July 25th, 2006

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I just want to thank everyone who helped me out last night during my mouse crisis!

In response to the questions asking me what I did: After putting him in a carrying crate for my cats (which we no longer use) all night and keeping an eye on him, he was jumping around like normal. It seems the mousetrap didn't break his legs or anything. :) So this morning, I took him outside and set him free. Sure, he's probably back in the house, but I don't really care.

So, to make this post not against the rules...

How many small animals have you killed?
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What's something fun, cheap, and different to do in Chicago on a rainy day?

aka: something indoors.

And by different, I mean we've considered Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium and various museums.. We're trying to come up with something that will take up a good chunk of the day and is something we haven't done before...(If it doesn't rain, we're going to the beach.)

These are a few of my favorite things POLL

Stanza 1
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Stanza 2
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Stanza 3
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

Stanza 4 (what are your favorite things? Pick 3)

vodka shooters
heiresses named Hilton
Futurama reruns
kitten kisses
Angelina Jolie
stompy boots
Captain Jack Sparrow
thong underwear
lulu guinness clutch


Are there any foods you hated when you were younger that you like now? If so, how old were you when you started liking them?

My father has been telling me that I'll like tomatoes when I'm older. The thing is he's been telling me this since I was 11 and now I'm 18 and I still hate them unless they're in sauce or something. He also is convinced I'll eventually start to like onions, which hasn't happened yet.
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If you follow U.S. politics a lot, what polling companies do you keep up on?  I already watch Rasmussen, Zogby, Gallup, NYT and Washington Post, but I'm looking for more variety as well as in depth polls on a state-by-state basis.

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It's going to be 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit here for the next week or so. I don't have time to get my car's air conditioning fixed until Thursday, and it's a 30 minute drive to work. When I arrived at work yesterday afternoon, I was covered in sweat, my clothes were sticking to my body, and my hair, which was quite wet when I left the house, had dried almost completely.

Is there any way I can keep myself cool, other than just rolling down my car windows? I really don't want to scare all my customers away with my B.O.

Also, how hot was it today where you are? (107 here.)

Chronic Pain.

Does anyone here have experience with chronic pain?

I had a lot of complications while I was pregnant that required a lot of surgeries and other unpleasant things and ever since have been battling a great deal of pain with my kidney.

I've gone through about five doctors, none wanting to take responsibility for it or how to fix it. They sent me to a pain clinic, where they taught me how to meditate, and gave me a great deal of muscle relaxants which basically make me not want to leave bed.

I was on percocet which was helping. It would at least target the pain and I could go on with my day after having the edge taken off, but it was decided that because I am young and a single Mom I must be "seeking" or some said bullshit.

How have those of you who have gone through similar situations or know those that have dealt with it?

The pain is enough to keep sending me into the er at least once a month because I can barely move and am just laying there in tears.

Any advice?
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Does anyone remember a clp, I think it might have been from Reno 911, it was a woman officer giving a guy the drunk test and he started dancing... step-toe and stuff like that...and she said something about him being good at dancing and he said "no, i'm just really f'n drunk" so she arrested him.

I had originally thought it was legit (cause it looks like the camera view from po-leece cameras) but maybe just a parody?

I wanna show my coworker!

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1. Are you right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous, or some weird combination of both?

2. What's the last interesting thing you learned?

3. Do you practice any martial arts?

4. What is the worst job you've ever had?

5. What do you say is your biggest flaw, when asked in an interview type setting?
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1. What kind of ghost or supernatural thing would scare the pants off you if you saw it? Not 'got attacked by it', simply saw it. (I figure a vampire attacking me would make me wet myself, but I don't find them particularly scary otherwise)

2. Now assume it has to be basically humanoid with a basically human face. What kind of ghost/creature would scare you the most there?

No answers from me because I can't really pin anything down.

3. Have you had hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations, where you wake up and think you see something that isn't actually there?

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A couple albums that I'm looking forward to come out today, and I'm thinking of buying them through an online music store (especially since I think they'd be hard to come by on Limewire). Which is the best to buy from? I don't have an iPod, I have a Creative Zen Vision M, so I can't go with iTunes. I'd like a place that sells MP3s, but I understand that this is kind of unrealistic. I think EMusic sells MP3s, but is there some kind of catch? I'm thinking of going with either EMusic or Yahoo's Music Store. They both have free trials, but are they easy to cancel before they start charging your credit card?

