July 31st, 2006

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So I applied to a graduate program 4 weeks ago, and they told me I should have my decision in 4-6 weeks. Would it be wrong of me to call them tomorrow and see if they have made a decision yet? Or should I just wait for my letter?
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1. Can you tell me what is in this special edition DVD? I can't find out on google and the actual Best Buy site is of no help. It has three discs and fancy other things, but we're not sure what, exactly.

2. Do you like the beach.

3. Did you take more or less stuff than you needed for your first year of college?
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Verbose? No! Just special.

How many of ya'll make up words? I was writing last night and wrote this sentence:

"I'm just rehashing the wisdom I've been taught for your benefit and my retensity."

However, as soon as I wrote the word I realized it probably wasn't real, so I m-w'd it and sure enough the correct word is "retentiveness."

I like mine better! Which raises the question: do you have any made up, logical words that you use?
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More on NonVerbal cues

Remember my boss?

Well he's back, and sending more strange signals. What does it mean when a man who's been recently fuming mad at you, grabs you in a bear hug that holds you close to him from the top of your head to, well, your bottom?

NOTE: Not at work. This was the first time we saw wach other away from the job. At a screening of a fim he directed. He was overjoyed that I attended. o.O (I did so because after listening to him talk about it for months, it would have been petty to stay away.)

Also, any recommendations for good headhuntng firms in NYC? Anyone that you used that help?
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My boyfriend just broke up with me, what should I watch to cheer myself up?

Elfen Lied
Witch Hunter Robin
Bokusattu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan
Excel Saga
Full Metal Panic Fumofuu
Azumanga Daioh
End of Evangelion
None of these, watch some real TV! Damn anime fans!
I can't decide!
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office etiquette

I just started an office job where I have to send out the same fax requesting the same information at the beginning of every month, the only difference being that I have to change the date at the top of the page. I still have all of the copies of the faxes from last month.
Is it tacky or unprofessional to just scratch out the old date and write the new date in by hand, instead of having to waste a ton more paper to print out new copies JUST for the sake of the date being PRINTED at the top?

Do you have someone really annoying in your life? As in someone that you would just love to scream at, yet, feel like you have to keep peace with because of some reason? (neighbor, family member, co-worker, roommate, etc)

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From what I understand, in most cases of Cystic Fibrosis, it happens at birth, or as a young child.

Has anyone known anyone who experienced/developed this as an adult?

If so, how were their lives? How long did they live? Any major complications?

No.. I don't have it. My dad, 66 years old, is being told he might have it. He's had this cough now for the past 5 years. Because of his diabetes, the scar tissue on his lung can not be treated. The doctor said that his lung capacity has shrunk by 25%. The nurse told him he should think about writing a living will.

So.. I'm just curious about others...

EDIT: Nevermind.. I don't need anymore answers.

For Non-Americans

If you don't live in the U.S.A., Probably asked already but I'm still kind of New

What country/city do you live in?
What is the general feeling You have toward Americans?
What are the General feelings people in your area have toward Americans?

I ask this as much as I can because I'm about to start traveling abroad more.
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Hey all!!

I've been on holiday the past few weeks and its quite weird how much I missed this place! I would think of something and go 'oh I need to ask TQC when I get home!

Anywya, I hope you are all well!

A few questions for you...........

1 - If you knew that you would never get found out, and you were very attracted to someone else, would you cheat on them?

2 - Where does the term 'Yank' come from?

3 - I lost a lot of weight on holiday and now I am determined to lose more (I really need to, I'm obese) Is it reasonable and feasible to drop a dress size by end of September?

3a - How many lbs in between dress sizes? Roughly.

4 - And finally, how do I keep my tan lasting as long as possible?

Thank you!!!!
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Okay, for the purposes of this question, put aside top-40 type music.

What music are people listening to right now that you think will be painfully embarrassing years from now? I'm looking for hipster-ish stuff. Not boy bands or stuff that's obviously embarrassing right now.

Collapse )

On a similar topic, there are things that people from previous generations did, or notions which they simply took at face value that we think are completely repugnant today. Blatant discrimination of any kind, or, say, various kinds of hygenic practices (or lack thereof). Which things which we do now will be viewed in that sort of light 100, 200 or 1000 years from now (assuming humanity survives that long :p)?

Collapse )
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printer problem

Why does my printer spit out page after page of symbols and foreign characters when I'm trying to print something? It's only maybe 1 or 2 lines of symbols per page and it doesn't stop until the paper runs out or I turn it off.. but the next time I try printing it starts up again.

I tried troubleshooting but it says "An ActiveX control on this page is not safe.. as a result this page may not show up as intended." And it won't let me go on to the next page.

I have an HP deskjet 940c.
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What's your wardrobe like? What colors do you wear primarily and what kind of clothing? And do you feel your wardrobe really reflects you as a person?

