August 20th, 2006

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Attention! People who know stuff about wine!

Okay, here's the deal. I am very very picky when it comes to wine, but I know nothing about it. SO most of the time when drinking wine, I can't tell if I'll like it or not just from reading the name or the little descriptions they sometimes have on the bottle. Thus leading to lots of half empty bottles and wasted money.

I like sweet, fruity, sparkling wines. The sparkling doesn't matter too much because if it tastes good and isn't sparkling, I usually just add some lemonade anway. I haven't ever drank a red wine that I liked, it all tastes like vinegar to me, I much prefer white, but if there is a red wine that you think suits my tastes, I'm more than willing to try it.

So, people of the internets, what wines do you think I'd like? Names and price ranges would be cool, I'm not one to spend more than £25 on one bottle of any alcohol, but on special occasions, I can be convinced to spend more.
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lyric *#%& up's

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of a song and thought they were saying something else?


Eskimo Joe,Black fingernails, red wine:

Black fingernails, red wine
I wanna make you, all mine
Lotta people, underground
You wanna get there

My interpretation:

Black females, damn fine,
I wanna take you, all the time,
A lot of people, so astound,
You kinda wet there

Yeah..i know..WTF. My excuse? Everytime I heard it I was at work so it was always muffled in the background.
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What is your favourite cartoon theme song?
Bonus XP if you know the name of the song & composer.

I like the theme from The Venture Bros.: "No Vacancy" by J.G. Thirlwell

And i'm going for the air juggle here...
Mission Hill theme: "Italian Leather Sofa (instrumental)" by Cake

combo x2!
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why do people see scary movies?
especially those without a real point to the story other than to scare you. i just dont see how it could possibly be an enjoyable experience.
why would you want those images in your head?

do you like scary movies?
absolutely not.
what was the last scary movie you saw?
i just saw the descent tonight. thought it was disgusting crap.
do you ever find your imagination running away with you once you're home and alone?
yes. which is why i do not see scary movies. leaving the lights on all night is the only way i will sleep without being convinced that i will wake up with a scary cave-dwelling freak in my face.
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Lunch is boring.....

OK, here's the deal: like I said above, lunch is boring!  So I need your help!  I'm tired of a couple of gingersnaps and a ham sandwich every day.  Problem, I'm not sure what I can bring, besides a sandwich.  I work at a tree nursery, so most day's I'm out in a field, I eat in my car, and the only sort of facilties is a porta-potty - no water, no microwave.  Also, I'm too far out to run to a store or restaurant.  So I'm stuck bringing things that can be prepared at home before I leave, and won't go bad without 5 hours of refrigeration (that's why I can't take tuna fish or corned beef - the canned kind )

So, what are some other things that I can try?  I'm lactose intolerant, but otherwise, I can eat most anything. 


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Can I save a very short PowerPoint presentation to a floppy disk? (Like, 8 slides)? If not, is there anywhere I can download a trial version of Excel or something? I have this short thing due tomorrow and my computer doesn't have Internet access (it has PowerPoint and Excel, which I need), but it has a floppy drive - however, my husband's computer has Internet access (stealing it atm) but no floppy drive and no Excel. ARGGHHH.
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do you write in your lj that it's your birthday today?
I don't. I don't go and tell people in real life either: hey, I have a birthday today! my friends and family know the date.

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Channel changer, remote, or clicker?

EDIT: I'm surprised more people don't call it a channel changer. I grew up around my Grandpa calling it a channel changer, so maybe it's a little outdated. I use that and remote interchangably.

(no subject)

1. Are you male or female?
2. What is your height?
3. What is your weight?
4. Do you exercize regularly?

(Just want to get a general idea of what people look like. Feel free to elaborate and post pictures.)

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Did you ever hear of selling a wrecked car back to the company that made it so that they can part it out?

The car in question was in a wreck, but 3/4 of it are still perfect. The main problem with it is that the chassis is tweaked. The rest is repairable, for a decent price too.

What other options do I have in order to sell this car, be it for parts or whatnot, just I need to get rid of it all at once, preferably with some money coming in.
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Old jeans, craft projects.

I have an old pair of jeans with big holes in the crotch. They still fit, but I'm pretty reluctant to wear anything that reveals my girlie bits, so...

What should I do with the jeans? I should just throw them away, but I'm feeling crafty.

What's your favorite craft website? I don't mind suggestions of LJ communities, but other sites would be great.

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Any tips for how to recover quickly from a three-day music festival?

Anything to do in advance to prepare for quick recovery?

I'm going to Electric Picnic on the 1st/2nd/3rd, and lectures start on the 4th. My friends and I kind off faffed around last year, and were hoping to start 2nd year off well.

Whilst excellent advice, "Don't drink too much..." isn't going to happen.
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(no subject)

If you fill in the answer for "music" on your entries, but it takes longer than a song to write your entry, do you write the song you were listening to when you started, or the one you ended on?
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How do I remove a batshit insane girl from my MySpace friends? I blocked her already... is that enough?

For those of you that grocery shop for yourself: do you clip coupons?

Are you still in your pajamas?


