August 10th, 2006


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I have a bunch of photos that I color photocopied and cut out. I want to put them in some sort of arrangement because they are for a friend, but I just don't know WHAT arrangement to do. A photo album is too boring. There are too many to put on a poster. Not really enough for a scrapbook (unless it was really small).

Any ideas?
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it's what i want

were you spoiled? are you spoiled? do you feel like you "owe" your parents/family if they buy you anything that costs over a certain amount? how were you raised to understand money issues between family members? how does ethnic culture play into it?

i'm asking because the car question earlier got me wondering. i was surprised at the number of people who said that since they didn't get a car their kid wasn't going to get a car. wouldn't you like to be able to give your kids something you weren't able to afford? where do you draw the line?
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Every once in a while my computer (Dell Dimension 4600) makes this sound. It's not nearly that loud, but still. I'm pretty sure it's the hard drive and I'm panicking a little bit. It's not a very regular noise; it happens when iTunes goes from one track to another so I'm avoiding listening to music. Is there anything I can do to save my poor little hard drive? :(

EDIT: It's stopped for now, I popped the case off and I didn't see anything going awry. I'm starting to backup my shit and I should be okay. Could it have been a one-time freak thing or is it gonna come back and get me when I least expect it?
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I am getting addicted to this community. AAAHHH!!


Is expired medication all right to take? Would you?

Is expired herbal supplements all right to take? Would you? (Like vitamins or something)...but it's not medicine. However, if it has an expiration date, isn't it logically something you really shouldn't take after it's expiration date?

Okay...I may understand if it is a few months expired...

But what if this herbal supplement (it is in powder form) was over 3 years expired? (I am not referring to illegal drugs of any kind. Do that kind of drugs even expire???)
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No player shall intentionally discolor or damage the ball by rubbing it with soil, rosin, paraffin, licorice, sand-paper, emery-paper or other foreign substance.

Why do the baseball rules specifically mention licorice as a foreign substance one might rub on a ball?
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YouTube is Addicting.

I really, really like to watch remakes of popular music videos on Not the ones with scenes from TV shows or cartoons with the music dubbed in, but when people actually act out the original video like this or this.

The problem is, it's sort of hard to find other well done videos like this. I've randomly come across the two linked above.

If you use YouTube, do you have any videos like these in your favorites (links)?
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Do I have the right?

The question is: Am I being too nitpicky/sensitive, etc.?

The situation: Collapse )

So back to the question, am I being too nitpicky and sensitive? Do I have a right to be annoyed that she's doing this? I'm not angry, I'm just going to ignore her but I am annoyed.

And thanks to anyone who actually read all that. I'd ask in my journal but most of my friends are kind of biased being my friends and all. ^^
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Bad credit

Where do people with bad credit go when they need money?  If you try to get a loan at a bank, they tell you because of recent credit history that you can't get it, well if you had good credit, you probably have the money that you are currently in need of and wouldn't need the loan anyway right?

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OK...this question came along this morning and while everyone in the office sat there with a blank look on their face, I exclaimed, "I'll ask my question club"...and then everyone sat there with blank looks on their faces some more!

A lady at work has 4 year old son (just like me, but this isn't me)...her son has to take in something beginning with the letter "I" for show and tell tomorrow. Someone suggested Ice Cream, but that is not going to hold up all day until show and tell time.

Being that this office is all about law enforcement, people were saying things like "inmate" and "indigent form", but she needs a suggestion that is suitable for a 4 year old.

We tried looking in the dictionary, but since everything is "online" nowadays, we don't even have a good old-fashioned dictionary here. Online dictionary keeps bringing up every word that CONTAINS the letter "I".

Does anyone have any appropriate suggestions?

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What's the longest readily-available USB A/B cable available?

I have two 15' cables right now, so I'm hoping there's something out there longer. The longest i've been able to find on eBay is 15 foot.
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There used to be this show on ABC family where they redecorated kid's bedrooms. It was on everyday in the afternoon. Then there was another one where they had two kids swap lives for a week. What are these shows called? Where did they go? Why do they show two hours of Seventh Heaven now instead? Don't you hate Seventh Heaven? I do.