I guess I'll answer in comments.

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So I have these strange little bumps on my head. And more than likely they are just little systs that i need to get removed, like my Nonnie has. My husbands thinks that they are little alien baby eggs and one day they will burst forth from my skull and wreak havok on the earth.

What do you think they are? (creativity is a must)

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Places like First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre and Cingular Field changed their names because the company wanted to advertise.
But does that make you want to buy thier product/use thier service more? Do you think it helps at all?
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I have two rings, both with personal importance to me. One is a ring my father gave me right before he died. It's a ring he wore every day since before I can remember, a simple braided band of silver. Obveously, it is very special to me and I treasure it greatly. But my boyfriend just gave me a ring (a heart of pink stones) as well. It's not an engagement ring, so I don't feel right wearing it on my left hand (that's the engagement/wedding band hand, right?) but my right ring finger is where I've been wearing my dad's ring, and it won't fit on any of my other fingers.

What do you think I should do? Both rings mean a lot to me; one, the love and memory of my father, the other, the love and devotion of my boyfriend. I would like to wear both, but I've only got one right ring finger. Should I suck it up and wear one on my left hand? Alternate and wear each every other day? Is there another option I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance!
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Some biker woman came into my work today and wanted to know if I knew of an artwork magazine (not even sure it's a magazine) but she said the title was called "Chameleon." It supposedly had crazy drawings of cartoon (I think?) women, basically naked. She wanted to create a logo for her company based off one of the drawings in it (yes, I know about copyright, she's going to attempt to contact the artist and get rights to it). I Googled it, and I couldn't find anything about it this magazine. There is a Chameleon magazine, but nothing to do with what she's looking for.

She said she'd stop by later on today to do a few things, and wondered if I could try to find out. So here I am, trying to find out if anyone here knows anything about this supposed magazine?
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So I recently got a necklace that comes with a ball chain. Instead of going to a jeweler, where is the cheapest place I can find a silver chain link necklace? Preferably a size that will fit Collapse )? I checked ebay but they only have ones for men and I don't know which one would go with this one.

Also, I won an item on ebay...so I paid it with Paypal but the sender refunded my money back cause my address was uncomfirmed or something. Is the money that she refunded gunna go back to my Paypal account or my checking account? I only use Paypal to send money. If the money were to be sent back to me, I don't think I can ever get it cause I had some complicating problems with Paypal. How long do you think it will take for me to see that she sent the money back?
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adverts music

Hey all,

There are two (UK) car ads that have music I like in them at the mo and I would like to know who the tracks are by.

One is that one with all the security cameras that says "give them something to watch", the other one is the skating Transformer.

Any clues?

Ta :)

Graphic Design

Would anyone here with a graphic design major care to sum it up? I may be interested in it, but I never hear too much about it. What kind of things does the major entail and involve while you are studying it? What kind of future can you have with such a major, average salary, and is it super-competitive, starving-artist wise? Any info at all would be great because I don't know much about it, except that I like to dabble around in photoshop and visual arts, so I'm trying to research it as a possibility. Etc...thank you :)
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Do you find Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's use of the phrase "tar baby" to be a racist remark?

Here's a link to the story for anyone who hasn't heard this yet:


Oh, and here's a link to the Uncle Remus story (with the original text by author Joel Chandler Harris) to which it refers:


"Turkentime". Jesus.

EDIT: I think mangameep summed it up perfectly, as far as the way I personally feel about the whole thing, so I will quote her comment here: "No, I don't find his use of the phrase to be racist, and I'm sure he didn't mean to offend anyone.

However, as a politician, he should be more careful with his choice of folkloric allusions."

Well spoken. :)


A few questions in no particular order.

1. Do you wear pajamas or general "vegging" clothes to a drive-through on a lazy day when you're going straight back home, or do you change?

2. If you don't drink alcohol, why? (Just wondering. I've been there before, I have friends who are, and I like to hear new reasons.)

3. I love allofmp3.com. Anyone else?

4. Do you like your job?

5. If you work in food service and get a discount/free food, are you sick of the food yet?

6. What is your opinion on cocaine? Please mention if you've tried it or not.
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Have you ever used Bumble & bumble hair products?
a) What product(s) have you used?
b) Is it worth the price?
c) If I were to buy one Bb product, which one would should I buy?

I've seen it mentioned in magazines a lot, and now that it's available here in Canada, I'm wondering about people's REAL opinions of it.
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-Have you done one of those '100 things about me' posts in your journal? Can you link to it?

-Do you have an 'emergency contact' post? Where is it in your journal (like, your first post, or on your birthday?)

-Do you drink Naked brand juice? What flavors do you like/dislike?
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delayed reaction

I tried Google, but it only wants to sell me things.

