August 4th, 2006

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I want to get a real haircut. My hair has a mind of its own -- it's naturally wavy/curly, and I straighten my hair sometimes. At the moment, my hair is currently 1/3 of the way down my back, and I'm ready to chop it off. I want to go for a shoulder-length look, but am having the hardest time finding websites with decent pictures.

And, no, I'm not going to go out and buy one of these crappy hairstyle magazines. Yuck. Does anybody have any hairstyle websites I could look at? (Yes, I've been Googling. Haven't really picked up on anything yet.) I found this REALLY awesome website, but you have to have a paying subscription to use the rest of their website. (Lame.)

I remember somebody asked about a hairstyle question in this community, back in maybe June, and somebody directed her to a community that I think started with the letter "M," but I'm not positive. I looked at that community, and liked it. I meant to join, but never got around to it. Gah, does anybody else remember?!

Yeah. Anyhoo.
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Does anyone else feel a strong urge to pour bleach into their ears after Dashboard Confessional's performance on Letterman, or is it just me?

EDIT (for clarification):

Does anyone else feel a strong urge to pour bleach into their ears after Dashboard Confessional's performance on Letterman, or is it just me?
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Borba Skin Care

I'm thinking about switching my skin care products to Borba.
Does anybody here have any experience using these products? If so, opinions on it?
If it matters, I have pretty normal skin. Blemishes here and there. I just have a problem with picking at my face, even when there's nothing there. But I think the only way someone else could help with that is if they chopping my hands off.
Anyway, reviews on Borba?
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Can't Sleep

1. How can I stop being so jealous of my best friend? Not only does she have a boyfriend -- they've been together for almost a year now -- but she also has [and basically has always had] SO MANY guys who absolutely adore her. I can barely get ONE guy to notice me. I went out with this total idiot for barely a month (the only "relationship" I've been in) and I could tell that even he was crazy about her. It makes me feel incredibly worthless & inadequate at times (like today). She's better at math and she's more of an artist than I'll ever be. She gets to live in a dorm; I'm a college student too, but I still live at home. She was the first out of the two of us to get her license, a car, a first kiss, etc. I did eventually catch up with her, but she tends to experience everything that's important before me it seems and I just cannot compete with that. I can't help but think of myself as this uber lousy second best copycat or something...

2. Who are some "famous" people that seriously piss you off with just about everything they do/say/are and why? My list includes Britney Spears, Kevin Federline, Colin Farrell, Hugh Hefner, Anna Nicole Smith, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Ann Coulter, the Simpson sisters (Ashlee & Jessica) and, of course, Dick Cheney & George W. Bush. For too many obvious reasons. Sorry if you love them! :\

3. What is your philosophy/purpose in life/whatever? I have yet to find my own.

4. If you could get rid of one physical or social disease in the world permanently, what would it be? My pick is IGNORANCE.

5. What makes a person attractive/unattractive? I'll pretend that I have no clue. ;)
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i work an 8-5 job. i usually go to bed by midnight at latest. my boyfriend is still a college student and works from home (he does wedding videography). i'm not going to lie. he has tons of free time on his hands. usually spent on the computer or playing video games. he's a self-proclaimed night owl and usually comes to bed between 2 and 5 in the morning. he does try his best not to wake me up. but then he usually sleeps until 10 or 11 am.

would this annoy you? i know part of me is jealous because i'd love to stay up late but can't because of work. but part of me is annoyed that i actually have to ask him to go to bed with me sometimes. when i ask, he'll come to bed with me at midnight. usually only a couple days a week.
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Mission Trips

My Brother In Law is leaving to go on a mission trip to Romania in about a week. He'll be there for at least 2 years maybe even 4 years. I've been trying to think of some kind of Bon Voyage gift for him and I'd like to get him something useful but I have no idea what to give him. I know he'll be packing light so I don't want to give him something he won't feel compelled to take. He's got his computer, camera and MP3 player. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions about something he might be able to use?
And some more questions:
1. Have you ever been on a mission trip?
2. Where did you go?
3. How long were you gone?
4. What were you glad that you had with you?
5. What do you wish you had thought to bring?
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Have you ever accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? What happened as a result?

(Inspired by something one of my friends did yesterday - he wrote a ranty email about his ex-girlfriend and accidentally sent it to his ex's FATHER, instead of to his friend who has the same first name as the father.)
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For the computer spec savvies...

