July 30th, 2006

Variations on an emoticon

For all of you literate in Internet slang:

What is the difference between XD and XD; ?

I've seen XD; twice now, and I'm almost positive the person wasn't using the semicolon gramatically ("XD; this is funny."). The only thing I can make of it so far is that if you turn it upside down, it's an anguished face with a bow tie.

Do you think of XD as a face, like :), or do you read the letters as Ecks Dee?
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Money etiquette.

So my best friend's mom occassionally sends me postcards and puts in a $20 each time.
I appreciate the gesture and love the woman but it makes me feel bad and is absolutely not necessary. I know that she does it because she wants to help and thinks I need it but I dont really and I just feel awkward.
I send thank you cards and have told her that it's not necessary, and she shouldnt, that I just like knowing that she's thinking of me, but the money is not needed.
But the woman still does it even though she recently lost her job.
I just got another card from her today with a $20.
What do I do?
Possible options are:
a) just say thank you and keep taking it even though it makes me feel awful.
b) secretely send it to her daughter (my best friend) since I have more money than she does and her mom's money should be going to her rather than me.
c) buy the woman something with it as a thank you (but I feel shitty buying her a gift with her own money)

How do I politely get her to stop?
What do I do if she doesnt?
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(no subject)

When you're talking to a non-immediate family member about another family member, what referent do you use – yours or theirs? For example, if you're talking to your mom's sister about your mom, do you call her "my mom" or do you use her name?

I'd call her "my mom." It seems weird, but not as weird as using her name.

He's bringing sexy back?

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By now, most of us have heard Justin Timberlake's single "sexy back".

He says he's bringing sexy back. What I want to know is...

Did sexy ever leave? If so;

1. Where did Sexy go?
2. How long has sexy been gone?
3. Can JT actually bring sexy back?


I think sexy split in the 1990's when the grunge era was ushered in. Sexy took off when flannel was brought in.
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(no subject)

What is it like living in the city of chicago?

As in, how hard is it to live there (get a job, get an apartment, make friends)?
What are some fun things to do?
How are the winters?

(no subject)

I downloaded two episodes of arrested development from limewire (the kind you pay for). How can I play them?
I have quicktime, windows media player, and itunes. I can't figure out how to play these episodes. a;sdlkjaw;elkrj i just want to watch arrested development season 3...
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First Time Caller

1) Does dream really mean anything?

2) Do any of you find that you can force yourself awake when you're having a nightmare?

3) What's the deal with those dream when you jump/fall off some place tall and your jerk awake?

4) Does counting sheep really work?

5) What's the longest a person can go without sleep and be healthy?
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(no subject)

how do you go about confronting someone who you suspect is lying to you?
are your actions affected by how close you are to the person?
(i think my s.o. is lying to me about something fairly important, and i tend to blow things out of proportion even when they're big issues, so i want to know how others go about dealing with things like this.)
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please help the tact-impaired

What do you do about a previous employer that you think would give you a bad reference? It seems like it would look bad to say, no, you may not contact this employer. I've been omitting the job altogether on applications, but that's probably not a good idea either. You could try to explain it on the application, but it doesn't reflect well on you to say bad things about a previous boss, or that you had a conflict with them. I'll even go so far as to say, yes, it was rude of me to talk to her like she was stupid (BUT.GODDAMN.SHE.WAS.SUCH.A.POMPOUS.IDIOT).
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So how should I represent this on a job app, if at all? I've never had any problems with employers before or since then. This is especially bothersome because I would prefer to work in a coffee shop, and this job shows that I have experience in it.
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old license plates

What do I do with my license plates?

I lived in Massachusetts, but moved to Minnesota a few years ago. I didn't know I was supposed to turn in my plates so I brought them with me (was going to throw them away, but wanted to keep them and hang them up as a sentimental thing because I missed my home.) And when I moved BACK to Massachusetts last year, I didn't return those either, they're still on my car that I'm about to junk. Note that this is the same car we're talking about...I bought it in MA, then transported it to MN and then back again...now it has issues and is no good...I just bought a new car and am getting new plates for it.

