August 7th, 2006

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1. Have you ever heard of/seen Lolita Martini Glass. They're handpainted martini glasses with recipies on the bottom. She also makes wine glasses with wine cooler recipies on the bottom.
2. Have you ever bought one or received one?
3. If yes, where did you buy it? Or what did you receive it for?
4. Do you have a favorite?

My friends bought me the Birthday Girl glass for my 21st birthday. I'd seen them before. Looking at the glasses though, the Musictini and the Shopaholic are my favorites.
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packing, tampons, & tv.

1. When packing for vacation do you wait until the last minute?
Yes, always.

2. Do you usually overpack, underpack, or pack the perfect amount of stuff?
I'm a chronic overpacker. I pack pillows and towels and sometimes a blanket. I also always pack at least 5 handbags, 3 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of regular shoes and a pair of sneakers.

3. What do you always forget to pack?
socks =[

4. Do you bring miniature versions of shampoo and conditioner and stuff?
No, my shampoo and conditioner don't come in mini versions.

5. Does anyone actually use scented tampons?
I hope not, they are fucking gross. I accidentally bought some the other day, and I threw them out right away.

6. Are there any tv shows that always make you cry?
Yes, Intervention.

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1. Which is worse: getting a papercut or stubbing your toe?
2. Do you buy all your jeans from a particular store? If so, where? Do you like flare or bootcut jeans better?
3. What % milk do you drink?
4. If you've ever had milk from an animal other than a cow, which animal? Did you like it? (other milk sources count too, you know what I mean)
5. What kind of underwear do you wear most often? (bikini, boyshort, thong, boxers, briefs, granny, no underwear, etc...)

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Is there any programs for Yahoo that I can download to make tabbed windows? I know there is DeadAIM and messenger plus for msn, but I have never been able to find something for yahoo.

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What websites/communities do you go on when you get bored?

I'm really bored and I'm looking for something to read that's in the vein of postsecret, grouphug or something like that.

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Anyone used bioAllers before? I'm allergic to pet dander and some of the local plant life, so I'm thinking about trying this along with using local honey in my tea. I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with it? Or thoughts on the subject?
Are you drunk?

Songs you hate

What is one song, that if you NEVER heard again, you would consider your life all the more better?

I mean you REALLY, really hate that song soooo much it makes you want to hurt people. I've even considered unfriending a girl on myspace because she has this song in her profile. I can't click on her page because this freaking song is always on there.

For me its "Its alright, Its ok" by Leah Andreone.

In case you don't know the song, here's the video.

It's alright, it's ok

click here to watch

I hope you all share in my hatred.
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Regular hand and body lotion (like Lubriderm) burns the bajeebus out of hair stubbles. Is there anything that is good on stubble or shaving nicks that you can use over the whole body? (For dry skin, specifically. Sometimes needed where body hair is shaved. Preferably not something that smells girly. Also preferably not something oily.)

Putting off AP work..

I am starting an official board game collection. So far I have:
Life, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit IV, Facts in Five, Jeopardy, Baulderdash, Tribond, Scruitineyes, Hoopla, Cranium, Heartthrob, and Scatergories. Any recommendations??

Also, if you had a choice would you rather have a normal car, or a car that was forever filled with gas but it would randomly break down once a month?
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Job Searching

The scenario:
Company A: I would really like to work there, more than I would like to work at A, because I would be learning more and furthering my career.
Company B: I would like to work there. It's in my field, and I'd be getting some experience, but I won't have as much responsibility and hands on experience as I would at A.

Company A said they would call for second interviews early this week.
Company B left me a voice mail saying they want to offer me a job.

I'd like to wait until I hear from A, but I don't want to miss out on B if A isn't going to want me. What would you do?
1. Call A and try to follow up and gently press for some sort of answer or date when they'll know
2. Call A and tell them you have another offer - Then say what?
3. another option - please describe!


Okay all of you e-Doctors out here, a question for you (well, a question and then a request for opinions):

Has anyone ever taken Wellbutrin or Zyban to quit smoking and, while taking it, had a side effect of ringing in your ears?

