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So, let's say you've made a friend online. You happen to live within say, ten minutes of each other, but you've never bothered to meet each other for one reason or another. Internet friend is having their birthday and has work that day, and you're pretty much only five minutes away from where they work. Would it be weird to show up and give them a card or present if you've never bothered to meet before and aren't that close, but you've been talking a lot for the past two months or so? And if it changes anything, they're both girls and in their teens.
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1. Anyone use microsoft office word? How does it compare to Microsoft Works Word Proccessor?

2. For those of you that are married or in a serious relationship, what's the most difficult part about your relationship?

3. Do any of you have personal issues (anger problems, depression, etc.,) that make it hard for you to get along with people once they get to know you? What did you or what are you going to do about it?

4. Do you expect your sex life to keep going after you're married or in a long-term relationship for years?
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I just bought 100 icons! :D

I'm libertarian and I need an icon for politics/ranting/etc...any ideas?

Also, any kind of "happy omg squee" icons? I'll credit!

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1. Do you hold Question Club grudges against other members who have argued with/insulted you on posts before?
2. What color is your toothbrush?
3. How often do you floss, if ever?
4. Who is your least favorite member of your immediate family and why?
5. Who was the best teacher you've ever had? Describe him/her.
6. If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, completely alone and free to do whatever you wanted, where would you choose and what would you do?
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Making a list, checking it .. er .. nevermind.

EDIT (after about a dozen comments): I'm looking for other "ground rule" topics to discuss with my roommate. Here's a indirect question that works: What does/did your roomate do that annoys you?

So this year, I'm gonna try and not alienate my roommate like I've done for the past three two years. This year, it's a 19 year old who's a bit of a geek, track runner, apparently a real sweetheart (straight), and plays strategy card games with a mutual friend.

In a dorm double (two people, one room) sitch, what could potentially be unacceptable/rude behavior? What are some various gradations of it, from totally unacceptable to totally acceptable levels?

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I'm looking for a website that may not be around anymore--neither Google nor Yahoo will yield it. There was a competition between a man and a woman to see who could gain the most weight in 30 days, or maybe it was gain 30 pounds in 30 days, something like that. The Only thing I can distinctly remember was when they went on some local radio show and one of them ended up vomiting on the air. Anyone have any idea where this is?

Strange question. I know.
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A few weeks ago, I was at a BBQ at my in-laws house. Some of his cousins and their girlfriends/boyfriends are around my age and older, some in their early 30s. They seemed surprised by the fact that I cook my own dinner and it's not just heating up frozen foods or having pasta. I'm surprised that adults (one of them is also a mother of a 3 year-old) can't at least cook basic things besides mac and cheese (from the box) and TV dinners. Do people not learn to cook anymore?

1. Do you cook?
2. When did you learn and who taught you?

And my other questions have to do with cleaning.

3. Are you a neat-freak or a slob? Or somewhere in between?
4. If you don't live with your parents (or even if you do, I guess), what are things you do weekly do keep clean? For example, how often do you clean the bathroom (the shower and toilet) or mop the floors or vacuum?

And my last question is an advice question (even though I know everyone here says no one gives good advice!), so I'll put it under a cut.

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1. Do you live in a sketchy neighborhood? How is it sketchy?

2. What sort of businesses do you live by?

3. Would you move out of your current neighborhood (to somewhere else in the same city) if you could?

4. Do you make new friends easily?

5. Do you light scented candles or incense regularly in your home?

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Pollution lution, what's your solution?

Ever heard of the 'Eastern Garbage Patch'?

If you've been to a beach in your life you will have seen how much plastic waste washes up. But it turns out this isn't the worst of it. Ocean currents, caused by winds and the earth's rotation, create large circular systems, or gyres. The center of these gyres, thousands of miles from continental land, contain vast accumulations of floating garbage. An accumulation in the large gyre in the pacific is known as the Eastern Garbage Patch. Situated about halfway between California and Hawaii this floating garbage dump is about twice the size of Texas. To save you reading that again I'll just type it again - a floating patch of garbage in the Pacific that is twice the size of Texas. The amounts of plastic involved are staggering, using trawl samples it is estimated that there is already six kilos of plastic for every kilo of naturally occurring plankton.

