August 3rd, 2006


If you and your significant other were lying in bed and they said to you "Could you hand me my glasses?", then you in turn reach to the nightstand and give her the two drinking glasses that are on it, would that or would that not be totally hilarious?
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A while ago I was sitting in an airport with my sister and we overheard a conversation between a group of college students. They were talking about the homeless. One girl said that homeless people choose to be homeless because her dad gives the homeless people he sees on the street his business card and her father never gets a phone call. Everyone else in the conversation told her she's ridiculous and no one chooses to be homeless.
So, my question is do you think homeless people choose to be homeless?

grownup questions

All right, a few questions about cars and moving and the like.

1. So, pretend you bought a new car last October. (This is all very specifically hypothetical.) You've had enough money to make the payments, but since registering it and getting plates and everything are uberexpensive, you keep putting it off and it's kindasorta not done. Luckily, no one's caught on and you're not in jail. In the same vein, your license was suspended when you didn't pay a few traffic tickets. And then it expired. And now you're moving to a city (we'll say Philadelphia) where you probably don't need a car, right? But you're terrified of flying and thus need to drive there. What do you need to do?

(Part of the question is, do you need to register the car before you can sell it? Will the dealer probably buy it back?)

2. How much does it cost to rent a car for a 1500-mile drive? Like... two-three days?

3. Also, getting the license un-suspended... last time someone hypothetically checked, several months ago, it cost $350. Does that cost go up as time goes by?

4. Any good places to get music that's legal and not iTunes (read: cheap)?

5. Anyone want to tell me anything useful about Philadelphia?

6. Any cool programs/advice for/about Macs? I'm still getting used to mine.

7. I'm going to college! Can you give me some good things to bring? (Everything from the material, like a toaster, to the abstract, like a sense of adventure, would be appreciated.)

Thanks in advance :)

ETA: Lectures on car issues not needed. I promise that we both know that it's not a good thing. At this point, it's more of a "digging oneself out of a hole" than an "I need advice about what not to do."
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At what age do you think a person should be able to completely independently decide to do things without parental consent? Not in the legal sense, just the act of asking your parents if they agree to something.
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What am I supposed to pack for an eight-day trip to Portland, Oregon?

Why didn't I start packing sooner, instead of a few hours before I leave?
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i can't afford to go to the gym and I was wondering what kind of excerises I can do in my own bedroom. I already do about 20 situps and 10 pressups every night and I'd like to increase that to make myself more toned and fit. I used to be really active, but health problems got in the way and I'd like to get a bit more fit and lose a bit of weight!

Any suggestions?

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a friend and i caught some thing on mtv the other day where they were playing '90s and '80s videos, and it was such nostalgia-inducing awesomeness (e.g. googoo dolls' "iris", no doubt's "don't speak", chumbawumba's "tubthumping" etc...)

so my question is, are there any music videos that you specifically remember seeing a lot of (preferably pre-britney/n*sync era) and/or still see occasionally?

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Do/did the following exist? Why or why not?
- God
- Dinosaurs
- Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti
- The Loch Ness Monster
- Chupacabra
- Life on other planets
- Ghosts
- The Mothman
- Fairies
- The Jersey Devil
- Spring-Heeled Jack
- Suri Cruise  (Kidding, kidding. :D)
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At what point does sugar free carbonated flavored water (gi-water or wal-water to echafaud) become, say, diet Sprite or 7UP (soda/pop)? Is it a "stew, stew, stew, soup" sort of thing?

What is "stew, stew, stew, soup" from? It's a woman telling a man that what he's making doesn't have enough water to be soup, so he pours more in and she tells him when it's reached the point of soup.

Can dried fruit, by definition, be "fresh"?

Are there any good places to download podcasts that teach you different languages? What are they?

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what's your opinion of camouflage fashion?
why is this even in existance as fashion (away from the military)?
do you wear camoflage stuff?
why? why not?
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1.Why is it so obscenely difficult just to renew your New Jersey driver's license?

2.Do you feel the compulsive need to reply to every comment you recieve?

