August 13th, 2006

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How do I reach my computer control panel without the start menu? My computer is half crashed it seems after I downloaded a WINDOWS UPDATE thing. Im messages come through blank and the bar at the bottom of the screen has completely disappeared. The computer also claims that I don't have any resources to run things but it is only half a year old. This all happened after the window's update download...


Edit: I ended up staying up most of the night but found a way to restore the system. The virus caused the start menu and the bottom blue bar to disappear but it still allowed for the internet. It also allowed one of my computer alerts to pop up that always does and I usually ignore it. It's the one that tells you to make cds for your system restore. So I did it and it worked. System restore really sucks :-P. Sad to think the worst thing is losing all the bookmarks I have collected and organized...
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I've started reading again. Yes, reading for leisure.

I read pretty much anything from any genre. I dabble in a bit of mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, fiction, etc. with a large chunk of my reading done in the fiction and nonfiction genres (emphasis on biographies in the nonfiction genre).


1. What is your all-time favorite book? Why should I read it?

2. What CURRENT book are you reading? (current, in the sense that it can easily be found at bookstores) Why should I read it?

For these of you that have read Gregory Maguire's books (Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Son of a Witch, Mirror Mirror and so on), how did you like his books? Which one did you like best?

ALSO!!!!! -- anybody ever use this website to buy their books? Any good/bad experiences shopping from Alibris?
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1) Do you get jealous easily in relationships?

2) If you do, what causes your jealousy?

3) If you don't, why don't you get jealous?

4) Is there something you do to prevent things from making you jealous? What are they?

5) Any tips or ideas for things that I can do to lessen my jealousy or stop it completely? I've been told before to just not be jealous, but it's not that easy. If I could just stop, I would. This is the third relationship I've been in and so far it has been the best. Everything feels perfect except for one thing...I am insanely jealous. I have never been like this in relationships before either and I don't know what to do. I know that if this continues it will destroy our relationship and I really don't want that to happen.
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why would someone take me off of their preferred list?

I only made two comments-

1-after a repiled post, she mentioned she was watching her friends' dogs, I asked "good dogs?"

2-her friend made a comment saying men with white tennis shoes are bad and i asked why

and then i came home and checked my myspace-saw she posted and then I got that message.

and then I thought it would be a good idea to post a bulletin saying why not to read myspace late at night and listed my actions on it


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Fish Car

OK, so here's the situation.

Someone threw rotten eggs and fish on the hood and windshield of my car. I was able to wash off most of the crap, but some of it dripped into the cabin air intake between the hood and windshield. Because of this, it now smells like a month old salmon omlette whenever I turn on the vents.

Does anyone know how to get smells out of a car's cabin air system?
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Have you ever liked a cover of a song more than the original?
If so, what song?

I never thought I could like the song Float On more than I did, but then Ben Lee covered it. It's incredible.
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what's the big appeal of myspace?

and more importantly, why do people worry so much about myspace compared to livejournal or any other blogging community? they're all easily obtained for minors, can have pictures posted on them, etc.

it was kind of funny, i went to visit my parents the other day and keeping in mind i'm a 24 year old married woman, the first thing my dad says to me is (or one of the first) do you have a myspace account? don't be messing with that stuff, it can get you into trouble. haha.

edit: for all you typo nazis. :P

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My netflix queue is sort of empty right now, and I was wondering what I should add to it.

I like period movies or dramas. Historical movies. Schindler's List, for example. Uhm. . movies that trip you out, like Final Cut or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. .

Afew of my other favorites that I don't feel like categorizing:

The Last Temptation of Christ
V For Vendetta

. . . just to name a few.

Any recommendations?


Why is it whenever I go get fast-food, the person at the drive-thru is sticking out my bag before I even reach the window? (Heck I am still paying for crying out loud))

Then they don't even ask if you want salt or ketchup... and when you do, it's like the world is ending for them...

And then they don't even say HI, or HAVE A NICE DAY.

