August 24th, 2006

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Do you sleep at a regular time each night even though you may not be tired or do you try to stay awake for as long as possible?

I tend to stay awake as long as possible even though I know I should get some sleep and often, even when I want to sleep.  I have no idea why.

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I'm going to a Mary Kay party next week. I've never been to one. I don't do the whole "makeup" thing, beyond concealer and foundation and a bit of mascara every once in a while. It's not that I'm a tomboy - I tend to dress in really feminine clothes, for instance - but when I was a teenager I had lots of bad allergies and really sensitive skin, and couldn't wear much makeup, so I never got into the habit of using it regularly. I've also never really done anything very "girly" as I'm really a loner, so I don't even know what happens when a bunch of women get together for an event like this.

But all of my friends who are going are very into makeup and have all been to stuff like this before. There will just be five of us, all girls that I know pretty well but never hang out with without a group of guys around as well.

Have any of you ever been to one? Is it going to be as weird as I think it will be? I'm afraid it'll be awkward, because I never know what to talk to around other females. What do women talk about when they get together? I really need to figure this out, not just for this party, but because I'm getting married in November and have two female-only bridal showers coming up, during which I will probably be at a total loss (I've never been to a bridal shower before!).

What should I expect when it comes to the makeover itself? How much money should I spend ordering stuff because the woman is giving us free makeovers? I don't have a whole lot of money to spend - none of us do, we're all college students with very little money to spare - but I don't want to seem rude by not purchasing "enough."

Yeah, so this is a weird series of questions. I'm just way more nervous about my "relaxing" girls' night out than I should be, and having an idea of what to expect will probably calm me down a lot.
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Poll #805236 Toast!
This poll is closed.

How many minutes should it take to toast some bread on the Medium setting?

Mean: 3.88 Median: 3 Std. Dev 3.05
It takes my toaster a highly unacceptable 8 minutes; it's been driving me nuts.
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'Google Sandbox'

Does anyone know anything about the 'Google sandbox'? (the probation that Google puts new websites on before being listed)

I recently built a website and submitted it to a listing program.(trafic blazer) I have not yet been listed by google (or any other big search engines) How long does it take to get a listing and what can I do to get listed faster?

Thanks so much!
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I was watching TV on my computer last night (via a tv tuner), and fell asleep with it still on. When I woke up this morning, my computer had restarted. When I logged in, I didn't get any sound. I made sure nothing was muted, and that my speakers were plugged in and turned on, but still nothing. The only time I get any sound is when I turn on the tv. Help?
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Heya again!
Would there be any book-term smart people here? I'm trying to recall if there's a name for something - the little blurb/sneak peak of a couple paragraphs from the book, usually in mystery or romance novels, that's always on the first page after the cover. Thoughts?
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Childhood Obesity

I need some opinions on childhood obesity for a thing I'm doing at school...

Who is to blame?

Is it the parents fault for not monitoring what their children eat?
Is it school cafeterias?
Do kids just need to get out there and exercise/play more sport?
Is it the fast food chains?
Anything else you can think of?

What do you think is the solution?
Do parents need to be educated on nutrition?
Are they already educated but just being lazy about it?
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"Coffee NOW!" - PCU

I need a recommendation on a solid coffee brewer type thingy. It must fulfil l the following as best it can:

1. Cheap (no more than $20, unless it's extra special.)
2. Makes tasty coffee. Doesn't burn the beans.
3. Not gigantic. (apartment kitchen friendly)
4. Doesn't need to have fancy bells n'whistles - just looking for drip in the morning, as a grab n' go sorta deal. I know how to work an espresso machine but that's not really what I'm looking for.
5. Quick.

In the same vein:

What's your favorite flavor, purchasable at a grocery/dunkin' donuts/starbucks/similar coffee vendor? Anything regional to Albany NY would be supercool. [Daily Grind, Professor whatever's Coffee, Uncommon Grounds..]
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The Receptionist Classic

Hair Hair everywhere

I need to get my hair trimmed/cut/shaved/etc. Seriously. It's been many, many months. I've been considering getting bangs/fringe. I haven't had bangs since high school. Think... 1995 or so.