3. When I read people's usernames that have the letters to other alphabets, I wind up reading the name according to how it's pronounced in the other language's alphabet. Do you? [For example, I've seen people use the Greek 'Delta' as an 'A' and I read it as 'd']
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So astarlitnight's post got me thinking:
What's my mom's cousin's step-son to me?
Is there even a term for that?
I don't know, I recently met him for the first time (don't get the wrong idea, I have a big Italian family - on my mom's side - and we're very close. But he wasn't mentioned much and he's on Broadway, always busy. So my instant reaction upon meeting him was, "Did Dominica get re-married again?" Didn't even know he existed.) so I guess that's on my mind.

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1. what came first-the music or the misery?

2. what's the best electric tooth brush you've ever had?

3. are nosehair clippers safe? if so, is it better to get the fancy ones whose ends are molded into a circle?

4. who makes a better leo bloom-martin short or matthew broderick?

kitten pounce ball

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When I was in pre-school, we acted out a play for our graduation. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. I know it involved me asking someone if she was my mother. I think i was dressed as a caboose on a train. Go figure. I remember that question, "Are you my mother?" being asked a lot.

Does anyone know what this is?
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Does anyone here use to sell handmade wares? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Just curious, what political party are you registered with? (Or if you're not able to vote yet, what party do you think you will register with?)
More on the political party part: Are you active in your party in any way? Would you be? And do you think it would be really not cool for a non-active member of one party to step in and help run a website for another party?
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1. Does Lazytown freak the hell out of you, too?

2. Do you think short hair makes girls' faces look fat? (ex-boyfriend told me he thought so, and I wondered if there was anyone who thought that.)

3. Back to Lazytown: is it possible to get that pirate song out of your head?  'Cause it's stuck in mine....

adobe photoshop cs2

I am new to Adobe Photoshop. The version I have is CS2. I am working on a project in which I need to add a small strip of white to the bottom of multiple photographs, in order to write the names of the people in the picture. I don't want a text box on top of the picture, I want to add it to the bottom of it.

Would a lovely person like to explain in beginner's terms how this might be possible?

Thank you!

plastic cases

what is the best way to open those thick plastic cases?

The ones that encase certain electronics, and other items.  I'm opening a data stick right now, and use scissors, but each and every time I end up with an enormous cut, or bruises, or ripping some instructions on the inside.

why, oh why must they be so difficult?!?!?
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I recently foundout that KFC's are called PFK's in parts of Canada (poulet frit kentucky)

what other common things have name changes like that around the country/world

(for example Eddy's icecream is Dryers in the west)
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temp DC intern housing for couples

This question is for anyone who lives at DC, or anyone who has interned at DC in the past.

I had signed up for intern housing from my internship program but I just found out that both me and my boyfriend will be working at Census in Suitland, and the program wouldn't put us together, so we're trying to find housing together on short notice.

The internship is aug 24 to dec 9.

We are looking for a place that allows temporary leases (between those dates), and allows us to live together. Also, any recommendations for which neighborhoods are good to live in and bad to live in, etc.

Also, has to be near metro since we won't have a car. If it's fully furnished and utilties included, a big plus. We are trying to cut cost so anyplace that isn't too up your ass costly would be great.

Just throw out any suggestions at all. It's a sorta short notice and I really like to find somewhere soon.

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What would be ONE thing to make Dick Cheney more likable for you? I realize this is a pretty tough thing to ask for, but if he had to do one thing to win you back, what would it be?

