August 12th, 2006

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I love the current hardcore/metalcore genre.

I've been watching a lot of heavy metal sort of documentaries lately. I was born in 1983. I feel like I missed out on so much goodness. I don't want to deprive myself [of said goodness], but I don't know where to start.

If you had to choose two metal albums, which would you recommend?
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Damn Google

Do you ever think up a question you want an answer to, realize it googleable or wikiable, and then get disappointed because you can't post it here?
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god, i hate flying

In about fourteen hours, I'll be felt up by a guy who I've never seen before for my cream. If I get lucky, he might even wave his rod over me a few times.

... and as excitingly pornographic as that sounds, it really means that I'm just heading to the airport tomorrow. Which sucketh verily. Or, which non-sucketh verily.

My question is- given the new security measures, how early should I arrive before my flight to ensure that I get to the gate with time to spare? And if anyone has flown incredibly recently, how bad can I expect it to be?

And also, what is your worst plane experience ever?

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Do you keep cards people give you for special occasions, like birthdays and holidays, or do you throw them away?

I keep them if they're hand-made, or funny.  Otherwise they get stashed in a corner in my room and eventually are thrown away.  
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There used to be a semi-regular feature where people could ask anonymous questions, via leaving an anonymous comment on someone's journal on a specific entry. It died a long time ago, but I liked the idea.

What kind of anonymous questions would you ask? Answer here.

Also, so that the this post isn't just a link...

What's the farthest distance you would consider "within walking distance"?

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Okay, I've tried googling this, but everything I can find assumes a higher level of Photoshop skill then I have.

How do I reduce the file size of an image? I know to save as a different format, which did get me from 420 to 82, but it's an icon, so I need it smaller again.

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What is with the current trend of home furnishing and real estate companies using, if not a couple of the same race, a white guy and an asian girl in their television commercials? Is it really that trendy now? *in his best Eduardo voice* "I liked them before they were cool..." Maybe it's just some California thing, and that being the largest market...
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What does 'lucisimo' mean? Googling shows it's an actual word, but no online translator is willing to translate it. Or am I just being really stupid and it isn't actually spanish?
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i checked google for this but couldn't find what i was looking for.

does anyone know if ruby red squirt is available in fountain pop?  where would you get the syrup from... coca cola provider?


Windows XP question

Background: I need help from all you tech-savvy people out there. I have a HP computer with Windows XP installed on it, and yesterday I got this pop-up that said something "You have one day to register your windows XP" so I waited until today so I could call the company and ask about it. Apparently, the XP software has already been registered. When I get to the main screen with the four profiles, and I click on one, it says I have to register the software and it won't let me on XP, so the function of my desktop is "turn the computer on" and "turn off". That's all.

Long story short: so I want to get rid of XP so I can put on windows millennium (which I have new in the package). How can I get rid of XP without actually getting into windows? Do I have to wipe clean the whole hard drive? How do I even do that? I just want my uber-expensive computer (well, for a college student) working again, and I don't have $200 to obtain an additional license to operate the computer.
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I have $16 dollars for today.

We have next to no food in our house.

My dogs also need food, and their food is not cheap (the smallest bag is $8.00 and would last probably about 3 days).

Do I spend half the money on dog food and just buy some milk and cereal or something for today?

Do I buy them a small bag of some grocery store dog food and spend the rest on getting something decent for dinner?

Do I buy them a small bag of dog food and save my $15 for going out tonight after opening/closing night of the Broadway revue I'm performing in?

Other options? (I'm buying groceries tomorrow, btw, because that is the soonest I can float a check, but my dogs' dog food is one of those specialty store types.)
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Random poll

If you had a choice between traveling to either Russia or Finland, where would you go?


Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert
Neither, I dislike them both.

Which one of the following general sciences do you prefer?

Earth Science
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I can't brain.

Are there any low preparation foods that might help improve my concentration and/or attention? I like things that I can just pick at, like little fruits and veggies perhaps? Something I can toss into my lunch bag in the morning?

Suggestions please. Thanks =)
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What words are you never able to spell? I always have trouble spelling restaurant, for some reason.

Around what age do you begin to consider a girl a woman and a boy a man? Legally at 18 you're an adult, but I have trouble considering 18-year-olds adults. How old are you and do you consider yourself a man, woman, boy, or girl?

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If I'm going to see Rocky Horror tonight, should I wear my Rocky Horror t-shirt, or should I wear a corset?

