August 1st, 2006

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What is absolutely the worst place you've ever been? I'm talking like a city or state...and what made it so terrible? Where you live now counts too.

What's the longest you've ever owned a pair of underwear that you wore regularly?
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It's just a cheapy fake tiara from Claire's. Over the past year it's gotten a little ... tarnished? I want to try to make it shine again, because I want to wear it to my birthday dinner tonight (Aug. 1).

I've tried toothpaste, but that doesn't help much.

Anyone know of any other household things I could try? I have Oxy-Clean powder, but I'm not sure if it's safe to use on the metal. (or the fake diamonds.) Is there some cleaner I haven't thought of?

(I don't have any silver cleaner or anything like that.)

Thanks in advance. :)

Edit: I did manage to get it looking almost like new again. I used an "Oxy-Power!" window cleaner, and dish soap, and Oxy-Clean powder. :)
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I'm going to get skin cancer.

1.  Is there any way to determine whether a sunburn will peel or not?  I got a fairly bad sunburn on my right shoulder which is tender and hot to the touch, but it hasn't shown any signs of blistering or peeling after two days.  The last two nights, I put a generous amount of aloe vera on the burns.

2.  What was your worst sunburn, and how did you get it?  I got an awful sunburn on my scalp one time.  My hair is pretty thin, and I didn't wear a hat one day at a tennis camp.  For about a week or so, it was immensely painful to wash and comb my hair, and it was pretty disgusting when it started peeling.

3.  What is your preferred method of treating a sunburn?  All I really do is use aloe vera, and maybe a cold washcloth. 
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makin' movies

Any recommendations for a good, basic digital camcorder? Something I can make movies with on my computer?


And just to make this post more fun... what was the last movie you saw? Today I watched "Sybil" starring Sally Field.

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I see servers in the US talking about how they rely on tips because they only make $2.15/hour. I realize that currency values are slightly different, but $2.15 USD is $2.43 CDN.

In Canada, I believe the lowest minimum wage is $5.90 in Alberta. It appears that in the US, the lowest is $2.65 in Kansas, although the rest of them are between $5-7. (WTF, what's your problem, Kansas?)

So, why the hell are waitstaff being paid far less than minimum wage? Why do they have to rely on tips? How is this legal? Is there any sort of lobbying going on to change this? It really boggles my mind. Especially since it seems that most waitstaff are trying to earn an education with their paltry two bucks in change, or are raising children (i.e. the future of the country), or both at the same time.

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There's some sort of dog food commercial that starts off with a song that goes something like, "Mary, won't you come out and play with me?". Does anyone know if this is a real song and who it's by?

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If any of you watch the show, "Star Tomorrow", maybe you can help.

There was a guy on last night. He had blonde hair, sunglasses and had on a black shirt. He was singing about how he was illiterate, and then Travis Barker (judge), wanted him to sing another song. He didn't make the finals, but when he went out of auditions, he said he made it, when he really didn't. Does anyone remember that guy's name?

Phillips Jukebox

I have the 6GB model and it works great and all, but I have no idea how to put pictures on it. I deleted the ones that came with it as a demo, but now I want to put my own ones on. Anyone know how it works?
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Say what

Wedding invitations...

The traditional way to address wedding invites is to put Mr. and Mrs. John Smith on the outer envelope and John and Mary Smith on the inner envelope.

How the heck do you address the outer envelope when the wife has kept her maiden name?

How do you address the outer envelope to a lesbian couple who has had a commitment ceremony? Mrs. and Mrs. ?


Do you usually read Fiction or Non-Fiction

My answer: Non-fiction. Whenever I read fiction I feel guilty that I didn't actually learn anything. If I read a novel, I make my next 2 or 3 books some sort of reference material. I am notorious for reading my old college textbooks. I love fiction books but I always feel like I cheated myself after I read one. My bookshelf is odd.

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Does anyone know why all these Cubans are celebrating the fact that Fidel Castro has turned over power to his brother temporarily? It's not like it's permanent. I'm just confused.
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I'm making some "In a box gifts" .

I need ideas for
Batman in a box
Lion King in a box
National Treasure in a box

Any ideas?

For the lion king one I have...
Plastic bugs
gummy worms
Sexy mama

Dental hygene

I'm 24 and have never had a cavity in my life. Neither has my sister, who is 22. We were discussing this as a family, and were talking about the fact that both my parents have cavities. We wondered if we just have really strong teeth, if it's due to the fact that we now have fluoride in our water (whereas when my parents were growing up, there wasn't), or if we just take really good care of our teeth (we do, by the way. We were never allowed to go to bed without brushing our teeth, and this habit has followed us into adulthood). My sister said that lots of her friends have cavities, so she didn't think it was a generational thing. I wonder if it is, though?

How old are you? Do you have cavities? Lots or just one or two? I'm wondering if people my age (and younger) have fewer cavities than people older than me.