What is going on at America's drive-thrus?

Confused At The Golden Arches,
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1. Any recommendations for songs that pertain to, but are not limited to situations of: being uncertain, not being ready for a relationship, wanting to slow life down, not being sure of what you want, or not wanting to complicate things?

2. What's one thing you'd hoped to accomplish this summer but haven't yet?

3. Anyone else ever feel lonely watching fireworks?

4. If you could get asked one question that you'd like someone to be curious about with you, what question would you want to be asked?

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Question for College Students

So..tomorrow morning I'm going to the book store to get my books for my classes. I thought it would be interesting to see the average price of books depending on the class.

I'm taking
General Psych
Business Math
Intro To Business
Medical Terminology 1
Keyboarding 1
Office Language Skills

Tomorrow I'll post the prices of my books. I'm very curious about the different prices in different locations. If you don't care, also post a generalization of where you are located. Just the state will do nicely.

If this has been done in the past, feel free to ignore it.

Edit...Post how much your books for college classes cost. I thought it sounded clear to me.

Edit again.. How much did you spend on books??????????????????????????????

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1. My cousin LOVES the Harry Potter book series, and while it's nice to see a preteen voluntarily reading, the Harry Potter love is boarding on obsession. So I'm looking for some books like Harry Potter (with the same writing style) that aren't too dark. She hates Narnia and Lord of the Rings, or anything too dark. I think anything about vampires or aliens are a no-go as well.

2. Have you ever said something innocent and it has been misconstrued to mean something sexual or perverted? What was it?

3. How do you usually start a conversation with somebody you don't know? Do you? Or do you wait for them to speak to you first?

4. Do you get offended if somebody insults something you have or go to, if they don't know you have it or go to it? (Like insulting a college you go to, or the car you drive?)

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1. When you approach someone famous, (in a band, from a tv show, politician, whoever) how do you usually introduce yourself? 

2. What would you say is the best way to approach someone like that?

3. How long does it usually take you to clean up your room or house?

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Does anyone here work in a daycare? What kinds of things do you do with the kids? Do you plan activities or do you just keep your eye on them while they play?
Any info about working in a daycare will be appreciated.


1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?
2. How and where do you store your shoes? Is it some nifty contraption?
3. If you're female, are you thoroughly enamoured with shoes?

(Responses with pictures - Googled or personal - get extra brownie points!)
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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We're doing a powerpoint slideshow. We want several songs to play in a row, but for some reason the first song keeps starting over again when the second song starts. How can we get it to only play one time? Please help! We need to get this done for a coronation (I know...) tonight, and it's pretty important. Thank you!

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I draw on myself often... with sharpies and pens and stuff.
Could this be dangerous? I know people get ink poisoning from tatoos, but this is just on the surface of my skin.
How easy would it be to get ink poisoning from a sharpie marker? What are the symptoms? Have you ever had it?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a salon in Chicago in the $20-$30 or less range? On the North side preferably. I'm looking for somewhere that isn't supercuts/hair cuttery that does short hair on women well. Or if you know of a stylist specifically that has experience with short hair on women (even if they do work at supercuts/hair cuttery), that would be great.

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1. If I'm sick and work on craft stuff (like crocheting) will my germs get on the yarn? Will it make other people sick later on if I give them the items as gifts?

2. Is my Cold of the Century contagious to my parrot?


I am a gigantic fan of American Football. I suppose it's because I'm American
I watch as much of the NFL, CFL, and EFL as I can because I think It's the greatest.
My questions were inspired because in the last few days I've been watching a lot of CFL and NFL preseason and I was wondering a few things.