So what can I do with these two sets of plates? I have one set of MA plates, and one set of MN plates. I realize it probably varies state to state, but any help you can give would be appreciated. I am assuming that if I don't return these plates I will have to keep paying excise tax? Could I possibly turn them both into my state I'm in now and they'll just take care of them for me?

Also, what is the norm for junking your car? Do I call up a junkyard and just tell them to come get it? Do I have to give them the keys and the title? Should I expect any money?

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Does anybody currently have a fuck buddy/friend with benefits? More than one? How's that working out for you?

Also, what's the difference between those two terms? I used to use them pretty interchangeably, but someone recently told me that a FwB is a litte more romantic/friendly than a FB. Like, a FB will come over, do their thing, and leave. Whereas a FwB will hang out for a bit afterwards. Is that right?
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Weather phenomena

So this morning I was sleeping through a particularly intense severe thunderstom. There was literally lightning every few seconds. This was odd, because A) I don't usually sleep well through storms, and B) it was early in the morning... probably 6:00 or 7:00. But I digress.
So I was sleeping (poorly) and all of a sudden I was jolted awake by an incredibly loud, and not entirely unlike thunder, noise. It kind of just sounded like an explosion. No rumbling, just a very very loud bang.
I look out the window, and it was so windy, I pretty much thought that the trees were going to fall over. Not only that, but my whole house was shaking so hard that all of the doors were rattling in their frames. At first I thought someone was trying to get in my apartment, but then I realized that my bed was shaking too.
Needless to say, I thought the whole world was going to hell in a handbasket, and that I was going to die.
And then, less than a minute later, it was over.
The wind stopped, the lightning stopped; even the rain stopped. And then, after a few minutes, it started raining/thundering again.
So, what was it that happened? Why was my house shaking (its a huge, old, sturdy house with apartments in it)? Did I possibly experience a downburst? Perhaps a wayward tornado (though this seems highly unlikely as there was really no damage)? I suppose its possible that my house was struck by lightning, but that wouldn't explain the shaking/wind/power still being on.
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Have you ever used Crest Whitestrips?

How long did it take for your teeth to start looking whiter?

Should I get the Classic or Premium variety? Classic is cheaper but takes longer to show up, I think. I'd rather them start looking whiter ASAP, because I'm having my senior portrait done Thursday.
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(no subject)

What's your favorite flavor of tea? Favorite Brand?
Loose or bags?
Any recommendations for cute tea sets I could buy online? (I don't want to hunt through antique shops or eBay).

What do you use to make mosquito bites stop itching?
Is there anyway I can make them stop biting me, other than use lots of bug spray?

How often do you think of questions to ask, only to forget them? Me: A lot.

(no subject)

Hello, everyone. I live in San Jose, CA (the Bay Area basically), and I was wondering if any of you folks from there happen to know any good psychologists/therapists/shrinks/whatever you wanna call them or if you know of any sites that have "reviews" or recommendations for different psychologists?

Also, what is the correct way to floss one's teeth?


(no subject)

1. Of the songs currently being played on the radio, which is your favorite?

2. And again, of the songs currently on the radio, which song(s)do you hate?

3. When you put the toilet paper on the dispenser thing, do you have to have it so the paper goes over the top or from underneath?

4. What is the weirdest phrase you've ever heard someone use?

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(no subject)

Is anyone here familiar with Yemeni/Middle Eastern cooking?

I'm looking for a recipe or name of a dish I had in Yemen. It was in a casserole sort of dish and layered. There was a layer of white onions, tomatoes and eggs. There was possibly a layer of potatoes in it, but I can't remember exactly. It was baked in the oven.

Anyone know the name of that or have a recipe for something similar?

