August 11th, 2006


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Senior pictures....Appropriate attire?
I want to wear something that shows off my interesting personality but I also want to look nice.
What should I wear? Jeans and t-shirt(s) okay?
If it matters, I'm a big girl{size 20, eek.}. Anything that would flatter?

I don't know what to do! I hope to get mine done soon.
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How do you get over an old friend? It's been two years since my old best friend and I called it quits, and we still talk when we see eachother, and we don't dislike eachother at all. Yet, sometimes I still want to be friends, even though we're completeluy different now and it could never happen. Just time and paitence?
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1. How many times did you fall in love before you found "the one"?
2. Have you ever thought someone was "the one" and they turned out not to be?
3. What's the most life-altering event that's happened to you so far?
4. If you have children or have chosen names for your future children, how did you make your decisions?
5. Would you rather die before or after your spouse?
6. Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen in your life right now. What is it? (you dying in some way doesn't count)
7. How similar are you to your siblings?
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You're walking into a building with a small lobby. There are two doors through which you must pass before you enter the useful part of the building, and you have no intention of stopping in the lobby. Somebody is walking in front of you, and they hold both doors open long enough to make sure you pass unmolested by the possibility of a door closing in your face. Approximately 8 seconds expire between your passing through the first door and your passing through the second.

How many times do you thank this person? More interestingly, when do you do so (assuming you do thank them)?
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globes and maps

dearest tqc-ers,

this question's for those of you who have a really good understanding of the great state of NJ, or who have excellent navigation skills.

i'm planning on driving from ocean county, nj, to randolph, NJ, on saturday. i have an old set of directions that instruct me to take the parkway to exit 142, to get onto rte. 78 west, which i follow to rte. 287, and so on and so forth.

however, 78 is under massive construction. the thing is, i think there's a way i can take the parkway to 287 and finish the trip from there. the trouble is, i dont have a physical map with me and my internet connection cant seem to handle loading a goddam map.

so really, i just wanted to know if i'm right. thanks!!
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Hopefully not all of you are at work and can answer this, because I know some people here do work at daycares.

So, I am applying to daycares, and I have one interview later today. Most of them want me to have a CDA, which I don't have. However, I have a BS and am enrolled in university as an education major. Will these factors glass over my lack of a CDA?

Also, I know most daycares are pretty casual dress, but I still plan on dressing nicely for the interview. Would slacks and a button-front shirt be overkill? Should I just stick with nice khakis and a polo?

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Do you have that 'honky tonk badonkadonk' quality about you today?

When's the last time you had it going on like Donkey Kong?

Has it ever happen to you that one thing led to another and pretty soon you found yourself with some bedunka-dunk?

Casio brand

Does anyone know anything about the reliability and quality of Casio digital cameras? I've been looking online and have read many favorable reviews about their Exilim line, but I can't find anything about whether they're any good in the long run. I want this camera to last at least three years.

I only know that they make watches, and the one I have would still be working if I just put a new battery in it.

I've been researching small and slim cameras for about a week now and this brand is the only one that I really like so far, and that fits my budget. If you know of any other really good small cameras with lots of features and doesn't cost more than $350-$400, please enlighten me! Thanks!
Are you drunk?



An ‘ebonic’ expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind. Women who possess this feature usually have a small waist that violently explodes into a round and juicy posterior (e.g., 34c, 24, 38). Other characteristics would be moderately wide hips and a large amount of booty cleavage (i.e, depth of butt-crack).

Her badonkadonk made a brotha pop mad wheelies
*Thank you

Ok soo...

Is there a difference between a Badonkadonk and a Badunkadunk?

Which is the proper way of spelling this word or is it a regional thing?

Which do you think is the proper term; badonkadonk, badunkadunk, badonk-a-donk or badunk-a-dunk?
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You guys always have so much fun making up new and inventive phrases to internet abbreviations in the comments. Would you mind coming up with some creative and memorable acronyms for me?

I have two lines I need to remember:


GZJDBP (I made up "gay zebras jump dazed bisexual penguins" just now, but am open to more memorable phrases!)
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Learning Swedish?

