August 9th, 2006


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Ok, so I have this horrible, horrible cough, and it is making it almost impossible to sleep. I would really like to be able to get some decent sleep tonight, as I have a job interview. I've taken cough syrup, but..grr.

So, my question is, what are some tried and true methods you use to help you sleep and/or lessen the coughing, when you have a cough that drives you bug shit insane?

Also, have you Gone Off Alone and Joyously Partaken of a Hot Dog on a Friday recently? I meant to last week, but forgot :/

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have you ever had hair extensions?
if so, what kind? how much did they cost? how long did they last?
overall, was it worth getting it done?
also, did it do a lot of damage getting them out??

i really know nothing about them, but i hate my hair right now and have been thinking about it.

also, in a totally unrelated question..
what kind of alcohol has the least amount of calories in it??
lulu guinness clutch

oatmeal, jewelry & cell phones!

1. What do you like to mix in with your oatmeal?
Brown sugar and raisins, or apple sauce and cinnamon.

2. If you're wearing jewelry do you take it off before you go to bed?
Yes, regardless of what it is. If I leave it on it will either strangle or stab me, or I'll lose it forever.

3. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
13 or 14.

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Where could I find a decent program that'll edit videos?
( something I could download from online. )

sorry if this has been previously asked recently, I looked through and didnt find anything.
thanks !
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What color top would go well with a dark brown skirt?

I usually wear white with it, but that's so boring. I wore a green shirt with it once, but then I was paranoid that I looked like a tree.

haha, help!

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Poll #788966 Price hikes

Your favorite bakery/coffee shop raises its prices. How do you feel?

I am outraged, and I complain loudly to the staff.
I am outraged, but make my complaint to management.
I am outraged, but keep it to myself.
I am slightly peeved.
I understand why it had to be done, even if I don't like it.
I am not bothered by the increase and sympathize with the store.

A staff member offers you a polite explanation as to why prices have been raised. How do you feel?

I complain to the manager; service staff should not talk back to customers.
I am offended, but say nothing.
I'm glad they're addressing my concerns.
I don't care one way or the other.
I don't feel that they need to provide an explanation.

Which of these excuses sounds reasonable to you?

Minimum wage is going up.
Mall rent is ridiculously high.
Fuel prices are driving up the cost of our ingredients.
Small businesses are more affected by cost increases than large corporations.
We're still cheaper than [competing chain], and our products are better.

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1. I am applying to art school for next January (I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's from another university). I am definitely going to need to get loans as grants are no longer available after I get my BA. However, stafford loans are only giving me several thousand. I am estimating that I will need to borrow $25k just for tuition. That's not including rent and food. I might have to borrow as much as $40k but since I don't have a strong credit history (I don't think I have bad credit history, but it's either nonexistent or very weak), I'm not sure I'll be able to take out loans without a co-signer. The problem is my mother has said she is only willing to co-sign if it isn't "that much" though I have no idea what her definition of "too much" is. What should I do if she isn't willing to co-sign the rest for me? I can ask other relatives, right? As long as they are willing? (My father is not an option for co-signing...)

2. If I told you there are lots of tensions between the Asian races (I'm not saying between each and every person), would you believe me? If I told you the different ethnicities get insulted if you mistake them for another ethnicity, would you believe me? Or would not believe me because hey "they look all the same anyway"? [Serious quesetion]

3. Girls (although guys can answer from their perspective - that'd be appreciated) - if you wear make up often, and you had an important interview coming up, would you wear the same amount of make up or more to look better? If you don't usually wear make up, would you just for the interview or none at all for whatever reason (comfort, less worry, etc)?

*I ask this because one of my friends has one lined up and she is stressing out about her appearance. I say she should wear make up (she usually wears NONE at all) - not caking it on, but the kind where it just looks a person more better and how it enhances the features. (But maybe I'm biased. I don't usually wear much make up - just lipstick and maybe liner - but I go all out if I have a job interview. But then again, because she doesn't wear it often, she might invariably forget about it and smudge it or worry more about it and cannot concentrate on the interview at hand.)

Would You Rather...

1) deaf or blind?

2) ...recieve all of the riches in the world or have all of the things in your life turn out just the way you planned?

3) ...listen to only one song for the rest of your life or not listen to music at all?
**EDIT** You can choose the song.

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Okay, I asked this a long time ago but I forgot....I need some help here!

