August 21st, 2006

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Someone told me that if you play Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album and synchronize it with the movie 'The Wizard of Oz', they somehow fit together (the music playing mirrors what's on screen in some way).

Is this true? Has anyone tried it?

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1 what job do you have?

2 what do you like about it

3 what do you dislike about it

4 what would you rather be doing

1. work at an answering service (for hundreds of companies)

2. it's extremely busy most of the time, meaning little time to get bored. i have good hours usually, though they vary. and my bosses are pretty nice for bosses.

3. it's a very sedentary job. i have to work on sunday (but not saturday) and most of my co workers irritate me.

4. i'd like to be a writer or a lawyer

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Anyone know of any sites that you can download music from absolutely FREE? No strings attached?

I'm thinking the chances of finding a website like that are slim, but hey, you never know.

Also, I don't have an iPod or anything, so do you know of any sites that can download to Windows Media Player?

Funky Soup

So I was at work yesterday, straightening my soup aisle when I happened upon a very funky sounding soup.

Campbell's Pizza Soup At Hand...

Has anyone ever heard of this kind of soup? Has anyone ever tried it? I'm tempted to, just so I can see how gross it is.

Homework tracker

Does anyone know of any free software that helps keep track of homework? There are several websites that allow you to create accounts and keep "to do" lists of homework but I can't seem to find something that is stand-alone software. Thanks! :)
Angie Coffee

Monday morning question

Is it better to live a life that's unhappy but honorable, or a life that's dishonorable but happy?

In choosing one or the other, how would you weigh the ramifications of your choice? (i.e. unhappiness vs fallout from dishonor, etc.)

(Assume for the sake of discussion that the choices are only one or the other.)

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If my EFC on my FAFSA is $O, should my family be expected to contribute anything towards my college expenses? I know that its sounds like a dumb question, but my EFC is $0 and my school is still expecting my parents to help pay for school.

Also, my parents have TERIBLE credit. I mean, tarnished beyond the point of repair. And I, at the young and ripe age of 18 have no fucking credti history. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get any sort of traditional private loan. I have no available co-signer (see above). What, if any, other options are there for me to borrow money from a private institution???

Please help, I am supposed to move in to school on Saturday :(

**EDIT** maybe I should have been more clear about this: although the total cost of my school is roughly $41,000 a year, the school has given me around $30,000 in grants/scholarships/federal loans. I now need to find a place to come up with the REMAINDER of my tuition for the year, NOT the total tuition.**

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Do you give up your seat on public transport to people who look like they could use the rest more than you?

Are you a concession card holder? (Concession card = card that gets you discounted fares, such as a student card, pensioner's card, disabled card...)

Do you often get people asking you to give up your seat for them, or offering their seat to you?
The Receptionist Classic

Law School People!

Raise your hand if you've taken the LSAT...

Okay, handraisers, I have a question for you. Suppose you're going to take the exam next month and you're looking for a review/study guide right now. How important is it for the book to be a 2006-2007 edition? If you found a 2005-2006 or something, would that work just as well? (I'm looking on and see some very cheap ones from 04, 05. Just wondering if those would be okay.)

Any tips on how to help someone study for this test? I'm trying to be supportive and helpful but without being too pushy and all motherlike. (He's 28 and scared shitless about going back to school, especially law school.)
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this is in response to the question i asked about movies that bothered you:

"most depressing movies ever" list. A sad movie doesn't necessarily make the list. And some are just dark but for some reason just don't bring you down (the silence of the lambs, American Psycho...). Others have depressing endings but not so depressing beginnings and middles or vice versa, or somehow manage to leave me with a feeling of hope in spite of things, (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, or Shawshank and The Green Mile...). Then there's Love Story, Brian's Song, genre that I call sad movies, not depressing ones.

do you have lists somewhat like this?
if you have any, what're your categories?
what're you partial to?
for some reason, i'm partial to dark movies and ridiculous comedies (super troopers, etc...) that most people don't like...

The big 2-2

What is my boyfriend getting me for my 22nd birthday? Here's what we know so far:

1. It's really, really expensive.
2. It's a big deal to plan.
3. We're currently in a LDR while I'm away at law school (although only 4 hours away.)
3a. Is it ). or .)?
4. We've talked about getting engaged/married in the past.
4a: We've lived together for 2 years, been dating 2 1/2. We current don't live together.
5. Getting a "cheap version" would be bad. Or funny.
6. He asked me if there was anything I wanted. He said he saw a necklace he really liked, but that it'd be "too much." I don't know if he meant too much money, or just too much. I suggested earrings, and he said that'd be fine.
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I need to put my daughter into day care very soon. She's a little over two and a half, and everyone keeps telling me "It's so expensive!" I don't even have the slightest clue as to how much day care even is. Is it charged by the days they're attending, by the week? Is it in the hundreds? Not a clue. I live in Ohio if it counts for anything.
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1. Here's the deal. I do not have unlimited text messaging, but my boyfriend does. Because I'm a big dork, I like to message him while I'm bored at work. This is fine, except that he can't message me back--or at least not very often--because my messages are limited. Is there any way that I can have him text me in such a way that it will go to an email address? I can't download anything to the work computer. I suspect I'm out of luck, but my Google skills aren't helping me, so I turn to you.