I'm going to buy one of these two laptops today - not looking for anything too fancy, I just need something that will allow me to work from home (internet, checking email, word processing, etc.), so I'm not looking to get too fancy, but I'd like to know which one of these is the better of the two:

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The Receptionist Classic

But it's my Blankie!

Hey, moms and dads... Think back to when your kids had baby blankets.

What were some things you liked about the blankets? Any particular fabrics or features?
How about things you really just did not like?

Did Baby tend to like one blanket over another? Tell me about that one (if there was one).

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You're given a choice between a free tattoo (any size), free piercing, free plastic surgery (including lipo), or free normal surgery (no limit), what would you select? Tell me what particular thing you'd get for your selection, be it tattoo idea or surgery need.

Also, for each option, the success rate is 100% with no complication, and there's no pain involved, even for the tattoo. You just wake up and the change you want is done, and right there
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So....having never gone through something like this, I really need advice.

My aunt has cancer, and she's in the hospital right now.  The doctors have only given her about two weeks to live.  My family is going to go visit her today.

So..............what do I say to her when I see her?  Sorry you're dying?  Yeah right.  But that would probably the first thing that would pop out of my idiotic mouth.  But seriously...the only time anyone I knew was dying, it was my grandpa, and he had alzheimer's and parkinson's and dementia, and all that crazy stuff, so he thought I was his grandmother, so I didn't really have to deal with trying to take his mind off the fact that he was dying.  But with my grandpa, I kinda shied away from him at the end.  I only went to see him twice.  I don't know why.  And I really don't want to do that with my aunt.  But I still really don't want to see her, 'cause I know I'll say something wrong.

What do I say to her when I see her?
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I'm extremely unhappy with the service I've received from this company.

I placed an order with them that I haven't yet received. I emailed them asking where the hell it was, and got a response that it would be shipped out that day. According to the shipping information, it has not yet been shipped.

I tried to call them and got a message that said PHONE SUPPORT IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 31st. WTF, it’s August 4th. I left a message about how unhappy I was, my order number, my name, and my phone number. I don't expect to hear anything back.

Is there anything else I can do? How the hell can I cancel my order if I can't get in contact with anyone?

EDIT: I called my bank and they are disputing the charges for me. They said I should hear something in 5-7 days.

Body hair and weird bugs...

I am looking to get my first brazilian wax so I was wondering:  Do any of you girls (or guys, I'm not one to judge)  in the northern new jersy area know of any good places to get one done? I don't want to just go to some random salon that I found on Google. 

And on a completely unrelated topic;

There are these weird bugs, well I think that they are bugs, and they make this weird buzzing sound, kind of like electric clippers. I've never seen one so I don't even know how to describe how they look. I think that they live in the trees behind my house. Does anyone know what the hell these things are?
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TV Chefs

You know how on TV cooking shows, there's often a sort of storyline present? Like, say, the chef is having friends over to his/her house for a party. Do you think any of the TV chefs actually cook in their own kitchens? For some, it's quite obvious that it's a set, like Rachel Ray. But I wonder about the Barefoot Contessa and Nigella? Or are they both just acting?

LJ Customizing

I can't seem to find, or even if I can, customize my journal and friends page so that all the blocks of color that contain the blocks of text in the generator style so that they are slid over more to the left than having them right down the middle.

Is there a way to do that or do you know under which heading explains how to do that?

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Wires & Cords

Why aren't we living in a cordless/wireless world yet? Is it a money issue? Is our technology not that advanced yet? Something else?

I find it crazy that we're in 2006 and still use wires and cables for pretty much every single household appliance. It's unsightly to have so many wires trailing on the floor (it's mostly unavoidable), and also a pain to find free sockets or have to buy those extension cords.

How long do you think it'll be until the majority of households are cordless/wireless?

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Are memory foam toppers (the sheet of foam you put over a mattress) just foam? Can you buy foam like that? It sounds like a scam, even though they're really comfortable, to be selling a sheet of foam for $99.

Other then, Is there a website where you can meet people in your area?

Is there any orange-flavored gum (not citrus) on the market?

What is the coolest store you have been to, or have seen?
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1) Today on The Price Is Right there was a contestant named Prentice Park. The thing is, there is actually a park here named Prentis Park. What's the weirdest combination of first/last names you've ever seen? (Preferably someone you know personally / have seen on TV / etc., not like the Ima Hogg girl or something.)

2) Why can't I fit two 3-subject notebooks into even a 3" binder? I could have sworn it was possible but it's just not working out.

