July 28th, 2006

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Dear thequestionclub,

How did you learn to drive? How old were you? Do you have any advice for an 18 year old girl with a slight nerve problem that has hindered her driving education thus far?

Heart and amused by you always,

- an 18 year old girl with a slight nerve problem concerning vehicles.
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For a story I'm writing...

1) Let's say I have written a spec script for a TV show (if it matters, a fairly popular TV show that's been on for a few years). What's my next step?

2) I need fun medical jargon/trivia for said show, which takes place in a hospital -- like the kind of stuff they spurt out on House and Scrubs. Hit me!
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(no subject)

I'm trying to add Freaknasty's "Da Dip" to my MySpace page, but the internet gods are not working in my favor tonight. I clicked "add" next to the song, confirmed my decision, and then was assured that the song was added to my profile. So then I go to check it out, and it's NOT THERE!?! What do I have to do?


Edit: A new day has come, and Freaknasty has finally showed up on my page for all the world to enjoy. Good things come to those who wait, or so they say. Many thanks!

(no subject)

Okay, because reading comprehension around here is overwhelmed by the need to be clever and snarky, here's some new questions. 

1 How do you plan to raise your children? In general, but feel free to go into detail. If you are one of those 'I don't want kids' people, then hush and scroll down to find a different question to answer.

2. As a parent, what would you expect your teenage son or daughter to be getting up to? Going to movies, having sex, injecting heroin into their eyeballs? 

3. What would your reaction be if your child grew up to be very alike to someone you hate/strongly dislike? Say, perhaps, your daughter is the next Ann Coulter or something. 

And now some fun new questions unrelated to parenting or children.

4. About how many hours do you spend on the computer everyday? 

5. Honestly, how similair is your online persona to your real life one?

6. Do you know of any active, fun communities relating to travel (road trips, interesting places, vacations, etc.) or live music?

7. What is your favorite story to tell people? You can be vague if you want, or just type out the whole thing. Story as in 'the time aunt harriet lit dead uncle joe's coffin on fire', not as in books or whatever.
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(no subject)

1. Do you like milk chocolate?
2. White?
3. Dark?
4. Do you like coconuts?
5. If you don't like how they taste, do you like how they smell?
6. Are there any foods that you do bizarre stuff to before/while eating them? (ie peeling all the chocolate off a Reses or something)
7. Do usually sneeze in ones or in a bunch one after another?
8. How many questions is too many for you to answer on tqc?
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Ok, so I started getting a problem with Windows Live Messenger this evening. I come home and my friend signs onto his messenger and after a while "I" log on. o_O

Default DP, but when my friend questioned him (acting like he thought it was me), the guy logged off [actually blocked him].

I then have a bunch of people asking me who "Zach" is as someone by this name (with the email - originalstarz@hotmail.com) telling them that I asked him to import my list to him. Weird.

I log onto Yahoo and change my password and such[I use a yahoo.co.uk passport], and all is well. I logon to my messenger to find a number of people who obviously questioned whoever was on my account blocked. I go through the list unblocking them, and find a new person added!


This person logs on at one point messages me with "..." and then logs off, just as I am signed out as I have now "signed into another location".

Again, I changed my password... this time using copying and pasting of various letters in case it's some sort of key logger (although I see no strange programs running, nor extra CPU usage).

Still, periodically... I get logged out because someone else is signing in as me. I've changed almost all my passwords, and changed the yahoo one many many times... along with the secret question/answer.

They STILL get in. They don't even change my password.

Anyone have any clue as to how these little fuckers are doing this, and how to stop it? I can't think of anything else to try to stop this.

Thanks for your time. ^^ [Also, if any of you have ways to get revenge... I'm a vengeful person and would love ideas. =) ]
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Alone [by me]

Miami Vice?

I can't even say the title of Miami Vice without wanting to simultaneously boo and snicker. This movie ~ if you can call it that ~ looks bad. Hollywood actually threw money at this?

I can't believe it hasn't gone straight to video based on the previews alone, which I inadvertently suffered through recently because I couldn't grab my TiVo remote fast enough.

