August 14th, 2006

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A window to the soul or a marine wildlife habitat? No one knows!

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of a window, but I can't decide what I would want as the scene it would be looking out on (in the sense of a window looking out onto a backyard full of deer or a field with giant spiders or something like that). Any ideas? This will have no influence on if I get it or what it would be, so go wild with suggestions. Onward, my sweet thequestionclub!


I used to have a song on my computer called, 'Feed Us Fetus'. It starts out as birds chirping and such, and I can't quite remember it.. but there's a voice going 'Feed us fetus... feed us fetus..' and it was the best song ever. But that was like... five years ago. But if this song, or band stll exists, I WANT TO HEAR THAT SONG at least. The band was called 8bA, and I can't quite remember what it stood for... Frankly, that's all the info I have... other than I'm pretty sure it used to be on when homemade bands were showcased there.

PLEASE, if you can help me... oh wow, I don't even know what I'd do. I've been looking for it on and off for a while... I'm a notoriously bad locator so I'm told :P.

But this would absolutely make my life complete. I can't even tell you how much it would mean to me.
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They took yer jerrb

Are you for or against making it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens in the United States?

What are your reasons behind it?

Edit: I was just browsing Fark and came across this site and realized how much I suck at art.

What's something you're good at?

(no subject)

I'm a little confused. It seems like a lot of people start a relationship with a person without knowing them very well, with the assumption that they will begin to like the person as they get to know them. I thought usually, both people were interested in eachother from the start. Recently it's appeared to be more of an "ok, let's try this out" type deal instead of "we like eachother, let's be together". It's like trying to create a spark instead of feeling it naturally. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever dated someone you had no romantic interest with the intent of trying to develop it? Or do you usually only date people you know very well that you have feelings for?

Sorry this is worded awkwardly, it's a hard thought to explain.
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Host recommendations?

I hate myself for asking this ('cause, really, it's an annoying question and I should be able to find it myself), but I haven't done any web design for quite a long while, so I don't even know where to start looking.
My friend wants a reasonably cheap, reliable web host that allows businesses. She's been looking at Godaddy, but wants other recommendations. I'm usually fantastic at Google (that's why she asked me), but since I'm looking for both facts and opinions here it's kinda difficult.
So... suggestions? Bad experiences with certain hosts, or personal favourites, or any of that would be nice.
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college courses and such

1.assuming you went to college/ are still in college, were you ever taught by a grad student?
2.if so, what were your opinions on this?
3.did any of them do a good job teaching you?
4.if so, what in particular (if you remember) did they do that you liked?
(so i guess it's kind of obvious that i'm a. a grad student, and b. i'm fixing to start teaching. i'm nervous. i'm not going to be that much older that the people that i'm going to be teaching. that kind of freaks me out.)
*edited to insert the omitted word in question 3. i was tired when i wrote these.

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite Starbucks drink? [Mine is Iced Chai Tea with Soy with light ice (because they put so much damn ice!)]

2. What magazine(s) do you read cover to cover or are subscribed to? [I'm subscribed to Paste, Blender, and Spin. I only read Paste, look at Spin for the pictures, and Blender just to see if any of my favorite artists are in but otherwise to laugh at people like the pussycat dolls.]
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(no subject)

can anyone recommend some quick reads in paperback? something fun and entertaining?.. (i'm not into sci-fi, magical, or horror) i'm heading off on vacation and need a couple books.. thanks!
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Pushing VW

crate trained dogs

What is your opinion of "crate training" dogs? I've always been more of a cat person, so I'm curious whether or not dogs are really happy staying in a crate. How long can a dog sit in a crate before needing to get out?

(no subject)

My cats decided to use my Dr Pepper pillow as a nap...pillow. So now it's coated in cat hair, and I think it could use a washing since I'm allergic to kitties. So how do I do it? Can I just stick it in the washer? It's cylindrical. Will it damage it at all to put it in the washer? (the pillow is in the icon there)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know the comic Calvin and Hobbes well? I'm thinking of getting a friend I don't know well anymore a huge, bound collection of all the C&H comics ever for his birthday because he loved the comic when we were teenagers. He's turning 23.. do you think it's likely he'd still enjoy the comic or is it too immature for his age now or...? I've never seen the comic, so I have no idea, and the few I've found online aren't really helping me make up my mind. Thanks!