I don't want to stop taking it - the ringing is only annoying when I'm in a silent room... but (here is where the opinions come in), should I have the doctor check my blood pressure asap even though I've never had a blood pressure issue (it's usually low) and my pulse is hovering between 65 and 70 bpm (high pulse usually goes with high blood pressure, so I've been told)? I don't feel bad at all - in fact, I feel really, really good, but I have no idea if I should worry about the ear ringing or not and I can't seem to find a darn thing about it online.


TQC Lost and Found

If you were my lower left leg, about 2" below the knee, where would you be? It's not where it usually is (attached to my knee), and I've looked in my shoes (where my feet go) and I don't know where else to turn.

So, TQC, whatcha got for me?
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When were the last times that you:

1-Yelled at the top of your lungs?
2-Ran as fast as you can?

Give your reasons for both.

I ask because I can't remember the last time I yelled as loud as I can (or even, just, really loudly), and I can't seem to bring myself to do it. Not at an amusement park on crazy rides, and not when I'm far, far away from other people that it might disturb.

The second one was Saturday to catch a metro before it pulled out of the station. I made it.

Ghastly Hypothetical

Let's say you're looking to buy a house. The houses that you're looking at are all expensive, but one particular house is half the price of the others. When you ask the realtor about the considerable price disparity, she hesitates and says,

"In this very house, in this very living room you're in now, a family of 6 was murdered. Well, not murdered in this room. This is where they found the bodies. Right where you're standing now. This must have been like 3 years ago. They caught the guy that did it and he'll never see the light of day again. It's my responsibility to tell you this, if you asked. Do you still want the tour?"

You jokingly ask if it's haunted, and she pauses, then smiles awkwardly and says, um, no, of course not.

The house is perfect. It's near schools, a supermarket and the freeway.

Would you purchase this house?

Peppercorn, the Sinaloan Milk Snake

I'll try to make this as short as possible.

Yesterday, one of my snakes was not in her enclosure. I cannot see any way in which she could've escaped on her own (i've all but completely ruled it out), so that only leaves that she was physically removed by someone. Only my mother and two individuals in charge of my apartment complex have the keys to my apartment besides myself and my husband, and my mother certainly didn't steal my snake. For various reasons, I wouldn't put it past the super or manager to have taken her. I'm going to confront one or both of them (they work closely together). How can I go about this without coming out and screaming "GIVE ME MY SNAKE BACK I'LL KILL YOU" at them? Is there anything I could possibly do here or am I completely screwed?

Ghastly Hypothetical prt 2

So, mass murder death houses don't spook you, eh? Let's broaden it a little bit

A) you're in the market to buy a house. You find a nice house, it's a quarter less the asking price of other houses. The only weird catch for this property is that in the back yard, in the corner, are two sarcophagii (tombs). It was the last will and testament that the previous owner and his wife be buried on the property, and their kids decided to just sell the house. Due to the nature of the will, the tombs cannot be removed, or the acting party will face a stiff fine. The yard is not huge, but not small. Would you buy this house?

B) you're in the market to buy a house. You find a nice house, and it's half the price of all others. The story here is that a family of three was murdered there several years ago. Three years ago, the previous owner killed himself (shotgun) in the same room. The realtors have had problems moving the house since then. Would you buy this house?

C) you're looking to buy a car. You look through the classifieds, and find a car that's only a year old, on sale for $5,000 less than the Blue Book value. You talk to the owner, who's anxious to sell. When you press him for answers, he nervously tells you that 6 months before, he ran over a little boy, killing him. He seems glad to get all this off his chest. He then admits that he had major problems getting the blood out, and had to repaint the entire car, which looks professional. Other than that, the car's tip-top shape, with few miles. Would you buy this car?
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Student loans

Those of you who have or have had student loans...

Where did you get yours from?

How much did you get?

Do you have to enroll and produce a schedule before you get approved, or how does that work?

