August 17th, 2006

My eyes burn
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trouble with the school

Have you gotten a parking ticket from your college and appealed it?

How long did it take? It's been a week now and I haven't heard anything back. I don't know if that's typical or if something isn't going right.

Remove Battery acid

I lifted the hood of the car and i found that one had rust white looking. I asked they told me its acid. What the best way to remove? i herd coke and baking soda. Just wanted to know if that was the best way.

stupid computers.

Hi, quick question. My PC has windows XP on it, and I have a 2.67 GHz processor. My boyfriend's computer only has 1.67 GHz and his computer freezes all the time. We both have 512 MB of RAM and he's done all the virus scans and registry cleaners, and still can't figure out what the problem is. Could it be his processor? Is there a way to fix it?

Subvertising / Destruction of advertising

In regards to advertising in public places, where does the law stand on graffiti or other destruction of advertising?

Say if it was an offensive advertisement – whether offensive in terms of what it is saying or in terms of say a company's ethics – how much trouble could a person get into for defacing it?

Taking into account in most cases complaints about advertisements rarely result in removal, also taking into account childish unethical nature of the act has already been taken into account. Any sources on laws regarding this [UK based] would be appreciated.
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How many males have taken vicodin or some sort of pain killer and haven't been able to ejaculate during sex? [or if you have, did it take a really really long time?]

Apparently this is common, but I'm also wondering, is it dangerous for your peen? I can't seem to find anything about it in detail, nor any dangers it could pose.

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(no subject)

The answers from the "What's the worst advice someone ever gave you" question from the other day got me thinking...

In your opinion, what common sayings/cliches are particularly stupid and/or make no sense?

For me, it's, "Live everyday like it's your last."
Please. The world would be in constant chaos.
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My co-worker is having a problem and I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions.

Maybe half a year ago she was robbed by some neighborhood kids. There was a group of about six of them, four of them were put in jail but now four or five more kids have joined the group. It ranges from the youngest being (she thinks) about six to the older ones being seventeen or eighteen.

Lately some of the kids have been threatening her son. They were trying to steal his bike from the school bike rack and told another boy to give him the message that they were "looking for him". This was said right after they threatened to shoot the other boy. My coworker is pretty sure they've been expelled from the school or something, either way they don't belong there.

She's tried to talk to the school about it but they just told her that trying to stop the kids would just make them worse. She's been in contact with the police over all this nonsense since it started but they aren't doing anything. Moving isn't an option right now. She's at her wit's end trying to figure out how to save her son, do you have any suggestions?

I suggested going to a local news station if the school still refuses to step in. At the very least the kids being on school grounds is trespassing right?
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(no subject)

Just because I find it the most amusing question ever, I ask you, TQC.

Do you think a wife should "submit to her husband"?

Do you think a husband is the "head of household"?

Do you think a wife is "under her husband's authority"?
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0. Is it normal to be this bored at work?

1. What do you think would be the result of microwaving a bag of popcorn for an hour?
a) to the popcorn?
b) to the bag?
c) to the microwave?
d) to the surrounding area?

2. Do you think the world would be any different if the day was 30 hours long instead of 24 hours long?
a) if the unit of "an hour" was the same length and there were just more of them?
b) if the day length was the same but just divided into shorter intervals?

3. Is there anything you totally advocate and are often appalled at how little some people seem to know about said subject?

4. What grammatical errors in speaking, (NOT in typing -- this gets old ;P), really get on your nerves?

5. What is something that your coworkers/classmates do that gets on your nerves?

6. How long after arriving to work in the morning do you proctrastinate getting started on actual work?

(no subject)

I've asked this question at work, in order to avoid being smeared in this community, but I'm not getting an answer to my question.

I need to lose about 70 pounds in about 3 months time. Has anyone lost a bunch of weight quickly (no surgery involved)? How did you go about it? What was successful?

The people at my work are all saying, "Oh, you're not fat, don't worry about it." That's not what my question is. My question is regarding how to go about losing a lot of weight that quickly. I AM big. (220 lbs). I want to be in the 150/160 area by the end of November.

Also, if anyone can suggest websites, communties or friends that deal with this, it would certainly be helpful and greatly appreciated.

I promise I'll make a more interesting question later. I'm sure this type of question is typicial in this community/lamewise, so I'll come up with a fiery question later.

Thanks, all!