Sending email. I have one email I want to send to several people, but I don't want to put all the addresses in the main address part...How do I use the add cc and add bcc bits of it to do this?

Thank you!
Self cleaning

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If you have made/do make your own chicken salad, what is your favorite recipe? Or what are your favorite add-ins besides just the chicken?

What is your absolute favorite kind of sandwich? (from the bread up through all the ingredients)

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Hey guys,

Did anyone ever see a tv show called "Ask the Pros"? From what I can gather, it was a tv show where Poker Pros sat around at a table discussing issues each week.

I'm trying to find any information about this show, and particularly whether it's going to be released on DVD in the future.

I found zilch on or, and even Google is thwarting my efforts to find some details on this show.

Does anyone know of any other websites with which one can look up a tv show? and are the only ones I know of.

Any information (even if you remember a certain pro who was on that show, and maybe I could search by their name) would be appreciated.


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Due to the death of our mother and the progressive decline of my grandmother's health, it has fallen on me to now take care of my 15 year old sister and 13 year old brother starting in October. We have separate dads. My dad is not their dad and their dad is not in the picture... at all. My dad is extremely supportive of me and is willing to help in anyway he can in this process but having them live with him isn't an option.

I live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a roommate who has been here since April. Due to this circumstance, I have to ask my roommate to leave so that I can take care of my brother and sister until we decide what is next. There is enough space for the 3 of us but not enough for us, my roommate and her daughter, whom she will be retaining school year custody of in September.

How do I do this? What if she is angry? Is it fair/legal of me? Do I need to tell the property management firm first?

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Dearest thequestionclub,

So he broke up with me in the, "we'll still be friends, I just don't feel that way for you anymore," sort of way. What do I do now? This is my first real break up and I'm finding myself crying over stupid stuff like happy people in lysol commercials. What can I do to help feel better?

(And thanks to everyone who responded to my last question about driving and nerves. It helped a lot.)

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1. Who were your favorite authors you discovered in college? What were your favorites books/collections you had to read for classes?

Mine: Muldoon, Ackerman; Eureka Street, Kissing the Witch.

2. What do you consider the most enlightening book you've ever read?

not sure..

Itsy bitsy spider went up your water spout

The average person will swallow 5 spiders during their sleep during their lifetime. This number varies, for I've also read it's 8. Frightening, eh? Spiders are drawn to moist, dark places

I tried to rationalize this out. Maybe in Oklahoma or Montana, with more spread-out environs, people there swallow about 50 spiders, and thus bringing the average down for everybody overall to maybe 1 or 2. On the other hand, maybe people in busy cosmopolitan areas swallow no spiders (due to lights and noise being aggravating to arachnids) and everybody else really swallows about 12 in their lifetimes, having the bell curve raised as a result.

Any of you have any stories about spiders around your mouth? In your mouth? Do any of you have any feedback to validate this scary ridiculous 'factoid'?

Do you have any opinions about this phenomenon?

Crossposted in my journal (cause I wanna know)

Which Job?

I emailed a local web host company (<a href="">StreamLine.Net</a>) in the spring about getting a job. They emailed me yesterday asking if I want one. temporary, to cover maternity leave. I emailed back saying yes, I do want it.

They called me today, and so I have in interview tomorrow afternoon.

Unfortunately, yesterday, I registered for a job at a chicken factory. today, I have to call them, to see if I can start today.

Obviously, I would rather do tech support for a web host, then do dead chicken molesting at a factory. And I would have to leave the factory by the time University starts back up again as they don't do part time jobs there. However, though I did say that I can only do part time in my covering letter to, will they have actually noticed that?

My fear is that I decide not to work at the factory, go to the interview tomorrow for the tech support job, then get turned down/have to refuse the job because of the hours, and thus end the day with no job at all. (and I have had no luck getting a job since my last one, so I really don't want to loose a chance at wages here)

By the way, when I say "local" the web host's office is quite a bus ride away. Which will mean that the hours will have to be really good to fit around uni. And if it is maternity leave cover I am doing, then chances are that they want someone full time who does 9-5, as most people do that sort of hours so likely the person I will be covering for did them too.

So, what do I do?

Cross posted to

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If you are a maintainer/moderator of a large community . . . What tips/tricks/advice can you give to someone who might be in that position in the near future?
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Say you have a son. They've turned 18 and they want a car. At this point in your life, you're doing ok and money isn't a concern. What kind of car would you get him?

