August 16th, 2006

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my dad bought blue cheese crumbles. what can i do with them?

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I got home from my boyfriend's around 1 AM and while driving down my block I thought my mom had put the trash out a day early. However, upon getting closer to my house I realized that there was a guy sitting next to my driveway on his cell phone. I called my mom to come open the door for me because it creeped me out. She opened the door, I turned off my car and walked very quickly to my house. During this time he made no effort to move and I didn't want to stare at him, but it didn't seem like he cared that I was there at all.

I told my mom why I had asked her to open the door and we began spying on the guy to see what was going on. It creeped us out a lot because he was just sitting in front of our house for at least a half hour (who knows how long he had been there before I arrived). The whole time he was either talking on or playing with his phone. Finally around 1:30 someone else (who we think was a girl) showed up and they walked away together.

1) Is there anything illegal about loitering in front of someone's house? I highly doubt it, but I figured I'd ask if anyone knew anyway.
2) What would you have done in that situation? It's only my mom and I in our house, so getting a guy to go scare him off wouldn't work. And my mom and I aren't that intimidating.
3) If you were that guy, would you continue to sit in front of someone's house knowing that they knew you were there? I should mention, there's a school and park across the street from me. He could easily sat there and creeped me out a bit yes, but not as much as it did.
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food? music? money??

fourcorners previous "no sex VS $10 million" question got me thinking of similar things to give up for money....

Would you be willing to:
1) Take 10 million dollars, but you will no longer be able to taste any food for the rest of your life. All solids will forever taste like plain oatmeal and all beverages will taste like bland tonic water.

2) Take 10 million dollars, but you will lose the ability to hear music. All forms of music will be lost to your ears, and you will not be able to sing or hum to yourself either. Nothing.

3) So- orgasms/taste/music...which would you give up for $$$$ first? How about last?

a few random ones

Sorry for the lack of details so I'll just cut to the chase:

I can eat hot dogs just fine, but I have a knack for pretty much always choking when I try to eat a corn dog... what the hell?!

And for all y'all in So. Cal. (especially around the L.A. area): Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor?

For any of you who quite dislike or even hate anime.. is there one particular anime movie and/or series you have to admit to yourself that you're somewhat fond of.. if so, what?
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1. With all the stuff about Wal-Mart in the news, I was wondering, does Target have any political affiliations/issues surrounding it? I vaguely remember something about them not allowing Slavenation Salvation Army bell-ringers outside their stores.

2. I'm signing up for my company's life insurance policy. My husband is my beneficiary, but I don't know who to make my contigent beneficiary. We don't have any children, and my parents are 65 and 70, so I don't count on them being around much longer than another 15-20 years. Can you make a non-profit organization your contigent beneficiary on life insurance policies?

3. 37-year-old man (twice divorced) and 20-year-old college student: weird/odd/whatever or completely normal? (Obviously, I'm neither, I'm 25 and married.)
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I want to make this recipe's macaroni and cheese with chicken and broccoli mixed in.

I read the reviews and some people said that the cheese separated. Knowing my luck, that's exactly what would happen. What would cause the cheese to seperate? How could I avoid it?

Edit: This is pretty much ANSWERED. Thank you!
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ok so as we all know-myspace has a lot of bugs.

so it really should come as no suprise to me when the person I mentioned here who blocked me, may not have recieved my message.

I sent her a message through the blog prompt-(paraphrased) "this entry has only been allowed to be read by those on her preferred list." " If you would like to send her a message click here." and I guess that may be a reason why she may not have recieved it,since it wasn't directly from her profile page?.. any ideas why I was able to send but not it didn't show up in my sent box?

edit: we had just talked on monday through my blog and she sounded pretty normal..not angry with me at all.

post if you can help, if not sorry for posting.


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Random questions:

1. Why do people want to immigrate to America so badly? (I gear this towards America because I live in America. I'd also like to slightly gear this towards the Chinese...since I do not have personal experience with any others.) What's so special about America? (I genuinely want to know but I'm not asking because -I- do not appreciate America. I like it here, I love being here but I can't understand why a whole barrage of people scheme like hell just to come here. And I know that the democracy is NOT the reason why they--the Chinese I have interacted with--come either....though the relative freedom compared to China is a definite plus.) Oh and I ask this also because I KNOW they are condescending and pretty much look down on Americans or even fellow if they think Americans/westerners are stupid...why come?

