're not dreaming)
In a gutter in Mexico with no money nor any recollection of how you got there
Turns out, it wasn't just a dream you had about using the bathroom...
In a boiler room, with a guy with burned skin, claws and a red and green stripey shirt
In a world where chocolate doesn't exist (the last chocolope, where chocolate comes from, went extinct decades ago)

You can spend one day in a famous person's body. Just one. You get to keep nothing but the memories. Which famous person would you select?

Brad Pitt (he gets to sleep with Angelina Jolie)
Angelina Jolie (she gets to sleep with Brad Pitt and be Angelina Jolie)
Stephen Hawkings (you get to use his mind for one day and understand the universe in a way you'll never grasp now)
Hugh Hefner (no explanation necessary)
Bill Gates (multi billionaire)
Tom Cruise (he's rich and I'd just like to know how crazy he really is)
President Bush (just to make one difference for one day)
Christina Aguilera (looks, wealth, that voice)
Michael Jordan circa the Chicago Bulls era
Scarlett Johansson
Osama bin Laden (he'd suddenly feel the urge to catch a plane and take a tour of the office of Homeland Security)
Paris Hilton (even if you don't like her, you gotta admit, she's pretty privilleged)
Lindsay Lohan (same as above, except she's lucky)
Johnny Depp (you could sleep with any woman in the world AND be Jack Sparrow for reals)
Someone else (tell me who)

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

It's love!
You're the antichrist and they are your wicked minions
You smell like fish
You're followed by hundreds of kitties, who chase the birds into the skies
Dick Cheney must be hunting nearby
Holy crap! RUN! The birds are attacking!!!
Because your medication needs adjusting
You're Nemo, and the sounds of MINE MINE MINE are heard in the distance
Because you suck and everybody's giving you the middle finger
Because the poster of this poll has severe mental problems

(no subject)

I have heard of Compulsive Skin Picking Disorder, but does anyone have the urge to pick at their gums with floss/toothpicks until they're bleeding and swollen and hurting? It feels SO GOOD when I do it. I don't understand why I have to do this. Its driving me crazy.
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silly cursor question

I have this bull's eye cursor I can't seem to figure out how to change back to my normal cursor. Mind you, it's only bull's eye when I run it over Firefox...I'm thinking it was from my Colourzilla extension but so far I've had no luck reversing it. And I have rebooted.

Anyone have an idea of how to get rid of it?

edit: also, when i try to take a screen shot of it, it doesnt show up on the image.

editted yet again: looks like this kinda [i made this with ms paint]:
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(no subject)

Is it a bad idea if I contact my ex and arrange to meet in a public place and chat as friends while he still is in a relationship with someone else and I'm single?

Why or why not?

How would you feel when any of your exes who you got along well with email, text message or call you out of the blue? Flattered or disturbed?

Random Questions

1. Do you get nervous when you are pouring or carrying coffee that you're going to burn yourself?

2. What academic, grade-boosting tips have actually worked for you (for example, sitting in the front row of a class or using flashcards)?

3. Have you ever played two completely different songs at the same time and found they sound good together? I accidentally played "Blue Hotel" by Chris Isaak and "Get over it" by OK Go last night and it sounded like the greatest dance track ever.

4. When you were in college (or if you still are), what did you use to tote your stuff around to classes? Did you see many people with back packs?

5. What is the scariest horror movie you've ever seen?

6. Who would you LEAST want to be stuck on an island with?

7. What movie would you LEAST want to be stuck in?
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Does nobody drink regular coffee any more? Every time I'm talking about these things with my friends they all talk about how they love the latest low fat frappachoccowhateverthefuck with extra awesomesauce. I drink just regular coffee with milk or cream in it. Am I the only person who still does this?

this is probably a stupid question!

Ok please forgive me for wording it this way.. BUT I have a webcam, and it has the cord coming out, and that splits into a USB cord and.... What? What is the name of the smaller part? I just bought an extension for the USB part, but I need something for the other half now. I just don't know what it's called!

Thanks :)

(no subject)

I got married today..and now I need to know some stuff.

