July 26th, 2006


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Does Proactive really work?

I have been using it for about a week and it says your skin will clear up in about two-three weeks but if anything it looks worse. My mom says its because "it is pulling out all the things that are already in your face so it will make you breakout at first but then it will go away yada yada yada" is this true?

Also, I heard starts to dry out your face after a few years, how can I prevent this assuming I use it for the next couple of years?
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scars and blackheads!

1. If you've had any luck getting rid of scars, how did you do it?
I know that a lot of people swear by vitamin e but it's never done anything for me, and I've read that it doesn't work and can actually worsen scars but I don't know how true that is. I have on scar on my arm that just annoys the fuck out of me, and it keeps my from wearing short sleeves.

2. I know I've asked this before, but how do I finally get rid of blackheads once and for all?
The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil face mask helps to a degree for a few hours but then they're just as visible. I seem to be getting a lot more blackheads and it just doesn't make any sense.
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How many of you drive stick shift?
Do you think it's easy?

The car I'm going to have to drive is a stick shift and I'm wondering if people think it's easy or not. I'm iffy on learning and I really don't understand it!

Edit: Thank you, everyone! I'm still nervous about learning, but most of you said you learned in a week, so I'm hoping I'm competent enough to learn in a week as well!
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God you there?
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Who else is reallllly looking forward to September 5th, the season premire of House?

*dances* I've never ever ever looked forward to a tv show before. But here I am counting down the days!
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How quickly can you down a pint? How did you realise this? Does it matter what the pint is?

I can do it in about 11seconds, which is impressive enough considering my gag reflex is so strong I've been known to gag on my own tongue before. I was thirsty, and just didn't stop drinking. I can't do Guinness, because it's so thick, but pretty much everything else.

financial aid

I was looking at my financial aid stuff on my school's online account just now, and noticed they had me down for a lot more than I thought. Thoroughly wtfing, I clicked on the online version of the award letter and saw that in addition to the SC LIFE scholarship, they had me down for the Pell Grant & Stafford loans, and when I checked my account summary it claimed I'd accepted it. Now, I got a version of the award letter dated two weeks ago that only had the LIFE scholarship on it, which I turned in with accepted and all. (It's all I need since I'm going to a 2-year school.) So I'm going to call or go down there tomorrow to make sure they don't try to loan me money I don't need, but I have some questions about the Pell Grant that my Google-fu isn't strong enough to answer and I didn't see answered in shadist's post earlier. Without further rambling tl;dr-ness, I was wondering...

1. Isn't the Pell Grant on a first come, first serve basis as far as who gets it is concerned? I mean, would my accepting the full amount even if I don't need it affect someone else's chances who may need it more? Answered, thanks everyone. ^^

2. Would whatever I don't use for tuition be taxed at all? My Google-fu is stronger than I thought. ^^;
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1. Are you one of those people that knows ALL THE WORDS to a song, and you sing along? Or do you know the choruses, and just sing to the chorus? 

I never know all the words, and I listen to music religiously... I generally just know the choruses.

2. If you were forced to Karaoke to one song right now, what song would it be? 

Probably something by Garth Brooks, because I know his lyrics the best.... I'm thinking "Shameless" or "The Thunder Rolls"
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Misbehaving mice.

What can you do about a mouse wheel that doesn't quite work properly anymore - specifically, when you try and roll upwards when you're looking at a website, the browser scrolls upwards and back down on its own very quickly?

Apart from buying a new mouse, of course.

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I'm asking "santa" for a new camera this Christmas, because this Sony Cybershot crap just isn't working for me anymore. I had a Canon 3.2MP something a while back but it broke...and in comparision, even though it was a megapixel less, my pictures came out more accurate to how I saw things, and more clear than the Sony. It's not a horrible camera, but I want something better. I've played with all the settings, and I know what I'm doing, I just hate the camera and how my pictures turn out.

I'm looking for something in the 6 - 8 megapixel range, and not more than 500 hundred dollars price wise. As for features...I hate cameras with too many settings and options. I want a camera I can use every day, and use fast without having to go into all kinds of settings before I go to take every picture. As I said, I need something I can use every day for both fun, and serious work like photoshoots.