2. So that this isn't completely selfish, what is the deciding factor, for you, that makes a friendship no longer viable? Will you work hard to save a friendship, or do you just figure that people come and go and that's how life is?
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college applications

I'm finally applying for college, I should have applied the same time as everyone else and I'd be starting in a few weeks but it's too late and not worth worrying about. Anyway I'm applying to Monmouth University, and I'm not sure what I should put as "Student Type" I was going to put "High School Senior" but I graduated from high school in June. Another option is "Adult New Student" but I really don't think I should put that one. Which one should I pick? I'm not in high school anymore but I feel really weird applying as an adult, because that makes me think of 40 year olds who decide to go back to school. If I have to pick the adult one, will that have an effect on my getting in or not?

EDIT: The only options listed that might even apply to me are High School Senior and Adult New Student, the options are here under student type.

EDI#2: Adult New Student was only for people 24 and older, I picked High School Senior!
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1. If you like to use mechanical pencils, do you prefer .5mm or .7mm? Why?

2. Has anyone here ever worked at a consulate or Embassy before? What did you do there? Was it yours in a different country or a different country's consulate/embassy in your own country?

I'm going to apply to the Japanese consulate where I live. In the off-chance I get an interview, is there anything I should know?
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fatal error with DVD rips

So I'm trying to make ISOs of some DVDs I have, except more often than not a "Fatal error" occurs and my computer spontaneously reboots. It doesn't seem to be specific to the ripping program I'm using, and previously the Windows service centre said it was because of a conflict with my printer drivers. I've uninstalled the printer, but it keeps happening, this time with an "unknown" cause.

Anyone else get this problem? How do you fix/bypass it?
SS Klondike

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I'm having a problem with my iPod Nano.

The past couple of weeks, I've started getting a constant stream of error messages which prevent me from using the menus, until I clear the messages (which can be time consuming, since they pile up one on top of the other, sometimes at a rate of one every ten seconds or so).

Anyway, the message reads as follows:

"Firewire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable provided.

Press Center to dismiss."

I haven't been doing anything differently with it, and I already tried reseting the settings. Anyone else had this and fixed it?
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How much do you think someone should not be spending each month from their paychecks?

I'm only going to have about $100 or less that won't pay for something for this month. :(

Communal Bathroom

I live in a house which has shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Although it's only a small place, I don't really have any contact with any of the other residents, other than the usual polite sort of thing if we pass on the stairs.

The problem is,despite there being a cleaner who visits weekly, the level of cleanliness in the bathroom is pretty low. Every single time I go to take a bath or shower, I always have to clean it before hand because whoever used it before me has left it full of their manky hairs.

It disgusts me that people don't have the courtesy to do such a simple thing as rinse the bath after using it, and I find it really stomach turning to see loads of,what are obviously, pubic hairs stuck all over the bath tub.

I have been thinking about putting a notice up in the bathroom requesting that people take the time to rinse the bath after use(and i was considering wording it in such a manner that whoever it is who doesn't rinse the bath will feel quite bad).
If you were in this position what would you do?
Would you put a sign up or just carry on and ignore the issue?
Am I a freak for finding it so disgusting and irritating?


What do you do online when you're bored? All I could think of was posting one of those stupid "ask me anything" memes on my journal and no one is biting, anyway. *pouts*

Give me ideas of things to check out?
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My boyfriend has a friend whom I find utterly detestable. I have given her a few chances now, but I can't help it - I hold nothing but contempt for her, and without the connection of my boyfriend, she is not someone I ever would have come into contact with or spoken to in the first place.

(She failed all of her first year university classes - twice. She brought a pregnant friend to our house and the pregnant friend was drinking. She is rude and grating.)

She has invited us over to her place this week. I do not want to spend any time with this woman, and do not feel as though I am obligated to be nice to her just because I'm dating him. But I also do not feel as though I have the right to lord over his friendship and forbid him from going. Obviously the simplest solution is for him to go and me to stay home, except in this case I am afraid of being viewed as the jealous girlfriend and creating drama in our circle of friends.

What is the best course of action here?

EDIT: Thanks everyone - he'll be going without me, and I'll be spending some quality time with our xbox ;)

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I need to buy my mother something online for her birthday. What should it be?

