August 22nd, 2006

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How do you decide who to vote for if you think both options would be bad for the job? It seems counterproductive to just not vote for that option, but I don't even have a moderate, much less liberal option for state senator.

Why do all the governor commercials involve "I'm not like Jeb Bush" or "I'm just like Jeb Bush."? Can't these people just run on their own strengths?

What's your major issue that decides your vote? Say you have two candidates that are both strong, bring pro-what would push that guy into getting your vote?


What are some things you do (or take) to calm your nerves before huge events, presentations, exam jitters or things of that sort?

Is it true that if you're feeling nervous or anxious, you can take pepto bismol to calm that butterflies feeling in your stomach? If so, how early before the coming event should you take it? Does it come in pill form?

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What vitamins do you take daily?

Which multivitamin would you recommend? (I'm a 17 yr old female)

I have this problem with swallowing pills, even softgels. As a result, right now I'm only taking one centrum chewable daily. I went to a Vitamin Shoppe to look around, and they didn't really have any chewables for the vitamins I was looking for (B-complex, Omega 3, calcium) and then I went on, but they don't have chewables, only liquids, and you have to hold it on your tongue for 30 seconds and it just sounds gross. Anyway, anyone else have this problem with swallowing? What do you do? Crush the pill, buy capsules and take out the powder?
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I just took a practice math test (I have to take the praxis soon) and I missed 11 out of 40. I feel like *crap* about that. I should know better, and I need to take this test relatively soon so I'm getting upset with myself. I used to be very good at math until I switched schools in high school, then I got lost in algebra 2 and never progressed any further.

Anybody wanna try to make me feel better? :(
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leading man

Hmm, this was longer than expected.

So I recently discovered that I could play me PS1 games on my computer through the ePSxe emulator. I mean I know that I could paly the games that I downloaded but I never knew that it could play the real games I have on disk as well.
Question 1: Does the same apply to PS2 emulators as well? If so, do you have a good recommendation for a Ps2 emulator?

Question 2: Is there some way I would beable to use a PS2 controller of some kind with my computer? How much do they cost?

Question 3: How do you eat your waffle/pancake/french toast?
I like mine with maple syrup and smooth peanut butter.

Question 4: Would you ever do a private, professional nude photo shoot of yourself that only the photographer and you will see?
You know, so when you're older you can look back and remember your youth. This is something I've considered as a to-do for my twenties.

Question 5: How many of you have OCD? Mild or severe. Collapse )

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when i was in high school (about 16 yrs. old and all worldly about sex), and my brother was in junior college (about 20 yrs. old about as worldly as he was gonna get)...we were both at home and in the kitchen and i was doing dishes and he eating cereal, and he goes
"mom talk to you yet?"
and i said "about what?"
and he continues "you know"
and i said "no, i don't"
and he goes "you KNOW"
and i said, again, "about what?"
and he grimaces "about dating, and guys and shit"
(i looked down in the water cuz at this point i want to burst into laughter, but i do not -
he is trying his best to do the big brother thing)
so i say "no...we haven't talked"
he goes " like guys, right?"
i giggle and go "yeah, sure"
and he frowns "don't laugh - i'm serious about this shit"
so i attempt to refrain "ok, go ahead"
he squirms in his chair "ok, see there are guys in the marching band...and i used to be in the marching band and i know what guys like and what they do"
(he knows i'm in marching band - i play cymbals)
i say nothing
almost falling over from holding back the laugher...
he continues
"and yeah - so don't date guys"

so my question to you is:
who told you about sex?
and did you already know something?
how old were you?
how old was the person that told you?
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Lying furniture salesman

So I guess I'm screwed?

Went furniture shopping 3 weeks ago. Found a set in the first store that we really really liked. But it was pretty expensive, $3500. They had a great payment plan. if you spent $2000 or less, it was no payments/no interest for I think 12 months but you had to put a down payment on it. Then if you spent more than $3500, it was no payments, no interest, and no down payment till 2009....a great deal but since it was the first store we went to about 6 others looking around. No one had anything as nice nor did anyone offer such a great payment plan. Either you had to put 10% down or you had to make a minimum payment.