Also, it needs to be a camera that could actually be found in a store. Haha, my parents - I mean "santa" ? - don't do that online business..

Now that you get the idea of what I'm looking for, if you have a camera that sounds like what I'm looking for:

What kind is it?
What is your favorite thing about it? Your least favorite?
The price?

I would like helpful answers please, not just "Canon Whatever, because it's awesome!"

Thank you!
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I have a huge portofolio that is due tomorrow. I am going to be spending all day today on the computer - writing, revising, printing, etc.

How do you make sure that you don't burn out when you've got to do something like this all day?
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Is there a spray-type thing that takes out of wrinkles from shirts and such?

Like if there's a wrinkly shirt, instead of ironing, you spray something on it, and the wrinkles disappear? What is this called?
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from a to b

Does anyone know how long it takes...

to go from JFK -> Manhattan -> Staten Island using public transportation?

At 8am on a Monday morning, and backtracking it at 5pm?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
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Tattoo stuff

Rawr. I'd love a variety of opinions so I figured this would be a good place to ask around. I want to get a tattoo! Actually, I want to get 2 tattoos, so here are my tattoo questions:

1. I'd really like to get something like this, but I seem to recall some famous person having a tattoo of a rosary around her ankle. I don't want to get it because of any famous person, or to copy them, but more because because it's a symbol and expression of my faith. I'm just curious how much time do you think I'm going to have to spend explaining to people that I didn't do it to copy someone? I don't want people distracted by details like that :P

2. I want to get a back piece between my shoulderblades (pretty much covering the area between my bra straps) that would include a trinity symbol and some wording (Veritas, Aequitas, Caritas) around it in some sort of circular pattern. Does ANYONE know how much that is going to cost me? I mean, ballpark? Moderate coloring/shading? Because I don't even have the faintest clue, and I don't really want to go in to talk to an artist until I have a better idea.

3. Any good recommendations for Austin/Houston tattoo artists? I'm thinking about going to Atomic on Burnet Rd because it gets pretty good reviews but I'm open to suggestions.

I think that's it. Thanks for any help :D
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wedding-gift-etiquette question

Some friends of mine got married. They live something like a thousand miles away from the ceremony. The gifts they received wouldn't fit in their car. SO THEY RETURNED THE GIFTS FOR STORE CREDIT AT THE REGISTRY PLACES AND BOUGHT OTHER STUFF WHAT THE HELL.

Does that seem MASSIVELY TACKY AND IN BAD TASTE to anyone else?
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in sink

N'Sync is all over the place these days!

Lance Bass is gay.
And I saw the video so I have to ask...

Can Justin really bring sexy back?
Was it missing?
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Non verbal cues

Does anyone know what it means when a man holds your gaze for a long period of time, with his eyes very wide open (flashbulb eyes, think the look on the face of someone who is surprised?) and his pupils are narrowed. The flashbulb is a forced expression. It's like looking at a deer in headlights constantly, honestly. And the guy is my boss.
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Does anybody know the current mileage reimbursement for the US? I'm working on expense reports and have tried googling... Thanks so much in advance.
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Chips, dip and strip(pers)

A)-Ladies, would you work as a waitress in a strip club? Say it paid $10/hour + tips and everybody tips for their drinks, and you just have to wear slacks and a nice top and do nothing but serve drinks to the johns

-Gentlemen, if you were down on your luck, would you be a waiter at a gay club? It pays $15/hour, same dress code as above, and you do nothing but serve drinks

B)-Ladies, if you agreed above, suppose there's a more 'adult' portion of the club, where the waitresses dress in mini skirts, thong underwear and white t-shirts and no bra. It pays $15/hour and you just have to serve drinks and appetizers, and everybody tips. Would you work there?

-Gentlemen, if you agreed to A, there's another side to the club, where it's more 'adult'. Dress code for waiters there are vests with no shirts, and tight cut-off shorts. It pays $20/hour and you just serve drinks and food and nothing more. Would you work there?