Also, later today I'm highlighting my sister and my friend's hair. We have to go to the store and buy something to use. What brands are our best options and which brands should we avoid? Does it even matter? They both have similar colored medium blond hair, if that makes a difference.
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What, in your opinion is the best music player? I have tried iTunes, don't like it. Winamp is okay. Just now I'm on Windows Media Player.

What good features has yours got?

Oh and as an afterthought, is there any such invention that would allow me to password protect a folder on my windows xp pc? I've stuff I don't want my boyf finding and its easier than always logging out.

2 Completely Different Questions

So..I have two completely different, unrelated questions for you guys.

Ok..#1. Wisdom teeth: 2 years ago I got 3 out of my 4 wisdom teeth. The two on the top and the bottom left came in all at the same time. I noticed 2 days ago, that the wisdom tooth on the bottom right is coming in. So my question..did anyone else have a 2 year gap in between all of their wisdom teeth coming in?

#2 - This morning the husband and I went to the golf course. He wanted to hit a bucket of golf balls. Apparently Circuit City distribution centers have a golf scramble every year..there's is next month. He wants to practice so he won't suck sooo bad. Anywho....he's hitting his 10th ball or so, and he just shattered his graphite driver. He hit the damn thing that hard. He now has a stick and a club head. Has anyone else done this? When I bought him the set a few years ago, I was told that graphite drivers were relatively hard to damage.

Random Quesations

1. Do you find yourself attracted to a certain look or quality in the opposite or same sex? What is it?

2. What do you think of Steve and Barry's (the clothing store that is underpricing Walmart in apparel and accessories)? Tacky? Brilliant? Just another store?

3. Do you follow the "rules" for conserving gas? (Ex.: Not driving over 55 MPH, coasting, not flooring the gas, etc.)

3B. What wastes more gas: Using the air conditioning or rolling down the windows?

4. Who's your favorite SNL cast member of all time?

5. Where can I get a good, as-cheap-as-possible day planner?
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I had an earlier entry about expired meds/herbal supplements. This is somewhat related to it. (I didn't want to group them together because I wanted to deal with them separately.)


A little background to those who didn't see that post:

My family is Chinese and this isn't too relevant but anyway, my parents are into herbal supplements and stuff, a more "natural" type healing/preventative care. So we have been buying this powder (also in capsule form) from Asia and I know it as "lin gee" or "ling gee" powder.

Collapse )


I guess the ultimate question is:

How would you feel if a relative did something like this? Is it an evil act? I can really see it being a year expired...or I could forgive it if they were sincerely apologetic (which they weren't at all by the way). Would you trust these relatives in the future?

If you truly believed it was an intentionally harmful act, how would you act towards them?

pregnancy questions

For those who have ever been pregnant...

1 How far along were you when you discovered (or confirmed) you were pregnant? Do you count by last menstrual period or conception time?
2 Did you know/suspect you were pregnant?
3 Did you have any of the usual signs of pregnancy before you found out?
4 Has anyone here been sure you were pregnant (and in fact were) even though the tests showed otherwise? How long until the tests confirmed it?

Music-esque Question

Say you're a singer.  You're signed to a mainstream record label and you've recorded your album.

1.  When you start selling your album, how does your album get certified gold, platinum, etc?  Do they go by how many albums sold in stores?

2.  Say that in addition to selling your album in stores that you also make personal appearances and personally sell your album.  Would that count towards your status as far as getting certified as a gold album or platinum album?

I sort of have a reason for asking this question (and no, it has nothing to do with me).  XD
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I'm trying to get out of a lease for next year, and trying to find a replacement in order to do so. I put an ad on Craig's List, and got a good amount of responses. However, not all of them are legitimate. There were 5 or 6 from people who claimed to be from the UK, and two of them are pretty much exactly the same!

Collapse )

Collapse )

Anyway, I'm just trying to figure out how they can possibly scam me out of anything? Are they scam-artists, or just kids messing around?
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Pot and cars.

So I live on a fairly busy street in the DC-metro area.
Like many of us here, I live in a highrise.
It has a balcony.
Me and mine like to hang out and people watch.
We do it every day.
We see a lot of kooky stuff.
Guy peeing in the gutter.
Woman giving man a haircut while they were both walking.
Boots on ticket-laden cars.
Good stuff.
We live on the 4th floor, so we have an awesome bird's eye view of all the happenings.

