August 15th, 2006

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I'm trying to compile a list of "Popular Website Social Communities" utilized commonly by college students for my Residence Life staff.

What are some of the more popular social communities that are used largely by college students?

So far, I've got the obvious... Facebook, Myspace, Livejournal, Friendster, RateMyProfessors...
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I bought something online on July 7. I paid through paypal and the person send it out on July 11 with Delivery Confirmation. The "tracking" information says it arrived in my city on July 18 and the status was marked "Delivered"

It never came to my house though

So....what do I do? =\
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Okay, so I got a new hard drive installed today, it's formatted and partitioned and working perfectly. I want to copy everything from my old drive to my new one, but I'm not sure how. I've been told to use Norton Ghost or Partition Magic, but I'm not quite sure how to go about that...could anyone direct me towards a guide, or maybe tell me themselves? I'd really appreciate it.

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not counting the sims or the sims 2, which sim games have you played? which is your favorite?

i've played all the simcities, simtown, simtower, simearth, and simant. my favorite is simcity 2000, but simcity 4 is coming up close in second.
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Let's say your plane crashes in the Andes and you and your parents are the only survivors (you are on good terms with both of them and they are both still alive). The remains of all the other passengers are charred and unrecognizable. Who do you kill for food, your mom or your dad?
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restaurant + morals.

I realllly don't think this has been asked before--I even LJ seeked to make sure.

What is your favorite chain restaurant? I hate most chains but I love Morton's.
Have you ever been to the Melting Pot? How was it?
What's your least favorite chain restaurant?

And completely unrelated, would you be able to stay close with a friend who did/does things that you are morally opposed to? (cheating on boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, stealing, consistently lying, etc.) Why or why not?

This has always bothered me....

...why don't I like Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches??

I like peanut butter. (for the most part. I like peanut butter flavored things like reeses, p.b. ice cream, but not usually plain peanut butter...hmmm)

I like jelly. ("JAM-GOOOD!")

I like bread.

And everyone seems to love a PB&J sandwich. I want to like them. Help!

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This sunday marks my first "day off" in over 18 months. The blessing and curse of having two jobs (and being on call for the first one 24 hours/day) is that you truly never have time off. Well, this Sunday, I have planned time off. So, the question..

What would you do on a Sunday afternoon just to relax and have fun? Money and location are not a consideration. Be creative.

Calling all Floridians..!!!

this is for people who live/vote in Florida.
more specifically...for Democrats.

Ok, the gubernatorial election is coming up and the Democratic candidates won't come near my town, will not run paid ads here and they haven't yet delivered any campaign literature. The reason is because it is SO heavily republican, they don't want to waste their money here.

But I still want to vote. And I only know about the Republians who want marriage amendments and stuff.

So...which Democrat are you leaning toward:
Jim Davis or Rod Smith?

any helpful information would be...HELPFUL.
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Has anyone's laptop survived after nasty accidental spillage on it?

(My boyfriend spilt wine on mine last night. I think it's broken.)

Edit: I had to buy a new memory module, but it's still working! YAY! False alarm: it is officially dead. :(
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Tattoo question! This is for these who have tattoos/going to get one/etc.

About how much would a 3" x 3" tattoo cost? I realize there are other factors involved, such as ink color, multiple sessions, and the like. I asked somebody about this one and a half years ago- this person in question had a number of really colorful tattoos larger than 3" x 3", and she said her tattoos cost her several hundred- I think one of her most colorful tattoos was somewhere around $300 - $400.

My mind has been made up for a few years on what kind of tattoo I want, so I know I REALLY want to get it made into a tattoo. And, yes, I will shop around and ask questions at the tattooing parlors around here. I just want to know how big your tattoo(s) is/are and how much you had to pay.
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Hypothetical Superpower Question

You're given a choice in super powers.


