July 29th, 2006


computer related

lately my mouse has been acting up on me. for some ODD reason when i click ONCE it somehow clicks something twice. it's REALLY frustrating. does it have anything to do with the fact that i'm using a laptop? what's going on here???
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(no subject)

My hair is about 7 inches below my shoulders. It's naturally wavy, but straight, for the most part. I generally keep it just tied back in a plain old bun.

Moving to NYC in afew weeks, and I want to cooler look. What could I have done with it?

If maybe you could link me to some pics with your answers, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

What are some really funny movies?

My friends and I are do movie nights very frequently and I'm looking for some really funny movies... we're running out of ideas.

dry skin

What's the best face wash for really dry skin?

I've been using this stuff called DermAdvance, which I got through this asshole dermotolgist I visited a few months ago. I'd like to try something else, but there are so many different kinds of face wash out there... any suggestions?
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chicken book?

So when I was younger I read a children's book about a boy and this crazy old guy who ran around the country eating at every single restaurant in a fast-food fried chicken chain. It was a contest, and I remember the cover had the two characters and maybe a mechanical chicken on the front? Anyway, does anyone know the name of this book? I'd really like to read it again, for nostalgia's sake.
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(no subject)

Hi folks,

Ordinarily I'm not a fan of this music style...

But I just heard a track that I think is by Snoop Dogg that has a Russian music sample in it, and I think had a lyric something like "Walkin' like a star".

Anyone know what it is? I'm having no luck with Google.

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(no subject)

Are there any things you do (that you don't really enjoy) simply because they remind you of someone you miss?
I worded that awkwardly. Sometimes I watch All In The Family because it reminds me of my grandpa, and sometimes I eat marzipan because my mother loved it. I really don't like All In The Family and I hate marzipan.


I've recently started taking this supplement and noticed since I've been taking them, I've noticed I've become more thirsty. Has anyone had this? I'm considering asking my doctor about this to see I need to have my dosage changed.
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Hair band question

You know the hair bands that were inspired by bra straps? I think they are really cute so I bought some, the thing is I can't figure out how the hell to wear them....I'm hair challenged, please help me so I don't look like an idiot!
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Tomorrow you have to choose.

Keep your mouth shut and pretend to love Big Brother
Become one of those "outsiders" who populate the sewers and wild lands of dystopian sci-fi movies
Sacrifice your life in a futile bid to overthrow your government
I'm scared to answer this question

(no subject)

I have this silver necklace I've worn constantly for the past decade or so, and yesterday, I wore it in a pool and a hot tub because I'm apparently an idiot. The pool used chlorine for cleaning, the hot tub used bromine. The necklace looks.. tarnished? It's the color of pewter now. Is there anything I can do to fix it at home? How much would it cost to bring to the jewler's? Thanks.

Edit: Thanks! Toothpaste worked in a few seconds. :)
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Favourite LJ icon?

Hi folks,

Simple question, what's your favourite LJ icon?...

(whether you own/use it, or not. I know we're not supposed to ask questions about LJ, I'm hoping this doesn't count as such)
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(no subject)

I got highlights in my hair on Thursday afternoon at around 4pm. The stylist said not to wash my hair for a couple of days, but yesterday I went on a very vigourous(sp?) bikeride, and now my hair feels really dirty. I'm also going out with friends later on today, and I'd really like to wash my hair but I don't know if it's too early to do this.

Right now it's 12pm where I am if that makes a difference.

Should I wash my hair? ..
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(no subject)

What's with using the word "stillness" in fan communities?

What temperature do you keep your thermostat at?

What is your opinion of people deleting comments that disagree with the original post (e.g., "OMG I LOVE BRITNEY" and people post "shut up, she sucks")? (not just in TQC, but all communities)

(no subject)

1. How do you deal with drifting apart from a family member? What if it's someone you really love and care about but just feel like you can't put up with all their problems anymore? Do you let them go because they're a real emotional drain on you or do you make an effort to remain friends with them?

2. Let's say it's legal for you to have one ounce of marijuana in your home for personal use and that you are someone who smokes. But it's not legal for you to buy or sell it. Would you grow plants in your home for personal use or would you just buy. It would probably cost about $1000 to set up the process of growing plants but over time you will spend that much buying. Not doing either is not an answer.