A couple of weeks ago I bought some stuff from the Real Player Music Store, only to be screwed when the format was something that could only be played in the Real Player software. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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does anyone know how to import music from an iPod back onto a computer??

My itunes got wiped out, but my ipod still has my music, and I want to be able to add more stuff to my ipod without it getting wiped out...
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Inspired by the billing girl who forgot to wear a slip this morning..

How do you feel about being able to see someone's underwear through their skirt/pants/whatever? How do you feel about being able to see their underwear above the waistband of their pants?

My male coworker thought it was really hot that he could see this girl's underwear through her see-through skirt. I think that's a total turn-off. The only time I want to see someone's underwear is when they're not wearing clothes over them ;p

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I had to take my boyfriend to the emergency room this morning. The guy was asking questions like, what's wrong, how long has it been happening, and so on. Well, he asked him if he was single or married. I think maybe it was in case of emergency, who would the hospital need to contact, but the guy didn't ask for any contact information about me, or anyone for that matter. So, why did he ask?
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Maid of Honor Duties

Traditionally speaking, who is responsible for planning the bridal shower? I thought it was the mother/s, but I'm being told that -yay- I get to do this.

What other duties have been bestowed upon me, the first-time Maid-of-Honor? The bride is completely clueless when it comes to all things wedding. I mean, Christ on a stick, she forgot to plan for a cake.

The happy couple is threatening a joint stag party. The last joint one I went to was boring as hell. While I'm trying to convince them to not do a joint one, I should be coming up with ideas just in case they win the battle. If you suggest playing a board game, I will shove Scrabble tiles up your hole. That said, what are some things we could do at a joint party?
(Oh, and I know the best man is supposed to be in on the planning of this, too. But he's a lazy dickmunch that doesn't plan anything in advance. If left up to him, we'd all go to Taco Bell and hang out in the parking lot smoking cheap cigars and drinking Bud.)
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soft contacts/torture

1. To those of you who wear soft contact lenses, do you have a problem with them scratching? I can't wear mine for more than 2 weeks without them having tiny little scratches all over them that blur my vision, even though i clean them daily.

2. Describe your own personal worst torture scenario
Mine would be being tied up and put in a room where there were cockroaches crawling all over the place, while being forced to eat bananas and cucumbers.
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1.) How do you pick out water filters for your sink? What are the most important things to look for?

2.) What filter do you reccomend, and what's the average cost?
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my hair is naturally a darkish brown, but i've wanted to dye it platinum blonde for quite some time. i've been dying my hair (usually just different shades of brown) for years. when i went to a hair salon to ask about them bleaching my hair, the man said that they'd first have to strip it of all the dye and then do a ton of dying/bleaching processes, which would cost a ton of money. i've heard of people just bleaching their hair themselves, which i don't want to do..but it makes me wonder..is this man right? is that the only way i can bleach my hair?

You significant other cheats on you


But let's say you find out your SO is having an affair behind your back.

Which would bother you more?

A) if the other person the same gender as you...or the opposite gender?

B) if the other person was better looking than you...or uglier?

C) if the other person was better endowed than you (bigger tits or penis)...or less endowed?

D) if the other person was smarter than you were...or stupider?

E) if the other person was more accomplished than you (better job, education, etc)...or less successful than you (like a cashier at McDonalds)

F) if the other person was a friend who had been really lonely lately...or a complete strange?

G) if sex with the other person was way better than sex with you...or they didn't really have much sex, but still your SO was spending a lot of time with him or her so maybe it was something more than just sex...
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costume idea

On Saturday, I will be dancing in a parade for the Illuminares lantern festival in Vancouver, B.C. I've got a base costume put together, but I need some advice on the accessories.

Here's the costume: light, black ankle-length skirt; garnet hip scarf with silver coins; garnet-and-black bustier with silver D-rings; garnet-coloured veil; silver zills (finger cymbals).

