August 6th, 2006


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Poll #786784 Disney alternate endings

What would have been a good alternate ending for Beauty and the Beast?

Beast changes into a man, but Belle really liked him better as a furry. He has to dress up in a furry suit to get some action
Before Gaston could storm the castle, PETA intervenes, and whisks Beast off to mate with a beast in Russia to preserve the species
After several years of successful tax evasion while masquerading as the Beast, the prince is now hit with all those taxes plus interest., and the prince is rendered destitute.
Gaston and the Beast discover a new, erotic curiousity when they confront each other, and run off together, arm in arm, and open a bathhouse in Germany
The Beast was never housebroken. What was overlookable as a big animal is now aggravating as a twentysomething human when he poops in the corner. Belle leaves in disgust

What would have been a good alternate ending for Pochahontas?

John Smith convinces Pocha's dad to build a casino
Pochahontas gets knocked up, pressures Smith for marriage. Smith fakes his death to get away
The Virginia Company gets Pocha's tribe to sell their land for some Pottery Barn beads and blankets
War happens anyway between the two groups. Everybody dies.
Pocha realizes that John Smith is pretty dull and can't see the colors of the wind and dumps him. Heartbroken, he becomes a drunk

What would have been a good alternate ending for A Bug's Life?

A lightsaber battle to the death between Flik and Hopper
The grasshoppers succeed. All the food is plundered. The ants all perish from starvation
The entire cast is wiped out by a can of RAID

What would have been a good alternate ending for the Lion King?

One day, after a particularly snarky day, Simba devours Timon and Pumba cause, well, he's a LION! He never receives the encouragement to return to the pride
Simba's captured and placed in the zoo, where his new best friend is a zebra and sounds a lot like Chris Rock
King Mufasa didn't die after all, but like Darth Vader (also voiced by James Earl Jones), was rebuilt with cybernetics
Scar beats Simba in battle cause Scar's a survivor and Simba's a whiny little bitch
Simba goes through the wardrobe, meets 4 kiddies, and frees Narnia

What would have been a good alternate ending for Cinderella?

The Prince is really into shoes...and feet. The Prince tracks down Cinderella with her glass slipper...just to have x-rated sex with her tootsies
The Prince really is pretty shallow. Once he sees what a wretched bag lady Cinderella is, he hooks up with her stepsisters for a threesome
Cinderella and the canine stagecoach driver wind up having sex in the back of the pumpkin carriage before the ball. Months later, she gives birth to puppies
Upon finding the glass slipper, the movie then shows how the Prince is a major transvestite, and spends a good deal of time working it in front of the mirror in complete drag wearing the slipper
The Prince marries her, but he stills makes her wash the floors, stich clothes and wash dishes, cause he's an asshole

What would have been a good alternate ending for Snow White?

Snow White goes through an experimental phase, living with 7 blue-collar, red-blooded midgets, and has her every sexual fantasy realized. Never calls the Prince back
The Prince is a germaphobe and hates kissing. Snow White never wakes up
Sneezy helps Aragorn defeat Sauron
The Queen gets some well-needed councelling, and is now ok that she's not the fairest of them all
Snow White shuns all fruit afterwards, fearing poison. She contracts scurvy
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Austin area questions

I'm currently living with my cousins, but because I want to continue liking them I've decided to move out and join the real world and get my own apartment.

So! Does anyone know any resources for figuring out the average cost of utilities for an apartment complex? I'll probably go ask around the complexes but if there is anything out on the net I'd be interested.

Do you live on your own? Perks? Pouts?
How much do you pay for your utilities, and what size is your residence?

And anyone who is interested, I have strep (to the point that the doctor was shocked and a sinus infection. LUCKY ME.
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Im looking into studying abroad spring semester and would need to take out a loan in order to do so. I just need basic info about doing this, I know its something I should know about but I dont.

I'd probably need around 20-25k. I have the grades and the credit but, I have no idea what dictates student loans. Or where to go? Any websites or tips?

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can you put me in touch with someone who is teaching english in korea? i would appreciate it greatly. blogs are great. i'll have comments screened so you can leave email addresses. thanks in advance.
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1. What makes a person "stuck-up"? What qualities of a person or what a person says makes them stuck up?

2. If your friend is stuck-up toward other people, would that make a difference to you?
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1.Is it legal for cars in a funeral procession to go through red lights?

