July 27th, 2006



I am staying in a hotel in a small town in a rural community (approx population 10,000 - in Montana this is considered more of a city, I suppose).

I am day three of a five day statewide business trip visiting different clients, interviewing witnesses, researching in libraries, etc.  In the evenings, I need the use of the internet for research for the next day.

I booked into this hotel specifically because they advertized wifi access.  I phoned prior to reserving to confirm that wifi was available, and was assured that it was.

I have had "very low" signal strength all night, and right now am not even sure if this will post because it's been up and completely gone all night.  I'd say it's been working at 18mbps 20% of the evening, and at zero signal for the rest of the night.  I've been on the phone with the support service five times, and they have had to reset their servers three times.  This last time, they said that it was the hotel room that I was in, that the signal strength could not get better and it was because of the location of the transmitter.

Question:  Do I complain and demand a refund? 

I am staying here, in their bed, using their shower and bed and air conditioning, but I would have stayed down the street at the place for $40 bucks less had I known that I would not be able to utilize the net the way I need to.

Also, because I'm from small town MT myself, I want to avoid the whole "I'm throwing a fit because I couldn't check my precious e-mail" image.  It really is putting a huge damper on my work rhythm, though...

EDIT:  I think I'm honestly the only person in the hotel using the wifi right now.  Seriously.

EDIT REDUX: I do have an alternate way to access, through my Verizon card (cell phone signal vs. wifi signal), but it also is so PAINFULLY slow that I have already stabbed one eyeball out and need the other one to drive tomorrow.
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So would it be rude/offensive if you brought your own chopsticks to a chinese restaurant? I prefer the ones my best friend got me last year for my birthday instead of using the lame wooden throwaway ones.

As a follow up, would it be extra bad if the chopsticks were red?
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(no subject)

1. Everyone knows that the key to a good night's rest is making sure you have sufficient time to sleep and having a consistant bedtime/waketime.
My boyfriend and I only really have the summer together (he goes to school about an hour and a half away), and we end up going to bed really late and getting up early (he works 8am-8pm most days).
SO. How do you make sure your sleep is really worthwhile when you have a wonky schedule?

2. How significantly does AC affect your gas mileage? And how much truth is there to the "its a wash cause rolling your windows down puts more drag on your car" theory? And, does it matter how high your AC is turned on?

3. Has anyone had a bad tattoo experience? Or regretted a tattoo that they got? My friend just got a beautiful, huge work of art on her back. She's allofasudden having second thoughts because she thinks she liked it better before they colored it (I think she's just pms-ing, but whatever)

4. Does anyone here frequent craftster.org? If so, what is your account name there?

(no subject)

Does anyone remember that music video from the late '90s where a brunette girl (the singer) starts out in a bath tub and then walks around the city naked? It's not Alanis, but I could never recall again who it was. Anyone know?!

photo scavenger hunt.

My friend and I are going to eventually put together a "photo" scavenger hunt, in which there will be 2 teams and list of things we need to capture in pictures. Pictures WITH certain things (ex: statues) will be worth a certain amount of points, and pictures DOING certain things will be given points based on the amount of people in the picture that are participating. Say one is doing kartwheels in a department store, and there are only 3 of the 4 people in your group doing carthwheels in your picture (that's 3 points). Ect.

So...what things can we take pictures of/with/in?
And what can we take pictures doing?


Do you have any genital piercings?
Are you male or female? What kind of piercing is it?
How do you think it alters sexual activity?

What's your opinion on monogamy?
How old were you when you first had sex?
What was your best sexual experience? Worst?
What's something you've always wanted to do sexually but have yet to experience?
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beauty and the beast
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(no subject)

1. Do you like refried beans? What do you usually put on them? 
2. If you didn't have a job, what time would you get up every morning?
3. Am I the only one that doesn't have an iPod in here?
4. Do you work in a cubicle? Your own office?
5. Wanna off any of my co-workers for me?

1. Yes, fat-free refried beans with shredded cheddar, chopped onions and tomatoes, cilantro, and sour cream.
2. 10:00 A.M.
4. I'm in a cube, but it's bigger than your standard square. It still sucks. *wants her own office*

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(no subject)

I know this girl from my local community theatre.

She's 16, the oldest of about a billion kids (including infants), and homeschooled.

Her parents have been saving up money for her "college" since she was born, like most parents do.

Instead of going to college, however, she is going to move to New York City and try to "make it" as a Broadway star/singer/actress/dancer/whatever.

To my knowledge, she has never had a job besides taking care of her brothers and sisters.