Anyway so we go back to the first store and get the $3500 set. I specifically asked the guy several times if there would be any monthly payment and he said No - nothing till 2009. I was very clear about this since the beginning of the year I bought my camera on a payment plan and didn't realize that there was a $10 min. payment due each month (no big deal, but I didn't think there was - also with the camera, I never specifically asked). So anyway THIS TIME, I was sure to make sure NO payments - NO interest - NO Down payment till 2009.

So you can guess what came in the mail. A bill for $117, my minimum amount due monthly. WTF. I called the billing company, they said there was no finance offer that was so long that was no min. due, unless it was the $2000 or under/12 months one (which was also a down payment). I told them I was told there wasn't so they are going to put in some sort of question query thing into the store that will take 10-15 days to process. Ok. But of course I was told to still pay the bill in the meantime. Then I call the store and they tell me the same thing. The 2009 plan does have a minimum payment. The salesguy isn't there till tomorrow so I can't talk to him. But I'm sure he'll just say I misunderstood. BUT I DIDN'T. I know what he said.

DAMMIT. Anyway so I guess I am screwed? They had a 7 day no-questions asked return policy but that has expired so I doubt I can ever return the furniture (which of course would suck).

This is ridiculous. I guess it happens a lot? Is there ANY chance they will honor what he told me??
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Car Insurance...

So I was pulled over this morning after dropping my baby off at daycare and on my way to work.

The cop was sitting behind some bushes and clocked me going 41 (and keeping up with traffic) in a 30 (that I've never seen posted).

I'm 26 and I haven't had a ticket since I was 17. Since it was 11 over, he said that he HAD to give me a ticket (I asked if I could just get a warning but he said since it was 11 over he had to give me a ticket). The ticket was for $89.60. Crazy.

Will this cause my car insurance to go up? If so, how much?
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If there's a website that offers a free trial for something, why does it matter if you don't have the full amount on your credit card at that moment? I thought as long as you have the money by the time you actually have to pay, it should be fine.
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holding hands

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If you and your friends were to burst into a spontaneous dance party right now, what songs would you want to have playing?

I'm making a playlist specifically for that purpose, and I need suggestions!

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So after joining a few communties, I'm starting to see some users out there in LJland that seem rather interesting to me. What would be a proper and friendly way to ask them if I can add them to my friends list? Should I just go to the last thing posted in their journal (if it's not friends-only) and ask them? I know on some friends-only users, they have a statement stating 'comment here to be added' or something of that sort, so I can do that, but what is a nice way of asking?

CyberPixels web hosting and other stuff

I really want to cancel my CyberPixels hosting plan because they suck and charge too much, but I cannot get in touch with them! They've been updating their phone service for about three weeks now and no one is responding to my emails. I happened to see this thing under Emergency support that takes me to a login site for something called Modernbill. I don't have any login information for this, so how am I supposed to use it? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Also, my plan is set to automatically renew September 14, but the credit card I was using when I signed up with them 2 years ago has expired. What will happen if I can't get in touch with them before September 14 and they try to automatically bill me? Could that potentially hurt my credit somehow?
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labor day weekend

my boyfriend are trying to find something to do labor day weekend. it doesn't have to be something to last the entire weekend, but at least something to take somewhat advantage of having a 3-day weekend. originally his friend from socal was coming to visit, but he's not coming anymore. we're at a loss for ideas. originally, we wanted to go camping, but it's WAY too late to try and book a campsite somewhere.

anyone have any cool ideas? we're in northern california, which i'm sure helps tremendously. :)
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Corgi Butt

Lately, my 8 month old corgi pup has been very interested in his bee-hind. He keeps licking his tail nub, mostly, but sometimes he chews too. I know he doesn't have worms - I've even checked his poo to be super sure. He doesn't have fleas or ticks (I have a LOT of animals, I'm anal about making sure they're well taken care of). I didn't see any sort of mosquito bite or anything when I looked at him very closely. And the last time he had a bath was about a month ago, so I imagine if I somehow hadn't rinsed him enough, this would have been happening before now (it's a recent thing - about a week ago, the last couple of days being the worst of it). Also, I don't think it's food allergies because he's been on a consistant diet for almost his whole life since I've had him, and food allergies usually involve other symptoms that I'm familiar with.

