August 2nd, 2006

Slang -- "evidence"?

I have a feeling this community is going to help me out a lot with understanding contemporary English. This time I'm curious about a classmate's application of a real word.

I e-mailed some photographs to someone cooler than me (not a very small group), and in his reply he says, "The ones from spanish 3 are cool to . . . But the one of us playin' cards is evidence. Thanks you just made my week." (emphasis added)

Ignore his choice of homophone. What does he mean by "evidence"? None of Urban Dictionary's definitions seem to fit, to say the least. Is it a new way to say "cool"? Or am I overanalyzing, and does he literally mean that the photograph is "evidence" that we were playing cards in Spanish 3?

Thanks for your help.
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(no subject)

1. Are there any prepaid cell phones that can receive free incoming calls without taking off minutes?

2. Did the power go off at your house/apartment/abode last night?

3. Do you agree with mandatory volunteerism, done outside of class, as a graduation requirement in a public high school?

4. Do you agree with special requirements, outside of the states guidelines (such as a special class or elective), being a mandatory graduation requirement in a public high school?

(no subject)

guardians of the secret by jackson pollock

the first time i saw this painting - i was completely bowled seemed to have just reached out and struck me in many ways...

do you like art?
what type do you enjoy - or do you?
what type of museums do you you like?
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(no subject)

I'm going to Scotland for a few weeks in December and had a couple questions.

1. Do they allow knitting needles on Airplanes now? I've heard yes and no from a bunch of people and it's driving me nuts.

2. This is going to be the longest I've ever been away from my family and would like a somewhat easy way to keep in touch with them. Are there any good cell phone services that will let me call from the U.K. to the U.S.?

Thank you, everyone. :)
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iPod uPod wePod

1.) What do you have engraved on your iPod?

2.) What do you wish you had engraved on your iPod?

3.) What are some nifty iPod accessories? Cool gadgets are a must. It doesn't matter how pointless they are.
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(no subject)

Remember the WhoopAss energy drink produced by Jones Soda? Are they still marketing it?

I have this urge to walk into someone's house with a can of it, set it down silently, and open it while staring at them impassively.

(Yes, I am a dork.)

Oh, Canada.

in keeping with the recent TQC obsession with all things Canadian....

Is there a rhyme or reason for the zip codes being as they are? Meaning...can you tell the location based on the letters/numbers?

(similar to the US system of low numbers on the east coast and increasing as you go west.)
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SAT/SAT II dilemma

I'm a high school senior. I took the SAT I test in January 2006. I'm happy with my score but wouldn't mind raising it about 100 points. My two top-choice schools don't require any SAT II's but strongly recommend them. I was going to sign up for the October SAT II and November SAT but realized that the October date falls on a Jewish holiday. So my options are now:

-don't retake the SAT and take the SAT II in November
-stick with my original plan, even though I'll be breaking the holiday
-take the SAT II in November and the SAT in December

My only concern is that if I end up applying early decision to one of the schools, my scores won't make it in time and it will be a waste.

What should I do?

(no subject)

Can I purchase a mass amount of wooden door stops anywhere?

I work on a college campus in the residence halls, and we wanted to purchase enough door stops to provide one for each room; however, we're not looking to spend a whole lot of money.


I did a couple of experiments and realized I was the problem, not the browser. Haha.

Uhm, to make up for it, I've got another retarded question.

Are your nails short? (ladies?) If not, are they weakened by the fact that you type? Mine sure are, and they get really bothersome to type with because I don't know where to press on the keys with my nails or the tips of my fingers just underneath my nails (which ends up hitting my nails anyway), and I tend to typo a lot because of it. Anybody have suggestions other than making my nails shorter? Because honestly, i'd wrather live with typos than live with short nails.

(no subject)

Posting for a friend. The following text is copied and pasted from our IM conversation:

"Ok I'll try to explain this as best I can. My old HDD has a corrupt Windows/Boot sector [According to Dell] on there and because the HDD passed a Diagnostic I was told the data more than likely was not damaged and could be retreived if I had a 2nd HDD to install Windows on so I went and bought a new HDD. I am having a problem getting into the folder with my Username, I get this error. I'm pretty sure it's because I had set my Files and Folders to Private. I was told I could delete the Windows folder on that drive and it might remove the protection but I'm worried it may affect my data and I'm not looking to take an unsure route and lose my data."
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(no subject)

Who would you respect more:

a. someone who doesn't drink and never has.
b. someone who tried drinking and decided they don't want to drink.

both of these people practice alcoholic abstinence.

lots of questions today

What is/was your favorite Nickelodeon show?