Sportscar. Something fast. Let him have fun
A hybrid. Something economical that will save him money overall
SUV or something safe
The car that I wished my parents had bought me when I was 18. (say what it is)
A compact. He doesn't need any more than that right now
Normal sedan. It's practical for many reasons
Something cheap. He's luck he's getting a car
No car. Kid wants a car, he better start saving. No free rides in life, bucko
I don't want him driving. At least, not yet
Something macho. My son's gonna be a stud

Say you have a daughter. They've turned 18 and they want a car. At this point in your life, you're doing ok and money isn't a concern. What kind of car would you get her?

Sportscar. Something fast. Let her have fun
A hybrid. Something economical that will save her money overall
SUV or something safe
The car that I wished my parents had bought me when I was 18. (say what it is)
A compact. She doesn't need any more than that right now
Normal sedan. It's practical for many reasons
Something cheap. She's luck she's getting a car
No car. Kid wants a car, she better start saving. No free rides in life, bucko
I don't want her driving. At least, not yet
Something cute. I want her to have a cute car
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When I was a kid, I'd name Who Put The Bomp by Barry Mann, or later Teddy Bear by Elvis, as my favorite song. I thought about it talking to my dad about music today, and I realized I can't call just one song my favorite anymore (Rollins Band and Machinae Supremacy have too many songs! And they're not even my favorite band...)

In any case... If you have one, what is your favorite song? (This is assuming you can pick just one.) Do you find that as you get older and hear more music, it's harder to name just one, or does that happen for some other reason?

Canned Spagetti Sauce

What are some of your favorite canned Spaghetti sauces, that I can get readily at Publix?

I don't/can't/won't make my own.

I don't like meat in the sauce.

I don't mind vegetables or chunks of tomato in it as long as it tastes good and isn't annoying.

I'm typically not scared of stuff like spinach or avocado...again as long as it tastes good and there isn't so much in it as to be annoying. (I always prefer the sauce to be more abundant than any filler that is in's a ratio thing.)

I used to really like Classico but after having it for so long it grosses me out. It's been eons since I've had Prego or Ragu - I assume these are nasty but maybe not?

Sooo any good and tasty (non meat) spaghetti sauces out there you care to recommend?
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So, the situation is that you live in an apartment with a roommate. There's at least one common room other than the kitchen (so, like, a living room, say). You have a date/significant other over, and you're hanging out in the common room. You start to mess around. At what point do you move into the bedroom, and how is your answer affected by the knowledge that your roommate will: a) likely be home soon, b) may be home soon or c) almost certainly not be home soon?

Follow-up (call it 'd)', if you like): If you're 100% certain that your roommate's gone for the time being, does that make any and all sex in the common areas acceptable, so long as you put everything as it was before the sex?
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I need a song that will act as sort of a fun warm-up song. It would preferably have a bunch of really active dance movements to go along with it, as in not just "clap your hands," but more like "jump and twirl and blah blah blah". This is for about 200 high-schoolers, too, so it's got to be fairly "cool," as well as tolerable for adults.
Any suggestions?
And please, not the Cha Cha Slide D:

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Continuing the question started by squeakdance...
how do I get motion in my (little picture by my username)?

EDIT: I guess I need to be a little more clearer with my question, sorry...I had a userpic that was a frog with a closed mouth and then after a second or so, the mouth would turn into a full, toothy smile. But when I set it as my user pic, it's just a still shot...I guess, to better define my question, I should do I get the motion to work?
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What songs make you ready and rarin' to go, if you know what I mean?

(And let's just state for the record: Closer by Nine Inch Nails and Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye.)

My current one is Disintegration by Jimmy Eat World.
EDIT: Oh, and pretty much anything Nick Cave sings. Yowza.
EDIT #2: And by ready and rarin' to go, I mean, WANT TO GET YOUR FUCK ON.

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Okay, so I'm just sitting at my desk at work, and about 5 minutes ago my ears popped. Now everything's quieter and I feel just slightly dizzy. My ears have rarely ever popped!

Here's my question: What would cause that? I'm not rapidly moving towards the mountains, so I have no idea why my ears would randomly pop.

Does anyone know what causes that?

