August 8th, 2006

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1.) Why do people ask, "If a tree falls down in the woods, does it make a sound?" Do people really care? <--Loaded two parts question.

2.) When you say 'Christmas Eve,' do you usually refer to the whole day before the actual Christmas day of just the night before Christmas day?

3.) Would you have sex with the same/opposite gender version of yourself?

4.) Does anybody else have a thing for redheads?

5.) What's wrong with being pale? [read: healthy pale]

I like milky white. =D

Oh Dear...

Does anyone know where to find rare DVDs? I really want the movie Joyeux Noel (with English subtitles) and I cannot seem to find it anywhere!

Is there a place I can find something like that?

EDIT: Alright, so it's not released in the U.S. yet. So slow! A different question then: does anyone know the date that it might come out on D.V.D. in the U.S.?
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Birthday questions...

Alrighty, so -- my boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and it's his 30th this year, but I can't for the life of me figure out what to get him. He loves airplanes, and baseball, he's also a nerdy-ish type guy, if that helps. He's not big on jewelry, i.e. no watches even. I want to get him something that's rather memorable, I've thought about super awesome tickets to a Mariner's game, [as we're in Seattle] but that's also what he did for my birthday...So! What would you suggest?

Other question...what was the coolest birthday present you've ever received?
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I was at Lollapalooza this weekend and I saw someone with a shirt that had some sort of box on it (computerish, sort of, I didn't get a good look), that had a speech bubble coming out of it with the word "rawr" written inside. Anyone have any idea where this shirt could have come from? It seemed like an online thing.

I glow in the dark

nycity_boi 's question about palenss reminded me of something...

Have you ever been annoyed at comments like "Oh I can't wear shorts/a bathing suit/anything that shows more than my eye balls because I'm so pale" or even someone else saying that to you?

Now, I'm not saying people can't have their preferences in what looks attractive it's only natural but saying a color of skin is so unattractive it has to be hidden just seems wrong to me.

Anyone else ever feel this way?
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When someone needs cheering up or just wants to hear something funny. What funny story do you tell them? 

You can go into as much detail as you like, I just wanna hear some funny real life stories.
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My friend is trying to decide on a college major and eventual career. He wants to:

- work with computers
- make decent money
- not go insane with boredom
- prefers things like CG and game design to programming and networks, but would be okay with something in between
- already has an associate's degree in Computery Things, so is planning for a bachelor's or master's degree

Any suggestions for majors, schools (in or near Texas), and careers?

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1.) It's 4 AM and I'm awake due to stress and an ongoing migraine(I've had it since about 2PM yesterday) I managed to get to sleep but it didn't last, so now I'm up and staring at a computer screen. Do any of you insomniacs/migraine sufferers have any suggestions on how I can knock myself out so I can go back to bed and have a glimpse of hope of enjoying my day off tomorrow?

2.) Does anyone know the base Fico score to qualify for carecredit?

3.) To all you WoW players out there, do you know if it's patch day tomorrow? It's already a bummer that my day off this week is on a tuesday, but the patch coming out would make it way worse.
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First time poster....

Just kidding. But does it annoy you when someone starts their post with "long time reader, first time poster..." or some such disclaimer? Does anyone really care if that particular person has never posted before?

Personally, I don't care, and it almost seems like an excuse, just in case their post sucks. JUST POST ALREADY, if your story's good, then yay! If not, it doesn't matter if it's your first, or # 3,000. It still sucks.

I don't know why its been bugging me so much the last couple days, but it almost seems like every second post starts with some version of "First time poster..."

Women of Color--Hair Question of a sorts...

I'm writing a story where two women are remembering an incident from their private high school years. Both are blue collar girls from stable homes. One girl is African-American, and the other is white. The African American girl had caused some of her her to fall out by overprocessing--too much relaxer, and had refused to come into school. Eventually one of the teachers, a former hair dresser and teacher at a beauty school, convinced her to come in if she did her hair. The teacher treated the scalp for the burns and showed her how to use the hair to cover the lost sections. In the course of events, she said something to the girl about her hair that told the girl she understood what her hair was, and how to deal with it. Literally, and figuratively. What did she say?

Note: This is somehwat based on a real incident and it's actually important to the action it occur this way. :-) I just can't remember for the life of me what Ms. Scully told Shenika.

Eloping is looking better and better....