Here are my ideas for accessories (the more elaborate, the better): black and silver half-mask with red feathers OR silver and red acrylic jewels glued in a pattern to my forehead, red-and-black beaded choker and wristlets. Maybe braid some jewels/feathers into fake hair strands to pin into my hair. Makeup will be along the lines of (you guessed it) red and black.

What would you add to the ensemble? I can't change the base costume because it's all I've got, but any advice on accessories would be greatly appreciated.
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tl;dr re: INTERNETS

My husband and I have high-speed internet through our local cable company (SusCom). We're very unhappy with the service we receive and would like to look into other options.

Is there such thing as internet service through satellite TV providers, such as DirecTV and the like? If so, is it good? (i.e. Does service get interrupted often?)

Our hands feel kind of tied, because SusCom is the only local high-speed internet provider. Our internet has been down for three days, all our connections are good (indoors and outdoors) and they won't send us a repairperson until Thursday at the earliest (this has been going on since last Friday). It's not cheap and we're paying for service we're not receiving, which pisses us off.
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I have another question regarding Net neutrality. LAST ONE I SWEAR.

Poll #777929 Save the Internet

At any point in your researching Net neutrality, did you check out Save the Internet?

WTF are you talking about weirdo

I want to talk a little bit about the Save the Internet coalition, since it's where I first heard of Net neutrality and I want to get an idea of how many people used it.

also, cuz I'm curious
1] If you like to write in ink, what color pen do you use?

email help

how do i make so that when i send a mass email the 'to:' part doesnt actually list every single email of every single person once it has been sent out?

i am using yahoo.com mail service

No more college

So I've decided not to go back to college this semester. I decided it back in April. I'm financially stable, live on my own, and my parents are not helping me pay for school in any way.
They're going to freak out and kill me when they find out.
I may go back in awhile, but I don't need a degree to do what I'm doing right now, and I'm happy doing it (I'm a landlord, just like my dear old dad. But he went to school).
So. How do I tell them? Should I just let them find out when they realize that I'm not at school (its in our hometown)? Should I tell them now?
I know it shouldn't matter so much, cause after all, I am and adult, but yeah.


Do you ever take your engagement/wedding ring off?

Is it possible to break or damage it in any way? Call me paranoid but I'm worried about wrecking it.

I told my mum I took my ring off in the shower, while sleeping and while doing the dishes and she said, "You're never supposed to take it off!" but I just didn't want to wreck it.
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My friend and I got this craaaazy horrible idea. We were thinking about starting an LJ community and writing the URL on paper money and having the comm for people who got a hold of them. Obviously this wouldn't work out too well with just the two of us, we'd have to get a shitload of people doing it. Would anyone be at all interested in doing this or is it just too ridiculous for us to even consider?

EDIT: Okay, I should've cleared it up a little bit. Putting the community name on the bills instead of lj names?

From my friend-
We were thinking they could join the community and post about how they came across the bill, and then what they spent it on. Like: "I got the bill when I got change for my fast food... then I spent it on PR0N."
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How do you make rice? (Now, I don't mean the boil, simmer, let stand part, but adding seasoning/flavour)

When do you add the seasoning/flavour? in the simmer stage or while the rice is absorbing all the water?

Any favourites I should try?
Jim Yay!

I'm sorry - this is a computer question

I have a billion things running in my "Processes" tab of Windows Task Manager. I don't know what many of them are.

Is it possible to find out what they are/do? I suspect some of them are viruses (even though I have antivirus, which I've been told can be rather useless against protecting your computer from most viruses). And if I can find out what they are/do, how can I stop them from running?

Thank you!
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How often do you eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhiches?

When you do, how do you make them?

I eat one probably 3 times a week and when I do I have Chunky PB and Boysenberry Jelly.
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It works now... not sure how he fixed it or if it magically started to work again, but thanks anyway!

I need someone (*cough* shippo *cough*) to explain this to me in English, because I've tried Googling it and no comprendo.

My friend is unable to get onto any websites (although he can use Trillian just fine) and when he tries to access sites he gets "Socket Error 11004". I can't tell HIM to Google it because his websites don't work. There are 2 other computers in his household and they have no problems accessing the internet. He has tried rebooting, clearing his cache, and plugging directly into the modem. Does anyone know what is wrong with his intarwebs and how he can fix this?