*No offense - to ask this question, I need to generalize and I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm not "assuming" anything as I *have* been treated that way as if I'm stupid. And yes, I am aware that generalizations do not apply to all. I understand there are exceptions. I just don't "get" why they want to come here so badly if they don't even respect Americans/American culture.

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I have my first official ingrown hair.  My boyfriend gets them on a certain spot on his legs from work, and insists that you have to pick at them with tweezers.  But that hurts!

So my question is how do you get rid of ingrown hairs?

Magazines such as cosmo always say to exfoliate and put something on it that will dry it out.  So who is right, cosmo or my boyfriend?

Sex or money prt 2

In the thread of yesterday's 'sex or money' post, let me ask you this:

Would you be willing to never achieve wealth, never having more than $1,000 combined in your various bank accounts, never have 'the pretty things' exchange for mind-blowing, orgasmic, completely satisfying sex every time you engaged in intercourse, regardless of partner or technique? I'm talking about the kind of pleasurable sex that eludes even Hugh Hefner or Jenna Jameson and their many exploits.

*Note: if you have wealth, excess bank accounts and pretty things, fate will step in and your economic achievements will be garnished through circumstance so they comply with the demands of this question.

**Note2: while you may not have a lot of money or nice things now, agreeing to the above offer means that you cannot ever acquire a lot of money or nice things. Your life will henceforth be economically unlucky, but your life beneath the sheets will put your neighbors to envy

***Note 3: you still have to get laid yourself. The offer above will not guarrantee you having sex any more than you do now. You just get to enjoy it better
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At school/work, do you bring lunch or do you buy? If you bring, what do you bring?


Favorite salad dressing?


At what age did you learn to swim (if you do know how to swim)?


Spam: like it or think it's gross?
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What religions have problems with people donating their bodies or being cremated?

More specifically, Catholism - is it written in the bible anywhere that you should not donate organs or your body?
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Is it just me, or is it all of you?

Inspired by this lovely tidbit about girls and assholes.

It seems that all the girls I'm close to, no matter whether they're typically spunky, reserved, or whichever --
they all have this deep hidden level of insecurity. (We're going to deliberately leave that open-ended.) What about you?

What about the boys? Is it just human?

(It's not like I have it all together my damn self, though, and I straddle the gender lines.)
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Poll #797087 decisions, decisions

OK, so i want to go to new york this weekend. these are the things to keep in mind- i'm pretty broke, i don't have much time constraint beyond needing to be there by saturday night, and i fucking loathe trains. how would you get to new york if you were me?

amtrak- buffalo to nyc ~$110 (or $160 if the coupon i bought on ebay doesn't work)
fly- buffalo to nyc ~$150
amtrak buffalo to nyc, chinatown bus to dc, fly back from baltimore to buffalo ~$100
i will personally chauffeur laura to new york for the cost of half of tolls and gas
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For how long is cooked salad shrimp good in the fridge? Should I eat it?

Packaged: Aug 10th
Sell by: Aug 12th

Also, what's the weirdest/grossest thing you've ever found at the back of your refrigerator? I once found a petrified slice of berry cobbler. I couldn't get it off of the plate -- had to throw it away plate and all.
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Daddy, I need an iPod.

Would you ever buy a piece of electronic equipment from a pawn shop?

Why or why not?

I want need an iPod.  And the cheaper, the better.  Or some other MP3 player, I don't care.  But I have never purchased anything in a pawn shop before.  They sell things like iPods there, right?  I mean, someone out there has to have been desperate for money and willing to offload their MP3 player for a few bucks, yeah?
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Weird food combinations.

So which food combination do other people think is absolutely insane, but do you love?