Twice the size of Texas! Some other reports say it's only the size of Texas. There's also a 'Western Garbage Patch', too, off the coast of Japan. I don't think it's the size of the other patch

Some links:
World's largest dump is a Texas-sized patch of water

Marine debris: the trash vortex

What's your opinion on the 'Eastern Garbage Patch'?


 1) hey guys, does anyone know of any free, easy sites on the net where you can download music?  Not like limewire or safeshare/kazaa ..? Does such a thing exist? I know you can do this kind of on myspace but any others? ..

2) On myspace, has anyone else tried to download the sings on artists pages?? I downloaded about 18 songs, but none of them will play because it says the original file cannot be found o_0 , maybe i downloaded them to the wrong place, i dont know really, anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


1. I posted yesterday asking about whether or not you'd put your hand in the toilet to clean something that wasn't coming off with a scrub brush. A lot of people answered negatively. What on earth could possibly happen to you if you did that and washed your hands well afterwards?

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Have any good music videos been made lately? Do people even make them anymore? (haha)

In particular, I like quirky ones. Bjork, Radiohead, uh.. Aphex Twin... bonus points if it's animated.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Anyone know what movie this quote is from? Both spoken in extremely enunciated British accents.

woman- All of england must be searching for me, sooner or later they're going to find me!
man- Never. You see, they're looking for you, right? But no one's looking for me.

nevermind! The Collector
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What is the longest time in the smallest amount of space you have spent with your family?

I know its a weird question, but today I'm packing for my family vacation this week. It will be me, my sister (we are both 20), my brother, my dad, my stepmom, and my 2 step brothers (who are grown men) in a 4 room cottage on a lake. The cottage consists of 2 bedrooms (therefore only 2 beds), a kitchen and a bathroom. I am more than slightly nervous. At least my sister and I get the bedroom!
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Going mad.

Ok, so I'm looking for this game I played once upon a time.

It was at one of the game sites like Yahoo or Pogo, but not those since I've checked. I think it had an online version, but there was definitely a download demo that expired after an hour.

The game had no story, it was basically just trying to get a high score removing these lines of liquid (well, it was actually solid but it had a shiny liquid look to it) - you could click on one to remove it but you wouldn't get any points, to get points you had to remove the supports from one or a bunch of lines and make them drop.

I don't remember what it was called, and I suddenly had the urge to play it. :(

Ps: I didn't have a virus. It turns out that if you let Windows XP cache thumbnails for images it goes crazy and will eventually start crashing your image folders. I had to check the 'don't cache thumbnails' option in folder options and use the search dealy to delete all the thumbnail files, but my folders work now.
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I'm trying to readjust my sleep schedule (I have been staying up ungodly late, now bedtime is somewhat closer to 2), and I'm having a real hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. This is a big change from the rock hard sleeper I used to be (I've slept through thunderstorms). I've flipped my mattress, I've tried milk, I've taken baths before bed (that kept me asleep all night rather than me waking up 4 hours into sleep)... I'm not sure what else to do. The bad part is my body seems to want to get up by shortly after 8 am, regardless of when I went to bed. I just can't seem to get comfortable enough to really sleep... or something

I'm 20, college student living at home, sleep by myself... actually I sleep with a body pillow and usually as soon as I get all cuddled up with that, that puts me to sleep. Lately that hasn't helped.

Can anybody help me sleep better? :(
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I've thought about seeing a lawyer about this...