(no subject)

I don't know if I've seen this posted recently and I am dying to know....

What's the Star Jones controversy?  What do Barbara Walters and Rosie O'donnell have to do with it? Why is Star leaving the view?

maybe I should just kill them.

Alright- 3 months ago, I picked up a sublease in a 4 bedroom apt. I paid a deposit, which was noted on my contract because the person in the office effed up and I wasn't supposed to have (the person who moved out was supposed to leave her deposit and get it back when I moved out). Each person signed their own contract, but we're in it together-- so, basically, if one person didn't pay their rent we'd have to cover or we'd -all- get evicted, instead of the system where one person doesn't pay their rent, one person gets evicted.

it's now 2 p.m., checkout time is 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, the only time my roommates could get.
I'm not particularly confident in my housemates' intelligence, here. There are still dishes in the sink, one girl still has 80% of her stuff in her room, another appears to have not realised the concept of 'moving' at all. The fridge is still gross, the stove-top they wanted me to clean still has dishes on it, and the rug in the living room is still disgusting. Apparently one of them called to check whether they actually had to have the carpet cleaned, because it was already gross when they moved in, and the person at the office said the rug cleaning bit wasn't in their contracts so they didn't have to, but they didn't get this in writing, and I'd at least rent a rug doctor or something... and, looking at -my- contract, the rug-cleany bit -is- in there.

How much trouble can I get into for what is obviously* my roommates' fault? The bit about charging us by the hour if they had to clean, do they split that evenly across the deposits or do they weight it toward the people they have to clean up after? If they charge -me- for the rugs(since maybe the two non-subleasers have a different, older contract), do I have any recourse against them or my roommates?
I'm pretty sure for damages charges they'd be limited to just my deposit, but can the cleaning fee/charges go above/beyond that?

(in iowa)

*obvious in the sense that looking at my room, it's clean and swept and taken care of, and the 4th girl's room still looks totally spotless because she stored her stuff there but never really moved in- the two girls in the middle bedrooms are the ones who likely won't be ready by checkout time tomorrow, and all the dishes and food are theirs as well.

I stubbed my toe while trying to move my desk, and apparently managed to separate some of the nail from the nail bed, causing it to bleed profusely. It's still mostly attached, it won't fall off, right? Is this going to hurt like hell as it heals up?
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(no subject)

1. Do you think that motorcyclists should be required to wear helmets?
2. If you went to college and lived on campus, what was your favorite thing about being a resident? Least favorite?
3. Do you like Vera Bradley bags or do you find them to be rather ugly?
4. What, if anything, has made you really happy today?
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(no subject)

I was surprised by a recent question where someone asked about tip jars. Most people answering said they either drop in a little chnage or don't tip in tip jars at all. So my questions are:

1. Do you tip in tip jars?

2. bout how much? Your change? A dollar?

3. Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress or at any other job where you got tips?

I work in a coffee shop with a tip jar. I always tip at least a dollar in tip jars when I go out, b/c I know they appreciate it, especially if I order a frozen drink. When I go out to eat I always tip 20%, sometimes more if the service is awsome.

Edit: I realized this may have sounded snarky, so I want to say that I was just curious, and I know that no one has to tip people. It just makes us happy.
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Habits Given By Parental Units (Thanks, Mom)

What are some strange habits or expressions you've picked up from your parents (or other family members)? Do you know the cause/root of these habits or expressions?

I shake my milk (in the carton or jug) before I pour it into a glass. Got that from my mom. She does it because way back in her early days, they had to use powdered milk and it would have to be shaken up before you poured, just to make sure there were not clumps. (EW)

And then I also 'worsh' [wash] things. My grandma says 'worsh' instead of 'wash' and I picked that up from her.
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Odd question...

Can you get Muscat de Baume de Venise in full bottle, or does it only come in small ones?

That's probably not the right spelling for that, so apologies.