When I was a little kid, I loved Rugrats, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and this other athletic game show that I don't remember the name of; it had something to do with a mountain that they had to climb while putting back pieces of the mountain where they belonged. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?

Also, do you like to talk on the phone? The reason I ask is because I really don't. When someone calls me, I don't like to just chat. I prefer it if people tell me why they called, if they had a question for me, wanted to hang out, etc, without spending a lot of time chatting. I feel awkward on the telephone because I can't see anyone's facial expressions or body language. The only exceptions to this are friends that live far away, and my sister. My sister and I can babble on and on for hours.

What advice do you have for me about trying to get over the anxiousness of returning to school? It's been over three years since I was in high school, and I registered for college at a community college this semester. I'm really exited and glad that I'm going back, happy that I'm continuing my education, but I'm nervous because I haven't been in school for so long.

I hope everyone has a good day!

(no subject)

What could be ONE thing George Bush could do to make you like him better, and thus, increase his approval rating?

Pull out of Iraq
Grow 50 IQ points
Stop talking about religion
Get a MySpace and add you as a friend
Give up his rigid standpoint on birth control, abortion and stem cell research
Admit that he still smokes out
Have a reality show set in the White House, just like the Osbornes, where we can watch the Bushs carry on behind closed doors
Change his standpoint on illegal aliens and border control, either being more tolerant or less tolerant of it
Change his stance on gay marriage
Send more soldiers to Iraq and finish the war the way it should be finished
Another tax refund
Dumping Dick Cheny as his VP midterm and hire someone else
Do something about the gas prices
Nothing. I already like him
Nothing. I will never like him
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Less than meets the eye..

Anyone know where to find the image of Optimus Prime from the upcoming Transformers live action movie that got leaked a few months back? They did a pretty good job of scouring it off the web, I want to know how badly they are going to violate the original design.

sunburns and college

1. Worst sunburn you ever got?

2. How'd you care for it?

3. About how long did it take for the sunburn to go away?

4. How could one go about hiding the fact they have severe sunburn from someone they live with? As in, do you know of any temporary, very short term ways to make the redness go down? Also, if someone's face is sort of swollen from the sunburn, what do you think is the best way to go about making it less swollen? The lips and eyes, in particular. 

5. If you lived on campus when you were at college, what was your shower ritual like? How long did you take and what would you do in the shower?

(no subject)

I lost my wallet, and I am extremely worried about identity theft.

I stopped my credit card. My debit card wasn't in there but my social security card was, because I needed it. Anyone have any advice? I am really flipping out.

(no subject)

I'm sitting here with my mom and I told her to ask you guys a question, so here are her questions. :)

My mom recently got back together with her high school sweetheart. They've been apart 33 years. My mom has been married 2 times. He has been married 3 times.

1. Should they have traditional wedding vowels, or make their own?

2. What date should they get married?


Myths Debunked?

I heard two rumors that I'd like some insight on whether they are true or not...

1) Are PA's (physician assistants) not allowed to presribe anti-cancer medications?


2) Will using your remote start often burn out the engine? Is it wise to use it sparingly or does it make no difference?

Then, just for fun...

What was the last cool thing you got in the mail?

PETIT dejeuner (lunch)

what did you have (are having) for lunch today?

i'm having leftover pesto with green beans and garlic bread - hoorah for leftovers!

**edit: please excuse my incorrect french, with regards to my previous subject title**
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lulu guinness clutch

bathroom scales!

1. Do you have a bathroom scale?
Yes, but it never works, so I've been using the giant old doctor-ish one we have in our spare room.