As for me, I'm Dutch, so french fries with mayonaise is a given. ;) And my mother, who grew up in Indonesia where this is supposedly a normal snack, loves to eat bananas with cheese. I've yet to dare trying it myself.
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Number 50 on the 2005 Social Sec. list

Hello everyone,

I'm left scratching my head, wondering why many mothers in America have latched onto the name MacKenzie. I've always associated it with the well loved Bull Terrier, Spuds Mackenzie.

I'm 24 and of child bearing age, yet I remember Spuds very clearly. Spuds was the mascot for Bud Light Beer during the late 80's and 90's.

Is this a case of national forgetfulness?

What is your opinion? Mackenzie: Dog name or not?
Am I letting my pop culture iconography taint a perfectly reasonable name?
Why is this name so popular?

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(X-posted to baby_names)
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I feel like the world's biggest noob, and I have tried to avoid asking, but I'm really wondering about this.

People have lists of what they have recently listened to, and I'm pretty sure it's from Is there a program you need to play music with that will do that, or what?


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Ok, a few of my friends and I are both doing a confidence challenge starting today. We got the idea from a Fitness magazine article. For example, you get 1 point for buying a piece of clothing that is outside of your style, 3 points for going out in public in makeup you usually never would wear, and 5 points for going up to a guy and "fearlessly flirting". Then we're going to add up the points at the end of the month to see has the most points and whoever does wins a prize ($40- $10 from each of us). However, we need more ideas for challenges.

1a. What would you do to boost your confidence?
1b. What are you afraid to do in public or private because you're too shy or don't have enough confidence?
1C. How many "points" would you reward yourself for doing what you listed in 1a or 1b?

2. Where would I go about buying cheap tea? Is there a big difference between cheap and expensive tea?
2b. How long does tea last? I have a box of tea packets that are about two years old. Would these be okay to use?
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two posts + one page = icon change (second time's a charm)

so, i'm selling this damn couch on craigslist. now, these 2 guys said they'd take it from me for $225 and i said "ok, well, then i'll just go with you guys, i guess" they can't come over till later. i emailed this other guy back saying "oh, sorry, some other guys are gonna take it for $225" and the guy emailed me back and said he'd take it for $250.

now, i basically told the 2 guys that i could save it for them. BUT, as you may recall from earlier posts, i am broke phi broke, and would prefer $250 to $225. sooo, the dilemma is

d: am i an asshole if i email the guys and say "this dude will take it for $250, if you guys match it or go above, i'll keep it for you"?

what would you guys do if you were me? i feel like a jerk making this about the money, but i'm reeeeeeally poor.
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How often, if ever, do you read the LJ of someone not on your friends list?

Do you go to their journal because a comment they made on a friend's LJ intrigued you, or you wanted to learn more about them after seeing them around in a community, or some other reason?

Do you usually end up commenting or friending these people? Lurking?

Do you ever wonder just who's reading your LJ?
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Snakes On A Plane and a Bit O' Preference

My friend won us tickets off the radio to go see Snakes On A Plane tomorrow night at 9:30 (a world premier sort of dealy). Two questions:

1) We're supposed to bring snakes. Does anybody have a good place to look for the biggest [un-alive] snake I can find?

2) What should I wear? (Yes, I realize none of you have any idea what my wardrobe is like, but feel free to leave a description of the perfect outfit and I'll do my best to come up with stuff to match it. I'm a girl and this is not a formal event.) I'm thinking something green ...

On a completely separate note:

Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Are you answering as a guy or a girl? Do you have any reason why?
(I'm a brunette girl who prefers brunette guys ... as dark as possible, actually. I think it's genetic. My dad has jet-black hair and blue eyes and my grandfather on my mother's side had jet-black hair and blue eyes ... and almost every guy I'm attracted to has very dark hair. The majority have blue eyes. Especially the ones I really care for. I find it weird.)
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1. What is a song that makes you want to...

a. Drive down the highway in a convertable as fast as possible?

b. Take a roadtrip with your closest friends?

c. Jump into a wild mosh pit?

d. Go to the desert and look at the stars?

e. Sing along at the top of your lungs?

f. Get revenge against someone?

g. Sit down, put some headphones on, and just listen?

h. Spend time with your family?

i. Dance with somebody to?

j. Start a mob and force change somewhere?

