August 18th, 2006

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How many electrical devices do you have plugged in in your bed room?

I only have 2 main plugs :( (our house is 40 years old, they didn't realise we would need more). From plug one leads to a 4 way extension with surge protect. Here includes a desk fan, a hi fi and a base for a cordless telephone. The 4th is occasionally used for a fan heater. From plug 2 leads to a 4 way reel extension which leads to an electric toothbrush charger, another desk fan, a 4 way extension which has the tv, video and satelite plugged into, and an 8 way surge protect kit which includes, pc, monitor, speakers, printer, macmini, tv aerial spliter and an automatic scart switcher.

It amazes me sometimes how much i have running from one mains socket.

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damn it. will they ever show the wonder years again on tv? (i thought i read something about that. boo!) or at least put out the dvds?

and when your significant other says i love you, do you say "i love you" or "i love you too"?

Music notes

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So many times when you buy an album, there are only one or two songs worth listening to on it. And even when and album is mostly good, there are usually one or two songs that you dislike and want to skip over.

What albums can you listen to all the way through without wanting to skip any tracks?
#17 - the spread eagle

Cave Art

What do you think of prehistoric cave art?

I'm learning about it in my art history class, and while nobody knows for sure why the Paleolithic peoples really painted on the walls there are some interesting theories:

1) Decoration
2) They believed the animals they painted had magical properties and brought good luck for the hunt.
3) They used the illustrations to teach hunting apprentices.
4) They believed their ancestors were animals.
5) Certain animals depict men, others depict women.

Which of these theories do you think is most correct? Do you have any theories of your own?

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The Receptionist Classic

Snakes! Zombies! Yellow Crayons!

So on the radio show this morning, they had Johnny Mosley (Olympic skiier dude) sitting in for one of the DJs and a snake wrangler/expert fellow came in (you know, a part of the whole "Snakes on a Plane" thing). Turns out, the only fear Johnny has is snakes. The wrangler guy was talking about how he's helped people get over their fear of snakes (with a psychiatrist, of course).

Then it was mentioned that the only natural fear that we are born with is the fear of heights. Every other fear is a learned fear.*

I sat there in the car thinking about it and I can find the root of my two fears - zombies and getting crushed to death under an overpass.

Do you know the root of your fears? What are they - the fear/s and the root/s?

*ETA: I should mention that I have no idea if this is true or not. Morning radio DJs are not psych majors, and neither am I. It was just an odd 'factoid' put out there that made me go hmmmm...
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When I was a kid, there was a store front downtown with a sign that said "Christian Science Reading Room". I have also seen a church locally called "The Church of Christ, Scientist". Are these the same as "Scientology"? If not, what are the differences, or where can I go to find out. Thanks.
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Question or answer?

Do you ask more questions or make more comments than the average TQC member?

I make a lot of comments, but ask darn few questions. I think I've asked four or five questions total in the time I've been here.


I know we all comment more than we ask questions. When you compare yourself to what you think is the "typical" TQC user, do you ask more questions or make more comments.

I think ask fewer questions and make more comments than the "typical" TQC member. echafaud asks more questions than the typical member, as does goop.

Sorry for the confusion.

Concerning a young dog

There's a puppy living at my aunt's house, and lately it will crawl around on the grass outside. It will also crawl inside the house, but very rarely. I've tried using Google to look this up, but I couldn't find anything.

Anyone know what's going on with the dog? It's about two months old, if that helps. Or even if that doesn't help.

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Poll #798808 Gender bo bender, fee fi fo fender

Looking at your friends and close relatives you hang out with, what's the majority gender?

Most of them are female, like me (girls)
Most of them are male, like me (boys)
Most of them are female, the opposite sex
Most of them are male, the opposite sex
It's about even
I don't really have anyone I'm that close with

Which gender do you consider more trustworthy?

It's about even. Neither have a disposition for more trust or less trust

When you want to go out and have fun, who do you tend to have it with?

My female friends
My male friends
It's mixed
It varies. All my friends are fun
Wha is this 'having fun' thing you refer to?

