August 23rd, 2006

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I really want to wear colored contacts, but I have slight astigmatism in my left eye. This makes it "unsafe" for me to wear colored contacts from companies like Acuvue. I've heard of special like "tear drop contacts" or whatever they're called...are those better? Has anyone tried any other kinds of colored contacts?
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1. Have you read Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs?

2. Should I major in American Studies or English? [I go to a small liberal arts college, and these are pretty much the only two options I'm considering. Career-wise, I'm interested in teaching, museum work, and possibly going on to seminary or getting my master's in social work.]

3. What's the best movie you've seen recently (new or old)?

4. Have you tried the new dark chocolate M&Ms?

5. If you have a preference, do you prefer odd or even numbers?

I'm really sorry...

but I'm having a problem with my iPod.

can any of you help me transfer my songs from my iPod to my computer??

i just got a new laptop for college, and my songs on my iPod were deleted from itunes on my old computer. that one doesnt have internet anyway, so it wouldnt help me anyway.

i know this is asked a lot, but i would appreciate some help..

thanks in advance.

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Here's a really lame question for you...

Okay, there's this excellent website called Hero Machine where I have created a character... yeah, go ahead, make fun of me; I don't have anything better to do.  Anyway, the way you're supposed to be able to save the picture is to copy this code and paste it into an e-mail or some other text editing program.  I tried posting it and I also tried e-mailing it to myself, but both times I only got the code, I can't see the picture.  What should I do?
I got the website from someone else on my friends list who made a character and posted it, and I could see the picture of her little buddy.  Why doesn't mine work?

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Free Pass for Booty

A) If you're in a relationship, do you have any celebrity or 'list' or certain people you're allowed to sleep with? Who are they?

B) Would you want a free pass for famous sex, if you don't already have one?

C) Would you allow your SO to have this list or single celebrity that they can sleep with if the opportunity arose, if you were willing to have one of your own?

If you're single now but wind up in a relationship sometime in the future, answer the above questions as it would apply to you

Update to "Lying Furniture Salesman"

Original quandry here.

Ok sooo went to talk to one of the managers yesterday. He was very very nice and never once questioned me or acted like I was in the wrong. The salesman was not there that day and so didn't hear his side, but the manager did say that he apologized for the salesman telling me there would be no payments and that he was one of their best guys and been with the company for many years. And that he would talk with him today I guess when the salesman was back.

That being said, this was what happened. The store offers 2 finance plans. Plan A is for (I think) a minimum of $2000 and it's No Interest, NO monthly payments for 12 months BUT you have to put %20 down. Plan b was for a minimum of $3500 and this was the plan I took which I was told was no monthly payments, No down payment and no interest for 30 months. Great, but there are indeed monthly payments and anyway, I was told otherwise.

So what they offered me was Plan A - and they would waive the down payment. So. I can get the no monthly payments on this thing but I'd have to pay it off within a I was thinking of doing that, since after the first of the year I should have a good chunk of change to put into it (was planning on that anyway - not making any payments till then). Then towards the end of the year, I could look into transferring the remaining balance over to a no interest, no fee, etc. credit card (I do have good enough credit to do this). That would give me another 12 months to pay it off w/out any charges...

Though I am a bit uncomfortable transferring the balance but I looked it up and as long as you get a 0% apr, transfer rate, all that AND you pay it off, you are fine.

I haven't told them what I want to do yet but I think I'll take their Plan A without the down payment (I'll make sure again and when I sign that that is truly the reality). I am pretty satisfied with how they handled it, also that they will waive the down payment for Plan A.

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What should I listen to?

I'm at work, mp3 player plugged into mini-speakers on my desk, and I don't know what to listen to. I realize I can't list all the songs I have on my mp3 player, so name an artist/band/soundtrack, and if I have it, I'll add it to my listening queue.
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1. Have you tried the Dr. School's 'for her' inserts? They are made for high-heels and if they actually make them more comfotable I may have to buy them.