2. I have a white shirt, black sharpie, and limited artistic ability. I want someone to look at the shirt and think 'plane'. What are some ways I could go about doing this besides trying to draw one on the front?

3. When was the last time you felt someone had betrayed you? How did you react?

4. What is something you don't like about yourself but would never change?
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What do you do with old corsages?

I had some gorgeous ones a few years ago from dances and I dried them in silica gel and then just pinned them up on my door. I've taken them down and now I'm wondering what I should do with them... I don't want to throw them away, but just stuffing them in a closet doesn't seem like a good idea either. Ideas?
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Has anyone ever purchased this mattress pad from IKEA (and if so, what's your opinion)? It's a bit pricy, but I don't want to go through the hassle of buying a new mattress set. I just want to know if it will keep me from feeling like I've spent the night on broken concrete...

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I just found out my sister is pregnant. She wants me to help her name the baby. She gets full pick because her husand picked her first baby's name. What are some names that you like? We're trying to go for unique here.

Also, for those of you who don't want kids (I would be in that group) Do you find that when you tell people this they respond by telling you rude/annoying things like "you're just in that immature phase" or "you'll outgrow that", or do I just have incredibly annoying co workers?
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What should I eat for dinner thats somewhat healthy and that requires little or no preparation?

I'd love to have McDonalds or something but I'm trying to eat healthier.
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Best product or combination of products to wipe-clean a couch with lots of cat hair, dead plant matter, and dirt stuck to it? It's a very smooth cheap synthetic upholstery... the problem is that stuff just loves to stick to it and I have already seen that a lint roller is not going to do the job.

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What do you think of Threadless?

I always like some of the shirts (the ones with puns or clever things on them), but when I see them in real life I usually think the people wearing them are lame.

That said, I'm ordering 3 right now. Lolz. I need cheap school clothes and I'm too lazy to actually shop (there's a sale!)

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What is something in your bedroom that doesn't quite belong? You know...something that people tend to point out and ask, "why do you have THAT in your room?(!)"

I have a homemade rainstick and some sort of ceremonial sword. They don't belong with anything. I don't have any explanation. All they are good for is interesting conversation.

Haha I almost forgot the register! I also have a cash register in my room. Initially it brings up a lot of questions but then everyone just wants to play with it.

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I'm having a party tomorrow, and I need a last minute theme. Something fun that people can find an easy costume with.

Some parties already had this year: 80s party, hippie party, college night, toga party.

Any suggestions??



EDIT: We picked a theme. It's OldSchool Nickelodeon cartoons/shows.
P.S. I'm going as Helga from Hey, Arnold. Complete with the heart picture frame and unibrow.
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suede question

I have a pair of sandals with one wide suede strap across the top. Over the years my big clown feet have stretched the suede. Is there any way to "shrink" this?
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So I'm signing a lease on an apartment. The only uncool thing about it is that it doesn't have a tub, just a shower stall. I rarely take baths, but every once in a while I do like to soak in a tub. If you live in a place that has no tub, just a shower, does it bug you that you can't soak in a tub? How much so? It's also a smaller apartment, which I don't mind. Have you ever downsized an apartment? Was it an issue for you?

I can't decide if I should sell my guitar. It's an acoustic one. I've never learned to play it though I've had it for four years. Doubt I'll learn to play it in the future. But part of me wants to keep it just in case (or maybe I'll have a kid/niece/nephew that'll want to learn). Should I sell it anyway?

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How long after applying for a job should you expect to wait to be called back for an interview? Particularly a job which you are insanely over-qualified for, and one which a "friend" in the company has offered to pull some strings to help you acquire?

Creative Zen Nano

So..I've been playing with my Creative Zen Nano mp3 player all day. Its nice, I love it.

So my question for those of you who have one.....

How do I go from mp3s to FM Radio? When I push down the scroll button it says root and I can't get it to switch from there. Erg. Please and thanks!

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Have you ever shipped something internationally/overseas? I'm looking into various options for someone to ship their things, as they are moving overseas for a while. It doesn't have to be fast--they want to look for the most economical and hopefully simple way to do it. I've looked into prices for the obvious possibilities, but I'm wondering if there is a really good, not-as-well-known shipping option that someone might know of.