EDIT: No way, I forgot the most important question. 3) Does anyone have experience with Virgin Mobile's prepaid phones? I'm using TracFone right now, and am relatively happy with it, but customer service SUCKS (I can't get any voicemail whatsoever) and Virgin Mobile just looks better. Any horror stories/testimonials/etc.? I'm also trying to find out what their coverage is for South Dakota...the map tells me nothing. I know they use the Sprint network, but is kind of vague. Thanks!
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Okay, need some help here.

I had a best friend. And through one thing and another we're no longer friends anymore. I recently found out that her Grandma died not long ago. I always thought the world of her and am genuinily upset at her path.

So, I want to send a card to my friend and the rest of the family. Grandma was pretty much a mother to my friend so its best if I send it to her.

What do I write?

I was going to write the usual and then add 'No matter what has gone on between us, Grandma was a wonderful person and I always thought the world of her'

Or something?

Any ideas?


job advice and addictions

I was fired at the casino for coming to work under the influence of alchohol and passing out in the locker room and just recently went to my supervisor to ask him if I could come back. He told me I would have to speak to the big boss whom I've never even met but that he himself didnt mind if I came back. I asked him if he would say something to the boss for me and he said he would but is 99.9 percent sure he wont go for it. (Its a big corporation and they are constantly hiring new people.) Should I just go ahead and make the dreadful call to the big man myself or just give up on this? I really need/love this job and its convenient since I have no car and is right by my house. Also, I cant find another job to save the life of me and have no job experience anywhere. I feel desperate. What should I say to him if anything...I'm kind of a shy person fuck.

Also, I need an additional addiction cause these ciggs aint cuttin it. I'm addicted to buying dvds but that can get rather expensive...any suggestions? gone. xbox is boring. Alchohol...killin me. And I dont do coffee. Hmmmm....


You wake up tomorrow and discover that you have the power to climb walls, spin webs and are super agile, like Spiderman. What do you do with this power?

Get a costume and fight crime!
Commit crimes! These powers will make it easy!
Join the Cirque du Soleil and rake in some money
Not much. I don't think I'd like climbing buildings much, and I'd only use the webbing for self-defense only
Allow science to study me. This could be a major breakthrough for gene research
Use my agility to play professional sports
I'd become a lawyer (I don't really understand the question)

middle eastern food

what are some tasty middle eastern food places in Los Angeles[ West/North Holylwood, Studio City,Santa Monica]?

I had my Birthday party at Dar Maghreb on Sunset and was very satisfied overall[the lamb was sublime] but really felt there wasnt enough veggie stuff like tabouli [is that mediteranian?sorry, not an expert]and that tatziki[i know this is greek but persians insist it is also persian]and that kinda of goodness.

thank you
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1. What book are you reading? Or, what's the last book you read?
I am reading "The Girls Who Went Away" about the women who surrendered children for adoption in the 50s and 60s, and I just finished "Sloppy Firsts" by Megan McCafferty

2. What do you like to do to pass the time on long car rides?
Lately I've been the driver, but tomorrow I'm going on a 4-hour trip. I'm trying to think of something fun to do besides read or sleep

3. What is your favorite mode of transportation?
I love train travel, and I also like to ride my bike

4. Anyone have a Gmail invite they'd like to share with me?
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Yeah yeah, it's a phone question

Okay, I have a nice, shiny Motorola V3 razr. Lovely. I have a USB cable and some software that came with it that I can use to transfer pictures and such to my phone. Great.
Now, I'm having a problem. This software (it's called MobilePhone Tools) is being very odd with me. Occasionally, usually while trying to transfer a video, it'll cut the communication between the computer and the phone. After that, nothing I do can get the connection back again. I've tried reinstalling the software, getting it to redetect my phone, I've reset my computer, I've turned my phone on and off countless times, I've tried the cable in all of the USB ports in my computer (that's 6 on the computer itself and 6 on the USB hub) and nothing has worked. I'm pretty sure it's the software because my phone is still charging through the USB, so the connection can't be that bad.
Has anyone else had this problem? I'm starting to think it's the software, but I don't know of any other mobile phone software that would work with my phone - any ideas? This is very very frustrating.
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Can I deposit a cashier's check which has been torn in half? I taped it back up if that matters...