2. Where did you buy it?

3. Do you actually keep it in your bathroom?
No, I keep it in my bedroom either under my bed or in my closet.

4. I went in Walmart for the first time ever today and it was grosser than I expected. Anyway I went in because I had to pee, so after I peed I walked around and figured I would look at their bathroom scales because I need a new one. I couldn't find them anywhere. Do they even sell them? I looked everywhere. Where could they have been? I looked with bathroom stuff(towels, shower curtains, toilet seats, etc.) and health stuff, and basically everywhere else. I ended up giving up because I was going to Target anyway and figured I could get one there. Target didn't have them either! Where are these stores hiding them?! I bought my last one at Macy's so I figure I'll just go there and get a new one.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever heard of or seen evidence to support that you can be pregnant but not have a positive blood test from your GYN?

I have a friend that is swearing she might be pregnant (11 weeks), but says that her blood test for that hormone was negative.

I'm trying to find something to support or deny what she says, but I'm not find much. Anyone know anything about this?
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(no subject)

Poll #783909 telephone shopping

Did you ever buy something from a person who called you on the telephone?


I'm asking because I don't understand why they try do sell me something via telephone.

Where do the eggs go?

What happens to the eggs a woman makes in the ovaries if she's had a tubal or some other sterilization that blocks the fallopian tubes? Do they just get absorbed into the body? I assume so....since they can't exit out the tubes like normal...

I did look this up but got lazy after two pages of miracle babies, ectopic pregnancies, and how to reverse a tubal. Plus it's always more fun asking here.
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What not to wear, modeling, my fucking shoes.

1)Stacey or Clinton?

So I did something very sneaky and underhanded and got my sister an interview for modeling with Fred Flare.
2)What kind of questions will they ask her?

Remember that post I made with those crazy shoes?
Well, I ordered them from here on the 15th of July. The e-mail they sent me said this "We will contact you within 1-2 business days if we have any problems processing your order. Otherwise, your order will be shipped within 3 business days. Please note: There is no shipping on holidays and weekends." about shipping. Well, it's been slightly over 3 days by now. No package. Of course I'm pissed, so I e-mailed them on July 29th asking about the status of my order. Still no response. I've neverrrr had a problem with UPS, except once where a product was broken but there was no box damage and it ended up being UO's fault anyway.
My account has already been charged for these shoes and they're not here. I'm more concerned with getting the shoes than my money back though. Of course if getting the shoes is impossible, they better put the money back in my account.
The e-mail I got when I ordered them also said that I could check my order status by logging in at anytime. I never made an account with them so I guess I'm pretty screwed there.
The site looks pretty legit to me.
3)What should I do? Should I send another e-mail? Should I call? I WANT MY SHOES. ;____; WHERE ARE THEY?!

All solved, I hope.
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(no subject)

Hey Guys!
I know I haven't updated for a long time, but i need your help.
Where should I apply for college?
1. I want to stay sort of on the west coast (I'm in California right now)
2. A good science and music program would be great too.
I just want to know what you think. any other tips about college and education would also be marvelous. I'm a bit overwhelmed.
Thanks a bunch.
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(no subject)

My mom dropped her cell phone in a cup of soda 2 weeks ago. She got a new phone. I lost my cell phone last week and now need a new one. Is there any way to fix my mom's or is it done for?
Can anyone reccomend a place of getting a cheap (Verizon) cell phone (maybe even used)? Obviously I need just a phone, not a plan.

(no subject)

I'm new here, but I have some doozies for you that I can't quite figure out.

- I want to build small things out of metal. I live in an apartment, so I don't have access to or space for a welder.. and I don't think soldering will work when connecting 1/8" thick pieces of sheet metal and angle iron together. Can someone else recommend a way to connect metal to metal without a welder or solder?

- What's the white/green sauce they put on McDonald's Bagels, and any idea where I can get a recipe for it? I want to spread it on everything.

- Any idea why red is so difficult to tattoo with? I know with acrylic inks, it's easier, but red still won't stick to me correctly and no one has been able to figure out exactly why.

- Can someone tell me what the different colors of dremel bits mean? I have pink ones.. green ones.. brown ones.. and no idea how to tell what materials they are meant to be used on.

- I have an Audio/Video sync problem in Nero Vision. I've disabled and removed all of the plug-in support for Nero, slowed my encoding down to SP and EP mode and even tried burning at slower speeds with my DVD Burner. The source file syncs up great, but about 1 in 3 that I make with Nero into DVDs play with out of sync sound when their on DVD. Any ideas on that?

- What's in Jagermeister that makes it so tasty?