A back story to the question:

I'm getting married in October. My future mother in law (FMIL) went out, picked out and BOUGHT a flower girl dress without me seeing it first. Yeah.

It didn't match our colors and was, well, ugly. I asked her if she could take it back. She told me no. I asked her if she would please take it back. She said no.

We have another flower girl (FG2) and I want the girls to match (naturally). I told her that either she gets a dress that matches FG2 or FG1 won't be in any of the pictures/not in the wedding.

My future father in law said that they'd take the dress back, get store credit and buy the other dress-no problem. He said, "This is your wedding, you want it your way. Not a problem." This was on Friday.

The Groom doesn't care either way. FG1 is his cousins kid, and we basically agreed to have her as a flower girl because FMIL wanted her to be in the wedding.

My FMIL is now not responding to (rather important) e-mails regarding addresses for invitations.

Was I in the wrong to say what I did or is she in the wrong for going out and buying that dress without me?
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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You know that blue bar thing that comes up at the bottom of a page when the page is loading? Mine is gone. Where can I get it back?

EDIT: answered! thank you so much!
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More dating stuff

Though this time, I've gotten fairly deep into it.

Any single moms out there who can give any words of wisdom to a man about to get serious with a single mom?

Any guys out there who have gotten serious with a single mom with any words of wisdom to a guy who is about to get serious with a single mom?
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For those of you who have kids, or plan on having kids someday:

Do you think that parents should allow closed/locked doors in the house especially if there is a kid of the opposite (or hell, same) sex in the room with your teenager?

Did your parents allow you to have the door shut when you had someone in your room?

Did your parents ever barge in on you in a compromising situation (not just sex, doing something you weren't supposed to be doing like smoking, drugs, porn, etc.)?

Do you think parents should try to be viewed as a friend to their kids?
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I'm submitting a t-shirt design to to Threadless. But I need help because I really don't know how it would look best.

Based on what's here, could you guys tell me what colours and placements look best? The more definite the answers, the better :)

(The images are pretty small -- if you're having trouble making out the graphic, there's a larger version of the old-timey camera here).

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For some reason, I woke up this morning with this running through my head in an annoyingly upbeat manner:

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini

Which obviously got me pondering...

Do you think the bikini is yellow?
Or the polka dots are yellow?
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eating habits

1. Do you think your body really communicates with you? Like if you suddenly go back on a diet you previously went on, got off of, put on weight, then go back on the diet again, do you think it realizes what you're trying to do and tries to aid you into losing the weight again? or is it just a mind thing?

2. My 10 year old son needs to lose 5 - 6 pounds to meet the weight requirement for football. He's at 140/141 now. I suggested to him today more jogging around the park prior to practice and drink lots of water throughout the day. I've been feeding him low-fat/low-cal meals too. I don't know how much longer he has til the next weigh-in but would like to know if anyone has any other suggestions?

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What question or questions tick you off?

I can't stand when someone keeps asking me why about something.
- Why do I have tattoos and why did I get them, does it hurt, how much did they cost, etc.
- Why do I not drink or smoke. Then they proceed to name over every drink and drug and make sure I haven't done anything at all.
Those are the ones that drive me up the wall.


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If you go to have your eyebrows shaped, are you limited to having them waxed or can you request to have them tweezed (particularly if they will only need a little bit of shaping)?

Clarification: I just want tweezing. No waxing, threading, lasers, matches, scissors, just tweezing. :P

Answered, thanks.

TQC Lost and Found 2

I can't seem to find my virginity. I believe it to be lost. I recall last having it when I went to bed last night and this morning, it was missing. I checked behind the fridge, in both shoes and the mailbox. Nothing. It's definitely smaller than a breadbox. If you were my virginity, where would you be?

Whatcha got for me, TQCsters?

P.S. - it responds to the name 'Wes' (Wes Virginity)
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In response to THIS link posted on wtf_inc. (click HERE to see the whole entry, it's got instructions on how to view the video, although that's not really relevant...It's also kinda hard to find the video.)

So there's this Australian like that, who says that craving meat is wired into our DNA, and eating meat puts us in touch with our more primitive selves, and thus is very pleasurable to us on a genetic, DNA level.

So, do you agree with this?  Do you feel like you crave meat for no reason?  Then how do you explain vegetarians who don't find eating meat pleasurable?

If you're a vegetarian, what's your take on this?

(And really, I'm ignoring the allegations that he's being paid by the food and meat industry of Austrailia to say this, I just want to see your reaction to what he's saying. can react to the fact that he's getting paid, too.  What do you think about that?)