How would you complete the following Collapse )

(no subject)

1. Non-sexually, what's the strangest foreign object that has ever been inside of your body?

2. Are you unnerved and/or made uncomfortable by people who have Downs Syndrome, dwarfism, or any visual deformaties?

(no subject)

I'm using a computer that was formerly used by a coworker of mine. When I create a new Microsoft Word document, it says it was created by "JOE" who is the former coworker of mine. Is there a way I can change it so that when I create new documents, it says I created them?


i just recently found out from my sister (who's a midwife/nurse) that the sudafed on the shelf at the grocery store and/or drug store isn't regular sudafed, but a knock-off. you have to buy the REAL sudafed from behind the counter and they monitor how much you're buying. i had no idea this happened.

does anyone know why this is exactly? did anyone else know this was going on?
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Help wit life desicionz plz

has anyone ever created a new lj for the purpose of chronicling* a whole new part of your life?

i've been tossing around the idea of making a new one for moving to london, but i don't know if that'd be lame or useless. and i don't know if i want to leave good old echafaud behind while i'm abroad. (i'm not really keen on the "this is my community journal, this is my personal journal" thing). any thoughts?

and so this isn't a super-lame "question entirely about me"

what's something weird that's happened to you today?
for me, it's that the out of the last 9 songs itunes has played, 5 of them have been oasis. i think apple lies when they say itunes shuffling is totally random, i think they like to fuck with you sometimes.

*(thank you eagon)
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(no subject)

Ok, I absolutley despise: Butterflies and Robin Williams. Is there any particular thing that you don't like that make other people's jaws drop when they hear what it is that you don't like?

**EDIT: OMG I can't believe I forgot about this jaw dropper! I despise: Elvis!

Groundhog's Day

Like in the movie, you're doomed to repeat a certain day again and again and again. This day in particular was yesterday. After the first week where you realize what's going on and attempt to change it (with futile results), you come to accept your fate, that indeed, you're stuck in a time loop, doomed to repeat Thursday, July 27, 2006.

However, since you know you're doomed to repeat it, you don't have to go to work or school or anything like that, so that means your day is spent doing whatever you want. The only thing that's new every day is the memory of what you did the previous July 27th.

1) What would you do with your time?
2) Would you try and learn or study something, like Bill Murray did when he learned the piano?
3) Would you do anything illegal or sinister, like kill people or rob a bank, with full knowledge that everything and everybody will be in their places the next day?
4) Would you kill yourself?
5) Give me one thing you would do that you normally wouldn't do, but would consider if you knew that all memories of it would be erased afterwards (except your own memory). Like, streaking or drugs or spray painting your ex's car entirely pink or something.
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a website which displays the current different legal ages (to gamble) depending on which state/country one lives in?

I need a legal, reliable source which displays this info.

And yep, I've tried Google already. No luck so far.

(no subject)

My current doctor is a pediatrician, but I'm turning 18 in about a month. When I turn 18, do I have to find a new doctor? I've heard that some people see their pediatricians until they're 20, but I don't know if that's common or not.

Also, I have a prescription right now from that doctor that's going to expire in January, 2007. Do I just go to my new doctor and ask for the same one?

(no subject)

this somewhat amuses me because lost____realist and i are having different conversations all over the place...
that's what i think is so cool about lj in that this can heppen...

when was the last time you had multiple conversations w/the same person?
what was the topic of conversations?
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(no subject)

So, did anyone's MySpace accounts get "deleted"?

Actually I could care less about the answer to that, because your account has NOT been deleted. But I had to ask to keep w/the rules.

From Tom:
Latest Update: 08:59AM PST, Friday, July 28th. hiya - your accounts are not deleted. we're just moving some databases around to a new data center. we're workin on things right now.

I figured since there were enough people in this community, some of you are probably freaking out about now.

Now for an actual question, albeit a repeated one (probably): What is your favorite flavor of Jones Soda? Mine is Berry Lemonade. Did you know that Target sells it in cans? I did and I think I might have some now. What a way to wake up in the morning!
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(no subject)

For those of you who have taken piano lessons:

1) What were they like? Did you like them?
2) Were they at someone's house, a music store, somewhere else?
3) Are you still taking them? If not, how far did you get? Why did you quit?
4) Do you own a piano? If not, how did you practice?
5) What was your motivation for starting to play?