If I can't cash or deposit it, how do I go about getting a new copy of the check?
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rape or not?

if you have an aqaintance that you get drunk with. have about 5 beers and a tequilla shot, plus you havent eaten much for dinner and you only weigh 115, so you get really drunk. so drunk that you can hardly stand without having to lean on a poll or wall. but this guy you got drunk with drives you home, and you invite him in for a little while. now this guy is not nearly as drunk as you. He is about 3 times larger than you, and he was sober enough to drive. so once you get inside he wants to have sex with you, and you have sex with him. only you are so completely drunk that you couldnt even open the door to get inside, and when he does try to have sex with you, you fall off the bed. but as you are having sex you start to sober up. you realize he is trying to do things with you, you dont want to do like have anal sex. so you get up then tell him he needs to leave. normally, if you werent drunk you would have never invited him inside or even kissed him, let alone have sex. is this just a crappy situation where some asshole took advantage of you or is this really rape?

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1. What breed of dog is this?

Edit: It seems to be unanimous that it's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

2. What kind of dog/cat/bird/whatever pet do you have? What kind would you like to have (realistically)?

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Is there a way to resize photos (like to make them icon-sized) without using Photoshop or anything like that? Just with the stuff that comes with Windows XP?

There probably is but I just don't know how to do it. *rolls eyes*
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What are some good apartment listings/search websites?

For example, I know,, and Anything else?

I would like a site that has advanced search options where you can pick what amenities you want and such.

And yes, I already use to read reviews, but I'd like to search for the apts with he amenities I need first, before looking at reviews.

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Where can I find someone to make me a designed logo type thing for the top of my webpage? (hopefully for free as I am a starving seamstress :(     )

And what's the best virtual chat ever?
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I got to thinking about something. How long do you think it'll take before Hollywood, and a lot of entertainment in general, just has to start over again? Think about movies, and celebrities, from the early years. They had it written in their contracts with the studios that they wouldn't do anything to tarnish their or the studios reputations. Now, we have Tom Cruise who will probably never act in a widely accepted movie again. And it's all because of his off screen antics. When did what they do off screen become so fascinating to us? I can't deny my own interest. Hell, I'm just as curious as most people to find out if Suri Cruise is real.

But seriously, how the hell did Paris Hilton become famous? Every single thing I've heard, read, or seen shows her to be an incredible bitch. In my opinion, she's not attractive at all. At least not compared to some women. When did having a ton of money become enough?

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1. When out and about in your everyday life, what things will remind you of thequestionclub and/or the lovely people who post their questions there?

2. What food are you craving right now?

3. Do you ever ask a question here and not really read all the answers you get?

4. What was something seemingly small and insignificant that ended up having a big impact on your life or the way you thought about things?

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Help me remember

I heard a hip-hop song today that went something like .. 10% (something) .. 15% (something) .. 5% (something) .. and then it went 100% (something). Very catchy beat. What is the name of the song and who sings it?

(no subject)

1. Why don't you ever hear about celebrities having deformed, impaired, or handicapped children? Don't you think that's odd?

2. If there was a party with the theme "Dress How You Drink", what would your costume look like?
(editx2: for example... if you like cheap whiskey, dress like a bum. If you drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting, maybe dress like your best friend's mom whose going through a mid-life crisis or something. creativity is key.
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help with hearing aid funds?

Before anyone comments to this effect, I know asking this here is a long shot to say the least, and I've already posted to deaf, but I figure since this is a high traffic comm full of intelligent and friendly folks, someone might be able to help point me in the right direction. Feel free to scroll past.

My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis and has severe nerve damage and hearing loss due to ototoxicity from the antibiotics used to treat his infections. At his audiology consult today, he was told that he needs a $5000 hearing aid. He has medicare, which won't cover it, and he's not in a situation to pay for it out of pocket. He was told the reason he needs such a high-priced hearing aid is related to the severity of the damage and the fact that it is nerve-based.

Are there any organizations around who can help him acquire what he needs (grants, assistance, need-based programs?), or is he stuck going into hock for this? I already know the CF Foundation is useless in this area, so I'm looking for lesser known options (or rather, I suppose, options lesser known to *me*, which may be an entirely different category!). Thanks.
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Trouble Burning DVDs

I'm trying to burn a DVD of mine and my computer is making more noise than it should - like it's trying really hard to burn it. I use Memorex DVD R's which have worked fine in the past but now it seems like my computer doesn't want to burn any more. It's a new computer (got it in May). Any ideas what could be wrong with it? I have a HP Pavilion Slimline S7400n PC if that helps.

Edit: I use DVD Shrink. Whenever I burn a DVD, it only goes up to 2-3 % then fails.

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TQC Virgin

OK, after hanging around abit... I am ready for my first question. Umm, I am thinking of getting a cell phone, does anyone know a good one? HAHA just kidding. OK here goes.....

War! What is it good for?
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