1. How will marrage effect my taxes when i file?
2. Name change...go to the SS building? what will I need ?
3. DMV same thing...what will i need?
4. is it ok to leave credit cards in my maiden name? or do i have to change all of them too ?
5. what other things will change now?


We are goin goin our honeymoon in the Fall.**
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(no subject)

A friend sent me an email that said something about clicking the exclamation point in the Yahoo! sign. I tried it, and nothing happened. So, was it just a joke to make me feel stupid, or does something actually happen?

(no subject)

1. are you currently avoiding anyone? giving them the silent treatment? what did they do to deserve it?

2. would it look really silly to wear a black skirt, black strappy shoes, and a carry light brown(camel color) handbag? (is there some rule o' fashion that my shoes have to match my bag?) and is there some color top I could wear that would make the brown handbag look ok with everything else?

(no subject)

So tomorrow I'm moving back to school and it's about a 4 hour drive.  I'm trying to decide what I should make my playlist for the drive up.  Since inevitably people have varying music tastes, my question won't be what should I listen to, but rather... What would you put on your playlist for about a 4 hour trip?


Hola kiddos!

I am looking for the name of this song, and the name of the band the performs it. The only lyrics I know are

"I'm on my knees, I'm Begging you please"

Its a contemperary song with a haunting musical background. Its a male singer who seems to be singing to his love. Its played on the radio to a nauseating extent. I tryed googleing it, but to no avail, all the results were not what I was looking for.

Thanks <3
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(no subject)

for those, who are in icon communities and see a preview of icons:
do you join the icon community just to see the rest of the icons when the entries there are locked?

Poll #806709 icons

do you join icon communities just to see the icons?

looking up
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(no subject)

In your experience, are subcultures (I'm thinking punk and goth, mostly, although I can name a few more) as accepting of different interests and views as they claim to be?

snow AC

question about paid accounts

So far I cannot find the answer to this, so I shall ask here.

When you have a paid account, and if you chose the option of paying for one year on automatic payments (for $19.95), do they alert you before they deduct or charge the next payment out of your account next year?
I'm curious because, obviously, I may not remember one full year from now that $19.95 will be deducted from my account.

I have also seen some people say that LJ never alerts them in time that their paid account is about to expire. Is this more the exception than the rule in your experience?

Finally, any reason I shouldn't bother with a paid account? ;-) (such as any scuttlebutt that LJ may be shutting down in 2 months?)
I'm tired of seeing the ads, but I like the extras I get, this is why I'm thinking about finally paying for LJ.


Hey Question Club, what would you think of this watch for a guy? I was looking for a watch, came across that, and really liked it. I was just wondering if it's too feminine for a guy or not, I know nothing about fashion. I have really skinny wrists so larger watches, as most guys are, don't fit that well on me.

More hair product questions!

So, I'm considering actually spending some money on hair products. I tried one of the color-enhancing shampoos that are all over the place (forget which), and it was pretty nice. But tonight at the store, I stared blankly at 5-10 different branded products that all appeared to be nearly the same thing to me.
I'm thinking about the color/shine-enhancing things (like the ones made for brunettes etc), and also somewhat thinking about ones that make curly hair happy (picked up a Fructis one on sale, will give that a shot in the next few days).

Anyone have suggestions? For the record, my hair is a medium brown (whether it falls into the lighter or darker brown range, I can't decide, but I think it leans toward the lighter), naturally curly, about shoulder-length.
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(no subject)

For those of you who exercise, do you cleanse your face before or after? (And by exercise I mean cardio, so that your face sweats.)

I run, and I read that you should always clean your face with astringent IMMEDIATELY after the run, because otherwise the pores will close right away and trap the dirt (or something along these lines). Is that true?
But wouldn't it make sense to open the pores before the run as well? And does it matter if it's hot/cold/humid where you exercise?
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(no subject)

Does it bug the crap out of you when someone makes a post and says to click a ( fake cut ) when it is, in fact, nothing but a link?

EDIT: Sorry, I think I was unclear. Does it bug you when someone says "follow the fake cut!" and then posts something that looks like this instead of ( this )?

Today I saw a decal on the back of a truck that said "if it's rubbin, it's racin." What the fuck does that mean?