The other day, I rear ended someone going ~20 mph, and apparently now they person I hit is claiming they got injured. (I'm not sure how they could've gotten injured at such a slow speed unless if they weren't wearing a seat belt, but that is beside the point.) However, while I was on the phone with my claims adjuster, I forgot to ask: What exactly does this mean for me? Is my insurance premium just going to be even higher, or are there other repercussions?

Edit: I already knew my premium would go up because I was at fault (thanks to those who took the time to comment, though!). I'm just wondering about the repercussions for injuring the other person.
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Okay guys, I've got a question about a line of dialogue from Sex and the City.

"No, really, in your mind... what is the ideal living situation for two people in a relationship?" Carrie.
"Exactly what we have." - Big.
"And what is that?" - Carrie.
"I have my place, and you have yours. We're together when we want to be, and we're apart when we want to be." - Big.
"Like Woody and Mia." - Carrie.
"Before Soon-Yi." - Big.

Carrie's monologue: "Ever since Woody Allen described waving to Mia Farrow across the Park.. single men in Manhattan had yearned for that kind of seperate together-ness...."

Which Woody Allen movie is this referring to, and what's it all about exactly?

Much appreciated. :)

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I tossed a question earlier about Cystic Fibrosis in this post. My dad called the doctor to get the name of what he's got (he obviously forgot).. and it's Pulmonary Fibrosis - which makes a whole lot more sense.

Now that I have the name of what he's got, I'll ask again --

Has anyone known anyone who experienced this condition?

If so, how were their lives? How long did they live? Any major complications?

And thank you to those who answered my previous question - even if I was off by the name. :)

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1. How did your parent or parents come up with your name?
Where we lived at the time, before I was born, there was a bridge that you had to cross in order to get to our house. On the bridge, it said, "Lena loves Brian". So, the name Lena stuck in my moms mind and that's what she named me.

2. What would have been your name if you were born the opposite sex?
Fletcher. Long story, but the idea was conceived from a commercial that aired at the time.

3. Does anyone know any songs about a father and daughter not getting along?

4. What celebrities have been in sex tapes/videos?
Paris Hilton, Pam Anderon, Tommy Lee, Fred Durst, Chyna Doll. 
Anyone else?

5. Hugh Hefner has 3 girlfriends. Holly, Bridget and Kendra. 
If you have one, which girl is your favorite?
I like Bridget.



Where can I get some cheap, unpainted/treated wood furniture? IKEA tends to be hit-or-miss and sometimes pricy, thrift stores have turned up empty.

Are there any Big-Cheap-Unpainted Furniture-Warehouse Stores? Bonus points if you can point me to some place on Long Island or the Albany region in NYS.
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How come when I'm in my car listening to a particular radio station, and I pull up to a particular intersection, the station changes? The numbers don't change, but something else tunes in, and then back to the regular station when I get 10 feet away from the intersection. It is very strange, because I know there aren't any radio station transmitters in that neighborhood, and it only works when you're in the left turn lane in that intersection going a certain direction (I tried it from all directions just to test) it's very bizzarre.
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When you get Chinese food delivered or as take out do you eat it in the container(s) it comes in it, or do you use your own plates/bowls?
I always use my own bowls, I hate trying to eat out of take out boxes.
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A couple questions.. one selfish..

My Apple Ibook G4 laptop is about a year old.. And the computer screen is starting to FLICKER at me. *blinkblink*

Bad sign, right? What do I do?


-- What actors or actresses have you expected to just SUCK in a role, and they actually ended up to really rock?

For instance: I was teeeerrified to see Evita, because I was sure that Madonna and Antonio Banderas were going to foul it up something fierce.. and I actually thought they did a wonderful job! ( Throw tomatoes if you must. I'm actually pretty well versed in legit theatre. ;) Even if you don't feel that my previous statement matches that truth..)
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myspace question

I've been having problems with my myspace friends lately and well since myspace is everywhere I thought there might be a chance of someone on LJ pointing me in the right direction.

Problem 1) A week ago I sent someone a friend reuquest and last night it was still showing as pending. However I was at that person's house the night before and they already had me on their top friends + I saw them physically accept my invite just to be sure.

Problem 2) I just went and counted my friends and I came up with 74, however my count says 80. Is there such a thing as phantom friends or what?

I'm looking all over myspace and trying different things to get this fixed cause well I'm picky and I don't like lose ends so any info or ideas that could point me in the right direction to get this fixed would be very much appericiated.
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I thought of this on the bus to work earlier. since then I can't figure it out. I may be over complicating things in my head.
Anyway here is the question.

How dose the human body heat itself?
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If you could film:
  • Psycho
  • American Psycho
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal / Red Dragon
  • Brighton Rock

...over again, who would you cast as the protagonist? You can cast anyone except the person who has already been cast.