When you need someone to listen to you, who do you turn to?

Female friend/s
Male friend/s
One/some of each gender
I have no one I can talk to

New friends: who are you more likely to make friends with? Like, you meet someone at a party

More likely to develop a friendship with a girl, the same gender as me
More likely to develop a friendship with a guy, the same gender as me
More likely to develop a friendship with a girl, the opposite gender of me
More likely to develop a friendship with a guy, the opposite gender of me
There's no preference. If they're interesting, I'll make friends
I don't really make any new friends

Look at your friends' list. Most of them are _____

Female (girls), by a slight margin
Male (boys), by a slight margin
About an even mix
Female (girls), by a large margin
Male (boys), by a large margin

Most of your AIM/MSN/Y! friends are ____

Female (girls), by a slight margin
Male (boys), by a slight margin
About an even mix
Female (girls), by a large margin
Male (boys), by a large margin

Do you tend to be more critical about immoral/annoying guy behavior or girl behavior?



This, (Benefit: I can pick it up today - I go back to my college tomorrow morning.) or this (benefit: for like 20 bucks I can buy 256MB memory and it'll work just fine, not to mention it's like 100$ cheaper. I'd have to wait for it though.)?       

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So, to counter the earlier question about fashion with a happier, more optimistic question:

What fashion trends have you saying "Hallelujah! At last, something that looks normal/nice/not trashy that I will actually wear!"?

For me, I am very excited that shirts are being made longer. Everyone looks nicer in shirts that are longer, I think. They're pretty slimming, and then if you wear low-rise jeans, your stuff isn't hanging out all over the place.

I also like the vans style of shoes because they are so fricken comfortable and they come in so many fun colors.

And last, I'm glad that colors like brown and green and earthy things like that are easier to find because they look better on me than bright colors or pastels.
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Hershey Park, PA

We're going to Hershey Park for the day tomorrow. "We" includes my wife and myself, my 11 yo daughter, 2.5 yo son, and 6 month old son. We're meeting another couple there who has a 2 yo daughter.

What's a MUST see/do/eat?

If you could do one thing all day there over and over, what would it be?

What is overrated and should be avoided?
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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Your "Snakes" experience

For those of you who've already seen Snakes on a Plane, what has the audience been like? Tell me all your crazy stories. (The audience reaction is what I'm looking forward to the most. :-) )

Like this one:
When Samuel L. Jackson said his line "I am sick and tired of these mother f*cking snakes, on this mother f*cking plane!" The audience erupted in applause, and then this man started streaking across the theater waving his pants over his head and shouting... "SNAKES ON A PLANE SNAKES ON A PLANE" it was special.

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I live in basically a small city and hubby has lived here almost all his life. He is one of those people who knows everyone. Anyway, I'm constantly running into people I don't know who know me. Hubby and I have developed a signal so that he'll work their name in the conversation as a friendly reminder to me.

Well, I just went to the local sub shop and ran into this guy who knew me. I haven't the foggiest clue who he was. Face didn't look familiar, nothing.

I'm pretty good at bs-ing my way into getting info out of people so that I can place them, but this guy was giving vague answers.

What tactics do you use when you run into someone who remembers you but you can't remember them?
womyn is not a word

guitar hero! and randomness.

1. last night someone posted a link to the john butler trio playing a song called "ocean". (here.) basically, i'm in love with it. what are some songs that are jammy guitar things like this one?
2. you are ordering a submarine sandwich. what do you put on it?
3. what is the moral of the story? (what story, you say?! i don't care, pick one!)
4. what is better: robots with lasers, or swarms of angry bees doused in hotsauce?
5. have you ever made a pact with someone? what was it?
6. how many uhaul trucks do you think it would take to move everything you own?
6a. how much of that junk is worth caring about?
7.if you could fuck a celebrity, what would you fuck them with?
8.if you could be president, what country would you be president of and what absurd law would you make first?
9. if you had to get a word tattooed to your forehead in large letters, what word would it be, and what font would you use?
10. if you could stop time what would you do while it was paused?
11. what colour are your eyes?

offensive words

Do you find the word cunt offensive? What do you find offensive about it?
I use it in a few different contexts- but mostly when my friends do something mildly annoying/stupid and then its in quite an affectionate way. Personally the word vagina makes me cringe much more than cunt ever would.
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Washington Mututal

Does anybody use Washington Mutual who might be able to answer my question?