A) you can heal one person per day (as long as the malady is able to be reversed. Severed limbs, fatal injuries where an organ is destroyed, or late stages cancer wouldn't be within your power)


B) you can hurt 3 people a day. The result would be as severe as if someone took a steel boot and kicked them in the privates, and the pain would last as long, but without lingering post-traumatic effects

I'm sure you can use your imagination to view how each power will have its benefits. But which would you probably want to use more? Envision the lifestyle that would ensue if you had this power, for your life would probably change in different ways

Q: Which power would you pick, and what would you do with it? Like, who would you use your power of hurt on, or how would you seek out those to heal? Would you make it obvious that it was you doing it?

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So this is probably a stupid question but;

I need to rent a car and the only place in the city is at the airport, I dont need to have flown in to that airport to get the rental car right? (security blah blah blah)
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I am going to head over to the YMCA to check out their gym and possibly get a membership. What questions should I be asking them besides the totally obivous (like, what is the monthly fee)?
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What is the last big mistake you made?
(I completely rearranged my work schedule so I could attend a class I thought was on Tuesday evenings when instead it is on Thursday evenings. Arrrrg)

Bank Accounts

How do you transfer bank accounts? Specifically I have two First Niagara savings accounts that I want (have to) to transfer to a Key Checking account. Would I have to close the First Niagara accounts first, take the money, and bring it to Key?

Also, how would you go about canceling student loans before you get the money? I applied for a federal stafford loan, got it and was promised that my repayment would only begin after I obtained my degree. Well, I got my statement today, and surprise, surprise, my repayment begins in 2008... while I still have two years left to go. The lender is also supposedly corrupt, and I don't really need the loan. Do I call my college, or the lender? Has anyone ever had luck in canceling a federal loan?
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Questions about shaving, trimming and otherwise grooming pubic hair:

1-Do you do it?
2-What's your gender, and how old are you?
3-If you do it, do you do so regularly?
4-Do you do it for yourself or for a partner, or some combination thereof?

And an unrelated question:

5-In your opinion, what's the worst breach of public transit etiquette?

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1. It's been awhile ago now, but I seen a picture online. It was black and white, and a woman was laying face down in the water. She was wearing a white dress (I think), and the words, "shh, she's sleeping", was on the picture. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have the picture, or know where I can find it?

2. If you bought something today, what did you buy?
Luckily, my mom dragged me to Goodwill and I found out that Pac Sun got rid of their unsold shoes. So I got a pair of Etnies and DC's for $10.00 each! ;X


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1. How long will an opened bottle of red wine keep in my fridge? (It's hard to obtain alcoholic beverages in my city so I'd like to keep some on hand for cooking.)

2. Do you or someone you know talk/walk/etc while asleep? What is the weirdest thing you or they have done? (My S.O. once shouted "Digitize me!" He says something nearly every night, but I found that one particularly memorable.)


I've had a yearning for seafood lately and so when grocery shopping today I bought some imitation crab. It's in little chunks and looks awesome. I have no recipes for crab (I'm an incredibly awesome impulse shopper) but can I just eat it the way it is or do I have to cook it? Can I just melt some butter and have at it?

Also, any suggestions for recipes are welcome :)
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Pet ideas.

I'd love to get a pet, but I need some suggestions.

I want something that's fairly independant, so I can come and go without upsetting it too much. I also want to be able to interact with it, so no fish.

I've ruled out dogs and reptiles. I'm a bit unsure about cats.

Can you recommend any pets for me?
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From the start of a relationship what anniversary's do you celebrate?

(Me it's 1st month, 6th months, 1 year then every year after)

Think it's cheezie to still celebrate one month?
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I am in the market for some sandals, flip flops or thongs in particular, that are very comfortable and can be worn for a good period of time without my feet suffering too badly.

I would greatly appreciate some suggestions/recommendations. I prefer something plain looking and available in black or brown, but I can branch out if its warranted.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Would you quit?

ok TCQ...I have a question.