I'm going to see a friend of mine in Sweden for a couple of weeks in October, and although she speaks very good English, I'd like to learn a little Swedish, just so I'm not one of those annoying people who goes to a country and doesn't speak the language.

How much would be best to learn? Just a few conversational words, or as much as I possibly can before October?
Are there any places online where I could learn basic Swedish? I'm going to buy a phrasebook or a dictionary or something, but I'd like to be able to string a sentence together without accidentally calling someone a drunken prostitute or something.
How hard is Swedish to learn? I already speak pretty good French, so it's not like I've never learned a second language before, but I know some languages are harder to learn than others.

Alnd a somewaht related question: What languages do you speak? I speak English, French and a few snippets of Swahili and Italian, but nothing I could make a conversation or sentence of.
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Online Mating Services


I am dateless most Saturday nights, and when I do hang out, it's with a couple. Any suggestions for:

*what might I do to change this?
*what online dating services don't result in complete morons responding, but actually some decent dates?

PS: Yep, I'm fat. I'm on a diet. Please go beyond the obvious, Thanks!

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Would you have a hard time respecting your bosses or supervisors when in their emails they use poor spelling or grammar? My supervisors don't have the best grammar within their emails they sent out to everyone in my office. How would you feel? I think i'm a little bit resentful about it because I'm a college grad doing a job that only requires a high school degree.

The issue with the grammar is sometimes the bosses sentence structure makes the message they're trying to get across difficult to understand. Do you think it is important as a boss to have good grammar/spelling?
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Going with the music theme that seems to be prevalent today

I'm a junior high language arts teacher. I'm on summer holidays right now, but I'm planning for next year. I'm creating an activity where my kids will listen to some songs and read the lyrics and analyze it like poetry. So I'm going to put together a CD of "deep songs." What are your favourite songs with a deeper meaning?
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do you ever have more money than you think you're supposed to? Does this concern you ever? I have about 300 bucks more than I though, so now I'm freaking out, wondering what check I didn't put in the register or what I haven't paid!
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Do you wish on eyelashes? (Like, if you find a detached eyelash on your cheek, do you blow it off and make a wish?)

I did that at lunch today and my friend looked at me like I was nuts. He'd never even heard of doing that. Is it a regional thing? (I'm from VA. I think it's a common thing here.)

EDIT: judging from the comments, it's not a regional thing...seems everyone has heard of it and my friend is just some sort of freak. He's from MN. Any of you Minnesotans do this?

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1. Do you have a favorite Queen song? Which one?

2. What completely stupid MTV show are you most likely to watch if you're bored out of your mind?

3. What band or song or album have you found that everyone you know can listen to without complaining?

4. What's the most interesting animal you've ever seen on the side of the road? (wild animals or ones in farms or barns or pets, whatever)

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<<< Let's Play >>>

I was looking through the music profile of those auditioning for Rockstar Supernova, thus inspiring this post.
What would your playlist be like?
Quick! Randomly off the top of your head - 15 songs to get you through the day. Here's mine:
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should i buy a nintendo ds for my dad? he likes shit like that, but i dont know anything about them.

what did you have for lunch? or what are you having if you havent eaten yet?

whats the temperature where you are?

should i learn farsi or try spanish again?
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What is the longest song on your iTunes (or equivalent)? What's the shortest? TV shows don't count. :)

[To find this out, click "Time" so it organizes it in that order. If "time" isn't showing, hit ctrl+J. At least on iTunes, I dunno about others.]

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Hey does anyone know of any sites where you can buy just ONE mp3 without needing to pay a monthly membership fee or w.e? and that accepts paypal

I am looking for a karaoke version of Kelly Clarkson's "Addicted." Or if any of you have a program like that can you get it for me and I can pay yo via paypal?

Zippity Doo Dah, y'all. Zippity Badonkadonk

This Poll pretty much only applies to people who have been to Disneyland/world.

1) They've already made Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Country Bear Jamboree movies, based on the longstanding attraction at the park. Clearly, this is a trend. So, let's put some guesswork into what they'll make next

What should the next Disney attraction-based movie be based on?