What do you think about bangs/fringe? Honestly.

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I hate asking the hair people because they always agree with you, 100%, even if what you're saying makes you look like a dumbass. I could go in there, tell them I want to shave my head or dye my hair neon blue and they'd be like "Oh, that would look SO great!"

Oh and PS... how do you say the name "Roisin"? (As in the artist I'm listening to.) Always wondered about that.
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Turns out, I can't stop doling out hypotheticals. My mind's too quirky like that and this is the only place I can really drop these oddball questions

You're given a glimpse of the future. At 3:18pm, you will walk along a certain street by your work/school, and will be hit by a car. In the car is the president of an extremely successful company, who's drunk off his ass. After the ER visit, the doctors tell you that your left leg is almost completely useless, and you will walk the rest of your life with a cane, hobbling everywhere you go. Not wanting this accident to get out, the president arranges with his lawyers to allot you $150k every year of the rest of your life if you sign a confidentiality agreement.

150k annually in exchange for not being able to run, walk normally or do the things you'd normally do with a left leg again

It's 3:10 now. Do you let fate proceed as it should and get hit by the car, or do you avoid that street and keep your legs?

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How long does a girl's hair have to be before you consider it really long?

And totally unrelated...I'm thinking about buying a train ticket for a week from today. Right now it's $117, which is something I'm willing to pay, but I won't know if I'm actually going until Tuesday. If I wait that long to buy my ticket, will the price go up a lot? Possibly down? It's an overnight train from VA to GA, if you're wondering/if it matters.
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Mmm food. (Wait, no.)

What foods make you feel sick just looking at them?

Personally, those lunchables things that come with sour fizzy crap to pour on your lunchmeat. Ugggh. Also hominy, but that's more of a learned response than anything.
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I am getting a new puppy! I can't wait! *insert squee here* She is coming to us in NJ from Texas by American Airlines.

So my question:

Has anyone ever had a puppy shipped to them by airline?
What did you have to do to pick him/her up? And what airline/airport was it?
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Pluto Pwned.

So now that Pluto is not a planet...

1. if that was your ruling planet (astrology) who rules you now?
2. do you think that is fair for a planet to toil for centuries/eons just to end up booted by a bunch of scientists?
3. are scientists going to ruin more things i like?
4. what about all of those neumonic devices for learning the solar system...???

bonus question for seanutbutter:
what will Disney do with Pluto now? Is he going to get recalled? Tossed aside to the endangered character pile behind Disneyland?
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Mens Pants

Does anyone know where you can buy JNCO pants, or pants like JNCO? I bought a pair for my husband in a re sale shop and they are his favorite pants and I cannot find them in any stores. He is 6'6 so he needs a 32 - 34 length pant and they have to be baggy. I have tried some skate shops and pac sun w/ no luck. I even tried Hot Topic but most of the tripp and mac gear pants are to baggy. Any suggestions would be awesome!

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Dating Hypothetical

Sorry for my second hypo post in one day

Let's say you're dating someone. You like them a lot and the relationship just went past the 3 month marker. He/she's never brought up their romantic past and doesn't like talking about it, and you've respected that. All you know is that before you, he/she dated someone for 2 years.

The romance is whirlwind-like. Passionate, each date memorable, the sex is great (if you're having sex), and you think he/she might be the one. You're smitten.

One day you're at their place. He/she's in the shower and you're looking for something and come across some old photos stuffed in an envelope. It's of your lover's ex. Their ex looks a lot like you. Similar body shape, same hair style, similar facial features.

You confront your lover with these pictures, and he/she says that, yeah, they loved their ex a lot and was heartbroken when they were dumped, and that they started dating you because of the fact you looked like them. He/she likes you now, but admits that maybe they aren't completely over their ex.