2. What is your stupidist injury? Last night, as I was putting jeans on I was not watching what was on the floor. I jammed inbetween my toes right on the edge of my trash can. Now I'm limping around like a moron and feel stupid when people as why.
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Hey! So I'm sure everyone is familiar with how cereal is packaged in plastic bags inside the box. It's probably cheap, and still easy to roll down to keep it fresh. So how come some kinds (Honey Smacks and other sugary cereals come to mind) use foil-like bags? Maybe it's not as cheap and harder to make, or has something to do with the fact that the material is dense, to not let light in? Would seem to be a lot easier to roll back up and keep tidy, though.
Anyone know about that?

mp3 question

I have a cd with close to 1,000 mp3's on it that my frined burned for me a long time ago.

I have Itunes, I want to import the entire cd onto Itunes-the situation: everytime i pop in the cd into my compy itunes doesnt recognize that anything has been put in and when i manually import[you know, file, import, open, etc.] it only lets me import one song at a time-THIS IS UNNACCEPTABLE!

Is there a way to import the whole friggin cd at once?
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For the food nerds.

For you people who like to cook and do it a lot.

Do you ever take photos of the things you make? My Dad thinks it's weird that I do and he's positive nobody else does it, but I've seen loads of people on LJ do it, especially in places like food_porn.
If you take pictures of your food, why do you do it? For me, it has two purposes. I've always found it helps when posting a recipe (which I do along with the pictures) to have a picture of the finished product so you can see what it's supposed to look like. Secondly, a friend of mine has a little trouble following recipes that are just words, so to help him out with the recipes I post, I take pictures of each part of the process so you can see what to do as well as reading it.

What about you guys?
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why does only one side of my gums hurt after I flossed my teeth?

I flossed every tooth and when I came to the back left side of my teeth near the back of my mouth,my gums starting hurting a few mins later.
I floss almost every day and this has never happened before.

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Would it be possible for a cat to eat nothing but people food but still be just as healthy as if he was eating cat food? If so, what would his "people food diet" have to consist of?

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I was looking through old Readers Digest magazines in school, and came across a competition they ran years ago.
The prize was a choice of two things - a holiday, or having your body cryogenically frozen after you die... so you can come back in the year 3000, I'm assuming.

Which one would you pick if you had won the competition?
(And since I don't remember the holiday destination, let's say you can pick wherever you want)
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Didn't know who else to ask, bc I got mixed responses in the handbag communities... but are luxury items, like authentic Louis Vuitton cheaper in places like Taiwan. Because I was recently in Taiwan and was debating/trying to find out whether it was cheaper than in the states. I want to buy a couple of bags there, and I was wondering if there was a price difference? Because I know over a certain price, you get the tax money back/returned when you travel internationally. I'm pretty sure the tax is already inside the price, while in the states there's tax inside the "retail price" and another sales tax on top of it... Help?

Is the price difference minimal? or is the gap difference wide enough to wait 2 months when my parents go back there?
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So. I have a computer that I'm trying to get windows installed on, but the only copies of Windows XP I have are 1. broken and 2. on another computer.

Now, XP Pro is about a hundred dollars more expensive than XP Home, so I'm rooting for getting the cheaper one but my mother is quite insistent that Home isn't as good.

First: I looked up the features that vary and they don't look like they matter much at all, but what are your experiences?

(I mostly am going to use this thing for gaming and internet surfing.)

Second: Where can I get a copy of XP, either kind, more cheaply than I could get it at walmart or compusa? (Not counting warez or similar, as my mother would have a FIT and I'd be afraid they'd send someone to kill me)
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i hate my summer job. i work in data entry at a seasonal store, so now that summer is mor eor less over, there is no work for me to do. my supervisors expect me to pass my reamaining week-and-change by doing menial tasks that dont take very long. i've been slowing down as much as humanly possible and that helps, but i'm running out of work fast.

so i have two questions for you...

1)what are some non=work things i can do to pass the time. i work in a corner where i'm relatively not bothered by others, but i cannot access the internet, (im writing this from home, on lunch break) and im not allowed to listen to music. i have very little materials to work with at my desk - some paper and pen. so far, i've killed a little time by making to-do lists. other than that, i['m stuck for ideas. thoughts??

2)i'm aiming to get a day off next week, since it's become blatantly obvious there isnt much work to do and there are a lot of things id like to take care of before i go back to school. these things can of course be done on saturday or sunday but i just dont have a lot of time on the weekends. and asking for this day off is sorta short notice - so how should i approach my boss about asking for this day?

thanks so much. im off, though, to go suffer three more hours of nothingness and torture.
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Yeah, this one's weird

Poll #804650 The Unpleasant Poll

Sometimes accidents happen, and some unlucky person might themselves with two arm braces. Now, when this happens, there's many things they can't do for themselves. Cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom is one of them. These people need help. Who's ass would you wipe for 2 weeks straight?