Does it matter if you're full time vs. part time? What if you're doing a certificate rather than an actual associates/bachelors?

(no subject)

I'm writing a cover letter. I only know the first name of the person it needs to be addressed to. Which of these unprofessional/impersonal salutations should I use? "Dear Kim," or "To whom it may concern,"?

Called. Thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

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1. Do you like the size of your breasts?


2. Does breast size matter in the "hotness" of someone or attraction you have for someone?

Btw hi I am new and I've only been reading posts for the last couple of days. Sorry if this is old and done.

I was very tempted to ask random skinny people on the street these.

Do you consider yourself skinny, or thin, or not? If you think you're skinny, does that mean you're unhappy with it? (pix pls)

If you are thin, do you work out to maintain it? When you don't work out, does it all come back to haunt you? If you don't work out to begin with, are you one of those natural bitches? :P

if you aren't skinny or thin, do you think working out will help (you in particular - I'm just wondering about you and what you know about your body.)? Why/why not? Are you all that bothered by not being thin?

rq as well.
Got Cuddles?

Homemade granola cereal?

Is it cheaper to make large batches of homemade granola cereal than buy it at the store? 

What would consist of a "large batch"? Is there any other way to save $ on cereal (which at the moment is like $4/little box b/c I live in some ritzy city that nobody can afford)? I try to only purchase "buy one get one free" but still... we spend like $20/week on cereal!

Poor college student here. :)

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1. What jewelery do you wear all the time?
I wear a toe ring (right foot) and an ankle bracelet (left ankle).
Edit: I also wear 3 stud earrings (2 left ear, 1 in right ear and a nose stud (left side.)

2. Do you read Seventeen magazine? If so, is it a good?
I have a subscription form for it but I don't want to get it if it sucks.


Folks, I'm tearing my hair out over this problem, so I hope somebody can help. I am looking for a way to invert the colors in a Macintosh running system 7.5.3

Now Closeview will do this. UNFORTUNATELY, it will also display a rectangle unless you switch on magnification. What I want is the inverted effect without the magnification, and without the rectangle.

I am running sytem 7.5.3 under Basilisk II on Windows. However, I am not looking for a Windows tweak to make this work, because everything I've tried causes problems with DirectX. I am looking for a Macintosh extension, or a program, or a control panel, or any trick that will allow me to invert the colors the way Closeview does.

Note1: CTRL-OPTION-APPLE-8 does not work in Basilisk.

Note2: Yes, I know inLARGE will do it, but that costs $$ and the demo only runs for 20 minutes at a time.

Note3: Why do I want to do this? Because white text on black is easier for me to see than black on white.

So, the question is... does anybody know how to do this?

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Car air freshners.  I need two things from them.  I need them to last longer than 7 days despite advertised 30 days.  And i need them to not smell like i just walked through the cologne section in Macys.

Recomendations to this quandry?

Titanic Spoof

first post

backstory: My grandparents that live in California went to China for three weeks, and now are back in town. They watch re-runs of the show 24 on TV, but are not sure which season they are watching, however, over the last three weeks something changed on the show and they want to know what happened.

my question: Does anyone know the story on the show 24 where the black president changes to a white president? I am assuming one got thrown out of office and a new guy took over, but I've never seen the show and really have no clue. Thanks a lot!

Blackberry, redux

Two responses to my previous question regarding blackberries leads me to believe that there aren't that many users in this community, but I'm going to try another question.

1) What model do you have?
2) What model do you wish you had?  Why?
3) I'm a confused techno girl - I want what BB offers (yelling at me when I get an e-mail message), but I also want to talk.  I don't care if the two functions are on the same device.  Should I make the move to a Trio?

My employer told me this morning when he saw me surfing the BB site, "Hey - finish these three files this week (patting on three files I've been avoiding), and I'll buy you a Blackberry."


(no subject)

1. What basic story do you best relate to? (Like the ugly duckling story and whatnot; I'm not sure if there's a specific name for that type of thing.)