3. What do you think of the sport of boxing?

4. If you could have any job in your town with your current skills, experience, and education what would it be? Why?

5. If you could have any job anywhere regardless of what your current skills, experience, and education are what would it be? Why?

6. Do you like your current job? Would you do it if you didn't need the money?

7. How much of your family history do you know?
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(no subject)

This morning I woke up due to an extreme case of itchiness, on my legs.
Last night I slept in my boyfriend's bed last night, the house had been recently 'flea-bombed', and he isn't itchy.

I can't stop this itchiness it's driving me @#$%ing crazy.
I've tried putting lotion on my legs, but there isn't anything to suggest that I would be itchy.

What the hell is going on?

(no subject)

I thought I asked this yesterday but I got no replies and I can't see it! Firefox must have gobbled it up. So if you did see it, I apologise for double posting.

Do you have any keloid scars?

What caused them?

Have you done anything to have them removed? What procedure and how much did it cost?

Did they return after they were removed?

Sensitive information.....

Have you ever found out something that you COULD use to your advantage, but knew it was smarter not to say anything? Something that you wished you never heard, so that you wouldn't blurt it out at the wrong time? (Good or bad?

My reason for asking: Since my parents moved out of town, I've been hanging out with a work friend of my Mom's. When the location my Mom worked for shut down, she applied for positions within the same company she had worked for for 15 years. She was told there was nothing for her, that she was "over qualified" for any open positions. Well, I found out that the REAL reason they didn't find a place for her was because she was so difficult to work with, that no one wanted her around.

My Mom & I don't get along a lot of the time, and she usually tries to blame it on me, and says that I'M the difficult, bitchy one. She refuses to acknowledge that she can be hard to deal with. And I know that the next time she picks a fight with me, I'll be SOOOO tempted to tell her what I found out.

EDIT: OK, guys, I KNOW that I shouldn't say anything to my Mom. I'm nearly 28 years old, and have been dealing with her insanity for pretty much 24 of them. I'm not looking for advice on what to do. What I AM asking is whether anyone has ever found out information that was, for lack of a better word, dangerous? This is an anecdotal question, not an advice one.

But thanks anyway, those of you who have offered suggestions.
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(no subject)

1. I recently bought a pair of shoes that I really like... except they're by Tommy Hilfiger. I haven't owned anything by that brand since the 7th grade. Normally I wouldn't care, but the shoes are white and the logo is stitched onto the sides of the shoes. It's not even an inch wide, but really obvious. Is there any way I can cover it up?

2. What "main course" would you bring to a potluck? Can it be found at Trader Joe's or other supermarkets?

3. Is it a bad idea to ignore the possibility of having OCD? If a person were to get diagnosed with OCD would it affect their health insurance coverage?

4. I have a beta fish I want to take with me when I move (about 2 hours away from where I currently am). Would the new water be hazardous to his health?

My kitties first move.

I am moving into an apartment in a week. And I will be bringing my cat who is 2 years old, and who has spent her whole life living in this current house.

Should I have any concerns about her adjusting? She has spent her whole life in a house with a dog and other cats, so she has never been alone.

Now she will be with just me, and since I work, she will be in a strange house alone for a brief while.

Do you feel there is no concern? Are there any female cat behaviors that may surface in this scenario?

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Not quite Rapunzel yet... ;)

I'm growing out my hair to see how long it'll be by the time I finish college. Currently, it is 15 inches past my shoulders (I can sit on it). When I graduate in a year and chop most of it off, I want to donate my hair to some place that will use it for wigs for kids with cancer.

I was going to send it to Locks of Love, but I heard that they just keep all the hair in a warehouse and don't even make it into wigs any more. Is that true?

If it is, is there a decent place I can send my hair to that will definitely use the hair for kids who need it?

(no subject)

What brand is your car?
What model/year?
What color?
Do you like how it drives?

Pictures are optional, though I like pictures. :X

edit // forgot to ask; What type of gas does it take, how much does it cost per gallon and where do you live?

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(no subject)

1. If you could own any type of small, privately-owned business, what would it be; and what would you name it? (This is assuming you don't already own a business of your own).

2. Part II.... if you already own a business, what is it and what's it called?

me = I'd open a Bowling Lanes and name it BeeKay's Bowling, or BeeKay's Lanes.
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(no subject)

1. what makes someone trashy?