I don't know if it's possibly one of those things like when you just can't get comfy or you're itchy without real reason, but I wanted to get some ideas about it. So I thought I'd ask around lj since Googling 'itchy dog ass,' would probably lead to some horrible porn or all the other options I've covered above. I have to talk to the vet about getting him neutered soon anyways, so I will also ask about this then (probably talking to him today or tomorrow about that issue), but again, wanted to see what you other fabulous animule lovers had to throw in. Thanks everyone!

Social Security Card angst...

I'm having trouble replacing my stolen social security card. Basically, my name was never legally changed on it. I'm planning on getting married in a few months and i need it to get an id so i can get a marriage license.
i have been on the phone trying to figure out which papers i need and blahblahblah
can someone think of something to ease my government paperwork induced misery?
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1. What's pissing you off today?

(I STILL don't have cable in my apartment.. been almost a week.. )

2. When's my cable going to be fixed, damn it?

3. What should I make for dinner tonight? I don't feel like shopping. I have nothing exciting in the house.. uh, quinoa, brown rice, bulgar wheat, squash, peppers, tomatos, a couple potatos, tater tots, peas, corn, blueberries, two soy riblets, and all standard cooking/baking supplies (soy milk, flour, sugar, etc.)

4. What do you call that weed with stalks that look like rhubard, wide green leaves, and grape-like bundles of small berries that appear a very dark blue or purple, but dye your fingers bright magenta if you smoosh them?
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firefox extensions

My laptop came back home yesterday after a weekend of being reformatted and 'fixed'. For about an hour I've been searching for all the extensions I used to have, and also added more.

Any extensions you would suggest? Or any that you particularly like/find immensely useful?

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1. What's the quickest way you've ever lost weight?
Basically by not eating all day and eating very little for dinner.

2. What's the healthiest way you've ever lost weight?
I don't think I've ever lost weight in a healthy way.

3. How much is the most weight you've ever lost?
35-ish lbs at the end of last summer.

inspired by the tattoo question

I have decided on my second tattoo. And as soon as I can afford it I will get it.
I want a jigsaw puzzle piece. Problem is I can't decide where to get it.
Where would you suggest I get a smaller tattoo? An inch or two maybe? I have a professional job so arms, wrists are out of the question. And I have a shoulder tattoo already and dont want it on the other one. Interesting places?

I have one tattoo and already feel like Im running out of room. =/

Heroes and Horror

Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE! Form of, a __________ (animal)

Shape of, a __________ (something made of water in any form)

Now explain to me how your animal and water choice would defeat a bad guy

Do all dogs go to heaven?

Not if I can help it
Only Lassie
If they accept Jesus into their heart...
Only when Pavlov's bell rings do they get their wings
Dogs go to Valhalla
They get reincarnated as cats

The dead are attacking! Which of these familiar zombie movie weapons would you use to defend yourself?

Cricket bat, bar darts (Shawn of the Dead)
Chainsaw that has replaced your left hand, shotgun (Evil Dead 2)
Lawnmower, garden gnome used as bludgeoned object(Dead Alive)
Baseball bat, furnace (Return of the Living Dead)
Police riot gear, machete (28 Days Later)
Arm ties, a good friend, wacky adventures (Weekend at Bernies)

The coolest vampire in a movie was _____

Lestat from Interview with a Vampire
Lestat from Queen of the Damned
Akasha from Queen of the Damned
Christopher Lee as Count Dracula
Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula
David (Kiefer Sutherland) from Lost Boys
Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) from Fright Night
Miriam Blaylock from the Hunger
Selene from Underworld
Drake from Blade: Trinity
Blade from Blade
Violet Song jat Shariff from Ultraviolet
Lilith Silver from Razor Blade Smile
Max Schreck/Nosferatu from Shadow of a Vampire
Irma Vep from les Vampires

yet ANOTHER tattoo question...

tattoo placement advice from those who are fairly knowledgable with tattoos:

is the lower abdomen a bad place for a tattoo? will it get super distorted? obviously i know it will if i ever decide to carry a child, but before then... i'm curious.

** edit: if you don't want to answer the question, don't. no further commentary is needed. thanks :) **
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The Receptionist Classic

Scavenger Hunting

Anyone have any ideas for scavenger hunt objects?