While waiting for the bus today there was a lengthy funeral procession that went down the road in front of me and most ran right through the red light of the busy intersection, most causing honked horns and screeched tires. They didn't seem like a traditional procession at all, no escorts and the cars were seperated by very long stretches of road. If I hadn't seen the hearse and saw the car passengers all dressed up, I would have assumed it was just busy traffic. Well there was a big gap in the procession and an SUV from the intersecting road turned because the light was red and they assumed they had the right of way. Toyota from the procession ignored the light, slammed right into the SUV, and got extremely angry that the SUV didn't yield to the procession. The cop who arrived seemed to side with the Toyota and said processions have the right of way. I didn't stick around to hear if he did reprimand the Toyota at all though.

2. Do you think processions should have to follow certain rules (lights on/some sign they are a procession, sticking close together, escorts, etc) if they are going to be able to break normal driving laws?


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What songs seem to have really ambiguous meanings to you? I'm pretty bad at figuring out what songs are actually supposed to be about.
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what kinds of P2P (peer to peer) networks do you guys use?  Do you like them?  How well and quickly do they download music?  

I use Limewire, but lately it has not worked so well.  *le sigh*

Thanks for the suggestions!  :)
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Hair Dye Question

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Anyways on to my question. My friend told me to give it a week for my hair to recover a little bit and if it didn't grow on me then he would dye it back. Makes sense since I don't want to totally kill my hair, but again I've seen my hair today and I think it's just horrible and more fit for a princess*** than for someone like myself. So what I'm wondering is if there was some safer dye that I could use on my hair to get it to a more tolerable state. I remember my roommate telling me a while ago that Manic Panic was safe to use more frequently because it was vegetable based, or something like that, so I'm wondering if that holds any value. Quite frankly I'd been trying for years to get my hair purple however have yet to really succeed because of the whole aversion to blond thing that I would have to do to my hair in order to make the color bright enough. So please if anyone can let me know if the Manic Panic idea would work or of any other brands of dye that I can use ASAP I would be eternally grateful.

***No offense to anyone, I hold no judgments. That term directed to me and meant for me personally is just very very derogatory and I take less offense to someone insulting my Jewish Grandmother's religion than if they were calling me a princess. Ignorance I can learn to forgive, superficial judging when the person knows nothing about me on the other hand means I've got to fight a whole lot harder to avoid killing them.

Edit: Just to clarify I am not posting this to start arguments, to get shit going, or to open myself up to ridicule for the one tiny slice of self pride I do manage to keep. If you have a problem with what I posted or for how I feel about all this then you are free to that opinion, just please keep it yourself or your own private jornal. I know that some of this may sound stupid to some people, that is their right as it is my right to feel this way. I am open minded enough to know that people all have their own, sometimes vastly different, opinions on things so that's why I'm asking nicely to just please if you can't offer some help on this matter then please refrain from clicking on the post comment link. Thank you and have a good evening.

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I've been getting my hair dyed by the same woman for about four years now. It was dyed a couple days ago, and it's just not my normal color. I usually get something that makes my hair the color of copper (technically in the "red" family, but it's bright orange), but this time it came out much darker and really red. I absolutely hate it, and she definitely mixed something differently. Do I have the right to go back there and ask for her to fix it free of charge? Or do I have to suck it up and pay another $80 to get it back the way I want it? Either way, how long do I have to wait before I can redye it (if at all)? Thanks.

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1. Does anyone know if there is a digital camera that also does video? I know that video cameras allow you to take snapshots, but I want a camera that does both with equal quality/ comparable features as a normal digital camera and camcorder.

2. What is the name of the song featured in the new GAP ads? Really vague, but I don't know any of the words- I just know that it's really upbeat.

3. What was your greatest fear as a child, and what is your greatest fear now?


My boyfriend and I have been invited to spend a few days at his aunt's house at the end of the month. I've never done this before so I'm not too sure what the etiquette is regarding staying at a SO's relative's house.

Should I take a thank you gift? His aunt has a little boy so should I take a gift for him too? We're travelling by train so something not too bulky would be great.

Should I take my own towels or can I use the ones at his aunt's house?

Is there anything else I should do?

I've met his aunt before at a family meal and we got on very well. Also, I'm not used to a SO's family liking me and I don't want to mess it up.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Let's say you were just crying. Like one minute ago. Does it show? Are there red blotches on your face, a runny nose, and bloodshot eyes, or do you look the same as you did before you were crying?