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i offered to throw my best friend katie a baby shower. she's due the middle of november and her boyfriend Zach's mom has been on and off about throwing her one... her mom hasn't seemed very interested, she's been a little stressed about the whole topic.

so i kind of stepped up and offered. and OH man, I had no idea what i was getting into. now all of a sudden his mom is totally interested and offended that I'M throwing it. In my friend's words "she sat and pouted," and finally said she wanted to take care of the decorations. whatever.

her mom wants to do the cake. her grandma wants to do most of the appetizers and stuff.

the guest list is up to 73... and that still isn't finished. its all people zach's mother has invited. this includes friends of friends and old neighbors and great great aunts that they only see at family reunions.

....would anyone else be kind of offended? Katie isn't really able to say no, if she tries she gets yelled at. She's uses the explanation that "they're italian," apparently meaning big family and take charge.

She's miserable. I'm terrified.

I say if his mom wants to take charge of this whole thing she should throw katie a seperate shower. i offered to throw KATIE a baby shower. not zach. not his mom.

what baffles me is that she's only all "take charge" once i said that i'd do it. i was giving everyone else a chance first. i just want katie to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered with presents. this pregnancy hasn't been easy at all for her.

i don't mind her mom helping me out with whatever, or her grandmother. in fact it'd be nice, because this is kind of a strain on me financially... what it comes down to is i'd like for katie to be able to give me a list of people she wants to be there, and let me take care of the rest. what SHE wants.

what do you guys think? am i out of line for suggesting two showers? zach seemed to think so. what advice should i offer katie? i've never done this before.

(sorry for whatever gramatical and/or spelling errors i may had made. i'm typing this out in a hurry before the kid i'm watching wakes up.)


1. I was watching a childrens show and this one episode is about allergies.. one character keeps smelling flowers and he keeps sneezing and his eyes get red and itchy etc.

He doesn't realize at first that it's the flowers causing the sneezing so he goes to the all-knowing character for advice and she explains that sneezing and red itchy eyes are signs of allergies.... So he asks what he is allergic to and she says "it could be anything... dust, pollen, peanuts, chocolate...."

But that made me wonder... do food allergies make you sneezy with red itchy eyes?

2. Are you allergic to anything? What?

2b. What reaction does it give you?

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1. What is with the trend I see lately of new movies advertising their websites on MySpace? (example: at the end of the trailer thing on tv just now) Can they not afford a real website? Does not make me want to see the movie (whatever it is).

2. How do you break a self-destructive cycle? I mean, short of actual destruction.
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Shy People

Are there any tricks to get a shy guy to make the first move (I'd make the first move, but I'm a pretty shy girl myself!!)? He's been a friend of mine for at least four years now. I've always really, really, really liked him. I think he might have feelings for me too but it's very difficult to tell. Lately we've gotten closer (like we hug a lot more, I put my head on his shoulder at the movie theater, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he confides in me about certain things, he emails me and calls me often to hang out, etc.) I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to relationships and I'm pretty sure that he is too. Am I just fooling myself? :\
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1. What are valid reasons for deferment in school? I'm not accepted yet though if I am, I think I need to defer. The truth is, I feel a little rushed. I had not imagined of applying so quickly but I was doing some research early on, and an advisor contacted me. For stupid reasons, I took her advice about cutting out doing something I've always wanted to do and decided to apply for an earlier semester. I am now regretting my decision in applying earlier (though I still want to attend very much so). The thing is - I want to do study abroad for one semester before I attend the school. I would have to defer for 6 months. However, I have just spoken to her today and she was highly unhappy about the fact that I wanted to change my enrolling quarter from the summer (the school starts its main quarter in the summer) to winter (January). I got her to change it to Fall (October) though but my abroad program won't be done till mid-December. If and when I get accepted, can I just tell the dean or head of department that I decided to pursue study abroad because it is an important goal of mine and thus, need to defer to the winter?

(I've already submitted almost the entire admissions packet including projects, references, etc to her so I'd have to go through all this AGAIN if I decided to drop the application. In addition, I'd have to apply again in about a couple of months anyway so...I'm thinking I should just see if I get accepted and then worry about deferment later.)


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What's the adjective form of the word personality? Personal? That doesn't quite seem right.