C)-Ladies, would you strip at a strip club? Say you were guarranteed $300-500 a night. You wouldn't have to give lapdances

-Gentlemen, would you strip at a gay club? Say you were guarranteed $500-1,000 a night. You wouldn't have to give lapdances

D)-Ladies, if you decided to strip, would you give lapdances if it would make you an extra $300-500 a night? They're not allowed to touch you

-Gentlemen, if you decided to strip, would you give lapdances if it would make you an extra $500-1,000 a night? They're not allowed to touch you
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I need an easy, fun and tasty recipe.
I'm planning a fun date for the guy I'm seeing. I have the appetiser... a goat cheese and sun dried tomato pesto spread that you eat with flat bread that has been brushed with garlic oil and broil till crispy. I also have the desert figured out... now all i need is the main dish.
we both eat meat... he more than I... and we both dig vegetarian/vegan food. so anything that is fun and easy will totally do.

any ideas and or recipes?
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I've never had rice milk until yesterday, and it is tasty.

Buuuuut, can you use it in cooking in place of milk? As in, Hamburger Helper? Or do I need to use regular ol' cow milk?


For those of you who shop at Whole Foods, what are some of your favorite things to get there? I went there yesterday for the first time and was quite overwhelmed.
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What's something you and your significant other do everytime but don't think about it?

Whenever we are in bed, he will always take the side that is closest to the door. That's the only thing that's consistent when we're laying in bed. The bed can be in any part of the room, the dresser can be on one side, the window can be anywhere, it's just the door. We actually switch sides in different bedrooms to accomodate this.

It took me a year and a half, and 5 different beds, to realize that we do this.

Getting a haircut.

I have long, brown, thick hair. I was thinking of cutting it short, maybe chin-legnth in the front and a little shorter in the back.
BUT I've had long hair most my life so Im rather nervous.

So, I want your opinions.
I'm skinny and not very curvy, and look about 15 (even though Im 18) if that makes a difference.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair?
Can you recommend a style?
Do you have any experiences to tell me about?

Thanks so much!

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1) You just did something by mistake.  Would you say that you did it "by accident" or "on accident"?  (I say by accident, for the record)

2) How do you motivate yourself to work out/eat right?  An upcoming event like a wedding or something else?

3) If your car brakes squeak does that mean something is wrong with them or just that they squeak?

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation time, thank goodness. I'm going to Denver next week and want input.

1. What do you like to do on vacation? Anything unusual?
I try to never eat out at a place that I can eat at back home. I also like to spend some time at parks and the library. We usually hit a laundrymat as well so we don't have to pack as much, which I strangely enjoy.

2. Denverites, what are some fun things to do that aren't so touristy and expensive? (August 3rd through the 8th, and the 14th) Any websites to check local happenings?

3. Do you need a vacation? Why?

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1. What is your definition of a "butch" female?
My boyfriend, his best friend, and my best friend had a conversation and decided that I was pretty "butch" and "probably like girls", too.
I was pretty surprised. I'm not athletic, muscular, or masculine looking. I have medium-length hair. I wear makeup. I wear girly jeans.
So, tell me, when someone says "butch", what do you see in your head?

2. What sorts of things make your "gay-dar" go off (in males or females)?
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...How the HECK do you cuddle with your SO when you two are relaxing on a couch or lying down on a bed?

The guy I'm seeing is a lefty, so I sit/lay on the left side and he sits/lays on the right side. He will put his left hand/arm around me, and do whatever with his right hand/arm. I will rest my left hand/arm on his stomach, but my right arm stays firmly stuck at my side. I can't put my right arm around him, because he's usually ALREADY lying down before I can do this.

...Yeah. I've been in a few relationships already, and I can't figure out an even more comfortable way for ME to cuddle with him. >=( I -am- comfortable enough when I cuddle with him, but I'm not doing anything with my right hand and arm when we cuddle, and that has always bugged me.

If somebody could help me out, I would forever be indebted.
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The Receptionist Classic

Kiss my Ass! (Because it got injured.)