I e-mailed Washington Mutual via their "I am not a member" link, which is restricted to "general questions" without an account number, to ask if a WaMu customer can send a transfer to the account of a Wells Fargo customer and how he might be able to do so... which seemed like a pretty general question to me. But they said they can not provide that information to non-members.

The WaMu customer in question said he was going to find out a week ago but clearly I have to do everything myself.

I'd prefer not to open a WaMu account, if I can help it, just to have a basic question answered.

SO does any WaMu customer know if you can send transfers to non-WaMu customers, even if it has to be done directly at the bank location? Thanks.
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When you hear your favorite song, do you start singing even when you know, you can't sing well/at all?

I don't, I can't stand my voice when I'm singing. I can't sing at all and don't want to hear that. :D
Black Sabbath Live Evil
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Stuck in the 1990's...

I'm forced to use dialup until my phone company gets off their duff and extend the DSL another half mile to reach my house. Whenever I download something, my connection is often broken due to bad weather, screwy modem, or just plain bad luck.

What is a good download program that allows you to reconnect and resume downloading without losing your progress?
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1. Best "Freebies" site you've had luck with?
2. Don't you hate it when you poke the oh-so-sensitive fleshy bit right underneath your fingernail with needles/pins/etc.? I do.
3. Have you ever worked at a Safeway (grocery) store before? Did you like it? Any horror stories?
4. Ever used the over-the-counter (Primatine Mist, Equate Asthma Mist) asmtha inhalers before? Think they work?
5. Best haircut style for a heart-shaped face?
6. Have you ever made (and worn in public) any clothes you created? If so, got any pics of it?
7. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most idiotic) how would you grade a former boss who hasn't given out a paycheck to his employee (that's a week late) because he "forgot" to bring his former employee's address with him when he came into town? Even when he called the employee's house and was given the physical address... and he was still in town?
8. Best item you've ever thrifted/found/found at a yard or garage sale? Pics would be a bonus.
9. Why don't you have anything better to do than answer random questions from complete strangers?
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1. Has/Does anyone work at Joann Fabrics? Do/Did you like it? What's the starting pay and the employee discount?

2. My cat does this really wierd thing: when she's playing with her toy or even my hand, she'll grab it with her front claws to hold it close, but kick at it as if to push it away with her back paws. Do other cats do this? Why?

3. Getting red dots of enchilada sauce out of a white shirt - how can it be done? As soon as I noticed, which was after the sauce dried unfortunately, I filled the sink with water/laundry detergent and let the shirt soak. The dots are still there, but lighter. Any ideas?

4. The post office sucks. I ordered a package from Amazon to be delivered to my husband at work (we do it all the time, since nobody is at home to get them). This time, Amazon's tracking says that it could not be delivered because nobody was at home (yeah, ok!). The post office has no idea where the package is and is investigating it. But I'm still without the money and without the package! Do I contact Amazon and will they send another or refund my money? Called Amazon and they are resending it!


1. There was a report on the news about a local mosquito testing positive for EEE. The next day, there was a flyer on our door from the town about it and it said that the mosquito trap where the mosquito was found was literally right across the street from our house. I mentioned this to a co-worker and she asked if I was wearing DEET every day and .... uhhh ... I hadn't even thought of doing that. Is this something that would worry you? Would you wear DEET when you went outside?

2. I brought in photographs to hang in the restroom at work. My co-worker thought this was gross. Turns out, she doesn't keep any reading material or any decorations in her bathroom at home. How 'bout you? Do you think it's gross? Do you read in the bathroom?

3. Sometimes it happens that there's crud in the toilet that won't come off (even with a scrub brush) and I have to stick my hand (holding a sponge) in there to get it off. The same co-worker was appalled to find this out. Is this totally disgusting? Would you stick your hand in the toilet to get it totally clean?