I got a letter from my former employer in Feb. 2005 stating that, because I had been out of work for 15 consecutive months (Nov. 1, 2003 until Feb. 10, 2005), my services were no longer needed. (medical leave...multiple knee surgeries)

This is my question: I returned to work September 1, 2004 per my doctor and worked one whole shift. The next day, the Personnel manager saw me and told me I couldn't return to work on crutches (I had used a cane the night before. My PT told me it wasn't a good idea even though the doctor said I could use it). When I called the doctor's office in Atlanta, he extended my leave until I saw him again and we decided that I wasn't responding to the prior surgery properly so I had surgery again (cartilage replacement w/ left tibial osteotomy)in December of 2004.

I never got paid for that day and my LTD benefits continued until the doctor released me to resume a normal lifestyle in Dec. 2005.

Can I sue for being discharged improperly?

Who would be good to contact about this situation?

I'm in Georgia.
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Snowboard suggestions

I'm planning on buying a new snowboard before the winter season begins and I would really appreciate some suggestions. I've only gone a handful of times, but I would like a board I could grow into because I plan to make an effort to get out as frequently as possible this year and I don't want to be wishing I bought a better board half way through the season.

About me: I'm 24, 6'2, 170 lbs, size 11 feet, looking for an all around board though I'm mostly looking towards freeriding. I would prefer to spend less than $400, but my absolute top limit is $500.

1. based on that, anyone have suggestions for a board?

2. im considering picking up step-in binding since I don't like spending so much time straping and unstrapping and all of that garbage. Any opinions? what about whether to choose side-to-side step-ins vs heel-to-toe step-ins?

3. any suggestions on things I should pick up that I might not think of?
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energy tips

Does anyone have any good advice for getting energy up in a way that doesn't a) fill you up or b) give you jitters?
I'm trying in vain( or is it vane) to cut back on my tea consumption ( i can't drink coffee or have lots of sugar for health reasons) but i flag in the early afternoon.
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Besides grilling it (since I've no grill), how else can I cook a portobello mushroom to make a portobello burger? Can I just put it in a pan and saute it or bake it? For how long? Help!

Have you ever started up something that you didn't do as a kid? For instance, I've wanted to start ballet. I never took dance as a kid. But I'm really nervous to go find a place that'll teach ballet to adults because I'm not a good dancer and barely have any flexibility (I can't even touch my toes!). How did it go for you if you've picked up something you didn't do as a kid?

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Where can I find some episodes of Timon & Pumbaa?

I've tried Limewire, torrents, and download communities.
I did find a torrent for some episodes but they had been dubbed over in Spanish.

What have I missed?
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How much does bronze generally cost per pound? How about stainless steel? Where can I find a list of metals with pricing?

Where can I find places that would give me accurate shipping costs of such things, if I were to ship a sculpture?

And finally, as I have absolutely no conception of it, how can I estimate the weight of a theoretical sculpture (class project)? I know what it will look like, but I'm not sure how to go about estimating mass and all that stuff for something that'll be about 8-feet high.

Much thanks.
Friends: Unagi.
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1) I asked this question yesterday.

On the phone they told me it was from 9 in the morning until 11 at night with a one hour break. I went there today and It's actually from 10 until 3 and from 6 until closing which is usually around 10. Except on weekends or days when it's really busy when you don't get the break between 3 and 6. I would be paid 7€ per hour (8.9$).

Should I take the job? (The restaurant's name is The Seventh Heaven if that helps you decide).

2) Has anybody read any of these books? What did you think of them?
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beads & cheap necklaces!

1. Does anyone know where I can get beads like the ones in this necklace?
It doesn't even matter if they're all the same size or a variety of sizes, I really just want decent round plastic beads in fun colors. I have checked the local craft stores and they don't have any. I'd prefer it to be a real store I could go to than an online place, but if I can't find them anywhere I'll order them.

2. Where could I get some necklaces like this one from GirlProps?
I would order it but it's been discontinued. I've checked all the stores that usually have stupid cheap necklaces like that to no avail.
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Is it possible to rip the audio from a VCD with real player, windows media player or creative media player?
If not what will let me do this? If it's possible at all that is.

the office

my friends and i are planning a party for the premiere of The Office in september. we want to make office-themed foods. so far we are going to have:

Jim's Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
Angela's Famous Brownies (valentine's episode)
Stapler Jello

what else can we make? what was it that ryan put in the toaster oven that made it catch fire? thanks!