Edit: Apparently you all love them, so thanks. I bought him the complete works.
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Music, music and more music.

I just started working at a used music store. After I have worked there for a week, I can check out music. I am looking to broaden my horizons.

I want things you find obvious...things that should be part of someone repretoir...everything.

So, I ask you, what music do you recommend*?

Specific Albums would be good, too.

Thank you all! I am copy/pasting the names into a list and intend to work my way through it.

*Please note that local stuff is pretty much out of the question, except for bands in/near Phoenix, Arizona.
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Honesty is the best policy?

Even though many people say they want others to be completely honest with them how many do you actually think really want to hear the truth? Do you think they are saying honesty is the best policy just to say it? Would the world be a better place if honesty was common place? Or are people better off deceiving each other?
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(no subject)

One of my guy friends has just admitted he's going out with a 14 year old girl. 

He's 17, gonna be 18 in a few months, and although he can be a bit of a twat sometimes, he's usually quite mature. I don't know much about her just that she's not gonna be 15 for a while, she's relativley shy and he's her first "boyfriend." 

They met at school where he's now Deputy Head Boy and she's just going into year 10. (In American words, he's a senior and she's in 9th Grade.) They really like the same obscure type of music, he's obsessed with Italian culture, she's half Italian and they both find each other attractive so they do have quite a bit in common. I can almost understand their relationship.  

He wasn't gonna tell anyone at school and not let it be a problem but somehow everyone has found out and he's a bit worried about getting shit when we go back to school.

I know it should depend on the indivduals and the situation but he's gonna be 18 soon and in a high position of authority at our school. What do you think?
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Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

I want to burn some music I don't listen to so much to cds. Which file type should I use if I want to get as much as possible on one cd? AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3 or Wav?
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Mouth question

Hey guys-

I just joined, because I could relate to a bunch of these questions. :) I may need a professional opinion on my question, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem/if it was normal, etc.

Does your jaw ever randomly pop in and out of place? This has been suddenly happening to me the past two days, and it's really annoying. Could it have anything to do with the fact that I had braces for two years, oral surgery (wisdom teeth), etc? It's pretty painful. Mostly I'm trying to figure out if I should see a doc about this...thanks...

Buying Books

I’m having a debate with my beau about when to buy books.

My classes (all but one) have the needed books listed on the bookstore website. I want to buy them now. He says wait until after class starts.

What if you need that book the first day of class?

What do you think is the right course of action?
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(no subject)

I don't know why I never thought to post this question here. This has been literally bugging me for years - seven, to be exact - and Google has been no help, so I know it's a long shot, but...

Anyway, when I was driving to school one morning, I heard this song on the radio, and the only lyric I remember exactly was "Thank you kindly but I do not need a bag." It's kind of an upbeat little ditty, I'm pretty sure just an acoustic guitar and a male singer, and it's all about how he goes to the grocery store but he takes his own bag to save the environment and all that. I remember at the time LOVING the song and thinking it was the cutest thing I'd ever heard, and I told all my future-hippie friends about it, and they all thought it was cute but they hadn't heard it, and I haven't heard it since. It was a longish song, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a commercial or anything, and I didn't think at the time to call the radio station and ask them who it was...but does this ring a bell to anyone? If so, thanks:) If not, oh well, I can bug me for another 7 years.

Cooking school

I really want to go to culinary school sometime soon. I've gone online and requested information which I suppose I'll receive in a week or so.

Have you ever known anyone who went to culinary school? What school? How long did their program take to complete and what kind of job are they working now?

My boyfriend of over 2.5 yrs just broke up with me and this is kind of my way of "starting over." I really want to do it, but I'm freaked out cause I've heard that classes are all day long and I'm wondering how the hell I'll be able to afford rent and food and stuff if I'm in class all day! I work 9-5 right now but I guess I'd get a different job if necessary, which is depressing in itself cause I make good money here but oh well.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has been in or knows of anyone in this field and would have any stories, tips, whatever.