That's it, I've had it! I have managed to paper-cut my bum for the last damn time on this cheap TP the property managers insist on providing here at work. It's like wiping with typing paper. *rubs rump* Ow.

What is the softest toilet paper on the market [in your opinion]?

And what TP do you use?
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1) Are you a member of Postcrossing?
2) Do you buy specific postcards to use for Postcrossing?
3) If someone requests a particular type of postcard e.g. handmade, a picture of your city etc. do you send it? Or do you just use any postcard to hand?
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Me--State Fair

double yew tee eff?

Okay, lately my sound works when my computer first comes on, lately, it's just cutting out. Along with that, my applications to play video and music (Winamp and iTunes) won't play files. The play option is on, since the pause button shows up, but they won't play anything. What gives? I ran Ad Aware to be sure I didn't catch anything, but did I mess with a setting or something, is something going out? Yargh!
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I need to get cheaper automobile insurance. Does anyone know of any place that has decent prices? I know it depends on what you drive, etc. Someplace like Progressive, Safe Auto.... Curious if anyone can give me some ideas. Thanks!

Edit: I live in Indiana. 18 years old. Only been driving for almost a year (next month). I know that will make a difference.
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'F' is for 'foo-ood', that's good enough for me.

1. Does a milk gallon jug in your area have a screw top or a pop top? Which do you prefer? Ours recently switched from pop top to screw top and I *still* haven't adjusted.

2. Do you like Reece's PB Cups packaging better with tthe old "christmas present" style wrapping or the newer sealed jagged edges packaging?

3. Are there any food packagings that give you the "Pavlov's Dog" effect? I drink starbuck's mocha frap every morning out of the bottle, and just that little *POP* from the top perks me right up even before my first sip. (That counts, right?)

4. What are some of your favorite Food Network shows, or favorite Food Network cooks?
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I asked yesterday if I should get a shoulder bag or a backpack for my laptop and an overwhelming majority said backpack, so now more questions:

Is there a difference between a laptop backpack and a regular backpack? If so, what are they? Do you have any laptop backpack recommendations?

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I walk barefoot in my house all the time. I go outside barefoot. I've drove with no shoes and only one time I went into the post office with no shoes on.

Do you think it's gross to walk around with nothing on your feet?


Digital camera question.

1. I have a camera, which I got two Christmases ago. They apparently don't make it anymore, but its a Kodak EasyShare CX7300. Yeah, it was cheap, but whatever.
Recently, every time I put new batteries in it, it says there is no battery power and shuts off. After it shuts off, the green light stays on and it makes a very scary buzzing noise.
So, does anyone know if this means the death of my camera? Is there anything I can do to maybe fix it, even if its just temporary?

2. If it does mean death, are there any digital cameras you would suggest? My needs are no where near professional. I use mine as a point-and-click kind of deal, although I would like something with better resolution. I am, however, on a strict student's budget, so I'll only spend $250 tops. I've never bought one myself, so I don't know where to start.

Thanks for any help.
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hopefully this isnt a totally ridiculous question...

i just started working at a new company where i actually have internet access during the workday. a first for me, yay! but i'm a little paranoid because of course, i know they're monitoring what sites i go to, etc.

So... what exactly can they see? My email? LJ?
i know they cans ee that i GO to these sites, but can they also see the actual content? (e.g. friends-only entries, communities, email messages, etc.)

if you have internet access during the day, do you check your email/lj?
ever get reprimanded for internet usage?
any funny internet-at-work stories?

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What do/would you order off of Applebee's half price appetizer menu?

Boneless Buffalo Wings
Veggie Patch Pizza
Onion Peels
Mozzarella Sticks
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wings

life or death

1. lame question:

is the UK on the same season as the US for such wonderful television shows as 24, lost, and house? (i guess i should ask first whether or not they're broadcast there). does one need to pay lots of money to see these shows or are they shown on standard tv channels? how about law & order, the daily show, and ER?

2. could i possibly watch more tv?