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So I posted awhile ago about getting a new laptop, and I got one - a Toshiba.

The problem is, they all come with silly amounts of software, most of which I don't need. I've been weeding, but there are some programs that I don't know what the hell they do, so I don't know whether I should let them take up space or delete them (I know some of them don't take hardly any space at all, but it's the principle of the thing)

So here are a few programs I couldn't figure out from googling. What do they do? would you keep them on your computer? and... would my computer stop functioning if I got rid of them? Mostly I am just trying to understand what everything does, I hate things sitting there on my hard drive that I don't need or use or know what they do.

SD Secure Module
SMSC IrCC V5.1.3600.5 SP2
Texas Instruments PCIxx21/x515/xx12 drivers
Touch and Launch
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last week i developed a small rash under my wedding ring, which is 14k white gold. I wasn't sure of the cause but i went two days without wearing it and put copious amounts of anti-biotic on my finger all weekend. it until it healed.
i cleaned my ring and wore it yesterday. all was fine.
today i woke up with the RAGING itch under my ring again.

someone at work says that she believes that i am allergic to the damn thing...even though I have worn it for almost two years with no problems. She said it happened to her, and it will never go away...and I will have to get a ring with either 24k or platinum.

Does this sound right?
Have you ever heard of this happening?
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1. This might only mean anything to the British posters but still... I heard a dance track today while in TopShop which seemed to feature the theme from Casualty in it. Any idea what it is?

2. (Ignoring the unlikelihood of this happening ever, it's possibly a plot device in a story), if someone stole your identity and set up a bank account in your name in order to launder/store money, and you found out about it and successfully withdrew the money from the bank before the criminals found out, could you be charged with any criminal offence?
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I'm in the market for an mp3 player

What mp3 player do you use? Do you like it? Was it worth the money?

If you use an iPod, why did you decide to get one? If you don't use an iPod, why didn't you get one?

I used to have a Sony Walkman Circ that is now MIA, and so I'm looking to find a new mp3 player. I can't decide if I want to cave in and get an iPod or not.

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I'm in the process of getting my Indiana driver license switched over to Ohio. I have to pay $25.00, to get a license in Ohio (Eaton). I had to pay $13.00 in Indiana. So, it made me wonder, how much do you have to pay to get a driver license where you live?
Edit: Turns out I didn't need to get it changed over to Ohio after all. Thanks anyways! :)


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1. Do you like the smell of new books, especially textbooks?

2. What's your most comfortable pair of shoes? What shoes do you have they look very stylish yet are much more comfortable than they look?

3. Sometimes on my laptop the mouse cursor freezes, but the trackpad works. Is this likely to be due to a problem with the USB ports, the fact that the mouse is old and crappy, or a memory issue? (I'm getting a new mouse anyway, I'm just curious.)
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A. My boyfriend all the sudden is getting spam text messages on his cingular cell phone from quickshipmeds.net. Why is this happening and how can he get it to stop?

B. Are there any policies at your job or the job of anyone you know that affects your life outside of work? EDIT: What are they, for you literalists?

C. What are you doing to minimize your carbon emissions?

D. I'm trying to get into tea, I've found out that I like some of Celestial Seasoning's fruit teas. Do you have any recommendations for other teas I might like?
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Buying Used Cars?

'Lo, everyone. Potentially annoying question:

What are all the legal steps to buying a used car from a private owner in the US? I did Google some: I'm finding a lot about specific forms you need to sign and blah blah blah, it all sounds rather confusing! I was wondering if someone could give me a quick review in layman's terms.

stretch marks

I know it's basically impossible to get rid of stretch marks once you've got them, but what can you do to make them less visible? Anything YOU tried that worked?
I already eat healthily and exercize regularly. I guess I'm still growing...
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Okay. A good friend of mine who lives in Cincinnati, OH wants to bike to Indianapolis, where I live, in order to visit people before going faaaaaaar away to college.

However, he's not entirely sure how he would do that. You can't exactly hop on I74 with a bike. :)

Anyone know?
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embarrassing things!