1) Do you think she should go to college first, and THEN try to "make it"?

2) What jobs are available that she could probably do and live off of in New York City?

EDIT: Before everyone says "WAITRESS", would you think that someone would need experience to get hired in New York City with the amount of competition for such jobs? Or do they really hire people without experience in NYC?

(no subject)

We're preparing for our move, and I need to find some folks at the destination to unload the truck. Need to hire some grunt labor basically.

Anyone have any experience finding local labor to just unload the truck? I'll handle the long-distance driving, I just need some muscle to get the crap out of the truck, 'cause we're through doing that stuff.

Been searching the web, and all I can find so far are the "U-Pack, We-Drive" companies, which are exactly the opposite of what we need. I need "You-Pack, I'll-Drive." We're already covered on this end, just need to get the guys for the unloading.

Where does one go to find this sort of thing?

"Need three guys for 3-4 hours to unload all our furniture and stuff from a truck. Paying cash, etc."

EDIT: Already tried Craigslist. First stop, naturally. Unfortunately our destination city is, shall we say, not particularly Craigslist-savvy. So no luck there.


Do you think its weird that a boyfriend of 2 years wouldn't buy his girlfriend a present for her birthday?

My family is really big on birthdays, christmas, ect. My mom always trys to make sure that I feel really special on my birthday and that someone is thinking of me. As a result, I do the same with my boyfriend and friends. I always try to do something special for them on their birthdays. My boyfriend is the opposite though. He says that he doesnt like his birthday, and I guess he doesnt think much of mine either. Hes a good boyfriend otherwise, but it kind of hurts my feelings that he treats it like any other day. We woke up this morning, he went to his studio and didn't even tell me happy birthday. I dont want to make a big deal about it because I don't want to seem like a brat.

So, Do you think hes being a jerk, or do some people just not make a big deal out of birthdays?


I been burning dvds for a while with the following DVD-R 8X 4.7gb and yesterday i bought new dvd-r and they are just about the same except..
they say 16X does that matter of its not 8x and its 16x? all the new dvds i burned say on my dvd player/PC NO DVD. any info would help.
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(no subject)

For those of you that were brought up on 80's pop music, have you heard The Faint, Fischerspooner, or Felix da Housecat? If so, what did you think of them?
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Yes, it's a medical question

I've always had problems with my ears, ever since I was a little girl. I was born partially deaf, but because they caught the problem before it could get worse, they were able to fix it (I have no idea what caused it or how they fixed it, I was too young to rememeber) and after that, everything has been fine.
Until about 4 months ago. I started getting ear infections pretty much every two weeks. Over the past two months, I've had five ear infections (three in my left, two in my right). My doctor told me that because I had a few in my childhood, those areas would be more prone to infection, but five in two months isn't normal, even if you've had one before, surely?
Anyway, I've never heard anything about repeated ear infections causing permanent damage, just a bit of ickyness for a little while, which I'm used to at this point. But this morning, I've suddenly lost all my hearing. I can't help but think it's related to the infections I keep getting. I have a doctors appointment for later today and they're going to look at it, but my paranoia is taking over...is it really possible to suffer permanent hearing loss, or other damage to your learing because of ear infections?
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The Receptionist Classic

But Boss, I swear it's true!

Strangest/weirdest -yet true- reason you've had to give for being late to work or school?

Mine was today: The chickens were crossing the road, blocking the only entrance to the complex.

ETA: Has anyone used local honey to treat seasonal allergies with positive results?
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(no subject)

What would be the best/easiest way to trade apartments with someone else? My friend/downstairs neighbor and I each have extreme apartment envy (they're part of a huge old house, so each apartment is completely different). We talked to the landlord and are going to switch. I imagine that this is going to be very difficult, especially cause the stairs to my apartment are very narrow and steep. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Did you ever play the game Zoo-Opolis!?
It was a childrens PC game, must have been made in the early 90's, and it was based off a movie made in 1985 of the same name.

I can't find any information on this game (all of my searches lead to the movie), and I just wanted to make sure I'm not insane and imagining PC games from my childhood.


You order 3 large pizzas, using a coupon, so the total including tax is only $19.50. You get it delivered. It takes less than 30 minutes, and there is nothing wrong with the order. How much do you tip? Would you tip more if you lived farther away from the store?
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Squeaky shoes

Is there any way to make your shoes stop squeaking? I have a pair of cute, comfortable wedge sandals that are noisy as hell. They're the noisiest shoes I've ever heard. But they were cheap--I got them at Payless Shoes. It's the upper part of the shoes that's squeaking, not the soles. And apparently the upper part is made of leather.