Had plastic surgery so that he as closely emulated Johnny Depp as physically possible
Every speech he made, he freestyle rapped each line. Every speech
Admits he's a cat lover, and has 40 kitties in his house
Puts the 'dick' back in Cheney and gets penis enlargement
Agreed to be P'NK'D by Ashton (and not have him killed afterwards)
Went on American Idol and was actually pretty good
Wrote a cease and desist letter to all the tabloids to stop showing pictures of Bradjelina for at least 6 months
Terrorists attack a school of orphans, and Cheney beats them all to death (the terrorists, that is) with a tire iron, saving the day
Wooed Britney away from KFed, and Federline, separated from his meal ticket, fades into obscurity forever
Takes Star Jones' place on The View
A sex tape is leaked with Dick and Paris Hilton hooking up, and he's pretty damn good
Buys and dismantles Haliburton and sells off each part to different buyers
Gets a septum piercing
Singlehandedly settles the mideast war with a proposed truce pact that will last for 50 years
He can never be more likable. Ever
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I know I just submitted a question, but that elicited yet another (last for the day I promise)


What are some weird candy bar names you have seen around the US/the world and what are they like?


I used to live in a very Russian part of town and remember goign with a buddy of mine and getting some funky candies

1- capricious squirrel - hunk of chocolate with...cashews? really good
2- clumsy bear - milk chocolate with nuts and caramel, really good
3- angry elephant - dark chocolate with a pina colada center, horrible
4- accident- with a name like that I figured it HAD to be good... I was wrong, very wrong. It basically was chocolate with what seemed to be old...gooey...carbonated...jello. I dont really know how else to describe it.

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What is something you don't think you could ever bring yourself to do?

I don't mean like murder or chopping off your own arms or anything like that - but something that you might have an opportunity to do and get away with but you just can't let yourself do it.

And why won't you do it?
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Husky with Seizure

Last night, around 1 AM, my Corgi would not stop barking. It was driving us nuts, so after a minute I had my husband go upstairs to see what the hell was up (usually the pup is just mad a cat won't play with him). Well, our roughly husky was laying down, shaking and drooling. My husband carried him downstairs and we petted and spoke to him in calm tones and after a few minutes, it passed and the dog seemed fine the rest of the night. I know certain breeds are prone to things like epilepsy and that huskies are in that catagory. I read up some more on it last night after the episode and most sites said the do what we did (calm, comfort, pet, avoid mouth area in case of biting) and that you should only take them to the vet if they have several seizures or very bad ones. Otherwise, they said to just keep an eye on the dog and try to remain calm when things happen. But because my animals are my babies, I thought I would ask about it a few places on LJ while I wait on the vet to return my call.

Has anyone had any experiances with this, even if with other breeds? My mother has raised Akitas for years and three of hers (all unrelated) have had similar experiances and they have all died from it in spans ranging from a few days to a little over a week. Each one she took to the vet and spent thousands of dollars trying to diagnose, treat and save. It was horrible and of course, scares me now.

Here's some more info about my doggie and household to help you guys understand my specific situation:

- My husky is roughly 3ish years old, he is a rescue and they had to guess from his teeth, so we're not 100% certain.
- We keep any and all chemicals out of the reach of animals, so there's no way he got into something in our house.
- We only walk our dogs on leashes, never tie them out or let them on their own and only in our own yard, so they haven't gotten into anything out there.
- They haven't been to the dog park in weeks, so I don't think they could have picked up anything there.
- They don't really socialize with other dogs. They've met our neighbors' dogs twice, but the last time they met was weeks ago, and all my neighbors' animals seem very healthy.
- They are fed a consistant diet of the same food unless the store is out and then if I have to get another type, it's the smallest bag I can get and again, hasn't happened in over a month.
- They don't have any access to other 'safe' poisons like chocolate or plants.
- My Corgi is not having any sort of symptoms, and they are BFF, so if they got into something, I'd think they both would have gotten some and thus both have the trouble.

So, any thoughts or experiances with this sort of thing? Any and all help is appreciated!
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Sorry for posting again so soon, but I've gotta ask about this before I forget it exists.

What do you think of THIS? It's a link to YouTube...I guess I could have posted the actual video, but I'm saving your friends page.
What about THIS?  Not a link to YouTube.  Just an article.

Neither of the links should give you pop-ups.  If they do, you can shoot me.

The Body Shop lip butters

Over here in Australia, we have only 3 lip butter varieties: coconut, papaya and brazil nut.

I've tried all three and decided to head over to eBay to buy some that are only available in the US and UK, so far I've seen mango, grapeseed, passionfruit, shea butter, choc-orange, cranberry.