Edit: As a follow up the overwhelming "corset" response. Black lace corset, black & purple skirt, and black ass kicking boots, or black lace corset, black jeans, and black ass kicking boots?

Funnel cake

Lets say you had an intense craving for funnel cake, where would you get it (given the following):
1. There are no festivals/fairs in town
2. IHOP's funnel cakes are vile
3. I don't make funnel cakes and don't want to attempt it on a day that I'm craving a GOOD funnel cake.

So where would you get one from?
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What are some of your favorite, easy-to-make, relatively inexpensive dishes to make for dinner?

My roommates and I go back to school soon and last year we made the same basic dishes over and over and over again to the point where if someone says to me. I'm looking for some new recipes that I can make that aren't the same basic dishes again but aren't too difficult to make either.

And while appreciated, please don't suggest "Marinade small cubes of chicken in (insert sauce here) and serve with vegetables." I think we've tried every variation of that possible.
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Top five musical crimes perpetuated by Stevie Wonder in the '80s and '90s. Go.

Excluding actual musicals, Disney films, and instrumental music (like in Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings), what other films use music extensively and/or as a subject of the film?
I already have... Empire Records, High Fidelity, Mr Holland's Opus, School of Rock, The Breakfast Club (for that one scene), Velvet Goldmine, all Wes Anderson's films.

And what is/are your favourite musical(s)?
I hate being so obvious, but I love Grease.
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What do you eat when you wake up hungover?

I ask this because I need to leave for a friend's cottage in two hours.  I drank a little last night without eating much yesterday, and I've had nothing to eat so far today because I have that omg I need to puke feeling.  Butttt I know I should eat something.  The thought of food makes me want to die right now.
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German Shepherds?

1.) I'd heard about a website where the victims of Hurrican Katrina posted about their pets. Like, it listed the people, what pet of theirs was missing, and people could respond if they had said pet. Does anyone know the website?

I have a German Shepherd that was a rescue dog. Whoever had him paid for formal training and such, so I'm curious as to whether the owners posted about him.

2.) My other German Shepherd, a female, is a little over a year and a half old. Well, she's shedding like CRAZY. The male rescue dog is the one that sheds all the time, and he isn't shedding much at all. It's rather early for them to get their winter coat, so what gives? The hair coming in is much coarser than her old coat. I may be wrong, but I thought a dog was supposed to get their adult coat a lot earlier than a year and a half?

3.) About what age do most German Shepherds stop growing? The poor girl is a shrimp. She's a mean bitch, though.

4.) What kind of dog(s) do you have? Do you like that particular breed?
I grew up with German Shepherds, so when my old one died, I naturally got another. The Katrina rescue dog just kind of fell in our lap, though.
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so, i currently have an uncollared, unneutered, friendly male cat on my hands. my friend found him but couldn't keep him, and i can't really either. none of the neighbors have any idea who it belongs to. i'd like to find his owner (if there is one) or find him a good would i go about doing that?

btw i live in westchester, new york if anyone wants him.

giving away furniture

I've got a couch and love seat that I'd like to either donate to charity or just plain give it away (I don't want money for them). After doing a brief Google search, I found some helpful links and before I delve into this wealth of information, I'm interested to hear personal stories to help me make up my damn mind.

Have any of you ever donated furniture? Just given it away?

Have you ever gotten free furniture?

Basically I'm looking for the easiest way to give these away. What are your suggestions?
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i'm thinking about bbqing some fruit... i know i saw a recipe for a good glaze, but i can't remember it! any suggestions? (i was thinking something sweet.) thanks :)
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in a powerpoint slide show, how do you get the slides to automatically change? I'm only able to use the space bar to switch from one to the next, and I need one that will automatically change to the next slide.


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What's the fastest (and least problematic) way to convert movies (AVI, MPEG, etc.) into DVDs that you can play in any DVD player?

I've used Nero Vision, which transcodes a 2 hour movie in about 1 hour, 10 minutes. Most of the time, the movie is ok. Sometimes, though, the audio track gets shifted so it plays ahead of the movie. This problem lessened when I removed the Nero Plugin Pack, but it still breaks some movies.

I've tried Roxio MyDVD8, which transcodes a 2 hour movie about 3 hours and 20 minues. This works perfectly every time, but it's quite slow.