(no subject)

Hello...I'm just wondering, have any of you ever ordered anything off before? I'm looking to buy an HP iPAQ 6515, and the price is supposedly $600 on the HP website and Amazon, but this californiacomputer site offers it for $475. The product seems okay, but the site seems a little iffy, with outrageously low prices. Would it be wise to purchase something from there?

Old skool, yo.

I've got an ancient Yamaha keyboard. It's got the same weird "wow wow" sound-ing instrument that plays in Paula Abdul's "Straight Up", for mike's sake. Anyways, I'd like to sample some of these old instrument sounds so I can use them in Melody Assistant (the all-purpose music/MIDI editor program I use.)
Providing that I'm only going to use these samples for my own geekish pleasure, my question is thus: under U.S. law, are these sounds in the keyboard protected by some sort of copyright? Would it be legal for me to yoink these sounds in such a manner?
(...not that anyone might actually still care about the sounds in a 20-something year old keyboard, but still, I'm curious.)
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is there a link between the amount of alcohol you drink and your GPA?

i'm curious because i came across a graph showing that if the average college student were to consume about 10 alcoholic drinks per week, they would achieve about a D or F GPA. that number averages out to less than 2 drinks a day during the week, which i find somewhat low. personally, i had a little over a 3.0 and drank a little more than 3 drinks a week on average. i know that averages can be utterly silly sometimes, so i'm working on my own research.

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Wireless headsets

I would like to purchase a pair of wireless headsets with noise cancellation. I'm looking for a pair that have excellent sound quality, but about $150 or less. I bought a pair last year that were on sale for $50 and they completely suck.

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(no subject)

 if someone comments in your my space blog and you reply to it, do they get the reply in their in box or do they have to go back to the blog to read it?


Fair Trade

Can someone explain to me how Fair Trade works?
This isnt for a paper or anything. I actually used to be involved with efforts to get fair trade coffee on my school's campus. Now a friend of mine is asking me to explain to him what it is and since this was years ago, i dont have a lot of info anymore. 
Aside from living wage being paid to farmers, what is involved in the process?

TQC at work

1. Do you have to show an ID/pass a security guard at your work?
2. Is your security guard nice or a hardass?
3. Do you have vending machines at your work?
4. Do you get freebies at work like coffee/water/etc?
5. We have water fountains, but also a spring water machine thing, why is that? Is that water fountain water poison?
6. How near is the nearest restroom to your work area? If it's far, does that annoy you?
7. Do you have separate mens and womens rooms or does whoever use whatever's available?
8. Do you deal with annoying red tape/administrative issues at your work? What are they?
9. Is there background music on at your work? Who chooses it? Does it drive you insane?
10. Do you have a window in your office/cube/area?
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  • stobors it Groundhog Day, already?

When I open up IE to my MSN homepage, it pulls up the August 9th page. I've already cleared cookies, wiped the cache, reentered the URL in the Internet properties, and cut off and rebooted.

Can anyone suggest anything else that would allow me to view the current webpage?

*Side Note*
This computer has been screwing up right and left for the last month. I've had to reinstall XP twice in the last two weeks to repair it and reinstalled various programs. This problem started a couple of days after the last reinstallation.

cross-posted to ask_me_anything

Thanks to byouki, it's working correctly now...
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Hey baby, what's your sign?

1. What's your sign?

2. How much do you think it matches what you're "supposed to be like"?

3. Do you believe in that stuff?

(This brought on by a bunch of bored co workers)

My answers:

1. Pisces

2. I'm like my sign in that I'm emotional and an animal lover. I'm not like my sign in that I'm more passionate and intense, than laid back/mellow, I'm not particularly artistic (at least as far as drawing and painting and such goes,...I can sing/act if that counts) I'm more skeptical than gullible and I have a much better grasp of reality than my sign tell you I do and I'm not very maternal. I DO have trouble paying attention and but I think that has more to do with my A.D.D.

3. No
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(no subject)

I remember seeing it here before...but I don't remember it the adress..and was wondering if anyone has that website of peoples faces when they're having an orgasm?

thanks much.
po3 doll//calm

I come to you for advice, thequestionclub.