I know there are a lot of Canadians and Europeans in here and I was wondering.
Do you guys enjoy American style Football
What do you guys think of the CFL (Canadian Football League) and European Football Leagues?
Do you Watch the NFL? If you do, how do you think they compare against eachother?
For anyone that cares or even knows about it: What do you think of the new Spring Football League that's going to come out?
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1. Somehow my precious gmail account is a total spam target, which luckily gmail filters out very well into the little Spam folder, but I get so irritated even just knowing they're THERE. It saves them to the spam folder and says it will delete them automatically after 30 days, but I hate even just seeing the spam folder in bold letters with a little number after it telling me how many new spam emails I have, so then I have to go in and delete them manually all the time, and I just hate hate hate it.

So what I'm asking is, is there any way to configure my gmail either to not even show me the spam folder, or to automatically delete the emails immediately instead of waiting 30 days? I've poked around in their settings and stuff a bit but I didn't see anything, and I doubt there is anything I can do, but I wanted to ask.

2. Tan lines: tacky or sexy? [Edit] Like from a bikini...

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How many of those "Many will enter few will win" type of tv contests have you entered? Have you or anyone you know ever won?

I was thinking about entering the hang with dylan and cole contest because I like their show and wouldn't mind get a free trip to hollywood, but then I realized it would be pretty creepy if I won since they are like 10 and I am 16 :/
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Soap in the dog's eye

My 5 year old cousin saw me bathing my dog and decided to "help" by shampooing the dog while I ran to get a towel. When I came back, my cousin had dropped a load of my Thermasilk shampoo on the dog's head. I rinsed it off and then saw that a big glob got in the dog's left eye. I washed the area, but this happened four hours ago and her eye is still red and opened to a slit. I just went and rinsed the eye with water again, but the dog still has it barely opened.

1. Is the animal at risk for permanent damage since it was "people" shampoo and all?
2. Should I attempt to insert eye lube drops in the affected eye?
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I'm a freshman in college, Dutchess Community College, to be exact.

I'm currently in the BAT transfer program.
I'm lost as to what I want to do when I graduate college, and yes I'm transfering, most likely to a SUNY.

I'm awful at math, pretty good at History, and I have no artistic talent, at all.
I'm willing to work my ass off, if it pays off in the long-run.
Also my Conservative/Rep. father thinks I should be an accountant, which sounds boring to me.
My question: What are some good careers for people with a business focus?

I need to buy a car.
I've saved up about 2000$ from working, and stuff.
I'm thinking about taking out a loan, and buying something pre-owned, or brand new, but on the lower end, such as a Toyota, Saturn, or a Ford.
However I'm horribly scared of not being able to pay it off.
What would you do in my case?

I need a new job, pretty badly. I work at Macy's, and they have this new thing where they're cutting back on hours, and I make minimum wage, and I refuse to work full-time at a place that depresses me that badly. I mean, I will if I have to, but I'm going to have a hard time with school full time in the fall.

I'm looking for like an office type job, where I wouldn't have to work a lot of weekends, and I could keep Macy's for the weekends.
I also can't waitress due to a hearing impairment.
Can you think of any jobs that would be good for a college student?
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Of young and old...

For you personally, around what age do you consider a person to be "old"? How about "young" (or a kid, however you want to think of it)?

Does the year they were born have any influence on this? (For example, I was born in 1978. People born in 1980, simply by being born in a different decade, seem like they should be a good deal younger than me, even though they aren't.)

Do you consider yourself an adult, or do you think of yourself still on the way to adulthood? What, in your opinion, makes a person an adult?

VOX & Blogging.

1. Do you have a VOX account?
2. If yes, do you like it?
3. If no, do you want to have an account?
4. What is your favorite feature?
5. Do you think it will be better than LJ?
6. Do you have other blogs on other websites? Which ones?
7. What is your favorite blogging site?
8. Any other comments on blogging tools?

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any ideas on where i could find an instrumental version of "hail to the princess aurora" from the movie sleeping beauty? it's not on the soundtrack or limewire. or how i could take the words out and make it instrumental myself? thanks.

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Sorry for the double post, but do you need some kind of lisence to produce porn? Or any thing of that sort? How official does it have to be?