Considering how good the relationship is, what do you do now? Do you break up, or take this new information in stride and accept it just to keep dating them?

What would you do?
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driving questions

1. When you're on a street with more than one legal lane do you let people merge into your lane? What does it take for you to let them in (blinker on, hand out the window pointing into your lane, etc)?

2. When you see someone parallel parking in front of you on the street, do you stop and wait for them do it or do you go around them?

3. If a car is parallel parking and a car tries to go around them, but they end up hitting each other (the parking car is backing up into the spot and the other driving is trying to go around) - who is at fault?

4. Do you let people merge in when they drive up in the right hand parking lane so they can bypass a lot of cars?

5. When was the last time you gave someone the finger or swore at them from in your car?


A cashier started out with less than $15 in nickels, dimes, and quarters in a cash register. Find the grestest number of nickles in the register if there were 5 fewer dimes than twice the number of nickels and twice as many quarters as nickels.

A bowler scored a total of 620 in 5 games. What must the bowler score in the next game in order to avergae between 125 and 130 in 6 games?
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Sorry.. iPod question

So.. my iPod is broken. It's giving me the sad face and I'm not able to reset it like it says to on the support page. I can hear clicking inside like the hard drive is messed up somehow.
It's a mini and I've had it since about June 2004. Does anyone know the approximate range of how much it would cost to get it fixed? Is it even worth it? For the record, it has been really good to me.. But I wouldn't mind getting something a little bigger.

If it's too costly to get it fixed I was thinking of investing in the Creative Zen Micro. I really like the fact that it has FM radio. How does it compare to the iPod?

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I'm all about every single person on the planet being able to have an education, no matter what special things they need to faciliate that.

However, in taking a class in which there was an interpreter for the hearing impared students, right up front next to the professor, I found myself very distracted and in turn, slightly irritated by it. It was very hard to ignore and I couldn't concentrate on what was being said.

Does this make me an asshole? Becaues I FEEL guilty. :/
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I wanna buy a flash based mp3 player so that I can take it with me snowboarding this winter. If you have a flash mp3 player:

1. what kind?
2. how well do you like it?
3. does it have an input for extra space?
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beautiful? i'd as soon call her mother a wit!

1. if you could make one literary character your boo for real, who would you choose?

2. what's the best film adaptation of a book (one you've actually read) that you've seen?

3. have any of you seen the new version of the show doctor who? if so, are they kidding?

4. do you have younger siblings? if yes, do you get along with them? if no, have you ever wished you did?

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project runway/america's next top model

Is there a website or two that compiles all the shoots/fashions/etc of Project Runway or America's Next Top Model and displays them in galleries with a description of what that week's challenge was?

It's hard to find galleries that don't mix all the photos up or have all of the works!

thankee :D

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I keep getting weird, throbbing headaches in the top of my head. It feels like sinus pressure, like when you're sick and you bend down and your head feels like it's going to explode...only not in my sinus cavities. Sometimes while I have these headaches, I get a quick, stabbing pain in the same area. Is this just a tension headache or should I be concerned? I've tried massaging my head, but it doesn't seem to help.
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When you listen to music are you more into the sound or the lyrics? Would you buy an album filled with horrifingly cheesy lyrics but amazing instrumentals? 

Have you ever let someone call you by the wrong name for an extended amount of time? How long till they figured out? 

Who is your favorite comedian?


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My brother and I work the same job. We're both in school/college, so we only work holidays. However, for the last year or so, it's been exclusively me. I had to drop some shifts a while ago, and my brother picked them up. Then last week the manager was on holiday, so we both worked everyday. This week, I've worked everyday, because my brother was away. He was supposed to work today, but I covered for him. I'm working a double tomorrow, and he wants me to give him one of them. I said no, because I need the money. He thinks I have enough money.