Your underwear and you

1)Describe the underwear you're wearing today. Does your bra match?

2) Does it bother you if someone sees your underwear? (say it rides up over your pants or you're wearing a short skirt)

3) Do you think less of someone else if you can see their underwear? Or is it sexy?

4) Someone explain to me why so many girls like thongs. Isn't it uncomfortable? How about g-strings. Isn't that even moreso?

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sooooo...I'm going to talk to the big boss tonight about getting my lovely job back at the casino. Would it be wise to throw out the suggestion about starting me off lower pay since I was already making the most you can there? as kind of a last resort kind of thing.. How would that come off to him?
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what is the word for shortening a phrase or title by using the first letter of each word? Like, chief operating officer is COO.

I think it starts with an A... not anagram, not anachronism... I know abbreviation works but I think there's another word specifically for this.

i'm having a brain-dead moment.

EDIT: answered, thank you!

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I'm teaching a class for a professor whose wife just passed away this weekend. She'd had cancer and it was "expected" - as expected as such things can be, anyway. I need to contact him about the class and set up a meeting with him, etc. and all this is technically supposed to get done, like, yesterday.. I contacted and set up meetings with the other professors I'm working with, but is it really insensitive of me to bother him with academic crap now? If so, how long should I wait?
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How can I tell if my turtle is dead? :(((((((( He's not moving but maybe he's just really sick?? He is very small, about 2/3rds of my palm size. We've had him well over a year. I'm so confused... I don't know what happened....  

I can't find my MLA book right now.

How do you quote something a character says in a fictional wrok?

I'm writing a journal entry/observation about East of Eden and I'm trying to quote something that Charles Trask says to his brother. I forgot the exact way to do it and since I'm going to be an English teacher one day...might as well review now.


Edit: Since there are jerks in the world that wonder about these things, I'll just note here that I wrote the other question an hour before I cleaned the turtle tank and found the turtle unmoving.
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I have had more wrong numbers than calls for me on my cellphone, and I've gone through two numbers. Anyone else have this happen?

Also, what's the most bizarre wrong number you've had?
Mine was this obnoxious woman who kept insisting that my cell # was her daughter's.
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alright TQC.. don't let me down!!! :) we just invited our new neighbors for dinner and i already mentioned that we were making Cheese Enchiladas..(i thought it was a pretty safe dish).. THEN they called to confirm and said that she is vegan (her husband is not) and she'll bring something safe for her to eat... so my question.. any quick mexican themed vegan entree/dish that i can whip up?? please help... thank you!!! [i'll be heading to Trader Joes after work.. so anything from there would be awesome!].. ack.. i hope they drink wine!!
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When I go tanning, my body tans but my face always gets red. I always go at 8. My body wouldd have problem with 12 minutes, but my face is going to be red as a beat.
Anything I can do to keep my face from turning red?
Do you go tanning? How often and how long?
Use tanning oil? How much did you pay for it? :p
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Family tree

When drawing a family tree, how do you show a family where someone has been married more than once and has had children with each spouse?

With a one spouse set-up, it would look something like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But I don't know where spouse 2 / 3 should go. Help!

Groceries, Roomates, Smells and Homes

1. How much do you spend on groceries in a week? How many people do you buy for? How would you describe your eating habits? (mostly convience food, all organic, fancy and gormet etc)

2. What can I do to be a good roomate? What irritated/bothers you about roomates you've had in the past? What is reasonable to expect of a roomate and what is not?

3. What is your favorite smell? Your least favorite?

4. How many places have you lived in your lifetime?

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This might be a stupid question, but oh well.

I haven't been washing my hair *everyday* lately, it's been drying my scalp out too bad.

But does a hair straightner work on hair that hasn't been washed in a day or two?

Ahh! Babies!

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I've been reading in other communities that many colleges have been starting a required program for ALL incoming freshman called AlchoholEdu. Its an online course that takes three and a half hours to complete and includes tests and surveys on alchohol education. They watch videos and stuff. Supposedly, its unbiased towards alchohol consumption and is just supposed to help students make wise decisions regarding alchohol. Students are required to complete the course within the first semester.

Do you know anyone who has this at their college? Do you have it at your college? What do you think of this program?

Accessory cases?