(no subject)

1. Does this story ring any bells for anyone? It could be a movie, a folk tale, or a music video, I'm really not sure, but I'm convinved I've seen it or read it before. Okay, so there's this happily married couple who are up there on the scale of importance. I think the wife is a princess. Anyway, Death has a human form that resembles the Phantom/Headless Horseman/Zorro/Tuxedo Mask/etc in that he runs around in an all black get up with a cape and a mask. His job is to go around killing folk when their time is up, typically by decapitating them with his sword - however, when he does that, to the rest of the world it appears as if the person simply died of natural causes. He's invisible to living humans but can interact with the dead.

So Death falls in love with the Princess, but she is married and alive. Sad for him. So one night he creeps into their bed chamber and takes her husband's hands and forces them around her neck, effectively strangling her. Then he has to check to make sure she is dead so he listens for a heart beat and there is nothing. He leaves and returns to wherever he came from, presumably to find out where her ghost got to and admit his undying (hah) love for her. But then he finds she is still in love with the hubby, so he goes to the town square where people are all like 'murderer murderer' at the prince, and Death kills him so his beloved can have her true love back. End. So...where the hell have I heard this story before? Or something even vaguely like it?

2. What is the most vivid dream you've ever had?

3. Do you have any reoccuring dreams? What are they about?

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(no subject)

If you've lost the CD to install Microsoft Office (2003), and you want to system restore your computer, can you download it online and use your product ID to verify somehow?

Website restricted to the residents of a specific country

I recently rented Season 1 of Weeds and I wanted to check out the website. So I went to www.sho.com to find a message that said "We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States." (I am Canadian)

What would be the purpose of this restriction?
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(no subject)

1. Okay, I eat enough and have balanced meals, exercise 20 minutes a day, and don't have anemia. How do I increase my energy? It feels like I have no energy. I don't care for organic or natural remedies, but I'll do everything short of taking speed at this point.

2. How do you pack up and move? Someone told me I should just get a bunch of boxes and pack stuff, but I'm so unorganized, so obviously that's not going to work. What system do you/have you used to move?

3. How do you get over the dread and slight panic of going to work? I'm almost to the point where I'd rather walk in front of a bus then go to work, and this is only day two.

4. What's the best deal you've gotten lately? I had a $0.75 coupon for 8th Continent milk, and they tripled it, so I got a good sized container for like $.55.
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Quote help?

Can ya'll help me find a quote? I heard it years ago, and wrote it down, but not I can't find it. It's something along the lines of "Faith is a mirror strewn in myrad bits, with everyone thinking his piece is the one to own." Or something similar. I'd like to know the exact quote and who to credit it to. I've tried google, but it's gotten me nowhere.

Anyone happen to know this?

calling all geeks.

Have you seen these products that are about the size of a cigarette lighter...and it's a portable hard drive?
you can just plug it into a random computer and work on your stuff, then unplug it and the drive is gone from the puter.

i don't know WHAT they are called so that i may google or purchase.
do you guys know?
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Brush Care

If I cut the wooden handle of a makeup or paint brush, then how is the best way to seal it and keep moisture out? I want to take really good care of my brushes, but I need the handles shorter.

photoshop, anyone?

there was an awesome rainbow the other day and i took pictures, but the whole thing wouldn't fit. 
i took 2, but i can't seem to put them together without it looking cheesy as hell.
if someone could put these together, panoramic style, they would be my new BFFE.
any takers?

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(no subject)

Is there a website that's there just for music videos? Sort of like Apple.com/trailers, or trailerspot.livejournal.com...except for music videos of course...

Edit: I'm on a mac...apparently that makes a difference....

Brace Recommendations

Hey, TQC'ers.

I am looking for an ankle brace.  Something more than the elastic ones you pick up at a drugstore, something less than an air cast.  Something I could wear with shoes or skates, but will provide more support than just elastic.

Anyone have any experience with braces like this and can recommend one?
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(no subject)

Someone is harassing you via cell-phone. You know who it is, but you can't really prove it because they're calling from a restricted or private number.