2. I need to update my computer (brand "new"-for me at least- so it's wiped clean and at this point it's just Windows XP, basic programs (paint, wordpad, AIM, netscape, media player, quick time, and adobe). What do I need to put on it? Anti Virus protection, obviously, but what programs (word processor with spell check, powerpoint maker, spreadsheet) should I download? Cheap is good, free is better, and I hate OpenOffice.

3. Has anyone had oral surgery (especially wisdom teeth removal) without an anesthetic? How painful is it, or is it anesthetic? I can handle a lot of pain, but I don't want to pass out, or be traumatized for the rest of my life.

4. What is the coolest or oddest thing you've seen lately? I saw a prostitute on the aptly named Hooker Avenue and a small 2-person airplane land in the middle of a road 20 yards in front of my car because it flew too low to land in the air field.

5. Does anyone have Virgin Mobile? How is it? I'm interested in either the $14.99 plan or the pay-as-you-go (because I need the phone for emeregencies).

6. What movie are you looking forward to seeing? I can't wait to see the night listener, The Black Dahlia, and The Last King of Scotland.

7. Are you planning on going on vacation this year? Where?

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Okay, so I'm gonna try this again.

IN GENERAL, how long do guys wait before calling a girl (after she gave him her number)? Let me stress this again: IN GENERAL.

What are some good things to put in a salad?


When renting an apartment, how good does your credit have to be?

My credit is not in the most perfect condition. Right now, it could be just considered fair. No evictions, foreclosures or bankruptcies or anything like that. Just high balances (on 3 cards) and a few late payments.
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Why is everyone dyeing their hair today?

What is the funniest moment on a gameshow that you've seen?

What color are most tennis balls?


Will you be answering these questions:

about a cat I have or had
about a cat I know
about a hypothetical cat
I refuse to answer questions about toe-eaters

The cat I am answering this about likes to sit on/in:

window sills
car engines

The cat I am answering this about likes to eat:

people hair
plastic bags

The cat I am answering this about likes to play with:

rug fringe
something I can't see
ice cubes

Let me know if I forgot anything notable about your cat.

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Oh- our favorite types of questions.

Okay, so I'm buying a digital camera online, or I at least hope to, and I was wondering which websites I should trust to buy from. So, if you buy a lot of things online, what sites do you trust? Which should I be 100% sure to stay away from?
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This may be a stupid question, but is there a way to find out who owns a house by looking up their address? I'm trying to find out who bought this house on my street, and I'm too shy to go to the house. I think I may have gone to high school with them. Oy.
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1.If you have your lip pierced, have you ever put a straight barbell in it? Did the ball on the inside rub your teeth at all?

2. What's the sweetest thing someone has told you lately?
My boyfriend said this to me yesterday: I have no intention of ever leaving you. The way I see it, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank you everyday for making me the way I am today.

amack: glowing


What do you know about goji berries or goji juice? Good and bad.

I would appreciate most if you would tell me things you already know that you would be able to back up with online evidence (though I'm not asking for evidence, just for info that you know is accurate), as opposed to just sending me to websites - I'm checking out websites as we speak. :)
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Can anybody recommend good websites and/or books that would suggest good activities for 5/6 (K-1) year olds?
I'm looking for anything and everything. Games, crafts, science things, math, music, easy snacks...
Also if there are any good [read: active] communities here on LJ that could suggest the same things, that would be cool.

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Questions about:
1. Do you like Ramen Noodles?
2. When you make them, do you crush up the big block of noodles first or just put the whole thing in water?
3. What flavor do you like best?

1. Yessir!
2. I put the whole thing in.
3. Shrimp

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You know those things, it's a board with a wheel/round piece of wood underneath it, and you stand on the board and balance.

What are those things called? I cannot remember and it's really irritating me.

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Im 19 and travelling to Houston alone later this month. I would like to rent a car but I know most places wont let you unless you are atleast over 21. Ive heart there are ways around this though...anyone have any experience with this?

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Computer question.

I'll be sitting here online, and my moniter will go black. The little green light will turn yellow, and then it will just come back on.