I'm not thinking clothes because I dont want to get the wrong size. Maybe heels...? handbag? Though she has a lot of those already...


EDIT: Cutting any shorter than bottom of shoulder blades is NOT an option becase 1. I have a really chubby face and a short cut would accentuate that and 2. I have really puffy, frizzy hair. The length weighs it down so it's not so insanely unmanagable. Thanks for opinions! :)

This is unintentionally a vanity post, I apologize in advance, but either way: should I cut my hair? And if so, how much?

My hair has been pretty long for seven years or so, and I might be sick of it. What do you think?

Behind the cut are two pics, one of just my hair from the back after I take it out of a braid, and the other is the only recent picture I have of myself where my hair is at all visible to give a better idea of what I look like with the hair overall (it's from a Ren Fair, don't laugh ;). Okay, enough, Collapse )

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Putting all morals aside, do you think it's a good idea for a couple to live together before they're married or engaged? I know every situation is unique, but in general, what's your opinion?

I'm going to graduate in two years and I don't intend on going to grad school until I figure out what to do with myself. I want to move to Georgia where my boyfriend goes to college and will be going to school for awhile (he probably has at least 4 years more aside from his bachelor degree). I suggested moving to the same town, getting an apartment, and just working until we could get engaged, then move in together. He didn't seem too keen on that and wanted to just live together straight off.

Does this mean I don't love or trust him enough or am I being sensible?
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1. (Inspired by madscience's question and my desire to stereotype) In your opinion, what is the most attractive race?
Japanese Asian, particularly East Asian (is that the right term? Jeeze...I need to go read a book. *facepalm*)

2. You go to a fast food place. It has two drive-through windows and really tasty seasoned fries. Is it called Rally's or Checker's? Where do you live?
Rally's. Indiana.
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Anything bizarre happen to you today?

I was at work, and some guy left his four-year-old in his car, with the car running and the window only cracked a little, for half an hour, before the kid (screaming his head off) scrambled out the window and took off down the street.


My mom's bday is 8/30. She'll be 63. I have NO idea what to get her. What do you get the woman who has everything?

Help me, please!

EDIT: She's not local, so it has to be something that can happen at a distance.


So, I know what quinoa is and why it's good for you, but can you find it in a regular grocery store? Where do you look? Is it in with the rice or is it refridgerated with something? What is the taste/texture like? Is it like oatmealy or brown rice?

And...what do you do with it?

EDIT: I did check out some google/wikipedia sites already :o)

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1)What is your heritage?

2)What relevance does heritage have on your life?

3) Oh, also, where do you live? Country/culture wise.
_ _ _ _ _ _
1) About 5-ish generations Anglo-Australian (ie. not really any definitive culture)

2)None really as I haven't grown up with any real culture (besides aust. pop culture) & even i i found out i had a, lets say, African parent I wouldn't have any connection with the culture because i hadn't been exposed to it. I wouldn't see how i (with this african relative) would have any more claim to that african heritage than anyone without an african relative.

3) Australia
lost in translation


    What can you tell me about egg donation, in general? I'm really interested in donating, but I've yet to look too too far into it.

1.] I'm 20. What are the chances of  my being turned away for being too young?
2.] I have some nuerological problems, but they're not genetic. I don't see any reason why this would cause a problem. Am I wrong?

Thanks, dudes.
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Situation A:
You find yourself pregnant and in a bad situation and decide that abortion is your best option. Would you ask or expect your parents to help pay for the abortion? Would it depend on your age? Would the circumstances that led you to become pregnant have an influence on that (i.e. rape versus voluntary unprotected sex)?

Situation B:
Your daughter is the one described above and comes to you for all or part of the money for an abortion. Would you give her any money? Would her age influence your decision? How about the circumstances under which she became pregnant?

Edited to add: Assume this is in a country where abortions are legal and not free/covered by universal health care.

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Is there a way to determine if your internet is being throttled, or whether it's a side effect of living with many many people?

I live in a dormitory, there are probably... ~4000 people in here. Before most people moved in, my internet blazed along, very nice... and it still does, unless I'm playing world of warcraft.

Things I know: I'm getting about 1/3 the framerate I usually do, and even worse when I'm trying to run. For people who know the game, I'm a mage and Blink still works- it'll go off and I'll jump forward, versus some *other* laggy times when blink lights up, then goes off five seconds later and I actually jump *backward* because I've already passed the point I would've jumped to... Leaving ironforge doesn't help any more than usual. my "ping", i guess it's called? lag? is actually fantastic, 50-100ms, better than usual...

And, if I am being cut off, or if it is an isue with how many people are here, is there anything I can do to offset it besides turning the quality way down? not like I'm raiding much now, so it doesn't have to be fantastic, but I'd like it to be at least playable.