Here's a little background:

I work at a gas station. I took the job for a little spending money and to get out of the house because my brother in law was staying with us. On August 4th I had my gallbladder removed. Before I was hired, I told the boss lady that I was going to have it done. I told her there was a possibility of complications and that I might have to take a week or so off work after I have it done. Sure enough, there was a complication. The doc couldn't get my gallbladder out with the normal number of incisions with a laparascopic surgery, which is 4 btw. I ended up having 6. So naturally, I needed to take the time off work. My husband called her since I was still in and out and told her what was up. I gave her a doctor's note and told her I'd be back on the 15th. Apparently she was going around work bitching to my friend that got me the job. She was saying how I screwed her over and she was so mad blah blah blah. In reality, I didn't really screw her over. My friend normally only works Saturdays and Sundays, so she offered to work during the week to cover what I would have worked.

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I want to donate a book to the public library in the town where I grew up.  It serviced me well for many years, but lately I've gone in for books they don't have, which is always disappointing.  I want to donate a book I have read and liked, and I guess I have it narrowed down to a few, though I'm open to other suggestions!

So, should I donate The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, Persepolis I and Persepolis II by Marjane Satrapi, or one of David Sedaris' books (they already have Me Talk Pretty One Day, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim)?

I'm leaning toward the Persepolis books because they are graphic memoirs and would hopefully introduce some people to the genre, and they also offer a really interesting view of life in the Middle East--a very different view than most people get these days.
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So there was a book I read when I was younger-- it was a young adult fiction book, it was pretty twisted if I remember correctly, maybe about going back in time? maybe about incest?

Anyway, the scene I really remember is where this boy is trying to have sex with this girl and she keeps pushing him off, and it's quite humiliating-- he cries.

Anyone have any clues?

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If you witness a hit and run on a parked car (the owner is not inside it) would you leave a note for the car that got hit? Are you legally bound to, or not?

I was in a parking lot today and saw a lady totally back up into a little parked car which also made it hit the wall. She got out for a second but didn't really do anything and just left. So, I wrote down her license plate and left a note on the car she hit.

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My family got in a car accident last night in Mexico. It turns out the motorcyclist that hit them ending up dying this morning. Because of this, my mother's husband (the driver) is now in jail. The police in Mexico are supposedly treating my mother and her husband like shit. Typically in a situation like this you'd get U.S. agencies to try to help out however my mother's husband is not a U.S. citizen, he is a U.S. resident though. He hasn't filed for citizenship because he constantly goes back and forth from Mexico to the U.S (I'm not too sure).

Does anyone know anything that I can do to try to help this sutation? I have no idea what to do and I want to at least try and do something.

Sexual abuse

Hi everyone.

I have a rather touchy question...and I hope I can get an answer as I don't know where to start.

When I was a kid, I was sexually abused by a friend of the family. It happened once...and it broke me. I was very small at the time, I really don't remember how old I was. But it happened maybe around 6 years old. I don't have the best family, and I was subject being the scapegoat for everything. (middle child here.) Allot of factors contributed to why I kept quiet about this for so long. He would come to the house and act like everything was okay, and I was forced to say hello to him anytime he came over. I couldn't live with myself much...

I'm 21 now, in a very good school, have very good friends, and life looks up for me now most the time. But recently while I came home with my mom and sis, and he was here. I was forced to say hi to him again...and this time I couldn't do it anymore, and I didn't want him around my family. I was older now. Stronger. Angry. I came clean about everything, told him to get out of my house and never come back...he packed up his kids (god...he has kids....) and left.

It was possibly the hardest thing i've done in my life.

My parents were shocked, but were there for me, an told me I didn't have to do somthing about it now...but that I had to do somthing. I understood....but I don't know what to do...

Does anyone at all have the slightest advice to give me? I'm pretty confused as to what to do, it's been so many years I'm not sure if I'll even have a case...or anything against this guy. Because so far, it's just my word against his...

Thanks for hearing me out.
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"hot loops"

So, does anyone remember making rope-like chains out of these neon-colored, stretchy fabric loops as a kid (brand name "hot loops")?

I found a pack for a dollar at michael's, but it has no instructions and I was hoping someone would remember how to put them together!