Is there any way of putting and end to it, or are you basically screwed? (Just to let you know, this isn't happening to me, I'm curious.)

(no subject)

my mom owns a pub downtown, and recently business has been slowly going downhill. we live in a small town, so people aren't very hard to amuse; however i can't come up with anything clever to grab the attention of potential customers!!! everyone does an 80's night, and most things i can think of would somehow violate ABC laws.

so, my question...

if you were the owner of a club/bar/pub, what sort of 'theme nights', etc. would you host to keep things interesting (within reason)?

and one that's not so self-absorbed:

what is your opinion of the aristocrats joke? do you have a favorite or standard way of telling it?

thanks in advance!!!
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It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

If somebody has a caffeine addiction, and they are craving a coke, but they drink a caffeine free coke, with it still quench the coke craving?

Do you drink soda with a straw?

When a new tooth grows in, what happens to the skin that was covering it?

Who was the last person you hugged and how long ago was it?

When was the last time you got to miss a day of work simply because there wasn;t enough work to be done?

When was the last time you had to work on a national holiday?

(no subject)

The college I'll be attending in the fall has a really strict rule about downloading music. Basically, it's unacceptable and if you're even caught with downloading software on your computer, then you get a warning and if you do it again...well no one has ever done it again so I'm not sure what would happen.

Anyway...I've stopped using downloading software years ago, but I still download a lot from those yousendit communities where people put files on yousendit or sendspace or megaupload. Do you think that would still get me in trouble with the school? I mean like...once the files are on my computer, how would they know how it got on there? I could've just transferred it from a CD or something.
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love and romance!

Say you have two sexually-active adults with a history as "friends with benefits." Its been over a year since you've seen each other, and now you are both single. If the guy is willing to spend hours and hours simply kissing, talking, and spending time together, is it safe to assume he may be interested in a real relationship this time?

Eta: to clarify a bit, they've been hanging out for a few weeks, no sex yet, whereas before they would pretty much just "fuck and run."
My friend is going through this and we disagree on the guy's motives. :)
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(no subject)

For those of you who are pro-choice: When do you think an embryo becomes a person?

It has to happen eventually, since no-one who supports abortion reasonably thinks it's okay to wipe out a 2-year old (Don't bring up childfree; they don't count).

I'm pro-choice myself, but I'm curious what other people's opinions are on it.
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Music making!

My boyfriend is helping his friends out by making/composing music for the video game they are making. The problem is, he can't find a program that he likes to use.

Here's what I know:
He wants to create .wav files.
He wants to create the music on a staff.
He's used Anvil but it's .midi files. He likes the layout and ease of making music with Anvil, just not the .midi part.
He's used Fruity Loops but doesn't like the way it's laid out (it's not on a music staff). Fruity Loops allows him to save as .wav files.

I hope I'm explaining this all correctly.

Do any of you have any suggestions for free computer music makers that allow you to save as .wav and create music on a music staff? My boyfriend is a former band nerd so his fondness for the music staff is cute. Thanks for your help!
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(no subject)

I don't really read the news because when I do I find it dreadfully boring and also there is so much of it I don't know where to even begin. What are some really great interesting news sites that aren't too obvious like CNN that I could read and become better educated about what's happening in the world?
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(no subject)

Can someone explain to me exactly why there appears (this is just how it looks to me, so it may not be true for everyone) to be so much transphobia in the gay community? I would think that gay people would be pretty sympathetic towards transgendered individuals because both groups are going against what society generally thinks is "normal", but from looking in LJ and even offline, I notice a lot of gay people (especially men) are pretty transphobic...has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
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(no subject)

imaria's question got me thinking...

If you have kids already, how did you know you wanted them and why did you want them?
If you don't have kids but want kids, why do you want to have kids?

For the childfree members, how did you decide that was what is right for you? Was it something that happened or something you knew for as long as you can remember?

For those on the fence, what keeps you there? What are the strongest pulls towards each side of the issue?

If any of the wording offends your delicate sensibilities, it's not meant to. I'm just curious as to what people's reasoning behing wanting/not wanting children is.
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(no subject)

What are some children's religious songs for religions other than Christianity? I was thinking about Christian children's songs today and realized I didn't know any others.