Silly and/or serious answers are welcome. :)
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My google-fu is failing me and the previous question reminded me.

How long does an accident stay on your insurance? If I had a my-fault accident in 2003, when can I expect to stop paying higher premiums for it?

New Question!

If I want to buy a set of hot rollers for my hair to see if I can enhance the wave, what set would you recommend? I have really thick hair, prone to frizz, with a bit of natural wave but not enough to pass for "mildly curly." Just "not straight."

special maintanance?

wtf is up with myspace's 'special maintanance? is it just my profile, it seems like every single day at some time my profile 'is down for routine maintanance' or 'for special maintanance'

am being spied upon or something? please tell me this is the same thing that happens with all profiles not just mine.

emergency flight

Is it true you can get cheaper plane tickets if you have to fly somewhere due to a death in the family?
My grandfather passed away today adn I dont have a lot of money and remember someone posting about airlines having special deals like that.
Anyone know anything?
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srsly hyopthetical guyz.

It's TQC hypothetical situation time again!

So, if you were being shown an apartment that you were thinking about moving into in a month, and the current resident had restraints hanging off the corners of their bed and an ass vibrator on their nightstand, would it bother you?
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When you've just gone through a bunch of deadlines and crunchtimes, basically where a lot of things are expected of you in a very short amount of time, what do you do after it's all over with?

In the past 5 days - work has been extremely demanding, I wrote up and memorized and presented a 7-8 minute informational speech, watched and cried at my speech and wrote a review of it (I ended up getting an A from the teacher but I thought it was so horrible...but isn't that how it always is?), studied for my sociology midterm and took that, took my accounting midterm, did homework for accounting, took a chapter quiz for accounting. Then I started contemplating what to do for my persuasive speech that I'm going to be doing on the 10th.

My brain is absolutely fried, considering I didn't do shit for 2 days except have sex, eat, sleep, and be with my boyfriend hahaha.

So any idea on what I can do to relax a little? I'm thinking of a book and sleeping pills, but I'm up for other suggestions.

Also, what's something you would want to do for a persuasive speech? I'm still pretty much open for ideas. I was wanting to do gun control or formula feeding V. breastfeeding but I'm not sure if I'm passionate enough about either to do an 8-9 minute speech in front of a class about it.
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My next-door neighbor is on my wireless network.

How do I boot her off/prevent her from stealing my internet that I pay for? (Is that even what she's doing?)

I already clicked the "Not Trusted" button when the notification that an unknown computer was on my network popped up.

Someone mentioned to me about password protecting my cable modem? I thought I could only password protect my folders/files.
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Have you ever made your own perfume? Using natural oils and the like? I really want to make one that's lemon scented, but I'm scared to try. I used to have some awesome links saved in my bookmarks, but Firefox devoured them. So, what was your experience like and do you have any advice?

Also, what's your ringtone? How many ringtones have you downloaded on your phone?

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Why would you want to cool an aqueous solution of benzoate with an ice-bath before acidifying it with HCl? (This will give us the end product of benzoic acid, but why is the cooling step necessary?)

Easybake, ahoy!

What was/is your favourite Easy Bake oven (or equivalent) food?

I never had a real one, mine was black and white and came from Sears, but it cooked food under a light bulb just like the real thing :) I've just had a sudden craving for the pizza that I used to make with it, complete with the delicious tomato sauce you made from powder (that still tasted like it when it was cooked).

So, tqc, what Easy Bake food am I neglecting to remember?
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1. Part A: I'm going to a concert soon, what's the best foundation/gloss/blush ect. that you've found will not run like the dickens while your pogoing about in the pit?
Part B: My eyes seem to be sensitive to cosmetics. Whenever I apply eyeliner or mascara my eyes water and as the day wears on they just get more and more irritated, so anyone know a good eyeliner/mascara that will survive the pit and not irritate my eyes?

2. How often do you re apply make up throughout the day?

3. Do you feel prettier with make up or without?

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Ok, I was a passenger in a car accident tonight -- little fender bender, some damage to my parents' car. At the time I told the cop that no one was injured (I reported it, my brother the driver hates talking on the phone), but now my wrist is aching. If it still is bothersome, do I go to the cops and let them know that it is aching? It's not broken or anything, it's definitely minor, but if it's bothersome over the next few days should I report it?

And in a similar vein, as there seems to be a rash of car questions tonight, have you ever been in a car accident as a passenger?
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can you guess what song i have in my head?

if you can do it in three guesses or less, i'll send you $5, no lie.

HINT: the vocalist singing the song is a man with brown hair :D
- not HHPC
-sung by a band
- "old" song


correct answer: "dream on" by aerosmith
given by cestqui
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