What do you do when someone on your flist (that you don't necessarily consider a friend per se)  posted that her "best friend" was killed a few months ago, and then she admits that the pictures she's been posting of herself aren't her, and THEN a few days ago posts about doing something with said dead friend?

I can handle the drama shitstorm that will come of this for calling her on it, I guess. I'm just wondering if I should call her on it, or if I should just defriend her quietly and walk away.

What would you do in this situation?

Edit: Thanks folks. She's been bah-leeted. :)
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(no subject)

Here's one for you all to ponder. I am starting later this week as a volunteer EMT. I have to keep a journal of my experiences for a class that is a graduation requirement at my college. So, naturally, the best thing I could think of was to start a new LJ. All I need is a nifty new name that incorporates EMT in it somehow. Suggestions?
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A show

Last week I watched a show and I'm hoping someone here can tell me what it was. If anyone can it's you guys. :)

It was later in the week, later at night and it was about real ghost stories. It was an hour long and the one I watched (there were two episodes on a row, I watched the second) was about a little boy who got posessed by a ghost/demon thing who called himself Man.

Can anyone tell me what this was and if it's a series? Real or fake it was interesting and I'd like to watch it again.
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resizing pictures/high resolution pictures

I'm really frustrated trying to figure something out, and was hoping I could get some help.

My dad and I took pictures with his digital camera yesterday and today for a calendar contest. According to the contest rules, "The winning entrants must be able to submit the winning photo[s] for publication in high-resolution [3 megapixel/300dpi or higher] format. The photograph[s] must be 11" wide x 8.5" tall." Also, when I submit the photos, they must be "at a resolution of 72dpi."

My google skills are failing me, and the information I'm getting about dpi/megapixels is confusing to me, as I'm not very camera savvy. My dad sent me the pictures, and when I click on the properties it says that the width is 2816px, the height is 2112px, and the size of the file is 2412.05 KB (2469936 bytes). When I opened it in Paint and clicked on attributes, it says that it is 81 x 81 dots per inch.

Sooo... is it even possible for me to enter this contest? If so, what do I need to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(no subject)

One of our cars makes the most ANNOYING, loud, squeaky noise when you press the breaks.

It's really bad.

It's a 2004 Dodge Stratus, and we got a great deal.  

We've taken it to be looked at by several people, including the Dealer, Monroe Muffler Break, and a Firestone Tires place, and they ALL say there is "nothing we can do about it," but that there is nothing wrong with the breaks.

Does this sound right?  Why can nothing be done?  Please 'splain.


(no subject)

Do you think the comedienne Sarah Silverman is funny, sexy, both, neither, or something else entirely?

I never hear people talk about her comedy, but rather how "OMG SECKSEE" she is. I don't really think she's pretty, and I've only heard bits and pieces of her comedy and thought she was kind of annoying. I'm wondering if maybe she is, in fact, completely not funny, but it's okay because she's allegedly hot.
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(no subject)

I never got why people blame doing things on drinking... are people really that out of control when drunk? I've gotten fairly smashed a few times, and not once did I feel I was out of control of my actions (beyond really bad balance). Every time I see someone at a party saying or doing stuff they normally wouldn't do/say, I can't help but think "they're just playing it up... no way they're THAT drunk."

So is this legitimate excuse, or are people just doing what they wanted to do anyway without wanting to take responsibility?
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"Situational" Anxiety?

Do you know if it's possible to develop anxiety or panic disorder (in any magnitude) due to stagnation in daily activities? For instance, if a person goes a year without doing much (without working, without school, without going out very much), do you think it's possible for them to develop unusual (for them) anxieties and possibly even phobias, maybe even beginning to experience panic episodes, just due to the stagnation?

Also, afterward, if the person falls back into a routine of working/going to school/being social, is it possible for that sort of thing to just fade away as the person becomes more comfortable in their routine?

(x-posted to panic_anxiety)
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(no subject)

Would you take a million dollars, but only the account you had to get your house redecorated to look like the DMV, and had to wait a minimum of an hour and a half in a line before you could do anything (bathroom, leave the house, make food, etc.)?
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