We're doing a bachelor/ette party (both together) and have pretty much settled on doing a scavenger hunt that ends up at the restaurant or something. Just a couple of considerations: we don't want to make the teams spend a lot of money (we're thinking of getting two $20 visa cards or something for them to use) and we want a mix of pictures and things so we can make them a scrapbook.

Oh and if it helps, the party is on Friday the 13th and the wedding is on Halloween, on a haunted aircraft carrier. We're thinking of sending teams to the haunted house to get an autograph from one of the ghouls that works the lines. Dorky? That's the kind of stuff we need more of!
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Ring tones

My friend has a phone that came with a program to make her own ring tones from MP3s and transfer them to her phone via a data cable. Are there websites/programs online that will do that as well and send them to your phone or something?
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I'm going to add to the number of tattoo questions. Hope you all don't mind. :) I'm about to get another tattoo. I have one now.

Collapse )

I have a few ideas for my new one, but I can't decide! I want something that resembles the icon I'm using. Not that exact image though. It's the first icon I ever made, so it's definitely kinda rough looking. For those who don't know, it's the top half of the American flag, bottom half of the Scottish. My boyfriend suggested I have the full American flag, but put the Scottish flag in the place of the stars. Which idea do you think sounds better?

I'm also wanting to get a Celtic Cross, possibly with a rose to match my other tattoo. Is there a way the flag and cross could be combined into one tat?

Also, where is the least painful place to get one? Most painful? Mine is on my right calf, which wasn't TOO bad. I guess. I don't handle pain well though, so the less the better.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Edit: Okay, nobody likes my flag idea. So here's one more question. I wanted the flag to symbolize being born in America, but being Scottish by blood. What would be a good way to do this without the flags?
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Does anyone know of a program, or a Firefox extension that will allow me save all the pictures in a Google image search, or another image search?

An example being that if I searched for "cars" then it would save a certain amount of pictures (perhaps a number that I specify) that come up for the results. So saving like a few hundred pictures all at one time, along with saving the full size images not the thumbnails.

Basically an image fetching program/extension that allows me to use a keyword.

damn you, Dr.Internets

They should ban those "look up your symptoms and we'll inevitably suggest that you have cancer LOL!" sites D:

Now that i have needlessly convinced myself that i have ovarian cancer AND acute kidney failure at the same often do you get paranoid thanks to internet self-diagnosis?

What was the last extreme health problem you thought you had thanks to Dr.Internet?
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books = good

(no subject)

What qualities would a being have to have in order for you to consider it a god?

I'm not talking about anyone's belief or lack thereof in a particular god, simply a hypothetical god--not even one you would necessarily follow or worship.
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(no subject)

In a few years my entire family and I are uprooting and moving to Florida. We are looking in the Gainesville/Jacksonville area. Recently some family friends have purchased a home in Macclenny, FL and we're looking into the same community.

1)Anyone ever even heard of Macclenny?

2)If so, how, and what are your impressions?

3)Also any other suggestions for places to move. We are looking to be near Gainesville, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast.
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(no subject)

I have used Differn as my main acne spot treatment if you will for a few years.  However, I no longer have insurance and cannot afford the $130 price tag for Differn without it.  So what do you all use to zap zits away and how effective is it?
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Reocurring bruise?

I've been meaning to ask this for a while...

So I have this bruise, or rather - these bruises - on my thigh. I got them in, like...mmm...May? So yeah, it started out as like four bruises in a row (?) and then two bruises on top of that. Sweet. So then the set of bruises went away. And then it came back. THE EXACT SET OF BRUISES. EXACT. And it's been doing that over the whole summer. And right now it's fading again... But it might come back. And while it's probably entirely possible that I just keep banging into the same thing in the same exact spot because that's the kind of person I am (Over-estimating my size and walking into door frames, counters, letting my body scrape the wall as I walk. I was the kid who came home with scabs, cuts, and bruises and no idea how she got them. Because I'm TUFF. T-U-F-F. And because I beat boys up. Past tense. Kinda.), I'm still concerned.

So, why are these bruises doing this disappearing reappearing act?
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stripper songs

I was listening to Muse's version of "Feeling Good" and it occured to me that it makes an AWESOME stripper/poledancing song.