- Is there any way to trip an ATX power supply "on" without using a motherboard? Furthermore, is there a way I can wire a switch into it without pulling the case off that will allow me to trip the power on and off with a button? I ask as I'm building an external drive cage (see part one of this) and want to power the drives independently of the system. I know I can do this with the oldschool AT power supplies, but I have an ATX here I'm not using.

- What's your favorite BitTorrenting site, and why?

OK. I'm sure more will come to me, but these things in particular have been bothering me lately.

(no subject)

So my sister and I just got a dwarf bunny and the name that he came with we're not too crazy about (Woolie). So I have come here to ask you guys what we should name him. He's super curious and he's about the size of my hand or 1/2 the size of a brick. We also want it to be original and not what all other rabbit/animals are normally named.

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The Receptionist Classic

I'll have one of everything!

Tonight is the night for your Last Supper. Tomorrow morning, you'll be dead. By a stroke of bad luck, the kitchen went up in flames so the staff has to order your meal from a restaurant - anywhere in the world. (I know, crazy isn't it - they can fly in a meal from any restaurant on the planet, but they can't bring in an oven. But them's the rules!)

What restaurant do you pick and what do you have flown in for your Last Supper?

Who what where when why

These are just some random little questions.

1. Who is your favorite president?

2. What is your favorite tv-show?

3. Where would you go on vacation if you were told you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow?

4. When did you last eat?

5. Why is THAT your icon?

My answers:

1. JFK
2. Deadwood
3. Disneyworld!
4. About an hour ago.
5. There had to have been a second spitter.
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(no subject)

What kinds of dishes, or what countries, come to mind when a restaurant says that they serve Mediterranean food?

(This is inspired by an ad I got in the mail today from a place saying that they serve "Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine." I tend to think that Mediterranean food includes any country on the Mediterranean, thus making the "Italian" part of the ad a bit redundant, but I gather that most people think of it as something like Greek, Turkish, etc--not including Italian, Spanish, French.)
Shadist (Wasp)

A Quick Question

I have been told two things. First it is best to wear something nice to an interview, something simple. Secondly I have been told that what you wear should reflect both the job you are attempting to get and your personality.

I am going for a job interview tomorrow and I am having a bloody hard time deciding if I should wear my suit with a white shirt and a red/gray tie or my suit with a blue shirt and a blue/gray tie.

The white is more conservative. . . which isn't really me.

The blue is more my style but I am unsure if that would be as kosher as the white.

**Edit** The job in question is for a Security Officer, however a non-standard Officer position. A new job whereby I will mostly be dealing with the PR of the department in the form of training, presentations and other such affairs.

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(no subject)

Is there anything I can spray in my hair to make it straight?

I don't normally blow dry my hair in the summer, I just let it go and air dry itself. So, if there is anything I can just spray in and still let it air dry, plus make it not flip like it does now, I'd like to know.


lead me


so. looks like we might have a hurricane in the gulf before long.

what are some interesting/fun things to do when you're without power for an extended period of time (1-5 days)? i'd be at home with my mom, bored. i have a handful of board games and... that's about it.
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(no subject)

I need a jewerly box that can hold necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

-What features do you like/dislike about your jewerly box?
-What stores can I get a jewerly box?
-What websites sell nice jewelry boxes?
-How much can I expect to spend?
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(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a good shampoo that cuts down on frizz, but doesn't really weigh your hair down? Preferably something that can be bought in a drugstore, but salon quality is alright too.

What happened to my curly hair? When I was in high school, I had to straighten my hair everyday, so I cut it short because it only curls when it's long. Now it's longish again, but it lost all its curl! I thought only babies outgrew curly hair. I miss it, what can I do to get it back?
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(no subject)

1. So, I plan to be studying abroad in Japan this coming semester. I want to bring my PS2 with me, to watch DVDs and play games with on rainy days and such. Thing is, it's kinda getting on in years. Still plays games fine, but sometimes wants to screw up on DVDs. I could buy a new slim one for $125 and sell my old one easily for about $50. The new slim one would take less space in my luggage, work better, and cost me at the end up costing me $75 bucks. However, that's 75 bucks I could spend there. Should I or shouldn't I?