Any other recommendations? I don't mind buying a good transcoder if I know it'll be quick and error free.

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For those of you in school--or even those who are out--how many hours of homework do/did you usually get a night? I seem to only get a few minutes a night, if that. I tend to do my homework in school. Hell, I didn't get much. I'm going into junior this upcoming year so I'm sure I'll get a lot this time...

cat tea

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Poll #791699 Family and Transsexuals

Your parents are:

Divorced and both single now
Divorced and one remarried (father)
Divorced and one remarried (mother)
Divorced and both remarried

You are closest with your


One of your parents tells you they are a transsexual and planning on having sexual reassignment surgery. Which would suprise you the LEAST, given your situation?

Both would surprise me equally

At first, how "okay" would you be with the idea, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfectly okay)?

Mean: 5.12 Median: 5 Std. Dev 3.21

After adjusting to the idea, how "okay" would you be with the idea, on a scale of 1-10?

Mean: 6.83 Median: 8 Std. Dev 3.33

Also, a question I forgot to put in the poll--do you think you'd be able to maintain a relationship with your parent? Do you think it would be the same (quality-wise -- obviously, some things would be different)?

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Have you ever felt totally inept because you have to do something that should be easy, but it's for the first time?

For example, buying paint.
Can I return fifty dollars worth of paint tomorrow so I can buy the cheap-o mistake kind instead? That is, can paint be returned? Will I most likely get store credit or cash?
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since my eye doctor isn't open til monday

i have a contacts scrip for -6.75. i want to buy contacts from but they only offer either -6.50 or -7.00 in my specific brand. i should probably go for the stronger ones, right? how much difference does it make? if it makes any difference the strength of my glasses is -7.25 but i haven't gotten those done either. thanks in advance.
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Manhattan Portage messenger bags

Has anyone bought a bag from Manhattan Portage? What do you think of it? I'm thinking about getting the Canvas Waxed bag to use for school, but I'd like to hear others' opinions on it first. I usually walk or ride my bike to school. Any thoughts on this bag/Manhattan Portage/messenger bags in general?

Oh, and should I get the olive green or dark brown?

Which color?

Olive green
Dark brown

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I'm going to the movies tonight and I have a choice between Miami Vice and The Sentinel.

Which is better?

I'm aware that they're both probably craptasticular movies, but I have to pick one, and I can't decide.

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How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

My sister is sleeping in my room this week and I swear she's asleep before her head hits the pillow - and I mean really sound asleep. It kind of blows my mind because I always lie in bed for at least half an hour before I actually fall asleep.
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1. I suck at putting on make-up.  I really do.  So I need some help.  Is there any kind of website out there, or community, or something that'll show me how to put on make-up without completely fucking it up?  And...I'm really looking for something simple.  Not like this make-up lately that's all over the face, and looks like they've gotten in a fight with a painter.  I want something that's noticable, but not something that's going to make me look like a whore.  Is there something like that out there?

2. Am I the only one who feels tingly and happy inside whenever one of the regular, well-known tqc-ers answer my questions?  Anyone else get this when one of them answers on your posts?
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I leave for my semester in Spain in less than a week... I'll be staying with a host mom (40 years old) and her son (7 years old) and I need an idea for what to bring them as gifts. For the boy I'm thinking a variety of American candy bars and maybe a baseball cap-- NY Yankees? -- but I think they're more into basketball in Spain than baseball, so far as American sports go, so I wonder if I should do something basketball related...?

The mom is the trickier part... what's something distinctively American and/or something she can't get in Spain that would be a classy but not too expensive little gift I can buy someone I know nothing about? I'm from South Carolina, so something specifically Southern might be a nice touch too.

OK, so to recap, I need ideas for gifts to bring my Spanish host family, any thoughts? Thanks
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I want to create an email account that will email me at another email account when I have new email. The account that I regularly check is a hotmail account, but I don't care what kind of account the new email is. How do I do this?
Answer: Gmail has forwarding capabilities
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How would I go about getting a prescription moved from one pharmacy to another? Not a different location in the same chain, but a different chain altogether.

Do I have to call my doctor for a new prescription to bring to the new pharmacy and just stop picking up fills at the old one? (I hope not) Can I call Pharmacy A and tell them my prescription number and ask them to send it to Pharmacy B? Or is there something else I should do?

I feel so silly, like this is probably something I should know. Reminds me of the returning paint question below :p