Animatronic Abraham Lincoln show
America Sings
Adventureland Safari Boat Ride
Rocket Rides
Space Mountain
It's a Small World
Main Street horse-drawn carriage
Thunder Mountain
Submarine Ride (RIP)
Skylift (RIP)
Canoe Ride
Electric Light Parade
"Wow, this is a long line. I've been waiting in it for 2 hours" movie

2) Give me a plot for a movie based on this ride or attraction. Have fun with it
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Hey thequestionclub,

In the process of trying to feeling better about being single again (and taking the advice you all gave me the other night), I've gone through my itunes and deleted all the songs I knew wouldn't be good for me. Now I've got all this space I want to fill up with good stuff. So, here's my question:

What are your favorite feel good or generally just happy songs?
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Zip Me Up
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Have you known anyone who was arrested/questioned/charged/whatever for illegal downloading of music or movies? Details, please!
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The Quick: How do you clear the Documents folder on the startbar in Windows? I've not cleared it in so long I actually forgot.

Also: What was the hardest lesson you learned on 'how to pick your battles'?

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I have a sony cybershot DSC-P100.
For some reason, whenever I try to take a picture, it starts recording instead. It has a video mode, but whether it's in the video mode or the picture mode, it still takes videos. Any ideas what's wrong or how I could fix it??? I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow so it would be awesome to figure out whats wrong!

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Does anybody in here live in/around Santa Barbra?

I live about an hour away and i've never been. I'm going on Monday and all i've ever heard about it is that State Street is the best place to go. What's on State Street and what stores do they have? I've goggled like a crazy woman and nothing is coming up

Thanks in advance!
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Inspired by this post...

What things do you wish on? And why do you wish on those things?

I wish on stars and eyelashes mostly. And of course birthday candles. Those are the things my parents and friends told me about wishing on when I was younger.
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I just downloaded emule. What music, tv shows, programs, etc should I download?

Here are some of my interests:
80's cartoons, angelina jolie, ani difranco, animal rights, bing, bisexuality, broadway, cavies, classic rock, comedy, disney movies, emergency medical services, faeries, family guy, food network, fraggles, gay rights, guinea pigs, high voltage, hippos, human rights, janet evanovitch, japan, japanese food, jim norton, led zeppelin, musical theater, new jersey, nip/tuck, nursing, o&a, opie and anthony, reading, rent, rescue me, rocky horror picture show, sarah mclachlan, skiing, sushi, swimming, tank girl, tattoo, tegan and sara, the vagina monologues, theater, weird nj, winnie the pooh, women's rights, wow, xm.
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Crashing folders.

I've been having a problem with my computer lately.

When I open certain folders, it gives me an error saying that Windows Explorer has caused an error and has to close. Then it pops up a message saying 'Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger' has caused an error and has to close.

I have to ctrl-alt-delete to get the 'debugger' closed.

About the only thing these folders have in common is that they all have images, and only images, in them. The number of images varies from five to 800+, and other image-only folders work just fine.

Ok, new info: They're all nested folders. About 5 to 6 levels deep. When I move them up a few levels they work, but I can't be moving them all the time.

Second, and this doesn't seem to be connected to the folder issue, when I hit ctrl-alt-delete it used to give me a window with several tabs. Now it only gives me the list of processes with no tabs and no close button, so I have to hit escape to close it.
Ok, fixed the task manager... at some point I double-clicked without realizing it. Oops.

My virus program (McAfee) doesn't find any viruses. Help?
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Sandwich Love

Roast beef on whole wheat with lettuce onions cucumber tomato mmmmmmmmm.

If the Sandwich God descended from Sandwich Love Heaven right now with the intention of making you one Perfect Sandwich, what would you have?
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When you were younger, was there anything that your parents told you not to tell anyone?

My parents told me not to tell my teachers/friends that my dad smoked pot and that my mom and dad fought so much.

white dress

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So among books and CDs I'm taking to Half Price (yeah, I know I should sell them on Amazon and whatnot, but I'm moving very soon and don't have the time/etc. to do so), I'm planning on taking in magazines. Do I need to black out my address and/or tear the address label off? I know I'll be moving, but some of these magazines go to my parents' house in my name and I don't want any stalkers.

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1. How far can you get in this game without needing to use google or wikipedia?