I dont plan to go into this, but we were having an argument.
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I mentioned to my cousin that I felt left out at work among my coworkers and she asked me how long I had been there. I told her I'd been there three months and she laughed and said that that I was definitely still an outsider.

So, my question is, how long do you have to work in an office environment before you're considered "one of them"?

Failing that there isn't a set time frame, what has been your experience?
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Going through iTunes yesterday, I suddenly realised that I have an odd preference for songs in 3/4 time. Alas, I can only think of about four songs that are in this time signature, so I thought, who better to ask than the hundreds of experts at The Question Club.

So, can anyone think of any songs (preferably written in the last 50 years) that have 3/4 time?
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savings vs. paying off debts

Not asking for me but for somebody who asked me for financial advice and I'm not sure what to tell them....

Ok he still has a 4,000 debt from his student loans.... and he pays the same amount every month, just slightly above the minimum.

And he says he has 2,000 in their savings account. And he puts roughly the same amount in every month...

Is it a better idea to put a huge amount from his savings to help pay off the debt faster, or is it better to just keep paying a consistent amount each month as to not empty your entire savings?


About 30 minutes ago, I stopped one of my dogs from killing a baby bunny. The dog had it in his mouth, but from what I can tell, it's not injured, just damp from dog spit.

I can't take it to a vet or anything (where should I take it?) until tomorrow. I don't want to let it go because my neighborhood is filled with dogs and cats. I've been holding it, loosely wrapped in a wash cloth, and letting it try to nurse on my palm. That seems to comfort it.

What else can I do to keep this bunny alive? I don't know anything about rabbits.

Here's a picture: Collapse )
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Say you go Friends Only for a reason, you've been Friends Only for a year and a half or so and you realize the reason is gone. Do you stay Friends Only or decide to make your journal public again?

(I know only I can make this decision, I'm not asking anyone to make it for me. I'm just wondering what others would do that's all.)
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1- What's the best 'freebies/free samples' site? (For Canada residents too!)

2- Good industrial bands? My playlist's lookin' a little thin. (Bands I Like - Kompressor, KMFDM, Wumpscut..)

3- Best vegetarian recipe site/comm? (I've been to all Lj ones)

4- Any place on the internet I can find a lawyer to talk to (that knows Canada law) because I need advice on preparing my own case(my charge is not covered by legal aid) ??

Thanks, my dear tqc!
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The portion of your brain that recognizes faces

So here on LJ (or any blog/forum with usericons/avatars), do you recognize a post/comment more by someone's icon, their username, or their friend colors?

Is it confusing if somebody has a same / similar icon, etc.? What if they have a photo of somebody else in their icon?

Do you think it's corny or groovy when somebody has a photo of themself for their icon? What if they used the LJ icon factory? (You can tell 'cause it's got that fuzzy feel to it.)

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getting acquainted

ideas for places to go for a first date? What if it's just a "getting acquainted" meet-up, rather than a real date?

edit: I always seem to think "Coffeeshop!" first, and just wondered about other ideas...
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I test drove a 95 Nissan Altima this weekend, and was pretty pleased. 88K miles, CD player, automatic, $3500+ tax and whatnot. Kelly Blue Book agrees with the price offered.

Any thoughts yea or nea?  Shall I go for it?
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printing pictures

I cannot find this answer anywhere in the software I'm using, so I appeal to you, TQC.

I'm printing a 4x6 and I have one of the 4x6 sheets with a tab on the side. I have an HP PSC that pulls the paper from the bottom and feeds it back out above. Does the tab go in first (so that when the picture comes out, the tab is the farthest out and you can pick it up) or does the edge opposite the tab go in first?

Forgive me if I'm just ignorant.

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there used to be a show on tv. it was like a hidden camera show. they would tape a person in their car. and then they would go pick up the friend that set them up. some people would do embarassing things, does anyone remember the name? i believe it was on mtv    

it was motormouth on vh1 =] thanks