My significant other/spouse
Best friend/s
Next door neighbor
Johnny Depp
Friends who aren't in your top 3 closest friends but you still consider friends
Your child/children
Some people from TQC

If you were the one who had two arm braces, who would you ask to take care of your 'bathroom cleaning duties'?


critical stop

when i switched on my computer this morning, it decided to have some sort of nervous breakdown.
it keeps making the "critical stop" noise every two or three minutes.
i'm not doing anything differently and other than the noise, it seems to be fine.
can anyone give any suggestions as to why it's doing this and/or what i can do about it?
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theatre attire

I've never been to a theatre performance before. Next week I'm going to New York City where I will see Phantom of the Opera. What should I wear to something like this??

I think my boyfriend said he was going to wear a shirt and tie, which is pretty obvious. As a girl, my choices are much more complicated. Suggestions?

EDIT: It's at 8pm, if that makes a difference.
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Where can I get the old game "cannon fodder" that used to be on power macs?

basically its 2 cannons that you adjust trajectory and powder level in order to hit the other and there are obstacles like mountains, trees and hospitals that you can hit for extra points or penalties.

Other games simmilar to that are fine too, but I dont like the new cannon fodder where its just 2 cannons on towers, its very lame.

Im also not looking for the old game Cannon Fodder which is about army guys, though its a fun game.

Dude, where's my clutch?

Maybe it's just my luck, but I've been starting research on getting a new car, and nearly every website I go to, none of the cars come with even the OPTION of a manual transmission. I've been looking at mid-priced ($20k - $30k) sedans, and everything seems to be automatic (with the exception of the Mitsubishi Galant, which has some clutch-less shift thing.

Where have all the manual transmissions gone?

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I need money!!

OK, this needs a little bit of background, but I'll try to keep it short:

I have been a receptionist basically my whole career (10 years or so), but after I got laid off from my last job in January, I decided I needed a change.  I looked into trades, and in doing do, found an ad for a grower's assistant at a tree nursery.  My Mom has been in the horticultural industry for almost 20 years, and the ad said that experience wan't necessary, so I applied.  And got the job, at the end of June.  

At my interview, my (now) boss asked me how much I would like to be making after 6 weeks (there was a 6 week probationary period, for both the company & I to test each other out).  I told him that I couldn't survive on less than $12 an hour.  This is entirely true - I'm a single mom, and life ain't cheap.  I figured that if I was asking too much, I wouldn't get the job, simple enough.

But I DID get it.  When I started, I was told I'd be getting $10 an hour for the probationary period.  There was no mention of afterwards, but I was led to believe that I would be getting the $12 I asked for after that time.  I DO  know that he was planning on raising my wage - I'm on a government subsidy program, and he asked the case worker if the subsidized amount would change if my pay was increased.  So I know that he did intend on increasing my wage after the 6 weeks.

So, here's the trouble:  The 6 weeks ended earlier this month, and today I got my first paycheque since I got off probation.  It's still @ $10/hour! I haven't been given any progress report, nor has anyone commented or criticized the effort I've put out.  I've done everything I have been asked to do, and am always on time (usually the first one there, actually).  

The question is this:  obviously, I have to ask him about it.  I really can't survive on the wage I'm making now - even with almost no extra expenses, I'm spending more than I'm making.   But at the same time, I'm afraid that if I bring it up, I might not get answers that i want to hear, and I tend to get... emotional sometimes.    Should I e-mail him tonight? Or should I just talk to him in the morning?  Should I bring it up like he might have forgotten, or should I go into it expecting that he's trying to screw me over?

K, that ended up longer than I expected.... thanks for any advice you can offer! (And, not to offend anyone, but this is really the only thing I want advice on - how to bring it up and discuss it.  Not how to find a new job, not how to save on expenses, just whether e-mail or in person would be more effective.  I've seen many people ask questions, and some of the answers go off on a tangent... but I like my job, I don't want to go, and I'm living fairly cheaply right now - what I need is to get the raise that was promised to me, without offending anyone or burning any bridges. Thank you for understanding.)
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We are getting a new chow chow puppy soon, and have a tradition of having at least part of their name be chinese, as they are asian dogs. So we have decided on a first name of Lily, but now I need middle name.