Twice now though, I've personally witnessed someone smoking weed in their car.
Once, it was a girl, she parked her car across the street and lit up a bowl and took 2 hits before she got out. I don't know when/if she got back in her car that night.

The second time, was today, I watched a car pass by and saw the driver take his hands off the wheel to light up his own bowl.

Now, let me state that personally? I've smoked and I think that like ALMOST anything else, in moderation, it isn't so bad. I equate it with drinking an alcoholic beverage. I do understand that if you abuse alcohol, it's a problem. For many people. I feel the same way about marijuana.

Furthermore, I tend to think that whatever you do in your own home, your own place, is your business and I don't particularly care.

However, I do feel that smoking while driving is outrageously irresponsible and it makes me quite sick to my stomach to witness something like this.

Now, here comes the question.

If you saw someone driving while smoking weed, and had the ability to nail their license plate number, what would you do?
Would you call the police and give them your eyewitness information?
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hey guys what classes should I take?

I am thinking of taking spanish 1(with a supposedly easy teacher who is salways helpful to students and makes classes fun) and stellar astronomy for the fall with a non credit kickboxing class(it's not really 'kick boxing' per se. It's more like an intense workout class where each part of the body is working on during the week and worked on the point where you can barely move it the next day)

I also want to take an acting 1 class since I am an actor and need a refresher(and it really helps me get through the day..but I am already taking an improvisation class--whose line is it anyway stuff on saturdays..and I may be taking one on thursdays..but i really like the people in the dept and I want to be friends with them but last semester was kinda eh so now i don't know)..however...since the kickboxing and acting class would be taken as non credit, the kickboxing class is $48 and the acting class is $144.
and I can't take both because the kickboxing class only has a 8am slot that allows me to still take the easy spanish class, and the spanish class ends at 11:05 and the acting class starts at 11:00.



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How do you get rid of the "CHK" noise that Windows makes whenever you click something in a website and have your volume turned up loud? It drives me NUTS when I have my music cranked real loud and there's obnoxious clicking every time I try to mooch on the internet.
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Ring! ring! hello?

Think of your neighborhood, the places you frequent.

Where are the pay phones?

Seriously. My SO is one of those no-cell-phone people and he has to rely on pay-phones when he's off doing a job. When he went to Arizona a couple of weeks ago, he couldn't find a payphone anywhere. (He probably wasn't looking that hard.) But today he had to walk six blocks to find one to call me at work. And he was working a grocery store! You'd think there would have been one outside the Safeway, but no. So this leads me to wonder, where did the pay phones go?
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The brush off

So, you've made plans to go out with someone (to see a movie/get coffee/hang out), but they cancel at the last minute with a believable, but slightly unlikely reason (e.g. travelled somewhere remote for work and can't get back; asked at the very last minute to babysit; someone quit their job so they need to work overtime)...

1) How do you respond?
2) Do you believe them?
3) How many times before you start to doubt them?
4) How many times before you stop arranging things?
5) Does it make a difference whether you're friends or dating (or even more serious) and why?
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Anyone go through Avesis for their Vision insurance?

Mine starts in September through my job. I couldn't find this info on their website, and am waiting to hear back from their customer service about my question. So, until then, let's see what the question club knows...

On a sheet I have from work, it says one of the discounts we're entitled to is 5% - 25% off of laser vision correction.

For those with Avesis, or this might be a general thing with a lot of vision insurance plans ---

How does one get a fill 25% off of this vs the low 5%?

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What do Islamic beliefs say about suicide?

Edit: So then if we have Islamic suicide bombers, does the fact they are doing it for religious or cultural reasons then cancel out any teachings against suicide? How do they deal with the conflict?
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card crafts?

Does anyone have the link for how to make the deck of cards present? The one where you bind together a deck of cards and then on each card have one thing you love about the person you're giving it to?

I know this was posted last month so apologies...and thank you beforehand.  
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Why do people get down right nasty on here about what they think? I try to give a polite or helpful answer to a question, and I don't really want to hear about it from other people. I try not to do that to other people either. are most people just looking for an argument when they start stuff like that?
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So there is this man at a gas station I frequent for energy drinks.

He has made inappropriate sexual and racial comments before to myself and others I know.