2. What was one of the most exciting/thrilling moments of your life? 

3. What picture that you've taken are you the most proud of? 

4. What type of people interest you?
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M. Night Shyamalan

1. What's your favorite Shyamalan film?
2. Has anyone seen his film Praying With Anger? I'm trying to procure a copy of it (may or may not pan out), but just wanted to know if anyone'd seen it and if they liked it.
3. Did anyone like Lady in the Water? I absolutely adored it but I seem to be the only one among my friends (it was the same way with The Village). I think people have been disappointed with the last two films b/c they expect them to be scary.
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I hope you can help me.

I saw a long time ago a site posted on here where you can find the song titles to songs played in ads on tv.

Does anyboby have that site?

OR if anybody can tell me who sings the cover Johnny Cash's 'Walk the Line' on the Levi's skinny straight jeans commercial that would be pretty sweet.
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Stinky Trainers

Hi folks,

Does anyone have any tips on de-stinkifying trainers/sneakers?

I've put my favourite Adidas trainers through the washing machine twice, but after 2 or 3 days wear they're back to being super stinky again.

Any ideas?

Note: I'm in Brazil, so may not be able to get specific USA/European products.

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Can anyone suggest some good video editing softwares? I've been using Windows Movie Maker and I'm not very impressed with it's functionality. I like things that are free, but I wouldn't mind paying for something that isn't too expensive if it's a good product.


What's the best Rufus Wainwright CD for someone who has heard him, likes his music and stuff, but generally doesn't know much about him other than he rocks?

(no subject)

Question 1:Collapse )

2.) If you had a friend which you've known for a very long time, who is a very good friend and a very nice person, but often lies about things to create drama, would you call them out on their shit?
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So, I wanted to make some cool thumbtacks to put on my bulletin board. I'm going to do scrabble tiles, dice, and bottle caps but what other random stuff would look cool as thumbtacks?
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I want to ask my boss for a raise because I'm a photo technician who has been saddled with doing supervisory duties, and dammit, I want to be paid for what I'm doing. I've also been working 45 hours a week when I was hired on as a part-time photo worker.

What is the best way you can think of to word this for my manager?


Ever notice those little extra flaps on the sides of a cat's ears? Who knows what they are called or what the heck they are for!?!
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7 deadly sins

What is your deadly sin and why?

Choose one:
or other if none of those apply to you.

Mine is wrath. It takes something significant to bring it out, but I have a hard time forgiving and tend to hold grudges pretty easily. I make sure that the person knows what they've done and feel like they need to suffer the consequences for what they did. Usually I dont believe that people can really change for the better, so I really struggle with being nice or forgiving after theyve made me angry.

(no subject)

Okay, I asked this over at whatwasthatone, but this community is more active, and this has been driving me up the wall.

This is really vague, and I'm sorry about that...

I remember a scene from a film, with two characters (I think they were both men) fighting. All I can remember from the fight was one character yelling that the other was so sure that they would be rejected by everyone, that they rejected everyone first, just so they wouldn't have to deal with anything happening.

I think it was a film, but it may have been a book...



Do people classify you as some random stereotype and when you protest they say "AHA! I have proven that you are a...[insert stereotype here]!
Why do people do this?
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apple cider, meals, broccoli, and ears!

1. Do you like apple cider? Do you prefer it hot or cold?
Yes! I only like it cold.

2. What meal do you eat most frequently at your house?
Vegetarian Enchiladas, or Macaroni & Cheese with broccoli.

3. Do you like raw broccoli?
No, yuck!

4. Do you clean your ears with q-tips? Does it bother you if people watch you do it?
Yes, & yes! I cannot do it if anyone can see me, it really creeps me out.

1st post

So, I'm looking in my Victoria Secret catalog and am seeing the 80s style leggings on seemingly every page. I've seen this in stores too, on the mannequin but never actually on any REAL people.

Have you seen anyone that's not an advertisement wearing said style?

Would YOU/Do you plan to?
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