What other songs would make great stripper/poledance songs?

Some hypothetical and some not

1. Let's say you took a cab home from the grocery store three days ago. After the ride was over, the driver didn't have any money so she asked if it was ok if she came back in a few hours so you could pay her and you say yes. But she never shows up later that day. You go out in the evening and even leave a note for her on the front door with your cell-phone number so she can get a hold of you while you're away from home. And then today she shows up at your house and asks if you have the money from the other day. She's standing at your doorway. So what would you do? Would you pay her?

2. How often do you take cabs?

3. Do you always know who/what you're voting for when you walk into the ballot booth?

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So I just got my first tattoo. Yay!
I've been given this cream stuff to put on it to help it heal faster, but beyond the obvious (don't pick at it, keep it out of sunlight, etc) I haven't been given any other aftercare advice.
If it changes anything, it's on my shoulderblade and it's hard to describe the size, so I've put a picture under the cut.

Collapse )

So, any aftercare advice for me? I have incrediblty sensitive skin so I can't use anything scented on it or it'll trigger my excema, but any other advice you can offer would be awesome!
Also, so this isn't a totally self serving question, what was your first tattoo? If you don't have one, but want one, what do you want it to be and where? Show me pictures!
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ocala drive

purely hypothetical.

Let's say you're at an impressionable age and are in desperate need of a car. Literally, almost everyone has the same car. This car that everyone has has amazing gas mileage and is known for never, ever breaking down or needing repair; it only needs the occasional check up and oil change and all that good stuff. It seems perfect, but everyone has one. There is one for sale at a reasonable price.
There is also another car, one very different from what everyone else has. It's a decent car and it's very nice looking. It's pretty good on gas, but sometimes it has small problems. You'd stand out if you had this car. It is for sale at the same price as the one everyone else has.

Which one do you buy?
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Despite my posts [personal and to other communities] about saying I wouldn't get a Mac..well..I did. Right now I'm doing some research on sleeves/cases for some form of protection.

Are the 13 inch neoprene sleeves made for the Macbook decent? Do you prefer another case/sleeve?

I've read some reviews and some claim it's loose. If it being loose will cause a fews scratches and that's really the only issue, I don't mind. Tiny scratches are inevitable.


(no subject)

If you're in a relationship...

1) How many people have you been with before your current partner?
2) How many people has your partner been with before you?

Been with = been in a real relationship with.

Ok, real relationship = not a fling. Not someone you went on just a few dates with. Not necessarily sexual, but someone you were with for a while, at least a few months.
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(no subject)

Can a grown adult be forced against his/her will to be checked into a psychiatric rehab center/hospital? What if the person is not doing any harm to others and probably not harming him/herself either? But none of the person's family wants to deal with the person because he/she *does* have issues.

Have you been jealous of a family member? Did you act on it? How do you feel now? Was this person younger or older than you?
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(no subject)

Where can I find simple blue jeans that are not made of that stretchy crap and do not have elaborate designs sand blasted onto them?

You know. The old fashioned jeans that would actually hold up long enough to wear in on their own. Do they even exist anymore? Am I up shit creek as a girl looking for these?

What fit do you prefer your jeans to have?

(no subject)

LADIES: A boy masturbates while thinking about you and later tells you. Is this..

- flattering?
- disgusting?
- something else?

GENTLEMEN: Do you masturbate while thinking about girls you know that you are not involved with sexually? Do you think you'd ever tell them? If so, how do you think they'd react?

Random questions

1. When you buy a new car, how much gas comes with it? A full tank? Half a tank? Just enough to get you to the nearest gas station?

2. In subjects like composition, geology, mathematics, and Italian, does it REALLY matter if you don't get the current edition of the text book for college?

3. I just bought a K10 Royale from Virgin mobile. Does anyone have the Virgin mobile "Sugar mama" service? Do they take away minutes for receiving the sugar mama calls?
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(no subject)

I'm going shopping tomorrow for some cheap food to sustain a poor college student. I got spoiled last year with a roommate that had loads of food from her family, so I'm not sure what to get, plus I suck at shopping. So what are some suggestions of cheap foods that taste decent, are preferably non-perishable, and require minimal effort to make?