Also, for some reason the tip of the right one smells like death. Seriously, it smells like a dead animal. So effin' gross! It's not my feet, and the other shoe smells fine. It's just the tip of the right one. I don't remember stepping on anything. Any ideas why just that one part of my shoe stinks?

Should I just throw them away? Jeez.

The poop.

What is it with men and skid marks?

My first husband had them and I seriously did not get it.

Thank God, my current hubby does not.

So, what is it all about?

Do you have a spouse or SO that has this problem?
Do you yourself have this problem?
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(no subject)

When you buy a gift from a registery, how do you pick what to get? Based on price, or something you would normally pick out anyway, or some other reason?

I never know what to get. I feel weird buying things like cuttingboards or towel sets, so I always look for some electronic device or game or something that I would actually give someone so I don't feel like a total jerk. /shrug

(no subject)

If you were to have a very pretend relationship with one of your favorite characters from a television show, who would it be?

For me, it would be Cy Tolliver from HBO's "Deadwood."
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(no subject)

The only IB class I've taken is English but next year I'm taking IB English 2, IB Environmental Systems, and IB Music.
For those of you who took IB classes in High School, where and when does the final .5 get added? Do you get .5 added for taking IB classes, or .5 for every IB class you take (Ex. For three IB classes, you get 1.5 added wherever or is .5 added for chosing to take IB classes)?

I hope this was clear.
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I know, I've been very question-ey lately, but now I have another one...

Today I noticed that there are lighter patches on my monitor when I am reading text on the screen. I thought it was a smudge or something, so I cleaned off the screen. It seems to be getting worse...

It's probably three to four years old, I have it go on powersave when it's idle for a while, but I do leave it on more than off. Do you think it's going out?

(and even it if is, it's really okay, as I'm going to get a new monitor from my SIL in a couple of weeks...)

ETA: Okay, I was also running the VLC media player in the background. As a test, I put a lot of text into Word and highlighted it...the lighter parts I'm seeing is the image that I have paused on the player, EVEN with it minimized. WTF? Does this happen to anyone else that uses the VLC player? I'm really baffled! I tried to take a screen shot of it, but when I opened IrfanView, it wouldn't work and the image was there too! What the hell???
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Someone told me water aerobics are for people that are old and chubby. Can I still do it even if I'm not old and chubby? I'm just flabby and I just wanna get toned.

Don't tell me that G word!

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(no subject)

Has anyone read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson?

I have to write a report on it including a small summary of each chapter but I don't understand how the chapters work.

Okay the contents page says there are 4 parts a proulouge and an epilouge. The first one is Part 1: Frozen Music/9 but when I flip through Part 1 there are 10 smaller sections in it.

Is each part a chapter? Or is each part a part and the chapters in each part are chapters? Should I write a summary on each small section in the parts or only on the parts? help, please. :[
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what this is saying? Maybe explain it to me with small words?!

Maybe, only character clogging gaols are found in mirrors. Our fascination with the mirrors transcendental veil, which drapes over the reflexive glass, emulates everything that strikes its optic lens. Does it reflect our emotions? Does it empathize with our entertained sentiments, or is the mirror just coagulated machinery that automatically responds with mockery and parody? I think my coperal body has shed skincells, the limit is infintesimal, but i dont think im the same person. Since we've last had discourse, I've changed some convictions and believes. This reassessment would nullify my etherial stage. Only leaving the astrological body, which is unfounded and pointless to this finite concubine brain. The endoprine deduction might only lead then to the ego. They too have become malulable and transmographied into something odd, that you wouldn't remember.
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(no subject)

Anyone else really find it annoying that the USPS tracking service is SO MUCH SLOWER than UPS or FedEx's tracking service? I mean with USPS I often get the package before it's even started being tracked in their system. With FedEx, you can see when it goes out for delivery before the driver arrives.
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Prints and stuff

I was thinking of trying to sell some photos I've taken and was looking at either getting a paid print account at DeviantArt or opening a CafePress shop. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with either (or both) and could give me some advice on the matter.

If you've had one of them would you recommend it?

If you've had both would you recommend one over the other?
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Who Is driving? Bear is driving!
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New wheels for the GF

Oh question club, I ask for advice...

I'm looking for a good used car for my girlfriend.


Good gas mileage
No more than 5 years old
Some pep
Under $10,000

Currently I'm looking at the Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Corolla. I'd prefer to not drop down to the Echo/Accent/Aveo super sub-sub-compact level, and I'd like something available with ABS.