You've been bad

I screwed up the first time by mentioning something twice. Sorry. Here's the poll again. I lost all your answers, so you'll have to take the poll again

You get caught by the cops doing a misdemeanor, and are sentenced to 40 hours community service. How would you spend your 40 hours? What avenue of volunteer work would you contribute? They ask you for ONE preference for working off your hours

Working with children in some capacity
Working with the homeless in some capacity
Working with the elderly in some capacity
Working with the sick or incapacitated in some capacity
Working with the incarcerated in some capacity
Something involving teaching.
I'd like to help build something, like a church
Picking up trash
Painting over grafitti/repainting old buildings
Digging holes, for building foundations, hospital pipelines or pools
Other (explain what)
None of the above. I'd rather serve time than work. Let them come get me

asking for advice, sorry

I'm a study abroad student, and I'm living with seven other Americans in a house that was assigned to us.

My other housemates want cable. Which is fine, but I'm leaving in 2.5 months. We can only get a cable subscription for 6 months, making it $50 a person. I'm going to be traveling during these months, too- probably a month's worth. Plus being busy with other shit and babysitting etc.

I think this is a terrible deal, and I don't want to fork up the cash for cable. My roommates want it (they're staying a month longer than I am and aren't traveling as much), and one in particular (remember the one who hands girls his dishes, with the sense of entitlement?) is upset at the idea of other people not wanting to join in on his parade.

The last thing I want to cause is drama, but I don't like being a doormat. Of course cable would be nice. And if I don't pay, there are issues like if I come into the common room to watch TV and they are watching cable, do I have to leave? how do we measure this?

Sooooo what should I do?
  • fork up and enjoy this rip off of a deal?
  • pay a compromised amount?
  • not pay at all?
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    1. On Monday morning, I filled out an application to work at Dunkin' Donuts (they've had a "Now Hiring" sign on the door for awhile). The manager looked it over as soon as I gave it to her, and asked me a bunch of questions. She wrote a lot on the back of it and said she'd be doing interviews this week. I still haven't heard from her. Should I call her? When? What do I say?

    2. Our six month old cat absolutely refuses to drink out of a dish. He will only drink out of a glass, and only if said glass is on the coffee table. I don't mind having a spoiled cat, but he assumes that every glass on the coffee table is his to drink. I'm afraid one of these days he's going to drink alcohol and get sick. How can I make a dish on the kitchen floor appealing to him so I can start training him to leave our glasses alone?
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    (no subject)

    Hi folks,

    Is it possible to get 50Hz to 60Hz converters, or vice versa, for large electrical appliances? e.g. washing machines.

    If so, any ideas on how much they cost?

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    (no subject)

    Thank you all, for helping me with my issue about rapid weight loss. I was almost in tears this morning when I posted that question, and ya'll have really helped settle me down.

    I promised a fiery here it goes. This was a discussion at work.

    As insensitive as this statement may be, do you feel it's true or false?

    "Just because someone was a victim of terrorism on 9/11/01 does not mean they are a hero."

    (I know, I know...insensitive...but do you feel the statement is true or false.)

    Thanks again, everyone!
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    (no subject)

    How do I remove ear wax, myself?
    Who can I go to (doctor wise) to have it done?

    I wearing hearing aids, and I need molds, and I can't have the molds done until the wax is taken out.
    I can't hear, so I can't use the phone, and my mother refuses to call my doctor for me because "I'm an ingrate and a pain in the ass".
    So I figure if I can get the wax out, I'll hear better, and be able to use the phone, or just be able to make her schedule my mold appointment.


    Is calling out to work because my hearing aids are broken a genuine excuse?


    (no subject)

    1.  Is there such a thing as women's aftershave?  I was trying bikini zone and it didn't work so one day I decided to use my boyfriends aftershave... it worked really well but needless to say I'd prefer if my crotch didn't smell like CK Eternity for men

    2.  When you're really hungry, say towards the end of the work day, and you're starvingggg... what kinds of food do you crave?  I crave sugar, which is weird.  Candy and such.

    3.  Do any of you have naked/icky/unbecoming/ basically unwanted pictures circulating the internet?

    4.  What are everyone's plans for tonight?

    5.  Has the question club ever had a picture post, and if not can this be a picture post?  We do them over in brutal_honesty and it's the most entertaining thing ever.

    6.  What is your favorite lj community and why?  And you can only pick one.

    The Receptionist Classic


    Just curious, how would you pronounce my name? "Jessamine"

    And now the other question:
    How do you tell someone to stop trying to get you to join one of those home-sales things (like Mary Kay, Party Lite, Creative Memories, Tupperware, etc)? And get them to actually shut up about it?