If someone used the phrase "physical and personal attributes," would you take "personal" to mean personality?

vegan salads & male BC

1. Which fast food restaurants have the best salads? (Preferably salads that can be ordered without meat or cheese.)

2. Do you think a male birth control will ever be developed? When do you think it will be released?
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My friend wanted to find a book she'd read but forgot the title. I figure this place would know it if anywhere, so... It's a book about a stray cat. It goes up to a house and the husband doesn't let it in, but the wife does. They keep it as a pet, but the husband is indifferent to the cat until it becomes sick, and the wife is surprised to discover the husband with the cat. It's illustrated with black and white photographs, but she said it did not generally look like a children's book.

Does anyone have any idea what the title of this book is?

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My 15 year old sister turns 16 in early October. It'll be her sweet 16 so I'm trying to make it particularly special. She'll be just moving here from where she lives (Needles, CA *shudder*) so she'll have no friends here.

I'm having a hard time thinking of what we should do. It's pretty much just going to be me, my sister and our younger brother. I'd like to make it memorable despite it's small size. She has an idea in her head of how she'd like it based on seeing that ridiculous show on MTV "My Super Sweet 16." However, due to the fact that I'm not a multi-millionaire or even that materialistic, I'm not able to do anything so extraordinary.

I was thinking about taking she and I to a day spa for soaks and massages then that evening taking the 4 of us (includes my boyfriend who is active in our lives) out to a nice restaurant or even making her dinner and dessert (she loves my cooking). I also thought about buying her a nice piece of jewelry, like a pendant or something.

What do you think of that? Do you have any additional recommendations or ideas that would be fun for a sweet 16? What would be a good "rite of passage" gift for a girl turning 16?

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1. By how long after you've moved out should you have received your security deposit back? (Or at least been informed that it still exists and they are GOING to send it back or SOMETHING!)

2. If I have to take legal action, what's the best way to do it?

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EDIT: 2a. This is a r(h?)etorical question, but WHAT is the point of me paying 80 bucks to file a small claim when that's almost half the deposit right there? UGH stupid Florida! I feel sorry for the people who have to file for $100 claims... (mine would be $200) I HATE MY EX LANDLORD!!!#!#*!@$*(729rhwekfjbaweklga.

3. Like, I totally like, need to edit this video, and like I'm too blind to be able to notice if there were like 50 posts about this in the last week, LIKE OMG WUT PROG DO I UZE????? :(:(:(
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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner

Has anyone here every used this line? I usually get salon stuff, but this is available at stores and I'm going grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow. I'll be honest, I do love the way it smells, which is half my deciding factor. But also, when I was looking at it, I noticed that in the top 7 ingrediants, none of them appeared to be alcohol. Since I bleached my hair not too long ago and last week I had to soap cap (bleach + developer + shampoo for those unaware) the pink veggie dye out of my hair, I want something that will help rehydrate it.

Any reviews?
Disney - I &lt;3 Mickey

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I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla S. I was just getting gas at first, and when I was done, I looked into the hole to the gas tank and thought to myself "Didn't there used to be a flap that covered the opening?" Not the cap that screws on and off, but something covering the hole itself. I'm pretty sure our other 2 cars have it...and I'm pretty sure it was there before. Can someone just confirm that there is supposed to be something covering the hole and I'm not just going crazy? (Then again, I don't understand how it can just...fall off, or whatever happened to it... :\ I wasn't using excessive force or anything...)

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Would you dispute a grade if you thought you honestly deserved better?

I took a math class and got a C- in it but I was expecting atleast a B. I got above an 89 on every single test (5 or more) except one I got a 23/100 and I was only missing like 2 assignments. I honestly am shocked that I did so badly, I can't imagine how the rest of the class did because I was one of like 3 who understood the stuff.

Have you ever disputed a grade? If I email her what should I say? Even if she doesnt change it I want to know how the hell I got a c-


I have a friend with two little children (both under 3), she's living in Michigan right now and needs to leave her abusive fiancee, he beats her, but hasn't touched the kids yet, but he's emotionall abusive to all three of them. He controls all of the money and she has no access to it, and she's trying to leave the state so she can get back to her Mom who lives in Wisconsin, and needs some sort of financial backing to get there. She's afraid that with his violence and drug history that they might all be in danger.

He won't let her leave the house except to take her kids to the playground. He won't let her take diapers if she goes to the park with the kids because he doesn't want her gone that long, and if she sneaks them, he'll beat her.

He's threatened to KILL her and BURY her in the woods.