Currently the Elantra is in the lead because as long as it's under 100k Miles it's still under warrenty, the fact that they nosedive in value the minute you drive them off the lot, and the 4 wheel disc brakes/ABS.

Anyone have any other models I should look into? Years to aviod?
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(no subject)

1. What do you think is the most attractive part of your body?
2. What do you think other people find most attractive about you?

Me, I like my waist/tummy area, and I've been told I have a nice ass.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!


Why are Native Americans in old cartoons always saying "How"?

Is it an actual greeting in one tribe´s language, the easy-to-remember part of "How do you do,"  "Hello" with a really thick accent, or something else entirely?

Would you kindly correct my improper punctuation?  Quotation marks eff up my grammar.


(no subject)

My sister and I are trying to think of an 80s song.. something about 'but she had to get her laundry done' and something about a boat. Ring any bells?
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Okay, so I've been making a conscience effort to drink more water lately.
Sticking to that whole [body weight/2 = oz. to drink per day.] thing.

So anyway, my question is this:
Does adding LEMON to the water change the nutrients you get from just plain water? I rememember hearing that it changed the acidity somehow so that it wasn't the same at all as drinking a cup of plain water.
What about TEA? Does that count as a glass of water?

I haven't been very successful in finding anything on Google.

(no subject)

1. Who is the most interesting person you've ever met? What made them so interesting?

2. Who is the most unique person you've ever met? What made them unique?

3. Hypothetical situation time! Pretend you are the parent of an 18 year old son and daughter. It's summer and you do not allow them to leave the 'area' (more than 30 minutes from home), go to parties of children you do not know, stay out past 1 (unless it's a sleepover or special occasion, which is allowed once every two weeks), attend concerts, smoke, drink, do drugs, have sex, 'hang out' anywhere except a friend's house, or go to clubs. What would you expect them to do in their free time? (This isn't a help me think of creative things to do kind of question, but more of what exactly do you think is going through an adult's mind kind of question, if you will.)
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(no subject)

hey guys, this thing has gotten me into a bit of trouble, and I think it's about time I end it once and for all.

ironic how today is my 5 year anniversary with livejournal.

i really don't know of people even know me in this community, however, it really is the only one I post in frequently, so i feel like i owe it some sort of goodbye.

this is really very sad. it's like a part of me leaving. a 5 year old habit.

but, really, it's for the better I end this addiction now, while I still can (I hope).

anyway, so as to not break any rules.... goodbye?
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(no subject)

what song are you listening to now?

us: "honky tonkin'" by hank williams sr. after taking care of a couple people after one of our crazy wine tasting nights... clean-up music... see ya in the morning.. thanks tqc.
maroon 5 - matt

Kids & TV

I just got into a discussion with my friend over AIM, and I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on this topic:

My friend's neice is turning 3 next week and she is buying her some Disney princess TV, and DVD player for her bedroom. She has a portable DVD player for the car, and knows how to work the menu.

1) Is it apropriate for children to have their own TVs when they can't even read?

2) For children under 6, what kind of programming should/shouldn't they watch? (obviously excluding anything with violence, sex, drugs, or inapropriate language)

Thanks for everyone's input.
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gift help, mostly cigars

If you were an 88 year old man, what would you want for your birthday?
Keep in mind you like cigars, and you collect coins. You're also diabetic and you don't really leave your house unless you have to. And your birthday is this Saturday so your granddaughter doesn't have a whole lot of time to get you something.

I was going to get him like a cigar gift set, does anyone know of any good cigar brands?

Also I'm not even sure if I can buy cigars here in NJ, they changed the age in April from 18 to 19, but I remember hearing that if you were already 18 before they changed it, you were automatically grandfathered into it, does anyone know if that's true? I've googled to no avail.
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(no subject)

This is a really obscure question, and my google-fu is not functioning well today.
I'm looking for an old movie, set around the War of the Roses. I saw it when I was really young, and thus can't remember many helpful details. All I remember about it is that this girl escapes from a castle and is found by some guy on a horse and taken back there. I'm sure there was more to the film than that. So, does this ring a bell for anyone? Anyone know of any films set around this era of English history?

(no subject)

Anyone ever used PeoplePC.com? What was the experience like?
I'm not looking to change ISPs, but I saw the commercial and got curious.
What ISP do you use?
Road Runner.
Email client?
Least favorite illness?
Worst driving story?
4 car pile up right behind me on the access road. Scared the SHIT out of me.
Reality shows- yay or nay?
Yay for amusement, nay for quality.
Anything that triggers your nightmares?
Eating fried chicken.