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When you take a look at all of your friends and your significant you believe that these people are the best possible fit for you? Don't you think that there would be someone else out there, another best friend, another significant other, who would be even MORE perfect for you...possibly someone on the other side of the world? Doesn't that make you feel sad, make you doubt your circle of acquaintances? I CONSTANTLY get this feeling can everyone love their friends so much when they're not all that attractive or fun or cool but that they are just thrown together and so learned to be together. The only person in my life I could ever imagine not being different is my dad because I am so close to him but even then...I keep thinking that there must be someone else in the world who could understand me better than him. Perhaps this is because I've never been in love, never even had a boyfriend or a best friend...I look at everyone around with me with the same veil of indifference, with the same idea of "you're replaceable, so why make the effort?" It is very depressing and I'd really prefer not to enter college with this kind of attitude. Any ideas on how to get past it?

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So, what was your last work-related injury?

I sliced a big hunk out of my finger on the vegetable shredder today, making coleslaw. Luckily managed to keep the coleslaw blood and finger-flesh free.

Help anyone!

Short version: Me and my boyfriend and a roomate have a condo.. My Mom has been living here for a few months (6+) and has been totally slack.. She has not paid rent for a long time and when we tell her she has to move, she won't. Kerry (my bf) has had to pay his, mine and her rent for months now and we are in debt. Over 2000 dollars in fact. I'm sure once we get on our feet we can handle it, but right now kerry is fed up with mom and her boyfriend taking advantage of him. So he's moving back with his parents and my roomate is too. So I have No place to go and I really need some help financial or advice or something wise...

. I 've asked my family and anyone else I can find for any help they can provide.. I am very depressed and really have no other choices. If i cant find money then I am out on the street. I have been trying to take care of myself and me  and kerry have managed so far, but with me unemployed because of my court (alledgedly uttering threats), and kerry working 18 hours a day we still cant manage. any help would be appreciated. also i am probably going to jail because i cannot afford a lawyer and legal aid does not cover my charge. i dont know what to do... I dont even have anything to pawn off or any money put away.. kerrys basically abandoning me.

so if anyone has ways for me to a) get money, b)get a lawyer for free or something or c) how to find a a place for me to stay temporarily (im a good housewife, i cook clean and sew!) or anything...someone help me figure out some ideas plz IM GOING INSANE. any input appreciated.

PS: Im in canada. alberta.

EDIT:: My mom just came home and wonders about part of Kerry's stuff which is gone. I tell her he's moving, and it's your fault. Thus, I get a barrage of, 'no, it's you, you're a bad girlfriend' and she says that SHE'S moving out and not paying us. So I'm doubly screwed because I was hoping I could find a way for them to pay him (Kerry) back. Considering he has lent them over 600 (other than the rent he paid for them) out of the goodness of his heart because shes my mom. bless him. although im still mad that he basically abandoned me. i have to find a way to cover my ass!
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what's the best way to get over/ feel better during a cold?
what's the best way to get over/ feel better after a relationship?
what's the most embarressing thing you've ever done at the end of a relationship?
and what's the best piece of advice you've recieved (in general)?
did you listen to it?
and what pisses you off about other people
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1. What should I put on my bagel? It already has avacado on it, and I don't have any cream cheese. Would tomato be good?
2. How would you pronounce the name Paul Simonon? He's the bassist of the Clash; they've become one of my favorite bands, and he's my favorite member... but I don't know how to pronounce his name.

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Which car dealerships do you know of FOR SURE that offer some sort of military rebate/incentive?
Is it just a local thing, or all over?
Just to let everyone know, I am feeling perfectly fine, just a tad bit sore from the accident. My car is totaled, and I suggest that if you need a new car go with hyundai. I am certainly thinking of it.
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Archives and Icons

If you read the archives of communities or journals, when you find a thread where somebody is complimenting somebody else's icon, do you always wonder what icon it was? Or do you not think about it?