I bought the grapeseed and mango from a seller in the US, I've yet to try the mango as it's a gift for a friend. But the grapeseed one tastes rather perfume-like (almost like eating soap!), though it smells and looks fine, the texture is still as it should be. Is it always like this or possibly old stock? My boyfriend had a papaya one that tasted a bit perfumey after it had been open for a couple months. I don't want to hassle the seller about selling products that are less than fresh if it's meant to be like this!

Thanks in advance! :)

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I have my transcripts to send to two of the schools Im applying to (transferring to)

My school gave them to me in sealed envelopes and in the window it says 'Issued to Student'
Im not sending them with the app. because I did that online.
So, should I put a post it or something on the envelopes with my name..soc. security #, anything?

Or just put them in a bigger envelope, address them and off they go?

If at all, how many times did you switch colleges? (undergrad)

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For the ladies;

When you run up/down stairs, do your boobs hurt?
What can you do to make them not hurt?

A friend and I have this problem and we don't know what to do besides holding the girls, but we wouldn't want to do that if people are around.
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1. What's your most favorite recipe ever? (Include a pic, if you've got it, along with the instructions)

2. Why is that your favorite?

3. I love the pesto sauce on one of Wendy's frescata sandwiches but I have no idea how to make it. Anyone know of pesto recipes that taste similar...or better yet, the same?
EDIT: Okay, how about a recipe for *any* pesto sauce?

4. What's your favorite food song? (Like "C is for Cookie" or something)

here's a question for tabletop game geeks:

I have a campaign world. It's one that i've played and written about a lot so i have an abstract map of it in my head. What I'd like to do is make up some maps and stuff so I can quantify things like the number of stores and actual locations of things.

So my questions are: Are there any city/town map generators that are pretty in depth and can show the number of buildings a given space and stuff? Are they any good, detailed pictures of pre-existing towns in dnd or even maps of actual or imagined towns and cities that would have existed in medievil times?

p.s. I mean things I can download online or perhaps peruse in the library for free.

I am a Baggins of Bag End

Got tea?

For those of you who likes drinking tea...

What's your favourite type of tea? Do you like traditional tea, fruity flavours or perhaps green or icetea?

I love traditional tea myself. My favourites are the Earl Grey selection; the usual Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey, Persian Earl Grey (♥!) and English Breakfast. I also very much like English Afternoon tea :)

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Do you ever sit in your car, just waiting?
If so, why?

At least every couple of weeks I see someone around my suburb sitting in their car, looking blank. They're not waiting for someone to come out of the house because some of them that I've seen when waiting for my bus or walking somewhere and home again have been there for ages. or if they are they've got weird friends. I see them at all hours of the day and it's a totally residential area so they’re not waiting to start work (not legitimate work anyway). And if they're spys they're crap at it. And they never try to rob me.

Do you ever park in residential areas just to think? What do you think about?
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Navy Federal fuckers

So my older sister owed me about 200$ and I finally got her to write me the check for it a couple months ago. I deposited the money into my [first] debit account and, whaddayaknow, her check bounces. I use Navy Federal, and for some reason they saw it appropriate to take 200 of my dollars when the check bounced. So now I'm minus four hundred dollars. When I recieved the letter in the mail with my sister's check the first thing I did was call my mother and try to get her in trouble. (It's a reflex.) Because my mom doesn't want me running my ass over to New Jersey to kick the shit out of my sister for writing me a bad check, she told me she would handle things between my sister and Navy Fed. and whatnot, so I'm leaving it up to her. But I don't understand why Navy Federal took my money. I've never had a check bounce before. Why did they do that?
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Blinker first, then brake.

Let's say you drive. And let's go out on a limb and say that you actually (*gasp*) USE your blinker when you are about to make a right or left hand turn in traffic. Do you turn your blinker on before you put your foot on the brake, or after?

And why does youtube insist on always cutting off the last 2 or 3 seconds of my videos that I upload? So annoying.
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I'm looking for a USB flash drive thingy to use for college. It has to be plug and play, because I want to use it to print from computers that I may not have the authority to install programs on, etc. Any recommendations?