3. what are the chances that i will actually have time to watch the aforementioned television programs?
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Two small questions, with multiple sections:

First) Who is/was your favorite child star? What has become of them, if anything? If you could cast them in a part, which would you choose?

Second) If you eat Pop-Tarts, favorite flavor?

(no subject)

1. Is anybody else horribly depressed by the business name "AdFarm"? I just keep imagining it as a real, desolate place where unsatisfiable desires are cultivated by mopey men in suits.

2. Did anybody happen to save any of the pictures of Condi Rice that CNN posted earlier today? I heard that there were a couple of her looking haggard and grasping her head.
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Artist name/website?

I'm trying to find that artist/photographer person that does the pictures of the kids, but the pictures are black & white or sepia toned. Sometimes the flowers and stuff are in color. There are calanders and stuff too.

Anyway, trying to find the person's website or some of the work. Anyone have any idea?
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Mmmm, incense...


Have any recommendations for online sites that sell quality incense holders? Preferably not wood. I have a crappy incense holder that doubles as a place to store my incense sticks (I got it a gazillion years ago), and now it's all warped, and I have no idea why. No, it doesn't have a curved end- it's basically a box with a holder on top.

While we're at it, do you have any fave sites you like to buy incense from? I can't get enough of incense lately, hehe.
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Funky me

LJ Talk

I note from the July LJ news bulletin that LJ Talk is being launched & that you need to download a Jabber client,
so people , which of the following is the best (in your opinion or experience) program to use?

  • Pandion
  • Miranda
  • Trillian Pro

    As you may realise from this I need a windows based client

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    how do i select chunck of songs to put on a playlist, other than one by one.

    more detailed explination:
    i have lets say 10 songs on after the other in my library, i want to move them to a playlist, is there a way to do this with out having to individually select each one?
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    (no subject)

    What is the skin disorder where your skin is basically always peeling and looks red and very tight? It's not the one that kills people young. At least, I don't think so because there's a lady who comes into my job that has it and she has to be at least 70. She smells like dead salty fish, but that may or may not be a part of the skin issue.
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    Have you heard anything about not using disposable chopsticks because of the dangerous chemical(s) used to bleach it? I read about it in a forward I got and am wondering if anyone has gotten this forward as well. Is there anything to this?


    The Direc-TV at the house I'm staying at keeps screwing up... This time I haven't been able to fix it on my own.

    There are currently only three channels, and they're all fuzzy. When I click the "guide" button, a message pops up saying "Current time is not set. Run the initial set-up again."

    So I go to "Initial Set-up"... It tells me that there's no satellite. This is not true, there is definitely a satellite.

    Is there an easy way to fix this? This isn't my TV and I've never had DirecTV before so I don't have any idea what I'm doing. Please help me.
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    (no subject)

    What is the most polite way to ask for an autograph from somebody famous, by mail? I knew a girl who has a kajillion from writing to people, but I have no idea how to contact her.
    Do you send a photograph? Send a pre-payed envelope? Wtf do you do?
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    timely question, i.e. beating a dead horse

    So Lance Bass made the CBS 11'o'clock news, which I just think is kinda funny and not really newsworthy .

    I mention this to a friend and she says he had a partner who travelled around with N*Sync on tour and would sleep in his room. Lance was asked about it by the media, but just refused to comment one way or the other.

    Has anyone remember that kind of news (not from the tabloids)? Who's genuinely surprised?

    (edit: yeah I realize this came up last night already)
    ANOTHER DUMB EDIT: Wouldn't Lance and the previous governer of New Jersey be the cutest mock celebrity couple? They could adopt little Nigerian children.
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    (no subject)

    Let's pretend that you're a really big nerd (since I know TQC is just another name for the Cool Kid's Club). Would you prefer tickets to Warped Tour (knowing that your favorite band is NOFX) or a ticket to GenCon?
    do no feed

    Heart trouble

    My friend's father was taken to the hospital for heart trouble and is having bypass surgery for his heart in a few days. She's a little nervous and was looking for some info.
    Has anyone themselves had this done or have family members who've had it that can give some encourgement and/or info.