I've got quite a few apple products-- two iPods (video, shuffle), recently aquired iSight, numerous cables and cords and genearlly a mess things that I take with me pretty much everywhere. Does anyone know of a company or a specific product that could hold an array of supplementary electronics?

Thank you!

xposted to thequestionclub and appleworld
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What is this thing where everyone is calling each other "son"? Where did this come from? I only started hearing it really regularly about a year ago.

What slang expression bug the hell out of you?

Online dating services

Let's say you are meeting people online through a dating service, like eHarmony or

You have a kid.

The service only generates matches for you of people who are willing to date other people with kids.

Do you tell people upfront?  Is it wrong to not tell them until the getting-to-know-you process gets a bit more personal?


You are the other person.  Are you pissed off that someone didn't mention that they were a single parent until you started talking directly?

EDIT:  Just to be clear, this happened to a guy friend of mine, though I use eHarmony, too.  Also, there is not a spot in the profile for you to say if you have a child, so it's not like this girl left the spot blank or said she didn't have any kids.  I think he is kind of being a tool about it.

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Does anyone here have an espresso machine? A cheap one? An expensive one? How do you like it?
I have one, a $26 cheapie. It brews espresso alright, but steaming milk never seems to go okay. Maybe I just need practice?
If you do have an espresso machine, what kind of coffee do you find works best in it?
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1.What are some thriller/scary movies along the lines of The Others and/or What Lies Beneath?

2. Am I just odd, or does it annoy anyone else when there's a person who agrees with EVERY SINGLE opinion you have?

3. Do you have more online "friends" than in real life? If yes, does it bother you?

4. Are you afraid of the dark?
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I have Verizon Wireless. Is it possible to block incoming calls and text messages from a specific number, preferably through my online account? I've checked the FAQs and such but there's nothing there about it unless I'm missing something.

Would I need to call Verizon to do this (if it's even possible)?

EDIT: I think I found my answer...Can I block an incoming number? Neither Verizon Wireless nor any other wireless provider is able to block specific numbers from your wireless phone

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1. What movie have you seen the most times in theaters? How many times did you see it?

Mine was LotR I, six times.

2. Is there a generic present that pretty much everyone likes, besides flowers? I did the flowers thing last year, and I don't know this person very well (or at all anymore, really).

Edit: it's a male, and I'd like to be more personal than a gift card. :/
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1. Do you like trees?
2. Does "thus" have its own symbol? I know ∴ is therefore, but I'm hoping for a separate symbol for thus. No, I won't tell you why, because it's lame enough as it is. XP


Once a month, I buy 3-5 new perfumes. Last month, I bought Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Gucci Envy Me and Burberry London.

Tomorrow, I am going to buy Vera Wang's fragrances Princess... I'm looking for 2 additional ones.

What perfumes are you loving right now?

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While reading back through the posts I missed, I saw the question about the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini - and I wondered:

WHY are they called "polka dots?" Do dots dance?

(no subject)

I am getting married soon and want to buy this dress:

However, I don't want any train at all. Is it even possible for a talented seamstress to make this dress so that it is the same length all the way around with the beading still at the bottom? I have some names of local seamstresses but I thought I would get a quicker response here and see if y'all think it is even possible before I start calling them and trying to explain it over the phone. Thanks!
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hair, makeup, nails...

1a) Do you use both concealer and foundation? Just one of them? Neither?
1b) If you use one or both, which products do you use?
2) What's your favorite brand of nail polish?
3) What type of mascara do you use? Why that particular type?
4) What's your favorite makeup trick?
5) Do you use shampoo and conditioner that go together?
6) Do you wash your hair everyday? Condition it every day?
7) What's your favorite facial moisturizer?
8) What's your worst makeup horror story? Either about a makeup application or about a makeup product?

my answers:
1a) I use concealer.
1b) It's the Neutrogena one which is supposed to help acne.
2) I like Sally Hansen Natural Growth.
3) I forget, but I'm not a huge fan of it.
4) Haven't used makeup enough the past few years to really have one, but I'm interested to read all of yours.
5) Not at the moment. I have a little bit of my Herbal Essences shampoo left, but I use Aussie shampoo because it makes my hair feel good.
6) Yes and yes. I'm not sure if I really should though because it's damaged from years of chlorine and hair dye.
7) I'm using one by Philosophy right now that's decent, but I'm looking for a few one.
8) I bought a nail polish a few weeks ago and from the beginning it's been rather clumpy and looks bad. Even my boyfriend said "It looks too thick."
Then there was the time my friends gave me a "makeover" and used 3 tubes of roll-on glitter gel (we were 11). For the rest of the weekend you could see small pieces of glitter still stuck to me.