I always want to know what icon it was.
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Make Up Remover

Hola! I am going to a convention in September, and because I am a geek, I will be cosplaying. Most of my costumes require a lot of makeup (which I don't normally wear), so I started thinking about taking it all off at the end of the day. My regular face wash will handle the majority of it, but the thing it never works well on is false eyelash glue. I've heard baby oil is a great makeup remover (even rich ass Sharon Osbourne used it on the show!). But this forces new questions, specifically:

Have you used baby oil as a makeup remover? Did it work well?

Did it work on false eyelash glue?

If I go this route, I was thinking that baby oil gel would be a better option because it's less messy/easier to control. Have you used baby oil gel as a makeup remover? Did it work as well or better?

Thanks everyone!

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1. Who else bought the 4th Season of Full House on DVD today? ME! I DID!!!
2. Do you ever wonder what happened to certain people who asked actual serious questions? I certainly do. I actually just made a community called tqc_updates so go join it! Specifically I am thinking of the girl who had a friend with an abusive boyfriend/husband/some other subspecies of male and she lived in a podunk town with stupid asshole cops who didn't do shit, but then she called them. Whoever you are... go join and update!
3. Why did I make a whole community of it? Well, ya see, it's obviously against the rules to just write an update in here and have no question. So this way you can just post the latest events and not have to think of some lame-ass question such as "Who else bought the 4th Season of Full House on DVD today?". =P

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How do you get rid of an unwanted house guest?
Back story:
My husband has a friend who is an alcoholic. Said friend has had 3 DUI's and has been in jail. He lost his house and pretty much all of his possessions gambling. He lost his business because he owes money to the IRS. He can't hold a job because he goes on drinking binges that pretty much leave him nonfunctional for days at a time.
I don't particularly like the guy. Not because he drinks but just because we don't get along. At any rate, we offered to let him stay with us while he got back on his feet. The deal was that he was to not drink and he was to find a job.
It's been more than a month and he has done neither. He doesn't drink as much but he really can't control himself. He drinks constantly. He even wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to get a beer.
He used to do stuff to help out around the house but he doesn't do too much anymore. He mostly watches TV and drinks.
He's not the violent kind of drunk or even particularly obnoxious, he just likes to get on his soap box and preach to us about how he hates the TV shows we watch. I guess that is pretty obnoxious.
Anyway, I am at the point where I can't stand the situation anymore. I need my space back and I'm sick to death of seeing him around.
We've kicked him out before. This isn't the first time he's stayed with us. He keeps coming back because he likes it here. He shows up drunk late at night when he knows we aren't going to bother taking him across town to someone else's house. He also protests when we tell him we don't want him around. He talks about how much he does for us. He also lays giant guilt trips on us about how no one wants him. Personally, I don't really care but he's my husband's friend and he knows that my husband will always let him come back. He also knows my husband won't make him obey the rules of the house.
Our friend has lately been wearing my pants. This bothers me a great deal. He goes through my shit when I'm not around. He's even found old journals of mine and talked to be about the stuff I wrote when I was in junior high. He eats all of our food. He won't go to rehab. (He has to apply for assistance because he has no insurance and no money.) He's constantly pissy because we won't take him with us wherever we go.
So you see, it's time for him to leave.
How in the hell do I make him leave and not come back? And, better yet, how do I make my husband back me up instead of being the softie he is?

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This is a question for Americans who have taught English as a second language.

When teaching the alphabet, to you teach the pronounciation of "Z" as zee or zed? Is there a TESOL/TEFL/TESL etc. pronunciation standard that's taught to the teacher, does it depend on the teacher's personal pronunciation, or something else entirely?
I have a friend who teaches English in Japan. I e-mailed him and asked him this. His reply was, "I taught my kiddies zee because I'm American. I never studied ESL/EFL, though, so I have no idea what the official thing to do is".

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1. This is killing me!
I have a housemate who is very hard to live with. He never does his dishes, asks the other girls in my house to cook for him, complains when he has to share and hands his dishes to the other girls in my house to clear for him. So when I want to bitch all about this in my private journal, I would say :

" I can't believe he has such an attitude of _____" or "he's so __________"
Basically he thinks he should get whatever he wants because he deserves it. I'm not here to complain, I just want to know the word.