Are there places that will help her financially with funding her move? I know there has to be but all the places she's called including the county and shelters and no where will help her. They're like "We'll help you once you get here, but you have to pay to get here. We can't help you."

Is there a place that would help? I have no money besides my own rent right now or I'd help her but I can't, and still provide for my own child and I.

What can she do?
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1.  Anyone else had to deal with the boyfriend-would-rather-spend-time-with-his-best-friend-than-you?
It sucks ass when you all live together. :(

2. Recipe for bubble tea - anyone have one?

3. Anyone know a good home remedy for minimizing scars? Or a good product that doesn't cost way too much?

4.  Know anything milkless and eggless I can make with this random can of pineapple?!

BTW: Just joined, love you guys already :P
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Cross Posting

When you write the same post in more than one community, do you add the words "x-posted" or similar? Do you also list the communities that you have "x-posted" it to?

Why/Why Not?

I don't. Personally I believe I am stating the obvious to anyone who can see the post twice, and listing the communities is just advertising.

On living...

1. How big is your place?
2. Do you have a roomate? How many?
3. Where do you know them from?
4. How do you divvy up the bills and food and regular utility stuff?
5. Do you like your roomate?
6. How often do you change your living situation?
7. Would you rather live alone or with a roomate?

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call me vera


I have a carton of 1% milk in my fridge.

The carton says SELL BY AUGUST 08, AUGUST 05 IN NYC.

1) Why is it three days earlier for New Yorkers?

2) I'm in NYC. The carton was unopened till now, the milk looks okay and (I think -- I have an awful cold) seems to smell okay. Can I use it to make instant pudding?

Entertainment Question

So..this weekend my parents and my little sister are going to Nashville Tennessee. My dad was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap entertainment there. He was talking about, like, amusement parks, shopping, outdoorsy stuff.

So...any ideas? He needs to keep it relatively inexpensive.

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Is HPV the only virus that can cause cancer?

Who else is waiting for Project Runway to start?
Do you think Keith deserved to get kicked off last episode? why/why not?
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I need a new case for my iPod nano. I'd like something that provides moderate protection and cuteness, and not bulking it up too much is absolutely paramount.

Does anyone here have any comments about the Marware Sidewinder?

It lacks the cuteness factor, but the headphones thing is kind of awesome. Alternatively, I could lose the headphones thing but save some money by getting this one (in red.)

Any other recommendations?

Creative Zen

I can't believe i'm asking an MP3 player question. HAHAHAH
Shoot me.

What seems best:

1) Creative Zen Nomad Jukebox- 40gig
-Refurbished by Creative, $160
-basic display screen
-plays music files only, but can act as a hard drive too
-no longer in production after "video + photo" boom

2) Creative Zen Vision M- 30gig
-New, $300
-colour video sceen
-plays music & videos & pictures
-voice recording

The voice recording option is the only thing making me pause. That would be handy.....

Sure video and pictures sound cool, but not $200 worth of cool, at least not to me. If you have a video capable mp3 player, has it brought you $200 worth of extra joy?

(no subject)

1. Anyone know of anything interesting going on in Baltimore tomorrow? Or around Harrisburg?

2. Does it matter how old a check is when you try to cash it or put it into a bank account? 

3. If you've seen the recent Romeo + Juliet movie - why the hell does Mercutio spaz out when giving the Queen Mab speech?

4. For those of us who are students on summer break - what was the most fun you had this summer that wasn't a vacation or trip? Like something fun you just did locally.

5. What do you think of people who say they aren't interested in sex or romantic relationships?
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my kitty

So I've noticed that my cat is limping and his back right paw is swollen. He's not ouchy when I touch it, but I feel bad. Should I keep an eye on it (I noticed it last night) tomorrow and then call the vet and see what they say? or just let it run its course? He's just a baby. :(
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What would you do if you walked into your kitchen and saw Collapse )

Mice scare the crap out of me, and I'm the only one awake in my house right now. So, how do I get the thing out? Thanks everyone!
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Hi everyone!

To begin, I'm a senior in high school. I have this REALLY amazing teacher whom I've been having since my freshman year. She has taught me so much and helped me through so many things.

I was just trying to think of something to do for her at the end of the year before I graduate. I don't like the idea of gift cards (since I know some of you are going to say that). Any other ideas?

I know I'm going to write a nice, long letter. But something else?