1. Are you easily embarrassed?

2. What are some embarrassing things you do in your car?
I sing really embarrassingly sometimes and I get way too into it, it's the worst when I use the steering wheel as a drum.

3. If you realize someone is watching you do whatever the embarrassing thing you do in your car is, what do you do?
Usually it only happens when I'm stopped at a light so I just pretend I didn't see them and I stop doing whatever I was doing. My friend told me she waves at them, so I tried that today when I was singing "Rock The Shocker" complete with hand motions, and the man waved back.


So, for those of you who are on Vox, what do you think of it so far? I know this question was asked recently, but I figure lots more people have joined now. Will you add me on Vox? I need friends!

So far, I'm liking it, but it isn't as good as LJ. I know all the features aren't up yet, so it's bound to get more interesting, but the site isn't as (and won't be) as customizable as LJ. That's the main thing so far. I like the simple profile view and the fact that you can organize all your blog entries.

Do you want an invite? I have one to give away. First one to comment with their email address gets it. :-)
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I listen to a Police Scanner a bit, and cannot figure out what one acronym stands for. GOA is "gone on arrival", HBO is "handled by Officer", and so on, but I cannot figure out ETOH. Any ideas? I think it has to do with either being high or not in a regular state of mind, but....

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What was your best/scariest/funniest encounter you had with Jehovah's Witnesses showing up at your door? Or, for that matter (and to keep it PC and not offend anybody), anybody else that just comes by unannounced and tries to sell or talk you into something that you don't care about.

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Do you judge literal books by their cover? 

What are some of your favorite book covers?

Is there anything specific on a cover that turns you off to a book?

I definitely judge books by their covers.

I really like the covers of the new paperback copies of the Ayn Rand books.  I'm also partial to Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Anansi Boys covers.

I avoid covers that tend to be cutesy, or titles so ridiculously large that they take up the entire cover.
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1. I am going to school in a city different from my hometown. My cellphone has the area code of my hometown, City A, but I live in city B for school. (Approx 500 miles difference). If I had an emergency and I called 911 on my cellphone, would they assume I lived in City A? Or would they be able to locate I'm in City B via satellite or something?

2. I am thinking of getting a new bag for my laptop. (Campaq Presario v2000, approx 5-6 lb) Is it better to get a shoulder pack or a backpack styled bag? What are the pros/cons of each? I'd be carrying around the laptop and maybe some notebooks/papers.

diet question


Is my calculation of my bmr correct?

I used this calculation:

66+(6.23x weight in pounds)+(12.7xheight in inches)-(6.8x age in years)

66 +(6.23x 167)+(12.7x71")-(6.8x25)
1837.7*1.55 (moderate activity; exercise 3-5 times a week and I exercise 4 days a week)
I think it is 2839.414


Questions for people in the UK who have been to college or sixth form

I just finished Year 11 and am waiting for my GCSE results. I was originally planning to stay on for 6th form at the comprehensive school I was attending but I just found out two things:

a. The new head of 6th form is my head of year 11 from last year. I wouldn't really mind except this guy is a major dickhead and I can't stand him at all. I spent most of Year 11 arguing with him and he's suspended me from school before. I can't stand to be in even the same room as this guy.

b. There's a bunch of new uniform rules this year which pretty much require me to buy an entire new wardrobe because I have no "plain blue, black, white or grey tops with no logos, pictures, or patterns" and no "charcoal grey trousers or skirt". This is going to cost me a fair bit.

My question: Is it really worth going back to the school if I'm going to have to spend two years under the guidance of someone I can't stand and can't guarantee I won't have a go at again and if it's going to cost me a fortune to buy a bunch of new clothes?

Would it just be easier to go to a local college to do my A Levels as none of them appear to have uniform rules and (hopefully) it'd be easier to get on with the teachers as a fresh start? The downside there is that I'd have to make new friends. Anyone know if it's too late to apply to college?

ETA: It's also important to know that if I do end up arguing with the new head I'll be kicked out pretty much straight away.

Best Car on Gas

What is the best car on gas? I want to buy a new car but I dont know much about cars.

It doesnt matter to me how powerful the car is, I jsut want it to be good on gas and well priced.

Half electric, those new desiel cars, ethenol 85 (i prefer it use this)...

any suggestions?