4. Anti-bacterial soaps - yea or nay?

5. Did you know that shiggity broke her ankle and had to get surgery?
Friends: Unagi.
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I might be getting a job at restaurant for a month. I'd be washing dishes.
It's from 9 in the morning till 11 at night with a one hour break and it's 6 days a week.

1) Do you think those are ridiculous hours?
2) How much would you expect to be paid?
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1. Do you like cashmere?
No, it makes me itch. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after I bought a cashmere sweater at Off 5h Saks 5th Avenue.

2. Do you like Mello Yello?
Yes! But they don't sell it where I live.

3. Are you hungry?
Yes =[

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Is anyone here 5' or under? If so, how much do you weigh? I'm about 5'1" and 106-107 pounds. Somehow, I still feel like a cow, because short girls are always so 95 pounds or something. Also, my mother called me fat the other day. This is very unsettling...I've never considered myself fat before this.

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my new puppy julius has fleas all over his ears. (he has big droopy ears, as you can see in this picture.) the top his poor ears are totally infested; he keeps itching them and crying. julius is only 9 weeks old and the fleas (as far as i know) are in a pretty bad spot, as far as shampooing goes. what could i do to try to get rid of them?

he has a vet appointment tommorrow first thing in the morning to get checked over and whatever else they need to do. i'd just like to be able to do something for him NOW.
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(no subject)

1. What's your biggest Lj pet peeve?
1 a. what about message board pet peeves?
1 b. emails?
1 c. the internet?

2. Should I have grits or mac-and cheese for dinner?
misc: the only fun that i ever took

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What's the most recent time you've taken advice from TQC, and how did it turn out?

I just bought a bag of Honey Nut Chex Mix since so many people said they liked it. I haven't tried it yet.

(no subject)

My job involves standing pretty much all all the time, and by the end of the day, my legs are wrecked.

My feet are usually fine, I have very comfortable shoes, but my calves always feel awful by the end of shift.

Anyway of 'fixing' this? Or releiving a little of the pain?
Amsterdam Shoe

Moving and Cleaning

Humor me here.

I have to move this weekend. I've been travelling and working insane hours and my apartment looks like a tornado.

Do I deal with the tornado first, then pack? Or just start chucking things in boxes?
ran like a hare to the sea

boombox shower

just now, i felt like listening to some loud music and taking a shower. as a result, i had a boombox shower. i only got through the first three songs.

which three songs would you want for your boombox shower?

i choose:

-shake yer dix by peaches
-if i told you this was killing me, would you stop by the julania theory
-talk to me, dance with me by hot hot heat

(no subject)

All of my friends are either busy, on vacation, recovering from wisdom teeth pulling, or just undesirable to hang out with tonight.

So, I pose this very important question...should I go to the gym?! Would you go to the gym tonight if you were me?

yearbook stuff

What was your senior quote?

Favorite quote?

Did your high school yearbook have a theme?

Looking back, what was the most memorable page in your yearbook (Individual photographs, sports section, clubs, school spirit, daily life, autographs)?

(no subject)

What are some magazines and/or newspapers that have a lot of editorials? I'd like to use some that are kind I guess since it is for school and I can't get them online (she wants the actual thing)
DMB wash me

(no subject)

How would you clean a wooden cutting board? Putting it in the sink is not an option since it is affixed to a small island in the middle of the kitchen. I cut up some really strong onions the other day and it smells bad.  In all the 4 years I've worked here it has never been cleaned. I want to give it a thorough cleaning I just don't know how to go about it...

(no subject)

I use Mozilla and for some reason lately whenever I'm in my email or myspace for example, and I click on the little icon to change my font color or add a smiley, nothing comes up but the outline of a box. Is there any way to fix this?
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Clothes, cleanings, relationships, sites, Moore, etc...

What is your favorite accessory? I am a fan of hats and ties (even though the latter is completely pointless).

What's your favorite cleaning solution or aid? Gotta love those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Febreze and Swiffer.