I tried to explain that I live away from home, and have to pay my own way, wheras he lives at home and mom pays for his food and everything (she covers my basic living, but that's it). She even pays for his clothes (up to €600 a year, which he claims isn't enough because the labels he likes all the jeans are like €100). She also gives him random spending money.

He's had the chance to work, a couple of times the manager has called for cover and I usually give him the first shot, but most of the time I end up doing it.

I think he's just lazy, want's to work now because he realised he's broke, but as soon as he has cash he'll drop more shifts on me to cover. I've been working there pretty much full-time for the last month, and I think frankly that I've put in the time, shown that I work hard, and I deserve the shifts. I was asked, but it'd probably be okay with the manager if I gave him a shift (though he can't make coffee or work the till.)

I think I'm justifed in telling him to fuck off, but we haven't got the best relationship, and it's possible my thinking he's a wanker might be clouding my judgement.

Any thoughts? Do you think I should let it go and give him the shift?
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1. So which of you Mac users have to send in your recalled battery? I haven't checked mine yet (will after I post this), but is there a time limit on when you have to request a new one (as in, does it have to be done today or do you get a couple days to call it in?)? The Apple website is down, and I hear the phone lines are busy busy buysy right now, thus my reason for wanting to know in case mine is oen of the ones being recalled.

2. I had some cavities filled today (three to be exact). My mouth is hurting like a mofo now that the numbness is wearing off. It's never hurt this bad before. Could it be because I had three (normally I only have one to fill at a time every few years) done at once (all on the same side)?

3. Why did work call me to come in even though I took the day off because I was getting my cavities filled and would be drooling lakes and rivers afterward? Don't they know that's not very professional to have a grumpy and drooling employee in pain? (No, I didn't go back in.)

4. So my job finally got direct deposit. I've never had this before. I know the money goes into the bank on payday, but do you get a stub or anything like that that lets you know how much was put in and when for your records?

Question for those who've sprained their wrist...

Has anyone here ever sprained their wrist?

How did it happen and what did your wrist feel like afterwards? Also what sort of treatment was taken?

I think I sprained my wrist yesterday, it hurts like hell when I move it/rotate it past a certain point, but it's not so bad that I think it's broken. I mean I still feel pain so something is attached and it did lessen a bit when I had ice on it.

Any ideas for other home treatments I could do to take care of my wrist since at the moment I don't have insurance and I'm needing to be home all day to clean out my apartment so some new roommates can move in with time to make Sept rent. Thanks in advance and I think this is all the typing I should try for awhile.

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1. College students: when you're buying your books at the bookstore, do you ever pick up books from other classes that look interesting? I always wind up buying one or two more books from random classes that look cool, and was wondering if others do the same.

2. I graduated with a Bachelor's in May.. double major biology and English, minors, philosophy and chem. I've started my Master's in bio, and will eventually get my PhD in bio. However, I have no desire to stop studying literature or philosophy (to hell with chem) - so the question: I have the option to either pick up another Bachelor's in philosophy or do a Master's in comparative lit.. which one should I start?
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YouTube Video Icon

Hi folks,

When you upload a video to YouTube, is there any way to change the icon that appears for the video? YouTube seems to automatically select it, and I can't see a way of changing it.

I've had a look through YouTube help, and can't find anything on it.

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When you see or hear someone else's creative work and you have a completely obvious idea for how it could have been better/funnier/etc., do you tell them or do you keep it to yourself?


I saw a picture here on LJ of a guy showing off his new tattoo that says "Memento Mori" across his upper chest. My first reaction was that it's really cool. My second reaction was that it would have been cooler if it were reversed so he'd be able to read it whenever he looked in the mirror.

I downloaded the new Weird Al song, "Don't Download This Song". I think he missed the obvious joke of cutting it off suddenly, as if it were incomplete or corrupted.

I usually keep these ideas to myself. I wouldn't want people to not like their own stuff.

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Ok, so old lady Google is being the whore she is, and I can't find one simple answer...