Is my moniter getting ready to die on me? :(


How to define a command in Windows

I want to set up a command in Windows so I can start wordpad [filename] from the command line. wordpad.exe is in \winnt\servicepackfiles\wordpad.exe, but I don't want to add \winnt\servicepackfiles to my path, I just want to do this for wordpad.

I know there's a way to do this, and I used to know it once, but I haven't worked on .bat files in a long time.


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Do people REALLY catch a cold from just getting their feet wet? Why?

A couple days ago I stepped in a puddle in flipflops and didn't dry off my feet or change the wet bottoms of my jeans and now I have a stuffy nose. I've always wondered this because also a couple years ago I stepped outside in wet, cold grass with no shoes and got sick that night.

What is your remedy for a stuffy nose? I hate stuffy noses... and I hear that nose spray stuff can't be used a lot because it messes up your sinuses.
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A co-worker told me about a book that is about a man who lives alone in a small room and he follows an old woman around and realizes how easy it would be to kill her, and then he decides to kill her.

Does anyone know what book that is?

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If you were my glasses, where would you be? I know that you aren't in my cubicle, on that table by my bed, on the bookshelf by my bed, or on my desk. If you were my glasses and not in any of those places, where are you?

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I let my mom's friend's daughter borrow my prom/military ball dress back in early April for her prom in late April. My mom works with the woman that borrowed it and sees her on a daily basis. My dress was just returned today. Between the time of letting her borrow it and now, nothing was ever mentioned of my dress. I gave it to her in a dress bag on a special hanger made for the dress. She returned it without the bag or hanger. It was also returned to me with alterations done to the sides. They added elastic under the armpits. The elastic look horrible there. It makes my beautiful dress look tacky. Is this acceptable to you?

ok, ready....go!

based on echafaud's brilliant question of last week regarding which TQCer best represents each New Kid on the Block.....

Which TQCer is most like each member of the Breakfast Club?

1. the princess (molly ringwald)
2. the brain (anthony michael hall)
3. the jock (emilio estevez)
4. the criminal (judd nelson)
5. the basketcase (ally sheedy)
6. dick the principal (paul gleason)
7. carl the janitor (john capelos)

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Have you ever gone geocaching?

What was your experience like? Did you find it? If so, did you take/leave anything?

ETA: Any tips? I'm making a day of it tommorrow with a friend; it's my first time. She's done it plenty of times but isn't that good at finding them.

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1. You are at a sleepover with friends. You are having a fun time, but you've been awake for over 24 hours now and want to have a nap before driving anywhere. You've also been promised doughnuts later in the morning, and this will be one of the last days you have with your love interest before college. Another person at the sleepover, someone you've never gotten along with, who you have prior arrangements with whines about how they aren't feeling well and want  you to leave now so they can get home faster. You are both driving in seperate cars, but they need access to your house to pick up some very expensive things they'd left the night before. How do you react?

2. You are at a sleepover with friends. For whatever reason, you are feeling sick and are unable to sleep. However, you are unable to return to your house because of prior arrangements with another person at the sleepover, who you have never gotten along with. No one has slept and it is 7 in the morning - you state that you'd like to go because you don't feel well to this other person, but they explain why they would rather not leave right then. You are both driving in seperate cars, but you cannot return home unless you have the very expensive items you left at said persons house the night before. How do you react? 

3. Have you ever found an answer on a Trivia Pursuit card that was wrong?
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Anyone have any good recommendations for a magazine that covers natural health, herbs, and/or home remedies?? I just found "Natural Health" at my grocery store and I kind of like it..thinking about subscribing...but if there's something better I'd rather look into that!


For all you coffee/tea drinkers:
What's your favorite coffee or tea?


1. What jargon do you find confusing, even though you know the definition?

2. Is there jargon in your industry or in your daily life that is used incorrectly by those around you? If so, what's the context?

3. Is there jargon that is overused and you wish they'd come up with a different word to use?

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If you're in debt and you have a settlement on a closed account, does that still effect your fico score? Should you recontact the creditor and try to have it "collected, but paid in full"... will that be better? Do people view medical debts on your credit report differently than, say, your phone bill?
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Foreign Language

Should I take French or Italian?

I'm a college sophomore. I took two years of French in high school, and I always got an A. But Italian seems like it would be more interesting and more of a challenge. I'll only have to take it for two semesters. Is it smarter to stick with what I already know, or would it be wiser for me to take a risk and learn something new?
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