What is your opinion of larger women (let's say 200+ pounds, size 16+) in extremely short/extremely tight/extremely revealing clothing? (outside of the bedroom)

Do you think it's possible for a person to be "too nice"?
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My husband wants an Xbox 360 for Christmas, I went on my favorite shopping site Ebay to check them out as they are now, and I find that there isn't just one Xbox 360, there is Xbox 360 Core, and Xbox 360 Premium, what's the difference?
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etiquette question

I need some advice. I have an older sister who is like the mother figure in the family. (Mom's been gone for 6 years now.) She has always been the one we go to when we need anything, advice, money etc. Now her husband has lost his job and due to his age (62) is having a hard time finding a new one. I'm going to have a few weeks off soon, and I'd really like to go visit her for a couple of days (we're about 300 miles apart), and I am more than willing to bring my own food or at least pay for my own when I get there. How can I state this to her without making her feel like a loser. Thanks for any ideas.
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Did you read Archie comics when you were younger? How old were you?

Who was your favourite/least favourite character?

I always thought it was weird that one of the guys were usually wearing bright pink pants...

Plane and stuff

I'm flying from Texas to MA tomorrow morning and was wondering what the new rules are about taking stuff on planes.
I know, no liquids, but what about everything else? My friend told me you can only bring enough medication to last the plane ride, but that sounded weird.
What about laptops? Do you bring them as carry ons or leave them in a bag you're gonna check in? Is that safe? I dont really have a laptop case or anything.

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if you ever get chinese food, what do you order?

i used to order general tso's chicken but i got dry, stringy chicken one too many times so tonight i ordered beef with scallions and onion. i also enjoy beef with broccoli.

and yes i know this isn't exactly "real chinese food"
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Laptop in WC

One of my wife's pet peeves is when I use the laptop while sitting on the toilet. I maintain that it's no different than reading a newspaper, magazine or book in the same setting. What do you think? Is reading email or LJ on the can acceptable or beyond the pale?

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1. What's the biggest fashion-related mistake you've ever made? (Bonus points for photos!) How about the biggest fashion-related mistake you've seen on someone else recently?

2. I got a free iTunes download on my cereal box. Should I download "Mushaboom" by Feist, "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake or "London Bridge" by Fergie? 
 (Please no "none of them" responses. I'm aware the latter two songs are super cheesy, but I don't intend on buying the full albums just for those songs).

What song should I download? (Many thanks to jett1 for the songs!!).

3. What was the last joke you heard (tasteless or otherwise)?

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What would you want most?

Arrange these in preference order!

- camcorder (to record things, duh!)
- violin (and lessons) (cos I've always wanted to learn violin)
- bicycle (to go bike riding around the neighborhood and to the store)
- Bose noise cancellation headphones (because my husband loves watching TV and I can't stand the sound of it)

My birthday is coming up and my husband keeps asking me what I want. He's like, "Want a new car? Violin? Flute? Bike?" Haha on the car ;)  All of the above sound wonderful to me but I can't pick and he wants me to narrow it to one!

PS -- I've heard you sound like a dying cat when learning violin for the first year. Is this true? Anyone else take up a new instrument as an adult (I also play piano)? Is it incredibly hard?

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(no subject)

What type of deodorant do you use? Are you really sweaty? What's a good brand that protects well and is actually invisible? All my "invisible" deorants still get white powder stains on my shirts.

Also: do you usually tan or burn first?
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(no subject)

What exactly is the fragrance that old women wear? That is, "the old lady smell"? Sure is awful stuff. Last time I was in Sephora I felt like I was getting high sampling perfumes to find out until it hit me that they probably don't buy their perfume there.

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D'ya ever get the feeling your house is out to get you?

In our house, the doorknobs are constantly falling off. The entire house is littered with teaspoons, because every time a doorknob goes missing the only way to get in/out of the room involves sticking a spoon handle through the door to turn the thing.

That, and my mom's gone through six electricians trying to get all the lights in the kitchen to work. Eight halogens. We've lived here since 1997, and now is the only time they've all worked at the same time for more then three months.
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funeral clothes!

If you had to go to a funeral right now, would you have appropriate clothes to wear?
Yes, of course. I've noticed on tv shows a lot that people end up not having anything to wear when they have to go to one so they have to go buy something. I was wondering if this is actually the case for a lot of people, because it kind of surprises me.
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I don't think this has been asked in the past few days, but if it has, please link me to the answer so I can delete this. :-)

Does anyone have that 80's image of an upset kid with something to the effect of "I'm going to go listen to Linkin Park?" Like he's really upset and needs some "angry" music? I tried Google images with "Linkin Park" and "listen to Linkin Park image" and nada in the first 7 or so pages. :-/

The internetz have come through for me! YEY! Thanks, edmcbride!!
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exercise videos

I'm looking for an exercise video I can use in my dorm room, with few or no accessories (weights, resistance band, ball, etc.) needed. Do you know of a good video that meets those criteria? What's the best exercise video you've used?

(no subject)

Let's say someone offered to send you to college, pay all the expenses, fees, tuition, pizza, booze, hookers, whatever, in order for you to study one subject of your choice. Be it a useful trade or a pointless vanity course - what class will you take?