2. Is it possible to track a livejournal account to a message board account? How easily could it be done? The one in question is an invision power board or something, I think.

3. On a scale of 'no' to 'schitzo', how eclectic is your taste in music? What's the most interesting transition on your current playlist (like, say, something from a Disney movie into a death metal song)?

4. What's something you've been dying to tell people about, but you either can't or they wouldn't really care?

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Red Bull!

I have a test on monday and I'm thinking of drinking red bull(first time!!11!!1) to keep me awake, so here's a few questions on the topic:

1. What does redbull taste like?
2. Can it keep you awake?
3. Is it really that sweet?
4. How long does the awakening effect last?

And one last question which has no link to red bull:
5. Why is genetically modifying humans banned?

more Postsecret questions

(inspired by this post)

Bullet Point: The people who make postsecret cards just to be trendy: is that dumb and annoying or cute and silly?

Bullet Point: What do you think of ljsecret, musicsecret, all those other postmeme communities?

Bullet Point: Have you made a PostSecret? Did you send it in or did you hide it away in a box or did you, god forbid, give it to the person in question? Did it help?
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for once, in the 2 + years that i've been at this job, we finally had a general staff meeting that actually did some good, dealt w/issues and put responsibilities where they belonged...

1. what was the last meeting you attended about?
2. how long did it last?
3. what do you usually do during meetings (take notes, doodle, sleep, read, etc...)?
4. last true/untrue excuse you used to miss out on work?
5. do you like/get along with your boss(es)?
5a. why?
5b. why not?
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While bicycling downtown today I saw a guy on a very odd bicycle. The front wheel was much larger than the back wheel, and sitting on the thing didn't look very balanced.

Do you know what kind of bicycle this could be, and does it have a special name? Any leads would be wonderful~

Edit: It was not a Penny-farthing, the wheels were not that different in size.
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i. I have a coupon for 3 iTunes downloads. I have no idea what I want.

I'm a huge classic rock fan, I love the sound of a Hammond B3, I love the blues, and I don't do Top 40. I don't like rap or punk, I don't like anything that reminds me of Fall Out Boy or All American Rejects, although I do like some Better than Ezra (Misunderstood would have to be my fav by them). My big favorites would be Fleetwood Mac, Zeppelin, Beatles, Whitesnake(!!), and probably AC/DC and I either have tons of those or can't find what I'm missing on iTunes. So -- anybody have any rocking suggestions? Bonus points if it's something more modern you think I'd like.

2. My 4 year old piano student gave me a stuffed purple dog today. What should I name it?

3. I learned Jem's version of "Maybe I'm Amazed", Stevie Nicks' "If Anyone Falls", and I started working on Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" on piano this week. What should I work on next?

4. Any other guitar players out there?


I checked on the local YMCA website, but it wans't any help..

It says it's $516/year for a membership to the facility. Does anyone know if they have student memberships that are cheaper? I know they don't sell access to the gym only (the price includes classes and access to the pool/tennis courts, etc, but I'm just looking for the gym membership).

$516 is rediculous.

I'm in Albany, NY if anyone is a local and knows specifics.

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is there such thing as a free ringtone? i don't care if it's just a cheesy polyphonic ring. please send me in the right direction if you know. thanks ahead!

ps: if this has already been asked before, flame me all you want. that type of pettiness doesn't bother me. :)

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Two questions.

1) Can anyone tell me what "Om Sai Bam" means?  I think it's Hindi. 

2) Do you think it's more important to be happy or to be yourself.  The assumption is that you cannot have both.  I imagine strong arguements can be made for either side, so I'm curious to see how it goes.  oh, and please play nice.

(Just to clarify, there's no personal dilema here, I just want people to pick a side and present a reasonable case for it)
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What the hell is growing on this tree!?
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I guess this is kind of a longshot, but has anyone ever seen anything like this tree? It's a weirdo... my neighbor told me it used to be really huge but it got struck by lightning and grew back littler. My dad thought it was a weed and tried to kill it (aww, poor thing) with like 7 tubs of weed killer, (ick ick ick) which MAY have contributed to mutating it? I don't know. Anyone have any idea what it is?