    I have tried "No, not interested" "No, I can't afford it" "No, I just don't want to" "No, I don't have the time" "No!" and nothing is working. My friend will not leave me alone. She keeps sending me these emails that are blatant attempts to get me to join up. For the love of Pete, she's even offered to loan me 1/2 the money to get started! (I'm broke, I tried using that to get her off my back, she just came back with "I'll loan you $100!")

    I just want her to stop already. I like to scrapbook and all, but fuck, not enough to make a "business" out of it. I'm out of things to say to her to make her understand that I just don't want to do it.
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    Big Company

    How do I go about handling a company that is violating their warranty with me? Basically it's a computer company who, within their warranty promise 2 days for an onsite service tech and it's been a week.

    I've called them everyday and they say, "They will call you within the next 24hrs" but they never do. They were suppose to call me 192 hours ago.

    Anyway, they are in strict violation of the warranty and I want to do something about it. How do I start?
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    (no subject)

    My kids are 8, 9 and 10. My son (10) has been doing laundry for two years. My daughter (9) has been doing it for a year -- same with my 8 year old who will be 9 in just a few months. They wash, dry, and fold/put away clothing. They do my laundry (and get paid for it). They are each responsible for doing their own laundry. They do a fairly good job of it.

    How old were you when you started doing laundry? Do you think I am asking too much of them?
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    (no subject)

    A friend of mine had a poster with a beautiful lithograph(?) of a robed woman standing in an arched doorway, looking out at a sky full of stars. There was a small caption at the bottom of the poster that read, "The explosion of stars is not reserved for ticket holders."

    Now this friend of mine had a lot of crimethinc posters and it looked like it was probably from a similar type of publisher, but I can't find any reference to it when I search for the caption or in crimethinc's site.

    Has anyone seen this picture or this poster? Know where I can get it? Who published it?

    (no subject)

    I've got a computer. HP Pavilion 533w. Name: Pocky.

    I've got a laptop. Dell Inspiron 600m. Name: Ecto-1.

    Both have Windows XP. Both have usb slots. And I have a usb cord.

    Is there anyway I can use the usb to connect the two and move data from Pocky to Ecto? Would I need to download any software? Or would it just better to invest in about 30 gigs worth of disks?

    ((And random shoutout of thanks to everyone who's previously answered my ridiculous questions.))
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    (no subject)

    speeding ticket - i was going 80 in a 65 on the NY interstate (I-90). i am pleading not guilty and appearing in court, hoping to have it reduced. this is my first time ever being pulled over.

    what do you think this will cost me?

    (no subject)

    I just got a job interview for this position that I really want. I have to give an 8-12 minute presentation on customer service and I can do pretty much anything I want but they do want to have some sort of visual aid. I'm planning on doing a power point but does anyone have any tips on how to make a really good impression through doing a presentation? I figure I may need to do something a little extra so they remember me and then hire me..hopefully.

    So, any tips on how to do a really good presentation? or any ideas for good information to put in my power point about customer service? Oh and thru a few internet searches I found some general information about like "a dissatisfied customer tells ten friends about their dissatisfaction while a satisfied custmer only tells 5 friends that they're satisfied" do you think it would be bad to include that without any specific source? I don't want to put it in and then have them ask me where I got that data from. ya know?


    (no subject)

    1. Which of these situations would make you feel the worst?

    a-Have a friend who you betrayed, unintentionally, show up at your house and shout at you in person?

    b-Have a friend who you hurt, unintentionally, write you a heartfelt letter explaining just how much harm you did, although it was unintentional?

    c-Have a friend who you lied to tell your parents about what you've really been up to? (if this doesn't apply to you now, think back to a time when it would have)

    d-Have a friend who you did all of the above to come to your house and punch you in the face?

    2. Are you more inclined to let things go easily, or do you like to get revenge? Give an example, if you could - best revenge or how proud you were of letting someone off the hook for a mistake.

    3. Would you bother trying to change someone's hurtful behavior after you are no longer friends, or just leave it alone and move on?

    4. In what situations would you abandon a friend?

    5. Which hurts more; losing a friend because they didn't like how you were acting, or a friend telling you they thought how you were acting was stupid?
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    I'd rather do that

    What is something that would by truly horrible to do? Be creative -- something almost as bad as the worst thing I have to do at work, so I can express my distaste for the task by saying I’d rather do that, e.g., I’d rather scrub my body with Brillo pads dipped in battery acid.
    that's what she said!
    • darness

    gift card swap

    Has anyone used a gift card swap site, such as SwapAGift or Card Avenue? If so, did you have good results? I recently received a $50 gift card to iTunes and would love to swap with someone who has a card of equal value to a book store or movie venue.  I haven't used a swapping site before so was curious as to what others thought of them.