Digital camera

Do you own/use a digital camera ($200 or lower)? If yes, does it take good/sharp pictures in the dark - with the flash of course? If yes, what camera is it and would you recommend it to someone? This isn't for use by a professional or anyone with similar talent ... this is just for family and friends use.

(I've looked at Epinions, PriceGrabber and a few other review sites but it is hard to search for cameras that take good pictures in the dark.)
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Very weird question

Say you had a latex one-piece, skintight outfit that was skin colored (to match your own). You glued two beads for nipples and trimmed a wig with appropriate colored hair and glued them on for pubes (and chest hair, if you're male). It's entirely a suit. You don the suit and walk down the street with it.

Could you get away with it, or would you get arrested? If it's the latter, what exactly would the charge be? I'm thinking public indecency, but you're not showing off anything that's actually genuinely indecent and your choice of garments should be somewhat protected by your personal rights.

This might wind up in a story at some point
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How much do large pieces of marble cost, straight from the source at quarries? I can't find any websites that list prices.

Also, a math issue.

My small sculpture is 8"x2"x4" (HxLxW). The large sculpture will be 8-feet high. If I wanted to make it out of marble, how do I determine how much it will weigh?

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What commercials do you *not* like?

I don't like the newest above the influence commercial. (Where they're saying that sitting on a couch smoking pot, is more safe than being out in the real world, but they are willing to take the chance.)

I also don't like the commercial where the little kid falls in the swimming pool at the birthday party, also the one where the mommy falls asleep with her little baby. (I forgot what exactly the commercials are for, but I don't like them.)

Someday I'll be a flower

Thinking Caps Required

Are social ills, on a large scale, the collective result of the environment of individuals' upbringing?

If each individual had a "good" upbringing (non-abusive, educated), would social ills (child abuse, crime) be significantly reduced?

Should the government, instead of primarily 'policing' bad behavior, focus more on preventing it?
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Poll #799875 Slang Pop Quiz: MUNTED

Have you seen or heard this word before?

That is not a word.

If yes to question #1, do you know what it means?

Dude, I use it all the time.
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Damn the DMV

In New York State, are there any alternatives to taking the driving test at the DMV? Can you take it privately? I went online and, for all of New York State, the earliest test available is the 8th. I need my license by the 28th or I miss a whole semester of college. Public transportation (there's none in the city I'm moving to) and riding a bike (most things are too far away and I don't have a bike) are out of the question. As is getting rides from anyone else.

Could I call the DMV (would it be open on sunday?) and ask if they have any other openings? If somebody cancels, can you take their spot? I'm willing to go all over NY to take the test, if that makes any difference.

Have you driven without a license or know anyone who has? Have they gotten caught? What was the punishment?

The Laxative Tree!

One day in English class, my awesome English teacher was telling us about some pranks he or people he knew had pulled off. One of them involved taking what I believe he said was the bark of a common tree, which when ground up (or boiled in water, I forget which) would serve as a powerful laxative, and sneaking it into someone's food/drink. He said it was a common tree that could be found everywhere here in Sacramento, but would not tell us which it was.

Does anyone have any idea what this tree could be? (You know... in case I get... lost here in my hometown, and suffer massive... constipation)

Edit: I do not need any laxatives. I would just like to identify the tree : )

flashing headlights

1) While driving, particularly on the highway, do you flash your headlights at oncoming traffic to warn them of an upcoming speed trap (cops with radar guns)?

2) Why, or why not?

3) Is flashing headlights to warn of cops common knowledge in your area? If not, where do you live?

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What is your favourite:


And if you had to live with only one of these things (the word, smell, sensation or flower), which one would it be?

Can you tell it's past my bedtime?

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