What is "red" in chinese? How is it written in english, and how it is pronounced?
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1. I was resently made aware of the fact that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon. Why not?

2.Is anywhere else like that?

3. What's the average gas price where you are? Here it's about $3.25 a gallon.


1. Wierdest meals/snacks you like? Ex) I like bagels with hardboiled egg and mustard on them.

2. Anyone tried the Curly Girl method? or no 'poo? Good, bad?

3. Me and my boyfriend work together. I want to do something nice for him at work for getting me the job, when I get paid. Flowers are out. Preferably something I can just give as a gift because we don't get long breaks/lunch.. So taking him out is out of the question. (I wanna do it at work so it'll brighten his whole work day.)

Thanks in advance.
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I really like Fiona Apple's cover of Across the Universe by the Beatles. Does anyone know of a FEMALE artist that did a cover of In My Life by the Beatles? I'd really like to find something in the similar style of Fiona Apple.

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Back story: Person A and person B were each other's first loves and were together for a couple of years. Things ended badly, but they eventually formed a close friendship that vagely holds on to this day. A sends B a birthday present every year - one that's really out there.. either really expensive, hard-to-come-by, extra-thoughtful, work-intensive, etc., something.

Questions: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being murderous rage), how jealous/annoyed would you be if you were A's long-term significant other? How about if you were B's long-term s.o.?

Actually, another question: is it obvious which person in the scenario I am?
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I've uploaded 2 videos to YouTube, but for some reason I can't find them when I search for them even though I tagged them. I searched using those tag words. Has this happened to anyone else?

What is your favorite YouTube video?
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Poll #804856 what would you say?

how do you pronounce "iraq"?

ee-rock (with alveolar tap)
ih-rock (alveolar tap)
"'ayn-ra-alif-qaf" style
another way
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Do you get annoyed when people don't say/spell your name right, or call you something else?

I do!!

How hard is it to say Noelle? NO-ELLE. or NOWELLE.
I don't understand how people get Nicole out it.
Or Natalie.


Does anyone know of any contemporary issues in any way relating to the emegence of capitalism? the spice trade? that sort of thing? I need to do a five min casual presentation in a uni tutorial tomorrow & i need some questions to ask the class.
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Do you know what I am talking about when I say:

The Hamster Dance?


The dancing baby?




Numa Numa?


Which is your favorite?

The Hamster Dance
The dancing baby
Numa Numa
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What size mattress do you have?

Twin/single (including xl twin)
Olympic Queen
California Queen
California King
Super King

2. What does your current bedding look like?
This is mine! Disregard the random roll of toilet paper, I don' even know why it's there.


I know there have been a lot of college posts, so it's my turn.

I have a group of 4 friends. We are FACE. We are dorks and I love the other 3 so much. One of FACE (the E, who will probably read this at osme point) left for college today. A is leaving Saturday, but my last day with him is friday. C is leaving Wednesday, which is my first day of school (but I'm living at home and taking the train to NYC every day).

It hasnt sunk in that my best friends are leaving.

Can someone tell me something that will make me laugh?
Or possibly give me some ways to deal with my best friends leaving me?

I made a CD to give to them of songs saying goodbye and stuff, and I made a collage today of pictures of us together which I'm going to mail to each of them at school (It's also my computer background).

Thanks so much, in advance.

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I wrote out a money order and filled it in...would it be possible if I changed it to another person/address?

Also, can I deposit money order in my checking account?
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Okay, so the boyfriend and I are moving to Austin, Texas together. We've never lived on our own, especially not together and especially not so far away from home.

To be honest, lately everything he does ANNOYS THE CRAP OUT OF ME, right down to the way he breathes when he smokes cigarettes. We've also been at eachother's throats these past few days...

To be even MORE honest, I seriously doubt we'll be up there for long..

Now, to put the icing on the cake, I seriously doubt we'll even be together for long too...

We leave the day after tomorrow. We're all packed up and ready to leave, we've got an apartment, we've got jobs, and I start school the following wednesday. We've been together 3 years..

What do you say? Should I give it a shot or get out now?