2. what do you think about stealing images from the internet and using them, but not claiming them as your own or anything like that? just as a background or whatever.
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car buying

I am getting ready to buy a car. I have done a lot of research and I know exactly what I want and can afford. This morning I got approved for a great loan through my bank, so I'm ready to buy this car. I am ready to buy this car any day. Here's the problem: I want a specific model which means it will be used. I'm fine with that and though I'm finding plenty of them, the bulk of them are at small used-car only lots. The loan is through my bank, so I'm not worried about getting screwed on financing, but I AM worried about dealing with a business like that. Are my fears valid? Are small used car lots really sketchy places to buy a car or could they just be mom and pop small businesses? Should I just wait and keep looking til I find the car I want at a big name dealership that will offer me a good warranty?

(no subject)

 1. What is your impression/opinion of Philadelphia? Howabout the people who live there?

2. What is your impression/opinion of Washington D.C.? Howabout the people who live there?

3. I'm trying to share files from our home computer to my laptop. Both computers have the same workgroup name and I have clicked the 'share with other computers on my network' button on all the files I want to share. The laptop is connected to the home pc via wireless internet, if that's of any consequence. So what's up? Why can't I access them? Any help will be MUCH appreciated as I suck at this stuff. And I also disabled the firewall on both computers for the time being because apparently that is sometimes a problem, but still nothing is showing up. And now another edit. By clicking on a 'share with other computers' button in the LAN connection, I got the files to show up...sort of. I can see them but not access them. I just clicked the 'allow users to change my files' on the home pc, but still, nada. Help?
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U2 Mix

If you had to make the most perfect U2 mix, what songs would be on there? If you have any suggestions for what order is awesome to listen to, I'd love to hear them.

I'm making a mix cd for my cousin that I need to do ASAP. Thanks!

(no subject)

My moped was just stolen and I cannot afford a car. The bus stop is many miles away for me to even attempt to use that route. I already bicycle to work and that alone is 2 miles away. Groceries or things like the dentist are 5-15 miles away. What do you suggest could be affordable and conveinent transportation?
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(no subject)

If the Jamaican flag is green yellow and black, what is the significance of the red that's always included in Jamaican accessories/clothing/other stuff?

Is Andy Milonakis really 29?

Do you like brussel sprouts? I like them and so does my dad, but everyone else I've ever met finds them repulsive.

(no subject)

1) Anyone know a way to see someone's facebook profile without adding them as a friend?
2) Is there a way to find out a number of an incoming call I received a month or so ago, on my bill it says incoming but I want to know the number.

3) Is there any way to look up past stock quotes? Ive been slacking in the class. Dow, Nasdaq..anything.
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(no subject)

So does this help anyone?

Earlier I posted that I was not recieving lj comments in my inbox.

Only I was, I just couldn't see any.

I got suspicious when I checked my emails from my phone, I could see a comment. When i got to download them to my mail program, my lj comment box was again not showing any new messages.

So I clicked the box anyway. After about 3 minutes it suddenly gave me 75 comments.

Where did they come from?

If it helps, I have thunderbird, and my mail provider is tiscali.
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(no subject)

So I'm taking a batch of chocolate chip cookies (recipe: The Chewy, courtesy of Alton Brown) tomorrow on a sort of extended car trip (four hours). Of course it's going to be hot, and then there's no telling how long they'll remain in a container until they're eaten.

How do I keep them from getting too hot, so the chocolate won't melt and get all gooey?

And no, I will not make any other type of cookie, because these are the best. There is no substitute.

(no subject)

I work at a Red Robin. I'm a cook. It's a minimum wage job, where most of the people I work with are aged 16 to 23. We have this system where you start out on fryers, and kind of work you're way up. Most people, and I'm talking even really really immature 16 year olds, move up from fryers within a couple weeks, a month tops.

So there's this one newer guy who's 22. He's been working here for a good month or so. I don't know what the "politically correct" term is but, here in canada, it's indo-canadian. East indian? I don't know. So english is apparently his second language, although he doesn't even have an accent and he speaks with all the lingo and slang and everything. But he just is SOOOOOOO bad at his job! Communication is a huge thing. Like if he missed a call or screws up something, it screws us over for basically the entire night. He does this at least like three times a night. The girl who trained him told our boss he should be fired.

Now, I think he should be fired, but they're not going to fire him, they're just going to keep him at fryers. What do you think? Should he be fired? Am I overreacting?