What do you think:
a) We just have better oral hygene now vs. fifty years ago?
b) The fluoride in the water has done wonders?
c) My sister and I are an anomaly?
d) Something else?

So, how's your dental health?
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Break ups!

1. How long ago was your last break up?

2. Were you the dumper or dumpee?

3. Why were you dumped/did you dump?

4. Are you "over it"?

and completely unrelated...

5. When you post a question, do you get all the comments e-mailed to you? Or do you check it in the community? If you don't get them e-mailed to you, how long after posting a question do you quit checking for comments?
(I get the e-mailed to me because I don't post many questions and I check my e-mail constantly at work, so it doesn't matter anyway)
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step one, we can have lots of fun

1. who's your favorite new kid?

2. if we were to have a new kids on the block cover band comprised of only members of thequestionclub, who would take each band member's place?

3.edit what's your favorite new kids song?

1. joey, of course

suzermagoozer would be jon
seanutbutter would be joey
russophile would be donny
shippo would be jordan
ontheqt would be danny

and southernkitten is maurice starr

3. "i remember when" sung by joey
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You've been rendered homeless, living on the streets. You're dirty, cold, hungry and miserable. It's been this way for a month. Some decent person sees you suffering and gives you a $50 bill. What do you buy with it?

Cheap alcohol and lots of it!
Expensive alcohol and savor it
Food items (bread, peanut butter, meat, etc) from the supermarket
Get a motel room for a night, and sleep in a bed and get a shower
Go to Disneyland!
Go to an internet cafe and download music onto my ipod, which I still refused to part with
Save it
Buy new clothes that don't smell like hobo
Sleeping bag, pillow and/or blanket to better survive on the streets
50 lottery tickets. That $50 could turn into so much more!
Turn it into 50 singles and pay back every local person who's given you a dollar
Drugs. Definitely drugs
I'd refuse the money in the first place. It's too much
Get a tattoo! I've had a lot of time on my hands, being homeless, and came up with the perfect idea for a small tat
Eat dinner in a fine, upscale restaurant
robot love

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i know this is really vague, and i doubt anyone will know what the hell i'm talking about...

i'm looking for a french quote i came across a few years ago. i cant quite remember what it was about, something to do with stars (maybe something about them being cut-outs...?), and i assume it's something fairly common.

anyone have any idea?
(i know this is a bit like, "remember that one time... with the thing... and the guy... and he was all... and then she was like... and it was so funny?")


I just finished watching Match Point and I'm in the mood for some opera. Except I don't know anything about opera. Can someone recommend something for me to check out? I'm looking for arias, not whole operas. Thanks!
EDIT: Does anyone know what the piece playing during the menu screen of Match Point is?
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PC Gamepads

What's a good USB gamepad for a PC?

I used to love the Logitech Wingman RumblePad, but I bought 3 in a row where the left analog stick had major issues (was always getting stuck in one direction), and after a little surfing, I found that the last batch of 'em that were made all have that problem.

Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? Was looking at their RumblePad 2, but thought I'd see if anyone has any good suggestions.

I brought him into this world, I can take him out of it..

Okay, Another laptop related question. Sorry guys.

My son just poured his glass of water all over my laptop keyboard. I let it dry out a bit and tried typing and everytime I did it turned into this: Hennnnnnnleoooneeenooo nenennnneaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc.


I'm on the desktop now.. I tried blowdrying the keys... still didn't work. I have it unplugged and turned off now and just setting in a safe place high enough up that the demon possessed creature that was formerly my son cannot reach it. What else can I do?

Oh, and non computer related question:

Why is it that when things are going wrong in general that EVERYTHING in the whole world and cosmos seems to know and come attacking?

(Wow. This is the most emo I've ever been..)
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Does anyone know if theres any way I could download a ringtone and have it stored on my computer instead of sent to my phone?

My phone isn't letting me get on my Web browser for some reason and to download the ringtone, I have to get on the internet.

Anything else I can do?
Bucky... WRONG

I need something good to happen

... so help me try to do something about my network.

Ever since I moved in to the current digs of bedroom and office in my parents' house, I can't get a steady connection to the internet (we have cable, so this shouldn't be an issue). DeadAIM often disconnects, and Gmail has the same problem, so no matter what chat program I use, I miss messages. It happens on my husband's computer, too (both windows, one 2k, one XP).

We've tried checking for IP address conflicts (none), we've rest the modem and the router (no change), and swapped out the local hub/switch (no change).