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I need your help, TQC!

I'm in a bit of a debate with my mother and brother right now.

I consider myself a vegetarian, because I follow all of the guidelines that makes one a vegetarian. However, my mother and brother claim that I'm "not a vegetarian; just a non-meat/fish eating person", because I generally dislike vegetables. Now, I know that it's probably considered odd to be a vegetarian and, for the majority of the time, not like vegetables. But that wouldn't cause me to not be a vegetarian, right?

I'm trying to convince my brother and mother that they're being ridiculous, but they seem to think that they're right. I even checked Wikipedia, and on its Vegetarianism page, it states the following:

"Vegetarianism is the practice of not consuming meat or fish, with or without the use of dairy products or eggs."

It mentions absolutely nothing about vegetables.

So, your opinion(s), fellow TQC-ers?

Edit - Perhaps I'll work on adding some vegetables into my meals, after taking some of the comments into consideration.

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What's the oldest you've ever known someone to not be able to cook?
(That sentance is phrased horribly...)

By 'not able to cook' I mean at all. I know someone who's 25 and can't cook at all. You could show him a steak, a pan and say "X mins each side" in big letters on the fridge and he'd still just drink tea all weekend instead of cook.

It's kind of ridiculous, but he is from t'country.

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i just got my ipod today (30gb video). it dosent play anything i downloaded off of itunes. it plays fine in itunes but not on my ipod. i already looked on their website and did what it said, but still nothing... any suggestions?

Food near Disneyland

I'm doing a birthday trip to Disneyland on Saturday. To accomidate the people who want to come to dinner but not the park, we're doing dinner off-site.

Can you recommend anywhere we could walk to and not end up paying more than $20 per person?
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Which is harder to tolerate - stupidity or lack of concentration?

Would you be offended if you were watching television with a friend (at your house) and they were telling you to be quiet during a show? Keep in mind that the cable box has DVR features and the show can be paused.

Crap, I had a third question related to these and I forgot it. Can anyone think of what it was? (I'm not even going to guess at what the unrelated fourth question was going to be, but I took so long to post this that I forgot it as well.)

Question source in my answer, heh.
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I can't look cool or keep time anymore

Any clairvoyants out there who could find my pocket watch for me?

Seriously I loved that fucking thing. This is the second pocket watch I lost, and this time it's even worse because it's even MORE special than the last. Since my sister's dog is stupid and chews up everything important to me, my bet is she ate both of my pocket watches.

EDIT: Found it. I put it in a shirt pocket and thought I'd remember to take it out later. Haha, Zach Schulte two days ago is really stupid.

Have you ever done something stupid/were about to do something stupid that had some consequences, but instead of worrying about them, you were just like "NO WAY, MAN, I'LL JUST LET [YOUR NAME] [AMOUNT OF TIME] FROM NOW WORRY ABOUT IT!". And then when it came to that amount of time, you were like, "Dang, [your name] [amount of time] ago, you're really dumb."?
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There was a somewhat popular song in the 90's, can't think of the title or artist but it goes something like, "Waiting on a line, just to be the next to be with you"

Does anyone know of a list of like popular 90 hit rock songs? Lame but awesome ones like the one I mentioned.. Blind Melon.. etc. I know a mix cd was put out of them but I can't remember the title of THAT either.

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My mom is completely convinced that the US government played a major part in the 9/11 attacks. She has all this "proof" from online and these movies she gets. She and her boyfriend had some weird cocktail party that was less about cocktails and more of a state of the union discussion. I've readn and watched some of this stuff and it's pretty convincing.

What do you think?
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iTunes ... but not really ...

What's a good music downloading service?

And, by good, I mean safe and free. I don't wanna risk getting viruses on my new laptop, and I'd like something semi-fast with a large library. I know that's a lot to ask for, considering I'm not willing to pay, but I'm getting an iPod and I need some way to download tunes w/o emptying my bank account! :-P

Also, if you could provide links, that would be great. :-) Thanks.
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