What's the strangest/funniest thing a relative of yours has done lately?

Today my grandpa was cutting down corn stalks to feed to the cows with a machete, and when he got too hot he went back inside, came out with a chainsaw, and kept cutting.

Is there any way to make scares not go away? I like my back scar, but it's fading. D:
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Distress Centres

Have you ever called a distress line?

Did it help?

I'm considering calling one tonight. I stopped at the scene of a horrific accident today and I'm rather upset and traumatized. I'm home all by myself and I'm wondering if calling one would help.

(no subject)

Has anyone else had major problems with Wachovia Bank?

Does anyone have any idea what is happening with my bank and the situation below?
Collapse )

I'm going to see them on Monday

Who thinks I should switch to a different bank?!
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Sorry for posting another question so soon..

I was just ambushed by a rape scene in a movie that I wasn't expecting (there are no warnings for those kinds of scenes in England, just ones for sexual scenes, violence, drug references, strong language and flashing images), because of past experiences, these kinds of things REALLY freak me out.
I seem to remember a while ago someone told me there was a site where you could actually look up movies to see if they had those kinds of scenes in them. I honestly don't remember what it was called, but it would be really useful if I could find it again (if it even exists). I'm a bit wary of googling because the subject matter might bring up some sites that I'd rather not be seeing, so if anyone could help me out here, I'd really appreciate it.

So basically, does a site like this exist? What is it?

And so this question isn't totally self-absorbed, what kind of scenes in movies/TV really freak you out?
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(no subject)

My sister had a baby boy today and I'm going to see her and the new lil one on Sunday...

When my niece was born I bought her a pink teddy bear, but then again, I was at the hospital when she was born and it was her first stuffed animal...

What should I buy for my first nephew??

(no subject)

How do I burn songs to a CD as data, not music? When I pop the CD in the only choices I get are "Burn CD using RealPlayer, Create using iTunes, open writeable CD folder, and take no action."

I have a lot of songs I need to give to my cousin, so they won't all fit if I just burn them. Does this make sense?

(no subject)

To the vegetarians here: Do you eat eggs? Why or why not?

I'm vegetarian (again. Long story), but whenever I tell someone (either now or in the past) their first question is, "So do you eat eggs?". When I say, "Yes, sometimes." they flip out and get all, "ZOMG UR NOT A GUD VEGETARIAN!1" (vegetarians and omnivores both do this).
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(no subject)

If you could clone yourself and ended up in a room alone with your clone, would you make out with the clone you? And if you ended up having sex with the clone you, would that be considered masturbation?
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random friday!

I'm a 20 year old college student with a kickass part time job, and recently my mom and I have been talking about getting a credit card in my name. I'm not a big spender, I live at home and commute to school, and I'd probably use it for buying concert tickets for my mom and I, online orders (which I hardly ever make), and music stuff. I got an offer in the mail today from Discover. Mom keeps telling me to just go ahead and fill it out online and be done with it, 'cause that's a good one. I, personally, do not know what to look for in a credit card, so... what should I be looking for? What kind of limit can I expect if I'm approved?

I'm (still) considering a new backpack for this fall -- should I get a messenger bag or a rolling backpack? I have knee problems, so something alternative to the typical backpack that would be easier on the knees would be super nice. I'm thinking the messenger bag would be nicer when I travel, but the rolling backpack would be a huge load off my back (really) on campus, especially when my knees start hurting this winter. If I wear a messenger bag across my body, though, would that help with the impact issue?
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doctor question

I just started a new job and my benifits kick in in a few days..but im new to this whole insurance-on-my-own thing. Now i need to get a yearly "girly" checkup and get on birth control...do i need to make an apointment with a gyno for that? or since i've never had any issues where i would need to see a specialist...would i just be able to get that done through a general practice doctor?
thank a ton and sorry for my stupidity
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(no subject)

Could you go a weekend without the use of electricity? How about a week? More? What would you do?

This includes:
-Phone (both calling and recieving, so your phone would have to be switched off or disconnected from the socket)
-Escalators and Elevators
-All Battery powered devices

Electric Cooker ONLY if you do not have a gas powered equivalent