What's one thing that a person who is close to you could tell you, that would completely change your opinion of them? or for cheap book deals? So far I've been getting better deals at Amazon.

What's your favorite book by Christopher Moore? I like Lamb.

What's with all the tech support questions? Did the electronics of the world have a meltdown today? Y2K, almost seven years too late? Wow, Y2K was a long time ago... does it make you feel old to remember things like that?
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(no subject)

I don't have too much hope that anyone can help, but it's worth a shot.

I use Outlook Express to check my school e-mail, and it works fine but I can't seem to reply to or send e-mails to Yahoo addresses, or It works when I access my e-mail on the website, but I'm lazy and prefer OE. I already asked my school's computer help people, but they gave me a BS answer that didn't help at all. I can receive e-mails from those addresses. It's kind of irritating since my aunt has a Yahoo e-mail and she e-mails me a lot.

So can anyone tell me why this is happening, or how to fix it? If not, any suggestions for a program similiar to OE that's free and easy to use?
-edit- Forgot to include the error I get, but punk_is_so_dead made me remember.

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was ''. Subject 'blah', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79
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What's wrong with my camera!?!

It's so weird. It's like it's oof, but the zoom/lens/snoutlike thing hasn't like... recluded back into the camera body thing? You know what I mean? And when I try to turn it on, it seems like it lights up a dark navy blue color, but then nothing else happens. Pressing buttons hasn't been helping, and yelling at it doesn't work, either.
It's not the battery.
The camera is called FinePix
other things stamped on the face:
5.1 mega pixels

3x f=5.8-17.4mm 1:2.8-4.9

Okay, I'm sure most of that information doesn't matter at all, but... I DON'T KNOW!
What should I do to make my camera stop being such a brat and start working?!

ETA: now it flashes the FINEPIX graphic when I turn it on, and then it turns navy blue. Am I making progress? Should I keep pressing this button?
PS yes, oof was a typo, but it made me laugh, so it gets to stay.
I realize it is very unlikely that anyone has anything to help me, but this community is always worth a shot.
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(no subject)

I would like to print out this pretty detailed map that is a pdf file.

However, when I try to print it out on one page, not all the details show up.

Is it possible to take that one superdetailed pdf page and cut it into 4 equals parts and blow them each up onto one page and print out 4 pages in that way?
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Computer savvy people, I call ye.

My hard drive decided to die four days before I lack a computer for question...

What is a decent laptop to purchase that:
would be able to handle Photoshop and Illustrator?
isn't known for overheating?
won't fall apart too fast?

[note: I don't want a mactop...don't have the money for one nor do I find them appealing]

My comp was a: hp pavilion ze1210 with 240mb RAM, 20g hd [if anyone is curious]
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(no subject)

Ok, I want to finally breakdown and buy photoshop. Only problem is whenever I look for prices online there are a dozen different programs that have photoshop in the name. So which one is it that most people use to make all the nifty graphics and such floating around LJ and the rest of this place we call the internet?

Tinea versicolor

Anyone here have tinea versicolor? My doctor thinks I have it so she gave me Selsun Blue to treat it. I'm supposed to put it on my back then sleep on it all night and in the morning change and wash all my sheets. Would it dye my clothing or bedding? Also, how does someone get tinea versicolor? The only thing I've read about it is that it is more likely in humid climates, which I definetly live in, but how in the world did I get a fungus on my skin?? I'm kind of weirded out. :[
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(no subject)

Do you have any unusual phobias? I mean stuff that isn't the typical spiders, snakes, the dark, heights, small children, etc.

I have this weird thing about being a passenger. When I'm driving I feel fine, but whenever ANYONE besides me is doing the driving, I always get this weird feeling like we're going to crash. It's really stupid and it's only happened within the last couple years. I pretty much just deal with it, but it's annoying.

(no subject)

Quick song identification question -

This song has a bluesy feel to it and I think it's from the 90s, probably early 90s.

There's a line about "sleeping in the subway," and I thought the chorus went, "We all rise in our own way," but Google says not.

What is it??