1. How many mph does the average person walk?

So, with this MPH taken into consideration, would walking a little less then 5 miles from one destination to another be considered unreasonable for a relatively fit person? How long would that take?

It's either that or use the unreliable bus system for two weeks.
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What is it like to break a bone?

How does this compare to spraining something (like an ankle)?

I've only ever sprained my ankles. I own them pretty hard too. The last one swelled up to about 3 times the size and I had bruising all over my foot and up my leg. I had the hardest time walking for about 2 1/2 months and then another 3 months after that where it hurt to walk down stairs.

If breaking a bone is any worse, I will never do anything dangerous and stay inside of my apartment for the rest of my life Jesus Christ :(

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My website is acting a fool and I don't know why.

It looks fine on my computer (SBC Yahoo browser) but on others, especially Mozilla Firefox, the pictures and text areas are deformed and misaligned. There's a Paypal button that completely disappears when viewed on some computers.

I know this is a browser issue, but how do I remedy this?

Also. I'm using Microsoft Frontpage to build the site.

Here's my site, and this is not spam!
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Car Shipping... by Train?

Hello. I am planning on buying a car located across the country. I psyched myself up to do an expensive road-trip, since shipping by truck is soo much more expensive.

And a friend of mine said: Hey, why not ship by Train? Apparently they hear that's pretty cheap - I'm skeptical. But I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about shipping vehicles via train online! Not a single web page! Maybe I'm searching for the wrong keywords or something.

My questions are: (1) Do you know of one or more websites which will help me determine how much it would cost to ship my car across the country via train? (in USA)

(2) Have you or do you know someone who has done this?

(3) Any other vaguely cheap ways to ship? I am all ready to go on that road-trip, but if I can save some money by doing something else, I'm all for it!
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Toothache tips?

My wisdom teeth are killing me. I'm on (mild) pain killers, but I think they only help because I manage to convince myself of that every now and then (the pain comes and goes every minute).

So, what can I do to feel better? Cold and warm stuff (like wash cloths and ice) is NOT helping.
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I heard a song on the radio today. I caught that the song was "All By Myself" as well as the artist's name, but I have no idea how to spell it; I can't find the song it was on google (all I'm seeing is Celine Dion's version).

The artist's name sounded like Surai. I suppose it's a new song. It has a... Jamaican-ish feel? I don't know. But I liked it, so I hope someone knows who it's by?

Edit: It's Syrai
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Does it bother you when a question is filled with links back to the user's journal?

I always see it as either: a) unnecessary self-promotion, or b) a sign that the full explanation will be WAY too long if you have to link to another post for it to make sense.
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if I had t-mobile I'd just get a sidekick 3

1. It's time for one of those questions: WHAT PHONE SHOULD I GET. I've researched online and whatnot, but I need more outside opinions because I can't make things up on my own. The provider is Cingular. So far, for three (I think) years, I've been using the Nokia 3200 and it's been fairly awesome. I keep seeing these RAZRs and SLVRs around. I want another phone to last me three years and still be awesome. Will a RAZR or SLVR stand a chance? Or should I look at something else? Should I just get another 3200, even though it's OLD and probably discontinued?

2. Anyone seen that Coke commercial that's like GTA, but NOT? When I first saw it, I was like "Oh ho ho ho. I see what you did there." I found it on the internet and for some reason I watch it a lot. Probably because I'm a fan of "Haha, it's like this thing, but it's AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE." type of things.
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I don't know if this has been posted before, but I was just talking with a friend and this came up. You know how there's rating communities and general picture post communities around here? My friend was just commenting about how Asians always seem to get the most attention and how it seems like as long as you're Asian, you're immediately considered cute or something.

Is that true for you guys? If so, then what's with this fascination with Asia? I don't get it. What's so great about Asia?

(Just in case anyone thinks I'm being racist, I'm not. I'm Asian myself. I'm just curious.)