2. What is the most disturbing dream you've ever had? Do you think there are reasons behind having that dream?

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My answer is really disturbing, so I'm just warning you.

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What is the black spot? Why did Billy Bones get it?

Are Billy Bones, Pew, Black Dog, and Long John all part of Flint's crew? If so then why were Black Dog and Pew mad at Billy and why was Billy afraid of Long John?

Would you say Long John is evil, just being a pirate, or do you think he deserves the treasure?

Does this book have a happy ending? I'm only on Chapter 13.

Long John Silvers the fast food place is named after Long John Silver, right?
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Research Services

I need to find a specific article in Reader's Digest from several years ago. I don't have a date, an author's name or title, so I realize this is not going on much. Is there a research service I can hire to find the article for me?

Fiberglass in Smokeless Tobacco

I'm at odds with my girlfriend and her mother and I can't find any solid resources by my last 10 minutes of Googling so...
I've heard from some people who use smokeless tobacco that there are tiny bits of fiberglass in Dip so that it will cut your gums and speed the absorbing of the chemicals into your bloodstream faster than smoking. I have seen little white and shiny bits in my friend's Dip and stuff and I assumed that's what they were. They, however, believe this is an urban legend.

Does anyone know?
If there are any resources you guys know of that would prove it one way or another it would put my questions to rest.

I tried to google it!

This is a strange question, but I'm hoping that maybe somebody has an idea of what I'm talking about.

I'm reading Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd right now, and in chapter 13, Bathsheba and Liddy are doing this thing with a Bible and a key that is supposed to tell them who they will marry. Does anyone know what they might be doing? I know it involves a specific verse in the book of Ruth, and they are putting the key over the verse for some reason...It's quite confusing to me but it sounds interesting. Any thoughts?

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There's this girl whose drawings I absolutely love, and I'm thinking of asking her to draw up a tattoo for me. How much money do you think I should offer her? I'm thinking around thirty dollars.

And here are the drawings, if you're interested:
Yeah, she's young, but I don't want to cheat her, because damn, those are some good-looking rabbits.
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resume query

I am applying for a clerical job at a university. Should my resume be one page or two?

Anybody been on the hiring end of university procedures? Got any advice for someone looking to bust into that system?
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Ah...some good news

When was the last time you received a compliment?

I had a shitty day today and I decided about 20 minutes ago to go to the store and treat myself with some V8 juice berry blend (Is it weird that this is how I treated myself?). I was walking to my car when this truck was driving by and this guy called out "Get your badonkadonk over here so I can tap that!"

I didn't realize people in my area actually said that hahaha. Anyway I kept on walking to my car and was laughing a little bit and they kept trying to convince me to hook up with them.

I don't know, it made me feel better. So I guess my treat worked. Hooray.

Edit:Man, I think I've been on a warpath when it comes to "feeling good" and my posts to this community lately. The last 3 posts I've made have had at least one question pertain to something that's positive about people. Like what are you good at? What makes you so awesome? Last compliment? I don't think there's any reasoning behind it other than I tend to be in good moods when I've been making posts lately and I want other people to think of something positive. haha why do I add this edit? I don't know, I just thought it was different than my regular postings. Not that I post enough for anyone to notice a pattern haha ;)
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I never pay attention to what kind of toothbrush I have, ever. I have one right now with the little blue bristles in the middle. They started turning white. I think this means it's time to replace it... so do you replace it when the blue is all gone or just when the white begins to appear?
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I watched Grave of the Fireflies last night. People told me I would cry like a little girl. I didn't. I didn't even get a lump in my throat. Apparently this makes me a shell of a human being with no heart or soul. Did you cry at Grave of the Fireflies? Am I a heartless human being?

Have you ever reacted to something in a totally different way than everyone expected you to? For example, like me, not batting an eyelid at a movie that everyone tells you will turn you into a blubbering mess?
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