Edit: found it.
Apparently my wireless card went "zomgnoes! my software has been uninstalled, so despite the fact that i have been disabled in favour of a perfectly stable non-wireless connection, I will install something to... search for a connection, maybe... install a giant resource-sucking program! to make her regret turning me off!"
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I have a NY State ID...and I'm looking to get a permit. But I've moved to NJ about 4 months ago...and I was told that I needed to have a NJ State ID or 2 forms of payment bills addressed to my NJ address to my name in order for me to get the ID and/or the permit. But, I don't have any bills that are sent to me under my name. Can I still get a permit in NY even though I don't live there?
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I just saw yet another commercial for some television movie about 9/11. With the release of World Trade Center in theaters, and all of the documentaries and tv movies on nowadays about 9/11,

1)do you think its too soon after the event to start doing all this?

2)Do you think it depends on what part of the country you live in?

I live very close to NYC(in NJ) and I actually saw it happening, and I just think it's much too soon, and that I would be bawling my eyes out if I went to see WTC in the theater.

Edited for my atrocious spelling.
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Sometime earlier this year a friend sent me a link to a game that was basically nothing but pouring different kinds of sand into a container. You could also do oil, water, and maybe a couple of other things. I remember being able to catch the oil on fire, too. Anyone know what this game was?

How horrible is your college's registration process?
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I have questions about your F'list habits.

When you are reading your Friends:
1. what are your favorite kinds of posts?
2. what keeps you from posting a comment to someone's journal?
3. do you wish your Flist would post more to you? or less?
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Me and a friend of mine are trying to think of some good characters in games/anime that were scottish.

All we have so far is Alexander Anderson from Hellsing (who's still a bit of a question mark as his nationality is never given away, but he sounds Scottish) and Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

Are there any good Scottish game/anime characters you can think of? I'm thinking named characters here too, not just "that guy who was in the background that one time"
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hey, what were those pants from the 90's that were kinda like parachute pants but they had those rediculous patterns all over them?

they were called zaps or something?

minnie and zeus

Nazis and counter-protests

The Nazis are coming to my town this weekend to protest immigration, gays, support Republicans, etc.

Some people say that counter-protests take a stand against hate. Others say it draws attention to them, which is what they want. Others say that people should stay away, but donate money to anti-racist causes based on the number of nazis that show up, or how many hours the nazis are there.

Poll #801288 Nazis and Counter-Protests

Nazis are protesting in your town. counter-protests are a good idea or no?

Yes, counter-protests are good
No, counter protests are bad

feel free to elaborate what you think. if you've gone to a counterprotest, what was it like?

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1.) Girls- How old were you when you got your period?

2.) If you watch Project Runway, who are you rooting for to win? Who do you hate?

3.) What's the last song you heard on the radio or elsewhere that you liked?

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Do you mark anniversaries of things other than holidays? Like, the day someone you loved died, or something happened to you?

Or do you think marking as the years go by doesn't allow wounds to heal, if it's a bad thing you're remembering?
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1. Okay, so we all learned in high school that once someone tells you to stop calling them, you should stop, or you can get the police on their ass. But do text messages count?

2. What is your favorite song to sing along with in a big group of friends? 

3. For those who have lived with another person (or people), who was your best roommate? Worst? Any awesome stories to share about either one?
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If a previously good friend moved away a few years ago and you've seen him/her a couple of times since on his/her visits...

And this person calls you up and tells you he/she's in town for a week or two. But both of your schedules only sort of work out. If there was only one day you could meet up with that person but you had already promised your significant other that you'd spend the day with him/her, what would you do? You see your SO about once or twice a week and have been together for about three-four years. However, this person visits once a year if he/she is lucky.
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is there such a camera/camcorder with a timer that can take multiple pictures within a certain time lapse? [fuck i hope that question made sense. it literally took me 10 min to make it sound less stupid]

example: I set the timer to take a photo every 30 seconds for 5 min.
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Where can I find high quality Halloween costumes [in plus sizes] online?  I'm looking to spend around $150 on my costume this year, and I take halloween wicked seriously. No polyester or mesh for me, buddy!  If it makes a difference, I'm thinking of a zombie pirate.  I don't want to be a frumpy fat tent pirate, so a little sexy is good, but I want to be able to leave my house without embarassing myself. I know the last part is crazy specific, so feel free to skip it and share any resources for high quality costumes in general.

EDIT: Make that a zombie prom queen.
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What was the last book you read?

What book are you currently reading?

What was/is your summer reading list? (Yes, inspired by an earlier question. Aimed mostly at students who do have reading lists. If you're not a student and you make a list, please share. :) )