The question: What's going wrong with my network?
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Because I am indecisive, I turn the decision over to you, oh question club:

About a month ago I dyed my hair a really bright hot pink. I was hoping to move on to purple, so yesterday I bought a bottle of Beyond the Zone "Not-So-Shy Violet" (I don't recommend it) and ended up with something that is not purple. Doesn't even come close to resembling the sample they had. The only place my hair is even close to purple is where I still had some hot hot pink left in my hair... the rest of it is some weird blue-ish color that looks like I dyed dark grey hair with a weak navy blue. I wish I had some pictures, it's really bizarre. Not to mention some of the hair in the back didn't absorb the color well so I have some orangeyblue hair in the back. The only thing it managed to turn "violet" are my hands, even through gloves... I look like Violet Baudelaire in the original Willy Wonka.

Now: Should I go buy some Manic Panic purple (I'm so sorry I betrayed you, oh Manic Panic! Never again!) and dye my hair in the hopes of getting a real purple, or think on the weird blue for a few days to see if I like it since my boyfriend and I are both kinda confused at how it came out and unsure of whether we like it or not? Beyond the Zone and Manic Panic are both depositing dyes so it wouldn't be a big deal for me to use some Manic Panic over this weirdass blue, it's not going to damage my hair or make it fall out or anything.

Edited to add that it has been bleached (twice, actually) so it's blond and terribly porous right now.

Touchy Feely

Which electronics store is the best to examine, touch, test, and perhaps taste new digital SLR cameras?

I'm down to a choice between the Canon EOS Digital Rebel and the Nikon D70, but I would really like to hold them in my hand, take a few test snaps, and speak to a really knowledgeable salesperson.


To break up the geek talk, what's the last thing you took a picture of?


My answer: Evel Knievel and his son, Robbie.

A question of a serious nature

My friend's ex is likely losing his job because of a sexual harassment charge brought against him, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about what she can do to go about keeping her child support if he ends up losing his job?

They're broke and she won't be able to pay for child care for her son and will have to quit her job without the child support, and if she quits her job she can't pay rent.

Any insight into the situation is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Tonight is my last night in Spain.  I am sitting naked on the bed of a hostal in Madrid, waiting for the air conditioning to start doing something significant and make this room habitable.  I have in my possession 3 euro 65, a pear, some cookies, and half a can of warm beer.  I am too tired to do anything but sit here and wait for my laptop battery to run out.

What's going on with you?  Tell me in great detail, so that this next hour and 40 minutes is the best time I've ever wasted.
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Has anyone ever moved cross-country, or at least to another state? I don't mean with your parents, I mean alone or with your SO, bestfriend, whatever.

How did you go about it? Did you take all your furniture, or sell it and buy new stuff? Did you pay for a moving company or just drive a truck yourself? How did you find a place to live you knew was going to be ok, when you lived a long way away from it?
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laptop question

I have a Dell Insperion 6000 and when I use it on the battery (not plugged in) the screen display becomes very dim and its not as bright as it is if its plugged in. Is there any way for me to adjust the brightness when on the battery?


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I don't wear makeup. At all. Well, unless you count chapstick as makeup.

I don't know what all of the crazy products are, nor how to put any of them on.

Where is the best place to learn? I have stores like Ulta or Sephora that I can go to, or just regular department stores, or my sister can show me.

What is 'everyday' makeup? I really don't want to start to wear it, but need to stop getting mistaken for a student and people tell me that makeup will help. I don't want to spend an hour everyday putting it on, either.
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Tablet woes.

So. My tablet went and died on me for no apparent reason.

I was using it as normal, didn't drop it or anything and suddenly it started to kind of slow down, like there was a lag between me moving it and the system receiving it. Then it stopped moving in a full line and would hop between the start and end points. Then it stopped moving at all.

Death was within two to three minutes of the first symptom.

I can move the cursor with the eraser end of the pen. The side buttons work fine. However, the thing simply won't recognize the pen end at all. No movement, no clicking, nothing.

I'll admit I'm pretty hard on the poor thing, I tend to drop the pen a lot, but I hadn't dropped it all day!

It's a Wacom of some sort - I believe it's one of the Intuos types, and the label on the bottom says it's a 'CTE-430'.

I tried it on another computer and it doesn't work there either. Help?
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Gmail is down! Is it because of the heat wave in California? I can't find any news about Gmail's servers or what is going on with them in particular.

*Edit* OK guys, thank you, yes I'm on drugs. (not)
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A while ago, my boyfriend and I purchased a Family Plan from Cingular, but now we're both working so much, we hardly ever use our phones, so it's kind of pointless/ridiculous to keep paying for it. How much does Cingular cost to cancel a plan? & do they do it per line, or just one fee?

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I have a little tiny white bump under my right eye. The size of it is a little bigger than the tip of a pin. It's where all my little eyelashes are, on the bottom. It doesn't hurt unless I push on it pretty hard. You can't notice it unless you're right in my face. I normally don't wear makeup in the summer, but yesterday I did wear some eyeliner. Could that be the reason why this little bump showed up this morning?
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I know this isn't a good picture but I can't make it any bigger. But whenever I open up my Cd Drive (D:), this thing always pops up. Does it mean that my CD is damaged? I only use it to save LJ icons:

Free Image Hosting at
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1. Following on from my recent post about movie remakes...
  • Which young actress around these days would you cast as Lolita?
  • What actor around these days would you cast as Humbert?