    (no subject)

    Say you are going through an awful divorce. Do you have him send out the nice crystal you got as a wedding present?
    Would it hold too many memories or just be linked forever with that marriage, so you pass on it? What about furniture? dishes and other personal items?
    Should i try to start as fresh as i can(but i have no income) or try to make do with the stuff for awhile then get rid of it and its bad karma(or just memories) as i can?

    AND also. You are also pregnant with his child. Does that child get the fathers last name or yours? (i know its my choice, just wondering opinions). Does it matter if he wants anything to do with the child? or whether its a boy or girl?

    And most importantly:
    Does anyone know of any GOOD lawyers in Idaho or Washington?. Low income/sliding scales/pro-bono sorts of things if possible.

    any other tips for me?


    (no subject)

    Why do truckers honk at you while you pass them?

    I travel to work on the interstate (I-81) everyday and it seems like there are always truckers honking at me when I pass them. It startled me at first, I thought that there was something wrong with my car. Then I thought they were just horny guys honking at me, but then I asked my mom and she said it happens to her as well (not that she's ugly, but i doubt truckers would honk at my mom.) Anyone have a clue what this is about? It's always just a one honk kind of deal while i'm passing them.



    Okay, so the benign-looking trees I'd been parking my (pretty much new) car under decided to unleash a rain of happy little sap droplets recently. This pine-scented pestilence has affixed itself to my windshield, making the visibility peppered with smears. I've learned my lesson, but now I need to get my view back. I've done a lot of google hunting for solutions, and I've come up with a lot of arguments, but no clear cut safe solution.
    I've come here looking for some first hand experience; o knowledgeable question club, what has (and hasn't) SAFELY worked for you when trying to remove tree sap? (If I do get this stuff off, I'm heading straight to the car wash to get it waxed afterwards.)
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    colour books

    help me find this book!

    I'm trying to remember the name of a book that a is apparently the one thing that every writer / screenwriter should read. It's called "The Story" or "Storywriting" or something like that, but nothing is coming up on google. Anyone know?
    Ahh! Babies!

    (no subject)

    Question one:

    What is the longest time you would leave your cat home alone for? Like.... if you left in the morning on a friday, would you leave it alone till Sun. Evening?

    Question two: I love watching interesting videos of instruments being played in new ways like this:

    Or this:

    Or just plain people who are amazing at their craft, like this:

    The problem is, someone sent me all of these links and I haven't had any luck trying to find more stuff like this. Could you please link me to any videos you know of that have people playing instruments or singing in new and interesting or amazing ways?
    lead me

    inspired by the first ear wax question.

    Have you ever gone to the doctor to have your ears cleaned? Did you go to a family doctor or an ENT?
    If you have, what made you make that decision?
    What did they do? (details are great, please)

    I have a long history of ear problems (tons of ear infections), I have tinnitus occasionally, and my ears constantly click when I swallow (I don't know if that's a problem or not). Recently I was discussing live music with someone and I commented that I can never hear the keyboards or the female background singers, and she suggested that it might help if I got my ears cleaned. I should probably get them looked at anyway since I'm a musician, but I was just wondering if anybody had had their ears cleaned and noticed a significant difference afterwards. That and I just feel strange wanting to get my ears cleaned anyway.
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    (no subject)

    I'm making a "Bad Taste" mix cd - specifically for sex or anything having to do with sex. Think King Missile's "Detachable Penis," Bloodhound Gang's "Three Point One Four" or "Bad Touch," and Monty Python's "Sit on My Face."

    red goatee!!

    contacts question

    So I have a couple friends who are EMTs and can deal with hugely terrible things (wrecks, bad illnesses, that sort of thing) without even flinching, but the thought of putting contacts in their eyes is TOTALLY OUT OF THE QUESTION. This doesn't follow, to me. So...what's your opinion?

    Poll #798318 ok, pop quiz about eyes and contacts

    does the thought of wearing contacts bother you?

    No, I wear contacts
    No, I'd wear them if i needed them/ didn't wear glasses
    yes, the thought bothers me a little
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    (no subject)

    On a scale of 1-10 (1 not bothering you at all, 10 making you want to throw up all over the place) how gross is it to you when a girl doesn't shave her legs?

    Are you a boy or a girl? Do you think that if you were the opposite sex it would effect you differently?

    Edit: Okay, I wasn't clear enough, I'm sorry. I'm not talking about disgusting man legs, but still a noticable amount of light hair only when it's the sun. Indoors, you really can't tell.
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