2. Are there any tricks to getting a cheaper plane ticket online? Like when I buy it, where, or what day of the week I go? Classes start October 1st, but I need to get there before then (I sent an email to the International Programs Center asking what was the best day, but they haven
t answered.) Am I better off buying one round trip ticket now, or buying the return ticket closer to when I leave for home, in case I want to travel a bit after the semester ends?

3. It's going to be one long-ass flight. What should I do to pass the time? I know you can't have cell phones on planes, but would my DS or laptop be okay? I've never flown before my entire life, and I would look it up at the airline's website if I could but I can't because I don't know what airline I'm using. I'd just not go to sleep the night before and sleep the majority of the time, but I might be too terrified the thing'll fall out of the sky to do that. Or there might be a screamy-ass baby and a parent too lazy to quiet it, or whatever.
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(no subject)

Have you ever heard of someone who doesn't like any music at all?

I know a girl online who says she hates all music. She doesn't understand why anyone likes it and why it holds meaning to them. She says music is meaningless. I've never met anyone else who doesn't like any music at all, and I'm wondering how common it is.
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

A couple of questions:

1. Flight Prices

Any experts here on international flight prices? I may need to fly from the UK to Brazil and back at the end of January 2007, and I'm wondering what is the best time to book before the prices start going up. Before I've booked with about 2 months lead time, and the prices have already started to get crazy (double the price with several months lead time).

Just curious if anyone has a reasonable idea, although it may vary too much with routes and demand.

2. Book/Film(Movie) alternatives to Last.FM

Anyone know of a service that's very similar to Last.FM, where I can record what books and films (movies) I've seen and then have that similar style of recently watched/read list?

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Film - Star Wars

(no subject)

This is sort of random, but you know in Men in Black, when Laurel (Linda Fiorentino) is trying to tell Will Smith that Crazy Vincent D'Onofrio is under the table, but he thinks she's hitting on him? What do you think he meant by "I gotta drive. It's not some macho trip, it's just how I get down." I'd like to think I usually get these things, but that one's lost on me. Like, literally drive...?

*feels stupid*
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(no subject)

i had a meeting at work today at 11:45. i didn't learn of the meeting until yesterday after i had already left for the day, my manager had to call me on my cell. she told me it shouldn't be long .. yada yada yada. so i go to the meeting today, and at 1:30pm. it's still going on, (i had to be somewhere at 2:00pm.) so during a break i got up and asked my boss if there was anyway i could leave, that i had to be somewhere by 2pm. he said that was fine, i told him i was sorry, and left. if i would have known it was going to run that long, i would have said something beforehand. i feel really bad about leaving early now, what should i say tomorrow? i'd like to appologize.

note: im only part-time too .. i usually get off at 1pm.
My eyes burn

You're disgusting

What's the grossest thing you have ever done?

The only thing I can think of was when I was 11 or so and I had eaten some watermelon in my room. I was too lazy to take the plate out of my room or throw it in the trash so I left it on the top of my dresser.

I left it there in the summer. For 4 months. I had a very nice mold culture growing by the time I threw it out.

The mold was fuzzy, and was about an inch thick. HAHAHAHA
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Proxy Loxy

Hi folks,

Anyone got a particular favourite proxy site?

I'm aware of KProxy, and that's it. Googling turns up broken links or awful sites, so far...

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Probably asked before...

For those who have quit smoking...

1. How long did you smoke for?

2. How long has it been since you had your last cigarette?

3. How did you quit?

4. How hard was it for you? Did it take multiple attempts?

5. Do little things (like the smell, or even this question!) make you want to have a cigarette?

6. Did you have anyone 'pressuring' you to quit? Such as a SO, child, parent, etc?

For those who have never been a regular smoker...

Have you ever tried smoking? What was your experience like?

(no subject)

1. What makes a relative "removed", or "twice-removed" or the like?

2. How can I clean my record player needle? The player is less than a year old, I'm especially careful with it, and yet the needle is dirty and my music sounds horrible.

3. How can I re-attach the derailleur on my mountain bike? I removed it to change the tire, and now I can not for the life of me figure out how to put it back.

(no subject)

ok, i am a googletard.

I'm leaving my current work place, and I love my bosses to death, one of them loves poetry and i want to leave them a note with a poem attatched that's basically a thank you and goodbye kind of thing but i can't find anything on google!

anyone know of any sites?