Oh yeah, please don't suggest ramen. I can't stand the stuff anymore.
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(no subject)

I have a friend who is constantly, constantly late when we have plans. I find it disrespectful and insulting, and I feel like it's time I actually stand up for myself. What can I say without ruining the friendship?

(no subject)

So I get this magazine, Real Simple, that has tons of useful info in it about depressing grown-up stuff like money, laundry, cleaning, product comparisons, food, and clothing. I love it to death, because it helps me give people the impression that I'm a fully functioning adult. It does have a fair amount of stuff in there that I don't use- fashion tips, beauty tips, makeup comparisons, and the occasional child-rearing tip (although those are few and far between). In short, it is marketed to moderately girly women, and written by women. I don't have a problem with that, really, since I myself am a woman (one of my weaker points, I'll admit).

Now, as I mentioned, I do love the thin veneer of adulthood stuff, and I recently had a couple of very good male friends move away whom I suspect could use some of that veneer- the useful stuff, like how to repair holes in leather, use a colander to keep bees off food, get stains out, set up a 401k or 403b, negotiate a raise, fab stuff like that. They are manly men, and would dismiss a magazine such as Real Simple for its pretty pretty flowers and happy makeup tips, for which I cannot blame them, especially in the months where the fluff runs thick. I wonder, then, if there is a magazine for their type out there- something that would have the handy hints for living an un-nasty life, without the tips on flower arrangement. I'm thinking something not so dry or topic-specific as Money or Consumer Reports, as much as I love them. And to be honest, if there is such a thing as Real Simple without the frippery, I think I'd jump ship and subscribe myself, as well as inflicting it on my unsuspecting male friends.

Any leads on magazines which fulfill this rather odd description?
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Photo repair

I had a bunch of photos I took damaged by inserting the CF card into a pocket PC, which right away proceeded to delete everything on the card. I managed to recover about 80% of the photos, but a lot of them are damaged: some have the left side of the photo on the right and the right on the left, others have messed up colouring, others just have parts of the photo blank, etc.

I'm trying to manually repair these photos in photoshop and I've come across something strange. When I view a damaged photo thumbnail in Adobe Bridge browser, the photo looks normal. When I try to open it in photoshop, photoshop says "This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete). Continue?". If I continue to open it, it opens the photo in the damaged state, with parts missing.

What I'm wondering is how does Adobe Bridge get to show the actual undamaged photo and can I somehow get to repair the damage through that?

(no subject)

1. For move in day, what did you use to store the clothes you were taking to college in? Suitcases, bags, boxes, something else? 

2. If you had a close friend who vanished without saying anything to anyone, but it was clearly not abduction or murder, how would you react?
2b. How would you feel when your close friend returned two weeks later?

3. If you bought a mini-fridge for college, where'd you get it at and was it too big, too small, or justtt right? 

4. How long do you spend in the bathroom if you have to poop, on average?
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(no subject)

1. When you make pizza yourself, what do you like to put on it?
I either make one with my dad's tomato sauce and mozzarella, or one with ricotta, shredded mozzarella, chopped broccoli, and garlic all mixed together and then some extra mozzarella added on top.

2. Do you like baked ziti?

3. If you have cats, do they bother you when you're using your computer?
Yes, all the time. Only my one cat though, the other doesn't care either way. She likes to sit down on my hands while I'm typing and I usually don't mover he because I feel bad about it.

4. If you didn't have anything to do until the spring of 2007, how would you keep busy?
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(no subject)

It probably won't happen, but I have my heart set on going to Simmons  For my BA in Gender/Cultural Studies. [And then my MA In Library Science and possibly another in Cultural Studies, but that's beside the point.]   I dropped out of highschool, so I'll need 2 years of community college to polish my record before they'll even look at me, basically. Herein lies the issue: I'm pretty much positive I won't find a community college in the Boston area with a program in Gender/Cultural studies. Therefore, I kind of have to guess at what courses might transfer, and take them.  What would you suggest? I thought about getting my core classes out of the way, but I'm not sure it would bode well. I know I can go to an advisor, but I'd like to get an idea beforehand,if anyone can help. Thanks, dudes.
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