I really like this one, but Collapse )

Thanks all

oh right and a useful detail... 256 or 512MB, under $30 if possible.

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Hi. I'm going through a pretty huge crisis right now. I left my home a few months ago (im 19) and my parents were really upset about it. They are super strict and seeing that my little sister (who is 16) might do the same thing soon, they tricked her into going to India for a family wedding but it turns out there was no wedding and they are going to live there. My sister was born here and there is no way she would be able to adjust to that. My question is, is that even legal? She still has to finish school. Is there anyway I could go and get her before she's 18?

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Inspired my my pulling a double shift at work today, what's your favorite kind of soup?

Do you have a particular brand/restaurant that you like, or just a particular flavour?

Mine is Roasted Garlic and Buttered potato from the cafe I work in. It's really good, really garlicky and just very delicious in every way. Working there has actually spoiled me against other soup... It's just all good.
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shake it, baby.... or not.

Today for no apparent reason, I could not stop my hands from shaking (mainly my right hand). I went to the bookstore at school for something and then I went school supply shopping (and instead of getting a buggy I got a basket and it ended up getting pretty heavy, but I carried it with my left hand). I had no reason to be nervous, I've been shopping by myself before, but sometimes I'd pick something up or I'd write something at work and my hand was just... trembling.

The only thing I can figure is it's a side effect of using my hands in a different way -- I didn't play piano today at home but I did pick up my guitar (I play righthanded, as in the neck is in my left hand) and I played through a fast song for the first time and might have tensed up more than I should, since I'm new to playing guitar and have only *really* been working on it for about a week. When I played piano at work, it almost felt like I didn't have as much control over my right hand as I usually do, which was scary. It doesn't hurt, it's not cramped up... I don't know what it is.

Any ideas? Anyone else ever been through this kind of thing, where you just randomly get the shakes and can't stop?
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Someone must know how to spell this word. I'm usually good at spelling, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to properly spell this word:

It's pronounced: FA-SAWED (Marcellas said it tonight on Big Brother)

Obviously, not the way it's spelled. I was thinking it's probably something like fausaude, or facsaude, or phsaude, none are correct and it's making me insane.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been performed at the theater(s) or worked in the Broadway/off-Broadway production(s)?

If so, of what play(s)? For those who acted, what character role(s) were you playing?

Did you have any good experience with that/those?

What would you do?

It's late, and you are stopped in the left lane at a light, with a red arrow. The rest of the lights are green, save for the red arrow, do you make the left turn (provided no cars are coming)?

You are putting together a little something for "the girls" at the medical office you work at, an animal shaped sippy cup filled with candy (we have a tendency to spill coffee). Do you give one to the doctor of the office? Even though he's not really one big on silly jokes, but he did take everyone out to lunch one day?

I'm also bringing in pastry of some sorts, I'll bring enough to share with him.

Your child is born with 6 functioning fingers on each hand, do you have the 6th removed? I know a mother that is in the process of looking for a surgeon for her baby, even though the baby's fingers are actually developed. I think it's wrong because the child's health is not in danger, the mother is doing this to conform to society's views on beauty. Kids will always be made fun of, regardless if they have a 6th finger on each hand...

What were you made fun of for in elementary school/high school? For my first 2 years of high school I had a very nice nickname because my breasts were "too perky".

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senior year question time!
a few questions, if you all wouldn't mind =)

did you go away to college? did you like it? were any of you apprehensive, but now don't regret it? do you regret it?

what was your major?

can a cosmetology student (hair and/or makeup application) or a criminology student tell me what it's like and what is involved in getting that degree?

thank you soooo much!

(no subject)

I've got a really, really, really sore throat...seriously, it feels like dozens of knives stabbing at my throat each time I swallow. It's a viral infection, so antibiotics won't help. Any home remedies?

I've already tried:
tea with honey
painkillers (for cramps originally)
gargling with warm salt water

ANY other possible treatments?