(no subject)

Thanks to the delightfully horrible tv show, Rock Star : Supernova, hopefully most of you should be familiar with the idea of a 'supergroup'. That is, a band made up of musicians who are from other bands, meshed into one overwhelmingly rocking force that will knock you flat on your bum. And most of us have probably come up with our idea of who the ultimate 'supergroup' would be, but here's a new twist on it.

What supergroup do you think should exist in the afterworld? That is, a band made up entirely of dead people. And yeah, Elvis and Jim count. It can be as big as you want, just make sure everyone is no longer living. 

Bonus points if you want to do a supergroup from heaven and a supergroup from hell. :)

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My last question for the day

I found something online where you could type whatever you wanted, and it would make it look like you wrote it on a piece of paper. They gave you links so you could use it on LiveJournal or Myspace. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, where can I find that again, or maybe something like it?

I also found another site where it wrote it on a wall, like whatever you wrote was grafitti.
I'm not too bright and forget to save the links to the sites! :\

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(no subject)

Ok, so I saw this bumper sticker today, and trying to figure out what it's talking about is drving me CRAZY!

It's with these penguins, and one penguin is being swallowed by a big fish, and it says "Relax - God is in control."

So my question is, what does a fish eating a penguin have to do with God being in control?

(no subject)

1. There's a cat outside my house, who I'm pretty sure has been abandoned. She's very light, and weighs almost nothing at all. I gave her a can of cat food about three hours ago and she's STILL working on it. She'll eat a little, and then go over in the grass and sit, and then do it again. I'm not sure if she has worms, but I think its clear she's hungry. How many cans of cat food should I give her a day? I don't have to worry about other wildlife getting it, because she's right in front of my window, under a hammock, in a pretty protected spot.

2. I know cats eat grass to settle their stomaches, but do dogs do the same thing as well?

3. Have you ever been to playland park in Rye, NY? How was it?

4. What's your favorite frozen meal?

5. Is there a listing of banks that have free coinstar machines?

6. What is the address of the website that has codes for "subscription only" online news sources and databases for public use?

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(no subject)

Mac users -- what instant messenger do you use?

I recently got a mac, but I'm not happy with MSN messenger for mac -- none of the features, it refuses to let me change my display picture (even after completely removing and then re-downloading and installing the lastest version), etc, etc. I'm looking for something that will let me keep my MSN contact list (maybe like Trillian, but for mac?)

(no subject)

Two main questions with a few subquestions tacked on to each. ^_^;; Thanks in advance.

1. What does it feel like to dislocate your kneecap?
a. How long would it take to recover from that?
b. Would a knee brace or cane be involved during recovery?
c. What's the worst the injury could be and still let the victim run around and stuff after full recovery?

2. What sort of things could get a star quarterback tossed off the football team and bunted a few rungs down the social ladder? (outside of stuff like getting a girl pregnent)
a. How much would fellow players freak out about finding out a team mate was gay? Could that lead to him being requested to 'drop' the sport?
b. How does the injury list work? Like dislocating a knee. Would he still technically be on the team?
c. In general, how do football scholarships work? What could happen to make someone lose one?
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aches and pains.

my shoulder has been hurting since i woke up this morning. i went swimming and did the water therapy thing for a while and it felt better... until now.

so, in lieu of taking tylenol or something similar, would a heating pad on my aching shoulder do any good? what's the heat/cold ruling for aches and pains?

(no subject)

Looking for unique 21st birthday present ideas [alcohol is not a unique idea, that's a give-in] for a graphic design major who loves hardcore music, elliott smith, vinyl, photography, and gmu men's basketball would be much appreciated...<3


Can somebody help me find the recommended dietary intakes and the safe upper limits for vitamins please? I just can't find anything by using google. :(

I'm taking a couple of vitamin supplements, and I'm worried that with the fortified food and a fairly good diet, I might be exceeding the safe upper limit of vitamins.