2. There was a book I saw at a market stall a while ago, the author of which I made careful note of and promptly forgot. It was published within the last couple of years. My memory tells me it was a well-known author, whose name was similar to Laurie R. King or Laurell K. Hamilton (but apparently isn't either of them). I can't remember the title either (or I wouldn't need to ask here!) but the story was about a suicide club.

I'm sure this book is popular enough for people here to know of it, but I'll cross-post to whatwasthatone if no one knows.
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1. What would you do with these earrings if you got them free with a purchase you made?

2. Generally would it look okay if a girl wore a 3/4 sleeve fitted button down shirt(completely buttoned) with a t-shirt or tank a little longer than the first shirt underneath it?

3. Do you think the girl(Peaches) in this picture is "too fat" to be wearing that?
No, I don't think she's fat at all. I was showing my dad that picture on my camera and he said she was way too fat to be wearing that, and my whole family agreed with him.

weird dental question

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for everyone's help with my last question.

I have a question about teeth. I wanted to ask here before I decide to go to the dentist because I don't have insurance. I already googled but found no answers.
The gums of some of my lower teeth are receding, and the roots are gray. There is also some sensitivity to heat and cold occasionally. Anyone know what it is? Or what could be causing it? Am I dying?

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Why do people (I think more specifically women, but I'm not sure) sometimes put their hand over their mouth when they're overcome with emotion? (Aside from, of course, in a case where they're muffling a cry or something.)

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1. How long should a good laptop battery last before dying?
2. Are there any websites that show how to alter photographs, as in coloring, blending, etc?
3. What is/was your dream career? Have you done anything to achieve it, as in going to college, special training, etc? Has your dream career changed at any point?
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How much money would you need to survive cheaply in America for two months (in summer, if that makes a difference)? Assuming that you'd be taking buses and trains instead of driving, and wouldn't be able to gamble/drink.

Edit: And when I say America, I mean the USA. And when I say the USA, I mean... well, all of it. I haven't decided where I want to go yet; it's all very vague plans, so only a very vague estimate would be needed.

Also, what does the ¬_¬ emoticon mean to you?

To me, it's the sheepish kind of face you pull after saying something stupid, but I have friends who take it to be shifty eyes or a suspicious glance.

ABC Books

When I was in Elementry School an Author came to talk at our school. He had written several ABC books. Like one book was all animals and I remember that they had trouble with X. The first animal (A fish I believe) was extenct but they ended up finding another one so there are/were two for the letter X. Another book was food. I know that he didn't draw his own pictures.

Anyone know the person I'm talking about? I want to say his first name was Jerry, but I'm not sure on that.

Edit: Thanks a ton to mercuryisme To look at the guy I was talking about visit
Give Peace A Chance

MS FrontPage help?

EDIT: Never mind, I gave up and will do it manually... thanks for all the input!


(Edited for more detail)

Hi all,
This is our wedding website, just for fun... As far as I know I activated the FrontPage extensions on the host as instructed by FrontPage AND the host, but our Guestbook gives an error message when you hit Submit that says:
Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this
page: "" and the URL reads:
Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong and/or how to fix it, or is it the enduser's system? The 2 comments that are on the guestbook page were put there by me as I thought I tested it out.

FrontPage is the only website software I know, besides a little bit of random HTML; any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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Here's a question.

If one leaves a car parked for a few months, is it bad for the car physically? Anything one should do if one needs to park a car somewhere for a few months? What about safety and other stuff [if everything of value is taken out of the car, etc]?

Note: this car will be parked in an apartment complex in a decent neighborhood/area with an access gate.
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Beef chips

Have you tried beef chips? Thinly-sliced beef snacks meant to be eaten like potato chips.

I had some at work a few months ago... I want to serve some at my wedding reception. Not because they're good... they're actually pretty nasty. I remember them as tasting like feet. Not nice, clean feet, either. Waitress feet. Maybe jogger feet. Seasoned with the black fuzzy stuff that collects underneath toenails.

But I want to have these things out at the reception to see just how many compliments I get on them. Because wedding guests aren't allowed to say negative things to the groom on his wedding day, and I want to see how many people will lie through their teeth and tell me the beef chips are good.

(Of course I probably won't do it... nnancy1964 would never let me go through with it. But I will bring them to a potluck sometime if I can find them.)

(no subject)

Generally, what makes a man physically attractive? Generally as in not just what you look for in a man, but people as a whole.

According to the wiki, the v shape torso's probably the most universal standard for sex appeal. Do you think this is true?