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Has anyone here seen the movie Proof? it's really good but I noticed something...Did anyone notice in the scene where Gwyneth Paltrow's character is yelling at her sister in the dressing room of the store when she says "Call the freaking math department" that it looks as if she is actually saying "call the fucking math department?" It's not a big deal...I just thought it was a bit obvious...Am I the only one who noticed that? Do they do this often in movies?

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I neglected to water some plants for a few weeks. I'd water them at least once a week but not every day, and yeah, now they're all brown and dead looking... Most of them still have green stems, but the flowers are dried up and dead, and some of the stems are brown, too.

If I water them every day, will they be perked up and green again in about 7 days?

And does the time of day I water them matter? Is it better to water them in the morning, or can I do it in the evening?
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I've been going to physical therapy to recover from a car accident. My PT is fairly new to the area and a really nice guy. My last visit is Thursday. Would it be too stupid to bake him some cookies and give him a thank you card?

(no subject)

OK so I have the AC/water heater closet, and right now my AC is leaking into the closet and under my carpet in my hallway. The pan that collects the water is overflowed. How do I drain the pan and/or stop the leakage? Is this something I'm supposed to be able to do?

EDIT: I ended up taking a cup and scooping the water out... haha. But does anyone know the answer for future reference? :)

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I downloaded an episode of the show Noah's Arc on itunes, and when it plays, it plays SUPER choppy. Then I played it with Quicktime and it's still choppy. I sent it to my friend via yousendit and it played flawlessly for him, so it's something about my itunes/computer. Do you know what I could do to make it play smoothly?
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So I've been in my first apartment for a year and my lease is up soon. It says in my lease that if I'm not going to renew it, I have to put it in writing and turn it in a month in advance before my lease is up.

So...what exactly do I say? Just that I'm not renewing my lease? Do I need to give a reason why? Is it proper to say that you've liked living here (yes, I'm that kind of person)? I've not done this before, so I'm like, dur, this should be simple, but I want to make sure I'm not breaking some rule or something.
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Shipping Food Items/Care Package


A good friend of mine is going through a rough time (her father will more than likely pass away within the next couple days if he hasn't yet) and I am on the other side of the country from her. I wanted to make some cookies, or brownies or other such item and mail them to her since I can't be there to make them myself.

So, has anyone ever shipped such items before?
If you have, what is the safest way to package them? Tupperware? Plastic baggies?
What shipping service would you reccomend as one who will treat the package the best so it won't be crumbs when it gets to them? (in the United States, please)

If you were sending a care package to your friend, her mother, her older brother and her nephew when her (their) father (husband, grandfather) has passed away, what would you include in it?

I don't really know what is appropriate in this situation, having never gone through it with someone I was so emotionally close to. :(


I love my new macbook pro. Really, I do. (Except for the shift key on the left, but that's a different question. Which I will now ask. Anyone else have a problem with this key not working unless you hit it right in the middle?) Anyway, I'm a huge fan of randomly jotting things down. AIM conversations, recipes, to do lists, phone numbers, etc. I have the Sticky application for that on my Mac, which is fine for me. Or I can use Word. However, I have a large number of semi-useful/sentimental/convenient documents stored as .txt files from my old Windows-based desktop that won't open (or even show up) on my mac. I've googled and found nothing.

Anyone know how to open my Notepad .txt files on my Mac?

I'm a dumbass. Problem solved.
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Car-minded people- help, please

My steering wheel, it makes a squeaky noise when I'm turning corners at low speeds.
A friend thinks the car is low on power-steering fluid, but has no idea how we check this or how we'd top it up if that's the case. When I pop the hood, I can see where the fluid reserve is, but there hasn't been a dashboard light or anything about it.

1)What might the squeaking steering wheel mean?
2)Is it possible to purchase power steering fluid? And are there different sorts or something? Is it possible to get the wrong one?

I will take the car to my local mechanic when my pay comes in next week, of course, but temporary solutions are always good.

(no subject)

1. what's a good movie out that i can watch in the theaters? with that, what do you think of miami vice? is it an enjoyable movie?

2. when you poop, how do you sit? lol. (oops, i meant... slouched, back straight, sitting back. i'm just actually looking for the weird answers, if there's any.)