Today I went in and he referred to me as "Chuli" or something that sounded similar. He explained it meant a "Village girl who is very popular, a lover" and I asked if he meant a prostitute. He said no and explained that my boyfriend was "Chula" and this meant that we were lovers.

I asked him what language this was and he said "Hindi... Arabic".

I think he is Indian so I'm willing to bet it's an Indian language.

Anyone know what CHULI (Chooli? Choolee?) and CHULA mean!?

(I googled it to results of untranslated Bollywood songs D;)
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DVD ripping

What program do you use to rip DVDs? I use DVD Shrink, but it likes to randomly reboot my machine when creating a disc image.

EDIT: the Windows error centre says it's a conflict with my printer driver and HP is "working to resolve" it. In the meantime, what can I do to prevent this from recurring? What other programs do you use?
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Straitjackets for me then...

Since my ex-boyfriend cheated on me I have become increasingly paranoid and cannot trust anyone. It's got to the point where, had my current boyfriend been less understanding, this would have detroyed our relationship. Luckily things seem to be ok right now, but I am desperate not to go through this in the future - I seriously felt like I was insane and unreasonable!

So, what can I do about it? I think I need help, but how to go about finding it and where to look first?
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What experience do you have with websites like and
Do you like them? Hate them? Feel indifferently about them?

I usually use Amazon for my general online purchases, but they deleted my account on me twice for no apparent reason. So, I'm annoyed and have decided to boycott them for now. But I'm looking for another website that is similar to them that sells general merchandise at discounted prices.

So what experiences have you had with other similar websites? Or should I just suck it up, create a new Amazon account and hope they don't delete it on me again?

edit How is the shipping on those websites? Are they generally expensive to the point where even though I'm saving money on the order, I'm wasting money on shipping? Do they have special offers on shipping often? (Like spend a certain amount, get free shipping)
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stupid hypothetical question #n

So I went out to get some beer and chips when I noticed ZOMBIES! Everywhere! The world's been overrun somehow by flesheating zombies! Don't ask how because I don't know. I borded up my house and i'm now barricaded in the den with a shotgun, 242 cans of Spam, 18 gallons of water, and a laptop.

OMFG ZOMBIES! What do you do when the zombie apocolypse arrives?
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1.) Does anyone know of a program that allows me to get hex colors from a picture? I usually use Photoshop, but this computer doesn't have it.

2a.) Does anybody know what the black border with the photo (i.e. in the picture below, it's Kodak) information is called?

Collapse )

2b.) Do you know whee I can find a brush or tutorial for said border?

3.) Would you watch Pink Floyd The Wall without being stoned?

4.) While talking about the Wall, do you have any odd interpretations of it?

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1. The state of Indiana recently unveiled a new license plate design with the words "In God We Trust". Drivers have the option to have the words on their plate or not, and neither the "In God We Trust" plates or their athietsic counterparts are specialty plates.
What is your opinion, TQC? Is Indiana just harmlessly offering another license plate option, or is the state unforgivably blurring the line between church and state?

The song "Chasing Cars" by the band Snow Patrol has two different music videos out (according to YouTube, a U.K version and a U.S. version. I've seen both on U.S. television).
2a. Which is your favorite?
2b. Why is the line "I need your grace to remind me to find my own" omitted from both videos?

3. Do you sing in the shower?

4a. How old were you when your hair started going grey?
4b. If it hasn't yet, how old are you? Do you want to go grey?

5. Tomorrow's Friday! What are you looking forward to?

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Water in Ears

I've got water in my right ear. 

I wear hearing aids, so this is a problem.

I have an appointment Monday, to have them cleaned out, and stuff, but what can I do to kind of get the water out, so I can hear?

The water is pretty far in there.
I don't think shaking my head will make it come out.
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What are some somewhat easy but "different"[like, not the standard chicken noodle or whatever] soup and casserole receipies? Preferably no onions or mushrooms involved thanks..

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so this is about my 4th yeast infection i've had in less than 4 months (one oral, the rest vaginal). i've been to the doctors twice for the first 3 times, and i'm about to make another apointment tomorrow to get a prescription. but in the meantime i'm wondering aren't you not even suppose to have two in a 6 month period? how can i help prevent them and why do i keep getting them...?